Wednesday, 4 March 2020

Part 33 : I See You!

Armaan grinned back at his mother who was beaming looking at him dressed as a groom. She kept smoothing a hand down his arm, straightening the pearls around his neck.

Smiling yet Ananya looked at the face of his first born: you look very handsome!

Armaan took a step back and gave her a once over: who would ever say that you are mother of the groom (with a mischievous twinkle in his eye) I think I need to warn dad to keep his eye out for men falling all over you.

Ananya swatted him on his arm the turned the gesture into a loving one as she smoothed his Sherwani cuff. She looked at his happy face: I'm so happy beta for you.

Armaan smiled at her: I'm happy maa! I'm very happy.

Ananya: I know I can see it on your face and I know there isn't anything that you wouldn't do to make shilpa happy.

Armaan in all seriousness: She's my world maa!

Ananya: I'm proud of you for not pressurizing Shilpa about her parents.

Armaan: I just want her to be happy! Plus if she wants them she can invite them on the reception

Ananya stretched on her toes and kissed him on the cheek: I need to go n check on guests

Armaan: how long till we start the rituals?(impatience leaking through his voice)

Ananya in response laughed: just a little bit more.

As Ananya left Atul and Rahul took her place, Rahul grinned at Armaan: so bro! how are you holding up?

Armaan gave him a loook which could be easily be translated into a shut up and turned his attention to Atul: so did that contract come back signed?

Atul looked at him in surprise: you are asking about contract! On your wedding day?

Armaan exasperated: why? Is there a ban?

Atul looked at Rahul who couldn't stop laughing and then back at Armaan: No! its just I thought you'll be more focused on the wedding and shilpa but…

Armaan with displeasure on his face looked at Rahul: shut up! Atul, I'm happy and excited any more excited I would be upstairs banging on shilpa's door and asking why it is taking her so long to come down.

Armaan again glared at Rahul who had started to laugh again and addressed Atul: I'm trying (he took a deep breath and exhaled) distract myself and relax.(making Atul smile)

Muskaan on the other hand was not smiling nor was she feeling relaxed and the cause was shilpa. Muskaan took a deep breath but her voice came out whining: what are you doing shilpa? Its your wedding, you are marrying Armaan Malik.

Shilpa looked at a very harassed Muskaan and smiled: I know whom I'm marrying plus the longer you keep at it you are going to be holding up the ceremony. Lets get started.

Just then there was a knock on the door and Ananya walked in: Muskaan how much time are you going to take everyone is waiting.

Muskaan: Maa! Plz talk some sense to Shilpa she's not listening to me.

Shilpa laughed at Muskaan's distress and stood to face Ananya. Ananya stood stunned her eyes dazzled by the picture shilpa made. She pressed a hand to her mouth as her eyes filled looking at shilpa.

Shilpa couldn't help but quip looking at the tears: that bad, huh?

Ananya walked close to her and cradled her face in her palms: never have I seen a bride as beautiful as you in my entire life.

Muskaan horrified: Nooo maa! But look at her she's hardly got any jewellery on.

Ananya turned to muskaan and smiled gently: I know! And she would've looked simply gorgeous in them but don't you see(she turned back to shilpa) this is shilpa, shilpa armaan loves and she is absolutely perfect for him.

Shilpa smiled but then got serious: I promise I'll make him happy.

Ananya: I know both of you will make each other happy, but remember my son can be difficult at times.

Shilpa solemnly: I know but I promise to love him even when he is being his obnoxious self

Ananya laughed: I think you are ready to get married. Come muskaan lets take this bride to her waiting groom.

Muskaan gave one yearning look towards the jewels lying on the bed and walked upto shilpa to escort her down n murmured to her: I will never forgive you for this(in response shilpa just smiled coz all mattered now was getting to Armaan)

Armaan looked at the stairs for the thousandth time and then responded to Atul's question: for the time being we are staying put here but later we might get our own place.

Rahul grinned: ya, armaan has been getting shilpa's things moved here even before the wedding.

Atul grinned back: even her studio?

Rahul: he had a new studio made for her which is an extension of their room.

When both Rahul and Atul laughed Armaan frowned: well I don't want her to feel that she cant continue with her interests. She needs space for all her things so building the studio was the right approach.

Atul: I'm sorry Armaan but I have to agree with Rahul you have it bad, you don't want her out of your sight even for a second.

Armaan acknowledged his friend n brother making fun of him: well even though I do but apparently at present she is hell bent on making me wait.

With that he looked up the stairs and his eyes locked on the sight of her. Whatever breath he had taken in got locked in his lungs as he forgot to breathe looking at her.

Shilpa was dressed in a gold lehenga, her choli was in a deeper gold shade heavily sequined, cut low on her bosom with edgings done in dark green. Her dupatta was shaded in gold and green with embellished borders. Armaan's gaze took in her henna covered hands accompanied with bangles, his gaze shifted taking in the thick bread of gold which draped across low cut of her choli to nestle the emerald in the soft swells of her bosom. He forced his gaze up to the radiant face which was his entire world and couldn't take his eyes off her.

For a moment all he could do was stare when her lashes swept up her gaze directly met his without his conscious thought his feet started to move in the direction of the stairs.

Shilpa couldn't look away her mouth was completely dry as she saw armaan looking devastatingly handsome in crme gold sherwani with a red paghadi look up at her. She had felt his gaze like a physical touch all her nerve endings started to sizzle. She couldn't take her eyes off him as he walked towards her. When she reached the last step at the same time armaan reached all she could think was finally.

Armaan held out his hand without a second thought and without a backward glance shilpa placed her hand in his. Without breaking eye contact armaan walked with shilpa to the mandap where the pandit was waiting.

Love and lust warred inside armaan as he sat down and looked at shilpa settle beside him. Armaan tried to focus on what the pandit was talking about, the seven promises they were going to make to one another but Armaan felt his gaze shift back to shilpa. Shilpa lifted her lashes to look into Armaan's eyes, each promise was reflected in his eyes. When their hands were joined as part of the ritual shilpa felt the warmth of armaan's touch all over her body.

Armaan went through the steps of the rituals with his focus solely on shilpa, Shilpa turned her head and smiled into his eyes. The wedding rituals got completed with the pandit declaring them husband and wife. They took the blessings from their elders and started to mingle with the guests who had come to celebrate with them.

Maasi hugged shilpa and pulled back with tears in her eyes: stay blessed baby girl! I have prayed for this day for so long.

Shilpa in return hugged her again: thank you for being there always!

Maasi brushed her thanks away with the flick of her hand and then turned to armaan: God has blessed you the most loving girl, beta. Take care of her, she's very precious to me.

Armaan gave maasi a quick hug: don't worry! She's my life maasi ji I'll keep her happy.

As they mingled shilpa glanced at her husband who kept an arm around her waist sensing her gaze armaan turned his head towards her and smiled asking silently with his eyes what she was looking at.

Shilpa leaned in close and whispered: just admiring my very handsome husband.

Armaan lightly grazed his thumb at the bare skin of her lower back making her skin tingle all over. Before he could respond a guest stopped to congratulate them making any intimate conversation end. Shilpa listened to the guest chatter on but she felt her entire body heating up as her very handsome and serious husband was driving her crazy. As he chatted on his thumb continued to stroke her skin drawing circles on the small of her back. He did not stop there but glided his hand to her waist and continued to elicit sensations in her body with the sroke of his thumb.

Shilpa looked up at him but he looked absorbed in his conversation but the the side of his mouth curled upward and shilpa thought: the creep knew what he was doing to her.

Wanting revenge shilpa placed a hand on his chest and smiled up into his face, his eyes sharpened for a second before good manners prevailed n he continued talking. Feeling wicked shilpa slipped a finger inside the space between the two buttons of his sherwani. She lightly trced the warm skin of his chest and felt armaan stiffen. Feeling wicked she lightly scraped her nail down his chest and felt his hiss of breath and the arm around her waist tightened.

Armaan excused and moved forward with shilpa and growled in her ear: whats up wife? Feeling naughty are we?

Shilpa batted her lashes at him: just checking to see whether my husband is here or not?

Armaan nipped her ear: wait till I get you alone

Shilpa quipped: what are we still doing here?

Armaan pulled back and looked at her for a second and just then muskaan interrupted: hey you guys!

Armaan gave shilpa a smoldering look and then: you two catch up( and walked upto his parents)

Muskaan to shilpa: well I hate to be wrong but you were right you don't need any more jewels to look gorgeous (looking at her friend) you just glow shilpa.

Shilpa smiled at muskaan: I know I haven't thanked you for all the help you have given me.(hugging her) you've been the best friend ever.

Muskaan pulled back and beamed at her and then whispered: even your husband is looking very yummy!

Shilpa glanced at armaan who had taken off his paghadi and was running a hand through his hair, muskaan giggled: down girl!

Shilpa glared at muskaan: what?

Muskaan: shilpa plzwe are in public and I think you are drooling a bit.

Shilpa glanced at armaan who was making his way back to her, to muskaan: do you blame me? Look at him!

Armaan reached their side: so wife dear, are you done gossiping?

Shilpa's eyes gleamed with amusement as she looked at muskaan and then at armaan: why?

Armaan saw the amusement and something else in her gaze: sorry time up (before shilpa could ask him what he meant armaan swept her up in his arms)

Shilpa gasped: Armaan!(glancing around)

Armaan: what? You wanted to go or not

Shilpa felt a smile bloom as her heart filled with love for the man who was the center of her universe.

Suno na kahe kya suno na (as armaan started to move through the guests shilpa wrapped her arms around his neck)

Amidst applause and laughter as friends and family started to leave on cue Armaan continue with shilpa in his arms
Dil mera suno na, suno zara (she lightly touched his face drawing his gaze to her)

Armaan looked inot shilpa's eyes and couldn't look away from the love shinning there as he continued to make his way to their room. They reached the room armaan walked straight in very slowly placed shilpa on her feet.
Teri baahon me mujhe rehna hai raat bhar(shilpa clung to armaan's arms unwilling to let go)
Teri baahon me hogi subah

Armaan took a step back turning to get the door closed but Muskaan barged in with a couple of other girls claiming they will not leave till he gave them some gifts. Armaan glared for a second at Muskaan unable to believe that she could be so annoying. Shilpa couldn't help but laugh as she saw frustration flash in armaan's eyes. At her laughter armaan looked at shilpa and shilpa felt the force of his desire

Be intehaan (Armaan couldn't take his eyes off shilpa) (be-inteha)Shilpa started to pull of the dupatta covering her hair
Be intehaan... hmmm(Under Armaan's avid gaze shilpa started taking out the pins that held her hair up)

Armaan grabbed his cheque book from the desk drawer and blindly signed the cheque pushing it towards muskaan.
Yun pyaar kar (yun pyaar kar) Be intehaan (Shilpa started taking off her bangles as armaan herded muskaan n her friends towards the door)
Dekha karun saari umar (saari umar)(Shilpa started taking of her jewels her eyes locked to armaans reflection in the mirror as he closed and locked the door. He turned and keeping his gaze on shilpa who with her hair down looked more beautiful.
Tere nishaan be-intehaan

Shilpa also turned towards armaan and approached him without any hesitation  they stood close enough that their bodies brushed shilpa raised her hand and touched his face making a shudder move through his body.
Koi kasar naa rahe, meri khabar naa rahe
Chhu le mujhe is kadar be-intehaan

Armaan crushed her to him his mouth slanting across her stealing her breath his hand rushing over her body tracing every curve, every dip. Stopping for a second to take a breath and change the angle he dived in again into the kiss. Shilpa clutched at armaan's arms her hands sliding up to tangle in his hair pulling him close trying to convey through the kiss all her love.
Jab saanson me teri saansen ghuli toh
Phir sulagne lage
Ehsaas mere mujhse kehne lage

Armaan nipped at her bottom lip and then soothed the hurt with his tongue, pulling back a little he started to kiss her cheeks, her chin, the skin beneath her skin and finally moving down her neck.

Haa baahon me teri aake jahaan do (Shilpa stood in the circle of his arms and felt his lips move down her neck, she felt the folded drapes of her dupatta being pushed aside and the flesh over the cut of her choli neckline revealed.
Yun simatne lage
Sailaab jaise koi behne lage

Armaan lifted his mouth from the swell of her breasts his knuckles lightly traced the quivering flesh, his knuckles lightly dipping into the valley between her breasts displayed by the low cut of her choli. Shilpa felt on fire, she leaned into his touch seeking a firmer contact with his flesh.
Khoya hoon main aagosh mein
Tu bhi kahaan ab hosh mein

Armaan maneuvered her to where the bed was not letting her out of his arms his hands running down her back to grab her hip pulling her closer yet.
Makhmali raat ki ho naa subah
Be intehaan, be-intehaan
Yun pyar kar be-inteha

Half undressed shilpa looked at the passion flushed face of armaan, her body was his to command but she wanted him to feel the same sensation she was feeling.
Gustakhiyan kuch tum karo
Kuch hum kare iss tarah (Shilpa started unbuttoning his sherwani pushing it off his shoulders to reveal the skin of his chest to his waiting her hands. She traced the defined muscles of his arms, unable to stop herself sheinhaed in his smell nuzzling the skin at his breastbone. Armaan's skin shot aflame as her breath touched his skin before he could react she started to press moist kisses all over his chest her nails raking in the skin of his back and sides making him fast lose control.

His hand turning rough armaan jerked her up his mouth once again capturing hers taking their passion to another level, making it more urgent and basic. Hands turned impatient tugged and twisted trying to do away with the constraints in the form of clothes.
Sharrma ke do saaye hain jo
Muh pher le hum se yahaan

Armaan managed to tumble shilpa back on to bed not leaving her for a second his hands and mouth driving her passion to fever high. Shilpa dasped as the sensations bombarded her all new and exciting leaving her gasping and clutching at him for more. Wanting to make him feel the same intensity of feelings that his touched invoked in her shilpa arched into him bringing their bodies into sharper contact.
Haan chhu toh liya hai ye jism tune
Rooh bhi choom le

Armaan felt the control slide through his fingers as her lithe body pressed closer unable to wait any longer he whispered to her: I cant wait longer

Shilpa wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him closer and whispered across his lips: then don't!

Armaan unable to stop the surge in his passion at her words closed his mouth over hers as his body pressed close to her's than ever before making them one.  Shilpa gasped as her body accepted his, her heart rate accelerated as passion increased.

Armaan stilled giving her a moment and taking one himself relishing the feel of her, through passion blazing through him he growled at her: Mine!

Shilpa gasped at the feral look in his eyes and the possessiveness that laced the word spoken. Shilpa panted pulling herself up and whispered his words back to him: Mine!

After that no words were necessary as two lovers forgot everything else.

Alfaaz bhige bhige kyun hai mere
Haan yun choor ho ke majboor ho ke
Qatra qatra kahe
Ehsaas bheege bheege kyun hain mere
Do bekhabar bheege badan
Ho besabar bheege badan
Le rahe raat bhar angdaiyaan

As they lay wrapped around one another bodies cooling gently as their breaths came back to their normal level. Armaan lifted himself on one elbow and looked at shilpa who lay with her eyes closed, he leaned down an pressed a soft kiss on her lips. Shilpa sighed and opened her eyes a smile blooming on her lips as she lifted her hand and ran a hand across his hair
Be inteha, be inteha
Yun pyar kar, be inteha
Dekha karoon saari umar
Tere nishan, be-intehaan

Armaan unable to look away from her face: are you ok?

Shilpa sighed deeply: I'm more than ok!(then flashed him a content smile)

Armaan grinned at her answer: you are fantastic (his heart expanding in size at her smile)

Shilpa: you are not so bad yourself (she blushed a little then a frown marred her forehead) but..

Armaan frowned himself: but?

Shilpa: lets be sure

Armaan quirked a brow: more?

Shilpa's smile turned wicked: more (then blushed)

Armaan started to kiss shilpa again and it was more.
Koi kasar na rahe, meri khabar na rahe
Chhu le mujhe is kadar be-intehaan


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