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Prelude & Part 1 || MFS || AR FF


"Will you marry this thick-headed-awfully-stupid-nutcase?" Armaan announced infront of everyone present in one of the best Restaraunts of Las Vegas "L'Atelier
de Joel Robuchon"

"OMG! Yes Yes Yes!!!!" She said happily.
Hearing this Armaan immediately picked her up by the waist and swung her around while everyone adored the cute couple! He captured her lips in a sweet kiss
and murmured in her ears "I love you Mrs. To Be Armaan Mallik!"
"I love you too Ammy!"


"Ridhzie!!! Omigosh he proposed to me and I said yes!!" Jennifer Screamed on top of her voice on the phone.

"Awww I'm so happy for you Di! So the wedding's Christian or Indian eh?" Riddhima teased her.

"Ridhzie first we're coming to Chicago to meet our gang and you! Isn't that awesome?!"

"Ofcourse it is di! I'm waiting to meet Armaan, specially after I've heard so much about him from ya!:) "

"Yep! Okay Ridhz now I'm going to Summerlin I'll get back to you asap!"

"Okay Di! Say hi to Armaan, Love ya XOXO!"

"Bye Sweetie!"


Part 1 

"Ammy! Are you done or no yet!?" Jennifer waited for him outside his washroom because Armaan was having a long bath this time: P

She moved around here and there in the room waiting for him to come out and thinking about their future...she was absolutely thrilled when he had proposed to her and in front of everyone! It was like a dream come true! She had already started imagining her wedding location and decorations. She felt on top of the world. She always found herself to be unfortunate because she was given up by her parents when she was just 7, no one knew why. She was adopted by the Gupta family soon and she knew how lucky she was about to get. Shashank and Padma Gupta adopted Jennifer when Riddhima, their own daughter, was 7 too. There would be complications if Padma would be pregnant again...So they decided to adopt another girl. Although the Gupta family was pure Hindu, Jennifer was allowed to keep her faith in Jesus, visit the Church every Saturday and do everything a normal Christian girl would do. She was proud and happy to be a part of that family. She would always remain thankful to God for giving her a family like that and specially, a sister like Riddhima. The only person she loved (after Armaan) was Riddhima and she would even die for her family if a situation like that arised.

Suddenly she felt two arms creep around her waist. She didn't even need to guess! It had to be her psycho lover...

"Armaan, stop it! We have a flight to catch!"

"It's only 7 am sweetheart, our fight is at 10 am, forgot?"

"I didn't, but I just don't want any last moment hazards you know! I just want everything to fall in place from now on."

Saying this she turned around and hugged Armaan.

"Could life get any better Armaan? Or am I dreaming?"

"This is reality baby, you, me...this moment, everything."

They stood in each others arms for a while, they really thought this was heaven, or at least Armaan did...hardly did he know, his heaven lies somewhere else, "with" someone else...


"Rahul! Muskaan! I'm S.I.C.K and T.I.R.E.D...Like "literally" sick and tired of both of ya'll!"Riddhima blasted her best friends/housemates.

"Ridhz buh..." Muskaan tried to explain.

"Shut up! Once again, even ONCE if I see you'll making out like the world's coming to an end on the couch, which I happen to see first as soon as I enter my house, I will throw ya'll out! Get it? OUT!"

"Ridhz sometimes its just hard know..Ummm control." Rahul pointed out shyly

"So? When did I say control yourselves?! What is that big huge bedroom of yours for? I feel sick to sit on the couch after that!"

"Oh God! You dunno anything about love do ya?"

"Nope! And I'm glad I don't!"

Saying this Riddhima stomped into her room closing the door behind her.

Love! Love! Love! Is that all people think of these days? Bloody fools! Wasting their time and money! What a pity! I just hope Jenny Di hasn't chosen some loser like every time. But she was sure, this time it was her Mr. Right. His name, Armaan Mallik, itself sounded so posh and sophisticated. Maybe he is the perfect guy who would keep her angelic sister happy throughout her life. But on the other hand a wild thought came to her, what if he was one of those playboy types, a Casanova? She had come across hundreds of jerks like that who only wanted sex. But somewhere deep down, she knew that Armaan wouldn't be like that.

She took a quick shower and headed out of the room to see Rahul and Muskaan sitting on two separate couches and looking anywhere but at each other. She smiled at her idiotic friends. They did this every time, 1stly they would screw up her brains by doing all the crap and then behave like total idiots to make it up to her. Adorable aren't they?

"Ohkay guys ya'll dun need to be all upset and sad because''.."

Before she could complete her sentence Rahul and Muskaan came and hugged her tightly.

"I knew it you would forgive us! We love you!" They said in unison!

"Yeah yeah whatever! Anyways, I have to give you'll a good news!"

"You finally got yourself a guy?!" Rahul shouted in excitement

"Shut up Rahul! You really thought it was that?"


"It was Jenny Di's call from Las Vegas'she getting married!!!"

Rahul and Muskaan were surprised to hear that'finally Jennifer was going to settle down with someone, FINALLY!

"Hey thats great news Ridhz! Congratulations." Muskaan hugged her and so did Rahul.

"I know! But I just hope he's not an ass!"

"Dun worry he won't! So when's the wedding?"  Rahul inquired.

"Actually Di and Armaan and coming over here to stay with us for a while'and Di always wanted to get married in Chicago, I know its lame but whatever! So they're gonna be staying with us and then we'll plan out everything accordingly!"

"Oh that's even better! When are they reaching?"

"They'll be here by afternoon!"


Riddhima rejoiced at her sister's arrival, hardly did she know'his arrival in her life would change her life forever'.


Installment 2 - 6/10/11

In the flight…

"Armaan! Pccchhh…Armaan!" Jennifer tried to wake Armaan up who was continuously drooling over her shoulder in his sleep.

"Baby, lemme sleep na…" Armaan protested and laid his head back on her shoulder.

"Ammy we're about to reach! Get off me now!" Jennifer reprimanded.

"No." Armaan said shamelessly.

"Jesus Christ! What am I gonna do with you?!"

"Nothing much. Just get married to me, have babies and then get old"

This made Jennifer blush utterly…how cheesy and romantic could this guy get?!  Their flight was just about to land and this guy was still dreaming about…ahem ahem, everything they would do after marriage! And babies? She was gonna die with embarrassment now!

"You look so cute when you blush like that!" He placed a soft kiss on her lips while she smiled…

"Riddhima the house looks just fine! Relax now!" Muskaan screamed at Riddhima.

"You sure right?"

" Yes my love!"


"Ahhh!!! Di's here! Shit Shit Shit!!"

"That must be Rahul Ridhz"

"I'll go and check the door ok?"


Riddhima went to open the door and she stood frozen at the sight in front of her.

"Ahhh!!!!!" Riddhima and Jennifer screamed together and hugged each other as tightly as they could.

"OMG! Di!!! I missed you so much!"

"I missed you too Ridhz!"

The sisters had met after a gap of two years and since they had never been so far at such a long stretch, they couldn't contain their excitement at all. They were now in tears. Due to their internship they had to go separate ways but now they are back! And everything would be like earlier, but not for long…

"Ridhz, I want you to meet someone" Jennifer said smiling shyly.

"Who? Oh yeah!" She hit her head for behaving like such a dork.

And that's when Armaan entered with the luggage and their eyes met. That's it! Everything would change now.

"Ridhz, meet Armaan…MY Armaan."

"Hey Armaan!" Riddhima extended her hand forward to greet Armaan.

As soon as Armaan looked up from the luggage that he had finally managed to get, his breath stopped…he had never seen something as beautiful as this lady here, her hazel blue eyes, her black hair left open and she looked so damn hot in those little white shorts and a blue top. He couldn't take his eyes off her…

"Ummm….Armaan?" Jennifer gently shook him not knowing what's going on.

Armaan continued looking at Riddhima and blurted out absent-mindedly…"I LOVE YOU!"

"What?!" Riddhima exclaimed!

Jennifer looked at him with her mouth wide open. What was he saying?

Soon Armaan gained his lost concentration and came to reality!

"Uhhh…I mean I…I Love…I Love your sister…Yeah! Your sister!" Armaan mumbled that last two words.

"Ohhhkkaayyy!" Riddhima looked at Armaan with an unsure look.

"Awww…You don't have to be so nervous in front of my baby sister Armaan!" Jennifer joked, thinking how adorable Armaan was.

"Come on in guys!" Riddhima invited the duo inside just when Rahul entered.

"Hey guys!"

"Rahul!" Jennifer went and hugged him on an instance.

"Jenny! How you doin babe?"

"Great! What about you huh? I hope my sister doesn't trouble you much!"

Armaan's eyes popped out, "Oh she's taken!" he though. Rahul and Riddhima exchanged weird looks at each other and burst out laughing.

"Omigod Di! You think we're still together?"

"Jenny we broke up ages back!"

"Oh!I'm sorry about that!" Jennifer said slyly.

Suddenly Riddhima's eyes fell on Armaan's…she caught him staring at her intently, as though she would disappear if he moved his eyes away even for a second. Riddhima was scared looking at him, this guy is freaky! Armaan was more than surprised at his own behavior! Did he just say "I LOVE YOU" to his Fianc's sister? Dude your losing it! Your freaking engaged! Control your hormones! Jennifer…that's what you want! Jennifer….

Next part :

Armaan and Riddhima speak…ALONE

Rahul and Muskaan talk about their future

Jennifer has doubts about a very important issue related to Armaan and her.

Love ya


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