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Riddhima open her laptop and start writing her dairy.
Am sry anjali you know everything but you don’t know about the dark secret that i kissed your brother. I never have the guts to tell you. But I don’t know why that kiss was so pure so right.i fell in love for your brother but he seems like he really don’t care because he done same thing what he always done with the others girls. Is am random girl for him, because he done same thing with me that he do with others. next day when we come back sid is waiting for us he wants me his girlfriend he even proposed me in front of class as you already know he wants answer.
Riddhima decided to say no the way he will not get hurt,... sid is his close friend she never feel anything for him but he likes her.
She was waiting for time to talk to sid. They all in malik house. And Billy order pizza for kids. Armaan’s friends also come there to meet him mostly his fan girls. 

But for the first time Riddhima feel armaan is not into the girls he was just looking at riddhima. She feel strong and come to decision to say no to sid and she started looking for chance to say no to sid. she get chance to talk to him. When he move out to take call riddhima go behind him and waited for him. Sid turn and started talking.
Hey i know riddhima you feel nothing for me i am just a friend to you but i love you and I don’t expect anything from you in return you take your time.
Riddhima open her mouth to reply but he suddenly pull her in kiss and she want to push him but don’t want to hurt him she try to feel something she compare the kiss with the one she get from armaan.
But she feel so empty so disgusting she slowly push him.
Am sry i just want to try this sid said
Riddhima has tears in her eyes.
Am really sry riddhima before he said more his mother come to pick him up she turn and found armaan passing by there.....

Did he watched us ohh no she whispers.
She move back in room and found armaan surrounding with the girls. And he press his body to one girl and then he look in riddhima eyes like he don’t care she is here or not. she feel jealous. She burn with anger but she just move to anjali room.
Anjali i am going to accept sid proposal.
Ohh, are you sure. Anjali is not happy but she can’t control her friend life.
Hey that’s why you was avoiding me come here anjali pull her in hug and crease her back.
Hey we are best friend you should never feel bad and fear to share anything no secrets remember she nod and start crying.
Why is she crying because of hurt because of betrayal or because she hide secret from her best friend. She even don’t know.
Flashback end.
I know I take that decision in rush but armaan never tried again to talk to me he just give me a big smile,as am random girl or he don’t care about me. So i started hating him. Even when he come back after 1 year to visit his family. I was there anjali even introduce sid to him as my boyfriend but in return he give genuine smile to sid .
He was not jealous at all at that time.
Hey what you doing in laptop armaan said.
Nothing much riddhima said.
I saw you from past 5 hours your are busy in this. Armaan continue.
He look curious he try to sneak in to read.
It’s about anjali. riddhima lied.
Ok armaan said.
Do you met atul riddhima asked
Yes he is good guy i guess. Armaan reply
You guess riddhima ask.
Ya we go for family vacation there i met him. , he is in love with anji. And so anji is mad for him. Armaan said smiling.
He is so happy for her sister......

Ya she is i was shocked when she told me like 8 months before she just move to ny and after one month she called and tell me about atul i was shock but know am happy for her riddhima said.

where is your boyfriend why is not with you.armaan ask

She get angry on sid know she will get the lecture about her relationship and he will judge her relationship like others.

Some important work come so he is coming for wedding only.riddhima reply.
Unfortunate armaan said.
Why so riddhima asked.
his priorities in wrong place riddhima armaan said
If i were on his place I will never let you go on road trip with the man. Whom I don’t know . Armaan said.
Riddhima try to defend sid but before that
Armaan stop car near by restaurant.
Hey where are you going riddhima ask.
To get food am hungry he said moving towards restaurant. Then he come back
You can also join me in if you are hungry.
She stay in car she cursed sid and then she recalled that she even not informed sid that she already left for New York she dial sid no.
Sid picked up the call.
Hey baby sid said.
Hey sorry I forgot to inform you I already left for new york. You remember armaan anjali brother. I am driving with him. Riddhima said.
Ok that’s great you have company. Sid said.
Sid are you not jealous. She ask.
Riddhima i trust you you are big girl sid said.
Then they talk for 2 minutes and she also go in the restaurant.
Riddhima slid into the bench across from armaan and remained quiet.
Then she lean forward and whispered you were wrong he trusted me so he don’t care am with you.
Okay that’s great armaan said.
What you have to said this only. Riddhima asked.
Riddhima he is fool if he trust you. Armaan said.
Why armaan you think am not trustworthy. Riddhima ask
No it’s nothing personal don’t get offended., We should not trust anyone. Armaan explain.
I feel sad for you riddhima said.
Why armaan asked. Amused
You have no faith. riddhima reply.
It’s makes things easier. Armaan said.
How so riddhima asked.
Because you don’t care, they can’t hurt you. He answer.
Now can you excuse me have to make a call armaan move out of the bench to make call.
And the server come place to burger on the table.
Who ordered this. Riddhima ask
Sir. sever answered.
Riddhima nod in yes.
And in a meantime armaan is back and he started eating his food.
You ordered for me riddhima asked.
Armaan nodes.
How you know i will come Riddhima asked.
I could tell you were hungry, either that or but armaan stopped in mid way.
Either what riddhima asked.
Nothing armaan answered.
No you can’t do this just complete your sentence. riddhima orders him
I was going to say was that you looked hungry. Either that, or you haven’t been f****d well in a really long time.”
Riddhima breath caught in her throat, because she’d never been talked to like that in her life. She looked over her shoulder, to make sure no one had heard him.
“My xxx life is none of your business,” riddhima whispered back.
Armaan leaned back in his seat and took a bite of burger. “You’re absolutely right,” armaan said then. “Absolutely.”
“I can’t believe you just said that.”armaan. Riddhima said.
“You told me to.” Armaan said.
“I never thought you’d be so crude.” Riddhima said.
Armaan shrugged. “I never promised to be a gentleman.
” Riddhima paused briefly, a fry halfway to her mouth. Armaan met her eyes, too, as though something had sparked inside him, but then he looked away.
Riddhima recovered a second later, stuffing her mouth with a handful of fries to end the conversation. His words had struck a chord. One that was fresher than she thought it would be. Because once upon a time, armaan had promised to be a gentleman. And she had believed in him. For a moment too long. The rest of their meal had gone on without much conversation. They ate their food quietly, not even making eye contact until the server brought the bill. Riddhima insisted on paying, she didn’t have the money to spare; it was simply out of principle that she couldn’t let Armaan pay. In the end, he’d slapped down a couple of twenties in the middle of the table and walked out of the restaurant, leaving her with a choice. A choice to either take the money and pay with her card, hoping to sneak the twenties back into Armaan’s wallet without notice. Or swallow down

Then they again start the journey Riddhima listen music in her phone try to ignore armaan then she fall asleep after 6 hours they stop near a hotel and stay for a night in the hotel. She called anjali and talk to her for while she asked about armaan and his behaviour. She want to said that he is bastard. She want to complain but she stay quiet because she don’t want to give more stress to her friend. Then she fall asleep.
Next day riddhima wake up get ready and go in hotel restaurant for their complimentary breakfast. Riddhima eat her food in silence and then she thought to take for armaan also so she pick sandwiches and coffee for him and move towards his room.
She banged his room but armaan is not opening.
So she move back in her room place the breakfast in room and go back towards his room this time she banged his door loudly.
“Wake up you lazy bastard! Wake up, or I swear to God I’ll beat this door down with my fists.”Riddhima yell.
A large boom sounded from inside the room, and Riddhima smiled with satisfaction as she continued to pound. “That’s right,” she whispered. “Get up you lazy ass—”
But before she could finish her sentence, the door was yanked out from under her. Riddhima stumbled forward, barely able to catch her footing, and slammed face first into warm, solid, skin. She froze, because the glimpse she caught on the way down wasn’t one she ever thought she’d see. It was a very

“Please tell me you’re not naked,” riddhima whispered, but it was mostly to herself, because she didn’t really need him to answer. She squeezed her eyes shut, took one step backward, and turned around. They both stood there, quiet and still, and she tried to recover her heart. The sight of Armaan in nothing more than his birthday suit left her feeling dizzy. She’d seen many naked men in her life.

“Well?” Armaan finally asked, when riddhima remained silent. Well? Well…
“It’s ten in the morning,” riddhima answered with more confidence than she felt.
“And?” But armaan voice was thick and husky, and riddhima could swear he was having as difficult a time recovering as she was. “It’s time to go.” Riddhima said.
“Is it?” He asked.
“Yes,” riddhima said, hating how the tone of his voice sent a shiver down her spine. “And you should really put some clothes on. The people of Utah don’t want to see… that.” Riddhima said.
Armaan chuckled, but shifted slightly behind her. “Hate to break it to you sweetheart, but a lot of people want to see that.” Armaan said.
Riddhima cringed, because she knew it was true. Like in high school, she knew women lined up to catch the barest glimpse of Armaan .
He moved quietly behind her, his steps so soft you’d never know they came from a man of his size. “You can turn around now.” Armaan said.
Riddhima raked her teeth over her bottom lip, taking the very corner and chewing.
I get breakfast for you am waiting in the car come fast. Riddhima said turning towards him.
He just nod.
Riddhima is sitting in car and lost in armaan.
Next she knew, the driver’s side door flung open, and armaan climbed into the car beside her. He took a large gulp of coffee and fastened his seat belt before glancing over at her. “Ready to go?” Riddhima licked her lips, knowing right well that coffee was frigid. Yet Armaan hadn’t even winced at the temperature. He didn’t complain at all, which she wasn’t used to at all. Sid always complained about things like that. Always. Sid always wanted things perfect. “
Suddenly she feel guilty because riddhima is comparing her boyfriend with the guy who steal her first kiss. She is comparing sid with armaan.
Then riddhima look towards the road and stay silent.and get busy in the laptop or audio book.
Like this hours pass they in between talk and share about the work they are doing armaan is a businessman he owns his own company in california. True his passion was football but he met with accident and doctor announced he can’t play now. So he started his business and riddhima is artist she have her own art gallery. They talk I little bit in between both give space to each other mostly avoiding the conversation.
Like this they reach to their next stop they go in separate rooms and riddhima call anjali to tell about the journey and then
Riddhima was about to climb into bed when a soft tap at her motel door made her heart lurch to her throat. She thought about ignoring it, but it came again, followed by Armaan ’s deep voice. “Riddhima , it’s me. Are you still awake?” She hadn’t turned out the lights yet, so pretending she was already asleep was out of the question. She climbed out of bed, straightened her large t-shirt , and opened the door. “Did you need something?” Riddhima asked.
Armaan was wearing the same gray sweats he had on that morning, though now he wore a tank top, cut low on the sides to reveal his arms. He was gripping his skull so hard it looked painful, as he tilted his head in apology. “Sorry to bother you, but I have one hell of a headache.
I was wondering if you had any aspirin? Armaan looked so pathetic,
Riddhima immediately opened the door wider, gesturing for him to come inside. “Yeah, I think I do, let me go check.” Riddhima said.
Armaan walked in and closed the door behind him, where she waved him toward the bed and told him to sit down.
“How long have you had it?” Riddhima asked, digging through her toiletry bag, looking for anything that would help.
“A few hours… though it keeps getting worse.” Armaan reply.
Riddhima paused holding a small bottle of lotion, realizing she’d been sitting beside him in the car and hadn’t noticed. He’d been suffering silently and hadn’t said anything. She found a small bottle of Motrin in the bottom of her makeup bag, filled a glass with water, and brought them over to him.
“Here, take this,” riddhima said, placing two pills in his hand and waiting for him to take the water.
Armaan placed them on his tongue, threw his head back, and finished the whole glass. But he didn’t move, only sat there, his eyes still closed as though he was in immense pain. She sat down on the bed beside him, feeling helpless and not knowing what else to do.
Hey you can lie down for some time. Riddhima said.
No i leaves in a second.armaan said
Armaan stay as long you want. Riddhima said.
Then riddhima start massaging his skull softly. Armaan wants to stop her but he found so much relief so he keep quiet.
Here riddhima also not know what happened to her that she can’t able to control her hands.
Why seeing him in pain bothered her so much she wasn’t sure, but she was anxious for him to start feeling better.. “Thank you.” Armaan said.
“For what?” Riddhima asked.
“This.” Armaan didn’t elaborate, and riddhima didn’t ask him to.
She looked up again, finding his eyes still closed, and a couple day’s worth of stubble on his cheeks.
Though now his hair was damp, and she knew he must have taken a shower. She couldn’t pull her eyes away. They drifted over his perfect arms, to the scar on his right shoulder, where she could see it much better than she had the night before. It was so relaxing she couldn’t keep her mind from wandering—to the night Anjali and her family had left on a sudden road trip to visit Armaan .
It was three years ago, yet the scar was so pink it almost looked fresh. When she looked up again, Armaan’s eyes were on hers. She bit her inner cheek and turned in the opposite direction.
“Sorry, I just don’t remember you having that scar last time I saw you.” Riddhima said.
“That’s okay,” armaan said, and she turned once again to face him. His hand was now on his shoulder, cupping the scar in his palm.
“Does it still hurt?” Riddhima ask
He shook his head, “Nah. Not really.”
“How did it happen?” Riddhima was surprised she wanted to know so badly. Surprised that after all these years, she’d healed enough to care.
“Let’s see…” Armaan said looked up to the ceiling, as if thinking about the memory. “It was the end of fall semester my junior year. We were on the road in Colorado and it was raining. I remember calling the play, lining up on the field, calling for the snap of the ball, and that’s about it. The next thing I remember was waking up in the dark hospital room. My arm was in some kind of traction device, and I had tubes coming out of everywhere.” Armaan glanced over at her and shrugged.
“That was the last time I played for Texas U.
I lost my scholarship, had to start over.”

Her brow furrowed, and she glanced down to his shoulder again, but now her chest was tight, and she had to clear her throat to hold back tears.
“How did you manage? Having something you loved ripped away from you like that?” Riddhima ask.
Armaan met her eyes, almost as though the question shocked him.
“It was easier for me than it was for my dad, let’s put it that way.”
Riddhima closed her eyes briefly, because his answer hit way too close to home. Armaan was the pride and joy of his father… just as she was for her parents, being the only child. Personal failures felt much less personal, and so much heavier because of letting them down.
Riddhima swallowed back emotion but nodded. They were both quite a good while,, shaking his head as armaan rose to his feet. He handed her the empty glass.
She tilted her head, but remained quiet. Armaan turned toward the door,
“Thank you for the Motrin. I feel much better.”
Riddhima stood up, realizing she didn’t really want him to go. But she followed him to the door, where he quickly exited, but turned one last time around. “See you in the morning,Riddhima .” She nodded, leaning her head against the doorframe. “See ya.”

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