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Part 3 : BasTera Naam Hai OS

Next morning, Riddhima get up in her room feeling a severe headache, she tried to open her eyes to adjust with light but failed thus she again closed them.

“Urgh!!! This headache” She finally sit up on bed holding her head.

“Hey Ridzi, u up?” Muskaan came inside.

“Muski,,,, I don’t know what’s happening, my head it just,,,,” she pinned it tight.

“I know what’s happening, have this drink and freshen up, sab theek ho jayega” Muskaan said and she looked at her being confused.

“Kya hua? Mujhe lemonade kyu de rahi hai, I’m not having hangover or something” Riddhima rolled her eyes looking at her.

She just raised her brows up fixing her gaze at her and Riddhima tried to remember what happened yesterday.

She gets flashes of getting drunk and heading out of pub with Armaan.

“O my God,,,, did I,,,,, Muskaan please tell me maine koi scene nhi create kiya” Riddhima look at her.

“Waha pe to jyada nhi but Armaan k sath wapas aane k baad ka mujhe nhi pata, lekin ghar walo ko kuch nhi pata hai it means Armaan ne handle kar liya, tujhe kuch v nhi yaad hai” Muskaan look at her.

“Nhi, thanxx for this, mai bas shower leke aati hu” Riddhima finished the lemonade and rushed towards washroom.

She looked at herself in mirror and touched her lips lightly flashes of her kissing Armaan came out and she just closed her eyes feeling embarrassed.

“O God! Armaan pata nhi kya soch raha hoga mere bare me” Riddhima murmured and open the shower.

Armaan was busy with arrangements when Muskaan informed him that Riddhima wake up.

He move towards her room when she was trying to tie the knot of her blouse after pinning the dupatta properly. He left dumbstruck by the sight infront of him and stopped at the door, Riddhima feels it was Muskaan again to get her down thus left the dori and sighs.

“Muskaan please help me with this na” Riddhima said while placing bangles in her hand.

Armaan came towards her and slowly hold the dori while tiying it his breathing get fast and Riddhima felt his hot breath and touch, all the bangles left from her hand and spread on floor. She instantly turned around and Armaan smile looking at her.

“Armaan,,, t,tum yaha” she stopped.

“Tum theek ho Basket? I just came to check you” he was worried for her.

“H,,,ha mai theek hu” she said and looks away remembering previous night.

Armaan bend down picking up the bangles he made her wear in her hands then smile “It’s good” he slightly rubbed his finger near her lips and she just shiver.

“Muskaan bata rahi thi ki tumhe yaad nhi kal,,,,,,” Armaan stopped when she cut him.

“Mujhe nhi yaad kal kya hua tha” Riddhima said turning around.

Armaan smiled looking at her face, her eyes were closed and her breath was fast, he can easily conclude whether she was lying or not. He sensuaslly touch her back and she hold her lehanga tightly, Armaan bend a little down near her neck and planting a soft kiss he whisper huskily “Are you sure Basket?”

“Armaan please” she whsper inaudibly and Armaan smiling looking at her face which was all red just by the proximity they were sharing and may be more by remembering the proximity the shared previous night.

He left her not willing to tease more as so much work was left moreover the ultimate surprise was waiting for them.

Riddhima came down after sometime and hugged Padma, Ananya too caressed her face saying “Bahut sundar lag rahi ho” Riddhima blushed remembering how she wanted her to her bahu soon. She just hugged her and she patted.

“So, finally sab theek hai?” she look into her eyes and Riddhima nodded in yes.

“Ridzi, please meri help kar na” Anjali called her and she left.

“Ye kya bol rahi ho tum Ananya, ham aise kaise kar sakte hain?” Billy said as only Ananya Billy Shashank and Padma were present in room.

“Wo sab aap aur apka beta jane, maine bahut time de diya aap logo ko, ab mujhe mujhe meri bahu aaj hi chahiye, aap log janiye kaise” Ananya said sitting on bed.

“Lekin Ananya use abhi pata v nhi hai kuch” Padma tried to say.

“Tumne uski aankhon me khushi dekhi jab subah wo mujhse mili, mujhe pata hai wo bahut khush hai aur don’t worry ek surprise hamne v tumhare aur Shashank k liye rakha tha lekin ab bata dete hain kyunki mujhe Armaan aur Riddhima ki shadi aaj hi karani hai” Ananya smiled.

“Nhi,,,, Ananya abhi nhi batana hai” Billy tried to stop her.

“Billy ruk ja tu yahi pe” Shashank stopped him and look at Ananya.

“Ham log yaha permanently shift ho gaye hain, ghar v ready hai sab kuch ready hai aur ham Riddhima ko leke tumse bas 10 minutes ki duri pe rahenge to tumhe jyada emotional hone ki jarurat nhi hai”Ananya looked at Padma who was smiling broadly hugging her.

“Ye sab achanak kaise,,,,” Shashank was shocked.

“Ha yar, wo Armaan ko Riddhima se pyar hai aur hame dono se, aur dono ek hi jagah job kare to kitna achha rahega isliye hamne socha Riddhima ko sabse dur lane se achha hai ki ham hi sabke paas aa jaye, waise v Riddhima ko yaha se jane pe achha nhi lagta na” Billy said and Shashank hugged him.

“Tu sach me mera best buddy hai, tune Riddhima k bare me itna kuch socha aur itna bada decision le liya” He was smiling and Padma also nodded.

“O Bhai, araam se ha tu meri bahu nhi beti ki baat kar raha hai”Billy said and they laughed together.

They called Armaan and told him the scenario, he was too shcoked to react.

“But Mom, mai abhi kaise Riddhima ko bol sakta hu, do din pahle hi to usne mujhse achhe se baat karni shuru ki hai, kyu meri lovestory shuru hone k pahle khatam karana chahte ho yar” Armaan was surprised.

“ Wo isliye ki ham chahte hain tumhari lovestory shadi k baad aage badhe” Shashank said.

“Uncle aap v nhi please, apko to pata hai na Riddhima kitni sensitive hai” Armaan said.

“Isliye to bol raha hu beta aur ab Uncle nhi Papa kahna shuru kar do” he chuckled.

“Mom” Armaan look at her but she turned away.

“Aunty” he move towards Padma who also hold Ananya’s hand saying “Aunty nhi Ma, Mom, jo v tumko achha lage”

“Arey yaar, mai kaise karunga itni jaldi, wo manaa kar degi” Armaan was feeling like hitting his head on wall.

“Nhi karegi” Padma placed her hand over his shoulder.

“Aur mujhe meri bahu cum beti aaj hi chahiye Armaan” Ananya was final in her decision.

Armaan came out with shocked face and gang gather him asking what happned.

“Mom chahti hai meri aur Riddhima ki shadi aaj hi ho”he murmured.

“Wowww,,,, that’s a good news” Muskaan jumped up in happiness.

“I’m really happy for you buddy” Rahul hugged him.

“Kya baat hai Armaan, I’m proud of you, aaj teri aur Atul dono ki shadi hai, wow” Abhimanyu hugged him too.

“Ham Ridzi aur Anjali dono ko neeche mandap me leke aayenge” Nikki was excited.

Armaan looks around at them being so shocked on his freaking mad friends.

“Guys I didn’t proposed her yet, use to pata v nhi hai aise kaise mai shadi kar lu”Armaan was a bit loud and they stopped on this.

“Arey ha yaar, abhi ye matter to solve hi nhi hua hai” Rahul said.

“Exactly yahi matter solve nhi hua hai” Armaan said.

They were thinking about one or other way when Riddhima called Muskaan and nikki.

“Don’t you think you guys should help me getting Anjali Di ready guys, shaam hone wali hai” Riddhima was standing there keeping her hand over her waist.

“Yaar ham teri help to kar de Anjali ko ready karne me but tujhe kaun ready karega” Muskaan murmured.

“What??” Riddhima didn’t hear properly.

“Kuch nhi, chal” she moved after patting Armaan’s shoulder.

“Kya karu, kya karu, kya karu” Armaan was murmuring while pacing here and there with Rahul and Abhimanyu.

Others were welcoming baraati’s and they were all lost thinking about the idea.

“Gyus, don’t you think you should give me attention, meri shadi hai aaj” they jumped out of shock hearing Atul’s voice.

“Champ,,,, tu kab aaya?” Armaan hugged him.

“Jab tum log khud me badbad kar rahe the aur mera welcome karne v nhi aaye bahar, mujhe pata chala kuch serious mamla hai to mai khud hi aa gaya” Atul smiled.

“Serious nhi BAHUT SERIOUS HAI” Armaan said.

They explained everything and he chuckled.

“Woww,, matlab ham dono ki shadi ek hi din hogi” he smiled.

“Arey kaise hogi, jis se shadi karni hai use kuch pata hi nhi hai” Armaan said.

“TO BATAO” Atul said.

Riddhima was feeling that Nikki and Muskaan were behaving a bit weird since they came upward but she was really engrossed in making Anjali ready so thought to aks them later.

“Atul aa gaya, tum log dekh k aao” Anjali said.

They came down and she met Atul while Rahul and Abhimanyu was also zoned out while Armaan was just mumbling his finger.

“Armaan, kya hua hai?” she asked.

“Kuch nhi,,,, kuch v to nhi” he smiled and she looks suspicious.

“Ye pagal ho gaya hai” Muskaan glared him.

“Waise bahut patar patar karta hai lekin jab bolna chahiye tab boli nhi nikalti” Atul also joined and he glared them to stop.

“Fine, mai kar lunga” Armaan said and they relaxed.

“Kya kar loge?” Riddhima asked.

“Batata hu thodi der me” Armaan replied moving away.

Riddhima was going towards the stairs to get Anjali down while Nikki slowly took her to the corridor from where she can see down stairs.
Suddenly lights went off, everyone stopped at there place.

“Sorry to interrupt you guys, but there is really important thing I want to do now, today itself” Armaan’s voice came out from somewhere and Riddhima stood shocked on her place.

A flash ligh fall over Riddhima standing over the first staircase and second light fell on Armaan who was kneeling down holding a ring. Riddhima look at him being surprised at that time like this, she just kept her hands over her face to composed her shocked expression.

“Dr. Riddhima Basket Gupta, I know you were not expecting all these and trust me I do want to make this much more romantic and expressive for you but I don’t have any option right now. You are my first love, yes I fell into love with you from the moment I saw your photo, Mom Dad were already in your favour so just to know you and persuade you I came here, believe me I fell more into love with you by every passing day, your anger, your jokes, your weird expressions everything make me fall in love with much more. I’ll always love you and support you in every stage of life, will always be there for you and I promise I won’t let a drop of tear roll down on you cheeks until it was out of happiness, I’ll be always with you in every thick and thin, in every up and down of life, I promise. I know it’s really early to propose but I can’t wait to start my lovestory with you that too with all blessings as husband wife. So, Basket, will be my wife till the end of my life, will you marry me today itself? And yeah! Don’t worry you don’t have to leave Mumbai, in case if you are thinking about leaving your family as Mom Dad, already shifted here permanently and yeah, please say yes coz they won’t let me enter in house without you,,,,,,,, so please Basket, will u marry me?” he looked at her and she was just standing therewith shocked surprised amused with teary eyes, every expression was visble in her eyes. She was just not able to utter anything at that moment. She chuckled on the way he said the last sentence.

“C’mon Ridzi, say yes” Anjali shouted from upstairs.

“Say Yess Saliji, what are you waiting for?” Atul also said.

“C’mon say yesss”All shouted from everywhere and light came back.

Riddhima look at Armaan who was still looking at her holding the ring and looking around she found every one was asking herto say yess, that happiness on their face was all she ever wanted.
Shashank and Padma nodded in confirmation when her eyes fell on them. Ananya and Billy was smiling nodding in yes.

“YES” she whisper slowly and he smiled broadly.

She forward her hand and he swiftly pushed the ring in her finger and hugged her tightly out of happiness.

Everyone clapped for them.

“Shadi ka muhurt shuru hone wala hai, dulhano ko thodi der me neeche leke aaiyega” Pandit ji said and they came out of trance.

“omg! RIDZI, jaldi chal tujhe v to ready karna hai”Muskaan drag her out of Armaan’s hold and ran upstairs.

“Ridzi, I’m so happy,,, thank God, teri shadi v mere sath me ho rahi hai”Anjali hugged her.
Nikki too joined them and they were making Riddhima ready in the same red lehanga which Armaan has chosen when they went to pick Anjali’s lehanga.

“Chal dude, tujhe v ready hona hai” Atul dragged him inside the room where Armaan’s dress was kept.

Ananya arranged the dress at the moment she made her decision.

Soon both grroms get ready and a smile was playing their lips, they sit in mandap and soon girls were brought down.

Atul was looking at Anjali while Armaan was observing the beauty who was only for him, he was just lost in her when she steps down near the mandap. She was wearing his favorite color, the lehanga which he chosen and was looking out of the world, he was really so lucky to get her in his life.

Soon she settle down beside him and look into his eyes, he blinked holding her hand assuring her that everything is fine and will be fine, she smiled slightly. It was the biggest decision of her life but she knew everyone wanted this, even she also, sooner or later decision will be the same so why not when everyone feels happy now.

Marriage rituals begins and they perform everything accordingly aksed by the priest. They stand up for phere and took their vows with each phera. Armaan make her wear mangalsutra and Atul to Anjali. They put sindoor in their respective bride’s forehead and completed the rituals.

Finally, Panditji announced the wedding complete.

They took aashirwaad of every elders and smiled hugging their friends.

During vidaai, Riddhima and Anjali become emotional but Padma make them quite saying she will be just few minutes far from them,,,, and they should move into their new life being happy.
“And Doctors, I’ll surely meet you in hospital because I’m not going to give a long holidays even if u both are married” Shashank hugged them and they laughed slightly.

Anjali and Atul went to Atul’s house where Nikki and Abhimanyu followed them for rituals while Rahul and Muskaan followed Armaan and Riddhima for rituals.

After finishing every ritual, Armaan and Riddhima get free but Ananya was making them wait intensionally as their wedding room was being decorated by designers in short notice.

Once, she get the message that every thing is set, she aksed Armaan and Riddhima to move back in their room.

They get up when Billy patted his back.

“Kya hua Dad?” Armaan look at him.

“Tradition” Billy said.

“Yeah” he smiled.

Before Riddhima could understand Armaan lift her up in bridal style and she become shocked looking at him, he winked at her and she looks around as others were hooting for Armaan.

He move towards his room which will be now Riddhima’s also. He slowly make her stand on her feet and she looks down, she was looking so beautiful and ethereal that Armaan forgot to take off his eyes from her.

He hold her hand and came near the balcony, in moon light he was just staring her. It was all seems so unreal till now,, the way everything happened, he was not sure to touch her now what if she will vanish away. Riddhima looks around and saw the room which was beautifully decorated, she just blushed and again turn towards Armaan who was staring her in the same position.

“Armaan” she just tilt his face away.

“Sach bolu to mujhe abhi v ye sab sapna lag raha hai” Armaan said.

Riddhima look at him, the person who was perfect for anyone was imagining her, she smile and moving forward hugged him.

Armaan feels her presence and smiled wrapping her in his arms “Now it feels real” they stayed like that for sometime.

He came out of hug and kissed her forehead, holding her hand he look into her eyes “Thanku so much Basket, mujhe pata hai maine jo kiya wo bahut hi pagalo wali harkat hai but I didn’t had any option, thanx for not letting me down” he smiled genuinely.

“Armaan, I will never do that, whatever you did for me was beyond my expectation, chahe wo mujhe mere shell se bahar nikalne ka ho ya fir shadi k liye propose karne, sab kuch different tha aur special v” Riddhima smiled.

“Ek cheej mention karna bhool gai tum” Armaan said with mischievious glint.

“Kya?” she asked.

“Tumhara wo mujhpe haq jatana pub me aur wo confession then that ki,,,,,,” Armaan was teasing her when she closed his lips with her palm and they fell on bed in same process.

“Tumhe sab yaad hai na?” he look into her eyes and she turn her eyes away blushing under him.

“Oye hoyee” he whisper and her cheeks color become deeper, he tugged her hair strands behind her ear and looked at her face, she was Riddhima Armaan Mallik, his wife whom he love maldy.

He so wanted to feel her in very possible way as he always loved her and dreamed about this day but he was not sure about Riddhima thus he don’t want to pressurize her to take their relationship at other level.

He slowly kissed her forehead and mumble “I love you Basket”

Riddhima opened her eyes looking back into his deep oceanic blue eyes, there were so many emotional playing on, they were dark out of passion and love still care for her took over his other feelings and he was just showing his concern about her.

“Basket, we don’t need to rush into anything, I know ye sab bahut jaldi jaldi me hua and you are not even prepared for anything, so we will move slowly,,,,,, go and get changed into comfortable clothes, mom set your clothes and other things here” saying so he wanted to get up when Riddhima hold his hand.

She pulled him towards herself a little bit and he was surprised by her act “Dr. Armaan Mallik, jab pyar ka ijhaar v pahle kar diya, mere life se mera sabse bada darr nikalne ka decision v mujhse puche bina le liya, mujhe propose karne ka aur shadi karne ka decision v khud liya to ab mujhse kyu puch rahe ho?” she looked into his eyes cupping his cheek as they were lying side by side.

“Kyunki, ye meri life ki sabse badi khushi hai aur mai chahta hu ki ye tum kisi pressure me aake na karo, I can wait for you Riddhima, throughout my life” he smiled.

“Aur agar mai kahu ki main hi chahti tum itna wait karo to,,,,,” she stopped looking at him as dim moon light was sufficient for them to read each others face. He looked at her being unsure about what she was saying “I LOVE YOU ARMAAN, I love you so much and I want to start my new life with you being yours in every way, you are the biggest happiness of my life” Riddhima whisper and he looked into her eyes and leaned towards him.

Armaan sealed their promise with the kiss leaning over her lips taking their marriage to another level, marking her soul as his and promise to be there with her at every stage of life “Forever”. For one thing Armaan was sure in his life that only her name was scribbled in his heart that was of Riddhima and she too accepted the same thing saying “Bas Tera Naam Hai”…..

The End 
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