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AR os : Dosti Se Pyar tak

"Ammy...ammy uth...ammy uth na..." Riddhima Gupta,armaan mallik's best friend is shaking him.but he is not ready to get up..

It is 11:30@ night and armaan is sleeping ghode bech ke...

"Ammy dekh tu agar next moment utha nahi mai ye jug ka apni tujhe dal dugi...uth na ammy.." She shouted near his ear pas armaan ke ears to deaf ho gaye hai...,"thik hai....aise nahi to waise hi sahi..."and she pours all the water on armaan which was in the jug next to his bed on table.

And he got up with start making riddhima laugh...

"He he he...ha ha ammy...tu to Naha bhi liya..." She laughed holding her stomach.

Armaan got up from bed and glaring her.she understood what is coming next and ran out of the room.he to runs behind her chasing.

And down in hall they started playing tom and jerry.pillow...cushions..and whatever was coming in their hands they were throwing on each other chasing.

Riddhima soon got hold in armaan's hand and he started tickling her...

"Bol...bol q dala paani...tujhe pata hai na mujhe meri nind kitni pyari hai...phir bhi..." He kept on tickling her.

"Ha ha ammy...haa..ha mat ..mat...kar..." She pleaded h not to tickle and he stopped doing.

Both were sitting,armaan on sofa and riddhima's half body on him and half on sofa...

" bhul gaya kya ammy...simmi ka birthday hai...we have to wish her...chal jaldi..."she got up correcting her cloths and he hides his face in pillow...

"Ooh no...agar simmi ko pata chala ki mai iska birthday bhul gaya to maar dalegi Wo mujhe...kya yar riddhi,phle nahi bata sakti thi kya..." He got up and went to change.

After 5mins he came down changing till then Riddhima has already collected the cake and all the things need to be taken to simran,the birthday girl's place which is in the same colony.

Both run out and rahul muskaan anjali atul and Nikki,their other friends were already present there waiting for them...

"Kya yar guys...tum dono ne phir late karwa diya..." Nikki shouted...

"Are kya karu yaar ye riddhi time hi itna lagati hai tayar hone me..." Armaan made an excuse and got smack from Riddhima.

"Ohh really if we don't know ki kisko kitna time lagta hai..aur kaun ghode gadhe bech ke site rehta hai..." Anjali said and all laughed.

"Ab late nahi ho raha kya..." Armaan said diverting the topic.

They all ran to a house in front of armaan's house and opening the door with spare key what Riddhima has ran in the room where simmi was sleeping.

"Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday dear simmi...
Happy birthday to you..."

They all sang in corous making simmi wake up from sleep. She was surprise to see them there.

They all made her cut the cake and clicked lots of photos...

Morning,they all were having full dhamal with simmi.they all went for shopping then at night they went for dinner out...

Armaan and Riddhima are best friends from class 8th and others joined them in 10th.they all are in same college but different sstreams

Still they are together in lunch,and breaks.

Riddhima is in love with armaan but never told him thinking she can lose her best friend.the only person who knows that she loves armaan is simmi.she has by mistakenly heard her,when she went to meet Riddhima to take some notes as Riddhima and simmi has the same stream.

Riddhima was talking to armaan's photo which she have in her personal diary. And that was the moment when simmi entered the room and saw her talking to armaan's photo but Riddhima gave her promise to not to tell anyone.

Things were opposite to armaan.he was a big flirt.he never felt anything for Riddhima. She was always his best friend and nothing else.every new girl was his new target to...he was never serious about his love life.

Days passed after simmi's birthday and all were ready to join the college again as till now they were having vacation after exams.

In this months,simmi asked Riddhima to tell armaan but she always denied.

First day of college

The gang was sitting on there adda means near parking lot,boys were tadofying all new gals and girls were commenting,finding faults in every girl boys were staring.

"Abe aise har ladki me fault nikalte rahoge to mil gai girlfriend Hume..." Rahul said getting up.

"Ha na yaar.pichle saal bhi tum ladkiyo ne aisa hi keh keh ke Hume gfs banane nahi di..." Armaan said.

"Tujhe q gf chahiye ammy...ridzi hai na...tere liye..." Muskaan said and riddhima went all red.

Everyone saw her face changing color except armaan

"Oye muski ..kuch bhi bakwaas mat kiya kar...riddhi aur mai best friends hai...not more than that..." Armaan smacked muskaan's head lightly.riddhima's face was again colourless and this to didn't went unnotice by all.

"Aur waise bhi meri gf to bhot hi beautiful hogi...and I want a girly girl...not a tom boy girl like riddhi..." Armaan said and riddhima was shock to listen this...

Yes she wears jeans and tops.never weared any girly stuff but that does not mean that no one can fall for her.

Here they are talking about girls when a car comes and stops just in front of them and a girl comes out wearing mini skirt and a tee-top.

All the boys are looking her in aww.

And girls are trying to pull them.

"Boys muh band karo...makkhi ghus jaegi..." Anjali told.

Here armaan was not able to move his eyes from that girl.he is so badly attracted towards her that what his friends is telling him was out of his mind.

The girl was Rayna singhaniya.daughter of a big shot.with lots of attitude and loves to make boys dance on her steps.

Soon the classes started and all were in different classes.

In armaan's class he was sitting in the last bench as it is a boring class.rayna enters the class.all the boys start hooting and wistling as there teacher is not yet come.rayna scans the whole class and she sees armaan looking at her with daze.

She goes to him and sits beside him on the empty seat.
"Hey...rayna here..." She introduce herself and armaan is in 9sky to talk to her.

Soon both became friends as the days passed,one day armaan proposed her.she was waiting for this only...she the next moment said yes.

Armaan introduced rayna as his girlfriend to the gang who were shock.Riddhima was totally heartbroken.she has stopped talking much.hanging out much.and if she is there to but always lost.

The whole gang has noticed the change in her except Armaan as now his day starts with rayna and ends with rayna too.he is all the time with her only.

He has become rayna's puppy as she wanted always but he was happy with it.the Armaan mallik,for whom the whole college girls die for is now behind someone who don't count on him.

Its almost been 3months that Armaan has stopped being with gang and is always with rayna and here Riddhima was a different person. The bubbly jolly-go-happy sweet Riddhima is all calm sometime rude and very angry if anyone says anything related to armaan in front of her.she was missing armaan,she was missing her love and moreover she was missing her best friend who was lost for 3 months.

All were noticing the change in Riddhima but they can't do anything.

Soon in there college annual functions started and the gang was having fun and participating in whatever they are interested.

As every year,armaan has participated in drama and riddhima was the writer as every year as she loves to write.

Armaan has asked rayna to participate in act with him and she was ready as she didn't want to loss armaan.not for love but as armaan was very famous in college and every girl dies to be his girlfriend.

Riddhima was terribly upset as she has to face armaan that to with rayna.and she is not that strong to see her very first love with someone else.yeah it is true that armaan was in relationship before too but he never was so lost in his world that he has forget his friend .especially Riddhima, his best friend.

Soon the rehearsal was started all were busy in practice. The director of the show has joined dance at the end of the show and today the choreographer is coming for practice.

Riddhima is taking practice for the dialogues and here in a corner Armaan is romancing with rayna.Riddhima is getting very pissed of but for the sake of friendship she is quite.

Simran is too there as she is in act.she comes to riddhima

"Kya hua...ghussa aa raha hai kya..." Simmi asked but Riddhima nobbed in no.

"Par tera chehra to kuch aur hi bata raha hai..." Simmi told Riddhima who tried ignoring her but she knows that whatever she is saying is the truth

"Armaan...rayna..." Riddhima shouted her lungs out and the whole hall was in pin drop silence.

"Tum dono leads ho iska matlab ye nahi ki apni manmarzi karoge...get back to your place for practice...." She told them and all were amazed to see her angry as the very calm Riddhima is angry.

Armaan was all shock and didn't understood what is wrong with her.

They all were practicing when suddenly Riddhima while roaming from here to there was about to fall but someone hold her.

Her eyes were closed but she was in a strong arms,she can feel that.who terribly she wanted to be in armaan's arm but as she opens her eyes,he was not armaan.

Dark grey eyes,fair expressive face and well maintained physic.

All the girls were looking at him and even rayna to..armaan was pissed of not because rayna was looking at this new guy buy because Riddhima was still in his arm.

"Hey beautiful... Plz be careful...kahi lag jati to..." The guy make Riddhima stand on her feet while she smiles nervously.

"I an the choreographer,siddhant modi.u all can call me sid..." He introduced himself.

Soon the practice started and the dance it was a couple dance and sid was needing a partner so he always choose Riddhima with him to show the steps.rayna was so much interested in sid that she was purposely doing wrong steps so that sid can show the steps to her coming close to her but armaan was least effected with this.more than that he was effected because riddhima is dancing with sid.

As the days passed sid was coming more and more close to riddhima and this fact was not at all going well with armaan.he to was not understanding what is happening to him and why is he so much effected with this.why he is feeling bad when sid is always with riddhima.

Gang to has join Riddhima being friends with Sid. Armaan is now trying to come close to riddhima but no one in gang allows him to talk to riddhima. The moment he comes near her,someone or the other comes and takes Riddhima with him or her.
Armaan now is not at all interested in rayna and same goes with her too as now her next target is sid.

Today is traditional day in college and all the guys and girls are dressed in the most beautiful dresses they have.

Armaan is in sherwani standing with the gang boys.rahul and atul are too in sherwani.
Soon muskaan anjali and Nikki too join them with simmi.Nikki and muskaan are wearing saree and anjali is wearing suit.simmi is in pink lehnga chili.

Armaan and boys looks at them and teasingly whistle for them.armaan thinksl like every year,this year also Riddhima will come in casuals only and nothing new.rayna comes in saree but soon leaves from there telling armaan that she is not interested in this function.

Here the whole gang is still sitting in their adda.

"Guys...yaha kya kar rahe hi...chalk andar chalte hai..." Armaan told everyone but no one moves From their places and eyes stick on the entrance.

"Hello...mai tum logo se bat kar raha hu...waha gate pe aise kya dekh rahe ho Jaise koi 8th wonder of the world aane wala ho..." Armaan asked them.

"Abe chup kar na yaar ammy...him ridzi ka wait kar rahe hai..." Simmi told him.

"Are to aise kya dekh rahe ho...Wo har sal ki tarah is sal bhi casuals me hi aaegi...nothing new..." Armaan said.

"Wo aa gai ridzi..." Rahul said and armaan turns to see her.

But he was shock.actually shock will be underestimated...he was out of life for a second.

Riddhima was in beautiful white saree with matching accessories and high heels with hair open looking just as an angel.

But wait ..what is sid doing with her.that to his hand around her waist.

And armaan was again angry.they both came to the gang and all commented Riddhima for her very new one has seen her in this attire. She indeed looks very gorgeous.

"Riddhi... You look beautiful..." Armaan said and all turn to armaan who was lost in riddhima... Totally lost.

But riddhima made a straight face and went to simmi.

"Thanks simmi..." Riddhima said to her as simmi has taught Riddhima to wear saree and walking with heels.

The day went well for all but for armaan it was unexpected as Riddhima has totally ignored him.she was either with sid or with gang.almost the whole college complimented her.

After that day armaan was day night dreaming about Riddhima. Being with rayna also he is lost in Riddhima. He always keeps looking for the chance to talk to Riddhima but the gang was always with her and if not the gang then sid who was out of armaan'

Actually no...he was missing the love,the care he use to get before..of which he has taken granted..

Was he in love he thought... And when he closed his eyes...yes the answer was a big YES.he saw Riddhima with close eyes but not the one he saw in that white saree.she was the same Riddhima who was his best friend...
Are they not best friends now...he thought.

Yes they Were more best friends... They were more than that...what...for him she was his life without whom he can't leave a single second now and he thought to propose her.

Days passed and with each day,armaan's feeling for Riddhima was getting deeper and anyhow he has to tell her,he thought.

The day of show came and everything was set perfect but rayna came to college with a fracture hand.all were shock to see her like this.all were thinking what to do when sid said,"sir,Riddhima ne hi dialogues likhe hai to q na use hi main lead me dal de..aur dance to Wo janti hi I have taught the whole dance accompanying her..."all liked the idea and this is the very first moment that armaan has actually liked sid...

Soon the show started and it was way to perfect.just as it has to last the couple dance started.

[Ek din ..Ek din teri raahon
Baahoon mein panaahon mein
Aungaa khojaunga
Ek din tera ho jaunga ]2

Armaan gave her hand which she accepted and he twirled her in his arms.he then kept his hand on he's waist and another one holding. Her one hand on his shoulder. They moved their legs together perfectly

[Yeh dil to na keh yeh baatein
dil to na keh saka]2

[Tu jaane na tu
Chaahat meri kitni betaab hai ]2
Ho jo barso meri palkon mein tha
Tu wohi khwaab hai

He twirled the on the whole stage very carefully and then holding her he did some salsa steps

[Har ghadi har ghadi yaadoon mein
vaadon mein iradon mein
Aungaa khojaunga
Ek din tera ho jaunga ]2

[Yeh dil to na keh yeh baatein
Dil to na keh saka ]2

[Yeh Jhukti nazar
Jaane jigar hosh lejati hai ]2
Mein kaise kahon
Ek ajnabi dard dejati hai

He moved his on her back sensually giving her goose bumps. She felt shiver run through her spine.

Chupke se Chupke se teri neeedon mein
Khwaabon mein khayalon mein
Chaaunga Khojunga

[Ek din ..Ek din teri raahon
Baahoon mein panaahon mein
Aungaa khojaunga
Ek din tera ho jaunga ]2
[Yeh dil to na keh yeh baatein
dil to na keh saka]

He again twirled her twice and and then holding her, bent her back and he too bent over her holding her waist and directly looking in her eyes searching the love and care he use to find before.

Soon the ended and the audience clapped their heart out. AR were dancing as two body one soul.the magic in there performance was showing the love they carry for themselves.

After the curtain was down,Riddhima tried to get up but armaan was so lost in her that he didn't let her go,instead he held her more tightly.

"Armaan kya kar rahe ho...chodo mujhe..." She after 3months said something for the very first time and armaan realized that he didn't called him ammy.

"Riddhi I need to tell you something..."he directly looked in her eyes and said.

" armaan...sab dekh rahe hai...leave me...hum dur hoke bhi bat kar sakte hai..."she looked at all the gang and sid standing very close to them,staring at them.

"No...hum ab aur dur nahi ho sakte...abhi Hume aur paas aana hai...and let them see..." He held her more tightly,she felt butterflies in her stomach feeling him so close.

"I need to tell you that jab tumhe koi is tarah pakde to I feel jealous... I need to tell you ki jab tum mere alawa kisi aur ke sath hoti ho to I feel insecure... I need to tell you that jab tum mere alawa kisi aur ki best friend banti ho to I feel like killing that person...and I terribly need to tell you that I am madly crazily truly in love with you...riddhima Gupta...I want to be with you... Will you give me the opportunity to be beside you when you needs happiness and in sadness... Plzzz"

He confess everything looking in her eyes and she was totally in the moment feeling his every word.she just wanted to hug him.

All were looking at them and simmi shouted "say yes ridzi...."

And all cheered them telling Riddhima to say yes.

"YES..." She said and hugged him.he to reciprocate her hugging her back and the gang was hooting and whistling.

All came and hugged AR.

And they share a group hug.

Armaan saw sid standing in corner and went to him.

"Thanks sid...agar tum Riddhima ke paas nahi jate ho shayad mujhe mera pyar kabhi realize hi nahi hota...thanks a lot...." He thanked sid with his whole heart.

"Agar thanks bolna hai to simmi ko bolo...she is the one jisne ye sab Hume karne lagaya..tumhe Riddhima se dur rakhna...jealous feel karana iska plan tha..." Sid told.

Armaan looked at simmi and then came running to her and hugged her taking her in a rib crushing hug saying thank you apteenth times.

"Hey ammy...friendship me no sorry and no thank that..." Simmi gave him thumps up and pushed him towards Riddhima.

They both hug eSach other saying "I love you..."

This is a birthday gift for simran...iska birthday kal tha par mai gift dene me late ho gai...koi nahi chalta hai...aj di ya is gift yar ..


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