Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Part 6: MFS || AR FF

"Hello? Jen please you have to hear me out…just don't put the phone dow-." Her words were left incomplete a she heard the silence on the other side.

She swore loudly. f**k!

Her life had taken a complete 360 degree turn since the time this trouble called Dr. Armaan Mallik entered her life. The confrontation they had the previous day had created a big Tsunami later that night. She had tried calling him and telling him to keep calm and not tell anything to Jen, yet. But the big mouth he was, said everything to her and left. Yes, left on his own without taking his belongings also!

At that moment she could only try and sort out things with her own sister who obviously didn't want to look at her face. Not her fault. How many baby sisters wreck their elder sister's lives?! Specally when they trust you with a secret so dark and so..ummm..secretive? She and her big mouth!

'Riddhima you big headed oaf!' She reprimanded herself in her head. This was all her fault and she was going to make this alright. She was going to go and look for Armaan. Make that dork head understand that she was okay about their embarrassing make out session and that he needed to apologize to Jen as soon as possible and get back to her! She had a baby in her womb for God's sake! Which man, in his sane senses, leaves the woman he loves with a child in her womb?!

'A man cheated in love.' Said a voice in her head. True that!

She picked up her phone and her wallet making her way out of her room. She was greeted by the sight of her fellow housemates whipping some food in the kitchen.

"Find any of 'em yet?" Rahul asked her curiously.

"Nope! Armaan isn't taking my call and Jen, she's just too upset to talk to me!" Riddhima said with a sigh.

"But this isn't your fault, Riddhima! Jennifer got pregnant with someone else's child and you told Armaan. So what? He had the right to know!" Muskaan stated clearly.

"She's my sister Muskaan! You don't understand." Riddhima said massaging her head with her fingers.

"All I understand is that you are not wrong entirely. You did what you could. And blurting out the truth in the heat of the moment is very common. Not that it ever brought anyone any good, but all I'm saying is it happens!" Muskaan made a suggestion.

"Yeah Riddhima. It's cool. You'll get through once you talk to both of them! I'm sure Armaan will return asking for Jen soon. Just relax, okay?" Rahul said.

Riddhima threw her head in her palms and before she knew it, she was sobbing loudly. A sight that was vey rear to watch. Riddhima and crying? Nah.

"Awww. Come here!!" Rahul and Muskaan pulled her in a hug.

"You guys are the best." Riddhima mumbled.

"We know that! Now stop crying, your soaking my ManU T-shirt! It's an original." Rahul mocked, trying to lighten up the mood as Muskaan and Riddhima parted from Rahul. Giving them one last smile, Riddhima went back to her room. Thing would sort out by themselves.


Dr. Riddhima Gupta on call. Repeat, Dr. Riddhima on call! 

Riddhima woke up with a start and realized that she had dozed off in the Doctor's Cabin. What? She just slept 5 minutes ago! She checked the wall clock and realized it had been 2 hours since she slept. Funny how time passes in an instance when you're sleeping and drags like a drag queen when you're suffering from Insomnia!

"Hey Susie! I'm on call right? E.R again?" She inquired her duty with the duty nurse.

"Well, right now you have another 45 minutes before your duty."

"Why the f**k would you disturb my beauty sleep and call me 45minutes earlier?" Riddhima said with a frown. She needed sleep!

"Riii! No bad words here. Hospital remember?"

"You better have a sensible reason for doing this or your ass is not seeing your boyfriend ever!" Riddhima stated.

"Sweetheart, leave my boyfriend alone. Yours is waiting in the lobby. Again."

"Dafuq? When did I get a boyfriend? And what do you mean by again?" Riddhima raised her eyebrows and walked to the lobby after receiving a dirty smile from Susie.


"Armaan?" Riddhima said with surprise.

"Hey! Hi!" Armaan said awkwardly.

"Hey! I was worried. Uhhh- I mean Rahul and Muskaan were worried." Riddhima covered up instantly. Damn infatuation!

"I just needed to clear my head so I stayed the night at a motel."

"Well, did it help?" Riddhima asked.

"It did actually. A great deal of it did."


"Who is the father?" Armaan asked suddenly.

"Umm..I thought you knew?"

"I think I do. But I need to hear it from you."

"Armaan look. Jennifer is your fianc. She made a mistake, everyone does! Please don't walk out on her when she needs you the most! She has a baby in her womb Armaan."

"It's Siddhanth isn't it?" Armaan asked in a soft voice.

"Yeah it is. They had a past Armaan. And one mistake is always forgivable."

"Do you know where she is right now?"

"Nope. Mostly with another friend here. She hasn't been takin my calls since last night."

"I'll call you once I find her. Thank you." Armaan gave her a impulsive hug and she was shocked beyond her wits.

Armaan hugged her with a stiff body. Stiff why? Because even with those boring hospital clothes, he could make out her curves. Serious staring and gawking at her heavenly wouldn't be the perfect thing at the time, so he'd hugged her. She would probably slap him for being a jerk to her sister and then trying to hit on her. And everyone knew, guys with creepy staring activities were a big NO for all girls.

Riddhima pulled apart before she would herself in his embrace again. The hug had a different meaning today. Like he was trying to thank her and feel her presence beside him at the same time. It felt good, no doubt. She had been crushing on her jiju for long now. After that hot hot night! Woof! His presence made her heart beat frantically.

"I should leave." Riddhima said softly, feeling weird looking at him in the eye.

"Yeah umm..I'll see you at home?"

"I got night duty again tonight. I'll see you in the morning." Riddhima smiled.

"Okay then. Bye." Armaan waved out to her before walking off.

Riddhima let out a sigh as she saw him walk off. Thank God the man was gone. She would've even kissed him if he didn't disappear from her sight soon. And just as she drifted in to her dreamland, there came another shock.

Armaan came running back inside the lobby through the door and without thinking or waiting even for a second, took her face in his palms and placed a soft kiss on her lips. Riddhima felt she was dreaming, was he actually kissing her goodbye? Holy Shit. Before she decided to pull out, she indulged in the kiss herself. Armaan sensed her willingness and let it go on for a while. The kiss was merely a 'thank you for standing by me' kiss! On the lips?

Riddhima pulled out softly as she realized that people were staring at them now. The lobby of a boring hospital, not the best place in the world to make out! Armaan looked embarrassed but said a simple thank you and walked off. This time forever. Forever meaning not the forever wala forever but until tomorrow morning forever.

Riddhima touched her lips and thought about the kiss. A loud gasp escaped her lips attracting people's attention.

'No people! I ain't orgasming over a kiss!' She said in her mind.

She needed to talk to him soon. Did he really want to be with her sister? Or did he want to be with her? Where was Jennifer when they needed to sort out things! Urrgghhh! She had to operate a patient at midnight and this mad man had kissed her like she'd never been kissed before!! No, she had been kissed way better than that but never had a kiss meant so much to her. She shut her eyes and made her way towards the ER. Suddenly she bumped in to someone.

"Not you again!" She cribbed.

"Why? You have the Indian guy now so you won't even look at me." Aaron said with a tight smile.

"Listen I'm questioning a lot of things in my life right now. Don't increase my problems." She said and tried to walk past him but stopped with his next statement.

"I know where Jennifer is. She slept over at my apartment last night."


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