Monday, 2 March 2020

Part 31 : I See You!

Shilpa sat on the chair atul directed her to as armaan took control of the meeting. She could hear in the clipped tone of his voice the anger he had tightly reined in. Her mind had closed out all the other voices, the accusations and demands all she was focused on was armaan. She heard Atul making the call saying: start selling!

She heard armaan's passion, his anger and most of all his over powering will and felt anger rise within her. All to soon the meeting was over with armaan turning the tables on Singhania who now had a SEC inquiry into his business. By the time armaan turned around and reached for shilpa the media had gone wild with the knowledge that the great ARMAAN MALIK had done it again.

Armaan took her hand and pulled her up, as both stood close to one another oblivious to the camera men taking picture Armaan spoke: lets go home.

Not letting go of her hand armaan walked out of the building, the reporters and photgraphers crowded in trying to ask question, take a better shot.

Reporter: Mr. Malik so in your opinion was justice served

Armaan: you'll have to ask Mr. Singhania this question

Reporter: what are you going to do next (as other reporters tried to hedge closer jostling one another)

Armaan put his arm around shilpa's waist bringing her closer as someone jostled her from behind: get out of here

Another reporter: what is Ms. Shilpa doing here?

When armaan remained quiet the reporter directed their questions at shilpa: Ms. Shilpa is it true that you have lost your sight?

Before shilpa could answer another reporter: is it true that Mr. Malik and you are involved

Another reporter: is it serious? Or is this business associates with benefits?

Armaan knew that if he had been alone he would've been out of this crowd as he knew how to work in this crowd but with shilpa clinging to his hand he knew he had to take action. To everyones surprise and delight armaan scooped shilpa into his arms and bull dozed his way out of the throng of reporters. Some persistent reporters ran after him as the photgraphers took pictures: where are you going Mr. Malik? How about an interview?

Armaan reached his car and just as he was going to place shilpa he turned and faced the cameras: maybe after the wedding (as the stunned reporters stood there armaan and shilpa made their getaway)

Shilpa sat stunned in the car at armaan's last comment to the reporters, as armaan and atul got in the car.

Atul on phone: tell me the stats?(listening quietly) give me an update after 15 minutes.(he cut the line and turned to armaan) I think you need to make a call to your lawyer

Armaan smiled: from the advice I'm presuming that everything is going well.

Atul sighed: our share price had dropped at the start of the meeting but now Singhania's share is going down.

Armaan: good

Atul: I still think you need to call the lawyer

Armaan: don't worry I've already covered all the bases.

Shilpa listened to both of them talk business and strategies and felt anger rise inside her. She heard the satisfaction in armaan's tone and wanted to hit him because he had hurt her for these stupid share prices and stocks. She had sat through the meeting and heard him tear singhania apart and fumed over his stupid excuse of protecting her. She opened her mouth to tear into him but stopped as armaan's cell rang.

Armaan: Rahul! Its over, yes, did you see?hmmm! ok where is everyone? at home?ok we'll be there in 5.

They reached the Malik mansion where the the whole family had gathered. As they went in Rahul walked up to Armaan and hugged him: well done big brother (when he stepped back he frowned) though it hurts to know that you don't trust us enough to share whats happening your life.

Armaan placed a hand on Rahul's shoulder and gave him a quick squeeze: I do trust you, I just didn't want to complicate stuff for you and I was handling it.

Billy stepped forward: we know you can handle all of this, you have always known how to resolve aproblm but the main thing you are forgetting is we are a family. It's a family's job to deal with the complicated.

Armaan looking uncomfortable: you are making too much out of this deal, its not important.

Ananya: maybe its not important to you but when its about you its very important to me and your dad and the rest of the family. You kept things from us armaan, maybe to protect us but it feels more like shutting us out. Don't (as she saw armaan open his m you mouth) you have always done this trying to protect your friends and family. But this time you broke shilpa's heart also.

Armaan stepped closer to his mother: Maa! I know I should have told you all but I never intended to hurt anyone. I just needed to straighten this all out.

Billy softening a little: Singhania's share price is falling like a day old vegetables

Atul quipped from behind: a week old actually!

Armaan grinned: by the time its over I'm going to own everything Singhania has.

Muskaan whispered to Shilpa: don't tell him I said this but I'm impressed

Shilpa who had been trying to settle down and not stay furious muttered: I want to go home

Muskaan looked at shilpa who looked a little pale: Shilpa are you alright?

Shilpa spoke through clenched teeth: I'm perfectly fine but I want to go home.

Apparently armaan heard shilpa: whats wrong? Why are you still standing?(he walked back to her and stood infront of her)

Shilpa spoke through clenched teeth as she didn't want to make a scene infront of the entire family: I want to go home

Armaan looking at her pale face: are you feeling unwell? Let me call a doctor

Shilpa: I don't want a doctor I just want to be alone

Armaan: Shilpa!

Something broke inside shilpa: stop it! Stop taking my name as if you care.

Armaan shocked: Shilpa wha….

Shilpa snarled: don't you dare! You stupid egoistical arrogant man, you honestly think I'm going to stick around for your shit.

Muskaan gasped: Shilpa calm down

Shilpa: don't tell me to calm down. You all think just because I'm blind you are going to traet me like I'm fragile. I have been blind before I met you all and was dealing with it for a lot of years without the help of you all. And you Armaan you are just the greatest since the day we have met you have broken my heart in the name of protecting me of taking care of me. (She gave a bitter laugh) stop I don't need your protection or help

Armaan: I love you shilpa

Shilpa paused as the words hurt her heart: do you armaan? Do you really?(she stopped) look at me armaan

Armaan: I'm looking at you

Shilpa: are you really? And what do you see?

Armaan: I see you

Shilpa shook her head: no you don't! look at me armaan, LOOK AT ME(her voice rose with her frustration)

Armaan shouted back: I AM! (making the rest of the family of jump)

Shilpa stood with her hands clenched into fists: then how could you see me and then hurt me like this armaan. When you left Panchgani even at that time you left without saying anything because you were doing what was necessary. You lied when we met in Mumbai, you left me alone (when armaan held her by the shoulders to pull her towards him she hit him) no!

Armaan whispered: I'm sorry!

Shilpa tried pushing him away: no! I want you to see me..(armaan pulled her roughly in his arms his arms closing her around crushing her to him as tears slipped down her cheeks)

Armaan: I'm sorry! I know I have hurt you with my so called best intentions. I know I had asked you to trust me but what I needed was to trust you.(pressing his lips to her forehead)

Shilpa: I want you to see me as your partner armaan, whatever happens good or bad I want you to share it with me. Trust me to be there for you

Armaan sighed: I know I have let you down but give me another chance

Shilpa: I see you armaan even being blind I see your love for your family, your drive to do better, your care for your friends and people around you.

Armaan: I love you, I can change

Shilpa lifted her hand to his cheek: you better because if you pull this crap on me again I'm going to walk armaan.

Armaan's arms tightened around her: I promise

Shilpa: I love you armaan

Armaan: I'll make it up to you

Shilpa: promise!

Rahul trying to break the tension: god! Get a room you two

Everyone laughed but ananya intervened: not before you two get married

Muskaan: lets set a date

Billy: why don't you let both of them decide

Armaan grinned at shilpa: wanna get married?

In answer shilpa laughed and wrapped her aarms around armaan

Armaan leaned close to her year and whispered: I'm waiting for an answer

Shilpa nipped his ear: what are you expecting to hear?

Armaan inhaled her scent: yes!

Shilpa: make me

Armaan fisted his hand into her hair and pulled making her tilt her head and whispered close to her mouth: love me shilpa, marry me be mine forever

Shilpa touched armaan's face as she pressed her lips to his: yesss!


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