Wednesday, 29 April 2020


  She entered her home after a long long day at the hospital…she slumped at the couch as she stared at the clock. She was tired, and thirsty…she looked at the kitchen and wanted to go and have a glass of water, but she looked again at the wall clock and decided against it. It was time…he would call. She didn't want to miss his call. She took out her phone from her handbag and kept it on the table. She closed her eyes and rested her head on the couch for a moment when her phone rang. She opened her eyes slowly as she looked at the number…it was him. She sighed and pressed the green button on her phone. "hey" she whispered into the phone. He did not respond. She could feel him breathe… "kaise ho?" she asked and heard his breath again…she smiled… "You seem tired…"  "kyun phone kiya armaan?" …silence there was again… "tumhe pata hai na tum poore pagal ho!" she felt as though she sensed him smile on that… "armaan this is wrong…you shouldn't call me like this…kisi ko pata chal gya toh?" she got up and went to the balcony still talking to him… "aur socho, agar
maine police me complaint karva di ke koi unknown number se mujhe roz blank calls aate hain…phir?" she giggled to herself and heard him smile too. "haste raha karo…" she complimented but realized soon that an uncomfortable silence had set in… "pata hai aaj maine teen surgeries kari…back to back…lunch bhi ni kiya aur abhi tak dinner bhi nhi banaya hai…and I am so tired I don't even feel like cooking right now…I think main bas so jaungi abhi…"  she looked ahead on the busy road in front of her balcony as she continued… "tumne kiya dinner? Kya khaya?" … "vohi anda-chicken khaya hoga…tum bore nhi hote usse?" she continued when she did not hear a word from the other side… "armaan monsoon kab shuru honge? I am so tired of this heat now…nights are still cool vaise…" she put a strand of hair behind her ear… she closed the balcony door as she headed back into the hall… "uh- armaan main kal se tumhare phones nahi uthaungi…" she felt some heavy breathing from the other side… "ye galat hai armaan. Hum sabke sath galat kar rhe hain. Pehle hi tumne riddhima di se ladai ki mere liye…humne decide kiya tha na ke hum kabhi baat nahi karenege…kabhi ek doosre ko contact nahi karenege…phir tum kyun nahi samajhte armaan? Jo log tumse pyar karte hain ye unke sath dhokha hai…riddhima di ke sath dhokha hai…tumne mujhse vada kiya tha ke tum kuch aisa nahi karoge jisse unhe hurt ho…she loves you armaan…you should love her back, you shouldn't call me ….its wrong…" she had started sniffing as she finished and sensed the same from the other side, she could feel him crying… "don't cry baby…i-i…don't cry." "I know tum sabse chup kar phone karte ho, par phir bhi…hum apne Dillon se kuch nhi chupa gotta understand this now…varna hum dono kabhi aage nhi bad payenge… aur ye galat hoga…"

She wanted to go against her words. Wanted to protest…and she knew he felt the same… "armaan you need to take care of riddhima di…vo maa banne waali hai…unhe aur unke aane waale bache ko tumhari zaroorat hai…main nahi chahti ki unhe ya unke baby ko kabhi bhi sid ki kami mehsoos ho…armaan you have to be the baby's father…hum zindagi me hamesha apni marzi toh nahi kar sakte na…kabhi kabhi hume zindagi ki marzi bhi maanni padti hai…"  there was silence after that…she heard him sniff again…and yet again… "its okay to be weak sometimes, but only sometimes haan.."  she said in an authoritative way… " I want you to be strong okay? Okay armaan?" she heard his breath. "toh…uhm…main phone rakhu? Bye armaan…bye" she said and waited for him to cut the call. He didn't. she sighed. He never cut the call first. Defeated, she cut the call and kissed the phone as a lone tear escaped her eye…

She was going to enter her bedroom to sleep when she heard the doorbell. It was pizza. Someone had ordered on the phone and the bill was already paid.

After a few years…

Her armaan had been strong. Very strong.

Soon after riddhima's delivery, without anyone's consent armaan had confronted her and confessed his love for shilpa to her…

Dr. armaan and dr. shilpa armaan mallik stayed with their two year old daughter in Singapore. Armaan, shilpa and riddhima had decided never to tell arshya that she wasn't armaan and shilpa's daughter.

Shilpa and armaan had decided not to have another child for shilpa wanted all her love to be only for arshya.

She thanked god each day for her blessed life and was proud of all the decisions she had ever made for her family.


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