Tuesday, 7 April 2020


Next day Riddhima give silence to armaan she kept herself busy in writing diary, or listening music. She even not look towards 
Armaan she is ignoring him like he even not exist. 
Riddhima was hurt, embarrassed, and she wanted him to know it. She wanted to push him away. To push him so far he would have no way of crawling back up to her heart again. Because he had fooled her once, and that was shame on him. But now he’d fooled her twice, and that was completely and utterly a shame on her.

At one point, they pulled off the road to get gas. Armaan unbuckled his seat belt and got out of the car to place the nozzle in the tank.
“There’s a cafe across the road,” armaan said to her. “It looks pretty nice, if you’re hungry?”

She adjusted in her seat and didn’t answer.
“Riddhima ,” armaan said again. “Are you hungry?” 

Riddhima closed her eyes and continued listening to music . Before long, the headphones were ripped from her ears, and Armaan was standing beside her.
There was hurt in his eyes. A hurt she knew she’d put there.
“Are you hungry, Riddhima ?” Armaan ask again.
Riddhima only shook her head, placed her headphones back on her head, and closed her eyes again.
She expected him to go inside and eat without her, but he didn’t. He got back on the road, where they carried on toward their destination with empty stomachs. The hours passed slowly, more slowly than they had the whole trip, but eventually the sun began to creep its way down to the mountains.
Armaan pulled off the road to the shoulder of the barren overgrown highway, and put the car in park. His arms were tense against the steering wheel, his eyes focused on the sun, which cast a golden hue to the whole sky.

“Is this how it’s going to be for the rest of the trip?” Armaan asked.

Riddhima swallowed her saliva, her stomach rolling with sorrow, because the raw emotion in his voice caused her throat to instantly thicken.

“Like what?”Riddhima ask.
“You not talking to me? Not looking at me.” Armaan ask turning in his seat to face her.

He was a mess. There were bags under his eyes, deep dark circles, and a crease in his forehead she’d never noticed before.

“Is this all because of last night?” Armaan ask.

Riddhima turned in her seat toward the door and tried to open it. To get out of the car, because she could feel her eyes welling over, and she couldn’t bear him seeing that again. He leaned across the seat and pressed down the lock, not letting her go.

“Answer me, Riddhima .”
She turned back to face him. Anger surged through her body and reddened her face.
“Yes!” Riddhima yelled. “Yes, this is exactly how it will be.”
“Why?” Armaan ask.
“Because! If you don’t want me, Armaan , then just tell me! If you don’t want me, say it with words!
Because I can handle words! But why let me embarrass myself like that?
Why let me make myself a fool over you again?” Tears began to roll down her cheeks and she turned away. Armaan grabbed hold of her face, bringing her back, his thumbs brushing the tears from her lower lids.

“You think I don’t want you? You think that last night didn’t almost kill me to push you away?” Armaan said.

She remained silent, but he kept talking.

“I’ve never wanted anyone like I want you. I’ve never felt as out of control as I did last night. I may not be perfect, but I wasn’t going to sleep with you while you were drunk.” Armaan said carefully making her understand.
Her chin began to quiver, and she opened her eyes.
“I wasn’t drunk.” Riddhima said.
“Yes, you were. You were stumbling all the way back to the room.” Armaan said.
“There were pebbles.” Riddhima argue.
“There were no pebbles,” armaan whispered.
The corners of his lips lifted in a hesitant smile. Her cheeks flushed again and she closed her eyes, but armaan pulled her onto his lap, causing her to open them again. His eyes met hers, intense but without apology.
“I want you Riddhima . I’m sure you can feel how much.” Armaan said.

Riddhima swallowed Hard and forcefully. Because yes, she could feel it. Armaan lifted her again and she spread her legs, straddling his hips like she had the night before. But he held her steady, not allowing her to move.

“What is it about you that I can’t seem to get enough of? Why do I have dreams about you when I haven’t seen you in six years?” Armaan ask looking into her eyes.

Riddhima shook her head, knowing she could have said the same words. There was something between them that drew them together. It was bigger than life. Bigger than anything she’d ever felt before. He looked into her eyes, searching her face. Everything he was feeling lay out before her.

“Do you want me, Riddhima ?” Armaan ask.
It was a question she thought she’d never hear, but one that sent every nerve in her body to stand at attention.

“You’re my best friend’s brother,” Riddhima heard herself say, even though her body was screaming for her to give in already.
Armaan pulled her closer, wrapping his arms around her body.

“I know who I am. I know who you are. But none of that should have anything to do with your answer.” Armaan said.

Armaan kissed her throat, causing her to loll her head back, allowing him better access. It was wrong, so wrong to give in to this. To the Temptation of Armaan malik, who was laying himself out there like a buffet of drugs to someone who had an addiction.

“I want you, Armaan .” It was soft, breathy, almost inaudible, but it was all that was needed.

His lips crashed against hers, and her arms wrapped around his neck. Riddhima was at complete surrender to whatever this was. Armaan kissed her throat, her collarbone, then lifted her tank top over her head, leaving her bare to him.

(“Pm part ” )
Now they stopped near by store to get cleaned up.
Then riddhima start thinking about anjali.
What she gona tell her that she slept with her brother.
Again she get tensed, even she don’t know about armaan what he want does he want any relationship with her. Or even he wanted to see her after this weekend.

Riddhima was looking for snacks when armaan come and stand behind her. He wrapped his arms around her waist.
She hesitate first but then she sink in his body.
What are you doing armaan whispered near her ear.
She smiled am confuse what flavour chips I should pick.
He smiles and help her to choose. Then they get back to the car.
But his phone rang he get tensed up, this is not first time that call bother him.
Armaan picks up the call she hears women voice over the phone. But he moves further away from the car and she looked in his direction.
Riddhima think what he already have girlfriend he is handsome guy she ever seen in her lifetime.
She again start thinking negative. May be he is just using her may be he don’t want any relationship with her these all. Why was suddenly so insecure?
He come back and start the car she want to ask who was on the call but she kept quiet.

After driving for hours armaan stop near motel.
what happened. She asked did you need anything.
No am tired i think we should stay for night here. Armaan said.
Riddhima know him , she know he is not tired he can drive and if he drive know they will reach new york in 3 hours.
But she understands his hidden meaning.
May be this is their last night together.
She want this so she agree and they go inside the motel.
Armaan move towards the counter, but riddhima stop him by grabbing his forearm.
I didn’t speak to anjali, can I borrow your phone. Riddhima asked.
He nod and handover her , his phone.
Tell her i said hi.
She nodded and call anjali. But she doesn’t pick. So she drop Voicemail.
Hey anji its me ridzi long story in short my phone died and if you want to talk call on armaan no.
Then she found message on armaan phone.

“ I can’t imagine my life without you.”
Riddhima feel sharp pain in her chest. She knows whosever call have nothing to do with her.
She clutch his phone tight in her palm and moved towards armaan.
She give him phone back and thanks him.
Everything okay he asked.
Umm I think we should not tell anything about this to anjali.
Armaan understands what she is referring to.
He nods and get agree to this.
Okay he said in reply.
I don’t want her to take tension she is bride i want her to be happy we can tell her later after wedding riddhima explained.
Are you okay armaan asked.
She nod and just wrap her arm around his waist tightly. He also hug her back and he picks up in arm and take her to the room.
(“Pm part ” )
They were so indulge in their love land when his phone vibrated in his pocket. He groans and move away from her.
Sorry i need to take this one. He said.

Riddhima nod in yes and move towards washroom. She again hear women voice.
She just on the shower and feel the water when door open and armaan come inside the washroom and stand behind her. Wrapping her in his arms from behind.
But she turn and put her hands on his chest and moving back.
Who was that she asked mentioning about the call.
Pls don’t ask. Armaan pleads through eyes.
Armaan i want to know she said wrapping towels around her and move back in room he follow her.
My mom he said.
Don’t lie armaan, is that your mom who texted you before. Riddhima asked.
Armaan nod showing his phone.
My mom dad get divorced and anjali don’t know about that.
Riddhima gasps.
Now armaan is sitting on bed she hug him hiding his face in her belly.
Am sry I shouldn’t ask you, I don’t know what happened to me i get jealous. Am sry. Riddhima said.
No its ok Riddhima I don’t want you to know because anjali don’t know about that and I don’t want you to kept lying to her.
Riddhima nodded.
Armaan are you all right . She asked.
He look in her eyes. And pull her down he hide his face in her chest.
Riddhima everything is total mess. Mom wants this divorce but know she realised that she can’t live without dad. And dad already move on in his life. He is in love and he don’t want mom back in his life.
And anjali have no idea about this. They agree to pretend happy in front of her but mom is in bad condition. Armaan said.
Riddhima looks in his eyes and hug him tightly to reduce his tension.
Then they again share their lovy dovy moments..........and they fall asleep.

Armaan for the first time share his life with someone whom he can trust.
Riddhima sleep broke and she look for armaan but he is sitting on the edge of the bed.
Armaan Riddhima called him.
He move back and look towards her.
What happened? she asked.

Riddhima can I asked you one question will you answer honestly. Armaan said

Riddhima nod and sit on the bed covering her front with the sheet.
Have I ever make you looked like a fool? Armaan asked.
What are you talking about I don’t understand Riddhima said.
Riddhima on that day roadside you said that. He said mentioning about her outburst.
She sighs and look down.
Armaan put his hands on her face and look in her eyes. Please tell me if we are doing this I don’t want anything between us. Armaan said.

After the cabin. Riddhima began to talk.
Next day i saw you with a girl near the pool. I think you saw me.
Armaan sighs as he remembered the past.

Riddhima am a jealous man. Armaan said.
After pause and i wanted to make you jealous as well.

Riddhima put the palm on her mouth.
You saw me kissing sid, didn’t you? Riddhima asked.
He nod in yes.
Am sry sid kissed me and i don’t know how to stop him, I don’t want to hurt him he was my friend one of my best friend. She explained.

Ohhh shit and i was thinking that you feel nothing for me it was fling to you and I messed up everything i stay in that relationship even I know I don’t feel anything with him as strong i feel with you.
Riddhima said.
Then why were you with him for six years armaan asked.

Now she is in tears because of single misunderstandings she is away from armaan for six years.

Because i don’t want to hurt him, because I don’t want to fail again. What I want i was loosing starting from you then my career everything I don’t want to fail again.
With him every thing was easy, comfortable and I don’t want to fail our relationship. It wasn’t until you came back in my life I realised that all was missing.
Riddhima said.
Armaan put his hand on her side face lovingly.
I never thought I could have more. That there was more. Because I am so scared so scared ,armaan , scared out of my mind of failing. That I haven’t let me live myself.
I convinced myself that what i have with sid i love. I don’t want to fail again armaan she said all crying.

Armaan pull her in lap and wrapped his arms around her tightly.

Riddhima you deserve everything. You hear me. Armaan whisper.
Riddhima nod.

Shhh Riddhima you are everything not a failure. Armaan said planting kiss on her forehead.
Riddhima smiles and press her body more in his body.
Riddhima let’s forget about the past. Armaan whispered softly.

Riddhima nod in yes and hug him tightly.

Riddhima first time in her life feel she deserved deep seated love. About which she always dreamed. And she deserved friendship at same time . She is capable of having everything. Because she is worthy of all of it.

Armaan held her in his arms, stroking her back softly with his fingertips. And she fall in sleep in his arms.
Next morning
They wake up had their breakfast in bed and also make love to each other then they again start their journey.
After travelling for 2 hours.

Riddhima was thinking about the last night. She never let anyone see her flaws her failures. But for first time she feel good about it to share with armaan. Both open up to each other. She found armaan is not beautiful from outside he is beautiful from inside also.
His jealous heart prevented them from being together. But now everything is past.

Finally we reach riddhima said smiling.
ya hour more. Armaan said.
Are you excited he asked.
Ya obviously she replied.
Riddhima are you sure you don’t want to tell anjali about us. Because this is the best time to tell her. Armaan asked
Riddhima bite her lower lip.
Last time when I speak to anji, i was with sid. What am gona tell her that next day i broke up with sid and......she don’t want to said it.
She want to said something she wasn’t ready for. after last night she could have feel herself falling for him all over again and this scared crap out of her.
I understand armaan replied.
No you don’t, if i tell her now this thing will out for people to judge, to your father , to your mother to anjali. and its her wedding I want her to enjoy.

And I know am selfish because I don’t want to share this with anyone, I want you to myself.

And i don’t want to people talk about a girl who broke out of a six year relationship and ready to fall for another man. Riddhima said in flow.

Armaan remained silent for good 10 sec.
you are falling for me he asked. His lips lifted up in big smile.
Riddhima nod , and replied hard.
Armaan pull her and smack his lips on her.then let her go.
That good armaan said joining his head with her.
She stay some time like that because after that it will become difficult for them to get a moment alone.
Then he stop car near a super market and run in hurry.
After 20 min he come back with the box, he pass it to her.
What is this. Riddhima asked.
It’s for you just open it armaan said.
Riddhima nod and open the box . Phone. She whisper and look towards him.
Ya if we are going to pretend that nothing happened between us. I really need something to get hold on you. Armaan said.
Yes true she said nodding her head.
I save my no in your phone and also have yours. Armaan said.
She check and found his no save under name "wild tiger” she laugh seriously armaan wild tiger.
He grinned.
Ya we should have code name so no one knows.
And what is my code.
Mona he replied.
what no Armaan please no she said.
Mona darling he said huskily.
Both laugh and armaan stop car in the parking lot they reach.
Armaan was going to kiss her but she push him and move forward to enter in the hotel.
As she enter armaan is following her.
Both is standing in the hall and looking for anjali or any guest.
Armaan go ask from the receptionist anjali phone is busy. Riddhima said
But at same time they hear anjali squeal “armaan” ........
She come fast and hug armaan, he also hug her tightly.
Finally its the time anjali said.
Then atul also come and hug armaan.
Hey you must be Riddhima anjali kept talking about you. Atul said forwarding his hand and then pull Riddhima in two arm hug.
Atul is handsome and lovely guy.
Then anjali come and hug Riddhima tightly.
I miss you soooooo much anjali said hugging riddhima.
Both girls laugh.
Armaan am taking riddhima with me bring her key to my room.
Armaan nods and move towards reception with atul.
On the other side Riddhima and anjali reach in her room.
They talk about everything, trip about work everything when a women come holding bags.
You must be riddhima this is your dress you should try this.
Riddhima nod and get change in the dress.
She come outside.
I think zip is stuck her back is visible because of the zip.
Anjali turn her and try to zip her dress but at same time door flung open and boys
Standing there. As atul move his eyes to anjali but armaan eyes are fixed on riddhima back.
Riddhima look in mirror and found armaan is looking at her back then he look in mirror.
Riddhima turn she look in his eyes and found passion. She hide her blush.
Atul i think we should go for coffee. Armaan said not moving his eyes from riddhima.
Ya i also think same.
Armaan place key on near by table, and left the room.
Anjali look towards riddhima flush face. And giggles Riddhima also join and change into her previous clothes.

Lots of love
Akanksha 💕

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