Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Part 4 : Armaan aur Riddhima ka safar

Riddhima opened the front door and quickly rushed into the kitchen where Padma was preparing snacks for their guests.

Ridz: Hi mama... – hugging her from the back

Padma: Hi beta…how was your first day?

Ridz: Pucho mat mama… - remembering her lessons with Armaan – ...uss…

Padma: Kisi ke saath jagda huwa? – cutting her off

Ridz: Nahi mama…bas aise hi...

Padma: Acha toh phir jao aur dekh ke Anjali tayar huwe ke nahi...

Ridz: Oh yeah…dii... – smiling excitedly

Riddhima walked out of the kitchen and into the living room, she was about to go up the stairs when she noticed someone sitting by the computer table near the conservatory. She moved away from the stairs and walked towards the person giving him a tight hug.

Ridz: PAPA!!! Aaj aap bohot jaldi agaye...

Shashank: Riddhima beta!! – hugging her back – ...haan…I had to be early today… - smiling – ...jao…jaldi se tayar ho jao aur hum baad main baat karenge...

Ridz: Haan…okay…

Riddhima ran up the stairs and rushed into her room to see Anjali standing by the dresser looking into mirror fixing her makeup; she was wearing a black and silver Anarkali suit and looked stunning.

Ridz: - standing by the door checking out her sister – ...Wah...wah...wah…dii…you're looking soo beautiful!!!

Anji: RIDZI!!! – turning around - ...Tum agayi...I've been waiting for you for age... – walking towards her and gave her a hug

Ridz: Are you sure dii?...Aap mere intazar kar rahi thi ya phir unka? – teasing

Anji: RIDZI!! – blushing

Ridz: Sach main dii…you are looking soo beautiful...he will just look at you and say yes! – puts her hand up to her eye and wiped off some of her kajal and put it behind Anjali's ear

Anji: Thanks Ridzi!! Ab jao aur jaldi se tayar ho jao...

Ridz: Everyone is telling me the same thing…but they're not coming to see me! – sulking a bit

Anji: Riddhima…yeh nautanki band kar aur jao... – smiling at her little sister

Ridz: Okay dii…abhi aati hoon...

Riddhima walked towards her cupboard, she took out a pink trouser suit and went into the washroom. In the mean time Anjali had started pacing up and down the room as her nerves had kicked in, she walked out onto the small balcony outside their room. She was extremely nervous by the time Riddhima came out of the washroom; she looked around the room while she dried her hair with the towel.

Ridz: Dii??

Anji: Yahan hoon... – walked in

Ridz: Dii? Are you okay?

Anji: Ridzi…woh log agaye…I'm soo nervous…kya karoon?

Ridz: Don't worry dii… - combing her hair – ...everything will be okay... – giving her an encouraging smile

Anji: How can I not worry? – twisting her hands in each other

Riddhima put on her jewellery and slight makeup before she turned towards her sister.

Ridz: Dii…sab teek hoga…trust me… - they both look at each other for a few seconds and then there was a knock on the door


Padma: - puts her head around the door – ...Anjali beta? Ready?

Anji: – looks at Riddhima – Ji mama...

Padma: – comes to Anjali – ...Beta…ladka bohot acha hain…par jo bi phesla tum loge…woh akri phesla hoga…after all this is your life... – smiling and reassuring her that everything will be okay

Anji: Ji mama…

Padma: Bohot sundar lagrahi ho...

All three ladies made their way down stairs. The house has two sets of stairs; one leading to the front door and one from upstairs straight into the living room. The ladies had come downstairs from the main staircase and went into the kitchen. While they were getting the snacks for the guests Riddhima sneaked a peak into the living room and took a long look. A man was sitting on the single arm chair looking very smart, he was wearing an elegant white shirt and black jeans with a casual black jacket. His hair was neatly combed backwards; he had brown eyes and a really sweet smile. Riddhima pulled her head back into the kitchen after taking a good look at him.

Ridz: Dii…he's soo cute!!! – giggling a little

Anji: Ridzi!! – blushing madly

Padma: - smiles – Chale?

Anjali nodded and picked up a tray, so does Riddhima and they both followed Padma into the living room. Everyone in the living room had looked up as they entered. Anjali and Riddhima greeted the guests and sat down. Anjali had not as yet seen the boy as she was too shy to look at him.

Padma: Anjali beta…yeh hain Atul…

Anjali and Atul both looked at each other; at first sight they were both lost in each other. Atul had never seen anyone so pretty and Anjali was just shocked at how cute this guy was. Everyone else's attention was diverted to the food and other talks but the two of them were still mesmerised by the sight of each other. Riddhima slightly nudged Anjali who was sitting next to her and gave a slight cough; Anjali had reached back into her senses and blushed. Atul's family was asking Anjali questions and Shashank, Padma were asking Atul. After a while Shashank told Anjali and Atul to spend some time together and get to know each other a little better.

Anjali and Atul both stood up and went into the conservatory; Anjali dragged Riddhima along with them. They sat down and became comfortable; the evening sun shone through the windows making the place feel cosy and warm. Atul looked around at all the lovely plants on the windowsill and smiled. There was complete silence for a few minutes while they thought of what to say. Riddhima looked from Anjali to Atul and back waiting for them to say something.

Ridz: - thinking to herself - …Oh gosh! We'll be here till 2020 if it carries on like this...I better do something... – looks around thinking of what to say then blabbers out whatever comes to her mind first - …aapko plants ache lagte hain? – to Atul

Atul: - thinking – …Finally someone spoke… – then he smiles - …bohot…aur aapko?

Ridz: Dii also loves them very much….haina dii? – asking her sister

Once again Atul and Anjali's eyes meet and they had moved into their own world and were speaking through their eyes. Riddhima rolled her eyes but smiled and looked from Atul to Anjali and back.

Ridz: - to herself - …Hmm...I'm not needed here anymore… – silently laughs in her mind

She slowly stood up and walked away giving the two some space and time alone. After half an hour she came back to witness both laughing and having a great time like they had known each other for the past five years.

Anji: Ridzi…where did you go? – looking up as Riddhima entered

Ridz: Oh…main kebab main haadi nahi banna chaati isliye main chali gayi thi… – smiling and teasing both of them – …sorry jija ji…I mean Atul ji… - quickly

Atul: Its okay… - looks at Anjali who blushes

Ridz: Toh chale… - looking from one to the next

Atul: Okay… - stands up to go and takes one more look at Anjali who smiles shyly

She stood up and Atul walked back to the elders while Riddhima held Anjali back.

Ridz: Toh? – eyeing her suspiciously

Anji: …. – blushes madly and whispers – Haan

Both smiled at each other then walked back into the living room; Atul and his family were ready to leave.

Vikram: Toh hum chalte hain…bahot acha laga aap sab ko milkar…aur khaas karke hamare Riddhima betiya ko… - smiling widely at her

Nandani: Anjali beta… - goes to her and holds her hand – …please take your time and make the right decision…koi jaldi nahi hai… - smiles

While Anjali and Atul had their private chat Riddhima had also became very friendly with Vikram and Nandani Malik. They liked her innocence and nature and saw her as their own daughter. These two families had jelled together in their first meeting it was impossible to say this was the first time they had met each other. The Maliks left after a while; and the Guptas had a very excited conversation over dinner.

The Malik family was also very excited; being new to the city made the Malik family feel very awkward but after meeting the Guptas things seemed a little better. Starting a whole new life from scratch was very difficult but meeting friendly people made life feel much more comfortable. Atul was upstairs in his room thinking about Anjali when Armaan, his younger brother, came in all excited.

Armaan: Bro? Kaisi thi woh? Is she pretty? Naam kya hai? What does she do? – dropping down on his bed

Atul: Mere bhai…breathe!! – looking at him and smiling

Armaan: Kya yaar champ…batao na…

Atul: Pehle tum batao…how was your first day at school?

Armaan: School…it was good… – thinking about his first day and Riddhima

Atul: Kya soch raha hai?

Armaan: Kuch nahi…bas woh ladki…

Atul: Waah mere bhai…pehle din aur ladki already?

Armaan: Aise nahi hain champ…she's soo annoying…irritating…

Atul: Acha…tumhe thakar dine wali ek ladki agayi…naam kya hai uska? - grinning

Armaan: …Miss. Gamandhi…

Atul: Kya… - laughs – …seriously naam kya hai uska?

Armaan: Chor na bro…you've changed the whole subject…hum kya baat kar rahe the? – thinking - …Haan…who ladki…

Atul: Tum kyon nahi aye? 

Armaan: I didn't have to see the girl…so I thought it was pointless…anyways woh sab choro aur batao…what is she like?

Atul: Bohot achi…sundar hain and she's very down to earth…and she likes plants… – smiling to himself

Armaan: - burst out laughing – …Well…well then she has got to be the one for you!! – still laughing

Atul: – throws a pillow at him – Chup kar yaar…

Armaan: Okay…okay…so…is it a yes? Or no? – calming down a little

Atul: …Haan hain… – smiling widely

Armaan: YESSS!!! – hugs his brother – …Congrats bro…now I'm going to have to meet her…

Atul: I'm meeting her sometime this week…

Armaan: Kab? I'll come and meet her too…

Atul: Kabab main haadi… – smiling – …ab jao you have school tomorrow…

Armaan: Yeh okay…night… – walks out and quickly pops his head back through the door – …and bro…aaj to bohot pyari neend ayegi ya phir….bilkul bhi neend nahi ayegi… – laughs

Atul threw a pillow at Armaan but missed as the door shut in; he smiled silently at himself before falling back onto the bed, closing his eyes he begins to think about Anjali.

Anjali was also in bed, eyes closed and thinking of Atul; Riddhima was trying to sleep.

Ridz: Dii?

Anji: Hmm?

Ridz: Atul Ji ke bare mein soch rahi hai?

Anji: Hmm… - realising what she had said her eyes open quickly and changes her answer – …I mean nahi toh…bilkul nahi…

Ridz: Main janti hoon… - smiling in the dark - …it's okay if you are…aisa hota hai…

Anji: You know a lot… - smiling

Ridz: – smiles – …Film main dikha tha…experience nahi hain…

Anji: Really?

Ridz: Yeah...

Anji: Ridz…I forgot to ask…how was your first day at school

Ridz: Don't even ask dii…It was the worst day ever!

Anji: Kyun? Kya huwa

Ridz: – to her self – …I swear… I'm going to kill that chachundar!

Anji: Chachundhar?

Ridz: New boy in school… - rolling her eyes

Anji: Oh…okay so finally someone to give you some competition…

Ridz: Yeah right! I'll set him straight soon…

Anji: Chal so jao…you've got to go to school tomorrow…

Ridz: Haan…love you dii…good night

Anji: Night Ridzi!

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