Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Part 32 : I See You!

Shilpa sat with her eyes closed her hands nervously twisting in her lap only to have them clasped by armaan. Shilpa sighed in relief as she felt his touch: you are here?

Armaan lightly kissed her on her forehead: where else will I be? I talked to the doctor he's going to be coming any moment.

Shilpa nodded: ok!

Armaan looked at her face and couldn't help but ask: nervous?

Shilpa who was playing with the button of his shirt stilled: a little!

Armaan brought her hand to his lips: don't! everything is going to be fine, the doctors said the operation was successful, these bandages were just a precaution.

Shilpa wrapped her arms around him: I'm not scared of being blind

Armaan waited for her to answer and was rewarded by her answer: Its just that I want to see you again, the last time I saw you, you were so angry n hard. You broke my heart being cruel, I want to see your eyes again and the flash of emotion that is only for me.

Armaan pressed a kiss to the corner of her mouth: you will! Trust me!

At that moment the doctor walked in breaking the moment.

Shilpa opened her eyes slowly holding her breath, her vision swam then cleared filling with Armaan. Armaan stood behind the doctor his face a mask of concentration, his eyes burning with intensity. Shilpa looked at him and saw the love for her: Armaan!

Armaan was immediately infront of her crouching besides her, cupping her face in his hands: Shilpa!

Shilpa's lips curved into a trembling smile as she cupped his cheek in her hand: just like I remember, handsome as ever.

Armaan pressed his lips to her palm: there you go again exaggerating, I'm far from perfect shilpa.

Shilpa turned serious: good! Who needs perfect when I've got you!

Armaan wrapped his arms around her and asked the doctor: when can I take shilpa home?

Doctor: we can start the discharge process now but remember if she has any problem or is feeling any discomfort call me.

Armaan: we will!

Shilpa: thank you!

Doctor: so what are your plans? (he asked as he signed the discharge papers the nurse had handed him)

Armaan: we are getting married

Shilpa: we are?

Armaan: as soon as possible

Shilpa: you are in awfull lot of hurry

Armaan: I don't want you changing your mind

Shilpa: hmmm! It is very much possible but I think there is more of a danger of my tiring of you.

Armaan growled as he saw mischief dancing in her eyes: and when might that be?

Shilpa acted giving the question some thought: well I think it will be the 20th of never.

Armaan felt a smile tug at his lips but he kept his expression serious: 20th of never! I think I can live with that.

Shilpa smiled into his eyes: lets go home!

When they reached the Malik Mansion it was bustling with activity at Armaan and Shilpa entry all the family greeted them excitedly.

Ananya: Armaan Shilpa! Finally you are home (she hugged Shilpa) come on in

Muskaan: Shilpa! (hugging her) I'm so glad you are ok.

Shilpa smiling at both: what are you guys upto? Are you having a party?

Ananya looking at Armaan: you didn't tell her?

Shilpa: what?

Muskaan: we are having a party today to celebrate your engagement.

Shilpa turned to Armaan: why?

Armaan stood with his hands in his pockets with a smile on his face.  Shilpa raised her eyebrows and stalked towards him: you don't get to smile and get away with it.

Armaan: is it a crime to show to the world that I'm ecstatically happy that the love of my life has agreed to marry me.

Ananya beamed at Armaan's answer making Shilpa shake her head in amazement: you Armaan are a player!

Armaan held out his hand: I don't want to be any doubt

Shilpa placed her hand in armaan's: I love you!

Shilpa had no clear memory of the evening all she remembered was the feel of Armaan's arms around her, the feel of his gaze which never left her, full of love. She still remembered him looking devilishly handsome in a dark suit, all other men just faded away into background. When he had looked at her dressed in Peach chiffon, glowing with happiness, he had felt felt possessiveness strike his heart.

Without waiting for anyone he had walked to her as she looked at him with her eyes sparkling. Reaching her he gently took her hand raising it up he looked down at her slender hand, with her tapering fingers, her nails covered with peach polish, even her skin glowed a peach hue.

Shilpa: Armaan!

Armaan raised his eyes to her face and without another word he slid his ring on her finger staking his claim. Shilpa looked at him stunned as he raised her hand to his lips, he brushed his lips across her knuckles and then finally the ring which graced her finger.

Armaan looked up at Shilpa her hand still in his: Mine!

Some how everyone had seen armaan put the ring on shilpa's finger and everyone started to clap. Armaan drew shilpa close and swept her into his arms drawing her to move on the rhythm of the music as they started to dance.

Shilpa a little breathlessly: what are you doing armaan?

Armaan smiled into shilpa's eyes: I wanted to hold you in my arms what better way but to dance with you.

Shilpa stared at Armaan knowing she should be angry with his caveman tactics but her heart sort of melted when he had uttered the words 'mine'. All her life she had wanted to belong to be loved but had assumed that maybe it was not something she was going to have. But here was this man who not only loved her but who would go out of his way to protect her. Her heart swelled with love in response she placed her head on his chest and gave herself to the music.

Armaan saw conflicting emotions flash across her face but most of all he saw love, deep abiding love for him as she closed her eyes nd placed her head on his chest. He lifted her face making her look up at him, very slowly he kissed her lightly on her forehead and then shifted and placed his lips on hers.

Shilpa gripped his arms trying to keep him to her, Armaan moved his lips slowly, keeping the kiss soft. Oblivious to the world as the press continue to snap their pictures and the guests hooted and clapped.

The next day in the morning Shilpa gazed at the picture that had published in the newspaper, one was of armaan sliding the ring on her finger, the other was off armaan looking into her eyes as they danced and the final one was of the kiss. Shilpa looked down at her hand and admiredher engagement ring. There were three bandsstudded with diamonds which twisted together at the top and was topped by a 2.5 karat diamond.

Shilpa lightly traced  the bands her mouth curved into a smile as she recalled armaan placing the finger. The feeling of belonging that she felt everytime she looked at the ring, her smile faltered as a thought occurred to her she quickly got up and called out: Aunty ji

Ananya: whats wrong beta?

Shilpa gave a small smile: nothing! I'm just going out will be back in a while.

Ananya smiled: ok beta take the driver

3 hours later

Armaan: where is she?

Ananya: Armaan relax! She'll be back! Why are you getting so hyper?

Armaan: its been 3 hours maa! Since when has shilpa gone out for such a long time without telling anyone of us.

Ananya: she told me before leaving

Armaan whirled around as he was pacing: but where is she? She is not with any of us!

Ananya: have you tried calling her?

Armaan: I did earlier but she is not answering!(he took his cell calling shilpa again)

To everyone surprise they heard the cell ringing, everyone turned in the direction of the cell ringing and as if on cue shilpa walked in trying to get her cell out of her bag. Shilpa grabbed her cell and one look at the name flashing her gaze lifted to see a furious armaan.

Shilpa would'v said something but stopped as armaan growled: where have you been? Do you have any idea how worried I have been?

Shilpa: Armaan! I just went out for a little while.

Armaan: its been 3 hours shilpa! And why are you not answering your cell?

Shilpa: I had to shop for something and before you start yelling again yes it was important.

Armaan raked a hand through his hair and ina somewhat calmer tone: I don't want to yell shilpa, its just I was worried.

Shilpa smiled: I'm sorry to have caused you worry but my errand was also important.

Armaan trying to understand: what was so important?

Shilpa: give me your hand(when armaan cocked his brow she smiled) I'm not going to punish you. Plz give me your hand

Intrigued armaan placed his right hand in her left and noticed shilpa right hand clenched into a fist.

Shilpa took a deep breath: Yesterday armaan you and I officially got engaged, the world is now aware that we intend to marry. I wear your ring as a symbol of your claim, that I belong to you and I am proud of the man and the ring but we missed a step yesterday.

Armaan's brow furrowed: I'm sorry! I didn't realize

Shilpa shook her head: no! there is nothing to be sorry for but like you wanted the world to know that I belonged to you in the same way I want to tell the world about my claim on you.

Armaan: Shilpa I belong to you body and soul

Shilpa couldn't help but smile: I know but I want the world to know it too.(She opened her fist and there in the palm of her hand lay a ring)

Shilpa gently slid the ring on to armaan's finger: Now its official!

Armaan looked at his hand which wore a platinum band which had a small diamond in its center. It was simple yet elegant, armaan who was not use to wearing any form of jewellery looked at it critically but realized it fit him perfectly.

Shilpa: if you don't like it we can have it changed, I just want you to have my ring on your finger too.

Armaan: its perfect! Just like you are perfect for me(looking up at shilpa's beaming face) what am I going to do with you, shilpa?

Shilpa grinned and replied cheekily: love me!

Armaan pulled her roughly into his arms and growled in her ear: I want to make love to you till we both cant stand.(shilpa gasped but her arms tightened around him as she turned her face to the side of his neck and kissed him)

Armaan ran his hand up her back and tugged her hair making her lift her head to look up into his passion filled eyes: I love you shilpa! I'm counting the hours till the wedding.

Shilpa rose on her toes and whispered in his ear: so am i!

It was her wedding day, shilpa sat infront of the dressing table looked at her face scrubed clean her hair wet after the bath. She sat dressed in a robe, any minute the stylist and makeup artist would be here to start her preparations for this special day. She looked into her eyes in the mirror and saw the excitement which was laced with impatience and nervousness.

She blushed as she realized she was impatient for the wedding rituals to be started so that finally she and armaan would be husband and wife. Finally they'll be able to take the relationship to the physical level armaan had been hinting at. She sighed as she recalled the blatantly sexual kisses they had shared over the past couple of weeks. Every day it had seemed the desire had burned a little hotter, she admitted to herself she was shameless in her desire too. When armaan had swept her in his arms his mouth devouring her, she had gloried in his possession. She loved the feel of his mouth to her, but what she loved most was the freedom to touch him.

Her introspection was broken by a crisp knock and then the door opened and in walked the object of her fantasies.

Shilpa turned to face armaan and was surprised to see him dressed in trouser but his shirt was untucked and unbottned showing his muscular chest.

Before she could start drooling shilpa pulled her attention back to his face: Armaan what are you doing here?

Armaan strode purposely towards her: its been days that I have talked to you

Shilpa widened her eyes in surprise: Armaan we just met yesterday

Armaan shook his head and kept advancing: surrounded by the entire family, we are hardly ever left alone.

Shilpa couldn't help but smile as armaan pulled her in his arms: so how are you? (his mouth nibbled at her ear making goose bumps run across her arms)

Shilpa shivered as his mouth did wicked things to her skin under her ear: I'm fine! Just had a bath and the stylist n makeup artist will be here any minute.(pulling back she looked up at him) so you cant stay for long.

Armaan in answer smoothed a hand down her back across the silk robe bringing shilpa in closer contact with his body. Shilpa lifted her hand and smoothed her hand down his cheek feeling the roughness of his tubble tickle her skin.

Shilpa looking up into his eyes: why are you dressed like this?

Armaan: I had some work at the office when I came back maa rushed me off to start getting ready I took off my shirt then thought of you so I came here.

Shilpa slid her hand down his neck and down his chest, feeling the warmth of his skin as armaan continued to rub circles on his back.

Armaan tilted his head down and pressed his lip to the side of her neck, once twice: I should go!

Shilpa: yes! (she pushed him reluctantly armaan let go)

Armaan turned to leave: I'll be waiting (he turned to look back at her his gaze burning across her features and body)

As the door closed after him shilpa saged against the wall for support when the door opened and in walked muskaan with the stylist and makeup artist.

Muskaan: shilpa lets get you ready

Shilpa remembering Armaan's smoldering looks: about time! (making muskaan laugh out loud)


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