Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Part 4 : MFS || AR FF


"Dr.Arthur if you don't mind, can I go a little early today?" Riddhima pleaded her senior doctor who was responsible for her duties. If she did not leave early today, whatever she had planned or rather thought of to save her sister's relationship with Armaan would screw up BIG TIME! She had to get home before Jennifer told Armaan that it was not his baby but someone else's'

"Dr. Riddheemmaaa'If it would've been in my hands to let you go or make you stay, trust me, you wouldn't even be here right now!" Dr. Arthur warned her.

This bloody angrez ki aulad always wants to bring me down!

"Haan haan tere iss third class hospital ke third class facilities ke saath mujhe bhi nahin rehna!" Riddhima murmured in Hindi.

"Excuse me Dr. Gupta? Did you say something?"

"Uhhh'no nothing Mam'"



Riddhima managed to leave early by around 6. She got into her car and drove back home as soon as possible. She had to stop Jennifer from telling Armaan that it wasn't his baby'

"Di!" Riddhima entered the house looking for Jen. Since she couldn't find her anywhere she decided to check her bedroom. She barged into her bedroom without knocking because this was URGENT!!! As she entered the room she stopped dead in her tracks as she saw the best sight ever.

There was Armaan standing with Jennifer in his arms. Suddenly Riddhima's frown lines from her forehead disappeared and a light smile came to her lips. So everything was finally okay!  She sent a small and silent prayer up to God thanking him to make everything okay in time. As she was about to leave she felt someone's gaze on her. She turned around to see Armaan looking right back at her with a smile. She smiled back at him and he gave her a friendly wink and mouthed a thank you. She said your welcome and left them alone.


"Oh God Aaron leave me alone please!" Riddhima couldn't believe her eyes, this guy came to her place to pick her up for the so called date when she had clearly detested. No no no wait'I think I had said I'll think about it but doesn't that indirectly mean that I'm not interested?!

"Riddhimaaa please'"

"Aaron if you don't leave now I will throw you out I swear it to God!"

"Hey what's going on guys?!" Armaan came out of his room hearing the commotion going on in the living room.

"Armaan please tell this Jackass to get outta here before I eat him up alive!" She fumed in anger.

"Woah woah woaah! Hey mahn, what's up?" Armaan asked Aaron.

"None of your concern Armaan'" Aaron spat back rudely while Armaan stared at his face with one cocked eyebrow

"Ohkay I get it'Riddhima iss ulle ke patthe ko apna time dekar apna time waste mat karo. Gadhe toh akhir gadhe hi rahengey na?" Armaan and Riddhima laughed out loud and gave each other a Hi-5 .

"What did you say man?" Aaron was fuming in anger now.

"None of your concern Aaron!" Armaan mimicked Aaron while Riddhima lughed all the more.

"I'm outta here!" Saying this Aaron walked off leaving a giggling Armaan and Riddhima behind.

 While laughing Riddhima accidently happened to step on Armaan's leg which caused him to lose his balance and move his foot back making Riddhima lose her balance too. She tripped and was about to fall when Armaan caught her by her waist. Her smile disappeared and changed into a much more serious expression while she stared at blue eyes and his stared down at her green eyes. For a minute Armaan almost forgot who she was, it was like she's someone he's known all his life. He stared at her angelic face with equal fervor as hers. She saw the difference in his body language when he came close to her. Even previously the same day, when he hugged her outside the hospital. It almost seemed like eternity when she was close. Way more complex than what he felt around Jennifer.

"Ridhziii!" Jennifer's close call brought them back to reality. But before she could catch a glimpse of them that way, Riddhima broke out of his embrace and stood a little far from him.

"Ummm yeah Di'" Riddhima was fumbling.

"Oh here you are! I need to talk to you'" Jen said.

"I'll be right there'"

As Riddhima began to walk away something stopped her. She couldn't go forward'she turned back to see her bracelet stuck on Armaan's shirt and she looked up at him while he had totally lost the friendly look. This was definitely way more than friendship!!

She freed herself or rather her bracelet from Armaan's button and walked off staring back at him while Armaan just closed his eyes and ran his fingers through his hair. 'What the fuc* is happening to me?'


"What is it Di?" Riddhima asked trying her level best to shove Armaan's thoughts and his sexy face out of her head.

"Ridhz'I'm'I'm scared'"

"Di'I know your scared but you have to face it, its reality!"

"Ridhz what if Armaan comes to know its not his baby?!"

"Di first of all he won't okay? And even if he does, I've seen how much he loves you'he'll never ;eave your side'"

"What do I do Ridhzii? He'll kill me when he comes to know its not his baby!"

"We won't tell him Di, this is the only way things can be normal." Riddhima said while Jennifer nodded her head slightly and Riddhima took her in a hug.


"Why can't you stop ringing!" Riddhima blasted her phone as if it were living and could hear her shout!

Her phone was ringing constantly as in like back-to-back. 1st because of an emergency in the hospital and then Aaron called to apologize because he misbehaved with Armaan. She forgave him thinking that was it he wanted, but he still hadn't lost hope about the date and as soon as he said that she slammed the phone on his face. Now again her phone was ringing. Lazily she picked it up and saw Sam flashing. She smiled immediately and picked up the phone.

"Sammy My loveee!!!" Riddhima shouted out loud

"Riddhima my loveee!" She ehard the excited reply from the other side.

Sam a.k.a Sameera was her Indian friend who helped her here when she was new. And then gradually she met Rahul and Muskaan but Sameera was her first and the most close one. She was a real estate manager by profession.

"Wassup Sammy? How come you remembered me today?!"

"Come on Riddhima you know you're my closest friend na?"

"Yeah yeah'so how's life ehh?"

"Its great! On the contrary, I'm throwing a big party tomorrow night'and I want Rahul, Muskaan and you to be there'"

"Sammy you know we'll be there'but there's a small little problem."


"Yeah'actually my sister and her'her fianc have come down from Las Vegas for a few days, can I bring them along?" Riddhima fumbled at the word'fianc'my sister's fianc'

"Riddhima! Is that a question or you really wanna insult our friendship?! Of course you can bing them along! And if you don't I'll kill ya!"

"You won't have to that! So its done! Count all of us in!" Riddhima announced.


"Ay ay ay

Let it rain over me

Ay ay ay

Let it rain over me"

The party was in full swing. Everyone was enjoying to the beats of the heart throbbing songs. This is what life was, for Riddhima. Working your ass off at the hospital everyday with hardly anytime to even have a cup of coffee to keep you awake and then having a fun-filled night and dancing your ass off to ease off the stress! This was Heaven, indeed.

Riddhima saw Armaan and Jennifer sipping drinks at the corner of the bar and they were laughing at some lame joke that Armaan had freshly cracked! He was adorable . I mean…what else could a girl possibly want in a guy? He had good looks, a decent character, a good income, a generous heart and a good physique and nice eyes and a hot body and woah woah woah!! Why am I thinking about him so much?! He's my to-be-brother-in-law! Oh God please help me…he's affecting me in the wrong way!

Riddhima's chain of thoughts were broken when Muskaan shook her…HARD!

"What's wrong with you?! Its Sam's party and you didn't even talk to her yet!" Muskaan exclaimed. It was obviously bad manners to not meet the host even when you know them well.

"Ummm Muski, I tried looking for her but I couldn't find her…."

LIES! PLAIN SIMPLE LIES! Riddhima couldn't believe herself when she said that! Oh yeah right what was she supposed to say? She was too busy checking Armaan out that she didn't have the time to even go meet her friend after so long! I need to get outta here…

"Muski I'll catch you later, I gotta meet someone and come okay?"

"Ohkay…be back soon!"

"Yep!" Riddhima faked a smile. Actually she just wanted to go somewhere where there was no sign of Armaan, AT ALL!

She found a dark corner in the party and stood there with her drink. Suddenly she felt something or rather someone standing behind her. By the erratic breathing, she was sure it was him…

"Why are you standing in one corner Riddhima? Not enjoying?" Armaan questioned her.

Oh yeah enjoying my FOOT! "Ehhh nothing like that, just felt a little congested there seeing people make out in a public party…can't stand crap like that you know." She grinned.

"Ahhh…you and your Anti-Love tactics! Why don't you give it a chance once?"

"Even if I do, there should be someone worth giving a chance to right? And I just don't think I have found that person yet."

Armaan felt bad. He didn't know why but he did. She hadn't found anyone "perfect" yet…

"Your right…like I found Jennifer, you'll find someone too!"

"I hope not! I'm single and so not ready to mingle!"

Armaan let out a little laugh…and Riddhima smiled.

"Ummm Armaan, where's Di?"

"Actually, Jen wasn't feeling too good…the whole pregnancy thing got her nervous and now she felt weak so I thought I'll send her home with Rahul and Muskaan. Anyways they were leaving since they have early morning duty so…."

Okay lets add this. No Jen+No Rahul and Muski+a dark corner of a party = Armaan and me!!! *Sigh*

"Anyways you got your car right? We'll go back home together."

"Yeah okay…cool with me!"


"Huh?" She said, praying that she heard wrong!!

"I said, if you would wanna dance with me?"

"Ehhh…no I mean yes..I mean…OKAY!"


With that Armaan grabbed her hand and let her to the dance floor. She thanked God mentally that at least the song was a rock one, so that there was no close dancing. But suddenly the song changed, and its not that hard to guess what it was!

"If you ever leave me baby,

Leave some morphine at my door

'Cause it would take a whole lot of medication

To realize what we used to have,

We don't have it anymore…"

With that Armaan took her waist in his hands and brought her closer, not very close….but closer. Her hand went on his shoulder as a reflex as they looked into each other's eyes.

They were sure. This couldn't just be friendship. This had to be something more…something more intense, more complex. Armaan had been staring at her throughout the party. He knew even she was checking him out from the corner of her eye. And when she had suddenly disappeared after talking to Muskaan, he knew something was wrong. When Jennifer had complained of suffocation and restlessness, he immediately sent her home. He couldn't belive his actions…but he felt good, now they were alone, all alone…

Riddhima, on the other hand, was going through a turmoil of emotions. She could feel her insides yearning for him, but she knew it was wrong. He was her sister's Fianc…she could never think of him that way. But she couldn't help it either. He was making it more difficult for her by being so close to her…what was she going to do now?

The music to a halt, as the DJ announced the guests to take a sip at the bar counter. Armaan and Riddhima tore apart as realization dawned about them.

"Lets go and get some..umm..drinks?" Riddhima said nervously while Armaan just nodded.

They headed towards the counter…but Riddhima found a friend on the way so she excused herself from Armaan and began talking to her.

As Armaan reached the counter he was lost. Lost in her thoughts…did she feel the same way as he did? Or was it too late for any of them to feel anything for each other. Armaan gulped down 5 shots of Vodka one after each other owing to how carelessly he was letting his love interest wander from on person to another. She was Jen's sister for God's sake! With that he gulped down another shot and that was it…he had lost his senses now.

When Riddhima came to the counter she saw Armaan with his head down on the counter.

"Armaan…are you okay?"

Armaan looked up drowsily at Riddhima and answered. "I don't think so…can we go upstairs?"

"Excuse me?" Riddhima's eyeballs literally popped out of her sockets when she heard that.

"I mean…I need to rest…"

"If you need rest we could go home you know?"

"No…I…I need to talk to you also…please Riddhima?"

"Okay…lets go."

Riddhima lifted a very drunk Armaan with great difficulty due to his weight and bulky structure and took him upstairs.

As soon as she opened the bedroom door she saw a couple making out all sprawled on the bed and was not shocked. She would be if she hadn't seen something like that!

"Ohkay you guys! Making out session over! OUT NOW!" Riddhima shouted while the poor couple picked up their clothes and ran out of the room…

"Armaan sit down on the bed…I'll be back."

"No!" Armaan cribbed as he grabbed her by her waist and brought her closer to himself. His heart raced frantically while hers skipped a beat by the proximity.

"Armaan you're drunk."

"Doesn't matter Riddhima...as long as your with me."

With that he took her in a kiss….he couldn't hold back any longer, he had to do it!

 Riddhima was taken back at first but when she felt his warm lips smudge hers smoothly, she gave in gradually. She had been dreaming about this for the past 2 days!

 He brought her closer and closer till there was no space in between them. Before they knew it, they were  making out madly. She could feel him touching her back and her front and even heard him moan which made her groan in pleasure. She pulled him closer by entangling her fingers in his soft, smooth hair. With that he let go off her waist and without breaking the kiss he removed his waistcoat and threw it on the floor and he slid the straps of her dress down. He kissed her shoulder and neck urgently, like he just needed her right now…He began to unzip her dress while taking her in another kiss. This time he entered her mouth and made the kiss burning hot like fire…As soon as he got access to her bare back, he slid his hands in and felt her back.

 He pulled her on the bed and settled on top of her. He pinned her hands to the side corners of the bed and kissed her everywhere. She just closed her eyes and felt him…this was so good! Never in her life had she felt so good and amazing. She felt his manhood rise against her thighs as he unbuttoned his shirt and threw it across the room. This was it…they were gonna cross all limits today...


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