Monday, 27 April 2020

Bromance Over Romance – AR One shot

A beautiful girl, wearing a navy-blue saree was working in the kitchen making breakfast, her hair was tied up into a messy bun. Some servants were also helping her while she prepared two lunchboxes for the two little naughty kids in her house.

"Bachoooo idhar aoo!" She called loudly while closing the lunchboxes. Two kids came in running wearing their school uniforms. One was a girl who had braided her hair in two braids with red elastics. The boy had neatly combed his hair and had his shirt tucked in. They both were identical twins.

"Chachii thank you" Anaya kissed her cheeks and took her lunchbox and bottle and ran out and so did Ayaan. Ananya and Ayaan were her brother-in-law's kids but she treated them like her own.

"Riddhimaaaa!" She heard a boy call her name loudly and jerked hearing the loud noise. She shook her head and ran upstairs towards her room to see her husband holding a file while holding a tie in his other hand.

"yeh armaan bhi na! Kabhi to file ki jaan chod diya karein!" She thought. She knew for what he had called her for and smiled. She took the tie from his hands and started tying it while he struggled to read his file at the same time Riddhima had trouble tying his tie as he was moving a lot.

"aap thodi der yeh file padna chod nahi sakti kya?" Riddhima complained frowning. Leaving his tie, she tried to snatch the file out of his hand but it was of no use, his grip was too tight.

"yaar mera ek bohot important patient hai usko file padh raha hu!" He said lost in his file as Riddhima struggled to tie his tie around his neck. His file was coming in her way.

Riddhima looked at him and pouted and murmured "har subha hi aapka koi na koi important patient hota hai! Mujhe to lagta hai ke mujhe bhi mareez ban kar aajana chaiye taake aap mujhe bhi thoda bhaav de de!" Pushing his tie a little too hard she end up choking him making him cough and look at her. Sorry sorry She bit her tongue looking at him.

Armaan had heard what she said but his brain was too lost on reading the file. The tightness of the tie brought him out of his file. He was about to reply however he had seen something on the report which had diverted all his attention.

"acha main naashta laagne waali hun aap aajaye! Bhool mat jayegi, aur please naashte ke time par no file" Riddhima said making him wear his blazer. She went behind him and fixed his collar. Main kuch keh rahi hun, aap sunn reh hain na? Armaan nodded and was still reading the file making Riddhima facepalm herself.


Anjali and Atul, Riddhima's brother in law and his wife were sitting on the table eating breakfast as their kids had left to school. They both were doctors just like Armaan whereas Riddhima was a housewife. She had an LLB degree but she chose to take care of the house as they didnt have a mother in law and the father in law, Billy Mallik, was also a doctor. Yes, family of doctors lolz. Riddhima was the odd one out but they all called her wakeel sahiba when she scolded them regarding food.

"thanks ridzi tune lunch bana diya! Uff warna main to aaj pakka bacho ko bhi school se late karane waali thi." Anjali smiled while munching on her breakfast.

"koi baat nahi bhabi, mujhe pata hai aap late aayi thi raat duty se!" Riddhima smiled back and poured juice for herself. Lekin aaj time se aajana aap, bache kal bhi pooch rahe thay, aur waise bhi aapne khana bhi nahi khaya kal raat! Riddhima frowned. "Aur Atul Bhaiyya, khane ke time pe no newspaper!" Riddhima scolded her brother in law.

Okay Wakeel Sahiba Atul and Anjali, both said in union teasing her, shutting her mouth. She shook her head smiling and poured some tea for Atul. Soon, Billy and Armaan joined for breakfast.

Anjali smiled and continued eating her breakfast. The whole Mallik clan had forced Riddhima to work but she was adamant to stay home and take care. Anjali was like Riddhima's nonbiological sister. Not for once she treated her like her devraani. Atul also considered her as his little sister.


Armaan was walking towards the nurse station when he saw Sid standing, leaning on desk talking to the nurse smiling. He was holding a rose and the nurse was blushing.

"yeh ladka kabhi nahi sudrega!" Armaan thought, "nurse please get me the reports I asked you to get!" He glared at her and she left making Sid pout. Sid groaned and glared at Armaan who raised his eyebrows.

"yaar tu kyun mere pyaar ka dushman banta hai!! Mujhe romance kyu nahi karne deta! Tu aapne waali ke saath kiya karr! Jalta kyu hai mere se?" Sid whined.

"main kyu jalunga? Main aapne waali se bohot khush hun!" Armaan shrugged his shoulders rolling his eyes.

"haan saaf saaf nazar araha hai! Tu kitna khush hai! Bhabi ke paas nazar aata bhi hai to haath mein ya to files hoti hai ya to phone." Sid chuckled rolling his eyes.

"a-aisi koi baat nahi hai!" Armaan said not liking how he put that. He did enjoy his time with his wife, its just being a doctor, he had a lot of workload.

"Acha? To phir ek romantic moment yaad kar bhabhi ke saath?" Sid said making Armaan think. Minutes passed and Armaan was still rubbing his chin thinking about a moment but couldn't think about it.

"Haan...yaad aaya!" Armaan smiled, "ek dafa humein party pe jana tha to usne mujhse poocha ke konsi saari woh pehne to main ek uski nice wali saari decide kardi, and she smiled and blushed!" Armaan said.

Sid was looking at him like he had grown ten heads. "Seriously bro? Thats your idea of romance? Like seriously?" Sid frowned at him who nodded. "Hayyeee...maine kaha se yeh pagal or idiot dost bana liya?" he started hitting his forehead with his fist.

"yaar... romance like, kissing bhabi, surprising her with cute stuff like flowers, gifts, randomly hugging her. Tera idea to kuch zur hi hai? woh pal yaad kar jab for the first time you kissed her, you touched her. You know like–"

"Acha bas kar I get it!" Armaan stopped him midway with a blush on his face. Sid look at him who was had flushed cheeks. He realized they had never been intimate despite

Sid started laughing and held his stomach seeing his friend blush worse than a girl. "Yaar..I'm sure ke bhabhi bhi itna nahi sharmaati hongi jitna tu sharma raha hai!"

"Acha na bus! Main thera doctor aadmi! Saari zindagi lagadi doctari ki kitabe parhne main, kabhi romance ki kitab kholi hi nahi! To ab tu mujhe bata how can I be romantic with her?" Armaan pouted.

"Awww mera doctor tu fikar karta hai? Main hu na? Tu tension na le, Main sab sekha dunga" Sid said smiling evilly whereas Armaan nodded like an idiot.

"Tu sach mein meri help karega?" Armaan smiled widely.

"Haan na! Aaj se hi shuru karte hai!" Sid said and smiled pulling his cheeks. Anjali who was passing by stopped and saw what he did and frowned she was about to leave but her eyes feel out of her eyes sockets seeing what Sid did next. Sid had hugged Armaan who shocked too because it wasn't a normal hug, it was a very sensual hug. "Yaar ye tu kya karr raha hai?" Armaan immediately came out of the hug, uncomfortable.

"Arre, tu galat samajh raha hai tsk, abh aaj jab tu gahr jayega na tu bhabi ko kaise hug karega, main tujhe ye dheka raha tha!" Armaan sighed as Sid told him that. Anjali was a bit far away from them so she didn't hear the conversation. When they were hugging, she had taken her phone out and had clicked a picture. Armaan smiled thanking him and kissed his cheek giving another shock to Anjali.

"Hayye..yeh Armaan ko kya hogaya! Yeh kya karahe hai dono!" She had taken a picture of him kissing Sid's cheeks too. "Isse kahi Sid mein Riddhima to nahi dhikayi de rahi? Aur Sid ko Armaan mein koi hot nurse."


The doorbell rang and Riddhima went to open it to see Atul, Anjali and Armaan coming home after a few hours tired and hungry. Atul and Anjali had already moved in and Riddhima was about to go but was only stopped by Armaan's hug, which shocked her to death. She was standing frozen in his arms. He had never pulled a stunt like this before unless it was a side hug for family portraits.

She came out of her thoughts as he pulled away smiling at her. She awkwardly smiled back and took his briefcase from him. He smiled at her and went and sat on the sofa while she went to bring water for him. All of this was witnessed by Anjali who smiled seeing their relationship process.

"Shayad woh mera wehem hi tha..."She shurgged thinking about Armaan and Sid's earlier encounter. She shook her and went up to her room to change.


Late at night, Armaan and Atul were sitting down and looking at their college pictures from Armaan's 2nd year and Atul's last year. Anjali and Riddhima were seated on either side of their husbands as they showed their wives their college pictures. More like they were engrossed in the picture and trying to live the moment again.

"Yeh dekh....Armaan aur Sid ke kaam Ridzi! Yeh dono to shuru se hi namoonay thay! Ajeeb ajeeb kaam karte thay!" Atul laughed showing a photograph of the duo, in which Sid was sitting on the couch, and Armaan had his head on Sid's shoulder pretending to sleep.

Riddhima chuckled seeing her husband's antics whereas Anjali weirdly looked at the picture. "Yeh kya karahe hai?" Anjali asked twisting her nose. She was seriously doubting both of their sexualities right now and was highly concerned about Riddhima.

After a few more minutes of picture showing, Atul called it a night and went to his room whereas Armaan went down to the theater room after he got a call from Sid, saying that he wanted to watch a movie.

"Riddhima mujhe tujhse ek baat karni hai...bura na manana!" Anjali said scooting closer towards her and holding her hands.

"Boliye na Bhabhi!" Riddhima smiled turning her full attention on Anjali.

"Dhek tujhe nahi lagta ke Armaan aur Sid thoda ajeeb act karte hai saat mein?" Anjali spoke hesitating.

"Main samjhi nahi?" Riddhima was confused as they all knew how close they were with each other.

"Arre mujhe to lagta hai Sid gay hai... i mean tune dheka hai woh kaisi chipakta hai armaan se...aur mujhe to lagta hai ke Armaan bhi thoda...nahi matlab zada nhai... lekin.."

"BHABHI!" Riddhima sighed shockingly with her eyes opened wide.

"Dhek I know yeh thoda weird hai lekin yeh dhek main photo bhi li thi aaj hospital mein!" Anjali said pulling out her phone and showing the pitcure where Armaan was kissing Sid's cheek. Riddhima was baffled seeing the picture and didn't know what to say.


After last night's events Riddhima was in a daze. She was taking out Armaan's clothes while he was taking a shower. What Anjali had said had been roaming around in her head since last night. Okay fine, maybe Sid was gay, but Armaan? Pfftt. No! That's impossible. Her heart sank at that thought and she gulped hugging his shirt. They weren't intimate for sure but she would know if her husband was sexually attracted to men.

She shook her head clearing out the weird thoughts Anjali had put in her head and put his clothes on the bed. She went to go get his blazer from the attached walk-in closet, when she lost her balance due colliding into her husband's well tones chest. All that hard work in the gym in all those past years payed off well.

It was not the first time they had collided like this. Now this was normal since her workaholic husband always walked without looking because of the files he's be reading or when he would be talking on the phone. However, this time, he was just coming out of the bathroom, the fault was Riddhima's this time. Fortunately, he held her waist before she could fall. Since she was wearing a saree, his warm hand was around her bare waist tingling her skin.

Riddhima tried to move out of his hold without thinking but her dear shy husband had different ideas. He pulled her back much to her surprise, shocking her as her back banged into chest. Armaan had never pulled a stunt like this before and now him doing this was definitely new for her.

"Arm..maan" She stuttered in a whisper as he hugged her tight, kissing her earlobe. A shiver ran down both of their spines as he kept on placing soft feather like kissed behind her ear and on her neck. Riddhima whimpered gripping his arms tightly around her small waist making him smirk.

"Morning sweetheart.." He whispered in her ear making her smile. She turned around in his hold with a shy smile.

"Morning! Aap late nahi ho rahe?" she innocently asked in a whisper like low tone smiling at him who was caressed her soft cheeks.

"Haan lekin aapni biwi ko morning bhi to wish karni hai na!" He said making her give her million dollar smile. She got out of his hold, and went towards the beds. She picked up the comforter and started folding it fixing their bed, while he started getting ready in the clothes that she had taken out for him. She smiled thinking about their intimacy, that they shared a while ago.

As she was fixing their bed, he had gotten ready and was now sitting on one of the posh chairs placed in their sofa by the window and started tying his shoes. Both were lost in eachothers thoughts smiling in their own world.


Later at night, Anjali was off duty and Riddhima and her were having some bonding time. They were sitting in the lounge watching a soap opera. Anjali always used to miss a couple of episodes because of her workload, but on and off, however Riddhima used to fill her in with details.

Yaar aaj ki episode bohot boring lag rahi hai chalo kuch aur dhekte hain! Anjali whined and Riddhima agreed. They went on Netflix and surfed through it for a good ten to fifteen minutes. Finally giving up, Anjali just put the latest episode of Riverdale.

They were watching it peacefully, until Kevins scene came up where he was kissing his boyfriend. Riddhima immediately remembered what Anjali had said. It was true that Armaan was never intimate with her but his antics with Sid made her skeptical about his sexuality. Yeh main kya soch rahi hun! She shook her head and tried to pay attention towards the tv.

Her phone ringed and Anjali paused the tv. Looking at the caller id she picked it up. Aap faarigh hogaye! She asked Armaan smiling. Anjali smiled at her and got up to get some snacks from the kitchen.

Haan maine yeh batane keliye phone kiya hai ke aaj main kuch colleagues ke saath dinner pe jaa raha hun! To tum mera inytezaar na karna! Armaan said. From the past few days he was being affectionate and Riddhimas hopes were rising thinking he will confess soon. She smiled and wished he would have dinner at home as they dont usually spend enough time together.

Okay..enjoyy.. She smiled and he cut the call right away. Just then the bell rang. The went and opened the door to see Atul. are aap nahi gaaye Armaan ke saat dinner pe? She asked confusingly.

Nahi usne kaha to tha lekin main bohot thak gaya hun, back to back 3 surgeries in a day! A little to much behna! She smiled hearing the endearment as he ruffled her hair. acha khana laga do, phir Ill go to sleep! Anjali kahan hai? He asked.

Shes in the kitchen, aap room mein jaayi Ill send her! He nodded and went up to his room while Riddhima went to the kitchen. She told Anjali about Atuls arrival and told her he was calling her. Anjali was making the dough for rotis nodded and handed over the dough to Riddhima.

The men of mallik family didnt mind eating food made by maids or chefs expect the chapati/roti had to be made my either Riddhima or Anjali. Now Riddhima was making rotis the chef was pouring the gravy in the dish and the maid brought it out to the dining table.

When she was done, she decided to call Atul and Anjali. Walking up to their room, she was about to knock but stopped seeing their beautiful moment. Atul was hugging Anjali tightly while she was blushing in his embrace. I missed you so much baby Ab meri duty khatam hoyi hai, to ab tum jaane waali ho! This is not fair!

I know na baby but kya karu emergency call hai! Warna to I was off duty! Anjali pouted. Atul was about to kiss her. Areeee stop stop stop! Riddhima barged in with her hand on her eyes, making them jump apart.

Yaar ridzi kabab mein haddi ban gayi phir! Tujhe doobara chachi banana ka soch raha tha! Atul whined making Riddhima turn beetroot red.

Atul! Anjali yelled, Acha Ridzi Emergency call im going, tum log khalo!

Riddhima nodded. Atul and Riddhima eat dinner while Anjali left. Atul recounted his day to his kids and Riddhima and talked about his patients. While Riddhima told them about her day.

Later at night, after making sure the kids were asleep, Riddhima gave green tea to her father in law and sat with him. They chatted for a while before Billy decided to call it a night. By the time she got to her room and changed in her night gown, it was 11:30 at night. Worried about Armaan she was about to text him but decided against it.

Laying down in bed, she opened Instagram and the first thing she was made her heart sink. Sid had posted a picture of him and Armaan having dinner. It was just them and this made her feel worried. Because Armaan had said she was going with colleagues and not just sid alone. The caption of the picture was Bromance is always better than romance. She couldnt take it more so she turned her phone off. Laying down se decided to sleep. After a lot of twists and turns, sleep consumed her.


Standing in front of her were Armaan and Sid. They both wearing flower garlands around their necks. They hands were linked together. Armaan was decked up in a nice sherwani, with Sid wearing a lengha over his button up shirt. His head was covered by his dupatta and his hair were parted to the side with gel. As Riddhimas eyes fell on his forehead, her heart stopped. It was filled with sindoor.

AarmaanA..aap aa.aaisa kaise kar sakte hai? She cried looking at him with tears in her eyes but he just glared at her.

Main aisa kar sakta hun, aur main kiya hai, kyunke He paused and turned to Sid, Kyunke yahi mera pyar hai! She lovingly looked at Sid who shyly looked down.

Dheka Riddhima, Main na kehti thi, kuch kuch na kuch garbad to zaroor hai! Anjali yelled pointing at them. Riddhima just cried and looked back at Sid and Armaan who moved closer towards eachother and were about to kiss.

NAHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII She screaming sitting up. Sweat beans were running down her forward. She blinked a few times to clear her vision. Then it registered in her brain, it was a dream. She put her hand on her heart which was beating super fast and muttered oh god. She tried to get up to drink water, but an arm pulled her back.

Looking down at her stomach, she saw Armaans tattooed arm was placed around her waist tightly. She smiled and sighed. Laying back, she turned to him as he tightened his arm around her waist. Looking at the time on the clock it read 4:30 am. She decided to sleep for a little more. Hugging him back she slept in his arms.


It was Billys birthday and Riddhima had arranged a little get together for his birthday. Arre beta iss umar mein kya saalgira manana? Billy whined as Riddhima opened his closet to take out his clothes. Riddhima shook her head hearing him whine.

Khushiyan manane ki koi umar nahi hoti dad! Aaap yeh pehen rahein hai, and thats final! Riddhima said walking towards him with a suit in her hand. Billy smiled at her thinking this girl never made him feel like his wife was gone. She took care of him the same way she did.

Theek hai wakeel sahibajaise aap ki marzi! Apka hukum sarr aankhon pe! He said joining his hands and bending his head down in front of her.

Daaad..aap bhi! Riddhima whined hearing him call her wakeel sahiba. She pouted as he giggled like a young teenager.

Waise be tum dono ki anniversary arahai hai to manate rehna khushiyan! After having a good laugh for a few minutes, he tried to protest again but she pushed him towards the bathroom to change. She giggled as he whined going in the room and decided to move towards her room.

Walking in her feet halted as Armaans strong cologne hit her nostrils. She closed her eyes and sniffed in the smell. Her heart started beating fanatically. She opened her eyes to see him all dressed up in black tuxedo. His hair was all gelled up nicely, his beard neatly done, making him look the hottest man out there. He looked like a Givenchy model straight out of a magazine.

Armaan looked up in the mirror to see someone staring, to find his wife lost in him. Smiling to himself, he moved towards her. Snapping his fingers in front of her eyes he made her come out of her dream world. Pulling her from her waist, by draping his arm around it, he smirked at her hearing a loud gasp. Acha lag raha hun to tareef karr sakti ho tum! Maine bura nahi manaonga! He teased her tracing her facial features with the tip of her nose.

Armaan.Matt kejiye naaaa She let out in hoarse whisper, gravely affected by his touch. They were never intimate except these days he had started getting affectionate with her and it made her feel on top of the mood. In these 11 months of being together, this was the first time they were actually trying to be close to eachother. They were close before, talked about everything, shared everything, but never intimate.

Armaan just chuckled and she just hugged him tightly. He looked down at her as he felt her sniff and take in his smell. Tightening his hold around her waist he kept his chin on top of her head. She fitted perfectly under his tall frame. He felt her sniff again and he wanted to laugh. Im not cocaine Riddhima, stop sniffing me! He chuckled making her come out of his embrace quickly.

Haww Her mouth was wide opened as he chuckled. Jayein..main nahi bolti aapse! She lightly pushed him away and moved towards the walk-in closet to change into her clothes. Secretly smiling to herself, she bit her lip whereas he shook his head smiling and turned to the dresser to wear his watch.


Aap aaj rehne dijiye Ramu Kaka, aaj naashta main banaungi! Riddhima smiled walked in the kitchen. It was 7:30 am, a beautiful Sunday morning. Any other working man would have Saturdays and Sundays off, the men of Mallik Mansion were never off unless off duty. Fortunately, all of their duties were supposed to start late today, so they were all sleeping peacefully while she was up early. She had taken a shower and had dressed up in a beautiful teal saree.

The cook, Ramu Kaka, nodded and left the kitchen putting his red cloth around his neck. Wrapping her wet hair into a messy bun, she clipped it and wore an apron afterwards. She made sure she prepared all of Armaans favourites; cheese and spinach omelette with mashed potatoes. She also made special coffee for him, using her coffee art skills, she made a heart with cream.

Placing all the food in the tray, she smiled to herself and walked up to there room with the tray. Lightly kicking the door open with the tip of her toes, she moved in to see Armaan still sleeping. He was wearing a vest style shirt and shorts. His hair which were usually gelled perfectly were messy and spread all over his forehead. Placing the tray on the table, she closed the door, and smiled moving forward.

Sitting besides him, she moved his hair away from his forehead. Feeling her fingers moving through his hair, he slightly opened his eyes. Seeing her smiling he smiled back and moved his head in her lap. Riddhima gaped feeling his nose touch her bare waist. Feeling his warm, yet peaceful breath, a shiver ran down her spine and she knew he back in deep slumber.

Armaan She lovingly called out, running her fingers through his hair, but he just groaned digging his head deeper in her waist. She closed her eyes feeling the knot forming in her stomach and tried to control herself. ArmaanUthiye na! Riddhima ignore the feeling and said but he didnt budge. She tried for a few more minutes but still he didnt budge. Sighing she was about to give up when he lifted his head making her think for a second that he woke up but she was wrong.

Moving back, and making some space for her, he made her lay down with him and turned them, so he was on top of her. Her breath got stuck feeling him on top of her. A.Arma– She voiced out but he kept a finger on her soft petals making her looked at him with nervousness in her eyes.

Happy anniversary Riddhima! He said looking into her eyes with pure feelings for her. Love. She knew he loved her, but still she doubted. She wanted to hear it from his lips.

Happy anniversary Armaan. Letting her thoughts aside, she wished him back smiling. She got off her and she had pushing hair strands behind her ear out of shyness. He grinned seeing her actions and sat up too leaning against the headboard.

I made breakfast for you! Your favourite breakfast! She said moving the tray forward, putting it in his lap.

Wowwwwbiwi ho to aisi! He kissed her hands, and started digging in the food like a hungry lion while she just watched him with love.


Standing in the outhouse of their mansion, she looked at it after cleaning it. She had changed the bed sheets into new ones and blushed looking at it. The bed was just a king sized mattress on the floor with small wooden side table on it.

She had decided that whatever happens she will confess her love to him tonight, so what if he doesnt but she will. Blushing at her thoughts, she started preparing for the night. She opened a candles packet and started placing them all around the room. She looked outside to see it had already gotten dark outside and she had told him to come home early.

Placing some red rose petals, she used them to write I love you on the bed. Smiling to herself, biting her lip, she got up and looked around the room. Satisfied with her effort, she picked up her dress and decided to go change.

She changed into a beautiful red saree. Unlike her other sarees, this one was extremely sexy. It had a deep neck and a back only held with strings. Her pallu was sheer, so her stomach was clearly visible through the cloth. She blushed looking at herself in the mirror and looked at the time. It was past 10 and she started getting worried.

Picking up her phone, she decided to call Armaan. After a few rings and the phone was picked up. Armaan– Riddhima was about to say more but she halted hearing the voice on the other end. It made her blood boil and she cut the call immediately.

Walking towards the bed, she messed up the rose petals as tears ran down her eyes. Blowing out the candles she cried and screaming kicking them. Hissing as the warm wax burnt her feet she opened the door of the outhouse to run out was surprise to see Armaan there. It was raining heavily and he was already wet. She had come out so now she was also drenched.

Anjali Bhabhi ne bataya tum yahan – Arre kya hua tum ro kyun rahi ho? He asked holding her arms, but what surprised him even more was the fact that she held his arms and removed them from hers harshly.

Chodiye mujhe! She gritted trying to move away, but he held her arm and pulled her into the outhouse. Locking the door, he turned around surprised to see messed up candles, and rose petals.

Yeh – Yeh sub kya hai? Aur tum aise? He confusingly asked looking at her but she just glared at him with the most bloodshot eyes ever scaring him.

Ab kyu aayein hain? Jayye na uss ke paas! Mujhe pehle hi samaj jana chaiye tha! App usse itna pyar karte hai! Meri to koi value hi nahi hai! She sniffed wiping her tears.

Huh? What? Riddhima mujhe kuch samjh nahi araha tum kya bol rahi ho! Armaan asked as all the things said by her went over his head.

Haan haan, jab baat khul ke saamne aati hai to sab aaise hi jhootlate hain! Aap bhi jhootla dein! Saara saara din usske saat hote hain, uske saath dinner pe jaate hai, aur main? Main pagalon, andhon ki tara aapse pyar karti rahi! Aur mujhe kya mila? Kuch bhi nahi! She complained crying hysterically making him restless. He was about to lose his cool but he controlled himself and decided to deal with the situation maturely. swearMera aisa waisa koi chakkar nahi hai! Koi ladki nahi hai meri zindagi mein siwaye tumhare aur na kabhi hogi! Aur yeh tum kya boli jaa rahi ho? Main kise ke sath dinner pe gaya? Armaan confusing spoke as he moved closer towards her holding her cheeks in his palm, looking in her eyes trying to prove his innocence.

Ladki hoti to phir bhi itna dhuk na hota, lekin aap to – Riddhima wiped her tears cringing, twisting her nose, unable to say the word. Aaap to hain! She finally said it closing her eyes, as more tears dropped from her eyes.

WHAT THE HELL Armaan felt like someone had dropped a million water balloons full of cold water on him. Was she even in her senses? She was calling him gay? The man was thinking of taking a cold shower right after this argument ended because her saree which was showing even more now because of the rain, had woken up unknown desires in his body.

Haan jaise in your past pictures, you and Sid are close, and then u told me that u were going out with colleagues but in Sids picture on Instagram, it was only you and him, aur caption bhi yeh daali bromance over romance waali. Pata hai, I even had a nightmare about you two, where you married Sid. Aur ab to had hi hoagyi, main call kiya aapko abhi and he picked up ur phone! Riddhima listed her reasons and Armaan un believingly looked at her.

Once she stopped talked, he looked at her seeing how innocent his wife was. Riddhima, once voicing out her thoughts, realized how stupid she sounded but not it was too late, the bomb had dropped and she wasnt going to embarrass herself so she looked at him. He started laughing holding his stomach. She frowningly looked at him.

Oh goddd! Main kya karun iska! He laughed looking up at the blank ceiling. After a few seconds he stopped laughing and looked at her. She gulped seeing the darkness in his eyes. Is he going to kill me? she thought moving back as she saw him moving towards her.

Eventually, she hit the wall and he trapped her in between his well toned body, and the wall, placing his hands firmly on the wall on the either side of her. so you really think Im gay? He asked, and she nodded innocently.

But this says otherwise! He smirked pointing downwards and she confusingly looked down but regretted it immediately seeing that he was point at his pants. Holding back his laugh, he took hold of her hand and placed on his fanatically beating his heart. Ab to tumhara shakk dur ho jana chaiye hai Riddhimameri dill ki dharkane hi bayan karahi hain k main tumse kitna pyar karta hun!

She tearfully looked at him, ashamed of her accusations. Haan lekin aap ne wajeh hi aise di ki main majboor hogai!

haan lekin agar tum phir bhi sunna chaahti ho to sunnu, Riddhima Armaan Mallik, main aapni dill-o-jaan se tumhe chahta hun, bohot pyar karta hun tumse, tumhare begair jeene ka tassavur bhi nahi kar sakta! Gay hona to bilkul bhi nahi soch sakta, magar agar tum apna gender change karlo, to shayed hojaon! His last words made her chuckled.

Im sorry! Joining their foreheads together, she apologised.

Itni mehnat ki hai, to iska inaam bhi to milna chaiye! He said smirking at her, confusing her. Holding her soft palm in his hand, he led her towards the bed. Pushing her on the bed, he climbed over her making her nervous, he whispered I will prove to you how straight I am! He whispered huskily before extending his arm over her head to turn the lamp off, spreading darkness in the room.
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