Saturday, 14 March 2020

Part 5 : MFS || AR FF


The morning sun dawned upon him. He clumsily opened his eyes and ran his fingers through his hair, yawning at same time. He felt the whole room spinning. What the f**k is wrong with me?! He wondered. He could feel his head throbbing with pain, like someone was hitting a huge hammer on his head continuously. He remembered last night at the party how he had noticed her'.how he had tried to shoo everyone off just so that he could be with her, how they danced close, how he hesitated to talk to him, the way she blushed and smiled'he remembered everything except, his thoughts at the bar and he gulping down a few shots back to back. OMG! He was drunk and more importantly ALONE with Riddhima. Dammit!  He was just praying he hadn't done anything wrong.


She stood under the shower and let the cold water run through her body...she could feel him touch her everywhere, kiss her everywhere...She just wondered, what if she had not stopped at that moment? What would happen? Where would they be right now? Se thought at last night came rushing to her mind'

She felt his manhood rise against her thighs as he unbuttoned his shirt and threw it across the room. This was it'they were going to cross all limits today...Suddenly she had a flash. A flash of someone, someone extremely dear to her heart'more important that her life, her Family. She felt him struggle out of his belt almost undoing his jeans and she froze. Okay this isn't a good idea. Before he could resume kissing her and getting her out of her dress she pressed her palm against his chest and tried pushing him

"What? Don't stop me please'" He muttered trying to get back to his business while she pushed him further away.

"Armaan your drunk and not in your sense, so please'.move away." She pleaded.

"But I'I want you'" He said with urgency. It was a shitty feeling when your almost getting to do the girl you have fatal attraction for and then being stopped half way.

"But I don't Armaan, its late'just go to sleep. We can speak tomorrow." She tried to make him understand the gravity of the situation as tears started to brim her eyes.

Before she even realized he was sound asleep on her chest leaving her in the first nightmare ever'

She blinked a couple of times as she remembered those horrid yet amazing moments. His lips were so perfectly kissing every inch of her body'she never thought it would be so beautiful, and that it would make her so happy. But like they say, every good thing comes to an end'even her happiness was short lived as she realized she was about to have sex with her sister's future husband.

She tried pushing away all the thoughts from the previous night as she stepped out of the shower. She had duty at the hospital and she needed to report there as soon as possible and frankly speaking, even if she didn't have duty'she would run out of the house. She couldn't stay here one minute'specially with him around. 


He ran his fingers through his hair. Why couldn't he remember anything after what had happened at the bar. He was alone...with Riddhima. He was just hoping he hadn't done anything wrong to hurt her. He heard Jen call him...she sounded as though she was in pain. Oh God! Is she okay? He thought as he ran to her...

"Jen? Sweetheart where are ya?!" He called out her name'as he saw her crumbled in one corner of the room.

"Armaaan!!! Help me!" Jen screamed her lungs out.

"What is it?" Armaan asked worriedly'"Are you having any pain? Feeling sick? Please temme, Love"

"Armaan there's'there's a'.a'cock'"

"A what?!" He looked at her surprised. Did he just hear her say cock? Awkward.

"A cockroach! You pervert!" She screamed in his ears, letting him take a sigh of relief. He silently thanked God that his girlfriend wasn't a pedophile!

After a while everyone came at the breakfast table. Rahul and Muskaan had an off today'as they decided to spend the day together, as an initiative from Rahul's side to make it up to Muskaan so they were fast asleep.


Riddhima tried to creep out of the house as silently as possible, before Jen or worse'Armaan caught her.

"Riddhima where do you think your going?"

Riddhima stopped dead in her track as she heard Jen call her'Dammit!!

"Ummm'good morning Di, how are ya feeling?!"

"Ridhz don't change the topic'why can't you have breakfast and go? I can't have you walking in and out of the house without eating sweety, come join us'"

Us'us as in Di and Armaan, Armaan and Di'This is going to suck! Real bad!

Reluctantly she came and sat on the dinning table. She took a slice of bread with butter and starting eating it when she heard footsteps, OMG! The moment of truth has arrived.

"Hey baby'come sit, lets have breakfast." Jen invited Armaan.

Armaan sat beside Riddhima uncomfortably.

"Ridhz I didn't expect this from you'" Riddhima looked up immediately hearing Jen's voice. Her worst fears were indeed about to come true.

"Huh?!...I mean..what?" She fumbled and looked at Armaan who had the same horrified expression.

"What are you looking at him for? Even Armaan knows what I'm talking about!"

'What? Even he knows? He remembers? I thought he would have no memory of last night but then Jen?...'

"Tell her Armaan'tell her how upset and angry I am at her!" Jen said seriously.

"Me? What do I tell her babe?!"

'There you go'he's calling her babe now! And last night he said he wanted me! All guys are PIGS with a pea sized brain and no sense at all! But'he's her fianc! Isn't it normal for a to-be-married couple to talk like this?! Okay'now I'm over-thinking! Focus Riddhima focus!'

"Di I'm sorry'I didn't do it intentionally, I don't even know how it happened! I promise nothing of this sort will happen ever again." Riddhima said

"I'm glad your apologizing Riddhima'but if I see any other cockroach in this house I swear I'll drive back home! You know I hate 'em!"

"Cockroach?!" Armaan and Riddhima looked at each shocked'


The breakfast was indeed scary'she was glad Jennifer didn't know anything about them. As a matter of fact, she hadn't even asked them when they had got home or how they had got home. She was thankful to God for that. She remembered how she had to a drag a very drunk Armaan out of the party venue with the help of a few friends. It was a difficult task. But she was glad no one had suspected anything. And why would anyone suspect anything? No one goes around trying to sleep with their fianc's sister! She thought over it. They had to talk about this. ASAP!!

During her break, when she was sipping on her coffee and finishing her file at the same time'she happened to check her phone and saw a text from Armaan'.sighing he pressed the view button.

"Hey Riddhima! (: I know this is awkward but I can't really remember what happened last night and if I did anything wrong I would like to apologize. You're a wonderful girl, just like your sister. I just wanted to meet and clear out the misunderstanding if possible ALONE'I would be glad if you think about it."

After reading the text she was confused.

Should I be happy or sad? Happy because he was sorry about losing control and thinking of her as a friend or sad because he regretted their close moment? She had to meet him. That's the only way things would work out between them. They both had to accept each other as a part of the family. She knew after last night it would be difficult'but she would do it for Jennifer'for herself and for Armaan'



She texted Armaan to meet her at Caf Zing in an hour to which he agreed. She had to sort out this matter today itself! She decided to finish up a few case files of hers that were pending and then go to meet Armaan.

She looked at the clock and it was almost 55 minutes past! She had to get there soon. So she ran out of the hospital, after signing out obviously. As she came down, she ran towards the exit and towards the small caf right across the street where she had called Armaan.

He stood there wearing casual blue denims and a white button up shirt with his shades on and spiked her. 'Damn it! Why did he have to be so hot?!' She thought nervously and approached him.


"Oh hey Riddhima."

"I'm sorry actually I was stuck up in the ER!"

"That's no big deal…happens to every doctor!"

"Okay so lets sit down."

They sat on a table nearby and looked all around awkwardly.

Finally Armaan decided to break the silence and speak up otherwise his curiosity would get the better of him and his mind would explode for sure!

"Okay, let's just get this straight! Did we have sex last night?"

Riddhima was stumped by his straight forwardness. Is this how you ask you girlfriend's sister whether you did something inappropriate?

"Ehhh…Armaan, you could be a little soft you know?" She forced a smile.

"Listen I'm…I'm tired of thinking and stressing my brain about what happened last night. Just spill it already!"

"Excuse me? Do you think I was very pleased by whatever happened last night?"

"Holly f**k. That means something really did happen last night! Damn it!"

"Oh yes Mallik! And trust me, it wasn't just 'something'…you were almost about to take m-"


Riddhima realized that she was now screaming voicing her anger a little too loudly, gathering unwanted attention from the people around. So she decided to talk in Hindi.

"Dekho tum, kal raat job hi hua…uske baad main already bohot uncomfortable hoon! Tum please apna yeh sad wala chehra lekar mere saamne mat baitho!" She barked at him. Okay, this was working out in the absolute wrong way!

"Yeh sab…sab  tumhaari wajah se ho raha hai! Kisne kahaa tha tumse mere paas aane ke liye?!"

"Oh hello! Tumhaare paas mujhe aana bhi nahi hai, get it? Woh toh tum talli ho gayye the aur tumhe ghar pohonchane ki responsibility meri thi isliye main tumhe upar le gayi!"

"Upar? Omigod! Tum mujhe apne friend ke bedroom mein le gayi thi? Why couldn't you just drive me home?!"

"I tried! But you said you wanted to talk to me! Kuch yaad nahi hai toh apna yeh badaa mooh bandh rakho!"

"Excuse Mam and Sir! This is a public Caf, could you please lower your volumes or leave this place at once!" The manager came to them and warned them.

Suddenly, the whole place and situation started to sink in. They looked around and saw the whole Caf staring back at them absolutely flabbergasted. First of all, they were fighting in a public place and secondly they were arguing in Hindi! No one understood a word of what they were saying, but they were sure it was a huge, huge issue!

Riddhima, who was pointing her forefinger to Armaan, pulled her hand down to her side and gave a guilty look and so did Armaan. He was equally embarrassed…but this had to be cleared! They settled in their respective chairs comfortably and resumed talking like two civilized people.

"Look Riddhima, you said I was almost about to ta-..ahhh I mean…whatever! Jen should never know of this!"

"Obviously! I can't be the reason to my sister's own death!"

"Shut up! Is that how you talk of your sister?! And I thought you had manners!"

"Woah woah woah! Hold your horses Mallik! I'm certainly not insulting my sister in any way, infact I'm upset for her that she has to bear such an arrogant git like you all her life now!"

"Listen, what Jen and I have is none of your business! She's carrying my baby and we are gonna have a great life ahead!"

"Yeah sure! Why don't you to my sister and tell her the truth if you're so in looove with her?!"

"Because I do not wanna lose her! And for something so stupid as you taking advantage of me while I was drunk? Never!"

"You bloody asshole! I did not take advantage of you! What are you, a ten year old baby girl that you don't know what's right and what's wrong?!"

"You know what? Actually its all my fault! My fault that I thought you had a brain with something other than trash in it! The truth is, you liked me from the day you saw me! You felt attracted towards me but you couldn't do anything since I'm marrying your sister, isn't it?"

"Where the f**k did this come from?! Are you f**king-"

"Look into my eyes and temme you're not attracted towards me!"

"I am! Fine! I liked you…in the past! I thought you were nice and all before last night! But you're just like other men! Disgusting and pathetic!"

"Oh don't you dare put the blame on me Riddhima! You agreed to it that you liked me yourself! So theoretically, whose fault is it?!"

"Don't talk about theory Armaan! Your just trying to hide your guilt by putting me under the limelight!"

"You're so different from Jennifer! She knows what to do and how to go about conversations! But you? Your so ill-mannered and rude!"

"Rude? You haven't seen my rudeness yet Mallik!"

"Learn something from your sister Riddhima! She's so mature and smart…"

"Mature and smart? Yeah sure! Say that to me when you find out that the bun in her oven is not yours!"


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