Monday, 20 April 2020

AR OS : You Own My Heart

Riddhima looked at the window for the zillionth time,thinking,'why isn't he here?' ,then blushed.
She was the happiest person on earth today...Wasn't she,she got back her Armaan,who,infact,just a few 15-20 mins back,had kissed her crazily in front of everybody..That is,she and he were too oblivious to see their surroundings or whoever was watching them.

Her heart leapt at the thought of his arms around her  and she smiled wide. The moonlight slowly descended on her face,the wind played with her hair and she inhaled the beauty of the night around her..Everything seemed so..Romantic.She had almost left Mumbai.If Anjali hadn't told her that Armaan was wanting her,he wanted her to come back,he wanted to stop her but he couldn't find her,she wouldn't have come back to him..singing "Asmaani" as she watched his tears flowing down his cheeks,the unexplainable expression on his face after she'd wiped his tears and proposed him,going down on her knees,his uncontrable happiness as he hugged her tight,the feeling of his lips on hers..Everything just fit into place.As if,everything was made to be so.

"Armaan,I Love You.",
He smiled,his dimples flashing,"I Love You..Two,three,four,Raised to infinity!"
As she blushed in his arms,he said,"3 saal,13,140 ghante ka yeh chota sa intezaar..aur finally..."
She smiled as he brushed his hand with his thumb and then cupping her face,"Toh ab hum happily ever after rahenge?"
She shook her head and perplexed,he copied her asking her the reason .she said,"No.Happily ever after sirf fairytales mein hoti hai..aur fairytaes khatam ho jaati hai.Main tumhare saath ek normal zindagi jina chahti hu."
"Oyye Hoyye..",he said,smiling.

She was so lost n her thoughts that she didn't notice Armaan entering then.He stopped for a while at the window to stare at her beautiful face..Her smile making her seem more angelic,he couldn't help but think how lucky he was to have her in his life..She was his,only his.A strange sense of pride swelled up in his chest and he slowly walked to her on her bed,seeing her lost in her thoughts.'She's so beautiful..',he thought again as he slowly tilted his head to place a soft kiss on her cheek.

It was then Riddhima came out of her trance and gasped on seeing Armaan. He flashed a smile,dimples adorning his perfect face.She pouted and turned to the other side.Armaan was puzzled and amused,and wondered what happened suddenly.


No answer.



He couldn't take it anymore and turned her head towards him,and said,"Basket don't be angry na! Not today..When I finally got you back to me.Don't give the feeling that I am losing you again.."
Riddhima at once gasped and put a hand to his mouth,"Don't say that,Please Armaan.You'll never lose me.I am yours and you're mine,got that?"
"Then why are you not talking to me?"
"Why are you late?",she asked,trying to be angry,but failing.He smiled at her.
"Ooh,I see.I am late.Actually I was preparing myself."
"Huh?For what?"
"I want to propose a girl,you know."
"Which girl,Armaan?",she asked,angry at once,her nostrils flaring.
He laughed lightly,"I just wanted to see if you're still my cute-but-jealous-beauty Basket..glad to know that you are!"
"You mean..You were lying?",she asked,disappointed,because she was thinking Armaan was going to propose her.
"No,I wasn't..Dr.Basket Gupta.wait.",he sat down on his knees near the bed,extracted a beautiful diamond ring out of his pocket and began,"Ms.Riddhima..I Love You.This idiot Armaan of yours never knew what was love,until you came along in his life.He never gained real happiness..which he did when you loved him..He never felt like dying or killing himself..which he did when you were far away from him..He never knew what was beauty,until he saw you.Today,I,the biggest idiot of the world,Armaan Mallik..wants to ask the most beautiful girl in the universe..will you live your whole life with me?Will you be always possessive about me,love me,hold my hand through thick and thin,scold me for my stupidites,have babies with them grow and even when we both are oldies will you still be in my arms?Will you be mine forever,Riddhima?Will you be Mrs.Riddhima Armaan Mallik..will you marry me?"

Her eyes became moist as she gave her hand in his and he happily slipped the ring into her finger and kissed it.She made him sit next to her and hugged him,"I wish..I wish to be yours now,Armaan.Now.I want to marry you,right now,here.I don't want to lose you..I-"
"Riddhima..",he whispered,brushing away his tears,"I am yours and you are mine,in our hearts,na?And thats the best place in the world..I am not going anywhere..but if you're so senti all the time,the world will be flooded baby!"
She laughed,punching him lightly and then hugging him again.He protectively wound his arms around her and kissed her forehead and whispered,"I Love You..",At this she smiled through her tears,and whispered back,"I Love you to infinty,Dr.Mallik..."

He grinned and then slowly,she parted and said,"Armaan..I have to go take a shower.."
He pouted,"Now?When I'm here?"
"Don't worry,I won't be late..till then,you can read this...",he handed him a small thin diary which said ,"Riddhima's Diary"
His eyes almost popped out and he asked,shocked,"YOU are giving ME this?" He was way beyond shocked,remembering once how angry she'd got when he'd tried to read her diary. She smiled,"Armaan..When My heart and soul belongs to you..Then whats the harm?I have written all my feelings here,and I want to know all those things that I couldn't say..That I have no courage to say to you.."

He stood up with her and said,"Whats the need?Can't I have a shower too with you?That'd be nice..",he trailed off mischeviously.
Riddhima turned crimson at this and said,"No..I like to have my shower alone.."
"Arrey you'd enjoy it with my company Basket..",he said,coming closer to her.
"Armaannn...",she streched his name and pushed him lightly away,but he caught her wrist,made her turn and kissed her soundly on the lips.
At once,she forgot everything around her.The feeling of his lips on hers was overwhelming,and she had to hold on to his shirt for support.His grip on her waist strengethened and he deepened the kiss,exploring her mouth.She couldn't explain the feeling that he aroused within her and she held on to him,as he slowly parted,still holding her protectively to him,and within rasp intakes of breath,grinned and said,"Atleast I needed my gift to wait for you.."

She blushed and this time,successfully pushed him away and quickly collecting her clothes,she rushed into the washroom.
He smiled and slightly blushed and ruffled his own hair,thinking,'this girl will make me go crazy one day..'

He sighed,opening her diary,and was surprised to see his own dimpled-smile photo on the first page,with a note,
"To the one who owns my heart forever..Dr.Armaan Mallik,this is for you. I LOVE  YOU!"
He smiled,feeling excited,he turned on the next page. He wondered how she had managed to do this,prepare a whole diary dedicated to HIM. He shook his head as he realised that his Basket had some serious hiding or secrecy capacity,how she managed to hide this from him.He couldn't do this for her.He was geniunely touched and felt blessed that he had Riddhima as his life-partner.He had thanked God for her numerous times,but today was special.

The second page held Riddhima's own smiling picture and seeing her angelic face, he couldn't help but bring the picture close and kiss it. Under it was written,"The Story of a Girl..Who didn't know what was love..Riddhima Gupta.She was a girl loved by all,but never found her 'Prince Charming'..she often dreamt how he would be..and he turned out to be the hottest,sexiest and the most handsome person with a perfect heart and a million-dollar dimpled smile.." Under it was again written in red ink and hearts around it.."Don't forget..I LOVE YOU!" He smiled seeing how she reminded him that she loved him.Plus,Riddhima termed him as the 'hottest,sexiest and the most handsome person with a perfect heart and a million-dollar dimpled smile..'
He loved this part of her..Hiding away things from him with a blush,but then telling him indirectly in the most cutest and heart-touching ways possible.

Then the next page had the pictures of the basket ball matches,stamped together..Under it,"Remember those days?When in our challenges,we used to fall in love with each other all over again.Tripping over you,you holding me protectively,then gazing into your gorgeous gray-blue eyes,I used to find my heaven around me..The thought of losing you was 100 times less painful than the thought of losing I used to cling to you tightly,fixing in my heart all these moments..I kept them wrapped with love..So that when you get this,You will smile and tell me that you love me.Thats the moment I will feel safe in your hold,find warmth in your arms and feel you against me..That is,the moment of travelling the on the cloud nine.."

He went on reading,seeing pictures till his eyes turned moist..He couldn't believe that his Basket,his Riddhima had done this for him.He wanted to say so much to her,yet he had no words  for the gift.The page he loved most was the 2nd last one..with him putting her dupatta over her head,and under it,"This is what I dream,I desire,I want to be..Mrs.Riddhima Armaan Mallik,Yours..and Only Yours.I Love You Armaan.." He laughed at himself to think Armaan Mallik's eyes had turned moist at something,afterall,he was the one who was teasing Riddhima for being a 'rotlu'..Shaking his head,he looked at the bathroom just in time to see Riddhima coming out,drying her hair with a towel.She was wearing a shirt which said,"I Am in Love.." with a Big Red Heart under it,and pink pajamas.

Armaan could do nothing but stare.Absent-mindedly,he kept the diary aside on the bedside table,and proceeded to her on the dressing table.She had kept the towel away,and now was ruffling her hair to keep it in proper state.Armaan was speechless,yet again,and he felt like losing to his heart's intense pull towards her.She looked beautiful,Armaan could use a word like ,'Hot' or 'Sexy'..but he could just murmur "Perfect"..She was too occupied with herself to notice him,till he slowly,he moved her hair from her shoulder.She shivered and closed her eyes automatically,feeling his touch.He gently nuzzled her neck,and went on to place wet kisses all along her throat and neckline.She groaned as he bit her neck,and then kissed it to soothe it,leaving a big love-bite there.She turned to see him..he slowly stroked her cheek,pulling her closer by the other free hand.He whispered,"Riddhima..",very softly between kisses and his voice sounded as dazed as she felt. She whispered,"Armaan..",and soon,they were so close to the bed and so lost in each other,that Armaan lost his balance and they both fell on the bed,still staring at each other.Placing her carefully beneath him,he rained kisses on her neckline,then her lips,and she felt him feeling her through the backside of her shirt.She instantly breathed against him heavily,arousing him more..and slowly her hands ruffled his hair,and she kissed his jawline and he rubbed her waist gently,making her go crazy at each touch of his.

Armaan's phone buzzed suddenly,and they both fell apart.Both were breathing fast,and Riddhima,getting out of his hold,went to stand in the balcony.Armaan ran a hand through his hair nervously,as he answered the phone,but his gaze was on her.He was cursing himself,how could he have allowed himself to lose control that day,he was an idiot.He knew this wasn't right for her..She would never approve this,and regret this,but he never ever wanted her to regret the day she came back to him.He wanted that to be the best night of their lives,but he'd messed up everything.After his call was done,he went to stand near her on the balcony,and sighed.

"Riddhima..I know that was..that was unforgiveable...But,I am sorry.Please forgive me..",he didn't look up,and felt guilter than ever to hurt her.
"Forgive you?Armaan..what are you saying sorry for?",she asked,placing her hand on his.
"That..which hapened now..",his voice was softer than before and Riddhima moved closer to him to lift his chin up,to make him look at her.
"You think I regret what happened inside,Armaan?"
He nodded silently."No,I don't regret any of it..Armaan.I don't.Believe me.."
"Don't say it to make me feel good,Riddhima,I..I know you don't like this,this intimacy before marriage,but I..",he trailed off.
"I am not guilty,Armaan.Not at all..I wouldn't regret this even then if your phone hadn't interrupted us,and what would've happened then."

He bit his lip,still unsure,he said,"Are you sure,Basket?I am sorry..I..this will never happen again,I..I promise.."
"I am repeating myself for the last time..I don't regret a minute of my life spent with you,or what happened back inside.You know why? ", she touched her forehead with his,"Because,Dr.Armaan Mallik..You own my heart,forever..You own my heart.."



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