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Part 5 & 6 : Armaan aur Riddhima ka safar

Part 5 

A week had passed since Armaan had started school and he had become very much part of the gang; he was funny, smart and a great talker. Muskaan and Nikita had also become quite fond of having him around just as much as Rahul and Abhi had found a great friend in him but someone's feelings towards him hadn't changed as yet. Riddhima; she just couldn't stand the sight of him as he had won everyone's praise and had taken her place as the top student in every lesson. It had also become a habit of Armaan to tease Riddhima, who always fell for his tricks. She tried to stay away from him as much as possible but found it very difficult as they were in most of the same classes and he was always with her friends.

One lesson where she has a little peace and quiet was in Textiles, this is one of her favourite lessons as she loved designing and sewing and she had decided to use this time wisely as she was not disturbed by him or would he take her place in this lesson. They walked into the class and Riddhima got straight on with her work as the other two were just getting settled.

Ridz: Finally…you don't know how long I've been waiting for this lesson…at least I don't have to see that bandar's face!!!

Niki: Ridz!! C'mon why don't you like him?

Ridz: DON'T LIKE? – shocked expression - …It's not that don't I don't like him… - calming down - …let me correct that for you…I HATE him… - angrily

Muskaan: – laughing – …You joker…how could you hate him?? He's soo sweet yaar...

Ridz: Guys please…at least in this lesson let's not call that idiot's name…I need to rest my brains…in the last half an hour he's chewed my brains soo much I need to take a break… - breathing out

Riddhima had grabbed a huge A3 sized paper and rushed her pencil over it designing a complicated yet elegant outfit with lots of layers and drapes and a detailed surface decoration. She had completed the basic design within three to four minutes and was working on the detailed touches.

Niki: Okay…okay…we won't call his name again…

Ridz: Thank you… - still working away

Muskaan: - looking at Riddhima's unfinished design – …Wow yaar…you're amazing…

Niki: Let's see… – leaning over Muskaan's shoulder - …beautiful…I wish I was that talented… – sigh

Ridz: Thanks guys… – smiles but carries on without looking up

Niki: You're making that for me right?

Ridz: We'll see… - concentrating

Muskaan: Ridz…yeh batao…how do you do it?

Ridz: Kya? – still working away

Muskaan: You know…just get right into it and get it done so easily? – looking down at Riddhima's design - …Just getting started takes me five minutes… - looks around at the other six girls in the class – …and it's not only me…sab log…dekh...

They looked around the class to see everyone was just chilling, taking their time and chatting to each other while the teacher entered the class and was slowly preparing for the lesson.

Ridz: – looks at Muskaan – …Well my dear… - smiling fully for the first time that day - …designing is my passion and creating is my love… aur passion and love comes from the heart…so when I put my heart into it…sab kuch ho sakta hai…haina… – smiling at her friends – …aur haan…ek aur wajah…

Niki: What's that? – curiously

Ridz: Woh bandar yahan nahi hai…isliye!

They all looked at each other and laughed then everyone got on with their work. Riddhima had added a bit of colour to her design and had moved onto her second design just as the other girls were getting started with their first design.

Two hours late the girls had walked out of Textiles very excited and were walking down the corridor chatting happily about their designs and projects. Nikita was still arguing with Riddhima about making the outfit for her;  Riddhima was so cheerful she wasn't looking ahead of her but was looking at Nikita instead when she walked right into someone and dropped her folder onto the floor, all her designs and drawings were scattered on the floor.

Ridz: Hey!! Can't you look where you're going…you stupid… - looks up and comes face to face with Armaan – …Tum!

Armaan: Tum bhi dekh kar nahi chal rahi thi…

Ridz: Pehle galti karte ho aur mafi bhi nahi mangte…

They had squared up in front of each other like they were going to rip each other's hair out any minute while the others around them began to roll their eyes as if to say…"here we go again"

Armaan:  Main kyon mafi mangu? It was your fault!

Rahul: Stop!! – stepping in between the two – …That's enough!

The girls picked up the papers from the floor and Riddhima, with the angriest expression on her face, stuffed them back into the folder.

Muskaan: Chal…let's go for lunch…I'm starving… – lightening the atmosphere

Abhi: Yep me too…

They walked off down the corridor in pairs; Muskaan and Rahul holding hands, Riddhima, still upset, was walking with Nikita and Armaan and Abhi walked behind together. When they had almost reached the Common Room Abhi changed his mind stopping and making everyone else come to a halt.

Abhi: Guys…wait a minute… - all stop and turn to look at him

Armaan: What's up?

Abhi: Why don't we leave now? There's no point hanging around here we haven't got next lesson so why don't we go to the mall?

Muskaan: Yeah that's a good idea then we can get something decent to eat…

Rahul: C'mon then let's go…

The gang had decided to go their favourite hangout…The Mall. They loved chilling in the mall, especially the girls. They had bought food from all over the place, the guys' unhealthy food from Mc.D's and the girls had healthy sandwiches and salad pots from the salad bars. When they had got their food they all sat around their favourite spot by the fountain; it was always their favourite hangout, they loved it as it had such a pleasant feeling, sitting by the fountain or the comfy chairs sipping coffee or munching on the mall's best chocolate chip cookies, cracking jokes among themselves or teasing each other, they always had fun when they were there together. Armaan, Abhi and Nikita sat on the edge of the fountain eating their food, Riddhima sat on the comfy chair having a sandwich and Rahul and Muskaan sat on the same chair sharing their food.

After about an hour Rahul and Muskaan decided to leave and spend some time together. Nikita and Riddhima sat together going through Riddhima's designs and discussing some changes while Armaan and Abhi sat back in the chairs looking at girls walking by. Riddhima looked up in disgust as Armaan had said something about a certain girl that had just walked by.

Ridz: Sick… - in disgust

Armaan: Kuch kaha tumne?

Ridz: You're disgusting…you know that?

Armaan: Ab maine kya kiya? – looking from Riddhima to Abhi shrugging his shoulders wondering what he had done

Ridz: How could you talk about girls like that?

Armaan: Like what? - confused

Ridz: Oh forget it…there's no point in even talking to you…

Armaan: So you want to talk? Why didn't you say so… – moving towards her

Ridz: Whatever…keep dreaming!! – moving to the side

Abhi: - smiling – Tum dono bhi na…

Ridz: Kya? – looking confused at Abhi wondering how he could even mention them as a pair

Abhi: Niki…yaad hain…on the first day what she had said… - Nikita just smiled

Ridz: Kya…what did I say? – looking from Abhi to Nikita

Nikita smiled knowingly but stayed quiet not wanting to agree with Abhi but she knew he was right.

Abhi: - mimicking Ridz - "Don't you two ever stop?"

Armaan and Nikita laughed at his impression of Riddhima who looked cross.

Abhi: Yep…aur maine kya kaha tha?...When you find someone as annoying you won't be able to stop…and I don't think you guys are ever going to change…

Riddhima and Armaan look at each other.

Armaan: – thinking – Are we ever going to stop fighting?

Ridz: – thinking – NEVER!

part 6 

It had been a while now that Anjali and Atul had met each other and got to know each other a little better; they had met up a couple of times and were really enjoying each other's company. It was a nice Indian Summer evening, warm with many different coloured leaves on the ground and trees, Atul and Anjali had decided to meet up in the Cosy Caf!, a coffee shop where Anjali and Riddhima usually spent time together.

Armaan had also decided to tag along with his brother as he had not as yet seen his to-be sister-in-law and was very eagerly waiting to meet her because he had heard so much about her from Atul. Armaan and Anjali sat around a triangular coffee table on comfortable armchairs while Atul had gone to order something for them to drink.

Anji: It's really nice to have finally met you…

Armaan: Sab yahi kehte hai… – cheeky smile

Anji: You're really funny…

Armaan: Woh bhi kehte hai… – smiling

Anji: Okay...okay… - laughing

Armaan: Lol…seriously though…aap se milkar bohot acha laga…you're just as beautiful as champ described you…

Anji: Champ? - confused

Armaan: I mean…Atul bhaiya…I have loads of names for him…Champ, Bro, Bhai…and more…we are soo close…haan we fight just as much but we love each other a lot…

Anji: Oh really…that's so sweet…aur tumhara aur bhi naam hai…yah sirf Armaan?

Armaan: Oh… you don't really want to know… - trying to change subject

Anji: Batao na…I won't laugh…

Atul made his way to Armaan and Anjali and sat down in between them.

Atul: Toh…kya baate ho rahi hai? – looking from one to the next

Armaan: Kuch nahi…bas…

Atul: Ammy…have you asked your twenty questions to Anjali yet?

Anji: Twenty questions? – looking at both brothers

Armaan: Choro…forget it … – giving Atul a stern look as if to say "drop it"

Anji: Go on...pucho…

Atul: Yeah go on Ammy…pucho na… - smirking

Armaan looked at Atul as if to say "mar wayeh ga…kya?" On the way to the caf the boys had a discussion on asking Anjali some personal questions. Armaan wanted to ask the questions and Atul had made him promise not to ask as they were very embarrassing. But on seeing how beautiful and sensible Anjali was Armaan had changed his mind, not wanting to embarrass himself.

Armaan: Uh…to…Anjali Ji…aap karti kya hai? – changing the subject

Atul: That wasn't the question… – whispering to Armaan

Anji: Kya?

Armaan: Kuch nahi…toh Anjali Ji...batao na…what do you do?

Anji: Please Armaan…sirf Anjali… - nodding at Armaan

Armaan: Okay... – smiling at her sweetness

Anji: Well…at the moment I work at Birthdayz…it's a greeting card shop, we sell: cards, balloons, decorations, that stuff…but I do the floral arrangements...

Armaan: Wow…sounds very interesting…

Armaan looked at Atul and smiled as he noticed that Atul had become lost in Anjali's words. He then looked at Anjali who was also staring at Atul and decided to let them have their moment. He stood up and went to the counter to collect their order. When he came back they were still sharing their eye lock, smiling as he thought they looked adorable and he had never seen his brother so attracted to any other girl.

Armaan: Uh-huh… – cleared his throat and placed the tray onto the table – …Sorry to disturb you…

Atul and Anjali jumped out of their dream and looked around in embarrassment, Anjali looked down into her lap as Armaan sat down and smiled at them.

Armaan: It's okay…hota hai… – picks up his cup and sips his coffee

Anji: - being comfortable again - …Bohot pata hai tumhe… – also picked up her cup of hot chocolate and smiled at him

Atul: Definitely…agar yeh nahi janta toh aur kaun janta?

Anji: Matlab? – sipping her hot chocolate

Atul: He was the "biggest" flirt back home… - emphasising on 'biggest' - …sab ladkiya usse chati thi…he was never seen without a girlfriend…

Anji: Oh…like that… – smiling at Armaan – …tum toh bohot chupe rustam nikla yaar…

Armaan: Kya bhai…why are you spoiling my're making it sound like I was really bad…Anjali…main itna bhi bura nahi tha…just one or two girls…

Anji: At once? – teasing

Atul: Ha ha…

Armaan: Nahi yaar… - looking lost

Anji: Toh tum bato…what's the real story?

Armaan: Well what can I do? If I'm so hot…that's not my fault…is it? – smiling – …yeah I like girls…who doesn't…all the girls wanted to be my girlfriend to main kya karta? …I had to give everyone a fair chance…

Anji: Tum bhi na…you're so funny…

Atul: Aur main?

Anjali goes all shy and looks down at her cup.

Armaan: Not at all funny…you're soo boring…haina Anjali?

Atul: Kya? Main boring hoon?

Armaan: Of course you are…you just love your plants…

Anji: What's wrong with plants?

Atul: Haan...what's wrong with plants? – turning to him

Armaan: I didn't say anything was wrong with them…I just… – noticed that he won't be able to win this one as they were both are against him

Atul: You were going to say something…

Anji: Bolo na Armaan…

Armaan: Kya yaar Anjali…shaadi se pehle bhaiya ke hogaye… – giving up

Anjali again becomes all shy as Armaan mentions shaadi; Atul looked at her and smiled. There was a little silence until Armaan decided to tease her.

Armaan: So when can I start to call you bhabi? – smiles at her – Have you guys decided to marry yet?

Atul: Mere taraf se haan hain… - talking only to Anjali – …mum has invited you guys to dinner tomorrow…please apna jawab kal de na…

Anji: Theek hain… - smiled and blushed madly

Armaan who had witnessed the whole scene found it really sweet and couldn't wait for this relationship to happen.

Armaan: - thinking - A small sweet family…I can't wait! Bohot maza ayega shaadi main! – sips his coffee and looks at the two love birds...

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