Thursday, 2 April 2020

AR OS :Forever With Me

 As she stole a peek at him,she experienced all emotions at the same time.
Sadness,happiness,pain,loss,joy,realief,embarressment,fear and love...All for him.He still looked the same.
"Papa..",she looked at her father beside her between teary eyes,not knowing what to say.Her father smiled.
"You don't have to thank me,beta..I know you love him,and without him,I don't think you could ever be happy."
"I Love You Papa...",she whispered,meaning each word,as she hugged him.
"I know.Now go,live your life."

At a time like this,Riddhima wondered,Armaan would grin at her and say,"Your dad is seriously watching a lot of Hindi movies lately,haina Basket?" Probably she would've even be glaring at him and he would lift his hands in surrender,like always and say,"Oops..I didn't say that."But if he said that now,she wouldn't get angry.She missed him so much.Hearing his voice would also be enough for her to just live with.

She silently watched as her father left her side and she concentrated back on him.He finished his welcome speech for the new interns and then was shaking hands with each of them.Afterall,he was the disciplinarian now.

Dr.Shahshank had purposely left to pick up Riddhima on a day like this,when he could've easily sent anyone.Armaan could be engrossed in this then,and he wouldn't notice that she was back....Not until a few hours atleast.

On the other hand,Armaan felt someone was watching him.He had tried to see behind the doors who it was,but he couldn't see anyone.The memories of Riddhima haunted him for 5 years,and like everyday,that day too,he wished she was there,with him.

Armaan felt uncomfortable again as he sensed someone's gaze at him.He looked at the door,and saw Riddhima looking at him intently.He couldn't believe his eyes..and suddenly,his heart felt back into place,his life had a meaning.
Riddhima couldn't move.As his ocean-blue eyes locked with hers,she just wished to run and hide herself in his arms.The strong arms,that held her,loved her presence,made her feel so loved,wanted,warm and safe.She could see him,as he stood in shock,bewildered,rooted in place,unsure as to if he was hallucinating or not,she felt her heartbeats racing.

'5 years..',her heart eachoed within her,'And I still love you Armaan.'

"Riddhima..",a whisper passed his throat and she felt her tears rising.His heart skipped a beat as soon as he saw her.
Riddhima panicked.He was coming to her. Should she run,hide herself,or hug him,tell him that she still loved him and was back for him? 'What should I do?',she thought.

"Dr.Armaan?I need you for a minute."
He turned at Dr.Keerti's voice,and Riddhima,taking that chance,without thinking..Ran away.

As soon he was finished,he turned back to look at her.There was no one at the door.Riddhima had vanished,gone.Like she already had 5 years back.

He shook his head.He was hallucinating,all over again.


Riddhima fumbled over her bag,frantically,to find the letter Armaan had given her before she had left Mumbai.
She finally found it,and as she read it all over again,she could picturise his tears over it,as her tears blocked her eyes.

Dear Riddhima,
I know you told me that you're leaving Mumbai because you want to settle yourself and because you think you're not worth me after what happened with Sid.Riddhima,no mater what happens,I want you to know this before you leave,that I will never consider if you're worth me.I Love You,and if you still love me after everything else,and accept me back into your life,I am ready to forget everything for a new beginning.I just wanted a hint,Basket..That you still want me in your life,but your leaving Mumbai makes me feel that you are just running away from me.You're my dream,my life,my heartbeats and JUST my Basket...and there's nothing more important in my life than you .I'm just letting you know,that I'll be waiting for you to come back to me.Even if that means my whole life.There'll be noone but you,forever.I'll not be angry,and I'll still love you.If you come back,I'll just know that you love me.And even if you don't, I'll die taking your name.Just remember one thing,Riddhima,that..I Love You.Forever.
                                                                                Yours for life,
                                                                                Armaan Mallik.

'He didn't deserve the pain',Riddhima thought,'I deserve it.Maybe even he wouldn't accpet me back..or would he?' Riddhima quietly thought about everything,those 5 years without him in Delhi,how she would keep wishing that he'd call...How she cried every night,and then,Dr.Shashank,her father,telling her to come back,that Armaan was there in Sanjeevani in the same state as she..and they had to come together now.It was high time.

She slowly walked towards the Basketball court.It was empty,but even the sight of it revived her memories.Their first meet,the first feel,the first eyelock,the first girls v/s boys match,the fights..Riddhima smiled at the basket.She could picturise Armaan making a backet and then showing a thumbs down sign to her.

Riddhima turned as she heard the dribbling of the basketball and faint noise of footsteps.She saw Armaan coming to a halt,drbbling the ball,his gaze fixed on her face,and his face with his dimples.
Suddenly,the rain began to flow,soaking them both,but they stood unaffected in their palces,and stared at each other for a long time.Riddhima's mind wondered off to the time when they first played BB together,in the rain.

"Care for a game,Dr.Basket Gupta?"
It was so nice to hear his voice again.Although it was barely audible in the rumble of the raindrops,she heard it and smiled. His voice held a certain sureness,she felt as if he knew everything.

She shrugged,challengingly,"Sure."
"Thank..You.",he dragged the word,coming closer to the her,dribbling the ball along the way.
"The pleasure is all mine,Dr.Armaan."
"Okay..Lets play."

She snatched the ball from his hands and tried to go past him,but he was not letting off so easily.He guarded her and she felt his breath very close to her neck..It sent shivers down her spine.She looked at him.Shirt soaked in the rain to releave his six-pack,raindrops dripping from his hair,his blue eyes on the ball..he looked..better than ever.She was distracted.He took the chance to snatch the ball from him and make a basket.

Riddhima saw that and smiled.He grinned.
"I won."
"I'm happy that you won,Armaan."
"Hey,where are you going?",he asked,seeing her turn to leave.

She stopped,but did not turn,"Um..doesn't the loser go away so that she's not humiliated?"
"You're not the loser,Riddhima.",he said,perplexed at her sudden reaction.

Riddhima smiled weakly,"Yes,I am,Armaan.I lost you.",she said,very softly,her back still facing him.

He didn't answer.Instead,he suddenly pulled her wrist,making her turn and she was in his arms.Without a moment's hesitation,he put his lips on hers,kissing her fiercely,making it known to her that he still loved her. "You're mine",he whispered hoarsely between kisses,and did not stop for a long time.He drew her closer,his hand secured at his waist,not wanting to let go.She responded back,forgetting the world around them..The BB court,the rain,everything was lost for a moment.Her fingers knotted his hair,pulling him closer.When Riddhima parted,he didn't let her go..He kissed her face,her cheeks,her eyes,and then her lips again..Madly,crazily..and she didn't stop him.

They both were breathless when they stopped.Before Riddhima could say anything,Armaan was on his knees,her hand in his,trying to regain his breath,and say whatever he had locked for just this moment.
"Riddhima..",he could manage out of rasp intakes of breath,"Basket,I Love you.I've loved you from the moment I've laid my eyes on you.I've never stopped loving you..and in these five years,what do you think has changed in me?Nothing.I've neither dated or even talked to any girl except at Sanjeevani for work,its just because I didn't feel like.I earned to call you,to rush to you..But..I knew I had to give you time.I had promised you that.And today..You came back for me.Initially,I was shocked to see you,because in these five years I never hallucinated..I just felt,somewhat..Incomplete.There's not a moment I've not thought about you..You're there in everything,you're here in my heart,my soul. I need you,and this time,I won't let you go.And I and you both know that you won't go wouldn't have come back then.Please..I Love you and I want to know..",he paused for a while and hesitated and then looked at her again,"Will you marry me?Please?Marry me Riddhima..I'll love you till my last breath..We'll be very happy..Please,Please,say yes.."

Tears spilled from her eyes as she heard his each word .She just made him stand and hugged him tight,feeling the warmth of his arms around her.She was just too overwhelmed to say anything.

"YES!",she shouted,out loud,"YES,for GOD's SAKE ARMAAN,YESSS! I'll marry you! I've never loved anyone like I love you..I LOVE YOU!!"
"I LOVE YOU..",he said grinning,and then kissed her forehead,adding,"TWO,THREE,FOUR..RAISED to INFINITY!"
"I want you here,Dr.Mallik,forever.YOU GET THAT?"
"Yes,of course Dr.Gupta,I do..And you're here too,Forever with me."


"If You Love something dearly,Let it go..If it comes back to you,then its yours forever..and if it doesn't,it was never yours.."


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