Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Part 3 : Armaan aur Riddhima ka safar

Teach: Looks like you finally have some competition… – he hands their work sheets back to them – …very good work Armaan…welcome aboard!!

Ridz: WHAT?? – shocked - …But…but I always get the highest marks!! – sad face

Armaan: Not any more…Ms. Not Interested!! I think you should get use to the fact that I'll always be one step ahead of you…

Armaan picked up his bag and walked to the door; he turned and winked at her before walking out of the room.

Ridz: Arghhh!!! – very angry now

 It was now lunch time; Muskaan and Nikita were in the common room chilling out waiting for the others to come from their lessons. Riddhima was the first to meet the girls, she walked into the common room fuming and sat down on the comfy chair next to Nikita, they both looked at her curiously.

Ridz: Uugghhh!!! – throwing her bag down onto the coffee table

Muskaan: Kya huwa?

Ridz: Don't ask!! It's been the worst day ever…I'm going to kill him!

Niki: Kaun? What happened? – looking concerned

Ridz: Woh…uss stupid…idiot… first it was Maths…and now English?? I can't stand him...uugghhh!! – putting her hands up to her head and fixing her hair

Muskaan: Are you even going to tell us what happened?

Niki: Yeah go on…tell us…

Ridz: That guy…who does he think he is? – angrily - …Thinks he's the best…copies my work and takes all the credit…if I see him again….I'm going to pull his hair out!!! – very mad

At the same time Rahul and Abhi walked towards the girls with Armaan. Riddhima was looking in her bag for her bottle of water.

Rahul: Hey guys…hi babes… – sitting down next to Muskaan

Muskaan: Hi…

Ridz: Hi… - takes a sip of water, looks towards the boys and chokes on seeing Armaan with them - *cough cough*

Niki/Abhi/Muskaan: Ridz!! Are you okay? What happened?

Everyone was concerned for her; tapping her on the back and putting her hair out of her face allowing her to breathe.

Rahul: You okay?

Ridz: Tum?? Phir se? – looking at Armaan

Armaan: Maine kya kiya? – smiling slightly now that she's okay

Everyone settled down and looked curiously from Riddhima to Armaan and back.

Ridz: I don't ever want to talk to you...

Armaan: Par baat to tumne shuru kiya…hain na? – smiling sweetly

Ridz: YOU?? – pointing at him

Armaan: My name is Armaan…not "you"!! How many times do I have to remind you?

Ridz: Argh…wish I didn't have to put up with this…

Rahul: Guys…please calm down...

Muskaan: Yeah Riddhima…you haven't even recovered properly…take a deep breath… - giving her the bottle of water

Riddhima gave Armaan a dirty look while he smiled at her; she took a sip of water.

Rahul: Armaan this is Muskaan…my girlfriend… – smiles at her – …and this is Nikita and I'm guessing you've met Riddhima already...and Muskaan, Niki this is Armaan…he's new to the school and most of his classes are the same as ours...

Ridz: Oh no… - making a face

Muskaan: Hey Armaan…

Niki: Hi…

Armaan: Hey nice to meet you guys...

Abhi: I'm hungry...I'm going to get some chips…what are you guys having? – getting up and looking at the others

Rahul: Same…Muskaan?

Muskaan: Cheese sandwich please…thank you…

Niki: Ridz what are you having?

Ridz: Just a packet of crisp please…I'm not really hungry…

Niki: Okay…I'll get it…

Rahul, Abhi, Armaan and Nikita all got up to get their food while Riddhima and Muskaan sat back and made themselves comfortable.

Muskaan: Ridz? Kya huwa yaar…itna bhi bura nahi hain…and he's very cute… – looking at Armaan getting into the queue

Ridz: KYA? Cute? Pagal hogayi ho kya?

Muskaan: No…seriously…I think you two would make a really sweet couple actually…

Ridz: MUSKAAN??? – smacking her arm - …How could you say that?? Me? And him?? No way!!!! NEVER… – hitting her on the shoulder

Muskaan: Okay…okay…main kuch nahi kahogi… - smiling

Ridz: Right…ab suun…

Muskaan: Kya? Tum us Vivik ko chor rahi ho?

Ridz: Musk!!! Woh baat nahi hai…dii ke bare main hain…

Muskaan: Bol!! – excited

Ridz: Ladke wale ane wale hain aaj!!

Muskaan: KYAAA? – shocked – Kaun hain woh?

Ridz: Pata nahi…mama ne kaha hain ke woh log abhi abhi yahan pe aye hain…par ladka bohot acha hain…so I got to go early…I won't be able to come with you guys today…

Muskaan: Don't worry about it…

They quickly changed the subject as they saw the others walking back towards them. They all settled down and Rahul budged up next to Muskaan.

Rahul: Here you go…your cheese sandwich madam… – gives her sandwich to her and sits close to her

They all talked about their lessons and were all very excited. Armaan kept looking at Riddhima but looked away when she turned to face him. He didn't know why he was so attracted to her. His thoughts were distracted as he noticed a guy putting his hand on Riddhima's shoulder almost giving her a fright.

Vivik: Hi gorgeous!! – smiling down at her

Riddhima was very uncomfortable but forced a smile; the others completely ignored his presence and carried on with their conversations but Armaan carried on looking at Riddhima.

Ridz: Hi Viv…

Vivik: Lets go… - cutting her off

Ridz: Where?

Vivik: Anywhere…but here… – looking around at the others

Ridz: But…

Vivik: But nothing…let's go… - pulling her up

Ridz: Okay…guys I'll see you later… – picks her bag up and looks at Muskaan

Muskaan: Okay… see you in assembly… bye… – closing her eyes to say that she understands

Ridz: Bye… – smiling weakly

Vivik took Riddhima away from the gang towards the other end of the common room. Armaan was left confused; he looked over at Riddhima once more before turning to the rest of the gang wondering why the gang had ignored the guy.

Armaan: Guys...who was that?

Abhi: Oh him...you don't want to know him...that's Riddhima's "boyfriend"... - making a face – ...he's got bad news written all over him...everyone hates him...

Armaan: What's this " " for? – smiling as he made a gesture with his fingers imitating Abhi – ...and if everyone hates him then why is Riddhima with him?

Muskaan: He's not her boyfriend...he just thinks he is... – angrily

Armaan: I don't get it... - confused

Rahul: I'll explain... – looking at Armaan - ...Riddhima and Vivik had been friends for a very long time and had become a couple two months back but it was only one sided...Vivik always had feelings for her...ever since he moved into her neighbourhood ten years ago...but Ridz only thinks of him as a friend...

Armaan: Then what's this about? – turning to face them again

Niki: At the end of the previous school year he asked her out to the Graduation Boat Party...Ridz was shocked because he was always just a friend to her...but she agreed so that it won't hurt his feelings...but he had mistaken her and began to think that she was his girlfriend...

Abhi: They've been going around for two months now and he's really beginning to get on my nerves...I swear why does he have to tag along... – turning to Armaan – ...can you believe we had to spend our entire summer with him because he wouldn't leave her alone...and he knows we hate him as much as he hates us...

Muskaan: The sad thing is that she doesn't even feel comfortable with him...and doesn't have the courage to tell him about her true feelings...

Niki: That's so true Muskaan...poor girl she hates being with him...

Abhi: I think she should just tell him…

Armaan looked back over to where Riddhima and Vivik were sitting; Riddhima looked upset and Vivik wasn't making her feel any better. His arm was around her waist and he was too close to her; luckily the bell rang just on time.


Riddhima made a speedy move, said a quick bye to Vivik and almost ran back to the gang. Vivik was left standing with his arms dropped by his side and a shocked expression on his face wondering what had just happened. The gang had to go for an assembly which after the first five minutes many people had started to yawn, one of them was Abhi.

When the assembly was over the gang had made plans to go to the mall, their #1 hangout. But Riddhima had to leave suddenly remembering the reason she needed to be home early.

Ridz: Bye guys...I'll see you tomorrow... - smiling and hugging Muskaan

Muskaan: Okay...call me and let me know how it went... - while hugging her

Ridz: Definitely...bye... - turns away in the opposite direction

Rahul: Usse kya huwa? - asking Muskaan

Muskaan: Kuch nahi... - smiling slightly - ...toh chale?

Abhi: Yeah...let's go...you're coming with us...right Armaan?

Armaan: Yeah sure... - happy he had made some great friends on his first day...

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