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Part 1 : Armaan aur Riddhima ka safar

This story is set in North West of London. It is a simple story of a teenage girl, her family, her friends and her love. There is no serious moral of the story, and there is no real drama in it either, just a normal everyday life of simple young girl, how she grows from being a teenager to an adult and all the extras added in which occurs in every girls life during this age. As the story begins the young characters are aged 16-17 years and they attend 6th form.

Part 1

It was an early warm summer morning; the estate was peaceful with birds chirping away sweetly making the atmosphere serene. There were five small houses in this estate and in the centre stood a huge old oak tree which added to the beauty of this small world. The Gupta House was in the centre with two other houses on either side, inside had mirrored the same effect of outside with its calmness. Two people were sat at the table having their breakfast peacefully carrying out a general
conversation. A while later the man stood up and put on his coat, he made his way out of the kitchen to the front door with his wife following behind him. She picked up his briefcase which lay on the counter top by the front door and handed it to him, he took it from her with a smile then walked out of the front door; she stood there waving to him as he drove off. She smiled closing the door and walked back into the kitchen to see her elder daughter walking into the kitchen and sitting down at the table; she made her breakfast and sat down to give her company, like she had done with her husband. This was her usual routine which she enjoyed, the joys of being a wife, a mother and a friend.

While having breakfast they indulged in a small conversation which was interrupted by the girl who looked over at the time on the microwave and then at her mum who shook her head.

Anji: RIDZI!!!!! Hurry up!! ' shouting at the ceiling

Ridz: Ayi Dii...just a minute... ' shouting from upstairs ' 'I'm coming...I'm coming...

Padma: Yeh ladki bhi na... abhi ayegi aur kahehgi..."oh my gosh!! Is that the time???" - Anjali and Padma both giggle

Upstairs, in her own world, was the youngest daughter of the house. The baby; the spoilt but most loved person of the family. She had woken up early this morning with a very bright smile on her face as she thought of the day ahead. She had taken a long bath, took her time to get ready, fixed up her room, gathered her things and was just about to grab her bag from the end of her bed before walking out of the room when she suddenly stopped and turned to have a look in the mirror. She looked down at her feet to check her dolly shoes then she looked at her clothes. She was wearing a pair of black skinny jeans, a baby blue shirt, a black jacket and lots of jewellery. She looked up at her face inspecting her makeup and quickly winked at herself'

Ridz: Not bad Ridzi!!!

She then quickly walked out of her room and ran down the stairs, through the living room and into the kitchen to see the two ladies already sitting there waiting for her, she walked towards them with a big smile on her face and gave each of them a hug and a kiss on the cheek as she greeted them on this fine morning.

Ridz: Good morning mama...morning dii'

As she hugged Anjali her eyes fell onto the time on the microwave making her pull back in shock.

Ridz: Oh my gosh!! Is that the time? Dii chalo...

Anjali and Padma both laughed at her and Padma shook her head.

Padma: Bilkul nahi...sit down and have your breakfast...

Ridz: But mama...we're going to be late...hume chalna chahiye... - she begin to walk towards the door

Padma: Riddhima!! Breakfast!!

Ridz: Okay mama' ' sulking a bit

Riddhima walked back to the table and silently sat down while Padma served her breakfast; Anjali had a little smile on her face as she looked at her sister sulking for a second then her mood changed and she was smiling again. Over breakfast the three ladies had an interesting little chat in which Anjali blushed quite a few times. After some time Anjali and Riddhima got up to leave. They both gave Padma a hug before they headed out of the door leaving Padma saying bye.

Padma: Aur bhool na mat...try to be home early...

Ridz: Haan...of course'aaj to hum bohot jald ajayenge...haina dii' - giving her sister a wink

Anji: Ridzi...tum bhi stop it'

This conversation carried on while they were both in the car.

Ridz: Kyon Dii? - teasing

Anji: Riddhima please...not now...ab yeh batao...are you excited'it's your first day and all'are you ready for your new subjects'and new classes?

Ridz: C'mon dii...don't change the topic...are you excited'after all tume dikne ladke wale ah rahen hain aaj...

Anji: Riddhima...abhi nahi' - with a small smile and her cheeks going pink

Ridz: Okay'okay... ' changing the subject - 'yeah I'm really excited...after all I've got all the subjects I wanted...I can't wait to start the day!!!

Riddhima was really happy today; it was her first day of A 'Levels, she had passed all her exams with excellent grades and had been accepted in all the subjects she had chosen. She had always been top in her classes, very intelligent but also liked to have lots of fun with her friends. They had reached Riddhima's school and after Anjali had dropped her off saying good luck Riddhima walked into the school with a broad smile plastered on her face.

Ridz: - thinking- 'Finally...I've waited so long for this day...from now everything's going to change...I don't know...I have this aaj se sub kuch badal ne wale's a new beginning...hopefully for the best... ' praying silently

Riddhima was lost in her thoughts when someone walked up behind her and covered her eyes making her stop in shock and struggling to free herself.

Ridz: Who is it?

??: - slowly comes even closer to her and whispers in her ear - 'Guess!!

Riddhima moved her hands up towards her face and felt the person's hands wondering who it was.

Ridz: I don't know...who is it??

The person moved his hand away quickly and turned Riddhima around to face him. Riddhima stood there staring at the person standing in front of her. The guy was big built with lots of muscles; he was wearing a black vest top and a pair of blue jeans, his jacket hung over one arm and his school bag over his shoulder. He had a thin face; his black hair uncombed falling over his forehead and onto his deep dark eyes. He smiled at Riddhima...

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