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Part 1 : A Burdened Love

Sunrise. The curtains to another day have been opened.No sunlight harbors the corners of Sanjeevani. Darkness evades. Smiles secluded within the hidden innards of every person here. All can be heard is the cry's differing pitches of persons cry. Some screaming, some shrieking, some spilling soft sobs .All that can be seen is the road each tear takes to travel down the surface of each cheek. No smiles plaster the faces. No sweet scent lingers the corners of the sullen Sanjeevani 2nd floor. Everybody is lost. Lost so deep that no way out can be found. Trapped in a maze with no exit.;Question marks hover across the head of each person here.Questions oscillating like a pendulum. Back and forth, Back and forth, but never being answered. If God is so benevolent, then why?
Why does no one smile here?

Why does everybody cry here?

Why does no scent smell sweet?

Why does it seem like they're living in a void? So hollow so empty.

To find out continue reading; MFF- AR: A Burdened Love

Part 1

That run from the car to the 2nd floor operation theater was as if he was running to save some bodies life. Actually one could say he was because his daughter's life was his life. She completed him. He stopped dead in his tracks by the stairs as he saw his Angel being wheeled into the operation theater and Riddhima motionless staring into the window of the theatre. His laptop case dropped down his shoulder and landed with a thump on the pristine white floor. He was drenched in a wave of numbness and horror struck his face. He was left emotionless. His grey orb for eyes lost focus and he was staring deep. Staring into the window of the theatre, where his precious Angel was fighting between life and death. If God was so benevolent then why? Why ruin the life of his Angel. What had she ever done? For god sake she was only six months old. How could God play such a cruel game? Like he hadn't suffered enough in his own childhood, and now his daughter was miserably fighting for her life. He vowed the day she was born that he would let no harm come upon her. She would never feel the slightest pain, not even the tiniest pinch. Never even hear about what he had to go through, but today was the second time in his life that he felt that he had failed.Armaan Malik had failed as a human being, failed as playing the role of a husband and failed as playing the role of a father.

As the uninviting deep green curtain of the operation theatre closed, Riddhima saw his reflection in the window and ran to him. She ran as if the thrill of speed was overtaking the fear of death itself and enveloped him in an un-reciprocated hug. She yearned his warmth, his affection him saying 'Don't worry Sweetheart she'll be okay', but he didn't budge. Armaan stood their motionless, as Riddhima fell to his feet, clinging them. She was dying inside. A slow painful death, which Armaan was doing nothing to stop.

Atul (Tear Stricken) :Armaan Ridzy...(Still no response) Atul tapped Armaans back Ridzy ko sambhaal... (Still no response) Armaan Riddhima ko dekh.

He turned as he heard Atul calling Riddhima. After what felt like a million life times he finally regained conscious as to where he was and abruptly did a mental calculation as to where Riddhima was. His eyes searched but couldn't see her by the window of the OT. He could have sworn she was there a minute ago. He felt so stupid. How could he have forgotten her emotions in all this chaos?

He felt a slight tug at the bottom of his jeans and let out a little sigh of relief as he saw his Riddhima crouched at his feet, spilling soft sobs. The little colour in his face had completely dissolved as he saw Riddhima in this state. He immediately crouched down before her and pulled her into a tight warm hug trying to remove the ache and pain which was raging like war inside of her. His hug conveying the sorry being stuck in an aeroplane whilst their daughter was in a burning house. His hug conveyed a sorry for having to go to Singapore for a Sanjeevani conference following his father in law Dr Shahshank's order, even though he was a father of a 6 month old baby. It was just a three day conference, but staying away from Riddhima and Aahana was more than equal to a trip to hell. Armaan felt it was all his fault as always whenever something goes wrong He was so used to it due to his own childhood. When in actual fact Armaan did nothing wrong, he was never at fault but as he was so used to being blamed in the past nothing made a difference anymore. He was once again being punished by God for following instructions. If he hadn't listened to Dr Shashank and hadn't gone his wife and daughter would not be in this state. They would all be living their harmonic comfortable lives at home. He patted Riddhima's back and tried to get her to stand up, but she refused.Slowly but gradually she got up. He thought she had calmed down slightly. But boy was Armaan wrong. Suddenly Riddhima tugged at Armaans collar and started saying in a soft voice which was rising by each syllable.

Riddhima: Armaan Aahana

Armaan: Riddhima baby it's not in our hands. There's nothing we can do

Riddhima : Armaan Aahana. Aahana Armaan. Do something

Armaan: Ridd...

Riddhima ( Violently letting go of Armaan's shirt collar and turning towards the OT window ): Armaan my baby. My baby Armaan. Armaan save my baby.

Armaan (Walking behind Riddhima): Riddhima calm down sweetheart

Riddhima (Hysteria rising): CALM DOWN!

Armaan (Trying his best): Riddhi...

Atul , Anjal , Rahul, Nikita and a soot covered Abhimanyu just kept mum. Silent tears spilling the eyes as they watched Armaan struggling to calm Riddhima down.

Riddhima: Armaan my baby is dying. She is dying Armaan. Save my baby. Armaan for god sake my baby is dying. My baby Armaan. My baby... her voice trailed off a little

Armaan; Now stop Riddhima

Riddhima: Armaan my baby. Armaan my baby. Save my baby. Please Armaan save my baby.

At this point in time Hysteria had completely overtaken Riddhimas body and nothing could calm her down. All that could be heard were her piercing shrieks of 'save my baby'.

Armaan turned her around and ..SLAP...everybody was left shell shocked. Armaan himself. He had never raised his hand in his life. And today he had just slapped the love of his life. He felt ashamed. But his slap was effective. Riddhima had calmed down and had embraced him in a hug to relieve her tension. He hugged her back, caressing her hair now and then and whispered gently in her ear.

Armaan: 'Baby I'm here'.Riddhima I'm here. Aahana's OUR baby. Not mine. Not yours but ours. We will fight our way through this storm in life too. But we can't break apart, because if our paths separate than we will never make it through. She didn't say anything in return, but she didn't have to as she hugged him tighter. He understood what her hug meant. That was enough for him.

By the end of the whole slap fiasco most of Sanjeevani had gathered round and watched in awe at this couple.Their relationship was indescribable. It was so mature, the foundations were so strong and all that could be seen was pure love, faith and trust for one another.

Anjali and Sister Lovely were trying to shoo everyone away as they could see that Armaan and Riddhima needed space and the 42 pairs of eyes staring at them in awe was making Riddhima feel uncomfortable. Armaan couldn't care less as all that mattered to him was Riddhima and Aahana. He gently picked a very tired Riddhima and took her over to the seating area where the operation was being conducted.She lay her head on his lap and clung to him you could hear her stifling soft sobs. He gently caressed her hair. Once again in his life time Armaan Mallik felt defeated. And once again there was nothing he could do about it.

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