Friday, 3 April 2020


couple is sitting in the restaurant of california. 

Why you always do this girl said.
You have to understand this work is really important for me boy said.
Sid its my best friend marriage and you know about the plan from last 7 months even I confirm that with you girl said.

Riddhima baby please understand i just got promoted and this project is very important if I work on this they may be considered me for the my dream project you know how am trying to get that dream project sid said.

(We are in relationship in from last six years but I never feel this relationship like a real relationship this is just friendship I don’t know why I have to do compromise but I understand sid is a good guy , he cares for me. She think. )

Hey where are you lost sid said.
he stand up and come in front of her he is on his knee and hold Riddhima hand everyone look at them.
Riddhima gasp and look around and found everyone is stares at them.

(Is he is going to propose me, no no no please sid no I don’t want to reject you in front of everyone ohhh this is so awkward. Riddhima think. )

Riddhima I know you are angry. But you have to understand you can go yourself na you are a strong woman you live here alone you are artists. You have your own gallery. I know you can go new york all alone. Sid said.

Sid really you want me to go from california to New York by road all alone.
Riddhima said.

Sid going to speak more but riddhima cut him.
please stand up and sit on chair everyone is staring riddhima said.

Sid sit back on his chair.

Riddhima I promise I will come on marriage please manage this and its your best friend marriage na no one wants me there.

Are you kidding me they all expect you there with me we are in relationship from my junior year and they want to see us together. Anyway i will manage.

After that they have their dinner and sid drop Riddhima to her apartment as she enter in her apartment she sighs and then she pick up her phone and dial her best friend no.

Hey thank god you picked up my call
Riddhima said.
Ridzi what happened is everything ok. Girl said.
Anji there is change in plan. Riddhima said. Controlling her tears.

Hey are you not coming, main bol rhi hon riddhima ager tum nhi ayi main apne sare rishtey tod dongi tumse. Anjali said

Anji I can’t miss your marriage obviously am coming, but sid is not coming with me he will come on marriage.

Are you mad riddhima he again ditched you and he again choose his work over you.
No it’s for the first time riddhima said defending sid.

Ohhh seriously you forget about the my 21 birthday then our bali trip. For him his work is more important then you I don’t know why are you still with him anjali said she is angry on her best friend boyfriend.

Let it be na i will manage, and his work is important and he is hardworking so its ok. She again defended him.

Ok anyway armaan is also coming tomorrow why don’t you come with him i am sure he also need company. Anjali said sighing.

No no I can’t , you know that , armaan malik never. Riddhima said.

Hey riddhima I know you hate him but know he is change person anjali said.

Really armaan malik is change person I can’t believe, he always do silly things and ends up getting in trouble I can’t. And I don’t know why you invited him Riddhima said.

Hey he is my big brother so obviously he will come shut up go pack your bags he will come to pick you up by 11 am anjali said and cut the call.

Anji hey listen but anjali already disconnect the call, riddhima tried calling her but her phone is off.
She think for some time and she just message her
(Ok fine tell him i will be ready by 11 am )
Riddhima sighs and start packing ,then she start thinking about armaan malik.

Armaan malik he is the guy every girl wants. He is the guy with whom everyone want to befriend and he is the guy who can make girls blush by his smile. He i handsome tall. His eyes is blue. He is carefree soul who robbed everyone heart by his looks even so many girls befriend anjali so they can come close to armaan.
And anjali hate this thing except riddhima.
Riddhima is her friend from grade 2.

Riddhima is also fall for his charm and she hates this thing about her self even she can’t resist his charm.
Next morning riddhima wake up and get ready she is waiting for armaan but there is no sign of him.
She even call anjali but she doesn’t pick so she sit down and start thinking about the past.

Flashback 6 years ago.
Riddhima is on vacation with maliks they go on island . And there they have their own cabin. But anjali fall sick and riddhima is with her she help anjali and then she go downstairs she open her book. But at same time armaan come and sit next to her.
Hey riddhima what are you doing armaan said.
you’re taking to me. Riddhima ask closing her book.
Yup any problem armaan ask.
No where is your bimbos. Riddhima ask. Again opening her book.
Armaan chuckle
Those half naked girls i am not interested.
Anyway I didn’t saw you enjoying.
Anjali is sick riddhima said.
Ya I know that anyway we are going for swimming go get change armaan said pulling book from her.
With you. Riddhima ask.
I promise i will be gentlemen.
Riddhima laugh gentlemen and you.
Riddhima I promise you he said he is serious.
Riddhima want to refuse but she think its her last day in cabin she can go for while so she Agree and go in anjali room.

Hey what happened why you back in room. Anjali ask.

Actually armaan asked me for swimming and i think I should go riddhima said nervously because she know anjali is possessive about her brother.

Ohh you should go this way my guilt will reduce. Anjali said.
Why are you guilty its not your fault anyway i will come back in 1 hour you take rest. Riddhima said and change in swimming suit.

She found him outside the cabin waiting for her he walk slowly with her perfectly as a gentlemen they talk about random things he ask about her life she even tell him she knows all the silly things he done in the school.
Ohhh you noticed me. Armaan asked.
You are difficult not to get noticed your pranks are talk of school.
He laugh and then he tell her he is going for college .
Are you happy she asked.
He didn’t said anything.
You should be happy you are getting what you want its big opportunity for you.
He just nod and pull his T-shirt from his head .He is in shorts his perfect body is attracting her towards him. His broad shoulders his hard chest and those perfect abs any girl can fall for him she shut her mind for drooling over him.
She also dropped her towel.
Armaan scan her body and turn his face towards water. He stand up and jump in water.
Riddhima is standing on edge and look towards him.
Hey come what are you watching. Armaan said.
Riddhima also jump in water but water is so deep she start sinking in water.
Armaan get panic, he pull her out of water, and take her to nearby shore. .
Riddhima take heavy breath and then she yell
Are you mad why didn’t you tell me that water is deep. And how was you standing not sinking.

Riddhima i was standing on the branch am sorry I didn’t know you don’t know swimming, why you come when you don’t know swimming He said.

Riddhima is angry but she calm her nerves. She want to yell that i want to be near you i can’t resist you.
But she start going towards shore.
Hey where are you going he asked protecting her.
Back to cabin its was my mistake that i trust you. She said pushing him.
Why you trust me you even don’t know me. He said.
Riddhima looks in his eyes and then again start to go near shore but she stumbled armaan on time saves her his hands go around her waist.
Chill run down to her spine.
They come back on dock. They both are standing there in moon light.
Armaan again apologies he is really sorry.
He is serious and feel guilty.
Riddhima looks in his eyes.
Its ok its not your fault you don’t know about me. But fear of losing her is in his eyes
And armaan don’t know what happened to him Armaan pulled her towards him and smacked his hard Lips on her and and pulled her closer by putting his hands on her bare waist... and looking once into her eyes....he moved his face closer to hers n looking passionately in her eyes he moved his lips closed to hers and putting his lips on hers...and start kissing her passionately..... his hand moved on her waist pulling her close .

He wasn't able to control himself anymore while as soon as she felt his lips on hers,she was lost. So lost, that she just forgot about her surroundings

Her hands soon went into his hairs...soon the kiss turned in to more passionate..... both kissed each other passionatelyarmaan nibbled her upper lip while she chewed his lower lip...both then changed their positions as he chewed her lower lip on she nibbled his upper lip....while doing so he moved his tongue inside her mouth and he explores his mouth.
She come out of the kiss when she hear giggles.
Both come out of the kiss and look in each other eyes. This is the first kiss she is ashamed not because she kiss him because she kiss her best friend brother her first kiss is with armaan.
We should go back in cabin armaan said as he can senses her tension she nodded and they silently go back in the cabin.
Please don’t tell about this to anyone. Riddhima said.
Armaan just nod and move towards his room.
She goes in her room but she try to avoid anjali.
Flashback end.
Boom boom boom
She come back from her thoughts and open the door. There he is standing he is more handsome he is looking hot in white tight T-shirt and blue jeans he is broad then the past he is tall and exactly greek god.
Armaan cough she come out of her thoughts and move her eyes from his body.
Hey he said.
Hii come inside she said.
Yup let me help you with the bags.
He takes her bags and walk back towards his car.
Don’t tell me we are going in this Car.
Armaan raised his brows, Any problem he asked.
this is old car I remember this car or may be we can’t able to reach on time lets take mine she said.
Don’t wry i go on road trips in this this is fine you go sit let me settle the things.
Your still same sweet one she said sarcastically.
He chuckles.

What you remember about me. He asked.
not much she replied.
Ohh grt , i don’t remember much about you either.
this trip would have been get extremely awkward for us he give his dimple smile.
She nodded then he place a box.
Be careful this is my gift for anjali she said.
He nodded and put things in car.
Then he come on driver seat they start their long journey.
Just four days riddhima you can do this.
Riddhima think., but she is sad because armaan don’t remember about her, this mean he forgot about their kiss. She is lost in her thoughts.
Armaan look towards her. But he moves his eyes back towards road they travel for hours


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