Wednesday, 1 April 2020

part 4 : serendipity

riddhima entered arman’s cabin and looked at his face. Arman got consciousness but dr. injected him to sleep a long time as he could not feel his pain. She stared his pale face and felt a pain arose in her heart. Just then dr. atul came there and asked slowly : “how is he dr. riddhima?”

riddhima uttered : “he is in deep sleep dr. atul.”
Dr. atul nodded and uttered : “good..uske liye abhi sona hi thik hai. You are his attendant doctor dr. riddhima..aap inka report mujhe dete rahenge aur haan, kuch aur injured hain,jo inke team ke hi hain..aap round dete rahiyega unke cabin me..waise dr. muskan and dr. nikita is also there. shshank sir sent other doctors in other hospital to take care of injured,who are admitted there.
Riddhima nodded but her heart didn’t want to go from there for a minute. She wanted to stay with arman only. But as dr. atul said,she came out and went to the other ward .as she entered there, some guys who were in relief team and got injured..tried to sit.riddhima uttered with a sweet smile : “please rest kijiye. Mai sirf check up ke liye aayi hun.”

One person,whose name was mohit uttered smilingly : “yahan ke doctors bahut khubsurat hoti hai ma’m. agar pahle pata hota toh main doctor banta.”
One other teased him : “doctor banna hi kafi nahin hota mohit..apni surat dekhi hai kabhi aaine me? Itni khubsurat doctors tere taraf ghurkar bhi nahin dekhti.”
Mohit sighed where ramesh uttered : “haan yaar…pahle bhi 2 aur doctors aayi,bahut khubsurat thi..thank god main injure hua aur is hospital mein aaya.”
Riddhima didn’t get what to say. She uttered only : “aaplog aisi baatein karenge toh humey aapko dusre hospital mein shift karna hoga.”
Sushant uttered : “sorry ma’m,ye log aise hi majak kar rahe hain,aap bura mat maniye. Bas apni tension nikalna chahte hain is tarah. We are worried for our friend arman…we saw he got injured badly and he had surgeries.abhi tak ICU me hai..we are tensed ma’m for him..”
Mohit uttered : “yes doctor…humey uski bahut chinta ho rahi hai..
Riddhima uttered while giving injection to mohit : “wo thik hai..he is stable and sleeping.”
Ramesh uttered : “hum unhen dekh sakte hain kya dr.?”
Riddhima uttered : “no,uske cabin me kisiko abhi nahi jane diya jayega but don’t worry ,he will be fine soon.”
Mohit uttered sighly : “uski badi buri aadat hai dr….hardam dusron ke bare mein sochta hai. That time I was with him…I warned him ki building bahut weak hai..anytime it will be collapsed..tu ander mat ja,par usne mujhe kya kaha pata hai?...meri jaan jane par agar kisiki jaan bach sakti hai toh mujhe parvah nahi mohit.”
Sushant uttered : “I hate his this character..kabhi apne bare mein toh sochta hi nahin..dusron ki fikr lagi rahti hai…
Some words slipped from riddhima’s tongue : “janti hun…”
Sushant looked at her with a jerk and asked : “aap usey janti hain?”
riddhima understood and uttered immediately : “nahi,actually relief team toh aise hi kaam karte hain,apni jaan ki parvah kiye I said.”
Mohit uttered : “hum sab bhi relief team ke members hain doctor..par apni jana ki parvah karte hain..”
Riddhima nodded and went to go from there but stopped hearing mohit’s voice : “ we know hum abhi arman se nahin mil sakte,kya aap uska recovery news humey de sakte hain dr…
Riddhima uttered smilingly : “haan jarur…and I am riddhima..dr. riddhima gupta.”
After she went sushant uttered : “yaar,ye naam kuch jana pahchana sa laga…
Ramesh teased : “ab ispar line marna hai kya?bhul ja ye sab…humare kismet mein aisi girls nahin hai.”
Riddhima came in arman’s cabin and sat beside him silently. dr. shashank was going home so called riddhima but riddhima refused to go home.she informed that she took extra duty…she will be in hospital till morning. Shshank smiled hearing it and uttered : “good beta,abhi kafi injured laye ja rahe hain south Mumbai se…aapka rahna hi thik hai,you are a very responsible doctor beta. But I have to go beta, kyonki kal mujhe dubai jana hai .”
Riddhima uttered smilingly : “yes papa.aapko thoda rest karna chahiye. And happy journey papa..kaam khtm hone par hi aap wapas aa jana papa..i will miss you.”
Shshank smiled and uttered : “meri riddhu ke bina mera bhi kahan dil lagta hai beta.ok bye.
Riddhima hung the phone and looked at arman who was half unconscious because of medicine. his eyes were closed..head was bandaged and face became pale. Riddhima’s heart wished to care his forehead..she bent and as she touched his forehead , muskan and nikki entered in the cabin. Riddhima immediately sat straight and looked at them.

Muskan asked : “kaisa hai tera hero?”

Riddhima uttered with a sigh smile: “he is hero of many people,whom he saved. And please muski,don’t say these words in front of him or anyone…and his name is arman malik.”
Nikki uttered : “I know his name is arman malik…itne dino se hazar baar tujhse sun chuki hun iska naam. Anyways,how is arman malik?”
Riddhima was about to reply but heard arman’s voice : “aah!mera sir…aah!
Riddhima’s eyes became teary seeing he was in pain. Muskan gestured nikki and addressed to riddhima : “he is only a patient riddhima..why you are crying for him?”
Riddhima uttered slowly : “kyonki kabhi mujhe rota dekhkar isey dukh hua tha. Anyways,I have to inform dr. atul ki isey shayad bahut pain ho raha hai..”
Muskan uttered : “don’t worry,he is coming ..abhi aa jayenge.”
Just then dr. atul entered and seeing arman condition asked : “how are you arman malik? You are feeling pain in head?”
Arman slowly nodded and tried to open his eyes. He saw everything was blur in front of him. he heard a voice : “dr. riddhima,mai abhi inject karta hun,pain kam ho jayega.after half an hour when he will be relieved a bit,you give him these medicines. Your today’s duty will be over na? dr. nazma aaj duty par hai,she will come in an hour.”
Riddhima uttered : “sir, today I took extra duty..i am here till tomorrow morning.”
Dr. atul uttered smilingly : “good! You are very responsible doctor..dr. riddhima..and see your friends, ghar jaane ke liye ready hain..patients ki fikar kam aur ghar jaakar sone ki fikr jyada rahta hai inko.”
Nikki uttered smilingly: “sir,its wrong.main aaj 3 din se ghar nahi gayi.
Muskan uttered : “yes sir, mai bhi kal se yahin hun par aapko toh sirf riddhima ko hi compliment dena hai.”
Atul uttered smilingly : “no no dr. muskan…I only teasing you girls..aapdono ghar ja sakte hain,but come at morning as soon as is full of patients. Okay,dr. riddhima..aap abhi yahin rahiye,kuch jarurat ho toh please call me.”
After he went,muskan and nikki uttered : “bye riddhima,kal milte hain.”
Arman,who was listening there talk in his half unconscious state…shocked to hear riddhima’s name. he tried to open eyes but was not able because of severe headache. He stretched his trembling hand and in a while someone caught it tightly and uttered in a soft voice : “ bahut takleef ho rahi hai kya?”
Arman smiled and held her hand more tightly and sank in a deep sleep as if his pain was gone totally.
Arman opened his eyes and tried to see around. Slowly everything was cleared in front of him and he got she was sleeping in the couch in half sitting state. Her eyes were closed and her hairs were playing on her forehead. Arman smiled and tried to sit but in a while riddhima opened her eyes and ran to him while uttered : “no no..aap uthne ki koshish mat karo.”
Arman again kept his head on the pillow and uttered : “pani..
Riddhima came to him, gave water and uttered : “how are you?”
But arman didn’t reply and uttered with a smile : “toh wo pagal,padhayi se bhagne wali ladki doctor ban hi gayi?
Riddhima smiled and uttered slowly : “kaise na banti? Kisise vada jo kiya tha.”
Arman smiled and asked : “how is dr. shshank?”
Riddhima uttered : “papa is fine.”

Some time both became silent as if they were searching words. Then arman uttered slowly : “how are my friends.”

Riddhima : “all are fine arman,they wanted to meet to you.”
Just then muskan entered and seeing arman and riddhima was talking ,yelled from the door… “hi arman malik…us din ki pagal,padhayi se bhagne wali ladki doctor ban gayi hai…ab toh aapko koi shikayat nahin hai na?”
Seeing arman’s confused face nikki yelled : “humey sab pata hai mr. malik…cause we are this girl’s best friends.”
Arman uttered smilingly : “hi…
Muskan uttered with a pouting face : “I have a complain arman malik. Aapka gift kiya hua pen ko yeh ladki humey touch bhi nahi karne deti thi..
Nikki : “yes..she was always got top position so we thought us pen ka magic hai…but she didn’t allow to touch it only. And she was waiting for you from a long time…”

Riddhima blushed and uttered : “kuch bhi bolti rahti hai yeh..pagal hain dono ke dono. Main dr. atul ko inform karti hun. “
Saying she went from there hurriedly. Muskan and nikki hi fived and laughed and addressed arman : “do you know the word ‘serendipity’?”
Arman smiled and replied : “no,I believe in serendipity.”
Love you all

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