Saturday, 21 March 2020

You are the reason of my madness (ARSH OS)

She sat in front of the dressing table, as the beauticians and her sister dressed her up. It had always been said that a girl looked most beautiful on her wedding day. The glow on her face, the happiness is so visible. It was her wedding today, and she was being dressed up in a beautiful red lehnga, with heavy embroidery over it. The whole mention was filled with noises and lightening. Everyone was running here and there. It was Shashank guptas daughter's wedding and he wanted everything to be perfect, but there was surely something missing! She sat in front of the mirror staring at her reflection, something was missing, and something that was broken. Her green almond shaped dark forest eyes missed their shine; they weren't sparkling like they did before. Her face was pale, totally not that of a bride. She had no smile on her face, she didn't feel like smiling. Her heart wasn't happy,
and she knew it. Something was wrong, something that had to be right. It was her wedding today, she must have been happy but she wasn't, she didn't know why all she knew was she wanted something else but what? Closing her eyes she tried to get herself out of this dilemma, when his face appeared. His blue hypnotizing eyes that had taken her breathe away on their first meeting. His deep and adorable dimples which made her smile always. His strong presence and his masculine cologne which made her loose her to him. He was no ordinary man in a matter of few days he took her most precious thing away, her heart!

15 days before she had met him on a trip. She was going to Chicago, when by mistake her passport got exchanged with someone and she ended up landing in Washington. She had been all wrecked up and tensed, when she had collided with him. Clad in a tuxedo with a Bluetooth attached to his ear, his hair was perfectly set with a gel. He turned to see her when she was left mesmerized by his handsomeness. His blue deep magical eyes, his god like features. His sexy dimples, he was nothing but a Greek god! Loosing herself in the moment she didn't knew when she lost her balance and tripped, shutting her eyes tightly expecting to hit the floor soon, but she never felt it. Feeling a strong protective hold around her waist she softly pushed up her eyelids as they again lost themselves into his flawless beauty. His hand pulled her closer to him. His fingers pressing in her soft velvety dress, imprinted softly over her skin as their sensual movement over her body made her go mad. His blue eyes met her lush green crystal ones, as they bored deep down into her soul piercing her every inch apart. She stared at him for what seemed like ages as al she could feel was his hot breathes caressing her face from just an inch's distance. She felt his gaze becoming stronger as he stared at her with a killing intensity and burning passion, coming back to her senses she protested to get out of his hold, bringing him back to the world. He immediately left her as he muttered a small sorry, with a dimple killing smile and his eyes shining like a star. She couldn't help but smile back. They parted their ways lost in the moment that held them both. But destiny had it all planned! She had no option but wait for 3 whole days because of the missing passport, nobody had informed back and she was stuck in this place now. Moving out she tried to think straight and find a place to live, when there were forecasts of storm. She cursed her luck for the umpteenth time as she tried not to get frightened and face it. She had stopped over a hotel but to her dismal it was all booked, moving out of there she felt her body go weak as she felt dehydrated. Killing herself from the whole day she had passed through panick attacks as well. Feeling the weather change she had known that the worst was coming, not able to resist anymore her soft fragile body broke down as she stumbled down on the floor, loosing herself into the pool of unconsciousness.

Opening her eyes she felt herself in a totally different world. Moving her eye balls she discovered a beautiful room, perfectly heated as she saw her body properly covered with a blanket. She got out of the bed totally flabbergasted, as she felt like an alien who was suddenly abducted and thrown into a totally different territory. She paced around the room as she tried to figure out what place she was in but she stopped feeling someone's hot breathe upon her face. Turning around she had found herself again locking her eyes into those same blue ones. She gasped as she saw his passionate gaze hovering over her. What was their in his eyes? She couldn't put together.

He was a mere stranger but now she was in debt to him. He had saved her life, when she had passed out on the street. She had thanked him wholeheartedly and requested to go back when he had strongly declined for the weather had become worst. She was left with no option but to live with him till she could go back and the weather could be more pleasant. Those 3 days were the most beautiful days of her life. How they had share so many close passionate moments. Their intense yet beautiful eye locks, their shuddering touches, their talks their laughs. In a matter of no time they become what you call closer than anything. But there was so much more from his side that she couldn't know, or maybe she wanted to ignore. The way he looked at her with so much passion and intensity in his eyes had left her shivering and shy. The way he took so much care of her, she couldn't help, but admire him as a good man. The way he touched her, made her go crazy. The way he breathed slowly letting his closeness affect her was something so different. Whenever he came close to her she could see something strong in his eyes, something she couldn't decipher. She had been surrounded by wild and unknown feeling since the day she met him, she was no more the same girl, so much changed in her but she just couldn't understand it! The day she had finally left him, was the worst day of her life. She didn't want to, something in her had broken into pieces but she wasn't ready to accept it at all. He had wanted t say something, maybe something she knew she wanted to hear, but what she didn't know. But she hadn't given him the chance to say anything. He had received an emergency call and he had to go whereas he had told her not to go before he comes back, but he was late and she had to leave.

For days his memories haunted her. She couldn't take him out of her mind. What was that about him that was badly pulling her towards him. All she could think was about their beautiful sweet moments and how he made her feel something so different yet beautiful. But than she met him when she was coming back from the library. She was crossing the street, when he pulled her in his car and all she could give away was a shocked moth dropping expression. Seeing him an unknown happiness had gushed into her heart. She was going through a turmoil of emotions when he had taken her to his house. Pulling her in he had jammed her with the wall as she had stared at him bewildered. Looking deep down into her eyes he had come so close that his breathe was resting on her skin. His eyes were again those same intense and passionate ones when he had held her both hands and brought them up to his face and whispered a weak " I love you" she was amazed yet startled to no limits. She had no answer to give; she didn't know what was happening. She had tried to push him off and run away but he hadn't let her go. He was sure she loved him, and she herself was shocked at his confidence and faith. She had broken down in front of him. "I'm, I'm getting married in 2 weeks" was all she could mutter between her sobs as this was enough to shatter him into pieces. But he was adamant. She was his love and there was no way he was ready to let her go away from him so easily. He had held her arms and pulled her close, as his eyes pierced her body he had said this with a determined expression, "I know you love me, only me; just the way I love you, and you cant marry anyone else except me." But she was a coward, yes she was. She had always ran away from herself and that day she did the same. But he didn't let her take away his love so easily. Everyday he made his moves. He knew she loved him all he wanted was her to confess it. He had climbed up her balcony, entered her house, whenever she tried to run away from him she found him standing in front of him. Every day the intimacy he placed her into was so dangerous that she couldn't help but lose all her senses. She remembered she had told him off and tried to run away when he had banged her with the wall hard. She had winced in pain when he had pressed his body upon hers. Gasping she had shut her eyes feeling strong and weary all over again. He had placed his hand on her face as he traced her soft skin with the back of his palm seductively, bringing it down slowly. He had placed his hands below her hips on her thighs as he rubbed her legs softly with his hands. He had brought them up as he had sensually moved them over her hips as he made patterns over it, moving his other hand down he had slowly and softly traced her neckline down to her collar bone and her heaving chest and soft bosoms, which he had softly caressed. He knew he was testing her and that had been it to set her senses of fire as she had reached the pinnacle of passion and desire for him .unknowingly she had given into the moment as her heavy itching breathes were the clear evident.

"I know you love me just please say it once" he had pleaded softly letting his breathes and body create a havoc in hers. She had mustered up all her courage as she had opened her eyes immediately and pushed him off.

"I don't love you, I don't love you, and you get that. Go away from my life, I I don't need you." She had spat off in anger.

Coming closer he had pulled her soft body towards him as he replied back in the same fuming tone, "Then look into my eyes and say this." He challenged. She didn't knew how, but putting the biggest stone on her heart she had said this with red bloodshot eyes, "I don't love you." And he had left her at once, startled and broken. He turned to go when he again reversed; staring at her he came closer as he placed his hand over the back of her head and pulled her body and face closer. Placing his other hand on her waist he had pulled her body closer jamming it with his, he had placed his manly lips over her soft ones as he demandingly and bloodedly kissed her. He kissed her wild poring out his love for her. Coming out of the kiss he stared at her closed eyes and heavy breathing as her cheeks had turned to a bright red, coming closer he slowly whispered, "I know you do, you do. You can try as much you want to, but your lips told it all." With this he went away and she broke down. She knew she had lost him, lost him forever! Coming back to reality she opened her eyes as she remembered all their moments and his name escaped her lips, "Armaan" and a lone tear escaped her eye.

"Shilpa chalooo tumhaara dulha aagaya hai" anjali excitedly called her.


He sat on the river bank as he threw stones in the water. Seeing his reflection in the clear water he could see his loneliness and his broken heart clearly. Only he knew how much he loved her. The first time his eyes had met hers he had fallen in love with her. Madly and crazily. He had given his soul his heart his everything to her. The days he had spent with her were the most beautiful days of his life. Her smile, her angelic eyes, her scent her presence everything took him to a different world, the world of immense and irrevocable love. With her beautiful features, her goddess beauty her pure innocence and child like clean heart he it was inevitable for him to surely fall for her. The day she had left his house he had gone crazy finding her and finally when he had found her he had felt like the king of the world. But his happiness had only lasted for few hours. He was shattered when he had come to know she was getting married. He was confident that sh loved him, only if she could accept it. He hadn't accepted his defeat so easily he he was adamant to make her his, but those few lines pierced his heart like a knife. He cried again remembering her bitter words as his eyes got bloodshot red and he felt like suiciding as now he had no motive to live but a thousand to die.

"Armaan." He heard his melodious sweet voice when he placed his hands over his ears, trying to come out of her memories as the tearsflowed down and touched the ground.

"Ar, Armaan, I I love you" he heard her broken pieced voice as he finally looked up. She was there standing clad in a beautiful red lehnga as she looked nothing but the godess of beauty. He stood up as he went towards her. Not believing his eyes he slowly and fearfully placed his hand over her face as he felt the warm sweet touch of her face and she closed her eyes in response. Smiling he placed his palms over her face as he cupped it softly between his hands. She looked up in his eyes as she confessed all that she had compiled up in her heart from so many days

"Ar Armaan, I I im sorry, I had hurt you so badly, I I was in a dilemma of what to do. I couldn't understand anything. My life was perfect. I was set to marry my fianc and everything was going right before I met you, but the day I I met you everyhthing changed. I changed. What I started feeling for you was something so strong so intriguing. something I had felt for no one at all. I was stuck up with my own feelings; I couldn't stay away from you. My heart pierced into millions of pieces when I had left you in Washington. Coming back her all I could think was you, our close moments your eyes your touch. Your touch drove me crazy Armaan, I felt in need, I needed you! I had kept neglecting my feelings for you, but they had only become stronger and stronger. I can't marry him armaan, I can't do it, I just realized that I can't live without you. I I im madly obsessively and irresistibly in love with you armaan malik I love you so so much. You are my life Armaan, I can't live without you."  She spoke in syllables as tears came out of boh of their eyes. "I love you too, I love you so much Shilpa, don't you ever dare think going away from me, il die without you. You're my everything, my love my life. I cant live without you." Saying this he engulfed her into a rib crushing hug as he tightly embraced her never wanting to let go. Coming out of the hug he kissed her face, kissing her urgently he wetted her skin leaving the imprint of his lips and his love on her skin. Finally he jammed his lips upon hers as he kissed her passionately, demandingly, hungrily, fiercely and badly. He kissed her hard yet in a sweet loving way. Breaking from one kiss to another, he kept on kissing her till he was sure she was his, only his.

"There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness."

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