Tuesday, 19 January 2021

AR os: Fall for You

This is a small story of a couple Armaan n Riddhima who has 4 years age difference between them and marriage was fixed by their family as the consent was send by Armaan's family on armaan's insistence as he was head over heels in love with Riddhima when his eyes led on her for the very first time. Armaan had seen Riddhima in the mall with her two friends Nikita and Muskaan. Armaan was their for a meeting with one of his clients in the restaurant of a mall when riddima had entered in their with her two best friends. She wore simple red suit wid her long hairs left open. Whereas armaan was in his three piece office suit. When armaan saw her for the first time in restaurant he was left spell bound by her beauty...he couldn't took his eyes of her for a single second. And when he reached home he was not able to forget her face even for once as her face was driving him crazy every second of his life. So after full one week he concluded that he was head over heels in love with ridhima.
Riddhima was a 20 year old girl who lived in mumbai with her parents shashank gupta and padma gupta. She was adopted by the couple when she was only 4 months but she never got her parents love in her life as both her parents were buzy in their business and making money and more money which din't gave them time to give love to their daughter. Riddhima knew that she was adopted and hence was always very quite, shy and soft spoken girl and always do as her parents wanted her to do. As she wanna become doctor so she asked her parents permission for it and they accepted without any fuss...first she was surprise but later on brushed it off and studied medical and now she was in her last year and and then after 5 months her internship will start.
On other hand Armaan was a 25 years old guy and has done his MBA from London. He is not kind of a spoilt brat but he use to have numerous girlfriends back in London. He was the only son of baliwander and Anaya mallik the owners of mallik empire and was one of billaniors in India but still use to take out plenty of time from their buzy schedule for their only son Armaan and hence use to fullfil all his wishes. Armaan got all parental love from his parents. So after coming back from London he start working with his father in his business as CEO of the company.
Armaan after figuring out his feelings for riddhima...he took out all her information with the help of one of his friends and he got to know that she was Riddhima Gupta daughter of Shashank and Padma Gupta the owners of Gupta enterprises and were one of the richest family in Mumbai but not as rich as malliks. So Armaan without delaying armaan told his parents about Riddhima and ask them to send marriage proposal to her house. Seeing the love for Riddhima in their son's eyes Billy and Ananya agreed to it and send the marriage proposal to Guptas for their daughter Riddhima and Guptas being the money minded people agreed to it and invited them to their home to see Riddhima and fix the relation.


Shashank and Padma both were happy with the marriage proposal for their daughter...actually not they were happy because they knew malliks were much more richer than them so if the relation got fix it will help a lot in their business and will improve their reputation in the business market much more. So all preperations were going on in the house and both shashank and padma were seeing it personally when Riddhima entered her home and seeing all the preperations in the house she asked her mom mummma...' Riddhima called her mom padma and she turned around arre riddhima beta...tum aa gayi...achhha hai aj tum jaldi aa gayi...ab jao jaldi jaaker tayaar ho jao...guest aane waale hain...and haan maine tumhare liye saree nikal rakhi hai...tumhaare room mein...vahi pahena okkk...' but mumma kaun guest aa rahe hain...aur aap mujhe ready hone ko kyun bolrahi hain...i...I mean...aapne pahele kabhie nahi bola na...isilie...' riddhima asked hesitatingly... padma replied oho...riddhima kitne sawaal puchti ho...malliks aa rahe hain...tumhe dekhne apne bte ke liye...so now go up and get ready fast...voh aane hi waale hain...toh jaldi tayaar ho jao...' saying so padma left from their leaving riddhima shattred at the thought of her marriage.
She went up and got ready with a very heavy heart as now all her dreams of becoming a successful doctor was shattered. She got ready in peach colour net saree with light silver work on its border...she was looking pretty but glow on her face was missing.


Malliks with Armaan arrived at Gupta Mansion... Shashank and Padma welcomed them in and took them to their sitting room and were served with tea and snacks. All were talking but armaan was looking here and there to get a glimpse of his love...seeing this ananya asked 'padma ji Riddhima kahin nazar nahi aa rahi...kahan hai voh...' padma replied 'ji bas main abhi use bulakar laayi..' saying so she got up and moved towards riddhima's room and knocked 'riddhima...tum ready ho gayi...toh chalo neeche sab tumhara wait kar rahe hain...' riddhima wiped her tears and said 'haan mumma main ready hun bas 2 minutes mein aayi...' saying so she went to washroom and washed her face clearing all tears and went out to her mom who took her down in the sitting room. Riddhima went inside and armaan looked up at her and was lost in her beauty but he saw that glow on her face was missing and her eyes were little red as if she cried. Ananya called her 'riddhima beta aao na...baitho humaare pass..' riddhima with her head down went to her and sat between ananya and billy and in front of Armaan.
Armaan was looking at her intently and Riddhima feeling his eyes on herself was feeling very uncomfortable she came out of her thoughts when shashank said 'Riddhima beta Armaan ko apna room aur baaki ghar ni dikhogi...' She nodded nervously hearing his stern voice and gotup to go out of the room followed by Armaan. Riddhima very nervously showed him the whole house and her room and now she was taking him to the garden when Armaan who was noticing the nervousness of her said 'uumm...Riddhima can we talk...mujhe tumse baat karni hai...' Riddhima nodded and both went to the garden and sat on the swing. Armaan after a pause said 'I'm sorry...'
Riddhima looked at him confusingly and asked nervously 'kis...kislie..' armaan looked at her and sighed 'for making you cry...i know tum neeche sitting room mein ane se pahle you cried in your room...aur shayad reason yeh marriege proposal hai...right..' armaan said looking towards her. Riddhima's eyes were again feeled with tears but she quickly wiped them and said 'na...nahi...aisi koi ba...baat nahi hai...' riddhima said not meeting his eyes.
Arman hold her hands and turned her towards himself and said 'look Riddhima I know ke yahi reason hai tumhaare rone ka...and abhi abhi jo tumne apne aansun poonche voh bhi isilie the... I know ke tum khush nahi ho is rishtey se... you wanna become doctor first and uske baad tum shaadi karna chahati thi...but maine hi tumhaare liye rishta bhej ke tumhaare aankhon mein aansun laa diye...' riddhima looked at him confused and asked 'tumne bheja matlab... I thought ke mumma papa ne yeh marriage proposal fix ki hai...' armaan looked at her and said 'Riddhima you remember few days back you went to a mall restaurant with your two friends...' riddhima nodded at him confusingly as he continued 'I saw you there for the first time...I was there with a client for a meeting and when my eyes led on you...I was left awestruck with your beauty you were wearing simple red suit but still looking awsume... first I thought its just a mere attraction towards you and tried to brush of your image from my mind...but I can't do that because you had already took control over my mind and heart. I couldn't stop but all time I think about you... Aur jab mujhe finally meri feelings tumhaari taraf samajh mein aayi toh... Maine apne mom dad ko bataya ke how I have been in love with you aur voh jaldi se tumhaare liye mera marriage proposal leke jaaye ... after I came to know ke the feelings I have towards you is Love...main tumhe khona nahi chaahta tha...iasilie maine yeh rishta bheja...' Armaan loked at her to see a lost look and taking her hands again in his he said 'riddhima main yeh toh nahi kahunga ke tum meri life mein pehli ladki ho...haan but main promise karta hun ke tum meri life mein aakhri ladki zarur banogi...voh ladki jisse main apne pure dill se pyaar karunga... Aur kbhie tumhe kisi chiz ke liye bhi mana nahi karunga... But please is shaadi se mana mat karna...' Riddhima looked at him with tears in her eyes but armaaan wiped them off and riddhima said 'kya main tumse kuch maang sakti hun please?...' riddhima asked geting little comfortable with his talks.
He nodded and riddhima continued 'kya main shaadi ke baad bhi apni studies continue kar sakti hun...' armaan's face broke into smile and said 'yeh bhi koi puchne ki baat hai...ofcourse tum kar sakti ho...' after that they both talk little more suddenly when Armaan asked Riddhima umm... riddhima ek baat puchhun...' riddhima looked at him and and nodded to him 'umm...kya tum kal mere saath kal bahar date pe chalogi...' Riddhima looked at him with little blush on her face and nodded her head in yes. Armaan smiled and then both moved inside and said yes to the marriage.


Riddhima was sitting in the canteen with her friends nikki and muskaan and was telling about armaan's marriage proposal which she accepted and her talk to armaan which took place between them and how comfortable armaan made her by his talks.
After listening to it nikki said 'ridhzi I agree he must be very nice to you...but still I have heard a lot about him having affairs during his college times...so be careful okay...' riddhima smiled at her when muskaan said 'haan ridhzi agar voh aisi waisi harkat karne ki koshish Karen na...toh mujhe phone kardiyo...phir dekhio kya haalat karti hun main uski...' Hearing this both riddhima and nikki smiled.
Riddhima feel lucky to have them both in her life. Since childhood the love for which she craved from her parents was given by both them. Riddhima nikki and muskaan were friends since kinder garden and hence the trio shared a very special bond with each other. They share every special and sad moment with each other.
Both nikki and and muskaan know that riddhima was an adopted child of her parents and hence she feel indebted to them for adopting her and so can never say no to them for anything..but they also know that how greedy they are for money and somewhere deep down in their hearts both know that why riddhima's parents agree to marry her with armaan as the malliks were the richest in th country..they were one of the billaniors of India and who don't want their daughter to get married to one and only heir of mallik empires and when Guptas got this opportunity how can they loose it...they would be famous in business world. And now they really hope that armaan would be the person who could feel riddhima's life with lots of love which she din't get in her life.

It was evening and riddhima was getting ready with the help of nikki and muskaan for her first date with Armaan.. unknown to her a smile was playing on ridhima's lips as she was getting ready and that was noticed by both nikki and muskaan and they wished in their hearts for her to keep that smile on her face permanently...and somewhere they belief that that smile on her face was only because of armaan.
She got ready in simple dark blue jeans and white spegetti top with white net jacket on it..she left her hair open and put only kohl and lip gloss and nothing else as her natural beauty was more than the artificial makeup. She got a call from Armaan that he would be reaching her house in 10 minutes so be ready. After 10 minutes armaan was standing out of her house she once last time looked at herself and asked both nikki and muskaan 'main achhi lag rahi na guysss...' she asked nervously. Nikki and muskaan smiled and nikki said 'haan riddhzi tu bohot sundar lag rahi hai...chal ab Armaan neeche wait kar raha hoga...'
the trio move down to see Armaan standing outside the car.. riddhima reached near him and introduced nikki and muskaan to Armaan who instantly liked them and same was with nikki and muskaan they both also liked him as a person. Both Armaan n Riddhima both left for their date. As it was only 6 in the evening so both went on beech on riddhima's request and stroll around water and and then went to had dinner at open restaurant on beech... riddhima told him about her likes and dislikes and about what bond she share with nikki and muskaan.. armaan somehow felt that she never get parental love which he got from his parents...she also told him she wanna become a famous gaynacologist as she loved new born babies a lot and armaan also told her many things of his college life..and many more.
Within one week Armaan n Riddhima got engaged and marriage date was fixed after two months. After engagement both went out on many dates and now riddhima was much more open to Armaan than to nikki and muskaan..she shared a very high comfort level with armaan but still both hdn't had any physical advances accept kisses on each others cheeks and foreheads. Riddhima had somehow started falling for armaan but still was not sure about her feelings so she thought of going with the flow..
As only now two weeks were left were left for AR marriage and both armaan n ridhima had shopped for all the clothes for all the functions matching to each other and now only wedding dresses were left...so they decided to buy them with their friends... so next day Riddhima with Muskaan nd Nikki and Armaan with his two besties Rahul and Abhimanyu.
Riddhima knew both rahul and abhi from the time of their engagement as she met with them on that day and found them sweet. But on the other hand if nikki and abhi had an awsume start as the time they both led their eyes on each other they fell for each other instantly but rahul and muskaan had a very bad start. From the time they met they do everything accept talking to each other nicely. They both are always ready to pounce on each other every moment they got and the gang got their favourite pass time by watching live tom n jerry show every now and then.


All six met at the enterance of the mall and started their shopping for wedding dress first they went to buy for the wedding couple Armaan n Riddhima so they entered the shop where wedding dresses were there they looking for a dress in the showroom when riddhima's eyes led on a beautifull blood red and silver in colour. It had red red velvet with silver net all over it and maroon blood red colour choli with it. On the skirt it had big booties with small beeds and choli was simple with full sleeves which had only works on wrist of the sleeves and dupatta was of silver net with maroon velvet boundary and work on it. It was one of the elegant piece of the showroom...
Riddhima went to arman and said 'armaan mujhe ek dress bohot achhi lagi hai...please chalke dekh tumhe bhi achhi lagegi...' saying so she dragged armaan to the area where that dress was hanged and as soon as armaan saw the dress he also liked it and said 'its beautiful riddhima...seriously its too gud...aur tum pahnogi toh aur bhi sundar lagegi yeh dress...' armaan said winking at her making her blush. Soon they bought that dress as all six liked it very miuch and Armaan bought silver colour shervani with red work on it and with red duptaa on it.
Soon shioping was finished and after having dinner all went home as functions were stating from next week and all were hell buzy in te prepperations of AR marriage.


The marriage was held in one of the malliks chain of hotels. The hall was an open hall decortated with white and red curtains..ribbons..everywhere.. and stars were twinkling in the night with moon accompanying them. It was looking ethereal with tables and chairs covered with cloth and ribbons yoe on chair with red colour.
Armaan riddhima was sitting in the mandap which was put up in the center with tent above it. Both were looking like made for each other couple with matching wedding dresses. Riddhima's face was glowing with new glow and was blushing profusely feeling armaan's gaze on herself..she was having different feelings altogether today don't know why but she was loving this feeling... and Armaan on the other hand was holding riddhima's hand in his under her dupatta and seeing her blush smiling fully he knows that he has already made place for himself in her heart and only she has to realize that.
Wedding got complete and both AR were going for dinner when armaan asked abhi and rahul 'abhi...rahul mere shoes kahan hai..' Rahul said 'haan ek minute ammy...' rahul looked at abhi and said 'abhi jute..' abhi nodded and went to take shoes from the box but find it empty. Abhi came back with a sad face and before rahul or armaan could ask anything nikki said 'kya hua abhi...shoes nahi mile...tch...tch...' 'arre nikki milenge kaise jute toh humaare ppass hain...'muskaan said showing them and sticking out her tongue at rahul.
And then turning to armaan nikki said 'dekho armaan ab jute chahiye toh paise dene padenge..' armaan looked at nikki and muskaan and then abhi n rahul and said 'saalon ek kaamdiya tha k mere jute sambhaal ke rakhna...voh bhi nahi hua tum dono se...patani konsi duniya mein gumthe...' Armaan said hitting on both their heads while all three girls giggled seeing this.
Arman looked back at the girls and said 'bolo kitne chahiye tumhe paise...' nikki and muskaan looked at eachother and acted as if thinking and then muskaan said 'dekh hero...hume zada nahi...bas 50,000 rs. Chahiye...' Rahul looked at her shocked and said 'pagal ho gayi hai kya...itne paise koi maangat hai...' muskaan made a disgust face and said 'tujhe kya kankhajure..yujhse toh ni maange na...aur agar beech mein bolana tooh dekhna main tera haal kya karti hun tera...' Rahul was about to say something when abhi said 'chhodh na yaar ab jute inke pass hain toh paise toh dene padenge na jute wapas lene ke liye..' armaan looked back at the girls and said 'yaar thode toh kam karo,... riddhima tum bolo na...'
Riddhima who was till now quite now look towards nikki and muskaan and said something through eyes..understanding it...nikki said 'thik hai... 40,000 isse ek kam nahi...ek zada nahi...' agreeing to it armaan gave money to them and after having dinner Riddhima's bidaai was done but as usual padma nd shashank showed no intrest just fulfilled the formality which hurted riddhima and Armaan also noticed it but din't say anything and after sitting in car all maliiks with riddhima went to their home... 


After all marriage rituals in the house were done roddhima was taken up to armaan's room. The room was decorated with white lilies and red roses with fregnance cnadels... and flower patels were spreaded all over the bed like a sheet on it which was making her nervous thinking about her first night with Armaan alone.
Anaya after making riddhima sit on the bed in bridal style she asked 'comfertable beta..' to which she nodded and after few more talks ananya left the room. Riddhima was sitting in the middle of the bed feeling veery nervous as she was sure that she was attracted to Armaan but still she was not sure oif it was love or what...she was lost in her thoughts when Armaan entered the room and found her lost in thoughts and he knew exactly whatshe was thinking so armaa sat next to him on the bed and said 'riddhima tum change karlo...aur bed pe so jao...main couch pe so jaunga...okay...' riddhima nodded and went into the washroom to change she changed into her some random suit which she wears at night sometimes .
Armaan had also changed into his track pants and west. Riddhima came out and saw Armaan in his track pants and vest...she was feeling way too nervous of being alone in the room with armaan for the first time. Armaan sensing her nervousness he called 'riddhima riddhima please tum mere pass aake baithogi...I need to talk to you...' riddhima nodded and nervously sitting beside him on the bed she said 'ha..haan armaan bolo...' armaan took riddhim's hands in his and asked 'riddhima...why are you so nervous...tumhe mujhpe bharosa nahi hai...kya...' riddhima looked at him confused and asked 'tum aisa kyun puch raho armaan...' armaan sighed and said 'riddhima jabse main room main aaya hun...main dekh raha hun...tum kuch bol nahi rahi ho...sirf haan ya naa main apna sir hila rahi ho... I know riddhima tum kya soch rahi ho... but trust me riddhima main aisa kabhie kuch najhi karunga jisse tumhe yaa mujhe baad mein regret feel ho... I love you more than my life riddhima...and trust me main kabhie tumhaare saath physical hone koshish nahi karunga until you are ready and till you realize your love for me...aur agar uske liye mujhe meri puri life bhi wait karna padhe toh main wait karne ko tayaar hun... And I know you wanna become doctor first and I really appreciate it ke meri riddhima...meri wife ka itna achha aim hai life mein... You can trust me ridhima..min kabhie kuch aisa nahi karunga..jisse tumhe humaare relation ko lekar doubt ho... and I promise riddhima ke main tab tak wait karunga tumhaara jab tak tum khud mujhe aaker I love you nahi kati aur ready nahi hoti humaare relation ko next step pe le jaane ke liye...' By the time armaan finished riddhima was having tears in her eyes and said 'I trust you armaan over my life and mujhe pata hai...tum kabhie kuch aisa nahi karoge...jisse mujhe baad mein regret feel ho..' saying that riddhima hugged armaan while armaan resprocated to the hug..
after sometimes both came out of the hug when armaan said 'boht raat ho gayi ...tum so jao...aur main bhi so jata hun, couch pe...' saying so he picked up a pillow and a duvet.. but stopped when he heard riddhima saying 'uumm... armaan tum bhi yahin bed pe so sakte ho mere saath no problem...' Ridhima said hesitating a little but armaan said 'its okay riddhima I know tum abhi comfortable feel nahi karogi mere saath ek hi bed pe sone ke liye...but I know voh jaldi hi aayega...jab hum don ek saath ek hi bed pe soyenge...till then main couch pe adjust kar lunga...' he said winking at her making her blush a little. Armaan went to couch and laid there and said 'gud night riddhima...so jao...sweet dreams about me...' listening to this she blushed all the more and replied 'gud night armaaan..'. and both went to sleep with a smile on their face and satisfaction in their hearts.
From that day riddhima was way more comfortable with armaan and used to do all his day to day work and riddhima's bonding not only with armaan but also with ananya and billy deepened as they never treated her as a daughter- in- law but as a daughter.. the love which she missed out from her parents since childhood was now geeting from Anaya and billy. And armaan was really happy seeing the smile on her face which never left from their and always make him smile from heart. Riddhima also do cookingwith ananya and take care of billy's medicines that he take them on time or not and side by side was doing her studies and every mallik member was helping her through a lot in adjusting with the new environment and people all around.


Its been 4 months to AR marriage and now since one month Riddhima started going to Sanjeevani hospital as her internship has been started and nikki and muskaan were also interns there along with riddhima. Armaan use to leave her at sanjeevani in the morning and use to take her back along with him when he returned from office.
Armaan n Riddhima to know each other more use to spend time with each other by going for movies...dinners...strolling on beaches and many more. Riddhima was still not sure if she was in love with armaan but was sure that she was just not only attracted to him but it has some deep feelings towards him but she needs little more time to understand her feelings towards armaan.
Armaan on the other hand was day by day falling deeply in love with riddhima and was having difficult to hold himself back seeing her getting new dresses and specially when she wears a saree...
It was one such day when Armaan Riddhima went out for dinner and then went for a walk to beach at night. It was a cool night and wind was blowing lightly making riddhima's hairs fly. She was wearing a red saree with deep back and armaan was holding her through waist and both were walking near the sea as the cold water was touching their bare legs making them cold.
Both were not saying anything but was enjoying the moment with each other when suddenly rain started to pour down and seeing this armaan said 'riddhima jaldi karo...car mein baitjho nahi toh bheeg jaogi...' Armaan on not getting any response turn to see riddhima enjoying the rain fully by spreading her hands out and taking turns. Riddhima turn to see armaan and said 'armaan aao na dekho bearish...tumhe pata hi...mujhe bearish mein bheegne ka kitna shauq hai...' With that riddhima pulled armaan in the rain with her and started enjoying.
Armaan was just lost in her beauty and smile which was not leaving her face...he saw few water droplets which were on her lips and some were on her back which was travelling down and getting vanished inside her chest. Seeing it armaan who could not control his desires anymore started moving towards riddhima with passion in his eyes for her and get hold of her arm amd turn her towards himself... riddhima who was lost enjoying in the rain din't knew that she was creating havoc inside armaan's body waking all his desires was shocked when armaan turn her towards himself.
Armaan without giving any warning smacked her lips with his and start kissing her fearlessly pouring all his desires in it...riddhima who was initially shocked with the kiss but started responding to the kiss feeling armaan's lips on her...the kisss soon turned into a passionate kiss while armaan's hands roam freely all over her bare waist while riddhima's hands were moving on his hairs arousing him all the more. After what like 15 minutes riddhima broke the kiss as she was out of breathe but armaan who was full of passion din't stop here...he start kissing on her neck..neckline ...shoulders...he pulled the sleeve down of her blouse and start kising her bare shoulder bitting it and then licking it.
Riddhima was also equally lost in his sensual touches...she was was moving her one hand in his hairs while other was moving on his back sensually making him arouse all the more. Armaan's hand was on her upper back and was moving down to open her blouse hook while other was holding her by waist. Armaan was about to open the hook of her blouse when armaan's phone started ringing bringing riddhima back to the world and on realizing the were making out in public make blush beetroot red and pushed him a little and said while lowering her eyes 'umm... armaan voh...voh tumhara phone ring kar raha hai...' Armaan who was initially in daze when riddhima pushed him a little and was thiking why she does so and after hearing her voice he came back to the world and replied 'huh...ha...haan...' so he took out the phone and answered it.
It was anany whio was ssaying to come home soon as rain was geeting heavier. So after cutting the call bot sat in the car lost in their thoughts went back home. Ananya on seeing them all wet said 'armaan riddhima beta jao dono change karlo aur so jao...phir tum dono ko kal kaaam pe bhi toh jaana hai...' nodding their heads both went into the room and changed but din't utter a single word to each other as both were still remembering the moment they shared with each other and a smile was playing on their lips. So after wishing each other gud night both went to sleep but sleep was miles away from their eyes...both were thinking about the moment and drifted to sleep late at night with beatifull dreams in their eyes and smiles pated on their lips.
Nextday armaan after leaving riddhima at sanjeevani enterance and giving her kiss on her forehead and bidding her bye he went away and riddhima too went inside the hospital.


Riddhima was sitting in canteen with nikki and muskaan who were talking about something and anything but riddhima was lost in her own thoughts thinking about the previous night and smiling to herself and blushing at the same time. Nikki on not getting any response from riddhima nudged muskaan and asked her to look at riddhima.
Muskaan smiled and said 'oye ridhzi kahan kho hui hai...hero ke kahyalon mein...haaan...haaan...' Riddhima on hearing armaan's name blushed as previous night moment flash in front of her and blushed and replied 'na...nahi...main kyun armaan ke bare mein sochun...main toh...haan main toh apne patient ke bare mein soch rahi thi...' nikki seeing her blushing face said 'ridhzi jhooth kyun bol rahi hai tera chehra saaf bata raha ahi haio ke tu armaan ke bare main soch rahi ahi...' riddhima lowere her eyes and blushed when nikki asked 'bata na riddhima kya hua...' after thinking a lot she decided to tell her feeling towards armaan and hence poured out everything in front of tehm and atlast said 'mujhe samajh nahi aa raha ke main jo armaan ke liye feel akrti hun voh pyaar hai yaa kuch aur...'
muski and nikki exchanged smiles and muski said 'ridhzi ofcourse its love...humne dekha hai tumne dekha hai...kaise voh tumhaari har pasand na pasand ka kkhayal rakta hai...kabhi kuch aisa nahi kiya jisse tumhe yeh lag eke voh apne pati hone ka faida utha rha hai...' 'trust me ridhzi you are deeply in love with him...' Nikki said and Hearing it riddhima had a big smile on her face realizeing her feelings for him and said aloud 'yes,...m in love with Armaan...m in love with my husband...' nikki and muski smiled hearing her and muski asked her 'so kab bat rahi hai armaan ko apne dill ki baat...' riddhima smiled and blushed when nikki said 'aaj hi bata de ridhzi zada der mat kar...' she nodded and then trio pager beeped indicating lunch break over.
In evening Armaan called her to say that he was reaching sanjeevani in 10 minutes so she should be ready as he is coming to pick her up and as his parents were gone to some friends house for dinner so they will go out to watch film and then dinner. Riddhim finding a perfect opportunity to tell her feelings to armaan she agreed excitedly. Armaan on the other hand was confused hearing her exciting voice she never reacted like this when they go out for dinners and all...although she always look forward to them and enjoy also but today he feltsomething very different in her reaction but shrugging it off he went out of hios office to go to hospital.
On the other hand riddhima after finishing her duty was signing out but smile was not leaving her face even for a second since she realized her love for armaan her eyes were twinkling and face was glowing. After sighning out she moved outside the hospital to see armaan standing outside the car as usual waiting for her. He had removed his coat and tie and was only in his white shirt and hairs all messy giving him a quite handsome look that any girl would go gaga on him. Riddhima looked at him and smiled fully and blushed a little and start moving towards him.
Armaan was amused to see her shining face and sparkling eyes all of a sudden as if she got something very precious in her life today. Smiling at his thoughts armaan looked at her soon his smile turned into frown and then into terrified as he saw the scene in front of his eyes. His life for a minute stopped there at the moment.
Riddhima on the other hand was so lost in seeing armaan that she din't noticed that she is moving on the middle of the road and a car was coming in full speed from the opposite direction making riddhima crash under it. Armaan on seeing it ruun towards riddhima where she was laying in pool of blood. Armaan clearing the crowed which had formed due to accident came n sat near riddhima and start taping her cheeks as tears started coming from his eyes 'rid..riddhima aa...aankhen kholo na...de...dekho...main...main yahi hun...jaan aankhen kholona...ridhhima,...' he shouted loud her name when she din't react..he hugged her when one of the man from the crowd said 'inhe hospital le jaiye...nahi toh both der ho jayegi...'listening to this he quickly carried riddhima in his arms and took her to sanjeevani which was juzt a cross road away.
He took her inside when nikki and muskaan who was signing out see riddma in pool of blood and tears started to come out when nikki asked 'ar...armaan yeh sab kaise hua...' but armaan din't listen and started shouting for doctor. Doctor came their and took riddhima away into the OT and armaan was told to wait outside his condition was very bad remembering what all happened a while ago. Nikki went and brought paper to armaan to feel them and somehow did that but kept looking at OT light while nikki and muskaan did all other formalities.
nikki called ananya and billy and told them about riddhima's accident and they immediately reached there followed by rahul and abhimanyu. But when padma and shashank got the news both were out of town and said it will take sometime to return back and hearing this answer from them billy was so mad at them but somehow ananya calmed him down while rahul was handeling armaan as his condition was getting worse by time pass. And abhi calmed down the girls.
After 1 hour doctor came out and armaan ran to him and asked doctor 'rid..riddhima...me...meri riddhima thik hai na...ku...kuch hua toh nahi na...usse...boliye na doctor...kuch bol kyun nahi rahe aap...' Armaan said crying bitterly now and shaking doctor. Doctor said 'calm down mr. armaan riddhima is not alright unka both blood loss hua hai...nd we are lucky ke we have her blood group blood in our blood bank and we are getting blood from there as she needs lots of blood and we need to do a little surgery of her head as she has blood clot there we need to clean it...'
Billy said 'doctor jitna paise chhiye aap lijiye...jo chahiye voh kijiye par please meri beti ko bacha lijiye...' doctor kept a assuring hand and said 'don't worry mr.mallik she'll be alright soon and jab uske pass itne pyaar karne waale log hain toh kaise usse kuch ho sakta hai...' saying so doctor went inside the OT again and armaan was left there with tears in his eyes and fear in his heart of loosing his love...his wife...his jaan.
After four hours doctor came outside and all ran upto him when billy asked 'doctor riddhima kaisi hai ab...' doctor looked at all of them and replied 'dekhiye humne surgery toh kardi hai...aur blood clot bhi clear kar diya hai...and hum unhe blood bhi chadha rahe...but jab tak unhe hosh nahi aata...hum kuch nahi kah sakte...' after saying doctor was about to go when armaan asked doctor 'kya main riddhima se ek baar mil sakta hun...please...' doctor looked at him and nodded his head and asked the nurse to take him inside.
Armaan went inside and saw riddhima's body lying on the bed with machines attach to her body. Armaan on seeing it tears came into her eyes and he went there and sat on the stool kept near her bed and took her hand in his and slightly kiss it and caress it as tears from her eyes were continuously flowing from his eyes armaan kept his head near her head while holding her hand in his still. As tears were flowing from his eyes it felt on riddhima's face and ridddhima on feeling it moved her hand a little and pressed t on armaan's hand.
Armaaan on feeling her hand called the nurse who called the doctor. doctor came there and checked riddhima as she slowly opened her eyes. She looked around to see armaan there with slight tears in his eyes and smile on his face. She smiled seeing him and doctor said 'she is now perfectly fine mr. armaan but we need to keep her under observation for atleast one week. You stay here main baaki sabko batake aata hun...' saying so doctor went outside and armaan move towards riddhima and without wasting a minute he took her in his arms...and cried his heart out while riddhima was also having tears by now seeing that immense love for herself in his eyes..
Armaan while crying said 'tu...tum...ap...apna kha...khayaal nahi rakh sakti...dekh ke road cross nahi...kar..sakti thi...dekha na...kitni chot lagi tumhe... main toh vahin tha tumhaare pass...toh tum kyun itni jaldi kar rahi thi...' Armaan was now crying harder and riddhima was caressing his back trying to calm him 'bas armaan...ab main thik hun na...kuch nahi hua mujhe...aur kuch hoga bhi kaise tumhaara pyaar jo mere saath hai humeshaa..hhmmm...' riddhima so badly wanna tell him that she loved him equally as much as he loved her but thought she'll tell him once they'll go back home. Armaan was still hugging her and kept his head onher shoulder he said 'pata hai riddhima jab...jab maine tumhe vahan road pe khoon mein lipta hua dekha toh mujhe ek pal ke liye...aisa ...aisa laga...jaise..jaise maine tumhe humesha ke liye kho diya... kuch bhi ho riddhima chahe tum myjhse pyaar karo yaa na karo...par agar tum mujhe kabhie bhi chhodh ke gayi na...toh voh meri life ka last day hoga riddhima...main...main tumhaare bina nahi jee sakta ... I love You riddhima... I love you a lot...' saying so armaan again hugged her and cried like a baby...only he knew what he went through these 5-6 hours of his life.
Riddhima seeing his condition cried more silently and broke the hug and said 'sshh...bas kuch nahi hua mujhe...aur kuch hoga bhi nahi...aur pata hai kyun...kyunki mere pass itna pyaar karne wala husband jo hai...aur jisse main bhi..' before she could say anything nurse came there and said 'aapko room mein shift karna hai...sir aap please thodi der k liye bahar jaayie...aur wait kijiye..tab tak humunhe room mein shift kar dete hain..' armaan nodded and went outside and soon riddhima was shifted to the private ward and everyone came there to meet her except padma and shashank. She felt very bad about it which armaan noticed and anger feeled in his eyes for her parents. Riddhima was kept under observation for one week and then was discharged and armaan along with billy and ananya took her home back.


Riddhima along with arman billy and ananya came to mallik mansion and armaan very carefully helped her to walk inside the house to their room as she was still very weak. Ananya ccame inside and said to armaan 'armaan beta riddhima ko uppar room mein le jao...and make her comfortable tab tak main riddhima ke liye apne haathon se soup banake laati hun..okay..' armaan nodded and ananya after careesing riddhima's head lovingly went to kitchen while armaan took riddhima upstairs to their room.


Armaan make riddhima comfortably sit on the bed with lots of pillows at her back and asked 'comfertable..' riddhima nodded to it and asked little hesistatly 'umm...armaan did my mom dad came..' armaaan looked at her hearing this..he knew how much riddhima missed her parents and the love from them. Although after marriage ananya and billy had given her all the parental love which she wanted because somewhere they both also know that she was devoid of the love from her parents.
So they tried giving her all the love but still somewhere she wanted that love only to be given by her parents. He looked away and while keeping her medicines on the side table and required things he answered 'riddhima voh abhi out of town hain...but don't worry voh jald hi yumse milne aayenge...' armaan said smilingly and said 'ab tum soup peeke rest karna okay mom abhi leke aati hongi..' both armaan n riddhima knew that padma n shashank din't care if riddhima is fine or not all they care is about money and nothing else. Armaan was about to go and call ananya as she was taking so much time in bringing the soup...as he opened the door to go out ananya came in with the soup and said 'armaan tumhe tumhaare dad bula rahe hain...tum jao unse baat karlo...main riddhima ko souppila deti hun...' armaan nodded and said 'main abhi aata hun riddhima...' saying so he moved towards study room where billy was waiting for him.
Ananya came and sat beside riddhima and said 'chalo riddhima jaldi se yeh soup pilo...phir medicines leke rest kar lena okay...' riddhima made a face and said 'nahi mumma pichle ek weak se mmain yeh soup pee rahi hun...mujhe nahi peena...' ananya smiled at her said 'bachha agar yeh nahi piyogi toh kese thik hogi jaldi se...chalo...chalo..jaldi se yeh piyo aur phir medicine lo...aur rest karo..oaky..' riddhima whinned and said 'mujhe nahi peena...' ananya said 'thik hai agar tumne abhi yeh soup nahi piya ...toh phir raat ko dinner ke baad ki ice - cream cancel..' riddhima's eyes instantly light up on hearing ice - cream name and kasked ananya kidishly 'agar main yeh soup piyungi...toh nmujhe ice-cream milegi raat mein dinner ke baad...' ananya nooded and riddhima quickly drank the whole soup and ananya keep looking at her lovingly.
After few days riddhima was fit n fine with all the care and love which armaaan billy and ananya gave her but still she wanted her parents to atleast come and see her if she is fine or notbut they din't come and neither they called to check upon her once. They were lost in their own world. It was one such day armaan went to office with billy and ananya went to her friend's house for two days and billy was also going their at night. Riddhima was all alone in the house and thinking the love which she din't get before her marriage was now getting from armaan's parents. She was remembering each and every moment of her life before and after marriage and unknowingly tears came out of her eyes and by the time she realize she was crying badly remembering how her parents first adopted her and then later on abandon her with their love.
Armaan was back from office around 8 at night and went into the room to see if riddhima was fine or not... he entered the room to see it was pitch dark and sobbing sound can be heard of riddhima's cry. Armaan at once got panick thinking why was she crying suddenly..first he thought may be she was having pain in her head as her head wound was still not recovered. He moved towards her and on the lights and 'riddhima kya hua...tum..tumro kyun rahi ho...tumhe kahin pain ho raha hai...batao mujhe tumhe doctor ke pass jana hai...' armaan said making her looking at him and saw her blood shot red eyes. Armaan was about to say something when riddhima hugged him tightly andstart crying more bitterly...armaan was now getting tensed as to why she was crying so much..but thought first to make her quite then he'll ask her.
Riddhima after sometime stopped crying and armaan make her drink water and then asked 'riddhima..kya hua hai..why were you crying so much...kisi ne kuch kaha tumse...tumhe kahin pain ho raha hai...' riddhima nodded her head in no and again hugged him and finally said 'armaan...mere mumma papa mujhse pyaar kyun nahi karte..bilkul waise hi jaise ananya mumma aur billy papa tumse pyaar karte hain...pata hai armaan mujhe mumma papa ne adopt kiya that oh mujhe laga mujhe bhi mumma papa ka pyaar milega..but unhone toh mujhe ghar laake bas maids ke haathon mein chhodh diya...bachpan se main unke pyaar ke liye tarsi hun...tumhe pata hai armaan jab bhi mereschool mein koi functions hota tha toh sabke parents aate the...but mere nahi...i use to feel so bad...' Riddhima was crying like a baby remembering all this and armaan was also having tears in his eyes listening to it. He said 'sshh...riddhima bas its okay...dekho tumhe mere mom dad bhi pyaar karte hain na...bilkul apni beti ki tarah toh...why are you thinking ke tumhe kabhie mom dad ka pyaar nahi milla. I agree humaari shaadi se pahle you din't get love from your parents but shaadi ke baad toh you got love na...from mom n dad..hhmm...' he after a pause continued 'maanta hun riddhima ki tumhaare mom dad ne rishta sirf isilie jodha taaki unhe business mein contacts mil sake...aur zada naam ho...but still see unhoone ek kaam achha kiya...ke tumhaari shaadi mujhse karaadi..aur see tumhe mere mom dad ka pyar bhi mil gaya...right...' riddhima was listening to this nodded and said 'but phir bhi armaan kya unhe mujhse ek baar bhi milne nahi aana chahaiye thA...Yeh dekhne ke liye ke main zinda hun...ya main mar..' but before riddhima could say anything armaan put finger on her lips and said 'aaj bol diya...riddhima aaj ke baad mat bolna...agar tumhe kuch ho gaya na...toh main bhi apni jaan de dunga...samjhi tum...'
(written below is an adult part...those who are uncomfertable can skip it )
listening to this riddhima was having tears in her eyes and she hugged armaan passionately and armaan also respond to the hug and it was becoming passionate by the time pass and armaan was having hard time control his desires..he was losing his senses...he detangeled riddhima from the hug and saw tears in her eyes..he slowly kissed them on her eyes sucking all the tears away as he made her lay on the bed and kissed her on both her cheeks and then nose and then he moved towards her lips...he looked at her in her eyes and then back to her lips...riddhima lost in his kisses lowered her eyes in acceptance and armaan on seeing this without waiting a second smacked her soft lips with his manly ones...he ever so slowly was kissing her and she was also responding to it equally..but as time pass the kiss was becoming more passionate.
Armaan moved his hand inside her kurta through the front slit and was caressing her bare waist sensuously while riddhima feeling his hands on her bare waist felt shivers ran down her spine and her one hand was continuosly moving on his hairs while other on his back sensuously arousing him all the more. Armaan after like 15 minutes break the kiss as riddhima was out of breathe he...removed her dupptta from her neck and throw it down on the floor and move down to her neck kissing it sensuosly making her gasp while his hand moved on her kurta buttons in the front and opening them slowly and riddhima did the same.. they both were so lost in passion that they din't knew they were crossing the line..without confessing their love.. I mean yaa armaan confessed but riddhima hasn't yet...
Both were lost in each other so much that arman removed her kurta and now she was left only in her small top which came till her navel reavealing the space between her top and her pajaami.. armaan was kissing her neck..throat neckline..jaw..jawline everywhere he found space. He moved towards he shoulder and pulling down the strap of her top he start kissing her there..bitting and licking it there leaving a love bite..armaan move towards her nape and left the trailof wet kisses there ...he move towards her revealing chest and start kissing and licking there making her gasp harder and riddhima was totally lost in his touch and kisses when armaan kiss her between her bossoms which was revealing due to straps of her top down...armaan moved in between there bitting her hard..and riddhima feeling that she fisted his hair in hers and moand 'aah...armaaan...' armaan on hearing his name came little back to the world murmmring 'sorry riddhima..' and start llicking it making that love bite go purple he was about to remove her top when due to the wind the windows of the room clashed bringing them back to the real world.
Armaan was the first one to come back and realize what he was uppto. He can't believe he trie d to cross the line without her permission...he was feeling way too guilty for doing that he was thinking what must riddhima be thinking about him. On the other hand riddhima was also feeling same that what armaan must be thinking about her that she has not yet confessed her love and was crossing the line which she made herself between the to..but they both know that it was now hard to control their feelings for each other...especially armaan because he was now not having any control on his desires. Both were lost in their own thoughts when both said together to each oother 'I'm sory...' after hearing this both looked at each other and smiled awkwardely when armaan said 'riddhima m sorry...I know maine aaj line cross karne ki koshishi ki...m really..' but before armaaan could say anything more riddhima cut him and said 'armaan...tumhe soorry bolne ki zaroorat nahi hai...I know humne aaj line cross krne ki koshish ki...but sirf tum isme akele nahi the armaan main tumhaare saath thi...so don't feel guilty...aur mujhe tumhe khud rokna chahiye tha...m sorry too..' before armaan could say anything servent came into their room and said dinner was ready..so both move out and went down to have dinner,...both were quite and were having dinner quietly.
After having dinner both came back when armaan after changing was about to lay on couch riddhima called him and said 'uumm...armaan kyat um please mere saath aake bed pe so sakte ho...' listening to this armaan was first shocked but then asked 'kyun riddhima...I mean main yahaan comfortable hun..its okay...' riddhima smiled at him and said 'mujhe pata hai armaan tum kitne comfortable ho...but please come and sleep on bed and mujhe pata hai...aaj jo hua uske baad thoda difficult hai...but atleast we can try...right..' armaan nodded and picked his pillow and duvet came and lay on the bed beside her...both mouthed goodnight to each other and slept with the beautifull smile and sweet dreams of each other in their eyes.


During these whole seven months there many moments after that night when riddhima broke down and armaan n riddhima shred the close moment that they shared many more close moments with each other. As armaan was now sleeping on bed with riddhima they usually use to find each other in awkward positions in the mornings and both enjoyed and now don't feel awkward. Riddhima's internship was now over and now she was a senior doctor in sanjeevani. Whatever riddhima desired in her life ...she got all of them..and it happened only because of armaan. If he hadn't come in her life..she would have never got the love of parents which she got after marriage from billy and ananya...and of course armaan's love too. She wanted to ecome a doctor which she was now and all thanks to her dear hubby Armaan...and now she was waiting for perfect moment to tell armaan that she loves him equally as much as he loves her...and she knew when she had to tell him..
After a week it will be New Year and she decide she will confess her love for him on that day at 12 in the night so they can start their new life with the new day and new begening of the year...by becoming one by all senses. She blushed thinking of all the close moments they shared the night when she will be his by all means.
On the other hand armaan was also very happy as he knows that riddhima loves him but still has not confessed her love for him. He knows the way she reacts to every touch of his when they share any close moments now a days...he feels that shivers run through her spine and she reacts to every touch of his on her body. He was really happy that finally she was in love with him and was waiting for the day when she will confess her love for him...he had a feeling that the day was very near.
All in all both were too happy and want to confess their feelings with each other and make each other as one by every means.


It was morning and only riddhima and armaan were their in the house as billy and ananya went to their farmhouse to celebrate new year with their friends and all servents were given holiday for new years.
In AR room armaan was getting ready and riddhima was helping him giving him his things when riddhima said 'uumm... armaan tumhaara koi new year party ka plan tohh nahi hai na...' armaan looked at her and said 'nahi...abhi tak toh nahi..kyun..' 'good...aur koi plan banana bhi nahi..because I want to spend my new years eve with my husband...and moreover I have a surprise for you at night...so raat ko jaldi aana and koi plan mat banana apne friends ke saath..' riddhima said with a sly smile on her face... armaan looked at her and hold her from waist and asked 'achha kya surprise hai...main bhi toh jaanu...' riddhima looked at him and said 'surprise bataya nahi jaata...dikhaya jaata hai...jo tumhe raat ko pata chalega...ab jao...aur raat ko jaldi aana okay..' riddhima said kissing himon his cheeks and waved him bye and then went to do preperations for the night.


The whole house was dark and only lawn was lightened that too only with dim lights and scented candels all over the lawn. The table was set for two...food was kept on it and two wine glasses were kept on table...red rose petals were spread on the floor making it fregmentic. Music player was kept on the side. And chairs were kept near the table. All in all it was looking very romantic room decorated by riddhima for armaan.
Riddhima had decorated their room with rose petals and lilies and scented candels...the bed was decorated same like it was decorated for their first night. The bed was covered with rose petals and scented candels were lighten all over the room. Riddhima was getting ready in the room in black saree with red shining border on it. The blouse was having very deep neck from back revealing all her back only the hook of blouse was there with dori on her upper back. She put the pallu of her saree in plates making her flat stomach visible to him.
Armaan on the other hand din't knew what riddhima must be planning but still he got red wine with him as he had some faded realization of what surprise it would be and he prayed to god that his wish come true tonight .
As he entered the house he was left stunned with romantic atmosphere created by his wife for them. He kept the wine bottle on the table when he saw riddhima coming down the stairs looking breathe taking in the black net sarre which was revealing very much of her stomach. Armaan was lost in her when riddhima came to him and said huskily in his ears 'hey baby...you came good...now go and change then I have a surprise for you...' armaan listening to her get out of his world and said 'riddhima...you looking too sexy today...' riddhima blushed at his comment and said 'abhi shuruwaat hai...aage aage dekho hota hai..kya..' saying she winked at him and said to him to go n change in other room rather than their room.
After 15 minutes armaan came back to the lawn to see all dim lights were closed only candeles were burning and riddhima was no where to be seen. He was wearing a black shirt with three buttons open showing his well build chest. He looked around finding where riddhima was when a spot light fell on him while other was following riddhima.
She came and sat on her knees in front of him and took hold of his hand while armaan was left in shock and surprise as riddhima was pruposing him..expressing her love for him. Rddhima knew what armaan was thinking and decided to tell her feelings for him now 'Armaan main jaanti hun humaari shaadi ko hue 11 mahine ho gaye aur na jaane in 11 mahino mein tumne kitni baar mujhe I LOVE YOU kaha aur maine ek baar bhi jawaab nahi diya...par ab main tumhaare har un I Love You ka jawaab deni chahati hun Armaan...aur main yeh bhi jaanti hunk e tum bhi mere muhh se I Love You sunne ke liye tadap rahe ho...jitna main tadap rahi hun..tumhe kahne ke liye. Armaan mujhe pahli baar apne pyaar ka ehesaas tab hua jab humne us din mere accident se pahle close moment share kiya us din pahlei baar mujhe laga ke main tumhe pyaar krarti hun..usse pahle bhi main humaari pahli mulaakat ke baad I was attracted you...but tab mujhe nahi pata tha ke main toh tumse us din se jab hum pahli baar mere so called parents ke ghar pe mille tab se tumse pyaar karne lagi thi...but us din accident ke din jab maine tumhe hospital ke bahaar mera wait karte dekha...main tumse ussi din kahna chahati thi ke main tumse pyaar karne lagi hun...par phir mera accident ho gaya.. aur uske baad jab bhi maine tumse kahne ki koshish ki koi na koi beech mein aa jaata aur humaari bat vahin adhuri rahe jaati...par uss din jab main apne mamma papa ko yaad karke ro rahi thi and then humne jab us din almost line cross kardi thi toh I thought I''l tell u that day only k "ARMAAN I LOVE YOU" but phir us uppar waale ko vooh manzoor nahi tha...aur mujhe pure 7 mahine wait karaaaya apne dill ki baat apne hi husband se bolne ke liye..' she chuckeled saying the last bit with little tears in her eyes and making armaan also laugh as till now he was lost in her words which she was speaking.
He held her through shoulders and make her stand and said 'kahe do riddhima jo tum kahna chahati ho aur main sunna chahata hun,...kah do riddhima aaj mat roko khud ko...' Armaan said ever so lightly holding riddhima through her shoulders still. Riddhima looked into his eyes straight and said 'I LOVE YOU ARMAAN MALLIK...I...LOVE YOU...' riddhima said with slight tears in her eyes. Armaan looked at her into her eyesand said 'I love you too riddhima...I love you too...' saying so he sucked her tears away and kissed her eyes then nose and then he looked at her tempting lips and then back into her eyes...she understood him and closed her eyes in acceptance and within no seconds there lips were joined sucking each other's lips hungrily...exchanging slivas and juices of each other as time passed the kiss became passionate and more wanting...longing for each other.
But soon riddhima came out of her trance and brake the kiss as she was out of breathe too. She looked at armaan who was looking at her confusingly as to why he broke the kiss...she looked at him and said 'lets go n have dinner and then I have one more surprise for you...' riddhima said winking at him and led him to the table where food was kept . armaan pulled riddhima in his lap and both fed each other with all the love for each other. After that riddhima went upstairs saying she'll be back soon with his another surprise for the night.
When Riddhima went to room, Armaan move towards the table to pour wines for them... Armaan took one glass and was sipping from it as he waiting for Riddhima thinking what she has got for him... Armaan was already very surprised when Riddhima propose him tonight for the first time after their marriage... When Riddhima said she has another surprise for him, Armaan mind was racing fast as he try to think what the suprise must be... After five minutes, suddenly the music started and Armaan was shocked with the sudden music... Armaan look around to get the biggest shock of the night as Riddhima stood in a short sexy white dress which left her shoulder and hands bare... Dress were up to her thigh leaving her longs legs bare and she has her hair left open with the usual make of her...
jadu hai nasha hai madhoshiya hai,
tujhko bhula ke ab jaau kaha
jadu hai nasha hai
madhoshiya hai,
tujhko bhula ke ab jaau kaha

(Riddhima move towards Armaan, the moment Armaan laid his eyes on her he was lost in her... Seeing the lost expression on Armaan face, Riddhima knew she was successful in making Armaan lost his sense seeing her in that dress... Tonight, Riddhima want him to lose his every sense and make her as his... Armaan keeps staring at Riddhima, Riddhima move towards him as she stood closed to him knowing his desire of touching her was on fire... Armaan and Riddhima stood so closed that their body was touching each other... Riddhima took his hand putting it around her dress which was of lace around her mid part... Riddhima move her hands around Armaan neck, as she move close to him hiding her face in Armaan's neck...)

dekhti hai jis tarah se teri najre mujhe,
mai khud ko chupau kaha
jadu hai nasha hai madhoshiya hai,
tujhko bhula ke ab jaau kaha
dekhti hai jis tarah se teri najre mujhe,
mai khud ko chupau kaha
jadu hai nasha hai madhoshiya hai,
tujhko bhula ke ab jaau kaha

(Armaan was very happy to see Riddhima in his arms, Riddhima move looking towards his face as Armaan look down at her... Their eyes met as they stare at each other, smile adore on their face as Armaan move his nose nuzzling on Riddhima face taking her aroma which was making him go crazy... Riddhima closed her eyes as she felt her heart missed a beat, and shivered under his hold... Armaan move his face near her eyes nuzzling making Riddhima feel weak from her knee... Riddhima move out as she sensually bite her lower lips, Armaan move close to her trying to get hold of her as Riddhima move not letting him to get hold her easily just to tease him...)

yeh pal hai apna toh iss pal ko ji le
sholo ki tarah jara jal ke ji le,
pal jhapakte kho na jana chhuke kar lu yakin,
na jane yeh pal paye kaha
jadu hai nasha hai madhoshiya hai,
tujhko bhula ke ab jaau kaha

(Armaan caught Riddhima and pull her towards him... Both fall on the couch near by Riddhima was over him... Armaan's hands were moving on Riddhima waist sensually, Riddhima hands move on Armaan chest opening his shirt revealing the hard rock chest... Armaan moan when Riddhima sensually move her fingers on his bare chest, Riddhima bend down kissing his chest lingering her lips on his skin.. With Riddhima's every touch Armaan's desires were getting wilder... Armaan pull Riddhima as he kiss her cheeks, chin and throat making Riddhima moan... At last Armaan sealed her lips kissing her passionately...)

baaho me teri yu kho gaye hai,
arman dabe se jagne lage hai jo mile ho aaj hamko dur jana nahi,
mita do sari yeh duriya
jadu hai nasha hai madhoshiya hai,
tujhko bhula ke ab jaau kaha dekhti hai jis tarah se teri najre mujhe,
mai khud ko chupau kaha

(When they were out of breath, Riddhima break the kiss... Armaan was looking up at Riddhima as their breath were heavy... Armaan eyes move on Riddhima body as her deep chest go up and down with the heavy breath she was leaving to the air... Armaan hands move on Riddhima face, her cheeks and slowly it moves down on her throat sending shivers in her spine... Riddhima closed her eyes feeling Armaan hands moving making her shiver... Armaan hands move down on her upper chest and with the sudden move of his, Riddhima open her eyes moving away from him leaving him on the couch... Armaan wasn't expecting her to move, but when he realized Riddhima was running away he look towards her to see her winking at him naughtily as she ask through hands to catch her if he can... Armaan smile understanding she was teasing him, so not waiting he moves behind her who runs towards the stairs up to their room... Armaan chase her as she laugh knowing how she was successful making Armaan fall for her tonight...)

After few minute armaan got hold of riddhima from her back and make her turn around in his hold...holding her both hands at her back and pulling her closer to him such that her bossoms was touching his chest while his hard chest pressing her soft ones. Armaan said 'boht mazaa aata hai na...mujhe tease karne mein...ab dekho...' and without giving her any chance to speak he smacked her lips hard kissing her hardly and very passionately.
Armaan left her hands and was now holding her through waist while her hands moved in his hairs and neck ruffeling them arousing him all the more. As his hands were on her waist where there was lace knot...he opened it making her dress loose a little while riddhima too was high on passion and was kissing him back with equal passion as her one hand move on his front and start opening the buttons of his shirt while other was still in his hairs ruffeling them...within no moment of time riddhima opened his shirt buttons and now was moving both her hands freely on his body feeling his hard rock chest...while armaan broke the kiss and move down kissing her throat neck to her chest... as they were standing near the edge of the bed...armaan pushed her slightly and she fell on the bed and armaan after removing his shirt. He fell on top of her and both make passionate love to each other the whole night.


Its been 3 years of AR marriage ...both were enjoying their love life to the core. They use to make wild love to each other mostly every night and they went to their long pending honeymoon on their first wedding anniversary to Paris for a month. They roam around the city in the day time and use to make love every night their.
All in all everything was perfect in their life...but lets see whats happening AR room. In the room we see a figure was sitting with her back on the bed post with her bulky stomach and one figure sleeping peacefully on his stomach. the girl was none other than riddhima as she was 6 months pregnant and the guy was none other than armaan.
Riddhima was sitting in the room with dim lights on as she was continuously looking at armaan at his bare back making faces and was shaking him...but he was not waking up.. so riddhima said 'armaaan...utho na...mujhe ice-cream khaani hai...' Armaan stirred in his sleep and turned his face to other side and 'tch..riddhima kitchen mein hongi na...main abhi last week laya to tha...jao vahaan se kahalo...' 'arman voh khtam ho gayi...aur waise bhi ice- cream mujhe nahi tumhaari beti ko khaani hai...toh utho nahi toh main akeli jaa ri hun...samjhe..'listening to this armaan opened his eyes and smiled and said 'pahele bolna than a jaaan...ke ice cream tumhe nahi...meri beti ko khaani hai...toh main tabhi uth jaata..' armaan loved to irritate riddhimaa lot by always saying meri beti...although he always prays to god to fulfill her wish of having a baby boy.
Soon both got ready and armaan helped riddhima in sitting the car...and took her ice cream parlour which was fortunately for them was opened at 1 am in the night. Riddhima took 3 choco chip ice sream and start eating all three at the same time and armaan smiled seeing her cravings and her kiddish behavior which he always adores of her...ans as per her cravings...he love to fulfill all her craves ...be it anything or be at any time of day or night.


It was 9th month of riddhima and she was already admitted in the hospital...because no one in the mallik family wanted her to go through any pain except the pain during delivering the baby.
It was night and armaan n riddhima were talking in the room about their baby with armaan laying on the bed beside riddhima and her hands was in his . she had kept her head on his chest and asked 'armaan tumne baby ka naam kya socha...' armaan looked at her and smiled and said 'agar baby girl hui toh aariya..and agar baby boy hua toh ridhaan...' riddhima looked at him and said 'tumne boy ka bhi naam socha hua hai...''haan...kyun tumne sirf bay boy ka naam socha tha...' before riddhima could answere she felt something wet on her bed and saw abd blood...she looked at armaan who was shocked and said 'oh..god ..your water bag broke..' he went outside and called her attending doctor who took riddhima inside OT while armaan wait outside and called the gang and ananya and billy to the hospital telling them that baby will be out soon. Soon nikki abhi with rahul muskaan reach there followed by ananaya and billy. Aal were waiting eagerly for the good news.
After one hour doctor came outside and said 'congratulations mr. armaan aapko baby girl hui hai...' listening to this armaan had no bounds of happiness as he asked doctor 'dr. riddhima ...how is she can I meet her please..' dr. smiled and said 'riddhima is also fine and yes you can meet her..' saying so doctor wentaway and armaan moved inside OT to see the pale face of riddhima but still gloweing.
He went towards her kissed her forehead and said 'thank you..riddhima mujhe meri princesss den eke liye..' riddhima who felt his touch onher fore head and said 'thanks to you armaan...mujhe itni badi khushi den eke liyee...' both smiled and soon riddhima was shifted in private room.. after all blessings and all armaan was sitting on the bed beside riddhima holding their "AARIYA" admiring her features as she had dimpleslike her dada and green almond eyes liker her momma. Riddhima had kept her head on his shoulder while his head was on hers ...both were enjoying their moment when someone clicked it in the camera...making their smiles wide.
Ann here ends the story of Armaan n Riddhima as they live happily with each other and their baby girl "Aariya" princess of his dada nd mumma...and angel of her dadu n daadi.


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