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Part 2 || MFS || AR FF


"Okay guys, this is your room..." Riddhima showed Armaan and Jennifer their room for the stay. "This is awesome Ridhz! Thanks!" Jennifer took Riddhima in a light hug thanking her for the lovely accommodation. "I dunno what I would've done without ya sis!" "Awww cummon Di! You know I could kill for ya, then arranging this place for you is nothing in front of that!" "Armaan, didn't I tell you? My sister's the BEST!!" Jennifer announced proudly. "Yeah she is..."
Armaan said with a smile...He didn't know her very well at the moment but he was sure in a matter of few days he would get to know her. He felt different around her, he should have had brotherly feelings towards her as she was his "To-be-Sister-In-Law!" But he couldn't help but get attractive feelings for her, you know what I mean right? Urrggghhh this sucks so bad!

"Anyways, you guys rest now...I'm sure you must've had a tiring flight right? And besides, it must be time for Romance!" Riddhima added with a not-interested look. "Ridhz! I don't understand...why do you hate Love so much?!" "I don't hate it Di! I just don't believe in it!" "So you mean what Armaan and I share is not Love?" "I DID NOT say that!I'm sure you guys "Luurrvvveee" each other, but whatever! Love is not in my Dictionary!" "Grow up Riddhima!" Jennifer reprimanded. "I will Di!" Smiling brightly Riddhima left the room for both of them to talk or "Romance".

"Baby, We gotta start unpacking! Its gonna take hours to set up out wardrobe na?" " you start, I'll just freshen up till then!" "Care if I join in?"
Jennifer said with a cocky smile. "Hah! Trust me I don't, but its already 5 and I'm starving and if we get in together, ya know I'm not gonna leave ya right?"
Jennifer just blushed and began unpacking but stopped Armaan before he got into the bathroom. "Armaan!" "Yesh My Love..." "Ummm...I've been wanting to talk
to you about, ehhh sex." "What about it?" Armaan thought. "You remember we had sex 4 days ago?" "Ahaan, on your can I forget?" Armaan smiled.
"Ehhh...actually we didn't use protection that night." Jennifer spoke unsure of whether she had done the right thing or no. "Yeah I know, but I'm sure ya must've had a pill right?" Jennifer looked at Armaan with puppy dog eyes. "OMG! You didn't? Jennifer are you fu*kin kiddin me?" "Armaan, it completely slipped of my mind! I had hectic duty at the hospital that day...I'm sorry!" "What if you get pregnant Jen? What are we gonna do then?" "Abort it obviously!" "Jen, we can't abort or "KILL" an innocent life because of your fault!" "My fault? Its not my fault entirely! Why the fu*k didn't you use protection?" "If I was in my freaking senses I would've! But I was just too drunk to remember!" "Fine then, don't put it on me as if it was my fault!" "You know what? I dun even wanna talk about this...we'll see when time comes" Saying this Armaan went into Washroom leaving a fuming Jennifer behind.

"Hello? Haan Mummyji? Mummyji main bilkul changi hoon, aur pappaji? Aur dadiji? Aur Chotu? Aur Gbaru? Aur..." "Oyye Muskaan bandh kar yaar!" Rahul shouted at her. Whenever she called India, she would lose it. Literally lose it!She would be so excited and happy, not that he didn't like it...he absolutely loved it when she smiled...but still! Did she havta mention everyone in her village?! "Tu chup kar Rahul ke bacche! Haan Mummyji kya keh rahe the aap? Haan..." Suddenly Muskaan's face changed from happy to pale and blank. "Ummm...Mummyji shaadi?" Muskaan looked at Rahul who looked up from his
Laptop to have a similar kind of expression."Mummyji woh humne abhi tak kuch socha nahi hai, ab humaari age hi kya hai? Hum sirf 24 ke toh hai!" Muskaan had no problem in
committing herself to Rahul even this moment, but she knew Rahul would disapprove so she had to take the blame herself.

"Acha Mummyji, main aapko kal phone karungi...bye!" Muskaan kept the phone immediately. "Acha hua tu ne Auntyji se keh dia ki..." "Ki kya? Ki tu mujhse shaadi nahi karna chahta aur bas mujhe use kar raha hai?!" Muskaan blurted out in her anger. "What? Muskaan do you have any idea what you're saying?! You know I love you!" "You don't Rahul! If you did then you would've proposed to me long back!" "Muskaan we've only been together for a year! I still have to pursue my dreams, my ambitions...I need to stand on my feet before I take up your responsibility too!" "Rahul, shaadi kar lega na mujhse...sab apne aap control mein aa jayega!" "Muskaan its not as easy as you think! Things like these need time and management!" "Yes they do! And I feel a year was enough for
you to think about all of this! Rahul I left my house, my country, my family behind only for you! Why can't you gimme commitment?!" "Muskaan all I am asking for is time!" "You know what? Take all the time off that you want!" "Muskaan please..." "Rahul, we continue this relationship only if you see a future with me'otherwise I'm leaving right away!" "Muskaan look Sweety, I think its too early for us to get married you know'.what I mean?" "I got my answer Rahul' Good Bye!" "Muskaan ENOUGH! You can't gimme time? Okay...within a week if I don't make up my mind you can leave... at least a week Muskaan?" "Since I've waited for so long already...A week! That is I'm giving you Rahul!" "Thanks..." Muskaan left the room after that leaving a wondering Rahul behind.

"I'm going out for a run..." Armaan told Jennifer coldly but Jennifer didn't even look up at him. Thats it! He was leaving right away!
Armaan came outside the apartment and looked totally blank at which direction he should go from. Suddenly he saw Riddhima come out of the apartment dressed
in a jogging suit..."Oh Armaan! Going somwhere?" Riddhima asked him. "Yeah going to party in these ugly shorts and a vest!" Armaan joked. "Hah! Me too! Need help?" "Ummm...wanted to go for a run but..." Armaan pointed in both directions and Riddhima laughed."Join me..."Riddhima began running towards the left and Armaan followed her.

"So how long have you been living here?" Armaan asked Riddhima. "Its been almost 2 years now, and I'm glad I came here'" "Really? Why is that so?" "Ummm'.just knew how being independent is! I mean Jen and me have always been dependent on Mom Dad for everything so..." "Oh I see, but why do ya call Jen "Di"?" "Maybe because I respect her a lot...and because she's exactly a month elder to me!" "Nice!" "I Armaan what do ya do?" "Ummm...Jen must've told ya, we work in the same place as interns..." "Oh yeah...but you must be specializing in something right?" " Yep, Cardiology it is!" Armaan said with pride. "That's Fab Armaan! I'm specializing in Neurology!" "The brain ehhh?" "Yes, because this thing inside me..." Riddhima pointed at her heart. "I cannot handle! AT ALL!"
"Dun worry! When you meet the right person you'll know how it is!" "No way! You think I wanna end up like Di and You?!" "Hey what do ya mean by that?" "Your a daft Armaan!" Saying this Riddhima ran ahead giggling...leaving an awfully amazed Armaan behind.

"I can't believe it! He just walked out! Urggghhh I hate you Armaan Mallik!" Jennifer screamed in anger...She thought he would pacify her and with his stupid but amazingly cute antics melt her heart like he always does! But he just walked out on her? Seriously?! Suddenly Jennifer felt it come up, oh mahn! I'm gonna throw up! She ran in the bathroom and came out after a while.

"I can't'I can't be pregnant! Armaan and me always used protection! But what if this is'NO!  It can't be HIS baby! It can't be Sid's baby! It was just a one
night thing! I was drunk and so was he but...but we used protection! But protection isn't full proof! Oh My God! I'm pregnant!"

She walked out of the Doctor's clinic where she had just finished her test. The results would be given to her the next day. How? How horrible could life get?
I mean first of all Armaan isn't talking to me and top of that this shit! I sooo don't wanna be pregnant! But even if I am I hope its Armaan's baby, atleast
he'll accept me! If its Sid's baby Armaan will never have me in his life! What a horrible situation to be in! What do I do? Who do I talk to? Ridhz? Should I
talk to Ridhz? She knows me in and out! Even if I don't tell her she'll figure it out that somethings wrong with me...She's the only I have, and I trust her
with my life..I know she won't tell anyone...Yes, she won't!

"Hey Aaron!" "Whazza Reedheema?" "It's 'RIDDHIMA' Aaron!" Riddhima roled her eyes. These angrez ki aulad's can't even pronounce my name properly! "Uhhh yeah,
Sorry!" "Never mind! Anyways, meet sister's Fiance and Armaan meet Aaron, he works with me at Saint Anthony!" "Hey man!" Armaan and Aaron
shook hands."And we gotta run! These people arrived today and I still have to cook dinner so we'll take a leave!" "Armaan, an advice...don't eat at home"
Aaron gave Armaan a friendly advice but for Riddhima it was a not-very-friendly advice. "What do you mean? I cook well okay?!" "Yeah right! Demi nearly threw
up that day when you called us over for dinner! What was that? Yeah...Prawn something? Tasted like Crap!" "I'm gonna kill Aaron! Urggghhh!" With that Riddhima
began hitting Aaron while he just defended himself. Armaan smiled at her cuteness, she's so cute! But NOT mine! Focus Armaan! Jennifer and you! Jennifer!

"Ridhz! Ridhziii!" Jennifer entered the apartment screaming her lungs out loud. "Jen! Waddup? Ridhz has gone for a jog with Armaan, any problem?" Muskaan
asked Jennifer. "Muski when will they be back?" "Ummm...its been a while, they'll be back in the nest 15 minutes I guess, can I help ya?" "No! I mean, nah its
nothing serious! Just a little sister bonding you know!" Jennifer forced a smile. " sweet!" Suddenly Armaan and Riddhima entered the apartment
laughing over a lame joke Armaan had just cracked but suddenly stopped when Armaan saw Jennifer's worried face. "Where were you'll?" Jennifer blasted!
"Oopsy Daisy!" Muskaan said in her head. Armaan just made a face. "Di Armaan and I had just gone out for a jog, is something wrong?" "Ridhz I kinda need to
talk to you." "Oh, Di just gimme a minute, I'll just freshen up and come." "Riddhima! NOW!" OKAY! Riddhima was freaked out now. Armaan stared at Jen, what
had gotten into her? From the time they had arrived she was acting so weird and now instead of clearing stuff with me she wants to talk to Riddhima! Forget
talking she ain't even looking at my face!

"Whatsup Di?" "Ridhz first of all I'm sorry I exploded that way outside." "Di I know its like really serious, otherwise you would never ever have an outburst
like that. What is it?" Jennifer looked down, okay this was harder than I thought. Come on Jen! Its Ridhz, you can tell her anything and you know she'll stand
by you. "Di?!" "Huh? Yeah...sorry!" "Di I'm freaking out now...what is it?" "Why is the door open?" "What?" "Ridhz you know this is important right? Can you
please shut the door?" Riddhima gave Jen a blank expression and got up to shut the door to her bedroom. Omigod! Did I just change the topic? I'm hopeless!
"Okay Di, now no more change in topic...shoot!" "RidhzIguessI'mpregnant!!!" "Huh?" That was fast. "Ridhziii I'm pregnant." "Woaahhh! You had sex with
Armaan? Already?!" "Okay Ridhz, here's the listen to me, very very carefully." "Bolo" "I don't know whetehr its Armaan's baby."

"Dinner's ready!" Rahul called out loud to everyone. "Hey man! That smells awesome! What is it?" "Well, there's Lasagna..." "And?" "Lasagna..." Rahul said
plainly. "Ehhh...nice!" Armaan gave a not very satisfied smile to Rahul. "Oh by the way, who cooked?" "Riddhima!" Rahul said with a big smile. "Oh! I'm not
really hungry today you know..." Armaan said while remembering Aaron's comment for Riddhima's cooking. "Armaan you have to tatse Riddhima's food, its good!
Infact thats why I stopped eating outside you know!" "Uhhh but Aaron told me that..." "Armaan don't belive that shitface! He's useless! Trust me its really
good." "Oh...I hope so!" "Yeah I'll be back" "Cool!"

"The food's amazing Riddhima!" Armaan complimented Riddhima's cooking skills. "I told ya Armaan!" "Thank Armaan...I was thinking of making Indian tomorrow?" "Perfect Ridhz!" Jen said excitedly only to see Riddhima look away from her. She was pissed. She never thought her sister would fall to such levels. As soon as Jennifer had told her that had a doubt about her baby's father, Riddhima had ignored her. Not because she was pissed, but because it was wrong. Wrong on Jen's part to make such a mistake after being committed to Armaan. She wondered how Armaan would feel after knowing this. "Ridhz kal sarson da Sag aur Makke Di Roti ho jaye kyun?" "Awww Muski, I really wish I knew how to make it!" "Recipe deti hoon na main, tu bas bana." "Ummm...ok!"

After dinner was over Riddhima was cleaning the kitchen when Armaan came. "Hey!" "Oh hey!" "What ya doin?" "Cleaning this up...I have work tomorrow so I have to do it right now." "You need any help?" "No thanks! I'll manage." "Uhh Riddhima can I tell you something?" "Yeah sure, but if its about the food then temme only if its a compliment." Armaan let out a small laughand Riddhima giggled as she continued her work. "Your beautiful." Riddhima stopped in her tracks and the smile disappeared from her face. She turned around to look at Armaan. He didn't have the friendly look in his eyes, it was something more...much more.



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