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AR os : Malfunctioning Of The Date

"Armaan, could you please just pass the burger?"

It was the time of spring in Houston and every house's front porch is at its best. Here Armaan and Ridhima are too enjoying their time. Work load was less but tiring as well. So on the weekend there they were packing for a mini picnic date, oops, its mini picnic double date.

It was last Sunday when they were talking about it and so there it is, is happening.

"Which one Stuart?" He asked showing her up Mac Cheese Burger, Vegetable Burger and Mayonnaise Burger. Ridhima closed her eyes frustratingly.

"Armaan if all of them are out, what does that mean? Obviously all are needed to be in the basket!"

"Okay, Sorry!" He said sheepishly with a grin.

And then the house bell rings.

"Armaan open the door, please!" Ridhima said while taking one of the burger for him.

"Yeah, just let me give you the burger." He said with 2 burgers in his hands.

"Oh, just leave them. Open the door first." She said and so he nodded and took the other two burgers in hand.

"Ridhima" he called her since was unable to open the door due to the burgers in hand.

"Armaan just open the door, okay?"

He opened the door after keeping the burgers on the side table and welcomed Ivory on the door with Austin.

He picked up the burgers and was about to go when Ivory made a scream by which Armaan turned around in haste and one of the burger went straight to Austin's face.


"Oh My god, what happened around? - Uh-oh-oh. What is the burger doing on Austin's face?" Ridhima came out to see what was happening and asked while pointing towards Austin's face.

"Ask your Mr. Super cool - Know it all Fianc!" Austin said pointing at Armaan while picking up the fallen burger pieces, no no, its Flown Burger Pieces and throwing in the dustbin.


"What? I didn't do anything. Ivory screamed and I turned and my leg got strangled up a bit and the result is this. There is no fault of mine!"

"Ammy, does that mean you are saying this happened because of me?" Ivory asked getting shocked.

"Guys, Guys Peace! Armaan take Austin in your room. In the mean time, I'll finish the packing." Ridhima said while shoving away Armaan and Austin.

"I tell you Ridz, this is crazy of them. Always behind us, I guess we need to have Girls Time." Ivory said while cleaning up the kitchen cabinet.

"Yeah, but before lets get this day over."

While they were engaged in the conversation, Armaan and Austin were in the room trying to find a good t-shirt for Armaan since Austin had already wore his.

"Armaan look at this one, White with sleeves. It seems cool." Austin showed him a t-shirt.

"Man, why did you take it out. Its Ridhima's favorite t-shirt and she hadn't let me wear it since she started wearing it." And as Armaan snatched the t-shirt from the sleep, all 4 of them in the house heard a particular sound.


Well the t-shirt's sleeve ripped off it.

"What happened? " Ridhima and Ivory came in the room.

"Ghosh!" Ridhima grasped and snatched out the t-shirt and the sleeve from their hands and sat on the bed.

"Oh My God!" She cried.

"I can't believe it. It is my" she continued when Ivory stepped it "It was!"

"Huh?" Ridhima cringed her nose.

"It was your favorite not it is your."

"Oh!" And Ivory nodded with a small smile.

"Never Mind, I was saying It was my favorite T-shirt. I had been in a habit of sleeping in this, since, I don't how many days. Ghosh, it was just so beautiful. Guys look what you did! This beautiful and clean sleeve of the t-shirt, which was absolutely made up of finest cloth materials, you guys did what to it?! Ripped it of the tee." She kept rambling untill Armaan kissed her.

"Geez Guys, Get a room!" Austin exclaimed.

"You guys can go out of the room." Armaan mumbled during the kiss which left Ivory and Austin disgusted and so they left the room.

Ridhima and Armaan continued to kiss as Armaan was all sprawled on her. As they were out of breathes, he moved down to her neck, leaving haste and wet kisses making the one time moment into a passionate make out. But then they heard a sounds which was utmost one of the most embarrassing one.


Well the bed cracked down and they were pushed down.

"One more added to , today's miseries." Ivory muttered and picked up the food basket and they move opening the door.

"Guys getbout of the room, time to move out!" Austin called them.

Armaan and Ridhima groaned and moved out of the room with Armaan wearing a Purple t-shirt and Ridhima in Red top and yellow shorts after 5 minutes of getting called.

"It never happened to us like that!" Ridhima shrugged in anger.

"Baby, it was my first time too!" Armaan said patting her back.

"Every one have a first time guys!" Ivory said as they sat in the car.

"Dude, remember to pull up at the gas station!" Austin said.

"Okay!" Armaan said and the drive continued in silence.

"Ridhima pass me gummy snakes!"

And then they stopped atbthe gas station.

"I am getting out of the car to great my body strech." Ivory exclaimed even before Armaan move out to fill gas.

And then suddenly a sound was heard.


Three people gasped loudly. Well a car of cow boys were going when they tried to have fun. So as Ivory moved out of the car, they took their hot dog and threw on her face.

"Holy Christ!" Ivory cried.

"You, dickhead, douches!! f**k You!" Ivory cursed them.

"Oh My Ghosh! Its disgusting." She scrunched up her nose.

Austin helped her get clean while Ridhima tried to look in the car back to find something clean to get Ivory dressed and then she found a hoody which was red in color but was of Armaan. She quickly moved to the washroo~ at the Gas Station and got herself changed with the red hoodie intead of the red top. She quickly went to Ivory and gave her to wear that.

As Ivory wore that she exclaimed "It is tight from the upper side!"

"We'll stop nearby at a store, untill then get seated!" Austin said kissing top of her head.

And they started their Journey again. Ridhima took out some starbuck beverages which she bought and packed and passed to each one of them.

And the drive continued.

"Armaan" Ridhima called while sipping her coffee.

"Yeah?" He looked at her.

"I called Sanaya last night!"

"And what did she say?"

"She told that they are getting marry!"

"Who? Mohit and Sanaya!"

"Yes! I am so happy. So nice right? After Randhir and Sanyukta's marriage, it will be their!"

"But Mohit didn't tell me."

"He would had been busy. Come one! But get the good point, all will be together."

"Yeah, again a get together of all of us! Excited much?"

"Too Much! Because I am the bride's maid and you are groom's!"

"Really?" He looked at her smiling at her happiness.

"Yeah!" She smiled and kissed on his cheeks.

And then she continued to gush about her excitement and god know what not and continued to smile at her.

His baby, he smiled to himself. She is everything to him. He doesn't even know what he would do without her.

She is colors to his time. She is a star which he never wants to get dim and glow less. Even in a day of doom, she makes it all happy.

She is lightning to his dull life. His best friends, mate, life partner, everything. He hate all those times of separation when she cried, he cried. He even hate him the most when she cried due to him. Last thing in life, he wants is, her crying and the reason is him.

He wants to be her fire fly who always makes her bright and happy. Which makes her bloom. She is, was and will ever be the one blossoming flower in that medow of his, which is filled with leaves, all dry and green and trees, long and stout , old and saplings. She is so much to him that how much he wants, but will never be able to convey his feelings in words.

"I love you Stuart!" He told her yet again ever so lightly.

She smiled at him "Me too Armaan, Me too. I Love You too Jumbo!" She smiled and he pecked her and again concentrated on the driving.

And then suddenly a bump comes which makes all of them jerk. And Ridhima who was sipping her coffee, got the consequences to bear.


The tires of car made scrach sound as they passed it but the coffee spilled on her hoodie.

"Holy Cow!" Ridhima exclaimed with horror stricken face.

"See, I told you! This is day is bad!" Ivory said.

"Oh My Ghosh Ridz this is so bad!" And then she asked armaan to stop the car as they all move out from it.

"This is crazy!" Austin exclaimed.

"Get in the car. We guys are going to stop at the nearest Clothes Store!" Armaan hugged Ridhima from side ways.

As soon as they entered the cloth store, they were hitted by the strong smell of Cigars. Being doctors, they despise the people who smoke. And even more they despise those who do nothing but sit with them without giving a piece of mind. Obviously to the fact, that passive smokers die before active, it was a shame that they don't have any concern for themselves.

Ridhima cringed her nose. And then they moved to find dresses for Ivory and Ridhima.

"Stuart, what about this one?" He asked her showing her a floral dress of white colors with blue flowers made..

"Sorry Ridz, but I am taking this one!" Ivory said taking the dress and grinning at both Armaan and Ridhima. Ridhima and Armaan sighed and smiled at each other.

"I guess I need to find something other for you." Armaan said

"Armaan, I'll find one. You can sit here for a while!" Ridhima said to Armaan cupping his face.
"Nah, I'll be obliged to do something for my beautiful girl." He said giving her a little peck.

"Hey beautiful!" Ridhima turned to see a person smiling to her. She felt uncomfortable with the he was looking at her. She gave him an awkward smile. "Me?"

"Who is more beautiful that you in the room, you think?"

"Umm, maybe these dresses!" She smirked at him.

"I like you smart girl!" the boy pinched her nose by which she moved back and scoffed. "Be in your limits, okay?"

"What happen Stuart?" Armaan came and hugged her from behind, keeping his chin on her shoulder. She grinned at him and said "this man was saying he is a gay, and he got hearts for that man." She said pointing to another man.

Armaan played along and smirked at her. The other man horrified, looked at her fear stricken.
"Really?" Armaan asked amusingly to her to which she nodded, grinning ear to ear.

"Aww, you are so cute baby!" He kissed on her cheeks.

"Did you find any dress?"

"Yeah!" he said showing her a chiffon white shirt with brown shorts.

"Armaan, this is so cool one!" She said to which he nodded.

And they after paying moved out of the shop and sat in the car.

"Finally! We reached here. It seemed next to impossible after what happened in past couple of hours." Ridhima laughed at that and nodded and they moved to a vacant place along the top of hill.

Armaan placed the sheet on the ground while Austin placed the other items on top of it.

For some time they played snakes and ladder. And then a group of teenagers came who were almost equal to their age.

"Hey,I am Ted! Actually me and some of my friends have decided to play volleyball, but we are lacking players. So if you guys can, do come and play with us!"

"Sure Man! Mind introducing your friends, BTW I am Armaan." Armaan nodded at him after getting nod from Ridhima, Austin and Ivory.

"Yeah, This is Robin, my girlfriend!, and this is my best friend Marshall and his girlfriend Lily!" Ted introduced them.

"I am Barney, Ted I am your bestfriend!"

"Okay! This is too my another bestfriend!" Ted said smiling at them.

"Come, on lets play! Others are waiting there." Marshall said and they all moved there.

As the game started, Ted's team which included Robin, Armaan, Ridhima,Lily and Austin was winning with 3 points. But Barney did some tricks which made Barney's team win in the 1st round. They won the 2nd round though but in the 3rd round as they the ball came towards Ridhima, Armaan came in between since the speed of ball was high, it hitted Armaan's head which made him fall on the ground.

"Where the hell I am? " as Armaan opened his eyes, he saw many pair of eyes looking at him. And then he realised that he got knocked out.

"Ouch" his head pained as he got up.

"Armaan, you alright Man?" Austin asked to which Armaan nodded.

Ridhima hugged him tightly, "Who told you to come in between, huh?"

"I can't let my Stuart in pain!"

"That means you will yourself get hurt?" She pouted to which he smiled lightly and brushed her hair strands behind her ear. He kissed her forhead.

"To save yourself, Yes! You are my baby. My smaal baby!" He kissed her nose to which she smiled. While others awed to their little moment.

"You guys take care, its time for us to leave. Had a loads of fun guys!" Ted patted Armaan's back while Robin hugged Ridhima and then they left.

"So, now?" Ivory asked.

"Its going to be sunset after 2 hour or so, we should wait I guess!" Austin said.

"Only if Armaan is alright!" He added.

"Sure Man, We came here facing so many erks-perks, obviously will see the sunset at least!" To which all laughed and then they sat on the mat taking the packed food out.

"I can't believe, I was knocked for almost 2 hours."

"Ridhima was the same, she kept sitting with you u till you woke up!"

"Charms of Armaan Mallik, guys!" To which Ridhima smacked him a little and then he gave her a peck.

They ate some of the food while left some for afterwards.

It was going to be sunset when Ivory said "I am going to get something from food bag, do any one of you need?"


And Austina nd Ivory went to the mat while Armaan and Ridhima kept strolling around.

Then suddenly Ivory gets up from the mat and paces from right to left, left to right. Ridhima confised asked "Ivory? What happen?"

"Water, tch, Water!" Ivory faces making faces.

"I got a chilli in mouth, I need water!" She shoted to which Ridhima made an 'O' face and picked up the bag to find water.

"Armaan? Where are the water bottle?"

"Stuart, I - I kept it."

"Yeah! But where?"

"Uh-oh, I- I guess, I" ridhima cutted him "Don't say you forgot!" To which he nodded.

Ivory widened her eyes in shock!

"Then from where we got water when you knocked out?"

"Umm, Ted gave that!" Austin said that scratching his back neck.

"I guess we should go and check in car!" Armaan said picking up car keys, to which Ridhima nodded and went with him.

They quickly went down where their car was parked when Armaan's phone buzzed. Ridhima asked about whose call to which he replied Austin's and so she nodded.

"Armaan we got water, no need to hurry!"


Ridhima asked "what happen?"

"They got water!"

"Oh, but we should get going , incase we need afterwards."


And as they moved down when Ridhima's foot got into a puddle.

"Oww!" She yelled in pain.

"Not again!" Armaan went to Ridhima and picked her in arms.

"Why all this happened with us all day?" Ridhima cried.

"Shh,baby stop okay. It will be alright in a second."

"No, this day is bad!" Ridhima cried while keeping her head in the crook of his neck.

Armaan made her sit on the bonnet of his car and removed her footware to check her ankle to which she yelled. He caressed her hair.

"Look, its going to be sunset and we will miss it."

"No, we are not going to miss."

"Huh?" He picked her in his arms and made her sit in the car and taking out a pain relief ointment from the car rubbed on her ankle and then moved to the driving seat and drove.

"Where are we going?"

"Wait and watch!" He kissed her on her cheeks.

He pulled the car along the back of the hill which was not far away. He moved to her side and picked in his arms and made her sit on the bonnet again and also himself got settled on it.

Ridhima continued to look at him when he pointed at the sky.


"Hmm!" He made her sit on his lap and kept his chin on her shoulder.

She looked back at him with all love.

"This is so beautiful. Thank You!"

"You are thanking me for all what happened today?" He asked with mischief to which she laughed.

"Noops, for what is happening right now!"

And he smiled at her and they kissed with all eternity.

"I love you Stuart"

"I love you too Jumbo, with all my might."

And they continued to look at the view with eternity.

After gettung up they again started the car and called Austin to come down.

"Today's day was bad."Ivory exclaimed.

And they continued the drive. After dropping Austin and Ivory at their place, they were about to reach their apartment when Armaan's car stopped.


"We need to walk to the house."

"Noo!" And he picked her in his arms.

"You know what baby? If day like this ends with you in my arms, it should be bad. Afterall when we get to do PDA?" To which Ridhima smacked his chest and hey laughed.

As they reach their Apartment, Ridhima was fast asleep.

Armaan smilled at her as he laid her down. He kissed her forehead and laid with her. He then saw a strand of hair disturbing so he made it behind her ear to which she smiled in her sleep and widened his smile with her movement.

They both were sleeping in peace cuddled to each other when Ridhima's stomach rowled.

"Armaan" she woke him up. He with his sleepy eyes looked at her "yeah?"

"I am hungry!"

"So, now?"

"What is easy to make in midnight?"


And they got up making themselves maggi.

"I am telling you Stuart, if we would've stayed in house having maggi date, it would had been a lot better!" Armaan said with his mouth full with maggi dripping some on his shirt.

"Gross, Armaan told you not to eat like this!" Ridhima cleaned his mouth with the hem of her t-shirt.

"And maybe this was meant to be!" She continued.

After finishing they kept their dishes in sink. She started to wash them when Armaan dragged her to himself by wait, she screamed "Armaan what are you doing?"

He moved close to her and whispered "this is meant to be!" And kissed her with all his might and they moved to their room.

"I love this Malfunctioning of Our Date because I got to have my baby so easily!"

"Its just today, won't happen other day!" He tickcled her in the crook of her neck by his nose.

"We will see!" And they smiled to each other and whispered "I love you's" and the night continued.



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