Sunday, 26 April 2020


I had come to new york right after leaving sanjeevani…I knew armaan and riddhima were made for each other and I didn't want to be an obstruction of any kind. My life here was pretty simple. Get up, go to the hospital, come back and sleep. I was loving my life. I was glad I did not have any time for myself, for I knew if I ad, I would start reminiscing about the old things…about armaan. And I knew I would feel weak.  Only a few days back I had heard that armaan had won an award for his excellence in neurology in a short span of time…I heard some of my colleagues talk about him and how they were going to see his interviews over you tube… they went on talking about how handsome he was and before they could talk more about his personal life, I made an exit from there..i did not want to listen anything about him and riddhima. How much ever strong faced I had been, I knew myself. I knew I won't be able to listen about anything that tells and reminds me that he is not with me, that he is with someone else…

But today, somehow I had an early day off and all my friends decided to have a sleep over..we had a great time… I didn't pay attention at what they were talking most of the time, exactly the same way that they used to tell me how I did not pay attention at anything since I returned from India..i did not believe the though, but well just as I came in the room having a cup of coffee for alya, I saw everyone had been asleep. Yeah it was quite late, probably 3 or 4-ish in the morning. I had not realized the time sitting by the window in the living room. But now as I saw everyone asleep, I decided to hit the bed too, but then I noticed alya's laptop was still on the bed and it wasn't switched off. I went nearer to switch it off but I couldn't move a feet when I saw the love of my life staring back at me from the screen. Okay, he was not looking at me, he was looking at the news channel's camera, but I somehow felt his gaze only on me. I don't know why but I felt shy in that moment. I wanted to run away but my legs refused to oblige. I put the headphones in my ears and listened to the video. It had almost ended when I put the headphones on. But then, there I was. I had the option of playing the thing all over. I rewinded it and waited for the thing to buffer. I was still not sure if I should watch it or not. I didn't want to be in love with him and I knew that if I watched it, I would definitely definitely be in love again. All over again. Before the video started playing, there was some stupid ad…it had the option of skipping the ad in 5 seconds…4…3..2..1…I din't skip it then. The ad was 22 seconds long in itself. I thought I'd use that time to calm my heartbeats. But then, just as I saw that option of 'skip ad now' , my cursor went on it and it got clicked. I realized it was too much to sit and wait for the wait for him…

And you know, now as I think of it, I am glad I saw that video and heard him answer that one question… "no, I am very much single but yeah I am not ready to mingle, as you put it, I am waiting for my angel …and I know she will come…we are meant to be coz true love and true friendship are never left incomplete." I knew he was waiting for me…he loved me…HE LOVED ME!!! I felt like dancing in that moment…I felt shouting and telling the whole world that my armaan is waiting for me!!!

And here I was again, waiting for him…at the airport this time. I had already informed him that I was coming at 10.p.m and here there's no sight of him! In all our phone calls and skype 'dates' (as he likes to call them) after that one video that I saw, I always told him how I would kill him if he ever keeps me waiting again and now! See! Huh. I hate him!! I just hateee him!!


She felt a hand covering her eyes and turning her around. He pecked her lips softly as he let her open her fuming eyes… "I hate you! where were you?"

"right here…waiting for you!" he pecked her lips once again as he took her into a soft embrace…


"The ties that bind us are sometimes impossible to explain. They connect us, even after it seems like the ties should be broken. Some bonds defy distance. And time. And logic. Because some ties are simply meant to be."
-Meredith Grey

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