Wednesday, 1 April 2020


"For god's sake i need some space armaaannn!!!!" She shouted exasperated..her voice almost cracking at the end and her hands raised up in helplessness...she always thought some things were supposed to be unsaid in their relationship.. but his behaviour was clearly proving her wrong..he was only thinking about himself.. and all she could do was to wonder what was her fault in it! And she was right when she said she needed her oqn space.. it was high time he understood that he needed to listen to her too.. he couldn't always boss her around.. if she always listened to him and adjusted according to him, it was coz she loved him.. not because she was a step lower than him...
"How much space do you need basket?" He shouted back at her.. why was she making it feel as if it was all his doing? He was also compromising..he was also doing his best so that no one felt hurt at last..and instead of supporting him.. she was accusing him..  why  was she making it feel like he was a ruthless dominating husband who did not care of his wife's wishes and compelled her to smile even if she wasn't happy..all these three years of their married life, and even before that, he always kept her before him.. he always thought of her comfort before his own.. and even then, even after being with him for so many years and knowing him, she was accusing he didn't give her space..what happened to all the love and all the understanding? Why was she acting like she didn't care about him at all..

"Why don't you sit straight then? Or do you want me to get up from your lap and sit somewhere else?" She asked with a finalty in her tone.. he rolled his eyes at her futile dhamki.. he obviously knew she wasn't going to get up from her favorite seat.. he straightened up a bit,only to slide back against the sofa and rested his legs on the table her less space to sit.. "ugh" she whined again and changed her sitting cross legged on his lap, she spread her legs against the arm rest, kept her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes to sleep while he continued watching T.V.


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