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OS part 1 : DMG ek saal baad...Armaan's Return!

[NOTE: This is a small FF or prediction of Armaan's return in Dill Mill Gayye. This is completely factious and whatever mentioned in this does not relate to the original show or any of the characters. This is written as a prediction of the Dill Mill Gayye story a year after the shootout at Sanjeevani Hospital, in this case it has only been three months that Riddhima is back in the show.

The FF carries on as usual but a slight change in the YuNa story because even I don't know what's going on with it...hehe. But Tamana has left the hospital as she is now married to Aniket. With her exit there is a new intern Tia Ahuja.]

The four new interns had entered the hospital for their early morning shift, they packed away their belongings in the lockers and sat around waiting for the announcement. As usual Sid was late, he walked into a very quiet locker room; looking around at all the sullen face he raised his eye brows questioning them.

Sid: What's up??

GP: Arre kya bataon mere dost...yeh subha duties karte karte hum sab tak gayye...

Naina: Haan yaar... – making a face

Tia: Tell me about it... – English accent – I hate these early morning duties...

Yuvi: Sab nautanki... – to himself, he turned to his locker – doctor banne aye aur phir bhi complain, complain, complain...

Speakers: Sab interns nurse station per report kijiye

GP: Chalo... – dragging himself up from the bench

Tia: Yeah...let's see what this Dr. Gupta has in store for us today – walking out of the locker room

Sid: - catching up with them –'s not Dr.'s Hitler ki Nani...

They all laugh while Yuvi shook his head at them. The corridor was filled with their laughter as they made their way to the front desk.

Voice: Yeh ek hospital hain...chirya ghar nahi! – loudly from the front desk

They all quietened down and looked at their feet while standing in a line. In front of them stood their new mentor; Dr. Riddhima Gupta aka Hitler ki Nani. For their first year of internship they were fortunate enough to have two lenient mentors, Dr. Keerti and Dr. Nikki, but for their second year they had to report to Dr. Gupta, the new strict doctor in the building. It had been three months that she had been here but everyone was afraid of her and stayed as far as possible away from her.

Dr. Gupta: This is a hospital – repeating her sentence pronouncing each and every syllable to make her point clear – If you want to behave like animals you may leave...if you are here to learn you will behave yourself and do your duties to your full abilities without giving anyone a reason for complains...understood?

They all nodded their heads still looking down at their feet.

Dr. Gupta: Understood? – louder

All: Yes Ma'am...Dr. Gupta

Dr. Gupta: Dr. Singh Cardiac Ward, Dr. Ahuja General Ward, Dr. Prasad Path Lab, Dr. Mehta OPD and Dr. Modhi it is Wednesday...your usual duty...Stool Test until twelve then General Ward

Naina and GP giggled.

Dr. Gupta: Doctors...would you like to share the joke?

Naina: Sorry Ma'am...

Dr. Gupta: Right...get to work!

They all scuttled away towards their assigned duties. Tia and Sid walked together as they were heading in the same direction.

Sid: I hate this... – angrily – Three months...three whole months and I'm doing this same the hell was I suppose to know she was a doctor... – holding onto his cheek

Tia: - giggled – Did it hurt? – teasing

Sid: - glared at her – It's not funny ok?

Tia: Sorry... – holding her ear – Ok I'll see you later... – walking away into the General Ward


All: Happy Birthday To You...Happy Birthday To You...Happy Birthday Dear Naina...Happy Birthday To You... – all clap

The whole new intern gang gathered around a table decorated with beautiful rose petals and a delicious chocolate cake for Naina. This was a special surprise by Yuvi for Naina. She stood there smiling at him while they all cheered for her to cut the cake. She cut a slice and fed Yuvi first then the rest of them. Atul and Ridz stood by the table and clapped for her. Sometime later they settled down at the table and Atul and Ridz found another table for themselves and talked about the usual cases. They were disrupted a few minutes later by an angry looking woman who flopped down on the chair next to them. They looked at her questioningly.

Nikki: Waiter coffee... – angrily – Uss Abhi ko to main... – to herself

Atul: Nikki...calm down...itna ghussa bache ke liye theek nahi hain...

Nikki: Atul...not you as well...Abhi's driving me crazy...yeh mat karo...woh mat karo...arghh – holding onto her head

Ridz: - smiled at her – Nikki he's right though... – gently – These first two months are the most important months when you need to be careful...

Nikki: I know Ridzi main bhi ek doctor hoon...but Abhi's driving me crazy...he doesn't let me do anything...

Abhi: - walking towards their table – Well...can you blame me?? – sitting down next to his wife – She finds every little opportunity to fight with me...

Nikki: I fight with you... – her temper rising

Voice: Tum dono khabi nahi badlo ge...

They all looked up to a pleasant surprise...

Ridz: Dii... – whispered

Anjali and Shashank walked into the cafeteria with big smiles as the old gang stood up in shock of seeing Anjali after a long time. Anjali walked over to Ridz and gave her a big hug. The two sisters stood in embrace for a while until Shashank walked forward and placed a hand on both their shoulders. They moved back and smiled then Anjali hugged Nikki and smiled at Abhi with a slight blush. Atul watched her silently in the background with a slight blush on his cheeks.

Abhi: Wow Anjali...what a pleasant surprise...

Nikki:'s so nice to see you again... – giving her a hug

Ridz: Welcome back Dii... – smiling whole heartedly for the first time in a long time

Anjali: Thanks guys...I missed you guys so feels great to be back

Shashank: Well...why don't you all sit down and catch up...I'll see you later... – cheerfully

Nikki, Abhi and Atul smiled at him while Ridz and Anjali said bye dad. The gang sat for a while chatting generally until Abhi and Nikki received a page for an emergency and Ridz realised that she had spent a lot of time just sitting around she made an excuse of getting back to work. Now that they were finally alone the both sneaked a glance at each other then looked down into their lap with a smile playing on their lips.

On the other side of the cafeteria sat the new interns keeping lots of noise, singing and celebrating Naina's birthday. She smiled as she slapped GP on the arm as he cracked a silly joke then looked at Yuvi who was sitting next to her and was silent as he watched someone across the room.

Naina: Kya huwa Yuvi? Kya dekh rahe ho? – looking around

The gang had gone silent and also looked in the direction Yuvi was looking in.

Sid: Woh kaun hain?

GP: Pata nahi...chal pata karte hain... – getting up

Tia: Hey...ruko...let's not disturb them

Naina: Koi baath nahi hai's only AJ...chalo...

They all get up and walk towards Atul and Anjali.

GP: Arre waah bare bhaiya...ajj to app bare hi kush lag rahe ho...kya baath hain? – nudging his shoulder

Sid: AJ...hume apne dost se nahi milwaoge? – winking

Atul: - blushing – Guys...aisa kuch nahi hain...yeh Dr. Anjali hain...Dr. Shashank ki bari beti aur meri... – blushing – Beep Beep

They were interrupted by a sudden buzz of pagers. Everyone took out their pagers and looked at them. Their faces filled with horror...

All: Oh-No Hitler ki Nani!! – they all rushed out

Anjali laughed and watched them run out of the cafeteria, Atul smiled as he looked at her; he really had missed her immensely and was so happy to see her in front of him again. She turned back to face him still smiling, she looked even much better than the last time he had seen her at the hospital when Ridz was injured. He had offered to see her off at the airport as she had been offered a job in Chicago, he held her hand tightly in the car letting her cry her eyes out while leaving her sister and family in this condition but she needed to do this and Shashank had told her to go ahead and leave the country, he didn't want her to give up her dreams. Atul remembered bidding her a tearful goodbye at the airport and that was the last time he had seen her even though they did keep in touch through phone calls. But now looking at her in front of him once again was really the best surprise anyone could give him. He was brought out of his thoughts as she clicked her long fingers in front of his eyes still smiling.

Anjali: Atul... – making a face at him – tum ne apne baat puri nahi ki...

Atul: Kaunsi baat Anjali? – confused

Anjali: Dr. Shashank ki badi beti aur meri... – repeating his sentence – tumhari kya...

Atul: - shocked – Umm...Anjali...umm – stuttering

Anjali: Atul... – stretching her hand across the table she held his hand in hers gently – ab to bolo... – almost in a whisper

Atul: Anjali...I...I love you...please mujhe chorkar khabhi maat jo...phirse maat jao...

Anjali: - closed her eyes and smiled deeply – Atul phir se kaho...

Atul: I love you Anjali – squeezing her hand

Anjali: - opening her eyes she looked into his – I love you too Atul...

Later on that night...

It was a cool night and a single spot light was shining onto the basket ball court, down onto him. He stood silently dressed in a pair of faded blue jeans and a black and red shirt, the first three buttons were undone and the sleeve of his right arm were folded just below his elbow, the left sleeve was folded once till his wrist. In his hand he held a basket ball as he stood in the quarter half of the basket ball court facing the basket. He lifted the ball over his head and threw it towards the basket, it hit the board with a slight tap and dropped into the basket rotating twice before it fell through the hole in the net and hit the ground bouncing three times before it came to a halt a few meters away from him...

Voice: Just for you...basket...

To Be Continued...

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