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OS: Karan shilpa interview(fictious)

  A date wid d grovers

The watchman let my car in through the big gates' the maid opened the door for me and my colleague sarthak,while I went ahead'I told him to wait right der' though der ws quite a huge space from d entrance to the kitchen, I cud hear the voice of her bangles'she ws probably stirring sumthin'but I wondered why was she supposed to b in d kitchen nd cook'. Dat too wearing bangles'I went ahead nd saw her'.we had met a thousand tyms but I ws always a fan of her'.of her beauty, inner nd outer..she saw me nd stopped d spatula in d vessel''helllooo" she greeted me with full joy, just d volume ws a little less dan d usual'or probably I had only forgotten d usual'aftr ol I ws seeing her aftr almost 2 years! "hey shilpa!! hav u been?" "m gud'm gud'how r u doin?" she askd parting frm d side hug'"oh m perfectly alright! So finally we've catched u haan! It is such a trouble pta h! d fans r literally chewing r brains wid requests nd complains all over!"I told her how I genuinely ws!
"awww!!...m so sry! U knw lately I've been so busy wid evrythin'things r still settling down'" by now I had been offered a glass of water by her maid nd she had successfully cooked whatver she was makin'I cud see it on her face'"is karan around? I hope v don't hav 2 wait much 4 him 2day'" I said hoping dat finally we cud get them 2gthr onscreen almost aftr a year or so'probably more dan dat'" oh yeah he's at home only'actually vo aj subah hi aaya Bangkok I said abhi thoda rest krne k liye'isiliye m talking in a slow voice na..alredy itna thaka hua tha vo to I thot u knw I shud let him sleep'nd not disturb him'" I smiled hearing dat'I've always luvd d couple'I've always luvd der love'"u make urself comfortable..main bula laati hu abhi usko'"she said nd turnd 2 go upstairs' " uh..shilpa'can v jst start putting ol d settings here?" "sure'" she said wid a smile'" the hall will b perfect..jst don't make it much noisy'" she smiled again nd wiping her still little wet hands with her shorts,she went upstairs. moving towards d hall,I saw her opening her messy bun removing her clutcher nd moving inside d room..i went and sat on d sofa while sarthak put d camera nd wires ol in place'I lukd around d house. evrytym I came here,i saw sumthin different. d wall colours nd d photografs were new dis tym I concluded. I smiled lukin at d pictures, ol of dem were so beautiful... I especially loved d one at the upper end of the stairs.It ws d "kiss pic". .yeah,I wish I cud call it dat way'it lukd so full of kisses! My eyes went up 2 d door where shilpa had disappeared.. d door ws not shut properly..i cud peep inside'nd I cud not leave a chance! I saw shilpa standing in front of d dressing table nd lukin sideways..she ws probably talking 2 karan nd askin if she lukd fine'well I made out from her body language. She put her hands over her head nd lukd in d mirror, he came nd hugged her from behind, he was wearing a black vest nd I cud see ol his tattoos clearly'I know both of dem r totally in luv wid each othr nd I wish 2 c dem dis way always, but I hav no shame acceptin my bigg crush on dis super hot tattooed actor. i saw her turning nd kissing his cheek'how I just adored dem! Nd den she went on d othr side where d little opening frm d door cudnt help me much nd he ws standing in front of d mirror'. She opened d door frm nowhere nd I saw her coming out. "kya pehenna h?" he said a little louder dan d earlier things dat I cudnt listen coz of d distance..she turned back around(thankfully dis tym letting d door open) nd went nd gave him a violet kinda shirt to wear'he took out a blue frm d same cupboard nd nodded a no for d one in her hand..nd once again I cud only see der lips moving..i wished dey had microfones ol around d house nd I cud listen evrythin..khair..she smiled agreeing on his choice nd put back d one in her own hand.. i saw her coming down in a simple pink knee length dress. Did I mention beautiful nd gorgeous nd awesome nd hott nd yet simple.She had also changed her futwears, I noticed. "I hope we didn't make u wait much" she said with a smile nd sat on d sofa opposite mine." Hey I dint know u cook haan" I said realizing I shud hav said dat in d kitchen itself when I saw her cooking'"I don't much'but I ws makin halwa karan k liye'I make dis sugar free nd uska diet typs halwa u knw'its his favourite'aaj subah hi vo aaya 4-5 bje to he said he wanted 2 eat it" "ban bhi gya halwa?" he came from behind in a violet shirt nd blue jeans..hott hott hott hott hott hott hott hottt( whooo I feel relieved saying dis'I need 2 control my xcitement on seeing him) he smiled nd hugged me side ways.. nd went nd sat besides her,she shifted closer to him nd his hand slid on her waist'I wanted d earth to freeze dat moment, If it was in my hands, I wud hav literally installed cameras in der house nd saw dem ol day'I jst adored dem sooo much! ( ain't I repeatin dis line again?) she nodded a light smile in his direction,lukd backwards towards d kitchen nd soon we were all served wid shilpa grover k hath k bane spcl diet halwas'I dint want 2 eat it'I wanted 2 store it wid me for d whole of my life'ok I knw now I am sounding like a crazy kashian myself'no more of it I promise'.m a reporter nd I need 2 take an interview'I quickly made notes in my mind of d questions dat I ws supposed to ask' karvachauth, diwali,birthday, life changing, shilpa bak, on screen ,new projects, changes in d house'ok so I started'.

"so'karvachauth has jst passed by 'what spcl did u do?"

"fought!" he said coolly'I ws a little confused'who fights on karvachauth? She smiled'"as always! Har baar har baar har baar v hav 2 fite on karvachauth! Usko har baar problem hoti mere vart rakhne se" I noticed d little Punjabi tone in her words' "she never listens 2 me'so we always end up fightin nd not talking! Kitne..i gues 6 karvachauths dey hav been nd m sure hum har baar lade h na?" he askd her'"hmm'" she turned towards me nd contd'."actually do-teen din pehle hi vo shuru ho jata h k its ol stupid nd I dnt need 2 keep d fast'aur main to maanti nhi hu'I hav 2 keep it evry year'fir he says k he will also keep it to I say k no its 4 d wives only..u knw agar kuch hota husbands k liye to d ritual wud had been dat way na..nd he has to work ol day'but den v end up both keeping d fast nd not talking atleast until evening!" I smiled listening to her, eating my halwa, nd seeing him finish almost half of his..

"hmmm'."I finished d bite in my mouth nd contd'"to kabhi bohot serius ladai bhi hui h iss bare me? Mtlb I knw karan can get really angry sumtyms na.." he answered dis one while she wiped off d little stain off his mouth " haan last year it ws a big one'I ws adamant about not letting her keeping d fast'man she ws heavily 7 months pregnant nd wanted 2 stay ol bhookha pyasa ol day" "I had jst entered my seventh month" she said nd kept his empty bowl on d table."shut up" he said nd contd.."but she dint listen aur mera gussa to chhodo, baad me sara tym mujhe usko manane me lgna pada'she dint talk to me even d next day!" dey lukd so cute(sry I cant really control when it comes 2 dem). "ohhh! Nd do u guys follow dat gift thing on karvachauth? Did he giv u anyhthin dis tym? I rmmbr when we covered ur first karvachauth he had given u a pearl necklace na?" I aksed finishing my last bite of d world's most delicilous dessert'though we were havin it pretty much b4 d lunch tym,I understood why karan loved it so much nd also how stupid my idea of storing it wud hav sounded earlier.

"haan! See he gave me dese!" she cheerfully( nd most beautifully) showed me the diamond bangles in her hand,nd now I understood why ws she wearing dem even at home'dey were gifted by him! I appreciated d beauty of d bangles nd her hand..nd saw him smiling sweetly'"dats so sweet of you yaar!" I told him nd mrs grover answered "ye ladta h par he's sweet also! He gave me an anklet also iske sath pr I dnt wear it vry often..nd ye choodiyan bhi..der r around 24 of dem I guess'main to ye ek do hi pehen k rakhti hu hamesha'"

"but dey r vry pretty! U've got such a gud choice karan!" he smiled listening dat nd replied in d most handsome way sayin"ye bhi to meri choice h! ye ni pasand aayi tujhe?" pointing towards shilpa nd holdin her even more tightly."hmmm'.yeh to h! acha also diwali has just passed,nd v cudnt even catch u den,infact u won't believe shilpa,we had to literally make a big presentation kinda thing wid ol ur photos nd videos nd stuff u knw,pta ni pichle kitne saalon ka saaman dhoondhna pada,or else ur fans wud've killed us..srsly!" both of dem smiled heartedly (dey had such a connect'smile bhi ek sath) "yaar iss baar to diwali humne khud bhi celebrate ni ki theek se,though it ws angel's first but she's tooo small nd shilpa bhi theek nhi thi uss tym,u knw delivery nd stuff how it is,so we jst had dis small puja ghar pe,no party varty" as he ws talking,she contd.."but we did decorate d whole house ache se'poora light up kr diya tha'ye hall nd evrythin u c'around 200 kandils all ovr d place'aur ye wala ghar to h bhi bada,we hav a lot of space here"

"hmm'. I luv ur house guys..srsly,aur ghar se zada I luv d way u've decorated it'wall colours nd furniture, evrythin's gr8"  "thnx!! M glad kisi ko to pasand aaya'ye to complain hi krta rhta h'parde theek ni h aur deewar ka colour theek nhi h ,ye nhi h, vo nhi h"'"karan to pagal hi h! m glad he's in ur hands!!...Acha also shilpa aapka birthday aa rha h'any spcl plans 4 dat?"

"uh'.nothin vry spcl dis tym but we'll definitely do sum small dinner or sumthin'I came back ussi k liye vrn-" b4 he cud complete, I said "haan I also heard ur schedule ws a little longer na'to fir?" "yeah v had 2 change it a little madam k janamdin k liye" nd she smiled listening dat'" "oh wow! Nd m sure dis is gonna b xtremely personal so v hav no chance of being invited haan! We havnt even seen angel'" I said.."nd ur not getting a chance even now!" he said it in d camera.." she's too young to understand evrythin rite now'.i still keep postin a few pics of hers here nd der though" "dats d problem! U post d pics nd v get bombarded wid requests of d intrviews!" they smiled..  "but we will soon bring her in front of d camera'when she's able to speak nd understand things u knw.." shilpa said makin him eat d last bite of her halwa'" nd vaise m also seeing a little change f colours in ur house" "yeah v got a few walls painted in different ws ol getting vry borin lately.." she said pointing towards d 2 adjacent walls behind her'"nd dat one u c'.dis is completely  made by m'" interruptin her, he said "cum I'l show u'" he got up nd holding her hand,went towards d wall near d stairs'd one I had noticed earlier also'" ye poori kalakaari shona ki h'evry picture is put according to her u c'." I gave him d mike so he cud show d pictures in d camera while I stayed behind it.." c dis one'.dis is our first diwali picture'dusnt luk like one though'" he smiled sheepishly nd shilpa contd.." ye actually diwali morning ki h'nd I ws yet 2 bathe! Nd he had deliberately cliked it in his fone to show how handsome he ws lukin'." Ilukd at d pic closely..yeah it did seem as if he ws clickin d picture from his own hand' he movd on showing a picture of both of dem sitting on a dinning table wid dim lights'I felt I had seen dat table'I lukd around d house nd spotted it'it ws right der in front of d kitchen'it ws a d picture when shilpa had first cooked dinner 4 him' next she pointed towards a big collage dat showed different months of shilpa's pregnancy' I luvd one of d pics where karan had put a pillow on his stomach nd ws probably acting like shilpa' den der was a pic of angel nd ws probably of d hospital nd den d kiss pic dat I had seen earlier' it ws also a kinda mosaic' karan xplained it" c isme'I am kissing angel's lips'.den idhar angel is kissing shona's lips aur ye me nd shilpa r kissing'fir yahan pr vaise hi'I m kissing angel's cheek'idhar angel is kissing shona's cheek'she dusnt really knw how to kiss vo bas lips rakh deti h cheek pe!...nd here shona's kissin my cheek'I wsnt vry sure of putting d pic here lyk dis but as I said wat shona wants, shona does!" nd she smacked his arm fakely' he dint react to it'nd both of dem came down d stairs'. " u luk more fit yaar karan" I said as we all went nd sat on d sofas again' "I do?" he lukd down on his shirt'"oh yeah definitely'fit nd shaven!" I said teasing him on his laziness for shaving dat I had always observed'both of dem lukd at each othr nd smiled'der eyes conveyed sumthin 2 each othr which obviously I cudnt understand'"what is it?" I askd confused'.."haan btao karan'..main btati hu'actually dis shave thing is coz of angel! Vo usko apne paas bhi nhi aane deti if he hasn't shaved! Seems lyk she dusnt recognize him'she will try nd stomp her hands nd feet nd she'l make a crying face'aur maarti h vo usko'.dnt ask!" " I knww'.pehle khaali maa nakhre krti thi abhi beti bhi krti h'.so I hav 2 maintain myself u c!" he said wid fake disappointment. "oohh'.so aur kya kya change layi h angel? What ol has changed?"

"oh evrythin!! Evrythin has changed'frm r timings to eating habits'to sleepin schedules,,,,evry evrythin is changing!"she answered' "but its ol 4 gud" he said while she contd.."haan now he dusnt realy v hav 2 adjust a lot..pehel hum log sath me khana khate the..mtlb hamesha hi v hav eaten 2gthr'obviously mtlb when v r both at home'par abhi if angel's awake..v can't dine togthr'he will eat nd I will hold her nd make her busy u knw or I'l eat nd he will hav 2 handle her..den also I don't think v hav dined out in d past few months'mtlb jabse hui h angel'" "dats coz of ur health'ur not allowed to eat junk" he told her.."tum chup rho! Baat to vohi h na! aur jo raat raat bhar jaagna padta h'dats not coz of me!" "kabhi kabhi its coz of u!" he said in a low voice wid a rare smile nd tint of naughtiness in his eyes "I heard dat!" I said tryin 2 control my smile. She smacked his arm wid a fake angrily(nd cutely) said "shut up".."chalo'next ques pls'haan" he said nd I contd.."haan nd u think karan has changed or karan do u think shilpa has changed after d baby? We'l start wid u karan.." taking his hand off her waist nd adjusting his ring,he said "change'.uhm'yeah kind of'.vo'actually pichle saal se hi'pregnancy k tym pe dheere dheere jo changes I had observed,I think dey r still der'she's bcum a little more ziddi'little only though'mtlb pichle 4-5-6 jitne bhi saalon me vo jitti bhi calm ya vaise thi'to abhi she's k nahi jo krna h vo krna h nd I cant get angry on dat, m not allowed to! I hav to make her sit nd fir aaram se usko samjhana padta h k whatever u knw nahi shona abhi kaam h to jaana pdega na'. she has only made me dis professional nd serius abt my wrk nd ab vohi kabhi kabhi she's like nahi pls don't go out for 6 days jaana' itte din nhi'keep it short nd ol'.aur mujhe to aap jaante hi ho'm like theek h chalo main cancel kr deta hu to vo bhi nhi maana hota usko'so yeah dat'.nd also she's grown prettier" she lukd at her smilingly on d last sentence.."aww!! thnx jaana!" she said nd he adjusted his hand again on her waist. "I keep askin him abt my weight lately!! Pareshan kr deti hu main usko'" nd she laughed most beautifully. I smiled too,nd said "nd has karan changed?"  "oh he's bcum much more understanding nd caring nd vry vry uhm'what do u call it'gentle nd'nd soft u knw.." bcoz u've bcum fussy!" he said as he put dat little strand of hair behind her ear.. "acha! It'it has transferred frm u 2 me!! But abhi he uh--- as she ws speaking'karan ( I dnt knw y) said" oh she's sleepin!" and I saw him literally running upto d room'I lukd at shilpa but I guess it wsnt vry new for her as she continued her answer.."he takes much more care of me'he makes sure m eatin prply nd m takin small naps in d daytym as well nd I don't stress out much..i mean he did dat earlier also,but now it makes me feel all d way more spcl u knw,coz I always had this thing in my mind,--- nd I saw him coming back wid a phone in his hand dat ws still ringing'"tumne iska paswrd fir change kr diya?" he askd her sittin besides nd she said "haan its S.K.G." nd contd. Wid her answer while he put d fone on silent.."infact I told him dis earlier when u knw we were discussin nd uhm.." he filled d word for her sayin" deciding abt havin a baby" she contd.."hmm'I said I don't want u to b partial in anyways between me nd d baby'coz both ways I'l b hurt'.nd he's turnd out 2 b such  a gud gud father u knw'I cud never think of it'm not scared at ol now'" "wow! Dats..dats lovely guys!! Nd how abt returning to screen shilpa? M sure abhi to d baby keeps u busy ol day'.' "hmmm'..u can't b away if she's awake'.abhi bhi thank gudnes she's asleep! Otherwise it's really difficult to handle her! I havnt seen a baby like her in my life!" nd on dat mr. handsome said proudly'"mera hi khoon h na!" "poori tarah!! Nd she's sooo attached to him pta h! infact u wont believe a month or two back'kidhar gye the tum jana abhi?" she asked him nd he said" greece" "hmm'.ye gya tha I think'ek'ek hafte k liye?" she confirmed lukin at him nd he nodded. " haan to ye gya tha to pehle hi din u wont believe she dint sleep d whole day! Otherwise vo din me 10 ghnta soti h nd raat ko jaagti h! aur vo poora din soyi nhi.she kept playin nd mujhe lga abhi thak jayegi to so jayegi raat ko'coz vo karan k upar hi soti h poori tarah'she needs him around'both these father 'daughter r alike'dey cant sleep alone' fir aat ko bhi 1-2 baj gya nd she dint sleep to maine karan se baat krvayi nd he said k haan dadda loves u nd dis nd dat jo bhi  pta nhi ye baap beti shayad baatein krte h raat ko'pr she dint sleep even then'nd den  it clicked me'to main iski ek shirt leke usko aise rakha iske syd pe bed pe fir angel ko ulta krke letaya nd den she slept!" nd I laughed hearing dat'.i hadn't also seen d baby yet but luvd dis little antic of hers."oh man! Wat a tuf job it must hav been!!" "meri beti!" he chuckled on dat'"but I c u cumin back in shape,nd der r rumours doin rounds dat u'l do a cameo kinda thing in karan's next,so hows it goin?" karan said "well u'l hav 2 wait for dat'vaise bhi uski shootin will start only nxt we still hav abt a month'" she contd'(dey had such such such a gud connect I tell u!) "nd its just a small role'yeah kinda cameo'so m reading d script'if things fall in place'lts c!!" "hmmm'okay'so we're xcited for it'lts hope evrythin cums out at its best nd we're able to c u guys again togthr'"yeah'abhi m happy playin dis new mother's role only!" "acha now dat u guys hav a daughter'who's not even a year'karan do u think it's a little difficult being a parent..havin an addition 2 ur family ol of a sudden? I mean do u guys hav any serius talks abt it'abt angel's future n ol?" "welll'..yeah v do discuss some things'abt how r future is gonna b now'infact uss din shona ws sayin what accent will angel hav!" nd he lukd at her'" hmm'I speak in a little difrent accent'he's been in Saudi for most of his life nd so he has a little difrent kinda accent to main vohi bol rhi thi usko k pta nhi angel kaise baat kregi'abhi to she hardly says mumma dadda'.though isko kaafi jldi rhti h usse bulvane k liye!"  "oh!!!! M sure she'l get a mix of both of urs'.vaise she luks like karan more'" "ahaaa! Thank u thank u" he said wid a proud xpression'"but vo she takes her syd more'" "abhi kuch to mera bhi hoga na!" "acha if ur dun wid whom she luvs more guys'.karan'one last thing b4 goin'.uhm'its been like 6..more dan 6 years 2 ur marriage now'so today'in front of ol ur fans..i just want both of u 2 say a little thank u or sumthin 2 each othr'" "oh'sirf aj nhi.each day of my lyf I thank god for havin..uhm givin me u as a lyf partner'u've been d most spcl part of my lyf'.thank u for'for ur existence'for being der wid me in d past..whatevr 8-9 years'nd I promise dat I'l keep u happy in d future as well'.so thank u'thank u shona'I hope hum aage bhi aise hi rhe'a small little happy family!!" nd he grinned makin me smile too' "vaise i've seen karan's much more comfortable when we covr u guys at home or u knw whe- when'" while I ws fiddling wid words'karan helped.."yeah actually! C'uhm I think dis is 'dis is wher I belong to'u c dis house around'dis is me'my wife'my daughter'i- I don't need anything else'ol d success is coz of her'nd it is for her...i am just der for my family aur mujhe kch fark nhi padta'dis is wher  I m d most comfortable'dis is wher I am 'I am myself u knw'I don't need 2 b sweet 2 dem'I don't need 2 think maine kya pehna h ya kya kiya ya khana table pe khaya ya bed pe'm a vry private person u c'." "yeah'dats'dats vry vry true abt him'uhm'jitna bhi pta h ye intrviews me ya kahin pe bolta h'u wont believe ghar pe uska 1000 tyms zada baat krta h'sara din chap chap chap chap'.so dats how he is'nd I luv u for dat!" she shaid d last sentence turning towards him'." Dats sooo swet gys!!! M in luv wid u both!" I said not really controlling my emotions'nd den cumin bak to m journalist self'I finally had to say dem goodbye..nd while both of dem came to bid me a gud bye till d door'karan got a call nd while waiting for him 2 finish'I heard him on d fone( I dint want 2 hear his personal convo though'jst had to!) karan:hey'hi'.yeah yeah I jst came back today'hmmm'..uhmm I think I'l b flyin back on d 12th'haan 10th is her birthday so I'l b leavin on d 12th'.yeah'..nhi I dnt knw vo abhi but I think new years k liye I'l b definitely der'.no nothing spcl but I still need 2 b der na'.yeah dat we'l c..probably jst a dinner or sumthin'hmmm acha abhi i..i gotta go'so I'l catch u later? Yeah ok'haan haan pakka'.thnx bye!" nd while he offered to drop me 2 d car like a gentleman'I dint hav a single idea abt what he ws goin to say'"uhm sun'I'l send u a sms wid d venue detail nd timings nd b der on d 10th rite? Nd don't forget'ur not supposed to call her nd wish her birthday hmm?" I nodded nd in d car while coming bak'said to sarthak'"hey we hav to covr a surprise birthday party on d 10th'.b ready wid ur camera nd stuff haan!"


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