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AR os: The haunted House

The Haunted House

Armaan was really angry with riddhima.He cant believe he lost the boxing match against Abhimanyu modi.He was supposed to win this match and then his bestfriend nikki would'nt have to work for the New sanjeevani project with that khadoos modi and cheap patil.But now everything is over.He let his bestfriend down today.And he seriously cant believe that the reason behind this is none other than his love,his RIDDHIMA.If she would have not distracted him,then he would have shown abhimanyu his real place.He dont know why riddhima was saying that Nikki was getting hurt when he was punching Abhimanyu.He really cant believe that.He was so angry right now.Armaan mallik hates to loose especially in front of that stupid modi.

Arman was so angry that he is not able to see riddhima's love and concern for him.Riddhima has no intention of making Arman loose this match.But she was literally shocked when she saw nikki crying continuously when Abhimanyu was getting beaten by Armaan.She was just trying to tell Armaan to stop this idiotic match.But noone heard her and both of them keeps on fighting like animals.She could'nt say anything to Modi because Abhimanyu modi was not her BOYFRIEND or FIANCE or ANYTHING.She consider Armaan as her own.She knows that she have rights on Armaan.So she can tell anything to Armaan.But Armaan took it on his ego.And He dint see the way riddhima was trying to heal his injuries.He dint see any of the efforts riddhima was trying to make it up to Armaan.

Riddhima felt really bad when Armaan asked atul to drop her home.She cant believe that Armaan does'nt want to spend time with her.She reluctantly agreed and went away with Atul.She reached near the main door of Armaan's house and stopped their.She turned her head and was expecting Armaan to look at her.But she was disappointed to see him standing with his right hand pressing his forehead.He still looks frustrated and angry.So Riddhima ,with a dejected face, sat in the car and was waiting for atul.Atul came and sat in the driver's seat.He saw riddhima all upset and also her wet hairs.Riddhima has already changed into her pink suit.As she does'nt want her dad to get wrong ideas about her and Armaan(remember she was wearing Armaan's Tshirt and jeans or something ,as she was wet during that bathroom incident).Atul can see Riddhima shivering.So he was trying to find some cloth which may help riddhima to feel a bit warmer.He saw some jacket in the backseat of the car(ab woh atul ki car thodi naa hai..Armaan ki car hai na..so issliye woh dhundh raha tha).

Atul takes that jacket and hand it over to Riddhima.Riddhima was lost in her own world.She came out of her thoughts when she felt atul giving her some jacket.She tried to refuse by shooking her head in a no.But Atul show her eyes and told her to wear it in a sign language.Riddhima knew that there was no use of refusing now.So she just took the black jacket and wore it.She could smell that familiar scent from the jacket which only screams ARMAAN but soon she came in reality when Atul started the car.There was this weird silence around.Neither Riddhima nor Atul tried to break this silence.As atul was busy in driving the car and riddhima was lost in Armaan's thoughts.After sometime,Riddhima observes that Atul has take some other route.She asks with CONFUSION written all over her face -"Atul,yeh hum kaha jaa rahe hai?Yeh raasta toh mere ghar nahi jaata...".

"Woh mene socha ki kyun naa aaj ek shortcut use kare tumhaare ghar jaane ke liye...woh actually kya hai na..Mei bhi aaj tak iss raste se nahi gaya...but mere ek patient ne mujhe bataaya tha iss raaste ke baare mei...toh bass ab tum chinta mat karo..hum jaldi tumhaare ghar pahunch jaaenge..aur Dr. Shashank bhi tum par gussa nahi honge" tells Atul smiling like a fool.Atul can see that riddhima was upset.He too was shocked seeing Armaan's behaviour.But he knows that he cant make Armaan understand.If Armaan is not listening to his BASKET,then listening to him was a big joke.So to lighten Riddhima's mood,he thought to have a talk with her.And for that he needs some time with Riddhima.So atul purposely takes a LONG CUT instead of SHORT CUT.

Riddhima keeps looking outside the car.This road seems too aloof and lonely sort of.They could'nt even hear the voice of a Single living being.Riddhima was not feeling good.She was getting some sort of negative vibes from this place.But she just kept quiet thinking that maybe she is feeling this way because of the fight with Armaan.Atul just keep looking at riddhima and was finding and formulating right words which may relax riddhima.But he could'nt find one.But still he thought to give a try.Atul was about to call out Riddhima when suddenly the car stops.Riddhima's head bump into the front mirror of the car due to the sudden halt in the car.And atul though moves front a little but he dint bumped with the mirror due to the seat belt which he was wearing like a responsible driver.

Atul sees Riddhima rubbing her palm over her head and asks her worriedly -"Ridzie tu theek hai na?...sorry yaar..pata nahi kaise car rukh gayi achanak se..rukh mei check karke aata hoon ki kya problem..ok?".Riddhima simply nods her head and relaxes d
for a moment.Meanwhile,Atul checks about the problem in the car.He even checked the Tyre.But he could'nt find the particular reason due to which Car stopped all of a sudden.He checked everything thoroughly but he is not able to understand anything.Riddhima realized that atul is taking lot of time.So she get down from the car and saw atul's confused expression.

"Kya hua atul?car rukh kyun gayi thi?kuch pata chala?" askes Riddhima worriedly."Nahi riddhima...sab kuch theek hai mere hisaab se car ke saath...tyre wagera sab baraabar hai...petrol bhi hai..pata nahi kyun rukh gayi...kuch samajh nahi aara..isse toh ab mechanic ko hi bataana hoga..woh hi kuch kar sakta hai" answered Atul still confused.

Riddhima - But Atul hum mechanic kaha dhoondenge yahaa?...dekho kitni sunsaan sadak hai..koi insaan dikhaai tak nahi dera.

Atul - haa woh bhi hai yaar...ek kaam kar ridz tu yahi car mei beith..mei thoda aage dekhta hoon...koi toh hogaa yahaa jo hamaari madad kar sakta hai.

Riddhima - Tum pagal toh nahi ho gaye ab?...yahaa par dono taraf bass jungle hai..aur tum chahte ho ki mei AKELA YAHA RAHOON..WOH BHI ITNE ANDHERE MEI.

Atul - Theek hai..mei phir Armaan ko call karta hoon..wahi kuch kar sakta hai ab.

Riddhima - nahi Armaan ki tabiyat kharaab hai atul..plzzz usse call mat karo...warna woh yahaa aajaega aisi halat mei..theek hai tum jaakar dekho..par zyaada dur mat jaana aur jaldii aana plzz...

Atul - Yeh hui na baat...chinta mat karo ridzi..mei jaldi aaunga..Tum car mei beith jao...aur andar se lock karde naa..theek hai?

Riddhima nodded and again sits in the car on the passenger's seat.She nervously locks her side of door.And close the window completely.Atul goes after giving some more instructions to Riddhima.On the other hand,Riddhima was getting scared finding it too dark.So she just switched on the torch light in her phone to relax herself.Riddhima was very tired due to all the fight fiasco.She just want to cuddle herself into her red comforter and sleep not caring about the world.But right now she have to wait for that to happen.She dont want to sleep here in this car because it was not safe.But Tiredness was taking toll on her and she slept with her head resting uncomfortably near the window.

15 min later.....

*Knock Knock*

Riddhima gets startled when she heard some continuous knocks on her window.She moves back but soon calms down when she saw Atul.She rolls down her window mirror and asks - "So koi mila kya?..hum kaise niklenge yahaa se?".

Atul passes her a smile and says excitedly - "Ha riddhima,Mujhe ek ghar dikhaa yahaa se kuch hi dur..hum ek kaam karte hai..aaj raat wahaa rukh jaate hai..phir kal subha chale jaaenge...ok?"

Riddhima gets worried and tells - "But woh ghar kiska hai atul?Hum aise kaise kisi ke ghar reh sakte hai..aur papa kya kahenge aur..".
Atul cuts her and says -"Uski chinta mat karo..Mene uss ghar ke owner se baat kii hai...He is ok with us staying there..aur mene padma Aunty se bhi baat karli..unhe koi problem nahi hai..Ab toh chalo yahaa se...aise road par akele rehna theek nahi riddhima..chalo ab"

Riddhima nods her head still not sure whether they should go inside or not.She gets down from the car hesitantly.Atul locks the car and along with Riddhima starts walking for a while.Then just after 10 min,they reach near a beautiful house.Riddhima was surprised to see such a beautiful house whereas Atul keeps admiring the garden.Riddhima was feeling weird.She feels connected to the house.But she brush away her thoughts when she saw Atul moving inside the house.

Riddhima hesitantly walks towards the main door.Atul knocks the door but nobody opens it.He then knocks little harder and the door just open widely.Atul and riddhima are taken back.Then atul says hesitantly -" ummm...shayad...gate pehle se hi khulaavaa ho..par humne notice nahi kiya..chal ab chalte hai..woh andar honge.."

Riddhima nodded and moves inside.House was very well furnished but seems little old-fashioned.But it was sort of classy.Riddhima keeps observing everything.She suddenly realized that Atul was not even speaking a word.She turns around but get shocked to see no one.

"Atulllll......Atulll...kaha ho?....Atul....Dekho ab bahut mazaak ho gaya....chup chaap bahar aao...Atulllllll..." Shouts Riddhima.But noone comes out.Riddima starts panicking a bit.Her heart was not at peace.She keeps looking everywhere frantically,but could'nt find Atul.Not finding another option,Riddhima runs towards the door and tries going out of this not so pleasant house.But before she could that,Door get closed by itself making a heart wrenching noise.Riddhima gets scared but soon relaxes thinking that maybe it got hit due to wind.So she put her palm on the handle of the door.And slightly bend it to the right.But gets shocked when Gate does'nt open.She became frantic and try opening the door again and again.But no use.It was not opening.She cant understand what is happening with her.Though the door was not locked from inside.It is still not opening.So it means that door is locked from outside.

"par koi mujhe lock kyun karegaa yahaa par...kahi atul mere saath prank toh nahi karra...ya phir ho sakta hai Armaan aur baaki sab ne mil kar mere saath yeh prank karne ka sochaa....nahi nahi Armaan ki toh tabiyat kharaab hai aur woh mere saath aisa ghinona mazaak nahi karegaa...aur atul toh yeh sab karne ki soch bhi nahi sakta" thought Riddhima.But neverthless she started shouting Atul's name.

"Atul...Atulllll......please darvaaza kholo...mei iss ghar mei phass gayi hoon....Atul kidhar ho tum.....please koi hai....yaha se nikaalo mujhe...please koi toh gate kholo" keep shouting Riddhima.She tried to kick the door.She try to pull the door as hard as possible.But it was not moving an inch.Suddenly Riddhima remembers her phone which she dropped near sofa when she saw Door getting slammed.Riddhima goes near Sofa and quickly grabs her phone.She dialled Atul's no. .But she get disappointed when she heard "The number u r trying to call is currently not reachable,plzz try after sometime".Riddhima tried for many times but she is hearing same thing again and again.Then She dials Armaan's number.
"Ring Ring "
But he was'nt picking his phone.Armaan was actually sitting in hall and was watching TV,while his phone was lieing in his bedroom.So he was'nt able to hear his phone ringing.Riddhima was getting very scared now.Firstly this empty house was damn scary and on top of that this weird silence.She tries calling shashank but he too was not picking his phone.She was getting frustrated now and damn scared.She was about to call someone else when she heard -
Riddhima turns and saw no one again.Her head was spinning after hearing that heart wrenching,loud and painful scream.Tears started coming out of her beautiful greyish green orbs in fear.She wants to get out of this place.But this damn door was not opening.Her heart was beating at a mile speed,as if it is going to come out.She kept her hand on her chest and was trying to get some grip.She sat on the floor and hides her face with her palm.Then she starts crying again.Suddenly she heard -
She removes her palm and see TV switching on and that Beep sound keeps coming from it.Riddhima was feeling as if she will become deaf,if she keep hearing this beeeeeepp sound.So she tried to find the remote.She press the power button on it to switch off the TV.TV got switched for a second but it again switchs on by its own and that beep sound again comes from it.Riddhima covers her ears with her hands.That sound was so irritating and loud that it could make any person insane frome sane.Riddhima threw remote somewhere and ran quickly.She saw some room's door open.So she directly went inside it and closed it completely.Finally she was able to breathe now.She could'nt hear that sound now which was a great relieve to her.Riddhima was panting a little with all the running.So she just kept her head on the door and was leaning on it directly.Then slowly she regained her posture and turn to see what sort of room it is.Riddhima was mesmerised by seeing several baby posters attached to the wall.And she can also see a cute short bed which has pink sheets on which barbie dolls are drawn.Bed was looking as if it was specially made for some 5 or 6 yr old kid.

Riddhima though was very scared due to the events which occured.But dont know why even then she was attracted to that bed so much.Riddhima wanted to have closer look.So she goes near the bed.She noticed a really very cute doll was lieing in middle of that bed and it was also covered with sheets till her neck.Doll was very pretty.It had its brownish red hairs tied in two plaits.her eyes were big and the doll was wearing this cute frock.Riddhima wants to touch it.She was feeling like a iron who was getting attracted towards the magnet.She thought to touch it for once.She want to hold that doll.So she just put her hand forward and hold that doll in both of her hand.

She keep staring at it.Its like riddhima got hypnotised by the doll.Riddhima comes in reality and got shocked when she saw DOLL BLINKING HER EYES AND she again heard someone screaming - "RIDDHIMAAAAAAAAAA".Riddhima threw the doll and moved back.She slowly slowly started moving backwards.But soon she observes the condition of the room.It is no longer a pretty room with pink walls and neat baby posters.There was no light.Electricity has suddenly disappeared.The cute princess sort of bed was no longer holding its elegence.What she can see was only the dusted walls which have some red spots on it,there was no mattress on the bed.Baby posters's bits and pieces was lieing on the floor.Everything turned ugly and dark in a sec.Riddhima dint realize that the transformation happened the moment she touch the doll.Riddhima was horrified.Sweat was trickling down her forhead.Her hands were shaking.Her Face only screams FEAR,FEAR AND FEAR.She was standing still.But there was this weird thing.Doll still remains unchanged.It is still that pretty doll who was lieing again in the middle of the bed which was now covered with some dirty sheets.There were cobwebs and spiders.Tears have stopped coming out of her eyes in fear.She then feels the kangan around her wrist and whispers - "Armaan mujhe bachaalo ..please jaldi aajao..please".

She gets some strength after taking Armaan's name.So she just turns and runs straight towards the room's door.Surprisingly,Room's door dint get locked.So she comes out of room immediately.Then she notice everything was looking like a trash.Walls were not in its proper shape.Cream colour of walls cAn not be seen anymore.It has turned black now.Tv was no longer their.It seems like nobody entered this house since ages.Riddhima was so shocked seeing all this.

"Nahi...yeh sab kaise possible ho sakta hai...nahi...nahi..mujhe yahaa se nikalna hoga..." cried Riddhima.She get startled when her phone starts ringing all of the sudden.Thanks to god that she dint drop her phone again.It was in her hand from that much time ,half due to fear and half due to hope of calling someone and getting out of this place.Riddhima see the phone screen qnd heaved a sigh of relief when she saw -
*******Atul Calling******
Riddhima immediately picks up the phone.
Rid - Atul Tum kaha chale gaye the mujhe yahaa akelaa chodkar?..pata hai yahaa mere saath kya kya hua?
(Riddhima was scared,Angry,frustrated and exhausted.She was talking to atul while crying loudly)

Atul (confusingly and angrily) : Tum kya bolri ho riddhima?chodkar tum gayi thi khudh..Mene tumse kahaa tha na ki car ke bahar nahi nikalna..toh tum kyun nikal gayi waha se..Mei toh Abhi tak car ke paas khadha hoon..Mene aage jaa kar dekhaa..toh koi nahi mila aur waapas aaya toh tum gaadi mei se gaayab...Tumhe andaazaa bhi hai ki mei kitna pareshan hoon tumhaare liye...Shashank uncle aur Armaan ke kitne calls aare hai...kaha ho tum RIDDHIMA?..KUCH BOLEGI BHI YA NAHI.."

Rid (Shocked) : ________________

Atul(Frustrated) :HELLO ! RIDDHIMA ...HELLO
(Riddhima cant believe her ears..Atul was the one who took her to this freaky house.She clearly remembers Atul bringing her to this house and then suddenly Atul disappears from the house.If that was NOT ATUL,THEN WHO THE HELL WAS HE?..Her head starts spinning.She felt like she was about to faint but comes in reality when she hears Atul's voice)

Atul : Riddhima plzz bol ..tu kaha chale gayi?..Riddhima.......

Rid(Stammering) : Atul...muu...mujhe..baa..bahut ...darrr..lagg..lagra...

Before Riddhima could tell Atul something else,She reads something on the wall which was clearly written with blood -

Riddhima gulps and keep staring that words.Her brain cant take it anymore.Her leg is not supporting her now.Before she close her eyes,She saw a big table flying and coming towards her.She thought its the end.But before she could judge that she died or not,She lies on the ground fainted.Table was about to hit her when Someone comes running and opens the main door with full force while shouting - "Riddddddhhiiiimmmmaaaa........."

Table stops and again go back to its place.That someone saw Riddhima lieing unconscious on the floor.He took Riddhima in his arms and lifted her up.He carried her out of the house and lay her gently in the backseat of his car.
"Basket...Basket...please ankhe kholo..tumhe kya ho gaya?...basket aankhei kholo please" cried Armaan.He was too shocked to see Riddhima in this condition.He wiped her sweat beads with his hand kerchief gently.And traces her cheeks with his hand.He could see Tear stains on her cheeks.He dont know what to do.He felt he again got his breath when he finally found riddhima.This 4 hrs of his life was so dreadful.He felt like it was 4 yrs than 4 hrs.


He remembers sitting in the hall and blankly staring at the television screen.He was so angry at that time with his basket about the Boxing match fiasco.Though he know that he was overreacting but he just cant accept the fact that he was defeated by his enemy MODI.His face was screaming ANGRY.But soon his corners of the lips started to curls up and slowly his beautiful dimpled smile appeared when he remembers how Riddhima cleans his wound and kisses on his wounds to make him feel better.
He remembers how riddhima slipped in bath tab while helping him settling there for a bath in ice water.He remembers how they both burst out laughing when they realized that water was so cold.He remembers their close moments and riddhima feeding him food after changing into his clothes.He was having a dreamy look.His trademark -"OYE HOYYE" escaped from his mouth.But soon he remembers wat happened in the boxind ring.His smile fades but soon he nods his head saying - "Mei bhi kitna pagal hoon..kuch zyaada hi suna diya basket ko..ek baar bhi uski baat nahi suni mene...hmm mei abhi riddhima ko call karta hoon...nahii abhii nahii...bahut raat ho gayi..par ek baar call karne mei kya hota yaar...kar hi letaaa hoon call..haa yeh sahi hai...".

He was about to call riddhima but soon remembers Atul dropping Riddhima home.So he thought to first thank Atul.He searched his phone and realized that it is in his bedroom.When he unlocked his Mobile screen,he saw 5 missed calls of Riddhima and 8 missed calls of Atul.Armaan was shocked to see these many missed calls from Atul and Riddhima.Ok fine Riddhima calling him at such hour was normal(fiance hai uski..so chalega..actually dodegaa).But he was thinking why did Atul call him.So he first dial's riddhima's no.But unfortunately,he could only hear that recorded voice who is telling that the call is out of reach n all.His face fell,but he now tried calling Atul.After calling Atul,he got to know how their car suddenly stopped in middle of some weird road which Atul supposed it to be some long cut and then Atul leaving Riddhima ALONE for seeking some help.Finally he got to know about Riddhima's disappearance when Atul returned near car.

Armaan felt like his heart has stopped beating.HIS basket has disappeared at this late night.He have to find her.He sat on his bike and started driving to the place whose address he has taken from Atul.After sometime,he found his car.Armaan was trying to find atul but atul is nowhere.He thought maybe Atul is finding riddhima.So he parked his bike near his car and started searching riddhima.He started searching the nearby areas.Then finally he found a weird and crappy house.It was looking horrible.He dont know why but his heart was saying him to check riddhima inside it for once.Listening to his heart,he knocked on the door.But noone opened it.He waited sometime and then suddenly he felt his BASKET IS IN SOME KIND OF TROUBLE.His heart was screaming on him to get inside this house as soon as possible.He was about to push the door .But he soon realized that the door was already unlocked.

He openes the door and felt like his breathing became normal when saw riddhima.But soon he frowned when he saw she was lying unconscious on the floor.

***********FLASHBACK ENDS************

He keeps staring at her beautiful face,as if he was trying to capture her picture in his heart.As if he is making himself sure that his riddhima is safe.He keeps patting her cheek gently while calling her name.But it was not effecting Riddhima at all.His eyes welled up seeing riddhima still unconscious.Though he is a Doctor,but when it comes to family.Sometimes that person is only the family member and not doctor.Armaan pulled Riddhima towards him and hugged her tightly.Riddhima was regaining her consciousness slowly.She opened her eyes and soon relaxes when she felt him hugging her.But she was flabbergested when she found him shaking.Riddhima comes out of Armaan's tight hold and what she saw has broke her heart into pieces.She saw her Armaan crying Hysterically like a baby.She never saw him crying this badly.Riddhima cupped his face and asked -"Armaan...kyaa huaaa tum aise kyun...armaan".Armaan replied while crying -" Tum gayab..mei Atul call...tum nahi thi yahaa...mei tumhe kitnaa dhoondha...mei dar gaya thaa basket...mei...tum uss ghar mei kya karri thi..mei" ?

Riddhima's eyes also got teary seeing him crying that badly.But she became still and all words got struck in her throat when she heard HOUSE from his mouth.She keeps seeing all the sides frantically.Finally she saw that very ugly and old house.She cant believe it is the same one which was first looking very beautiful and elegant.But now it is some old type house which is having rats and coackroaches running all around.She slowly started remembering all the horrible and strange moments that she experienced in that thing.Armaan sees change of expression on her face.He became more curious about the incident.He holds riddhima's chin lightly and face her towards him.
"Kya hua basket?..bolo...bolo naa tum wahaa kya karri thi?" he asked while wiping her tears.Riddhima again got scared and takes hold of Armaan's shoulder.

"Armaan please mujhe bachaa lo...woh mujhe lene aagaya...mene socha atul hai woh...aur usne mujhe ghar mei lock kar diyaa...phir andar TV apne aap...Doll ne apni aankhen...wahaa khoon se likhaa...aur phir woh" says riddhima stammering and crying badly.Armaan was not able to understand anything.

Armaan(Worriedly) : Basket kya huaa?...mujhe kuch samajh mei nahi aara...tum kya bol rahi ho?

Riddhima(stammerring) : Tum mujhe bass chod kar mat jao...please...basss...please tum mujhe chodh kar mat jao.Riddhima keeps hugging Armaan.Armaan is so tensed seeing Riddhima behaving this way.He just nodded his head.He says - "Mei kahi nahi jaara basket...tum please rona bandh karo naa...plzz.mujhe tumhe aise dekh kar accha nahi lagra..chalo mei tumhe ghar drop karta hoon..Dr shashank bahut pareshaan hore honge..ok?".Riddhima get horrified and starts mumbling -"nahi mujhe nahi jaana papa kan...mujhe tumhaare saath rehna hai..please mujhe chodh kar mat jao..please"

Armaan : Riddhima abhi tumhe ghar jaana hoga..hum kal milenge..theek h

Riddhima - Agar tum mujhse pyaar karte ho toh mujhe apne saath apne ghar par le chaloge...aur agar nahi karte toh tumhaari marzii...

Riddhima turned her face angrily.Armaan heaved a sigh and declared -"Theek hai...hum mere ghar jaare baba...ab khush?...ab toh rona bandh karo naaa plzzzz".

Riddhima relaxes and nods her head in a yes.Armaan gets down from the back seat and settles in driver's seat whereas riddhima quickly sits in passenger's seat.She is not even looking in front.She dont want to see that house again .So she keeps looking at her laps and also shivers a bit.Armaan notices that and tells riddhima to keep her head on his shoulder.Riddhima agrees and keeps her head comfortably on his shoulder while Armaan drives the car with many questions in his mind.
(If u guys wanna know about Atul..then let me remind u all Armaan met Atul near his car and gave his bike keys to atul.He asked atul to search riddhima in one way of the road.While he took the car keys and decide to search Riddhima in other way of the road where that house exist.Armaan soon remembers that he forgot to inform Atul that he found Riddhima.So he quickly puts his head phone and dialled Atul's no.Atul was asking many questions.But Arman shushed him and told him to inform Dr.Shashank that Riddhima is going to spent night at Nikki's place and also they will come to hospital together tomorrow.He asked Atul to make up some excuse.They dint inform Dr.Shashank about Riddhima's disappearance.So Armaan thought to lie .He knows that Riddhima's family would'nt allow his basket to stay at his place.Meanwhile,Riddhima slept peacefully keeping her head on Armaan's shoulder.Armaan was in his deep thoughts.

Armaan and Riddhima reached Armaan's home finally .Armaan pats on riddhima's cheek and says cheekly - "Princess chalo aapka palace aagaya...aap khudh jaana pasand karengi ya prince ki special ride chahiye?".Riddhima opens her eyes and blushes when she hears Armaan's cheeky line.Armaan smiles and opens the gate for riddhima like a gentleman.Riddhima gets down from the car and again holds Armaan's hand in fear.Armaan takes riddhima inside his room directly and make her sit on the bed.He sits on his knees on the floor exactly in front of riddhima.And he holds her both the hands.
"Basket..i dont know ki wahaa kya hua....bass itna pata hai mujhe ki mei tumhe kabhi bhi nahi chodungaa akele..toh yeh stupid khayal apne iss chotu se dimaag se nikaaldo...kyunki mei toh tumhe hargiz nahi chodne waala...chaahe tum khudh mujhe apne se dur jaane ko kaho ya naa kaho..samjhiii Ms Basket?". says Armaan sweetly.And also he smacks her head lightly in the end.Riddhima smiles back ,but soon her smile fades remembering about that horrible incident.Armaan notices that but remains silent.He then gets up and sits beside riddhima on the bed -"hmm tumne toh kuch nahi khaaya naa?...mujhe pata hai..mujhe soup pilaaya but khudh kuch nahi khaaya...soup se yaad aaya...i am so sorry basket...mene bahut buri tarah se tumhaare saath behave kiyaa naa uss match ko lekar..mei toh hoon hi bahut bada fool..chalo ek kaam karte hai..mei tumhaare liye kuch banaa ke laata hoon...mujhe zyaada kuch banane ko aata toh nahi..par haa mei sandwiches theek thaak bana letaa hoon aur yummy coffee bhi..so aap yahaa par beithiye..hum aapke liye dinner banaate hai...ok?" asks Armaan cutely.Riddhima first was horrified when Armaan says that he will cook today's dinner .She remembers the DELICIOUS KHEER which he attempted to make.But soon smiles when she sees him pout so cutely.She was about to tell him that she will make the dinner but Armaan ran away towards the kitchen before she could protest.

Armaan and Riddhima then had dinner along with their cute bickering.Armaan bids Riddhima night.He sleeps in the guestroom and Riddhima in Armaan's bedroom.When Riddhima asked the reason for making her sleep in his bedroom,Armaan simply answered that after marriage its gonna be their room.So it does'nt matter if he sleeps or Riddhima sleeps in his bedroom.Armaan lie down on the bed and soon drift into a deep slumber.

Riddhima lays down on the bed with Armaan's thoughts in her mind.Armaan has diverted her completely by his cute antics and naughty talks.She closes her eyes and slips into a not so deep slumber.

2 HOURS LATER.......

Riddhima felt some weight on her upper body.Her sleep broke due to it.Riddhima tries to shrug it off but the thing was not ready to budge from its place.Finally getting irritated,Riddhima opens her eyes.She saw two big eyes stating right into her eyes.Her two plaits still hanging on either of the side.She mumbled in her not so sweet and a develish tone - "GOTCHA RIDDHIMA".She was lieing on Riddhima's stomach with her face inches away from riddhima's face.She cant believe this is the same DOLL which she saw in that freaky house.Riddhima harshly shrugged off the doll from her body and ran away.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ARMAAAAANNNNNNNN" Screamed riddhima while running.She directly go into guestroom and found Armaan peacefully sleeping on the bed.She goes near him and put her hand forward to wake him.But she thought to let him sleep and bring her hand back.Her breathing became normal when she saw her ARMAN'S calm face.She caresses his cheeks lovingly.Then she slowly gets up and goes towards the room's door.She was about to step out when she see someone's shadow in the hall.Riddhima again turns and sits beside Armaan.She was feeling damn scared.Nothing like this has ever happenend with her before.She starts weeping silently.She dont want to disturb Armaan and also she wants to feel him near her.So she slowly lie down beside armaan on the bed and keep hugging him.She closes her eyes and relaxes while listening his heartbeats.Armaan's sleep broke when he felt someone hugging him tightly.Armaan opens his eyes and saw riddhima's face hiding near his neck.He first thought that it was some beautiful dream but soon comes in reality when he felt Riddhima's arms around him.Armaan gets up and riddhima too wakes up.Armaan was having a questioning look.Riddhima lowered her eyes and was staring the floor.Armaan cups her face and asks "WHAT HAPPENED" in action.Riddhima hugs him and tells everything which happened with her in that house ,how she reached that house,and wat happened in his bedroom.Armaan just keeps on patting her back.After riddhima finishes,Armaan knows that what riddhima was telling was hard to believe.But he also knows one thing that riddhima would never lie about this.Her eyes is the only evidence which he wants and that proves riddhima is telling truth.

So he just shushed riddhima and made her lie in his laps.He started patting her head.And this way,Riddhima slept in her Armaan's lap whole night whereas Armaan was trying to make his brain understand that whatever riddhima told him was truth.


Armaan was dressed in a beautiful cream colured Sherwani.He was looking very handsome as a groom.He was sitting in the temple and waiting for his bride.Pandit was chanting some mantras.Padma was also sitting there waiting for doing kanyadaan of her younger daughter.Shashank was also present but he seems angry.Finally,pandit asks padma to bring the bride for the very important WEDDING to take place.Anjali and muskaan brings Riddhima who was looking like a princess in a simple but elegant red ghagra cum saree.She came and sat near Armaan.Armaan and riddhima had waited for this day eagerly to arrive.But Both were not looking that happy.Riddhima seems to be weak and she have definitely lose her weight.She looks so thin but beautiful.Still there was no bridal glow on her face whereas Armaan was looking tensed.Anyone can clearly see worry line on his forhead.Soon Panditji asks Shashank and Padma to do kanyadan of Riddhima.Then Armaan and Riddhima started taking the seven rounds around the holy fire while taking the wedding vows.Finally Armaan ties the mangalsutra around Riddhima's neck and filled Riddhima's mang with sindoor.Panditji then declare them as wife and husband .Then he asks to take blessings of elders.Armaan and Riddhima took blessings of Padma and moves towards Shashank.They touch shashank's feet but shashank just moves back and ignores them.

Armaan saw Riddhima's face fell when Shashank did that.So he just holds her hand and presses it lightly.Riddhima gives him a small smile.Then they move towards the car after bidding bye to everyone.Surprisingly,Ridhima was not crying and shashank was nowhere to be seen.Riddhima was very silent in CAR.And was also lost in her thoughts.Riddhima,then recollects what all happened in this 1 month which has changed her life drastically.


Next morning,Riddhima wakes and find herself in Armaan's strong arms.She blushes but soon her blush changed into Frown when she hears -
***********DING DONG*********
Riddhima gets up and opens the door.She found nikhita holding some cover.Nikki smiles and says - "Yeh le ridziii....tere liyee kapde..jaa kar jaldi se nahaa ke aa aur yeh kapde pehenle...Dr Shashank ne agar tujhe Armaan ke saath Sanjeevani aate dekh liya..toh bavaal mach jaaegaa...Unhe toh lagta hai ki poori raat tu mere ghar par thi...so never mind..jaa jaldi ab".Riddhima nods and takes bath in guestroom's washroom.Then she changed into yellow colour suit.

Armaan wakes up and saw riddhima all set to go to Sanjeevani.He pouts and put forward his both the hands.Riddhima understands and gives him a quick hug.
*cough cough*
Nikki fakes a cough and says - "Ab chale riddhima?".Armaan glares at nikki whereas riddhima nods.She goes with nikita after mumbling -"Byeeeee" to Armaan.Armaan sighs and gets ready for sanjeevani.

Armaan's POV
Armaan was busy in his morning jog.He stopped near a bench and sits on it .
"Yeh sab ho kya raha hai...kuch samajh nahi aara..aur woh bhi riddhima ke saath hi kyun?...usne kya bigaada kisika?...Mene socha ki riddhima kuch dino mei theek ho jaaegi...par yahaa toh sab ultaa hora hai...uss HAUNTED HOUSE waale incident ke 3 din baad tak riddhima theek thi...but 4th day se Riddhima ki health bahut kharaab hone lag gayi thi...mene basket ko kabhi itnaa weak nahi dekhaa..bahut chup chup si rehne lag gayi thi woh..Uss din se lekar 1 week tak woh Sanjeevani bhi nahi aai...i missed her alot..But mei uske ghar usse milne ke liye chala jaata tha...kabhi darwaaze se aur kabhi WINDOW se...woh kuch kehti nahi thi mujhse....par mujhe kabhi jaane ko bhi nahi kaha usne...mei roz aata tha aur hum bass ek dusre ke saath beithe rehte...Ohnestly mujhe yeh bhooth wagera par vishwaas nahi hai..but unn ankho ko kaise ignore karoon jo mujhe kehti hai ki "mujh par bharosa karo armaan..tumhaari riddhima tumse jhooth kyun bolegi?"..bass unhi ankho par bharosa kiyaa mene...par riddhima ki haalat phir bhi kharaab hote gayi...Dr shashank ko bhi samajhme nahi aara ki Riddhima ke sudden fever aur weakness ki kyaa reason hai...Mene atul se bhi baat kiya..par usne saaf saaf kaha ki woh riddhima ko uss ghar mei nahi lekar gaya tha....Finally mujhe Riddhima ki family ko uss incident ke baare mei bataana padha..kyunki unhe bhi riddhima ki chupi aur ajeeb behaviour samajh nahi aara...par koi bhi Riddhima ki baat sunne ko ready nahi..sabko lagta hai ki riddhima ne yeh sab hallucinate kiya hai..aur uss ghar mei kuch aur hua tha..jiske baare mei Riddhima hum sab se chupaari hai..but i know ki basket sach bolri thi..par yeh samajh nahi aara ki basket ko kaise theek karoon?..woh aaj kal zyaada baat bhi nahi karti..hmmm shayad time ke saath sab theek ho jaae...par jo bhi hai,mei riddhima ko aise kabhi nahi chod sakta" thought Armaan.

Riddhima's POV
I was just sitting on the bed and staring into the walls.I guess this has become my favourite job nowadays.Its just 7 AM in the morning.Normally,i would have been in basketball court and playing basketball with kids or just simply jog with my dad.But thats became PAST now.Everything changed after that horrible incident which i experienced in that HAUNTED HOUSE.I have never believed in the word "GHOST".But i learnt my lesson the hard way.I get down from the bed and walks towards the Mirror.I see my reflection.I can see that i have lose weight and dark circles are also visibles.Well that was pretty obvious.I dont feel like eating anything nowadays and having a good sleep is out of question.I dont even remember when i slept peacefully last time.

There has not been a single night when i dint had a nightmare after that house incident.Sometimes i see that horrifying doll or sometime i see someone running behind me and mocking me by saying -'U cant getaway from me..i am gonna catch u" or what not.So now the result is " I AM SCARED TO SLEEP".And also Not eating anything has taken a toll on my health badly.My body is aching badly and i feel like i am burning inside.Maybe thats the symptom of HIGH FEVER.My Brain has become numb now.I cant tell anyone how i am feeling right now.I know Armaan is always there with me.Actually he is the only good thing which is still their in my life.I am really touched by the way Armaan has supported me.He is such a sweetheart.He dint even try to judge me when i told him about the incident.Infact,I could see in his eyes that he trust me. I tried to act brave for first three days in front of him.The nightmares started haunting me from the very 1st night after the INCIDENT.But i hid it from everyone.Mom,dad,nani and di keep asking me about my aloof behaviour.But i kept mum.What shall i tell them that "I saw a ghost".Sanjeevani gang also asked me about the reason behind my declining health and appetite.But i still kept mum.I thought that Armaan will also give up on me but he dint left my side even for a single second.He used to come to my home for checking up on me almost everyday.

I missed him too while i was on bedrest in home.I dint go to Sanjeevani for a week.Yeah that was obvious i guess.My fever was not decreasing.That was making everyone worried.But whenever Armaan used to come to meet me,I feel the strength and life coming back into me.I was fred up of everything.But Armaan kept his patience and used to hold my hand silently.There is not much exchange of words between us.But i guess our Silence speak volumes.He never questioned me too.And i am really thanks for that.I dont want to tell him about those horrible nightmares and how i always feel like someone is watching me all the time.I dont want to tell him that i am scared to even come out of my own bedroom in the night.I dont want him to think that i have gone crazy.Since few days,i am noticing everyone has stopped bothering me about this depression thing.And i could see SYMPATHY in their eyes for me.(everyone means gupta family).As if they know about the whole issue.But it dint effected me because those nightmares are enough to bother me for whole day.Dont know what will happen in future.I hope i am not hurting Armaan too much.I just dont feel to talk about this with him.I want to forget everything when i am with him.Donno when this will stop.

Riddhima's POV ends*******

Nani wanted to show Riddhima to a very well known pandit who is a famous excorcist too.Its pandit Vijay kumar choudhary.She tries to convince shashank and padma.But Shashank refused bluntly.Being a practical person,he dont believe in all this ghost.And Padma asusual supported Shashank.Anjali obviously agrees with Shashank.Nani was disappointed but she kept praying for her lovely grand daughter.

Gupta family is avoiding talking about this to riddhima.So that they can give her some space.They thought to wait for few days.

Finally,today Riddhima is going to join Sanjeevani back.Riddhima got ready and came hospital with shashank & Anjali.Everyone behaved normally with her.Armaan was very happy to see her in hospital.Everyone were busy in their duties.After completing her duties,Riddhima goes to library for doing research on something.She grabs the required book and starts reading it.She slumped on a chair and kept the book on the table.She kept reading it.

After few moments....

Riddhima felt the lights of the library switching on and off by itself.She dont wanna imagine what is going to happen next.She just directly run towards the door.Before she could get out of the library,the door slams by itself and riddhima's eyes popped out when she realized that she was locked AGAIN.She bangs the door restlessly and keep shouting -"Koi hai?...please bachaooo.....koi hai?".Tears of getting DEFEATED AGAIN(by some power) starts flowing from her worned out orbs.She turns and rests her back on the door.Then she slids down the door while shutting her eyes tightly.Her eyes were still closed.She kept both her palms on her face and cried her eyes out while hiding her face.Then she starts mumbling - "kaun ho tum?kya chahte ho mujhse?..please mujhe akelaa chodh do...pleaseees...".She keeps repeating that.She hesitantly removes her palms from her face .She kept roaming her eyes everywhere,as if expecting some attack at any moment.Suddenly,a book comes flying from one of the racks and hits the wall inches away from riddhima's face.Riddhima slowly takes that book and opens it.The papers of the book started turning by itself.Then it stops on a particular page.Riddhima gets taken aback seeing Padma's photo in there.Before she could recover from the initial shock,some other book comes flying from the other rack on right and hits on the door beside Riddhima.Riddhima ,with shaky hands,grabs the book and again the pages start turning by itself.Finally it stops and Riddhima's breath hitched seeing the word written with blood - "REVENGE".Before Riddhima could decipher the word properly,one more book(which was already open)comes flying and was about to hit her face.Riddhima bent down and the book directly crashes with the door behind her.

Riddhima opens the book and read out loud -

She shuts the book and throws it off.And again tries opening the door.But soon she feels someone taking hold of her dupatta which is neatly placed around her neck.Someone pulled the dupatta backwards which was still around her neck.Riddhima was unable to breathe now .Her neck was getting harshly pressed.Soon she realized that her body is being lifted up.But before she could be in air completely,Armaan started knocking the door and shouted - "Riddhima...theek ho tum...RIDDHIMAAAAAAAAA?".Armaan move backs and starts banging the door with his body.Finally the door open but meanwhile that inevitable force leaves riddhima's duppatta and she directly falls on the floor while coughing badly.

Armaan comes running and shakes riddhima while saying - "basket aankhei kholo....basket basket...riddhima".Other staff members of hospital also comes in the library hearing the commotion.Riddhima gets consciousness and sees Armaan's face directly.She quickly gets up and holds armaan's shoulder.
"Armaan woh phir se yahaa aaya tha....Armaan woh mujhe maar degaa...bhooth..Armaan ...Armaan" keeps mumbling riddhima.Everyone gets shocked seeing Riddhima's behaviour.

Two of the nurses in the audience gossips -"Mujhe toh lagtaa hai ki Dr Riddhima ka dimaagi santulan kharaab hai...yaad hai aise hi cheekne lagi thi yeh kuch din pehle bhi...arre mene suna hai aise log dangerous bhi ho sakte hai".Other nurse nods and says -"Haa sahi kahaa....inhe toh mental hospital bhej denaaa chahiye".Both laughs while high fiving each other.Riddhima hears this and shouts -"Mei pagal nahiii hoon..Armaan tum mujh par believe karte ho naaa...mei pagal nahi hoon".Armaan also hears their talks and gets angry.He calms down riddhima and shout on those nurses -"Aap log yahaa gossip karne aate hai ya kaam?....apna kaam ki jeeye...go...get out i said".Nurses get scared seeing Armaan's angry face and gets out from the library immediately followed by other staff members.

Riddhima then says everything about the padma's photo and those messages.Armaan nods and says - "Tum fikar mat karo basket...mei sab kuch pata kar lungaa..tum bass apna dhyaan rakho..ok?".Riddhima nods while calming down a bit.Armaan places a loving kiss on her forhead.Then,with so much difficulty he drops Riddhima in her house.And waits for sometime outside her house.Then he rings the bell of riddhima's house.Padma opens the door and welcomes Armaan.
"Aunty mujhe aap sab se ek important baat karni hai..please sabko bulaaiye abhi...aur riddhima so gayi naa?" asks Armaan.

"haa mene usse zabardasti sulaaya..rukho mei abhi sabko bulaati hoon" replies Padma.Padma calls everyone and soon Armaan narrates about the library incident.Everyone gets startled and Shashank's eyes wete literally popping out.Sweat beads can be seen on his forehead.Shashank simply excused from others and goes into his bedroom.Armaan notices that from the corner of his eyes.
But he stays mum.


Armaan calls Riddhima.
Armaan - Basket,kya meri ek baat maanogi?
Riddhima - haa bolo Armaan...
Armaan - Kya tum kal mujhse shaadi karogi?
Riddhima(Shocked) - kyaa?...Armaan par ..
Armaan - Basket hum waise bhi engaged hai..kabhi na kabhi toh shaadi karinge hi naa..toh kal kyun nahi?
Riddhima - Par armaan hum aise achanak kaise?..aur mom dad se bhi permission leni padegi aur..
Armaan - Riddhima shaadi hum dono ko karna hai...unhe nahi...aur tum bass itna bolo ki kya tum mujhse shaadi karogiii kal?
Riddhima - Armaan par...
Armaan - Riddhima haa yaa naa?
Riddhima - par Arm...
Armaan - Mene poocha haa ya na?
Riddhima - Armaan tum kyun nahi samajhre?..mei kaise tumse kal..
Armaan - Agar tumne naa bolaa..toh kal tumhaari doli uthe naa uthe meri arthi zaroor uth jaaegi..
Riddhima (SHOCKED) : Yeh tum kya bolre ho?
Armaan(Realizing what he said in flow) : I am sorry basket
Riddhima(crying) - Tum aise bol bhi kaise sakte ho haa?
Armaan - basket mere kehne ka woh matlab nahi thaa...Tum apne Armaan par bharosa nahi hai?
Riddhima - Offcourse hai Armaan...par
Armaan - haa ya naa riddhim?
Riddhima(closing her eyes) - HAA...par ma papa?
Armaan - unki chinta mat karo...nani samjhaa degi unhe..Tum bass kal tayar rehna..tumhe nani sab samjhaa degi..chalo ab mei phone rakhta hoon..byee basket...love u sweetheart...muaahhh
(ArmaN cuts the phone)
Riddhima - Armaan....nani?

Then she hears the beep sound.She tries calling him back.But his number is switched off now.

Riddhima is standing with her mouth hang open.Before she could ponders on more,she heard Shashank's voice booms in whole house - "BASSS......ARMAAN AUR RIDDHIMA KI SHAADI NAHI HOGI...SAMAJHTA KYA HAI WOH KHUDKO?..MEI USSE MERI BETI KI LIFE NAHI BARBAAD KARNE DUNGAA...MEI USSE"

Riddhima get surprised not hearing Shashank's voice after that
She is extremely confused.Before she knew it,Next day arrived.And some mehendi girl came and applied mehendi on her palm in morning.Soon She goes to mandir for her wedding.And then got married to her love Armaan.

**********FLASHBACK ENDS*************

Riddhima comes out of her thought when Armaan nudged her and told - "Basket ghar aa gaya...chalo".Riddhima comes out of her thought and comes out.They both get inside Armaan's house...oops i mean AR's house.Armaan purposely dint call anyone.He wants to clear everything with his basket first.Riddhima sits on sofa.Armaan comes and sits beside her.He holds Riddhima's hand in his and says - "I know ki tumhaare mann mei bahut sawaal hai...dont worry basket mei aaj tumhe sab kuch bataa dungaa..par promise karo ki tum sab kuch shanti se sunogi?'.Riddhima nods and Armaan continues - "Basket yaad hai woh library mei jo huaa...uske baad mei tumhe ghar drop kiyaa...tumhe drop karne ke baad...mene Socha ki tumhaari family hi hamaari shayad help kar sakti hai...toh mene sabko bata diyaa tha uss incident ke baare..sab kuch sunne ke baad padma mom,nani aur Anjii shock ho gaye..lekin Dr. Shashank ke face par mene darr dekhaaa shock nahi...woh kuch bahaana karke apne room mei chale gaye the...mei bhi unke peeche peeche gaya tha...Mene dekha ki Dr Shashank ke haath mei kuch papers hai....aur ek diary hai...Dr shashank bahut dareve bhi the...Phir unhone woh diary aur papers ek almirah mei rakh diyaa tha...lekin jaldi jaldi mei unhone uss almirah ko lock karna bhool gaye aur washroom chale gaye..unke washroom jaate hi...mene unki almirah khola aur woh diary padhne laga...Uss diary ko padhkar i was shocked...phir woh papers padhe jo ki letters the actually...usse padhkar i was double shocked".

"Aisa kya tha uss diary mei aur woh kiske letters the Armaan? asked Riddhima confused.Armaan heaves a sigh and continues again -"Woh letters tumhaare Real dad - "Mr Karthik malhotra" ke the aur woh diary tumhaare dad ki personal diary hai"."WHATTT ?? asked Riddhima with shock written all over her face.Armaan nods and continues - " Ha basket.....Aur uss diary mei Dr shaahank ne apne gunaah Qubool kiyaa...Unhone sabse ek bahut badi baat chupaayi riddhima...jiske wajeh se aaj itna sab ho rahaa hai...Tumhaare Real dad tumhaari mom ko issliye chodh kar nahi gaye the kyunki padma mom pregnant the...par issliye kyunki unhe majboor kiyaa gaya tha...unke parents ne unhe force kiya tha padma mom ko chod kar Americaa aane ke liye...kyunki woh log Karthik uncle ki kissi rich ladki se shaadi karaana chahte the...aur jab Karthik uncle ne unhe iss shadi ke liye mana kiya,toh unke mama ne padma mom aur tumhe maarne ki dhamkii dii(she was pregnant remember)...toh karthik uncle ne darr kar uss rich ladki se shaadi karne ke liye haa bol diya aur padma mom ko chodh kar America chale gaye..Aur phir unki shaadi ho gayi...par shaadi ke baad unhone apni biwi ko pyaar karne ki koshish ki...lekin woh tut gaye poori tarah se,jab unhe pata chala ki unki biwi kabhi maa nahi ban sakti..Toh unhe tumhaari bahut yaad aati thi...woh tumhe apne paas rakhna chahte the..woh padma mom ko sab kuch bataana chahte the...toh unhone 5 yrs ke baad Padmaa mom ko letters likhna start kiya aur uss letters mei sab kuch bataa diyaa...aur yeh tak bata diya ki woh padma mom aur tumhe apne saath rakhna chahte hai...par riddhima woh letters padma mom ki jagah Dr. Shashank ke haath aae..aur unhe sab kuch pata chal gaya...Dr Shashank ne uss letter ke baare mei padma mom ko bataane ki jagah uss letter ka reply kara Padma mom ban kar...aur uss letter mei unhone likhaa ki padma mom ne abortion karaa liya aur tum zindaa nahi ho...aur woh unhe kabhi maaf nahi kar sakti....inn sab ka asar karthik uncle par bahut buri tarah huaa....woh mentally disturbed ho gaye aur depression mei chale gaye....woh hallucinate karne lage ki tum zindaa hoo...aur ek din issi depression mei aakar unhone ne apne ghar mei suicide kar liyaa...Dr shashank ko sab pata thaa ,par unhone kisiko kuch nahi bataaya...jis HAUNTED HOUSE mei yeh sab shuru hua...woh ghar tumhaare real DAD ka thaaa riddhima".

Riddhima is having a blank expression.Armaan noticed that and turned her face towards him.Riddhima sees Armaan and just asks in a small voice -"Kyun?".Armaan replied - "Kyunki Dr shashank ko lagta tha ki agar padma mom ko sab sach pata chal jaata..toh woh tumhe kho dete...padma mom phir se uss karthik uncle ke paas chale jaate tumhe lekar...issliye unhone na tab kuch kahaa aur naa hi ab..".One pearl like tear rolled down from her orbs which Armaan gently wiped off."Mei unhe kabhi maaf nahi karungi...i hate him Armaan....i just hate Him...unke wajeh se meri mom itne time tak akeli rahi aur dad ki death ho gayi...I HATE HIM..I HATE DR. SHASHANK GUPTA..I WILL NEVER FORGIVE HIM.." shouts riddhima with determination and hugs armaan hiding in his strong arms.Armaan keeps patting her back and hugs her lovingly.Armaan then realized that Riddhima was still wearing that heavy jewellery .He thought she might be not comfortable with all these jewellery.So he slowly started unhooking her necklace ,ear rings and other jewelleries.Riddhima's heart beats increases and she tighten her hold around Armaan.

She remembers something and moves out of his hold -"Par tumhe yeh sab kaise pata chala?..papa ne itna sab diary mei likhaa tha kya?..aur in sab ka hamaari shaadi se kya connection hai? "asks Riddhima confusingly.

"Haa kuch cheeze unki diary se samajh aai aur kuch cheeze uss letters se..Mei unki diary aur letters chupaa kar apne ghar lekar chale gaya tha...Hamaari shaadi hi solution tha riddhima...jab mujhe yeh sab pata chala....toh mei direct nani ke paas gaya..unhe sab kuch bataaya..phir nani aur mei Pandit Vijaykumar ke paas gaye aur unhe sab kuch bataaya...panditji ne sab kuch sunne ke baad kaha ki Woh spirit tumhaare dad ki hai,jo tumhe pareshaan karri hai...aur woh Dr shashank se badla lene aai hai...uska maksad tumhe le jaana hai...So iss spirit ko sirf hamaara pyaar rok sakta thaa...panditji ne kaha ki hamaara pyaar hi tha jiske wajeh se woh spirit tumhe ab tak khatam nahi kar paai..jab bhi hum saath hote hai,woh hamaara kuch bigaad nahi sakti..issliye hamaari shaadi karne se woh spirit shayad hame pareshaan karnaa chod de...Toh issliye mene aur nani ne decide kiya ki hamaara shaadi karna hi solution hai..Humne padma mom aur Anjali ko kaha ki agar meri aur tumhaari shaadi ho jaaegi...toh shayad sab kuch theek ho jaaega...humne Dr shashank ke baare mei unhe nahi bataaya..par Dr Shashank iss shaadi ke khilaaf the...mene aur nani ne unhe bataaya ki hame sab pata chal gaya unke raaz ke baare mei...aur yeh shaadi hi sab theek kar sakti hai..par woh nahi maante rahe the aur ulta yeh bolre the ki yeh sab meri wajeh se huaa hai...mujhe Atul ko tumhe drop karne ke liye nahi kehna chahiye tha..par nani ne unhe samjhaaya aur woh bahut mushkil se maane " completes Armaan.
"Par tumhe toh in sab mei believe nahi tha naa..toh ab kaise?" asks riddhima hesitantly.

"kyunki uss spirit ne mujhe bhi maarne ki koshish kari..usne

Armaan comes out of sanjeevani and keeps thinking about Riddhima.He was very exhausted.He cant believe Dr Shashank hid all this from them.He decided to talk with riddhima about this.He was walking on the road aimlessly.When he heard some sound behind him.He turned and saw a car coming towards him with a speed.But the thing which shocked him was that there was no person sitting in the driver's seat.Neverthless,he jumps in time to the other side of road injuring his knees a bit.Then he hears someone whisper into his ear dangerously -"Yeh toh bass shuruwaat hai...agar tumne riddhima ka saath nahi chodha..toh marne ke liye tayaar ho jao".He turns but sees noone.He was extremely shocked and then decided to talk with nani instead of Riddhima.At the time of marriage,Nani was praying with pandit Vijay kumar in his mandir to not allow spirit to harm this wedding anyway.

********Flashback ends*********
Riddhima was overwhelmed with Armaan's love.She leans closer to Armaan and gives him a lingering kiss on his cheek.Armaan's heart was pounding loudly and a beautiful dimple appeared on his face when he heard Riddhima saying - " I love u Armaan".Armaan also plants a sweet kiss on her forhead and replies with a grin - " Love u too basket ".

He then holds her hands and pushes her in the bedroom saying her to change her clothes.Riddhima nods and then both slept in each other's arms whole night.

Armaan wakes with a huge smile on his face.He Smiles when he saw riddhima hugging him tightly and sleeping like a baby(His baby wink emoticon ).He traces her cheeks gently and remove one tendril that was sticking on her face.He then put it behind her ear.Riddhima smiles in her sleep and hugs Armaan more tightly.Armaan gets lost in her innocence.His trance breaks when he hears his phone ringing.
Armaan quickly picks the phone and answers it.
Caller - Hello!Armaan mallik?
Armaan - Haa..aap kaun?
Caller - jii mei Vijay bolra hoon
Armaan - ohhh haaa boliye..
Vijay - nahi phone par nahi...aap ek kaam kijiye..mandir aa jaeye..wahi baat karta hoon aapse..aur haa akele aaegaa..par aana zaroor..aapse bahut important baat karni hai.
Armaan - Jii....mei thodi der se aata hoon..theek hai?
Vijay - haa theek hai...chaliye ab hum phone rakhte hai...hare krishna
Armaan - hare krishnaa.

Armaan seems confused that now why did the pandit called him.He thought everything is allright now.He dont want anymore trouble in his and his basket's life now.He stares at riddhima for some time and then tore a note from a stick notes booklet.Then he writes -

"Good morning Sweetheart smile emoticon ....uth gaya mera baby..chalo jaldi se ready ho jao aur mene jo yummy toast banaaya hai..woh khaalo..n mujhe zyaada miss nahi karna..mujhe kuch kaam hai...usse jaldi se complete karke ghar aata hoon..theek hai jaan...byeee love u..
Tumhara ARMAAN grin emoticon"

He quickly stick this note on the mirror attached with the dressing table.Then sets off for Mandir.

Armaan removes his shoes before entering into Temple.He climbs some steps and then sees Pandit vijaykumar meditating sitting in front of this huge idol of ganesha.Armaan stands near him and fakes a cough to make panditji aware of his presence.
*Cough Cough*
Panditji - aao Armaan betaa...beithoo
Armaan - jii
Armaan sits next to him and panditji turns towards him opening his eyes.

Panditji - Dekho betaa..hamaare paas zyaada waqt nahi hai nasht karne ko...toh mei seedha mudde(Topic) par aata hoon..

Armaan - ji panditjiii boliye...kya baat hai?

Panditji - Beta,mene tumhe kaha tha na ki tumhaari aur riddhima ki shaadi karne se shayad woh rooh(Spirit) tum dono kaaa peechaa chodh de...shaadi sirf temporary ilaaj tha...shaadi karne se woh rooh Riddhima ko nuksaan nahi pahuchaa sakti...par woh tum dono ke rishta todne ki koshish kar sakti ya tumhe jaan se bhi maar sakti...aur agar usne aisa kar diya..phir woh Riddhima ko maar kar apne saath le jaaegi..Issliye mene in sab kaa ek permanent solution dhoondh liya hai..

Armaan - kya solution?

Panditji - Beta tumhe woh jagah mei jaana hogaa..jahaa par yeh kahaani shuru hui...

Armaan - Aapka matlab woh HAUNTED HOUSE mei mujhe jaana hoga?

Panditji - haa betaa...kyunki agar humei is rooh se chutkaara hamesha ke liye chahiye...humei uss jad ko mitaana hogaa,jiski wajeh se yeh rooh iss duniya mei aai hai...

Armaan - mujhe kuch samajh nahi aara panditjii...aap kya kehna chahte hai?

Panditji - Bete koi bhi rooh ya bhooth tab hi iss duniyaa mei waapas aa sakta..jab koi aisi cheez jisse usse bahut lagaav tha..woh iss duniyaa mei reh gaya aur uski koi iccha poori na hui ho...hame yeh toh pata chal gaya ki uski iccha riddhima hai...jisse woh apne saath le jaana chahta hai aur Shashank se badla lenaa chahta hai...par woh cheez kya hai?..yeh nahi pata chal sakaa hame...woh cheez tumhe uss Ghar mei dhoondni hogi aur usse jalaana hogaa..tab hi uss Aatma ko mukti milegi aur woh tumhe aur riddhima ko akela chodegaa hamesha ke liye..

Armaan - Par woh cheez ho kya sakti aur mei kaise pehchaanugaa usse?

Panditji - beta woh kuch bhi ho sakta hai..aisi cheez jo uss Aatma ke dil ke bahut kareeb ho...ho sakta hai uske shav(body) ko theek se jalaaya na gaya ho..toh uskaa shav bhi in sab ka kaaran ho sakta hai...mujhe yeh toh nahi pata ki woh kya hai?...yeh kaam toh tumhe karnaa hogaa...bhagwaan tumhaari zaroor madad karnaa...par yeh bahut mushkil kaam hai beta..woh aatma uss ghar mei bahut shaktishaali ho jaati hai aur woh Tumhe maarne ki poori koshish karegii...issliye sochlo kya tum apni jaan khatre mei daalne ko tayaar ho?

Armaan - Haa panditji...mei riddhima ke liye kuch bhi kar sakta..aap uski chinta mat kijiye..bass yeh bataaeye ki mere yeh karne se sab theek ho jaaega na?..riddhima safe toh rahegii na iske baad..?

Panditji - haa betaa...sab theek ho jaaega iske baad...Riddhima bahut lucky hai..ki usse aap jaisa pati milaa...betaa theek raat ke 12 bajne ke pehle wahaa se nikal jaana ...aur waise agar Riddhima aur tum dono saath jaaye toh accha hota...kyunki woh aatma tum dono ka tab tak kuch nahi bigaad sakti..jab tak tum dono saath hoo..

Armaan - Nahi panditjii...Riddhima ko in sab mei bilkul involve naa karo...i cant afford to loose her..

Panditjii - par betaaa...theek hai....ek kaam karo yeh maala...

"NAHI PANDITJII...ARMAAN KO KISI MAALA KI ZAROORAT NAHI...MEI USKE SAATH JAUNGI USS GHAR MEI" says Riddhima confidently.She was looking damn beautiful in red chudidaar with the bridal glow.But still she is looking weak due to her loss of apetite.Armaan is shocked and panditji keeps smiling.

Armaan - Riddhima tu yahaa kya karri ho?..aur tumhe kaise pata ki mei yahaa...

Riddhima - kyunki jab tum woh note likhre the..mei tab uth gayi thii Armaan...aur jab tum baahar jaare the...mujhe pata nahi kyun tumhe akele jaane dena ka mann nahi karra tha..toh mene tumhaara peecha kiya aur aa gayi yahaa..

Armaan - Dekho Riddhima tum mere saath nahii aari wahaa...

Riddhima - Nahi Armaan mei tumhaare saath aungii..Tum kyun nahi samajhre?

Armaan - Tum kyun nahi samajhri riddhima?agar tumhe wahaa kuch ho gaya toh?..nahi tum nahi chalri..bass.

Riddhima - aur agar tumhe kuch ho gaya toh?...Tumhe kya lagta hai ki tum koi superhero ho?...jo do min mei sab theek kar degaa...Armaan apna dimaag lagao...jis cheez ko panditji dhundne ko bolre..woh cheez tum meri madad ke bina nahi dhoondh sakte....aur hum dono saath mei waha par gaye toh..kaam asaan bhi ho jaaegaa..dekhoo mei keh deri hoon tum wahaa akelaa nahi jaaoge...

Armaan - Riddhima mai tumhe wahaa par hargiz nahi jaane dunga...bassss...aur koi jhagdaa nahi chahiye mujhe iss baat par...

Armaan saw Muskaan and Atul entering into Temple.He gestured them something .Both of them nodded and runs towards riddhima.Riddhima was lossing her patience now.She was desperate to make him understand that she should definitely go with him to that HAUNTED house.Before she could do something,She felt someone holding her from either of the side.Then She saw ATUL and MUSKAAN holding her tightly.Muskaan says -"Hero tu chinta mat kar....hum ridz ko sambhaal lenge..tu tera kaam kar".Atul also nods and includes -"Ha Armaan,tu ridz ki chintaa mat kar...hum sambhaal lenge usse."

Riddhima was standing with her mouth hung wide open.She starts wriggling and shrugging of their hands.But they both were holding her firmly in a tight grip.
"Atul.....Muskaaan....pagal ho gaye ho kya?...chodo mujhe...I SAID LEAVE ME....TUM DONO PAAGAL HO GAYE HO KYAAA?...DEKHO YEH TUM LOG THEEK NAHI KARRE..MERA ARMAAN KE SAATH WAHAA JAANA ZAROORI HAI...PLEASE CHODO...UHHHHHH" barks riddhima.But nobody listened her pleads.Instead Atul takes out some handerkerchief from his pocket and presses it on riddhima's nose.Riddhima stops wriggling and faints.Armaan is taken aback and quickly takes riddhima in his arms.He starts panicking but soon calms down when he heard -"Armaan tu chinta mat kar..yeh toh bass chloroform hai..Ridz ko hosh aajaegaa...tu ne jaise hi text kiya hame...yahi idea sujaa...warnaa ridz tujhe jaane nahi deti akelaaaa..but ek baat bata...kya hum jo karre woh theek hai?..ho sakta ridz sahi keh.." .Muskan was cut by Armaan.

"Riddhima nahi jaaegi wahaaa bass...koi bhi ab iss topic par baat nahi karegaa....aur guys suno....basket ko apne saath pune lekar chale jao...usse plzzz wahaa par rok ke rakho...jab sab theek ho jaaega..tab mai khudh basket ko lekar chale jaungaa..toh plzz abhi ke liye usse yaha par mat aane do..aur iska dhyaan rakhnA".

Armaan places a soft kiss on ridz's cheek and whispers in her ear softly - "jaan bass aaj ka din...uske baad mei sab theek kar dungaa..i hope tum mujhe samjhogii...I LOVE U BASKET".He then lovingly took her in his arms and places her in the backseat of the car carefully.Atul and Muskaan bids Armaan bye and starts for pune.Armaan keep looking towards the way through which the car disappeared.His Trance brokes when panditjii calls him -"Chalo jajmaan...ab pooja ka samay ho raha hai".

Armaan nods and goes towards panditji.Armaan confusingly ask - "Par kaisi pooja panditji?...aapne toh bola ki mujhe uss ghar mei jaana hai..toh ab yeh pooja kyun?".

"Beta..jaise mene tumse pehle hi kahaa hai ki woh Aatma wahaa uss ghar mei bahut shaktishaali ho kaati hai...toh uske liye iss Mala ki pooja bahut zaroori hai..iss pooja se tumhe kuch der ke liye uss Aatma se ladne ke liye shakti milegi...par yeh sirf 12 baje tak tumhaari madad kar sakti hai...kyunki ek baar 12 baj gayi..toh hummei se koi uss Aatma se nahi lad saktaa..apnaa kaam karke wahaa se jaldi chale jaana..12 baje se pehle samjhe...aur ha iss maala ko bhool kar bhi apne se dur nahi karna...kyunki agar aisa huaa...toh 12 baje ke pehle bhi woh aatma tumhe nuksaan pahuchaa sakti hai.." replies Panditji.Armaan nods and so the pooja begins.It contnues for three hours.Panditji hand him the Mala and blesses him.Armaan also thanks him and steps out of the mandir.He tries to call Atul or Muskaan.But he could hear only the voice of that operated voice female who was telling again n again that "THE NO. U R TRYING TO CALL IS CURRENTLY NOT REACHABLE,PLZ TRY AFTER SOMETIME".He gets frustrated and thinks - "I hope riddhima ki tum theek ho".
(Armaan has already informed Atul and muskaan to stand outside the mandir and sees to it that Riddhima does'nt enters in by anychance.Atul being over smart has also brought chloroform along.)

He sits on his bike and sets out for THE HAUNTED HOUSE.He was confident that he would complete his work much before than 12AM.Cummon,its only 3 pm right now.So he have lots of time.But he also know that anything could happen today.But he was prepared to fight anyone for safety of his love.


Atul was driving car and Muskaan was biting her nails.Riddhima was lieing fainted in the backseat.While Atul was driving,Muskaan's stomach started rumbling.She dint had her lunch today.WELL THATS A COMPLETE SHOCK.MUSKAAN CHADDA DINT HAD HER LUNCH gasp emoticon .
"Yaar Atul,merko bahut bhookh lagi hai..please agar koi dhabaa shaaba aae..toh gaadi rok denaa..hayye mei bhookh ke maRe mar jaungi..waise bhi agar heroine ko hosh aagaya..toh woh hamaara jeena haraam kar degi..plzzz jaldi se koi dhabha dhoondh naa " says muskaan sulking a bit.

"But muskaan....yeh le kya luck hai teraa...dhabhaa bhi aagaya...jaldi utar ab...warna ridz ko hosh aajaega..phir woh waapas Armaan ke paas jaane ko zid karegii.." says atul hurriedly.Muskaan nods and both of them get down from the car.Atul pluck out the car's keys and lock the car from outside.So that,if ridz get consciousness,then she should'nt able to get out of the car or runaway with the car.

After sometime......
Armaan finally reaches the Haunted house.He keep looking at it and then steps out from his car.After that,Armaan just kisses ridz'photo which was there in his wallet and gazes at the maala(which panditji gave him).Armaan goes near the door and tries to open it.But he is unable to do that.Armaan finds some hammer lieing near the entrance of the house.He takes it and goes towards the window.He hits the hammer on the glass window.But shockingly ,he could'nt hear or see even a single scratch on the window mirror.He again tries it but the mirror is unaffected.He again tries to open the door by kicking it or pushing it.But nothing seems to work on the damn DOOR.

He dont know what to do now.He so wanted to get in this house.Nothing is working.

Armaan tries to call panditji but his phone was not catching network.Its already 5 pm now.He tried everything.He kicked the door or banged his body with it or tried to hit with some stone and hammer.He was very exhausted now.He finally sits on the bonnet of the car.Then he remembers something.He takes out the maala from his neck and wrap it around his fist.Then with all the energy and anger,he bangs his fist(to which mala was wrapped) on a glass window while shouting -"AHHHHHHHHHHH...."

*Smash Smash*

Finally the glass window breaks and Armaan heaves a sigh of relief.He takes look on his fist and notices it bleeding badly.Some mirror pieces are stuck in his finger.He removes them while wincing and wraps his handkerchief around it.But he forgets about his bleedind hand when he steps inside the house through the broken window.It is too messy and dusty.He tries to remove the cob webs from his way which were stuck on the wall.He then wondered something that the sky looks much darker than it should be at this time.But however he brushed his thoughts away and was thinking to start his search.He was confused about how he should find that THING.He first started observing the room in which he entered through the window.But he could'nt find anything other than some bed without matress,study table,broken lamp and some almirahs.He first goes towards the almirahs and try to open them.He opened them,but found nothing.He started tracing the blackened walls.

But get alert when he saw the night lamp flickering.He goes towards the night lamp.But as soon as he touches it,The night lamp again switches off.He heaves a sigh and turns around to the bed.His back was facing the lamp.Lamp started moving towards him and all ready to bang on Armaan's head.When it exactly stopped near Armaan's head.The lamp was trying so hard but it could'nt touch Armaan.Armaan again turns towards the lamp.But now lamp has moved to its original position.He could'nt find anything in this room.So he moves towards another room.The room seems like some store room.As he could'nt find any bed or something.So he see lots of junk lieing carelessly on the floor.He started noticing them.But dint find anything worthy.But some photos caught his attention.He removes the dust on the photos and see Padmaa giving side hug to a man.They look quiet close.So he assumed him to be KARTHIK MALHOTRA.He picks that photo and keep it in his pocket.You never know,if he need this.He also find some greeting cards and love letters by padma mom.Before he could touch it,the windows started shutting and opening by itself.Armaan gets startled and goes towards the window.He tries to shut it.But the wind was blowing like a maniac.As if some storm is gonna come soon and will destroy everything.Along with wind,the sand also startes blowing.As Armaan was trying to close the window,so some of the sand particles got stuck in Armaan's eyes.Armaan shuts his eyes and finally he closes the window with lots of difficulty.As armaan's eyes were partly shut and Armaan was trying to rub his eyes.He dint notice some toy car lieing near his leg.As as soon as Armaan takes a step forward,he lost his balance and he fell on the floor with thud after his head getting bump with corner of some table in the way.

Then and their Armaan fainted as the hit was bit hard.Lil Blood was oozing out of his forehead.

Armaan wakes up slowly and sees the room around him.He gets shocked finding himself in some beautiful but short room.The walls looks like they r freshly painted.It looks neat and clean.Though there is no bed or anything,it still looks beautiful.Armaan wonders if he is dreaming or something.How could the nothing short of crappy room turned into this beautiful and well - maintained.Never heard or seen this before.He gets up and walks out.Then he notices everything in its rejuvenated state.He could no more see the cobwebs or dusty floors or blackened walls or broken table and all.He breathes in and out to calm his pounding heart.He then remembers about the reason behind his arrival.But before he could start his search again.Something struck him and he just fishes out his cell phone from his pocket and sees the time.He relaxed after reading 10 pm on the clock.But soon his mind alerts him that only two hours left for him.So he again start searching.

The most difficult part is to recognize that thing.Before he could do anything,Someone pushed him and he fell down with the force.Armaan tries to get up but he then saw someone's reflection and he finally saw him.The man in the photograph with padma.He again tries to get up when that man(Karthik's spirit) holds Armaan through his neck and presses armaan more into floor.
"Tumne kyaa sochaaa ki tum mujhse meri beti ko cheen loge?....mujhe meri beti ko le jaane se koi rok nahi sakta....samjhe tum bhi nahiiiiiiiii" shouts spirit angrily.

"Ahhhhhhhhh.....dekhiye maanta hoon ki jo aapke saath huaa,woh galat thaaa...par ab jo aap kar rahe hai,woh bhi theek nahi hai....Riddhima aur mujhe akela chodh dijeeye...aap apni beti ko kaise maarne ka soch sakte hai...agar aapko sachme riddhima se pyaar hotaa...toh aap riddhima ki jaan leni ki jagah khush hote ki uski shaadi uske pyaar se ho gayi aur woh bahut khush hai yahaa mere..."Before Armaan could complete his sentence,Spirit lifts him by the collar and throws him angrily with such a force that,Armaan directly crashes on a table with a thud and tables breaks into two halves.


He holds Armaan's hair tightly and throws his already bleeding body on the dining table this time.Armaan's face continuously bleeds.His half face was covered in blood.He thought maybe its end of his life.He closed his eyes tightly but before he could slip in a permanent sleep,He sees Riddhima's soothing face who was looking helpless and was mumbling 'Armaan tum bhi mujhe chodh kar jaaa rahe ho...kya hamaara pyaar itnaa kamzor hai'.He gains some courage and opens his eyes.He sees Spirit grinning like a devil.Then something struck him and he takes out the maala and tries beating Spirit with that.

"Hahahahahaha....tum isse mujhe maaroge...hahahaa....tum sochre hoge ki aakhir mujhe kuch ho kyun nahi raha issee....woh kyaa hai naaa mene tumhaari ghadi aur mobile ki timings Do ghante aage kar dii....toh tum ab meraa kuch nahi beegad sakte...hehheehehe" laughs Spirit loudly.

Armaan tries getting up but falls again.


Nani along with the gang except Atul and muskaan does pooja with panditjii for Armaan's safety.padma is also sitting and performing pooja.She was still clueless about Shashank's truth.

Hey Ganaraya tere bina main
Aadistutaaye kahan chala main

Hey Ganaraya tere bina main
Aadistutaaye kahan chala main

Aakar lene laga khwaab mera
Saakaar hote ruka khwaab mera
(Armaan remembers how finally he and riddhima got married.He thought all his dreams came true.But how fate has again played a game and he is so far away from riddhima now.His all dreams are on verge of shattering now.He again tries to get up but he fell down from the dining table and fell flat on the floor.Spirit just mocks him by saying "chchchchch......beecharaaa")

Mere adhoore kaaj
Karde, karde tu poore aaj
(He for the first time fold his hand in a namaste and starts praying to the Almighty GOD.Spirit was giving "ab tumhe mujhse koi nahi bachaa saktaa" waala look.)

Namo namo namo namo namastey
Namo namo namo namo namastey
(As if almighty heard him,Smirit's spirit appears and sees Riddhima lieing unconscious in the car and Atul & Muskaan fighting with each other standing outside the car about how Atul dint checked the petrol of the car and they were standing now in middle of this highway due to empty petrol in the car.

Smriti smiles softly and sits in the driver's seat.She starts the car and zooms off.Here Atul and muskaan gets shocked by seeing Car driving on its own with Riddhima lieing faint inside the car.They cannot see Smriti's spirit.So they got scared.Atul faints and Muskaan just close her eyes and starts mumbling HANUMAN CHALISA.)

Gana naam Ganpati Ganesh Lambodar sove
Bhujha chaar ekdant chand
Gaja naam Ganpati Ganesh Lambodar sove
Bhujha chaar ekdant chand
(Smriti speeds up the car and here Karthik's spirit took a knife and started going towards Armaan's bleeding body.Armaan tries to rolls his body farther from karthik.But now no energy was left in him)

Brahma Vishnu Mahesh taal drupad gaave
Ati vichitra gaganhat aaj mridang bajaave
Tharthar tharthar, tharthar thatajat
Tharthar tharthar, tharthar thatajat
(Car stops in front of the HAUNTED HOUSE and Smriti gets down from the car and opens riddhima's side door.She caresses Riddhima's head and Riddhima wakes up miracously.She dint see Smriti's spirit.So she first seems confused but soon remembers that she is standing in front of THE HAUNTED HOUSE.She remembers Armaan and goes straight inside the house.)

Hey Ganaraya ye jeevan hala hai
Hai jalta hai ek pal gala
(Riddhima sees Armaan lieing almost dead on the floor.She then sees Kartik's spirit about to stab Armaan with the knife.

"Nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii" shouts Riddhima shockingly.Karthik's spirit sees Riddhima and keep looking her,as if he want to feed Riddhima's picture in his eyes.)

Hey Ganaraya bhabakhta diya hun
Hai bujhne lagaa honsla
Kadam ruk na jayein
Kahin jhukk na jaaye
Ye sar jo kabhi na jhukaa
(Riddhima also keeps noticing her so called father and seems terrified &Scared for Armaan.Smriti's sees them staring and try to drop Riddhima some hint.)

Sa ni dha pa, ni dha pa ma ga..

Namo namo namo namo namastey
Namo namo namo namo namastey
(Riddhima sees some images i.e. she sees karthik holding some doll and looking at it lovingly.He keeps swaying the doll,as if it was some real baby.He keeps mumbling some nursery rhymes and hugs the doll.Then she sees karthik shouting at a nurse who is trying to snatch the doll from him.Then she sees karthik cutting his wrist while looking at the doll lovingly.Riddhima finally comes back in her senses and soon the image disappears.She remembers pandit's words and finally know what she should do now.

Riddhima starts walking towards the karthik's spirit and keep staring at the knife which is now lieing on the floor.As she could see karthik was in a trance by seeing her here.)

While this was happening here.Shashank was in his house and was done with packing.He thought that if he leaves Mumbai for some days and go,then nothing will happen to him.He is still not ready to accept that he have committed such a big sin by hiding Karthik's letter and writing false letter in name of padma to karthik. But he was scared to hear about Karthik's Spirit comeback.So he decided to go to delhi for few days.And Armaan would take care of riddhima anyways he thought.Shashank sat in his car and started driving towards the Airport.

Gan gan Ganpati Ganesh, jai jai aarambh ho
Mool mantra ek tera, naam jo namoh namoh
Tumse aarambh sarv tumpe hi anth ho
Satya pran punya ka praman ho namoh namoh
(She bends carefully and take the knife from the floor.Then she quickly starts running towards the room(the one in which she visited previously).Karthik's spirit is confused and also Armaan Seems confused.Riddhima goes inside the room and sees the doll still lieing on the bed.She just looks at it for few seconds and stab the doll right at its lil stomach.Karthik's spirit sees this and shouts with pain written on its face -"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh".Before he could stop riddhima,Riddhima again stabbed the doll with the knife.Karthik's spirit groans with pain and falls on the floor while clutching his stomach.Blood automatically starts coming from his stomach.Riddhima then takes the doll in the hall while karthik's spirit is still groaning.She sees Armaan's confused expression and then she just points towards the doll.)

Ek dannt shaurya vanth, deen ke sahaay tum
Assth, nasht aur dusht drishti ke upaay tum
Riddhiman siddhivan sarv shaktimaan ho
Mool mantra ek tera naam jo namoh namoh
(Armaan understood and points back to the small bag lieing near him.Riddhima opens the bag and finally picks out the kerosene bottle and a lighter.She threw the kerosene on the doll and light the lighter.And she was about to threw the lighter on the doll when she saw Karthik's spirit running towards her but stops suddenly.Riddhima takes the cue and finally throws the lighter on the doll.Doll starts burning and karthik's spirit also starts disappearing while shouting "Nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii".Smriti smiles and looks at riddhima lovingly.Riddhima ,as if understood that she is being watched,looks towards Smriti.She can see Smriti now.She also smiles back with watery eyes.she now understood who helped her all along.She then looks at Armaan and again sees Smriti.But she could'nt see Smriti now.Smriti has already disappeared when she saw Riddhima looking at Armaan.Riddhima looks in the roof and mumbles - "Thank you".

Then she heard Armaan mumbling - "Riddhimaaaaa....".Riddhima goes towards him and kneel downs.She helps Armaan sitting up and takes him in her Arms.She noticed the HAUNTED HOUSE turing into its real avtar.The old,blackened walls has appeared again.She notices Armaan hugging her with difficulty.Riddhima also hugs him back and mumbles - "fikar mat karo Armaan....Mei tumhaara itni jaldi peecha nahi chodne waali...chaahe koi kitni bhi koshish karle..Iss HAUNTED HOUSE KO BHI YEH BAAT PATA CHAL GAYI")

Lets see now whats happening with Shashank now.

Shashank keeps driving with the maximum speed.He was lost in his thoughts and dint notice the lorry coming from the opposite direction.

*Crash Crash*

Shashank was finally punished by the FATE.Noone could escape their fate and hence Shashank died that night.



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