Monday, 9 March 2020

Part 3 : MFS || AR FF

Oh My My!!!

"Your beautiful." Riddhima stopped in her tracks and the smile disappeared from her face. She turned around to look at Armaan. He didn't have the friendly look in his eyes, it was something more...much more.

"Was that a compliment or were you just mocking at me because I'm not as pretty as Jen?" Riddhima tried to change the topic with all seriousness.

"No jokes Riddhima, you are really pretty!" Armaan said sincerely.

Riddhima thought over it. 'What's so wrong if he calls me beautiful? I mean there have been past "guy" friends who've said I'm pretty without any bad intention. I'm over-thinking about this!'

"Hey Thanks mahn! So temme what do ya want?" Riddhima smirked.

"Ummm meh?! Nothing." Armaan said all confused. 'What was she talking about?'

"Come on Armaan, I know you need my help at something! Guys only compliment girls when they need something." Riddhima said.

Armaan gave her a cocky smile and said, "Something?!"

Riddhima got the hint. "Your sick Armaan!" She shot him a disgusted glare and got back to her work.

"What? You said it yourself that we guys don't compliment girls without something in return right?" He laughed while Riddhima ignored him rolling her eyes.

"Anyways, I'm off to bed'I'll see you tomorrow morning?" Armaan inquired.

"Ehhh no, actually Rahul, Muskaan and me are usually gone by 7 and I guess you guys will be asleep then so I'll see ya'll at night, hopefully!"

"Why hopefully?"

"If I have night duty then its gonna be a problem."

"Uhhh well ohkay, Night! J"

"Night!" Riddhima replied with a smile but stopped him before leaving.


"Ummm yeah?"

"Something's up between you and Jen right?"

Armaan smile faded, replaced by a frown.

"Ummm not really, just the usual kind of fight you know'." Armaan said looking down at the floor.

"If you need any help you could always count on me!" Riddhima kept her hand on his shoulder giving him a reassuring smile which ignited his lost smile too.


Next morning Armaan's eyes opened at 6:30 A.M "precisely"!

He ran down the stairs and saw Rahul and Muskaan in the kitchen talking about something very seriously so decided not to interrupt. He was about to head back to his room but then he heard something.

"Rahul, please don't temme you wanna be like Riddhima too! I mean why are you shutting yourself from love?!" Muskaan sounded really furious.

It was wrong on Armaan's part to hear something personal but since Muskaan mentioned Riddhima's name, he decided to stop and hear.

"Muskaan its not that okay? With all the work coming up, your responsibility and on top of that you want me to be with you 24x7?! Muskaan you gotta understand my situation too!"

 "Yeah right! Everyone should understand you but no one should understand me, is that what you wanna say?"

"Muskaan sweetheart, I'm not a mere intern anymore'I've been promoted and I have more work load now, When get settled we can think about getting married I promise."

"Rahul forget marriage! Tu toh ab mujhe haath tak nahi lagata!"

Ohk! Armaan was done, this discussion was going into graphic details now which he didn't wanna listen to, maybe because that was the reason Jen and him fought earlier. He thought they were talking about Riddhima but she was way out of the topic now. He decided to intervene, that sounded appropriate so he yawned loudly while Rahul and Muskaan stopped instantly. Muskaan was back to making coffee and Rahul was reading the newspaper.

"Good Morning you guys!" Armaan tried to sound as normal as possible.

"Good Morning Armaan!" Muskaan smiled at him while Rahul just waved out to him.

"So did ya sleep well?" He asked. "Yeah, actually as a matter of fact this was one of my most comfortable sleeps"

"Well, I'm glad Armaan'" Muskaan smiled meekly, Armaan knew what he had to do.

"Muskaan'how can be this way?" Armaan asked seriously while Rahul and Muskaan exchanged glances.

"What do ya mean?"

"I mean how can you be so beautiful and jolly at the same time?" Armaan grinned.

"Because she's mine!" Rahul smiled and looked at Muskaan whose face immediately lit up with that comment. Armaan was glad that he could help.

"Ohkay lovebirds, I get the point that ya'll love each other A LOT! But Rahul you screwed my chance mahn!"

"Ahhh screw you Mallik!" Rahul shouted.

"Yeah you bet Rahul Anyways, where's Riddhima?!" He asked.

 "Ummm she got an emergency page so she had to go you know'"



"Armaan can you talk to me? Please?" Jennifer begged.

First of all she was in enough trouble and on top of that Armaan was creating more problems!

"What do you wanna talk about? How you blame me that you forgot to take your contraceptive pills?! Then I'm not interested!" Armaan was frustrated! Instead of apologizing she was trying to prove her point right and me wrong!

"Armaan baby, can you just hear me out for once please?"

"Fine! Shoot!"

"Armaan first of all I'm sorry for blaming you for the whole contraception thing! I was worried you know and I got all my frustration out on you! I'm sorry baby!" Jennifer hugged Armaan from behind and he immediately turned around and took her in a hug.

"I forgive you. But just don't do it again, EVER! You know I'm not ready for a baby yet'I'm only 28 right and you're 24? And even after getting married we're gonna wait for 3 years at least."

'Oh Shit! How am I ever going to tell him what's up with me!' Jennifer though silently.

"I promise to never let you down again Armaan, I promise."

"I know I can trust you with that." Armaan smiled and gave her a peck on her lips while she returned it lovingly. Thank God at least one thing was okay now she wondered.


"Aaron please temme you're joking!" Riddhima was pissed. Okay pissed wasn't even matching to her temper right now! She was way more than pissed!

"I ain't joking Riddhima, I wanna take you out on a date tonight."

"You bet Aaron! You've known me for the past 3 years and you know I'm not into dating and shit like that!"

"Riddheeema can you at least give it a try? For me? I mean I really like you, why do you wanna crush my heart?!"

"Aaron what about Kate? She's your girlfriend and'"


"What? You broke up with her?!"

"Yeah'you've been in my list lately and I really think you're the one!"

"List?! You gotta be kiddin me Aaron!"

"Please Riddhima?"

"I'll think about it!" This was the only way how she could possibly get out of this awkward situation! She hated dating! Why doesn't anyone understand?!


"Hello Ms.Jennifer. Your pregnancy reports are here'Congratulations! Your one month pregnant!"

"What?! 'Oh Damn! I'm fuc*ing pregnant! Shit shit shit! I'm screwed!'

"Can I get an abortion done?" The doctor looked up shocked.

"Excuse me?"




"Ridhzii" Riddhima's facial expression changed as soon as she heard Jennifer on the other line, sobbing.

"Di? Why..why are you crying? Is everything okay?" Riddhima was scared. She was just hoping this was not what she was expecting it to be.

"Di I'm talking to ya! W*F happened?!"

"Ridhz'I..I kinda got'got my reports."

"What reports?"

"Pregnancy reports"

"What do they say?"

"Ridhz I'm'I'm pregnant" Riddhima was shocked while Jennifer started crying bitterly as soon as she broke the news to Riddhima.


Jennifer returned home after collecting her reports. She didn't know what to do, her mind was completely devoid of any ideas or excuses! And what possible excuse could she make?! That she was too drunk after fighting with Armaan on a petty issue and then having sex with her ex-boyfriend just because her Ex was still into her and she was drunk. She remembered vividly that he had warned her  before "The act" that it would be a problem if Armaan found out. But she had totally forgotten about Armaan and wanted to feel loved at the moment. Yeah if she said that to Armaan he would eat her up alive! I wish I could get the damn thing aborted but even that wouldn't help! Like Armaan always says, there's no point in harming something that's not even at fault. Even if she aborted it, she would live her whole life with the guilt of having to kill an innocent life. But what was she to do now?! Tell Armaan and lose him forever? No! She would bear anything but her separation from Armaan would kill her…maybe not physically, but mentally and emotionally, She would die…

"Hey where have ya been Jen?! I've been trying to call you all morning! Its almost 1 now and…" Armaan stopped midway as he saw tears streaming down her face.

"Baby? You okay?" He came close to her and took her in a hug. It hurt him, to see tears in her eyes…actually it hurt him to see tears in any girls eyes, so in his previous relationships he always kept the break-up as less painful as possible. She fell down on the floor in his arms while Armaan was getting even more confused.

"Jen please? Sweetheart I'm really worried now…please temme what happened, please?" Armaan was pleading now. His heart was thumping against his chest.

"No Armaan, you'll hate me the moment I say it to you.." She managed to say that…

Armaan didn't have the least idea what she was saying. "Jen please, just say it to me clearly and I promise I won't hate you….I swear!"

"Armaan I…I'm..I'm pregnant…"

That's it…everything went blank after that. Armaan thought maybe he had made a mistake in hearing what she said but after repeating the same thing again.

"What?!" He immediately withdrew his arms from around her as he realized what she had actually said!

"Armaan you promised me you won't hate me!"  Armaan was shocked beyond limits! She was telling him not to be angry! Are you kiddin me?!

"If I would've known that the so called "news" was so big I wouldn't have even asked you to temme!" Armaan walked out of the living room leaving a crying Jennifer behind.


'I need time…yes, I can't take such a big decision yet! But Armaan that's your baby! She's your fianc! Its completely okay if she gets pregnant with your child! I mean we're getting married in a few days anyway! But I need someone…someone to talk to, someone who could understand me and my side of the story! But who? Who can I rely on in this unknown place…there's no one I know here except Rahul, Muskaan and Riddh..Riddhima…Yeah! Riddhima! She'll understand me…'

Riddhima had left her hospital number on the dining table for any kind of emergency since she was not allowed to use her cell phone during duty hours. She was attending to a small boy with a broken leg when the nurse came in and told her that there was a call for her at the reception. She excused herself and left the ward to attend the call.

"Hello?" She heard a male voice.

"Ummm…Riddhima? Armaan here…" Suddenly Riddhima's heart skipped a beat. God he had a sexy voice…it was manly and so…so intriguing and she could just imagine his adam's apple move whenever he would say hello and…"Hello? Riddhima you there?" The same voice in a larger amplitude brought her back from her dream world.

"Ehhh yes…Armaan yeah, what's up?" Oh mahn she sounded so hot on the phone…her voice was so beautiful and soft, her lips equally tempting…."Armaan?!"

"Uhhh yeah…I just called to ask whether you're free right now?"

"Right now? Not really, but I'll be having my break in the next 45 minutes, precisely."

"Ohkay so can I drop in?" Armaan inquired.

"Drop-in? Armaan this is not my apartment you know, you can't just drop-in any time you want…"

 "But you said you have your break in a while right?"

"But what do you wanna talk about?" Armaan thought how was he going to say it to her.

 "Remember you told me last night that you would help me if I had any problem with Jen?"

Riddhima thought about last night and remembered telling him that. "Uhhh yeah…is it that?"

 "Yeah, I really need to talk about us…"

"Us?" Riddhima sounded confused.Confused

"Us as in…me and Riddhima Oh sorry! Me and Jen!" 'Oh God! What am I saying?!' Riddhima let out a small laugh at his stupidity but knew what this was about. It was about time she should help them.

"Ohkay cool, just take a cab you'll be here in like 25 minutes. "

"Okay, I'll be waiting outside. "

"Cool, I'll see you then. "

"Yeah me too, bye."


45 minutes later

"Hey Armaan!" Armaan was waiting for Riddhima in the lobby when she arrived.

"Hey Riddhima!" Armaan took Riddhima in a friendly hug, which wasn't really "friendly" by the way he hugged her. It was more like urgent and needed. Riddhima on the other side was feeling frenzy inside herself.

"Armaan you okay?" She could sense that something was wrong.

"I just need someone to talk to right now." This seems serious.

 "Yeah sure…" They decided to drop in at a near-by Caf.

"What is it Armaan?" Riddhima asked as they ordered their coffee.

 "Do you know that Jen's..she's pregnant?" Armaan asked Riddhima curiously.

It was that indeed. Her fears came true.

" Ummm how do you…know?"

"How do I know? Riddhima she told me today, like a few hours back…"

"Oh…" Riddhima was glad Jennifer didn't hide it from Armaan.

"But I'm glad she didn't abort it yet, because anything related to my baby is my decision too."

 "My?" She looked at him confused.

"Yeah…Jen's and my baby, its OURS."

Riddhima thought…'Oh God! Armaan thinks its his baby!'

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