Thursday, 16 April 2020

OS Last part : DMG ek saal baad...Armaan's Return!

Later on that night...

It was a cool night and a single spot light was shining onto the basket ball court, down onto him. He stood silently dressed in a pair of faded blue jeans and a black and red shirt, the first three buttons were undone and the sleeve of his right arm were folded just below his elbow, the left sleeve was folded once till his wrist. In his hand he held a basket ball as he stood in the quarter half of the basket ball court facing the basket. He lifted the ball over his head and threw it towards the basket, it hit the board with a slight tap and dropped into the basket rotating twice before it fell through the hole in the net and hit the ground bouncing three times before it came to a halt a few meters away from him...

Voice: Just for you...basket...

He stood still looking at the basket ball, tears welled up in his right eye but he refused to let it drop. He blinked it away and gave a small smile to nothing in particular. He then looked up towards the basket as if he was talking to his basket.

Armaan: I'm sorry basket...I'm really sorry... - pausing after every sentence - pata nahi main ajj yahan kyon aya...I promised main yahan khabi wapas nahi awonga...but I still came back...ek saal ke baad...I don't know why...I drove myself away from this place just for you...I've hurt you so much...I always promised you that I wouldn't hurt you any more...I kept on making after the next but...I always seemed to break them somehow or the other...always... – bowing his head – but no more...this is why I went away...because I just can't hurt you any more...whatever happened to you was my always was my fault...I can't see you in pain anymore...because I love you...I love you lots basket... – smiling

He walked over to the ball and picked it up twirling it around and around in his hand then threw it into the basket once more watching it drop and fall onto the floor again.

Armaan: This is where it all started...right here in this court... – tears in his eyes once again – Two and a half years ago...was the first time I met you...right here on this court... and you beat me in the were the first person to beat me in a basketball match...the only person to beat me...but somewhere deep down...I loved that defeat... – smiling – because...I won a beautiful trophy that day...right...Dr. Basket... – his left cheek dented as his smile widened and looked up at the basket – a trophy which I keep very close to my heart...even if you're not with're always in here... – pointing to his heart – and always will be...

He took three steps back and looked around the court; each corner brought back some beautiful memories of his lady love and their sweet talks. His mind was buzzing full of those wonderful times which will never come back.

Armaan: Basket...I'm truly sorry...even while going away from you I left you in pain...but I had to...I had to leave that letter with Dr. Shashank...I wanted you to forget hate that you could move on with your live your dreams with your family who loves you a lot...and wanted the best for you...but no matter the distance I want you to know...that you will always live inside me...and I'm happy knowing that you are living your life happily without any pain... – silently – from me...

He bowed his head again this time feeling the pain in his chest. He promised himself he would never come back in her life, never to give her any more pain, he just wanted to move away from it all even though he was in pain every single day from the day she was shot...shot because of him. He was transferred to the Sanjeevani Delhi branch but for some really weird reason which he could not understand he felt as if he needed to come back here...even if he wasn't coming back for her, he had to be here tonight...but unknowingly to him it was destiny...

He wiped a tear away from his cheek and smiled again but he heard a muffled cry. His head shot up wondering what it was, he looked around the court but it was empty. He moved around the court and search for the direction of where the sound was coming from when he noticed a red colour material on the floor near the entrance gate of the court. He walked closer to see what it was, his heart thumping hard against his chest and his mind whizzing with thoughts he wished wasn't going to come true, it couldn't be her. As he got closer to the gate he saw the most heart wrenching scene right in front of his eyes. She stooped on her knees, her head bowed down, tear rolling out of her eyes and down her red cheeks, her dupatta touching the ground and her hair in a slight mess.

Armaan stood watching her in this state, as much as he wanted to run to her and just hold her close to him he couldn't. His mind and heart had started a battle against each other and he just couldn't understand which one to side with. His feet moved slowly towards her and she felt his presence getting closer and closer, she fixed her hair and dupatta then stood up. She lifted her head and looked at him, their eyes met and they stood there for what seemed like a lifetime.

Ishq Leta hai kaise imtehaan

Ishq Leta hai kaise imtehaan
Ishq mein jeeyun
Ishq mein maarun
Ishq hi mera...

Riddhima: Armaan... - whispering to herself

Tears carried on falling from her eyes, seeing her like this tears well up in his eyes. After one whole year he had seen her and even in this state she looked beautiful, how much he had missed her only his heart knew. They stood a few meters away from each other just staring at what they had yearned for, for a whole year, but even being this close they didn't know what to do next, or what they should do next. It had been a whole fifteen minutes of silence while they stood there until Riddhima had finally stopped crying and calmed down. Armaan moved forward finally deciding to defeat his brain and follow his heart; he now stood right in front of her with just a few inches of space between them.

Armaan: Rid...Riddhima... - slowly

He felt a hard hand against his cheek followed by a stinging pain making his cheek heat up. She looked at him full of hatred.

Riddhima: I Hate You...I hate you... – tears spilled from her eyes once again

Those three words tore his heart apart. The tears he had held up ever since he got here had finally spilled out of his eyes. He could feel the heated water falling from his eyes onto his cheeks and off his chin onto his shirt.

Armaan: Riddhima... – whispering

Riddhima: I hate you Armaan...I hate could you do this to me? I hate you...

Armaan: Riddhima... – again

Armaan took a step closer to her and said her name again. She couldn't help it but burst into tears and flung her arms around him as tight as she could completely breaking down against him. Armaan slowly moved his arms around her and pulled her close to him, it felt great to hold her after a long time and he wanted to savour this moment forever. They stood like this for several moments.

Now sitting on the steps in the basket ball court Riddhima had calmed down and leaned her head on his shoulder and put her arms around him holding on tight making sure he wouldn't leave her.

Riddhima: - breaking the silence – Armaan...tum nahi jante ho mujh par kya beeta jab maine suna ke tum mujhe chor kar chala gaya tha...I had just woken up from coma...I wanted to know where you were...par kissi ne mujhe nahi bataya...I begged and begged until dad told me you had left me...left me in this condition to die...I didn't believe him...I thought you were also injured...but then I came out of hospital and dad gave me the letter...I couldn't...couldn't believe you had actually left me...I wanted to leave...I just wanted to get away...Dad thought it was a good idea to send me to Chicago to Dii...I went...and all I did was hate you...something inside kept telling me there was something else behind it...that you would never do that to me...but the words in your letter was so harsh...I decided if you could move on...then so can I...and I changed myself...all I wanted was to concentrate on my work and nothing else...and I did Armaan...all I did was work...

Armaan: Riddhima...I... – speechless

Riddhima: You know Armaan...I thought I had really forgotten about you...but something inside me brought me here tonight...I dunno what it was but it was so powerful that I had to...and when I saw you had cleared all my misconceptions...I was wrong...I should've known before you would never leave love was so weak could I have thought that you would leave me? – tears building back up in her eyes

Armaan: Nahi's not your fault... – wiping her tears away - whatever happened was meant to happen...forget about it...and it's all over now...

Riddhima: - cutting him off – Armaan...

He placed his finger on her lips to silence her; he knew what she was going to say.

Armaan: Riddhima...I promise...I will never leave you again...never...

Riddhima: - smiled for the first time that evening – I love you Armaan...

Armaan: I love me too... – winking at her

Riddhima thumped him on his chest, tears of happiness spilled from her eyes.

Armaan: I love you... – hugging her


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