Tuesday, 21 April 2020


She hated her dad. What if armaan was the best neurosurgeon around? He did not have the right to send her husband away for days only for the sake of saving people's lives. What about her life? How could she stay away from him for so long? It had already been forty nine hours and thirty four minutes, and even now there were hours left for his flight to land. It would be morning by the time he reaches home. Huh.


She banged the dishes angrily after washing them, wiped her hands dry and made her way to the bedroom after switching off the lights...

She removed all the pieces of clothing from her body, and slipped into his black shirt. She stood in front of the mirror, buttoning up the shirt, leaving of course, the first three buttons open, just like him. She looked sexy, she appreciated herself mentally. His shirt fit her like a dress...she folded the sleeves a little, so it didn't hang off her wrists. And, brought the neckline of the shirt closer to her nose, smelling his cologne, and missing him even more... she moved towards his side of the bed and rested against the back post. She took her phone, and kissed her wallpaper before dialing his number. Switched off, he's still in the flight, she reminded herself. Putting her phone to silent, she slipped under the covers, hugged his pillow and closed her eyes.

She opened her eyes to the sunlight. She cursed herself for forgetting to draw the curtains last night. She flickered her eyes twice and opened them properly still gazing out of the window. She loved mornings. Warm and welcoming. And light, the dust traveling through the little opening in the window, that perfect line that made the sunlight visible. She smiled taking it all in. feeling blessed to see another morning. She brought her arm to her waist and caressed armaan's hand. She held it tight and made his hold stronger. He came closer breathing heavily in her ear, his lips brushing her ear involuntarily. She smiled feeling ticklish. She tried to move her legs, but one of his legs was sprawled lavishly on both hers, holding her right in place. She turned around to face him and rested her hand on his bare, cold chest. She was seeing him after 2 whole fcuking days. She put the falling hair on his forehead, back to their place and pressed her lips there. It was her place. she felt his lips form into a smile as she continued staring at her life. She brought her hand up and caressed his cheeks noticing each and every faeature of his face, she creased his eyebrows with her fingers and giggled noticing, once again, the little gap in his right eye brow. She carresed his nose too, before pecking the centre. He smiled yet again and made his hold tighter on her waist, now holding her from both hands and bringing him over her. She put her hands around his neck as she came on top of him and kissed his lips whispering a good morning' near his lips. His hands roamed on her back as he hummed a good morning in her ear, kissing it. She went further down and kissed his neck, taking in his smell and closing her eyes feeling the bliss, feeling him. "kab aaye?" she whispered in his shoulder..

"mmhh a few hours back.." he replied sleepily..

"mujhe uthaya kyun nahi?" she kept her head on the left side of his chest listening to his heartbeats. It always calmed her, relaxed her, it was the best music to her ears.

"you were sleeping.." he answered absent mindedly and rolled her on the bed so that she laid on her back and he rested half his body over hers, resting his face in the crook of her neck..

"you're so good.." he commented sleepily as she roamed her hand through his hair bringing him closer...

"I missed you.."

He kissed her neck in return, making his hold tighter.. "me too...I love you.."

She smiled at her baby... "how was the surgery?"

"achi.." his other hand went to the opening of the shirt he wore, sending chills down her spine, and resting on her shoulder..

Just then, she heard the alarm ringing, as she snoozed and turned around back to him, she found him staring right into her eyes, she kissed both his eyes one by one before wishing again "good morning bacha..."

He kissed her lips taking his morning dose, "good morning".


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