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AR os : Girl In Red Scarf

"I want her before tonight and that's it" I shouted on top of my lung.

"Sir.. but we didn't even know her,how we will search her??" Atul,my manager asked shaken by my voice.

He is scared of me,Like all my other employees. I have this impression on everyone around me. And I love it. To intimidate people around me.

"I don't bloody care Atul...I want her and I want her by tonight..now go.."I was already frustrated.

" sir..An...nyy ide..ntity..?? "His voice shattered. I closed my eyes to recall only to see her almond eyes from her glittering red mask on her face and her shining red scarf around her neck which attracted me more towards her.

"almond eyes..and A GIRL IN RED SCARF.." I merely whisper lost in MY GIRL.

Yes!my girl..

By hook or by crook, I will make her mine. The only thing I want is her.

"Anything else sir.." He almost beg to know what else information he gets about her.

"Get to know it from the organizer of the event. And my sister..she helped him invite the people.. Now. Go" I gritted teeth emphasizing the last two words and Atul ran out of my cabin.

It's me. My way to tackle people.

This world is very cruel and mean. To survive and live on your own conditions, one has to make themselves practical and hard.

I went near the window, looking down towards the big city what right now is looking very tiny,just like ants from my forty storied building.

My thoughts went to the day,I saw her. No,actually felt her in my arms.

Her silky smooth open hair till her waist. Her petite waist from her silky red dress.

It was valentines day and my elder sister,Anjali, has thrown a huge party as it was her 1st wedding anniversary with her husband Abhimanyu modi. She has arranged everything in her very own way. Just like Anjali Mallik.

As soon as I entered in the hall, it was full of people. Girls in red and boys in black and white. Theme party,all the girly stuff. The way she likes.

"Armaan.. Finally you here bro.." She almost jumped on me hugging me tightly.

"Ohk ohk chill...we meet every day at home..no need to show like we are meeting after ages..."I don't like showing love openly. I m an introvert and she know it so well.

" that's so mean bro.."she pout.

"So how's the party going and where modi??" I look around to see the decorations and people.

The decoration was beautiful and people, well I recognized none and I don't care. I have come here to drink and find some hot chick for few hours to calm my demon.

"Right here,Mallik.." I heard modi,my sister's husband.

We never call each other by names, he hates me and so do I. But for my little elder sister, I have to tackle him.

We shook hands and soon an anchor came on stage taking others and mine attention,"hellloooooo everyone...beautiful hot girls and handsome guys.. Time is perfect and so do the night.. What are you waiting for... I m sure all have come here with there partners and those who are not, I m sure you will find here.. So lets hit the dance floor guys... But before that,plz put the mask on ur face..its a theme party guyssssss"

All started moving to the dance floor taking their masks and I directly went to the bar section. Taking a drink, I look around to see all busy in themselves with there partners and I get back to my drink but something made me look up once again.

A girl,in red silk dress,looking break taking hot and sizzling from behind, if you know what I mean,perfect shoulder, very awesome curves and her perfect back,showing her silky milky legs.


But what disturbed me is,she is alone,no one around her and she is in her own carefree world. Dancing all alone.

My gaze was fix on her and she turn.


What a perfect view!

Her face,half hidden with the red glittering mask and a beautiful innocent smile on her face showing she is really enjoying herself, Perfect neck,and a beautiful red scarf,very unique and special. well maintained breasts and slim tummy. Right now she is a perfectly meat and I m a hungry,very hungry lion.

But what amaze me is, she is dancing alone but animating as if someone is there,dancing with her. Her lips playing a faint smile.

And I want her,in my lap.

Taking another drink,I headed towards her.

"May I be the dream man,with whom your dancing imaginary??"

"Huh??" Was her only reaction and her eyes suddenly wide.

"Armaan Mallik.."she whispered.

I was shock,as she recognized me even with the mask on my face. But soon covering my shock,I smirk. My trademark.

" would the lady give me chance to have her in my arms.."I went a bit closer to her,and whispered in her ear and she literally shiver.

"I would die to be there Armaan.." She stunned me by her response.

She took my name. Which is very rare but still I loved her voice and so my name from her voice.

"So you know me??" I took her right hand,putting it over my shoulder and left in mine,braiding it. As soon as I pulled her through her waist,she gasped.

"More than just know you.." She closed her eyes and a blushing smile adore her lips making me confused.

"How??" I twirled her in my arms and she moved with the flow.

"I am following you and everything related to you from past 10 years.." I bet my eyes are open wide.

She winked as I pulled her close with my hand around her nape and moved down making a round.

"Hmm..so what you know??"

"Well than you know about yourself.." She moved her hand behind my neck and so do I as me make a round dancing, lost in our own world never breaking the eye contact.

"You have your eyes like your mom.. Smile like your dad..an elder sister who is more than a mother to you..but the more you love her,the more you hate her husband...a total workaholic..and no personal life at all.." She said while we just stay close to each other.

"Hmm so what is this information all about?? What you are gonna to about it??" I couldn't help myself to not to ask.

"I love to know whatever happens in your life.." She simply say as I once again twirled her.

"So you like me??" I asked to know what is going in her heart. None, none ever told me about myself. Heck,none ever dare to come so close to me and this girl,she was already making a place in my heart which I have never open.

"Nope.." She softly said and
moved with the melodious music.

I crooked my eye brow to one side and she smiled blushing.

Well what is that for!

I know I have that effect on girls but neither I m touching her intimately nor kissing then why this silent blush.

Speak up girl!

I m already dying!!

"I more than like you Armaan.." She stopped dancing and came close to me.

Standing on her toe,she came near my ear,"I love you Armaan.. "She whispered and I was lost.

Closing my eyes,I let the word sink inside me and she kissing my cheek went down back.

As soon as I open my eyes, I saw her going towards the exit. I followed her but till then,she was gone. Sitting in a cab she went away and I stood there,still in the kiss.

From that very day, I daydream about her. My eyes wander to every girl but I found her in none.

It's been a month to valentines day, today and I m madly,crazily and idiotically in love with my mystery girl.

The girl in red scarf!

My girl!

A light knock and Riddhima came in,"sirrr.."she stammered like always.

She is my PA. Do as I say and follow each and every command of mine. Never late on work. Goes to any limit to make me happy.

"Speak" I command and she nob,"Mr Mallik, meeting with chabriya in next 20 mins..."

She Never speaks properly in front of me. I saw her talking without hesitation to others but with me,well many does stammer but she is a special one.

Special because, the only word she stammers is my name.

I always thought of firing her out but something always keeps me not to do it.

Her honesty,loyalty and ability to do everything.

She never says no to work.

"Sirr..plzzz have your lunch before you head for the meeting.." She said softly in the very same voice which I hear in my dream every night.

Her voice matches hers.. My girl's!!

But she is not my girl.

Her rimmed thick and old looking glasses with her hair braid and her extra loose dress shows she is not my girl.

My girl was confident!

My girl is wonder!

Her care towards me though I m so rude to her make me feel guilty sometimes. Of course she don't deserve my shitty behavior but to keep control,I have to,I have to be the way I am.

My whole day passed working, thinking, thinking about her and daydreaming like always and every time Riddhima would break my bubble telling me about my next meeting or about my food or something which annoyed me for sometime but then it feels good to know that someone other than your family member,who cares for you as much as your family does.

"Sir.." Atul came in with a sad face,"sir I am really sorry but I couldn't find her.."he said and I saw the time to see its 9:30@night.

"Sir I am not able to get her..I m ready to be fired but sorry sir,I can't handle this case anymore..." He said with his voice chocking.

I never thought someone can actually get so much worried.

"You can go now Atul.." I sighed giving up.

He turn around to leave but stopped turning back to me, "sir it was nice working with you,I am glad I got the opportunity to have you as my boss. You are the best and fabulous I could ever get. umm I will place my resignation letter to your table by Monday morning, as tomorrow is Saturday." And his eyes moist.

I never saw my any of employee almost crying for leaving the job. Actually it is vise versa. They would cry to leave, and be happy when they do.

"I didn't asked for the resignation Atul!!" I declared and he turn with a faint smile.

"Means I m still your manager sir??" He ask in disbelief and as soon as I nob he came running to me and hugged me making me shock and chock at the same time.

I heard a small melody voice of giggling and turn to see Riddhima standing looking at us as soon straight herself as our eyes met.

"Thank you sir..thank you so much.." Atul kissed my both cheeks making Riddhima laugh this time and for sure I was about to get a mini heart attack.

Atul ran out and while going, he hugged Riddhima kissing her cheeks too. She turn all red and a file fell from her hand. Shattered she picked up all the papers.

"I didn't knew, people are there who loves working for me too.." I sat down in front of Riddhima, on my toe and helped her.

She looked at me and smile,"sirrr..you are very much better than you think about yourself... "

I was beyond shock.

This girl is full of surprises.

When she speaks,it melt my heart always.

None ever told me that I m good. They said they hate me to the core. I heard people bitching about me on my back. But this girl,she says everything on face and really genuinely.

"Sirrr its quite stormy weather.. Please leave before there's a thunderstorm..." She said placing the file.

I nod and get back to work while she said bye.

After 15 mins,Wrapping up all my left over work,I took the car key and went out. The security was checking around and he stiff looking at me.

"Sir its pouring heavily outside.. Please go safe.."I Nob and moved out to actually see and feel the rain heating. Another security guard came with umbrella and I went in the car.

I headed towards my apartment starting the radio station. Love song playing and it felt the perfect weather to have my girl in my arm and kiss her senselessly till our lungs ask to breath.

All drown in my world,I almost hit a girl who was asking for lift.

I ran out of the car," are you okey miss...??"

She turn to me and smile and I sigh,"Riddhima are you ohk??"

She was totally drenched and as I looked around, I saw her bike standing aside.

"Sirrr.. I am alright.." She reassured me and turn to look at her bike,"it broke down and my phone is dead.."

"Come.. I will drop you.." I went in sitting on the driver seat and she followed me in the passenger side.

"Which place??"

"Civil lines" she said and her voice faint.

I look at her and saw her eyes shutting down.

"Riddhima??" I called but panicked as she didn't answered. I rushed to the place,knowing it as I pass by there every day. It's quite late and reaching to the doc will take me 1 hour or so.

Taking out my cell,I dialed atul's number," Atul I want miss Gupta's full address right away.."I snapped and he saying yes and asked to wait for 2 mins.

I don't know how,but he managed to give Riddhima's address in another minute and went.

Reaching there,I parked the car and taking Riddhima in my arms,I saw a receptionist coming to me.

"Sir how may I help.." She trailed off as soon as she saw my face.

"Which is Miss Gupta's apartment..??"I completely ignored her. Right now,I m concerned about my Sweet little PA who is unconscious.

" 4th floor,A block"she said calling the lift for me and helped me press the button.

I reached her apartment and knocked with my leg holding Riddhima in my arms.

"Who the hell ar..." A girl in curly hair all messed wearing a pink tank top and shorts came out looking angrily at me but soon her gaze fell on Riddhima and anger wash off her face.

"What happen to her and aren't you Armaan Mallik??" She opened the door for me.

"Where's her room??" I completely ignore her and she pointed upstair and followed us.

"Ridzi.." The curly hair girl said as soon as I laid Riddhima in bed.

"Where's the heater??" I asked and she pointed towards the corner and ran to take the heater.

"Please change her clothes and make her wear warm stuff.." I said politely for a change and she moved to the cupboard.

I moved to the corner to call a doc but something distract me.

The room!!

It was full of my pics around.

Me in meeting glaring at someone,me in my cabin smiling lost,me almost blushing and what not.

My every,every emotion was clearly clicked and placed around and then my eyes fell on a pic which was hanging next to the cupboard, has me with her.

My girl!

The girl in red scarf!

I moved to the pic and caress her face in which I was holding her close, very close to me.

I was lost,totally lost in it.

But wait...

How on earth,my pics are here in Riddhima's room?? And how come she has the pic of me dancing with my mystery girl??

I look around and went towards the dressing table, and took hold on the mask that was kept like a show piece.

It's the same mask she was wearing..

Ohh God..

I turn to look at the curly hair girl and she was already looking at me. Riddhima was changed and was tugged in blancket as the curly hair girl has put the heater near Riddhima who was still unconscious.

"She is ohk..just sleeping coz of the cold.." She said and I got confused as how she knows and she answered my unasked question, "I myself is a doctor.. So don't worry.."

I just nob and showed her the mask for a reason.

Well,my heart is thudding to get an answer!

Is she my girl??

No! She has curly hair.

"Well,that's Riddhima's.." She said simply and the word registered in me making look daggers at her.

Is she the girl in red sracf??

My girl??

"And who are you??" I asked her as I want to know if she was the one who wore the mask and I m as hell sure,it couldn't be Riddhima..

Or it could be!!

Ohh God!!help me for heaven's sake!!

"Muskaan..Muskaan Gupta..Riddhima's elder sister.." She smiled and I genuinely return it.

"And this pic??"I asked showing her the pic of mine and my girl.

"You're in search of the mystery girl.. The girl in red scarf??" She crooked her eye brows, aside and smirk.

I nob and my breathing literally heavy making her giggle.

She turn around and went to the cupboard and remove a red clothe making my heart stop almost.

I could hear my own heartbeat.

It was it..

The red scarf.

But where's my girl??

I continued starring at her and the scarf in her hand where as she kept smiling looking at me.

"Will you please speak??I am almost dying.."I whispered and she laughed.

" its not me.."she came to me and gave the scarf to me," So look around and find your girl.."

I instantly look at her and heard the door closing behind me.

With my heart running wild,I moved towards Riddhima and sat next to her with the scarf and the mask in my either hand's.

For the first time I looked at her face and God she was so beautiful. Her eyes with no rimmed glass around it,looked perfect. How it will look when she will open it. Her lips like petals ready to be kiss. Her cheeks all flushed.

I placed the scarf around her neck and the little mask on her little face which looked like exactly made for her.

I was beyond happy. Actually,no emotion can actually tell what I m feeling right now.

So stupid I was. My girl was right in front of me and I was searching her all over the world troubling other.

My girl!

I move to her level and kiss her head brushing my lips to her cheeks.

She is indeed beautiful.

Very beautiful!

And I love her!

After starring at her beautiful face for God knows how much time,I slept without any dream just feeling my love next to My love.

I got up feeling something very soft stirring next to me and opening eyes,I look around to see myself in a girl's room. And then it registered in my system that I m with my love finally.

Turning to her,I saw her sleeping peacefully with a faint smile on her face.

I kissed her cheeks making her smile deeply and she open her eyes while at the same time,there was a knock and Muskaan entered in looking at us smiling.

I was about to say something when I heard Riddhima, "see Muski di...Armaan troubles me in my dream too.." And she slapped her head making Muskaan crook her head aside,"like always, he came in my dream..and you know what..he said 'I love you",she emphasis the last three words,"and he kissed me too..here"she showed her cheeks to Muskaan who was completely enjoying the show like me.

Riddhima turn to me at first shock, buy then frown and then smile,"ohh God .I started daydreaming about him now.." She once again slapped herself making me and Muskaan laugh.

I think, as soon as she heard me giggle, she shoot her eyes to me,"Armaan.. "Like the valentines day, she whispered my name and looked at Muskaan who just nob telling her its not a dream.

She again looked at me and then ever so slightly, put her hand on my cheeks to feel me but soon moved away as she felt it.

With a jerk she got up on the floor and stammered," sor..soorrryyy siiirrrr.."

I tried to maintain my laughter aside and put a fake angry face on,"you should be sorry Miss Gupta. I m really disappointed with you.. I thought you are a brave girl.. Hmm but I think I was so wrong.."

She looked down and her eyes welled up. From her shoulder, I look at Muskaan and she gave me a thumb's up went out closing the door behind us.

I move to Riddhima who was wimping and murmuring things not very clear. As I reached her I heard,"I didn't mean it sirrr...I promise I didn't mean it.."

"Mean what Riddhima??" I asked putting my arms on her shoulder and she looked at me confused.

"Sirrr umm.." She stammered again and I smiling put my finger on her lips, "hush now..didn't you mean to love me Riddhima??" I asked her and she look in my eyes searching for something.

"Didn't you mean to fall for me??" I put my finger from her lips to get chin making her look at me,"sirrr I.."

"Armaan.." I pulled her close and gave her peck in her lips,"its Armaan and not sirrr for you.. "I copying her,tease her and she blushed.

"You always knew that I was searching for you and you still didn't came and told me that you are my girl.." I continued starring in her eyes and she in mine.

"Your girl.." She copied my word and put her hand on my cheek," If I would have come to you telling I am the red scarf girl,would you have ever believed me??"

She cross questioned Me making me think and I actually knew the answer. The girl who was in front of me all the time wasn't the same girl whom I fell in love.

And then it hit me.

I left her. An arm distance. She looked hurt. Her eyes evidence of pain and lost.

She closed her eyes,and I know she is trying to hide her tears which is always starting to fall on her cheeks.

I went to her cupboard and fiddling with her cloths,I found it. Taking the dress, I went to her and she open her eyes.

"Riddhima.." I softly whispered near her lips wiping tears away from her cheeks,"I want to see you in this.."handing her the dress I waited for her to react and she looked at me,"aren't you leaving me??"she asked and I smile shaking my head, "if I had to leave, I would have left last night sweetie.."

I kissed her head and she ran in the bathroom to change. Waiting for God knows how much time,I knocked her bathroom,"Riddhima baby please come out..I can't wait anymore.. Please come out.."

And I paced in the room when heard a chick and there comes my girl..

And my god,she looks fabulous.. Actually no word to describe.

"I have waited for stupid 1 month to meet you when you were just in front of me,right next to me showing all the way possible to express your love to me.." I pulled her in my arms and without warning or giving her time,I placed my lips on her stealing a beautiful lip-lock kissing her senselessly, the way I have always imagined.

"I love you my girl.." Whispering in between the kiss I took her to the bed when my phone rang.

"Yes Atul.." I was really irritated.

"Sir there's a delegates to meet day after tomorrow, what time should I fix??" He questioned.

"Cancle it Atul..I m not there for a week or so...and yes,make Miss Gupta's leave letter and give it to the receptionist.

" yes sir.."he said was about to cut the call but I call him,"Atul..umm thanks.. You finally helped me meet my girl.. "

He in confusion, asked what but I cut the call saying its nothing.

I looked at Riddhima and she was looking at me already, "why have you put my leave letter??"

"Won't you need time to repent for the lost time??" She looked at me in confusion and I went to her,once again taking her in a sensual kiss wrapping myself around her.

"What's with the rimmed glasses and extra loose dress?? I kissed her head and make her sat in my lap.

" so no one comes near me,disliking me..I always wanted to me yours.." She kissed my chest and hugged me.

"You're beautiful my girl.. Say it Riddhima.."

"Say what??"she looked at me still busy kissing.

"What you heard me telling you in your dream.." I whispered right in her lips and she kissed me this time grudging in the kiss,"I love you Armaan... "

"I love you too my girl in red scarf.."

And I took her to bed knowing there's no way I m going to leave her ever..

She is mine!

My girl in red scarf.

The end..

Love you all..

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