Thursday, 23 April 2020

part 77 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

“Matlab, koi parcel nhi lena tha, hame bas yaha aana tha” Armaan asked.

“Bilkul” Ananya said.

Armaan and Rahul were amused and happy by the news that their in-laws will be staying in Delhi only. Everyone was happy that their home was set withing few days and that too with the help of members of Mallik Mansion.

Armaan look at Riddhima whose happiness was visible from her face, expression and acts also. She was setting the table along with Muskaan and Nikki was also helping them. Elders were sitting in drawing room discussion something which was still unknown to our love birds.

“Mom, table set ho gaya hai, dinner k liye bulau sabko?” Muskaan asked.

“Ha beta” Shweta replied.

Soon everybody gathered for the dinner and special food was served by the girls. The bonding they share was out of the world, no such relationship with so much trust, friendliness and happiness was made within so short time. But here, these things feel so unreal yet blessed.

Anurag got a call when they were about to finish the dinner, he excused himself and left nodding to Billy.

“Kya hua?” Armaan asked.

“Kuch nhi, some work related call” Billy replied.

“Arey mujhe kyu nhi bataya mai dekh leta hu” Armaan said.

“Arey koi baat nhi, chota sa kaam hai, bas, tum khana khao” Billy said.

“Dad, I’ll be joining the office back from tomorrow, kafi gap ho gaya hai” Armaan said.

“Ohoo Armaan, dinner time is family time beta, kaam k liye to puri life padi hai” Shashank said and everybody laughed.

“Waise uncle, Ammy itne time tak office se gayab ho ye pahli baar hua hai” Rahul said.

“Ha isiliye iska workaholic zone bahar aa raha hai” Prerna said.

Armaan pouted and Riddhima smiled on his act.

“Ok, done” Anurag came back and looked at Billy.

Soon they were done with the food and settle down in hall.

“Dad, ham ghar nhi ja rahe hain kya?” Rahul asked.

“Jayenge na, thoda ruko yar” Anurag patted his shoulder.

“Kyu Rahul tumhe yaha kya problem ho rahi hai?” Muskaan glared him.

“Kuch nhi, kuch v nhi” Rahul replied.

Everybody laughed on their tom and jerry looks.

Anurag look at his watch every now and then which was noticed by Armaan.

“Chachu, aap kisi ka wait kar rahe hain kya?” Armaan asked.

“Nhi to, wo to mai bas aise hi watch dekh raha hu, actually thodi der me ek call karna hai meeting se related so” Anurag said and elders trying to suppress their smile.

“Achha” Armaan replied.

Soon he get a message and smile looking at it.

“Ok guys, ab meri baat suno” Anurag said getting up from his seat suddenly.

“Kya hua Chachu” Rahul asked.

“Guys, its time for the ultimate and last surprise, tum log wapas aane k baad mujhe thanku bol lena lekin abhi dono couples niklaenge kyunki bahar gadi wait kar rahi hai and you can collect your tickets at airport, wo baat ho gai hai meri and you guys are leaving for your honeymoon right now” Anurag said very quickly without taking a pause with closed eyes.

After finishing he slowly opened his eyes and found shocked Armaan, Riddhima, Rahul and Muskaan were standing infront of him while others were giggling behind them.

“What, hurry up guys” Anurag said again.

“Chachu, are u alright?” Armaan asked.

“Ha matalab, mujhe v doubt ho raha hai, either you are not well or we just heard something impossible” Rahul said.

“Ha matlab, aap kya bol rahe ho apko pata v hai” Armaan looked back at him.

“Aise kaun jata hai kahi v, kahi jane k liye packing v karni hoti hai, jagah v decide karni hoti hai” Rahul said.

“Packing ho gai hai, tum charo ki, aur samaan gadi me hai” Prerna said and they turn towards her.

“Passports and other necessary cheejein v” Anurag said again “And jagah decide kar k hi ticket book ki hai”

“Aaplog ko ho kya gaya hai yar” Armaan threw his hands in air.

“Kuch nhi, ab ye maine plan kiya hai aur ye meri taraf se tum log ka wedding gift, chalo guys be quick” Anurag said again.

“Arey but jana kaha hai?” Muskaan asked.

“Sorry beta, wo to tum log ko airport pahuch k hi pata chalega, uske pahle koi nhi batane wala” Anurag replied.

“Achha beta, chalo jao ab, jaldi” Billy said.

Everybody was laughing on their reaction, they were surprised, shocked, happy and all mixed emotions.

“Enjoy bachho” they waved them as the car left the house.

Anurag make them sit in their respective car carrying their luggage and other things.

“Yar ye hamari life me pichle do hafto se kya ho raha hai kuch samajh me hi nhi aa raha hai, ye v nhi pata ki next moment me kya ho jayega, ya kaun sa bomb fodenge hamare gharwale hamare upar” Armaan said as they came out of the house.

“Kisi ne kuch doubt v nhi hone diya aur kuch pata v nhi chala” Riddhima said.

Armaan nodded then he got some idea.

“Waise achha hi hai na, ab tum mujhse dur nhi bhagogi, aur jana to hai hi to I think ab hame hamare honeymoon k bare me sochna chahiye, right” Armaan looked at her mischieviosly.

“Armaan, kuch v bolte hain aap” Riddhima blushed and look outside the car.

“Abhi kaha, ab to pahle honeymoon location pe pahuchne do” Armaan winked at her once she looked back at him.

“Yar Rahul, kitna maja aayega na waise ham kaha ja rahe hain” Muskaan asked.

“Ab mujhe kaise pata hoga yar, mai v tere sath me hi tha jab chachu ne bataya” Rahul said.

“Waise jaha v jayenge, tu ek baat sun le, ham honeymoon pe ja rahe hain to ladai mat karna yaar” Rahul said.

“Wo kaise ho sakta hai Rahul, bina lade to hamare din ki shuruwat hi nhi ho sakti” Muskaan said.

“Ha wo v hai lekin fir v try karte hain’ Rahul said.

“Ok,,,,, sochenge” Muskaan said.

Soon they reached at airport and collected their tickets, Armaan and Riddhima were going to Greece as it was Riddhima’s favorite place whereas Rahul and Muskaan were going to Switzerland since both of them love the snow.

Girls excused themselves for restroom break and boys were sitting in waiting area trying to digest that they are going for their honeymoon, like seriously.

“OMG!! Ridzi,, we are going to Switzerland, I can’t believe it yar” Muskaan was more than happy and Riddhima smile on her.

“Wow,,, that’s cool, tu hamesha se wahi jana chahti thi, I think chachu ko bataya hoga kisi ne” Riddhima said.

“Ha aur tu kaha ja rahi hai” She peeps into her ticket “Woah,,, Greece, ur dream destination” Muskaan chirruped with excitement.

“Ha sach me, maine to socha hi nhi tha ki ham aise honeymoon pe jayenge wo v meri favorite place pe” Riddhima replied.

“Achha sun, ab honeymoon pe bhagna mat, atleast honeymoon achhe se mana lena” Muskaan looked at Riddhima and she frowned.

“Ha theek hai na, itna mat suna” Riddhima tried to control her blush.

“Ridzi dekh, sharmana achhi baat hai but atleast Jiju k sath to tu normal rah sakti hai yar” Muskaan suggested her.

“Hmm, I’ll try, chal bahar warna wo log hame khojne nikal jayenge” Riddhima said and she giggled.

“Yar, ham sach me honeymoon pe ja rahe hain na” Rahul was still surprised.

“I guess yes” Armaan said.

“Hash,,,, lekin chachu ne perfect desination select ki hai hamare liye and dude make this time worth for it….. Bhabhi ko aur khud ko v thoda shell se bahar nikalo ab, ye time baar baar nhi milega kyunki wapas aane pe ham as usual busy ho jane wale hain so just enjoy ok” Rahul suggested Armaan and he smiled nodding.

“U too buddy” Armaan said.

“Mera to hona hi hai, bas Muskaan bahut ghumne wali hai aur mujhe sach me achha lagta hai bhale se mai jhoot moot ka use tang karta rahta hu” Rahul said.

“Achha ye baat hai, ok batata hu mai Muskaan ko” Armaan said.

“Arey nhi yar, pagal hai kya, airport pe hi maregi mujhe” Rahul said and they laughed.

“Yar ye log kaha rah gaye, flight ka time ho gaya hai” Armaan looked towards the way they left.

“Wo aa rahe hain” Rahul showed them.

Soo both couples departed for their destination wishing good luck for THE HONEYMOON.

Riddhima move along with Armaan and he hold the luggage.

Riddhima smile as they took their place and Armaan settle beside her.

“So,,,, happy?” Armaan asked.

“Hmm, bahut” she smiled.

“Greece to tumhari favorite place hai and I know you’ll love it” Armaan said.

“Aap mere sath ho to har jagah achhi hi lagegi Armaan aur Greece k liye I’m really happy, its my dream destination” Riddhima smile.

“Great” Armaan nodded holding her hand.

She looks out of window shyly and Armaan smile. Soon they drifted into sleep.

Riddhima was sleeping soundly when Armaan slightly shook her to get up so that she can have some food.

After food they chatted for sometime and Riddhima again felt sleepy being high on sky.

They reached in Greece and Riddhima’s happiness have no boundary, she looked around being excited.

Armaan adored his wife’s new excitement all draped in red saare and beautiful smile. He hold her around her waist so that she don’t collide with anyone.

“Chale Mrs. Mallik” Armaan looked into her eyes.

“Bilkul” she gave her beautiful cheeky smile.

“Oye hoye” he whisper and suddenly she start blushing.

They came out and noticed their name plate.

“I think Chachu setteled everything” Armaan said looking towards the driver waiting for them.

They reach at their hotel and Riddhima start getting nervous, she knew Armaan won’t do anything that would hurt her but she was hell nervous while thinking about the upcoming days.

“Wow,,, Anurag booked a penthouse for them in a beautiful hotel giving the view of Greece beautifully.

Armaan gave a nod to the attender who brings their luggage in and pass him dinner order then turn to see Riddhima watching the city from the window.

Feeling his presence behind her she turn around and looked at Armaan, he smiled looking at her face she looks down being shy.

“Umm,,,, mai Muskaan ko call kar leti hu, pata nhi wo log pahuche ya nhi” Riddhima said and Armaan nodded moving away.

“Maine dinner order kar diya hai, I’ll come back” by saying so he left towards washroom.

Riddhima called Muskaan.

“Hello Muski” Riddhima said.

“Ridzi,,, tumlog pahuche kya? Ham thodi der pahle pahuche hain Zurich, yar bahut sundar jagah hai ye” Muskaan was happy.

“Ha ham v abhi pahuche hain, Armaan fresh hone gaye hain to maine socha call kar lu” Riddhima said.

“Great, ab tu v fresh hoke apna honeymoon enjoy kar, aur ha maine jo v kaha tha yaad rakhna ok” Muskaan said the last word slowly.

“Ha baba” Riddhima tried to wave her off.

“Muskaan dinner is here” Rahul called from back side.

“Chal ham dinner k liye jate hain” Muskaan said and they cut the call.

Riddhima called Ananya and Padma to inform that they reached safely and they were so happy for them.

She just cut the call when Armaan came out of washroom wearing a lower and vest while rubbing his hairs off. Riddhima looks away, although the temperature was normal still she feels hot and fiddle with the a.c. remote.
Armaan looked at her and smile, he slowly held the remote from her hand and she shiver by his touch over her hand.

“Tum v fresh ho jao” Armaan whisper and she nodded moving towards the luggage.

Although Anurag made all the arrangements still she was nervous about the dresses, she knew chachi and Nikki would have packed it thus she don’t want to open it infront of Armaan.

“Ha, m,,,mai jati hu” she looks away and open the luggage.

There were so many western dresses according to the weather in Greece and she become surprised as those were revealing. She tried to get anything to wear for the night but those night dresses would be the last thing she would like to wear now out of shyness.

“Kya hua Riddhima” Armaan asked.

“Kuch nhi” she said and pick up one dress instantly.

“Need any help?” he asked coming towards her when doorbell caught his attention.

“Nhi, aap dekho shayad koi aaya hai” Rddhima said and rushed towards the washroom.

“Why she is behaving so strange” Armaan thought for once and receive the food.

He set up the table before Riddhima came out, as it was the long journey and they were hell tired thus before hitting the bed it was necessary to have some food.

Riddhima wore the dress but again she feels hesitated to come infront of Armaan as it was one piece of soft fabric with no sleeves yet that was the most covered dress she found in her luggage.

“Riddhima, u okay there?” Armaan knocked the door.

“Ha, mai aati hu” se replied and open the knob.
As she came out Armaan turn to watch her but halt on his spot to look at the beauty standing infront of him. Although she don’t wear such dresses but her body was perfect for all kind of dresses. He looked at her being lost and she thought it was not looking fine.

“Um,,,, I know its not looking good, but sara luggage Nikki and Chachi ne pack kiya hai so aur koi dress nhi mili mujhe” Riddhima said looking away from him.

Armaan reduced the distane between them and hold her hand, she look towards him and kissed her palm making her blush more.

“I think the dress is perfect for you, remind me to thank them once we reach home” Armaan whisper near her ear and she become red on his slow assaults.

His breath over her skin was creating a havoc inside her body but she hold herself and closed her eyes.

“You know what, Greece me mujhe meri life ki bahut sari memories banana hai Riddhima, tumhare sath, jise ham puri life yaad karke smile kare” He said looking into her eyes “Will you be with me?”

“Hmm” she nodded being lost in his eyes, those oceanic blue eyes always captivate her thoughts.

“Dinner kare?” he asked trying to make her normal.

“Ha” she replied.

Armaan ordered her favorite food and she smiled looking at the table.

Riddhima serve food for both of them but Armaan was sitting on the table looking at her being lost in his wife.

“Armaan” she nudged him but he was lost.

She shook her head and taking a morsel bring it near his lips “khana to kha lijiye Armaan” Riddhima said and he came out of his dreamland.

He had his first bite with her hand and smile.

“Can’t help, meri biwi mujhe pata nhi kaha kaha bhatka deti hai” he said and she smiled.

“Maine ghar pe call kiya tha” Riddhima said deviating the topic and Armaan smile on her sudden change of topic.

“Achha, kaise hain sab?” he talk to him to bring her back to normal condition.

“Sab theek hain aur Muskaan Rahul v pahuch gaye hain” Riddhima replied.

“Great, matlab ek hamari chhod k apne sabki khabar le li hai” Armaan said looking towards her.

“Aap to mere paas hi hain to apko ky,,,,,,,” Riddhima went with the flow when she realized he was teasing her.

“Kya hua?” Armaan asked.

“Kuch nhi” She said bending towards the food and Armaan also smile while having food.

They were so tired when they reached so Armaan thought to make a call to check Rahul and Muskaan while Riddhima settle on the bed.

A slight smile was playing over her lips when she feels Armaan beside her, she slowly open her eyes and found Armaan looking at her with all the love he holds for her. Sometimes, they don’t need words to express their feeling as their eyes do talking.

“Kya hua?” she asked.

“A moment back I again fell into love with my wife and her soft relaxed smile” Armaan said holding her hand.

Riddhima smile and he slowly kissed her palm.

“Armaan koi baat hai kya?” Riddhima asked.

He kept his head over her laps as she was sitting straight with folded legs and kept her hand over his head. Riddhima smile and slowly ruffle and rubbed his hairs making him deepening his dimple.

“Mujhe aise lag raha hai jaise tum thoda nervous ho rahi ho, is it true?” Armaan asked.

“N,,nhi to” Riddhima stammers saying that and her hand stops over his scalps.

Armaan hold her hand and bring it over his heart and smile “Riddhima, I love you and I can’t even think of hurting you, ham honeymoon pe aaye hain to iska ye matlab nhi hai ki mai sirf tumhare sath apne relationship ko next step pe leke jane k liye aaya hu, although, I’ll be the happiest person if that happen but still I want you to enjoy these days, ye wapas nhi aayenge. Ham, hamara rishta aur hamara pyar hamari power hai Riddhima. Tum apne mind se ye baat nikal do ki mai kisi v tarah tumhe force karunge, we will move slowly. Lekin tum apne favorite place pe apni khwahisho ko rokogi nhi, I want this. I want to be with you and enjoy our trip without any hesitation and nervousness” Armaan was holding so much of emotions for her which make her eyes teary.

“Armaan, mujhe ye to pata tha ki aap bahut achhe hain lekin aap mere har emotion k bare me itni gahrai se sochenge ye nhi pata tha, thank you” she bend down and slowly kissed his forehead and he smile.

“So, ab kal ka plan discus kar le” he looked into her eyes.

“Hmm” she nodded.

“Kaha jana hai apko kal wifey” Armaan gave a cute dimpled smile.

Riddhima resist her urge to poke into that dimple.

“Santorini, its my dream place, but kal ham paas k kisi jagah pe jayenge” Riddhima smile.

“Okay, so we will go nearby places tomorrow then we’ll go to Santorini” Armaan get up and she smile broadly.

She kept on telling what she want to do and Armaan listen to her as she was talking so much of the things which she wanted to do in Greece. They don’t know when they slept while talking holding each other hands.

Next morning, Armaan get up and smile looking at her who cuddled into him wrapping against his arms and her cute face covered with some hairs make him groan as he so wanted to kiss her at that moment.

“Armaan control” he murmured to himself and slowly moved her hairs away from her face.

Riddhima shifted a little in his hold and slowly open her eyes only to see him looking at her lovingly.

“Good morning Armaan” she said as she tried to get up.

Armaan hold her hand and she fell back to him over his chest and he hold her from waist. Riddhima blush when his hands slowly creeps upward and removed the fringes of hairs from her face. He slightly kissed her cheek and she blushed bending her eyes down.

“Good morning” he smiled.

“chhodiye, mujhe ready hona hai” Riddhima tried to get up.

“I think you will soon change this chhodiye word” Armaan winked at her she slapped on his arm playfully.

She went towards the washroom and Armaan sneaked into the closet to select a dress for her. He knew that she will again get confused thus he select in which he wanted to see her.

She came out in bathrobe and found Armaan there thus stopped. Armaan take into heart her image of being so irresistible and tempting.

“Umm,,,, tum ye pehnogi?” Armaan gave her the dress he chose and she nodded looking towards him, she didn’t gave a look to the dress just his eyes conveying his wish was enough for her to agree.

“Mai fresh hoke aata hu” Armaan moved towards washroom.

Riddhima looked at the dress, it was beautiful floral top and short skirt which was lose and reach upto her lower thighs. She wore such dresses occasionally but infront of Armaan wearing them was like giving herself for wholeday teasing session. Still she loved that he selected the dress for her.

She get ready with light make up and slightly curled her hairs, she was wearing her sandals when Armaan came out of the washroom, she didn’t felt any movement thus turn to look towards him.

The look in his eyes was enough to convey his like for her in that dress.

“Armaan, ready ho jaiye” Riddhima said.

“Could we just change the program” Armaan move towards her throwing the towel on bed.

“Kyu?” she looked surprised.

“What if I can’t control my desires, see u r looking so irresistible so its quite natural I could go out of way and,,,,,,” Armaan stop when she place her palm over his lips.

That fresh and mischievious glint in his eyes was making him way more hot that she ever noticed.

“Armaan, please” she tried to shushed him up.

“I’m also saying PLEASE” Armaan looked at her.

“Mujhe ghumna hai Armaan” she said looking into his eye with cute puppy face.

“This expression, that’s not fair yar” Armaan throw his arms up and go back to get ready.

“I love you” she giggled and he frowned.

“U will pay back wifey” Armaan looked at her.

She smile and took her sling bag, then she waited for Armaan. He came looking all dashing and smart with black shirt with three button open with mustard jacket and jeans holding his goggles he move towards the side table to catch his valet and Riddhima suddenly feels that the atmosphere become so hot as she literally fan her hands over her face and looks away to control her blushing face.

Armaan came towards her and hold her from her waist hugging her slowly he kissed her down her ears and whisper “I still feels it’s a bad idea to go out”

Riddhima came out of hug and holding his hand she came out of the penthouse.

They had their breakfast at some restaurant and move randomly in markets as Riddhima don’t want proper guide based trip and Armaan was well aware of Greece as he came for some business meetings and projects. He took her to a beautiful restaurant situated by sea shore and they enjoyed a lot running around the beaches and enjoying each other company. He got hold of her and Riddhima being lost in exploring Greece didn’t noticed much of his possessive hold over her waist, his every now and then feather kisses. They went to some meuseum where Riddhim was looking after the things placed there and they also arranged for some show to depict the story of the antiques placed there and Armaan has least intrest in listening to it. He was holding his wife and snuggled into her when she was completely drawn into the show.

His hot breathe over her neck arised goodebumps all over her body and then she realized everything she missed all the way from morning. She suddenly blushed hard and change in her body language make Armaan realize that she was noticing whatever he was doing. He slowly hold her hand which was kept over the chair and gripping it into his hold he place it into his hairs and rubbed it lightly. Riddhima closed her eyes not getting over her feelings and tried to control her increasing heart beat.

Armaan kissed her neck a bit harder and she hissed moaning his name. Armaan came back to reality when he feel her palm rubbing his hairs lightly. He knew he was distracted towards his own wife very badly but he cursed himself for loosing his control over there.

“I’m sorry” he mumbled while moving away from her and she looked into his eyes where hint of guilt was rising and she won’t allow him to feel like that.

“Armaan” she hold his hand and shook her head.

“Nhi Riddhima, I should have controlled myself, Sorry baby” He looked towards her and she move forward.

Cupping his one cheek she kissed his second one for a longer time and he smile feeling her lips over his skin, he wanted to save this memory forever when she took a step towards him thus he clicked their pic where Riddhima’s face was hidden behind his and only her closed eyes were shown while Armaan’s with a content smile.

Riddhima look at him with a frown when she feels flashlight.

“A memory forever” Armaan whisper and she smiled.

“Chalein” Armaan said getting up and she nodded.

“Umm,,, ab aage ka kya??” she asked.

“Lets have dinner” Armaan said but stand abruptly in his way being shocked.

“Kya hua?” Riddhima asked looking towards him.

He turn towards her and see clearly to confirm whatever he just saw and slowly ruffle her hairs bringing it forward covering her neck area.

Riddhima become confused and trace his gaze, she was surprised to see light reddish spot on her neck and looked at Armaan.

He looks away and she blushed toring her gaze from him and settle her hairs on the spot.

“Beach side dinner?” he asked.

“Umm, yup” she replied.

He hold her hand and they moved towards the restaurant. Placing the order he moved his gaze towards Riddhima who was adoring the beach with a smile on her face. Soon they forgot about their little make out session and came out of awkwardness. Guess that was going to be random event every now and then.

“Beaches are always ur weakness na?” Armaan asked.

“Hmm” she smiled looking towards him “I love beaches, I can spend whole night looking at the stars, moon and vast sea” she said being lost.

“And I can spend whole night looking at you” He rasped slowly and Riddhima’s eyes flickered by heaviness of his voice.

She gathered her courage to look back into his eyes which was full of love, affection and concern with a slight hint of desire. Riddhima don’t know how to deal with that. She loved him like whole universe but she was not able to initiate the step.

Armaan smile and holding her hand he moved towards the sea, they walked in water holding their hand together. Armaan saw some guys drinking and whistling towards other couples and girls, he glared them clearly indicating the back off look and there was something in his eyes that make them gulp hard and leave the place as they don’t want to fall into fight by looking at his physique.

Riddhima hold his hand and they moved towards their hotel. When she noticed the sea side bar, their sitting arrangement was done upto the water level which make her smile.

Armaan followed her gaze and smile, he knew she wanted to go there thus deviating his pace towards the site he run holding her hand.

Riddhima smile once they reached there, they sit on the chair kept in water and Armaan order the drink. Riddhima was splashing water with her feet and smile when Armaan get a call and move to a side while talking. Soon the waiter came with the drink and place it on the table passing a smile towards Riddhima.

‘”Enjoy ur drink M’am” he said sweetly and left.

Riddhima look towards Armaan who was busy in talking with someone and discussing his work, may be. Thus, she started drinking whatever was placed infront of her. She felt her throat burn by the drink and make a face as the drink move inside.

“Eww, ye kitna hard hai” Riddhima placed the glass down and wait for Armaan, she felt something different and looked at the aother glass “Kitna ajeeb drink mangwaya hai Armaan ne” Riddhima murmured and have another glass also.

“Ops” maine to Armaan wali drink v khatam kar di.

She kept her head down mumbling something in her own.

“Riddhima” Armaan came back and kept his hand over head and she looks up towards him with a secretive smile.

“Armaaaaaaan,,, aap kaha chale gaye the” Riddhima asked with a stammering voice.

“Riddhima, are u okay??” Armaan touched her forehead and she giggled.

“Haaaaa, mujhe kya hua hai” Riddhima smiled looking at him.

“Kuch to hua hai, baby, u had anything?” Armaan looked at table.

“Ha,,,, wo ajeeb si drink” Riddhima pointed towards the glass.

Armaan sniffed the drink only to get the alcoholic smell that too very strong.

“Riddhima, ajeeb thi to why did you drink? Aur maine ye order nhi kiya” Armaan said looking around.

“Mujhe kya pata,,,,, but you know us se mere throat me jalan ho rahi thi, see yaha pe” Riddhima pointed towards her throat moving her fingers up and down to show the area and Armaan groaned inside control his eager to kiss her at the same spot.

“Waiter” he called the waiter but he was already shivering with fear.

“What did you kept here?” Armaan asked.

“Sorry Sir, I just misplaced the orders by mistake, I’m so sorry but please don’t say anything to owner he’ll just throw me out” He was feeling guilty for whatever he did although unknowingly.

“Its okay, leave” Armaan dismissed him and move his hand forward to hold Riddhima’s hand but she was nowhere.

“Riddhima” Armaan called her when he noticed her dancing along with some people in water on DJ beat.

Armaan quickly move towards her but she was so high on alcohol that she didn’t realized how she was dancing and Armaan was having difficulty in controlling his desires looking at her like that. She was waving on the beat in toe dipped water, she smile as she noticed Armaan and crooked her finger calling him towards herself.

Armaan shook his head on her act and smiling he move towards her, drunk Riddhima was a treat to watch till now.

He joined her and she completely banged over his chest holding him by keeping her hands over his shoulder and his eyes become darker by the proximity they were sharing. She was unaware of the tycoon she was creating inside Armaan.

“A,,,,,,rmaaa,,,,n,,,, this place is so beautiful, that’s why I love Greece.” Riddhima turn around flying her hands and again hold him possessively.

“Riddhima, baby I know you like this place but I think we need to leave” Armaan said.

“Nhi,,,,,, I want to DANCE” Riddhima said looking at him with a pout.

“Okay,,, so le,,,,,,,,” Armaan was saying when she cut him off placing his hands over her waist.

“Baatein baat me karna, pahle mujhe pakdo tab to dance karoge na buddhu” Riddhima tapped his forehead with a cute smile.

“Yeah, right” Armaan shook his head smiling on her.

“yesss,,,,,,, lets dance” Riddhima smiled.

She was moving alongwith beat holding Armaan,,,, no practically hanging over him mostly due to alcohol.

Armaan was enjoying her all for himself although in drunk state but still that proximity was making him somewhat eager to hold her like that entire night and doing God knows how many things.

Riddhima saw a couple kissing each other and giggled.

“What happened now?” Armaan asked.

“Nothing,,,, see that couple, the way they are kissing each other” Riddhima said.

Armaan’s eyes popped out of his socket and he didn’t dare to turn around.

“Riddh,,,,,,” he tried to say something.

“Do you think, we can kiss like that,,,,,,, ?? maybe better than that or worst” Riddhima was looking at them like trying to learn how to kiss tapping her chin with her index finger.

Armaan gulped his saliva as he was trying to hold Riddhima and himself both in so many ways but she was hell bound to break the shell in the effect of alcohol.

“Riddhima, I think the kiss can wait baby, lets just…..” he was again stopped by her and he sighed looking towards her.

“How unromantic Armaan Mallik, u can’t even kiss ur wife on your honeymoon” Riddhima glared him but that was also cute.

“U don’t have any idea how hard u r making it for me” Armaan said controlling his desires and groan.

“Shut up, u know what let it be” Riddhima said and try to move away from his hold.

Armaan held her wrist and twirl her around banging her on his chest. He moved her hairs away from her face and looked into her eyes which was quite tipsy at the moment.

“What exactly are you trying to do wifey” Armaan whisper almost on her face and she shiver.

“Kuch nhi, u don’t wanna kiss me I know, because I don’t know anything and this,,,,,,” she pecked his lips keeping her hands in his head “is quite difficult for you I know”

Armaan’s eyes become wide as he feel the shortest time when her lips were in contact with his and that just bring fireworks in his head which was out of control now.

He slowly moved his hand upward from her waist to her head, dipping his fingers in her hairs he pulled her lightly towards himself and she smile looking towards him while his eyes were just focused on her lips when he closed the distance and kissed her lips. That feeling was beyond any explaination, they were each other’s first and that first kiss which was really special for them. He took his time playing with her hairs and deepening the kiss he groaned inside holding her securely till they need air to breath.

After like infinity he left her and she was all drowned in him with her drunk eyes and slowly toched his lips with her fingers.

“T,,,,that was,,,,,” she was stopped by Armaan this time.

“Bestest kiss anyone could ever have” he whisper leaning towards her toching her lips which was slightly swelled depicting the intensity of the kiss they shared.

He was holding her through bare waist and her attire was more than enough to break the every determination he was having and now her drunk acts are hell bend to make him love her in every way he could at that particular moment.

“Baby,,, shall we leave now” Armaan looked at her rubbing her cheek lightly.

“Hmm,,, NO,,,,, I love this place,,,,,, but Armaan,,,, I’m feeling a bit cold” Riddhima shiver in his hold.

“That’s because u are standing in water for so long, lets go” He said rubbing her arms to make her warm.

Armaan removed his jacket and wrap it up around her then holding his hand on her waist so that she can walk properly they came out of the place.

Armaan was smiling remembering the kiss, Riddhima looked at him while blinking her eyes so hard. His dimple was so prominent when he was smiling.

“I love this” she kissed his dimple.

He looked at her being amused.

“And?” he raised his brows up.

“And this” she stopped and kissed his eyes “they make me love u much more” till then they reached at their hotel.

He hold her securely when they pass through the lift.

“Ye itni sare floors kyu hain yaha pe” she pouted.

“Kyunki yaha pe bahut sare log aate hain” Armaan smiled.

She looked at him and smile “I love one more thing” she looked at him.

“Kya?” he looked into her eyes as he opened the door of their penthouse.

“Kyu batau?” she giggled and run towards their bedroom.

“Riddhima,,, listen,,,,,,” Armaan ran behind her.

He hold her hand and drag her towards himself when her back touched his chest “No more running away,,, u were saying something about loving some,,,,,,” Armaan said looking towards her.

“Ha I love so much things about you Armaan, I love the way u love me, the way u take care of me” she moved away saying so but Armaan hold her through her waist making her look at him “the way u hold me” she looked into his eyes.

“And” he asked bringing her more close to her.

“The way you come close to me” she whisper and her eyes flickered as they pass from his eyes to his lips and he growled.

“And?” he was leaning close to her.

“The way u kissed me” she toched his lips with her fingers and he controlled his groan somehow “That was better than that couple, right”

Armaan leaning more into her when she was standing on her toes and he whisper almost on her lips “Best feeling of my life, it was better than anything on the planet”

“Really?” this time she leaned over him and whisper touching his lips slowly.

And that was not the time to reply so he just kissed her again, he tried to control himself so much as she was drunk but he can’t resist her temptation when she was continuously igniting the fire he tried to slow down.

They were kissing each other being lost in themselves and fell on the bed holding each other.

Riddhima was ruffling his hairs making him groan inside and his urge to cross all the limits were high when he realized she was still drunk and under the effect of alcohol.

He came out of kiss and looked at her face which was all red and flushed although she was drunk but his effect on her was clearly visible, her eyes were opening and closing in an attempt to look at him.

Armaan hold her face in between his palm and smile kissing her forehead “Riddhima, I think you should sleep baby, just freshen up a bit” Armaan said.

“Nhi, mujhe nhi jana hai kahi v” Riddhima sit on the bed pouting.

“Riddhima” Armaan looked at her.

“Nhi nhi nhi” she shook her head.

“Achha mai le chalu to?” he looked at her.

She immediately open her hands so that he can carry her, Armaa smile and scoop her in his arms thinking will she ever be like that in future being in stable state, he will love it.

He wiped her face using wet towel and her hands, moving towards her open waist his hinds shiver a bit as she moaned when they wete cloth touched her body, Armaan looked at her closed eyes and tried to control himself using all the barrier he had. He wiped her feet and bring her again in bedroom.

“Riddhima, ye night suit.” He passed her a soft night gown he asked the owner to arrange as he don’t want her sleep being uncomfortable.

“Mujhe nhi pehanana hai Armaan” She pouted and turned around.

“Riddhima, baby we were walking in sand whole day so u need to change” Armaan said.

“Nhi,,,, mujhe nhi pata” Riddhima move away when he hold her hand.

He slowly switch off the lights and moving his hand around her in darkness he changed her dress trying to close his eyes as touch of her skin on his fingers were creating havoc inside him.

Somehow gathering some courage he changed her dress and make her lay down on bed till then she was almost sleepy and her eyes were closed.

Armaan move towards the washroom and took a shower to calm himself due to sudden change of the plan from bar which was highly uncontrollable but yet he managed somehow. He came back to room and lay down looking at her face which was adored with a smile holding the pillow.

Armaan kissed her forehead whispering good night. Riddhima hugged him keeping her head over his chest and his heart beat increased again.

“I love you” she whisper holding him and he smile.

He wrap his hand around her waist and holding her near his heart he tried to close his eyes but the flashes of their kiss, that atmosphere the crowd, hooting everything make him open his eyes. Again he tried to close his eyes when the kiss they shared in the bed room came out making him groan as he was not able to sleep like this.

Looking at her smiling face over his chest he murmured “What have you done Riddhima, ab kaise sou mai” he sighed looking out of the window from where moon was looking at him with a smile.

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