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part 6 : serendipity

Now arman is totally fine and was about to discharge in some days. Riddhima was very upset because she didn’t want to lose him again. She wanted to know about arman’s past but hesitated to ask him if he took it wrong or felt awkward. She wanted to tell him that before it, she was only wanted to meet him once to tell that she became a good girl and a doctor. his sacrifice of his puja didi is not went in vain. But now she wanted to spend her life with him only.Before it,arman was only a saviour for her but now he became her dream..her prince charming,with whom she wanted to relish every beautiful moment of her life. Before it, she felt that a teenager arman was the first crush of a teenager girl…but Now she understood that arman was her love and life. Muskan and sapna asked her many times that when she would express her feelings in front of arman..but riddhima uttered only :“I am trying, please give me some time.”

One day when they got the same reply from riddhima,Muskan uttered angrily: “uske chale jane ke baad roti rehna..”
Riddhima uttered nervously : “agar wo bura maan jaye toh? Mana kar de toh?’
Muskan : “toh tujhe sach pata chal jayega na ki uske dil mein tere liye kuch hai ki nahin? Aise kab tak dil hi dil mein kudhti rahegi?”
Sapna assured her : “don’t worry ridhzi,mera dil kehta hai wo tujhe chahta hai.”
Muskan added : “sirf iska nahin,mera bhi dill yahi kehta hai ki wo tujhe pyar karne laga hai. Tu aaj hi jaakar keh de usse.”
Riddhima thought a while then uttered in a low voice : “papa nahin manenge. Main unka dil nahin tod sakti.”
Sapna : “kyon nahin manenge uncle? Arman to kitna handsome hai,caring hai.”
Riddhima uttered in an anxious tone : “only handsome and caring is not enough for papa.he wanted a well settled and reputed person,I mean a doctor for me.”
Muskan asked annoyedly : “tu kya chahti hai bataa?”
Riddhima didn’t reply but her eyes filled with tears and she bent head. Muskan uttered in a serious tone : “toh tu uncle se chupkar bhag ja arman ke sath.”

Riddhima nodded immediately and uttered : “nahin muskan,ekbaar life me bhag gayi thi main,aur…
Muskan uttered smilingly : “aur tujhe arman mila tha,is baar tu arman ke liye bhag ja pagal.”

Riddhima nodded in na and stood there with a tensed face. Sapna patted her back and uttered : “tu arman se apne dil ki baat keh de ridhzi,we know wo mana nahi karega..aur uske baad hum sab milkar uncle ko mana lenge.”

Muskan, who was eating burger, uttered excitedly : “agar uncle nahin mane,toh main ‘hunger strike’ karungi…aur agar arman nahin mana toh bhi main ‘hunger strike’ karungi..yeh promise hai apni best friend se ek bhukkad ladki ka…”
Muskan’s words made riddhima smile and she relaxed a bit and uttered : “mai kal hi arman se baat karungi…ab main aur time barbaad nahin kar sakti.”
Muskan patted her back and uttered laughing : “yeh hui na mardon wali baat…”
Riddhima returned home at evening and started thinking how to express her feelings to arman next day. she was afraid in heart but her heart assured her that arman also liked her. At night when she came for dinner, saw papa was very happy. He told her that next morning he was going Malaysia in a conference and riddhima was also going with him. he uttered excitedly : “riddhima,wahan world ke best doctors aa rahe hain. Main chahta tha aapko sabse milaun,kyonki mere baad aapko hi sanjivani sambhalna hai…bahut kaam karna hai aapko..bahut aage badhna hai. I was planned to open some branches of ‘sanjivani’ abroad too and some young doctors ,who are son and daughter of my friends,want to work together. Aap dekhna aapko bhi kafi achcha lagega unke sath.”

Nani uttered sadly: “par shshank ,riddhima kya abroad rahegi? Mere jite ji usey mujhse alag mat karna beta.”
Shshank smiled and uttered: “ma,ab riddhima badi ho gayi hai aur uski shadi ho jayegi toh aapse dur jayegi na?”
Nani uttered : “ agar hum ghar-jamai bana le toh? Ya riddhima aur uska husband yahin,sanjivani sambhale toh? Phir hum sath hi reh sakenge na?”
Shshank uttered smilingly : “aap kuch bhi kehti hai ma. Waise hum abhi sirf conference attend karne ki baat kar rahe hain. Riddhima beta,aap packing kar lena,we have to catch flight at early morning.”

Riddhima nodded and came in her room and threw herself on the bed. tears started flowing her eyes feeling that she was going away from arman before expressing her love to him. she didn’t refuse papa to go with him but she knew papa wanted to get marry his daughter with dr.mayank ,who was a famous neurologist of Malaysia. Mayank liked riddhima so much and last year,when he had come india, proposed her.that time riddhima asked some time to think on it but now after meeting arman, she couldn’t imagine anyone to give his place.

Riddhima thought to call arman,but it was too late so she called sapna and narrated everything and uttered in a wet voice : “sapna,mera ek help karegi?”
Sapna uttered : “haan bol na ridhzi.”
Riddhima : “tu arman se bas itna kehna ki bahut important kaam se main papa ke sath ja rahi hun,aur mere aane se pahle wo discharge na le. Mujhe usse bahut important baat karni hai.”
Sapna : “haan sure ridhzi,aur agar possible hua toh mai pata lagaungi ki wo kahan rehta hai,uska address mil jaye toh tu usse uske ghar par bhi mil sakti hai.”
Riddhima uttered in a sad tone : “thank you sapna. Usey itna jarur kehna ki mujhe bilkul pata nahin tha is conference ke barey me.”
Sapna assured her in a loving voice : “don’t worry ridhzi,mai aur muskan usey kahin nahin jane denge tere wapas aane se pahle. Tu tension mat le aur apna conference itne achche se attend kar ki uncle tujhpar khush ho jaye aur teri har baat maan le.”
Riddhima mouthed ‘thank you’ and hung the phone and lied on the bed but her sleep went far away from her eyes. She only wanted to be back soon and to express her feelings to her love.
Arman was waiting for riddhima.he was seeing his watch again and again. Everyday she gave a round of arman’s cabin at sharp 9,but today it was 10,but no sign of her. arman tensed a bit thinking about her health but yesterday she was totally fine. At morning dr. atul came for a check –up and gave him the good news that he could take discharge today or tomorrow. But this news didn’t make him happy realizing that he will go away from riddhima. Now riddhima became like a habit ,with whom he forgot everything …the pain,struggle of his life and his heart desired to spend his life with her. But he knew that was not possible cause their life was totally different from each other. Riddhima was a doctor,of a renowned person of a high society..she is so beautiful that each and every guy’s dream to make her own but arman was an orphan,he had a worst past and now he was only a simple guy.
He heaved a long breathe and mocked himself in heart : “tu ‘bouna hokar chand ke sapne’ dekh raha hai arman malik. Tu agar apne dil ki baat express kar de toh shayad riddhima bura maan jaye. Wo tujhe kyon chahegi bhala? Shayad wo yeh soche ki tune uspar jo ehsaan kiya tha uska kimat maang raha hai.isse pahle ki tu aur bhi sapne dekhe,yahan se chale jana chahiye tujhe aur riddhima se contact na rakhna hi tere liye achcha hoga.”

Just then he got a knock and saw an aged lady peeping with a smile. She asked : “kya main ander aa sakti hun beta?”
Arman uttered immediately : “ji aaiye na.”
She came inside and uttered with a sweet smile : “aap kaise ho beta?”
Arman replied : “I am fine,par maine aapko pehchana nahin.”
Nani uttered : “oh haan,main toh batana bhul gayi..main riddhima ki nani hun.”
At first arman got tensed thinking that riddhima is not well so she sent nani. He asked worriedly : “riddhima kaisi hai? Thik hai na?”
Nani replied : “haan beta,wo bilkul thik hai. Actually aaj subah hi wah apne papa ke sath Malaysia gayi hai.wahan ek conference hai.”
Arman felt sad thinking that riddhima didn’t inform him about it then thought…. “riddhima kyon usey batayegi? Wo itna bhi important person nahin hai uske liye ki riddhima usey har baat bataye.”
He heard nani’s voice : “ actually main kuch dino se hi soch rahi thi ki aapse milun,par riddhima ke rahte possible nahin
Arman looked at her. She pause for a while then uttered: “beta,kya aap aur riddhima…mera matlab hai ki …

Arman jerked hearing it. He looked at dadi and asked in a trembling voice : “aapne kisne kaha?”

Nani uttered : “kisine nahin kaha beta.actually riddhima ke papa yani dr. shshank usey lekar bahut tensed hain. Kitne achche achche rishte aaye par riddhima ne sabko mana kar diya,reason pucho toh nahin batati wo. Isliye mujhe laga shayad uske dil me koi……

She looked at arman but not getting any reply she again uttered sadly : “main nahi janti aap dono ek dusre ko kaise jante ho,kab se jante ho…par agar aisi koi baat hai toh…..

She again paused for a while then uttered sadly : “jab riddhima itni si thi,tab meri beti is duniya se chali gayi…shshank ke pyar ne usey bigad diya tha aur wo achanak ekdin ghar se gayab ho gayi..par kuch din baad wapas aa gayi aur humey bataya ki kisi bhale insaan ne usey ghar pahunchaya. Usse pahle wo bahut hi badtamiz ban gayi thi par loutkar aane ke baad usme bahut changes aa gaye. Ek chulbuli ladki shant ban gayi…badtameez ladki,jo baat baat par apne papa ko jawab deti thi,achanak papa ki pyari shant bachchi ban gayi. Hum bahut khush the aur hain,par mujhe aajtak lagta hai wah apne dil mein kuch chupakar rakhi hai….

She heaved a long breathe and uttered : “ maine pahli baar kisi ladke se usey itna ghul milkar baat karte hue,khush hote hue dekha hai…so socha agar aapdono mein aisa koi rishta hai toh main shshank ko kisi tarah mana lungi.”

She looked at arman but arman uttered immediately : “nahin nani,aisi koi baat nahi hai. Hum dost hain bas…aur kuch nahi.”
Nani looked at him for some time then uttered lovingly : “aisi koi baat ho toh beta bata dijiye kyonki riddhima toh nahin batayegi. Kahin shshank uska rishta kahin aur fix na kar de …

Arman looked at her.she uttered : “haan beta,riddhima shayad nahin janti,conference ke bahane uske papa usey dr.mayank ki family se milane le gaye hain…

Arman asked nervously : “dr. mayank koun?”
Nani uttered excitedly : “dr. ranjit ka beta hai. Mujhe lagta hai aap unko jante hain,dr. ranjit is world ke famous surgeon mein count kiye jaate hain jinhone last month ek bahut hi critical case successfully handle kiya tha…twins,jo sir se ek dusre se jude hue the,unhen successfully separate unhone hi kiya tha. Unhen is saal award bhi mila hai.unhinka beta hai mayank…apne papa jaisa honhaar…itni kam umra mein hi kitna famous ho gaya hai.wah riddhima ko bahut pasand karta hai.last year usne propose kiya tha toh riddhima ne thoda samaya manga tha.
Arman gave a sigh smile and uttered : “he is so lucky.”
Nani uttered excitedly : “no beta,hum lucky hain. Par mujhe thoda dar tha ki kahin riddhima….’ She stopped and looked at arman.

Arman understood what she wanted to say so said : “jaisa aap soch rahe waisa kuch least meri taraf se toh nahi hai aisa kuch.phir bhi agar aap chahti hain toh main riddhima ko samjhaunga.”

Nani uttered happily : “haan beta,wo wapas aaye toh usey zara samjhana.meri bhi umar ho chuki hai,wah settle ho jaye toh mujhe chain mile.

Arman uttered : “sure nani.”
Nani uttered nodding : “aap bahut achche ho bĂȘte.aap zara us nadan ladki ko samjha dena. Achcha main chalti hun. Aur haan,please aap riddhima ko mat batana ki main yahan aapse milne aayi thi warna pata nahi kya soche.”

Arman uttered : “aap tension mat liziye.”
Nani nodded and went from there but arman became restless. didn’t know why he started feeling jealous with that guy,whose name was mayank. His heart uttered : “nani ki baton se laga shayad riddhima ke dill mein tere liye kuch hai arman..tu usey jane mat de. Ek baar usse baat kar aur agar wah tujhe chahti hai toh kisiki parvah mat kar.”

But his mind scolded him : “tu itna selfish kab se ban gaya arman? tu toh arman mallik hai na? dusron ki bhalayi ke liye jine ki kasme khane wala arman malik…aaj apni baatein soch raha hai? Dhikkar hai tujhpar…tu janta hai riddhima mayank ke sath bahut khush rahegi aur zindagi mein aage badh payegi,aur dr. shshank bhi toh kitne khush honge is rishte se….

He mumbled : “nahin,main aisa kuch nahin karunga jisse riddhima aur uski family ko problem ho. Main yahan se chala jaunga toh riddhima mujhe bhul jayegi. Mujhe jana hoga…

He got up and mumbled : “haan mujhe jana hoga aur wo bhi riddhima ke aane se pahle…mujhe aaj hi yahan se jana hoga..
Sapna thought to inform arman about riddhima, but dr. subhankar informed at early morning that they were going to visit in a dengue infected area. She didn’t need to come hospital,as shubhankar and kirti was passing from there,they would pick her and muskan. They would be back at afternoon.
When sapna back and went to arman’s cabin,it was empty.she got to know that arman was discharged and went from there. she shocked to know it and tried to find his address,but there was no any address in resistor. She thought to inform riddhima but muskan forbade her to do so and said : “wo 2-3 din mein wapas aane hi wali hai sapna,abhi usey batayegi toh wo disturb ho jayegi.uske aane ke baad hi kuch ho sakta hai so we have to wait for her.
Riddhima came back from Malaysia and a bit relaxed because when this time mayank wanted to know her opinion,she said that she loves someone and wanted to live her life with him.mayank only said : “mujhe aisa hi laga tha riddhima..anyways,agar kabhi meri jarurat ho toh batana ,I am always with you.”
Riddhima nodded and thanked him but uttered : “par please mayank abhi papa ko mat batana,I need some time.”

Mayank nodded and promised he would not say anyone.riddhima reached Mumbai at mid night.but she was restless to meet with arman so early morning she woke up, got ready and came in hospital. She saw sapna and muskan was already waiting for her. She hugged them and asked smilingly : “how are you? Sab thik hai na? arman kaisa hai? Sapna tune bataya tha na?”

Sapna bent her head. Riddhima scared in heart and asked worriedly: “kya hua sapna?”

Sapna uttered with teary eyes : “sorry ridhzi,tune ek kaam diya wo bhi main nahi kar payi…arman chala gaya hai…”

She narrated everything…riddhima felt that the earth was shaking under her feet…..arman chala gaya!..kahan gaya kisiko nahin pata…ab wah kya karegi! Kahan dhundhegi usey!par wah is tarah bina bataye kyon chala gaya!!

She heard muskan’s voice : “khud ko sambhal ridhzi…hum usey dhundh lenge…wah tujhse alag nahi ho sakta….wahi tera pyar hai aur teri kismet hai,aisa nahin hota toh wo itne dino baad nahin milta… believe in ‘luck’ na? you believe in 'serendipity’? I know you believe…

But riddhima was not able to reply her as she felt that she has lost him forever and ever………………
Love you all

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