Monday, 6 April 2020

Part 2 : Armaan aur Riddhima ka safar

Ridz: Who is it?

??: - slowly comes even closer to her and whispers in her ear - …Guess!!

Riddhima moved her hands up towards her face and felt the person's hands wondering who it was.

Ridz: I don't know...who is it??

The person moved his hand away quickly and turned Riddhima around to face him. Riddhima stood there staring at the person standing in front of her. The guy was big built with lots of muscles; he was wearing a black vest top and a pair of blue jeans, his jacket hung over one arm and his school bag over his shoulder. He had a thin face; his black hair uncombed falling over his forehead and onto his deep dark eyes. He smiled at Riddhima.

Ridz: Tum?? -breathing a sigh of relief and trying to force a smile

??: - Of course it's me…who else we're you expecting? Huh?

Ridz: No one...I just thought…don't worry…

??: - So? How's the beautiful lady this morning?... - moving back a little and looking at her - …You're looking gorgeous!!

Ridz: Thanks Vivik... - still trying to force a smile

Vivik put his arm around her and they carried on walking through the building and out into the courtyard where lots of students were, some standing around catching up with their friends on how they had spent their holidays and the new students were rushing around in a hurry to get to their classes as it was their first day at school. Vivik sat down by the pond pulling Riddhima along with him.

Vivik: I don't believe we're not going to be in any classes together…I just want to be with you all the time...

Ridz: We'll see each other around school…it's not that big of a deal… – to herself - …thank God for that…

Vivik: I know…but it's not the same…I wish you could be doing a BTECH course with me…

Ridz: I can't because I got accepted in A' levels…all the courses I wanted…

Vivik: Yeah but I still wish we could be together…

DING.DING!  He was cut off by the sound of the bell.

Ridz: - quickly standing up - Okay I got to go…I'll see you later…

Vivik: But…a few more minutes… - holding onto her hand

Ridz: Later Vivik…I'm going to be late…bye…

Riddhima pulled her hand out of his and walked away quickly thanking God that she was saved. She didn't like being alone with Vivik; she always felt weird around him and now she was really happy that they weren't going to be in the same classes and she won't have to see him as much as she use to. She had finally reached her tutor room and walked in to a loud cheer making her stop and look up.


Ridz: Hey guys…you're all early!!!

Abhi:'re late... – grinning

Riddhima walked over to her friends; she hugged Muskaan and Nikita and said hi to Rahul and Abhi.

Muskaan: I still can't believe we are all in the same class...after five long years...this is going to be so much fun... – excitedly

Rahul: Yep...and we're going to make these two years the best years of our lives... – placed his arm around Muskaan's shoulder and pulled her close

Muskaan looked at him with a huge smile, slightly blushing.

Abhi: And they're off again... – rolling his eyes in their direction - …don't you guys ever take a break??

Niki: It's cute…you're just jealous…

Abhi: Me??... Jealous??... Yeah right…of what??

Ridz: Don't you two ever stop??

Abhi: You just wait…when you find someone as annoying as her you won't be able to stop…

Ridz: Yeah right…who has the guts to annoy me? – grinning

Abhi: Ooh…acha…let's see…

Niki: Chor yaar Ridz…he's not worth it…you're wasting your time… – just as Riddhima was going to say something

At the same time Rahul received a text and everyone looked over at him; he looked at the phone, read the message then laughed.

Muskaan: What is it? – looking up at him

Rahul: Message…sun… - read out loud

Chote to Bade: Are yaar mujhe dentist ke paas jaana hai…

Bade: Kyon…daat ke saath problem hain?

Chote: Nahi yaar…mere phone karab ho gaya hai…

Bade: Phone karab hai to dentist ke paas kyon jaana hai…mobile repair shop chale jao…dentist ke paas nahi…

Chote: Dentist ke paas jaana hai…

Bade: Kyon?

Chote: Kyon ke mere mobile ke Bluetooth karab ho gaya yaar…haha – everyone laughed

Niki: Rahul yaar where do you get all these bakwaas jokes from?

Abhi: Bakwaas nahi hain…they're really funny…just because you don't have a sense of humor you don't have to ruin it for all of us…

Just as they were about to start up again the teacher entered the room and the class became quiet.

Teach: Good morning everyone…welcome back…I hope you all are ready for a new busy year… - looking around the class and smiling at everyone

All: Yes sir!

Their tutor took the register then started off with notices.

Teach: Right…I would just like to say welcome back to all of our old students and a warm welcome to our new students…well as it's the first week it will be laid back…you will be attending assemblies, induction classes and the fresher's fair…and your classes will start from next week…please come to the front and pick up your new timetables and we will meet later on in assembly hall…have a nice day…

Everyone moved towards the front of the class and collected their timetables. The gang huddled around the table after collecting their timetable sheets and discussed their lessons; Riddhima and Muskaan sat on the table next to each other while the others stood around looking through their timetables.

Muskaan: Yes! We're all in the same class for IT…this year is going to be awesome…

Ridz: I know…but we have Textiles Induction first…we should go now…

Niki: Yeah let's go…we can't miss this one…right Ridz… - smiling at her

Ridz: Bye guys… - rolling her eyes

Riddhima and Nikita walked out while Muskaan said bye to Rahul then caught up with the girls. The boys however stayed seated as they had a free lesson. While they were both busy looking down at their sheets of paper someone had walked into the classroom and was making their way towards the boys.

??: Hi…

Rahul and Abhi looked up from their sheets to the guy standing in front of them. He was tall and thin but muscular. His eyes were grey and his hair neatly combed to perfection. He was wearing a pair of white trainers, blue jeans, and a double white and blue shirt. His thin face was tanned and as he smiled his dimple dented his cheek. He held his bag in his left hand and held his right hand out towards Rahul.

??: Hey…I'm Armaan…Armaan Malik…

Rahul: Rahul Garewal… – shaking Armaan's hand

Abhi: Abhi…nice to meet you… - shaking Armaan's hand

Armaan: Same here…

Rahul: New?

Armaan: Yeah…was just wondering if you could help me out with these room numbers…I don't know my way around the school… - handing over his time table sheet

Abhi: Sure…no problem… - taking the sheet and studying it – …wait a minute…your lessons are very similar to ours…

Rahul: Let's see… - taking the sheet from Abhi – …yeah…we're taking IT and Electronics as well…and umm…Ridz is doing Maths and English… - hands the sheet back to Armaan

Armaan: Ridz?

Abhi: She's a friend of ours…yeah sure…we'll help you around…friends? – holding his hand out

Rahul also held his hand out; Armaan dropped his bag and crossed his arms over each other shaking both Rahul and Abhi's hand at the same time.

Armaan: Friends…

After a while of exchanging details the three boys head off to lessons. Rahul and Abhi had shown Armaan to the Maths room and left to go to their business lesson. In the math's room the teacher had begun the lesson.

Teach: We'll start with a warm up and then I'll give you an introduction about the course…so let's begin…

Students were entering the class late with excuses of being lost and busy with other induction sessions. Among the late students was Armaan.

Armaan: - knocks on the door - May I come in sir?

Teach: Yes…please…new student?

Armaan: Yes sir...Armaan…

Hearing this name, Riddhima who was sitting by the window, quickly looked up. She was impressed at what she saw but quickly looked back down at her paper because Armaan had taken a swift look around the room and had noticed Riddhima. He was also impressed with this sight but before his thoughts could overtake his mind he was pulled back to earth.

Teach: Okay then…take a warm up sheet and find a seat…

Armaan's feet had automatically taken him towards Riddhima. He didn't know why or how he had got there but he was happy.

Armaan: Is this seat taken? – looking at Riddhima

Ridz: ….Uuumm ….uuh… – lost for words

Armaan sat down next to her and began to do his work. Riddhima's mouth was left hanging open as he sat down and ignored her completely.

Ridz: Excuse me?? – looks at him in disbelief

Teach: Is there a problem Riddhima?

Ridz: Uhh…no sir! – carries on with her work in anger

When all of the students had finished their warm up sheets they were collected and were being marked while the students sat back and relaxed for a while.

Armaan: Hey…I'm Armaan…Armaan Malik…and you are?

Ridz: Not interested! - huffed

Armaan: Oh…nice name… – smiling sweetly

Ridz: HUH? – confused look

Armaan leaned over her to look through the window onto the courtyard making her look at him weirdly and moving away.

Ridz: Excuse Me!! What do you think you're doing?? – backing away

Armaan: Umm…I'm sorry actually… I didn't know you were blind….I'm really very sorry...I was just trying to look out of the window…I'm really sorry…please forgive me… – melodramatically, putting his hands together as in asking for forgiveness

Ridz: YOU!! – pointing at him with a very angry expression

Armaan: The name is Armaan...not You!

Ridz: You... – pointing at him

Teach:  Well Riddhima… - looking over at the two of them

Ridz: Yes sir? – dropping her finger

Riddhima looked over at her teacher with a guilty face; she had never been in trouble in the past eleven years of her school life, she was always too good to get in trouble, she bowed her head as the teacher walked over to them and stood in front of their table, she looked up slowly.

Teach: Looks like you finally have some competition… – he hands their work sheets back to them – …very good work Armaan…welcome aboard!!

Ridz: WHAT?? – shocked - …But…but I always get the highest marks!! – sad face

Armaan: Not any more…Ms. Not Interested!! I think you should get use to the fact that I'll always be one step ahead of you…

Armaan picked up his bag and walked to the door; he turned and winked at her before walking out of the room.

Ridz: Arghhh!!! – very angry now

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