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AR os: Mere Brother Ki Dulhan


The mallik mansion was decorated beautifully for a special day. It was a big day for the malliks. Today, one of their sons was returning home from London after 10 years.

A lady was dressed in a beautiful green saree with golden blouse. She was wearing an emerald necklace with manglesutra around her neck. She was wearing small squared shaped emerald earrings. Her hair were open, which landed till her shoulder. Strips of white were visible in her hair. She was wearing a gold bangle in her hand and a diamond ring. Even though she was old, but she still looked as beautiful as she was before giving birth to her sons.

She was running around the hall greeting guests. She was greeting a guest when a man, abit older than her came.

He was wearing a three piece black suit with a green tie, matching the lady's saree. He came and put an arm around her waist. She excused from the guest and turned towards him.

Lady: kya baat hai aaj aap bohot khush hain?
Man: Mrs Ananya Billy Mallik! Kya karien? Jab biwi itni pyaari to yeh Banda khush hi hoga!
An: Mr Billy Mallik! Tumein sharam nahi aati? 2 bacho ke baap ho!
Bi: sharam aur mujhe? Nice joke! Anyways Armaan tiyaar hoa?
An: aapne room mein hai abhi to!

Before the man could answer a girl came and hugged both of them.

The girl was wearing a beautiful shocking pink dress which had white beads around its
shoulders. She was wearing small white earrings with a beaded bracelet. She wasn't that rich but was extremely beautiful.

Bi: Riddhima!!!
An: arre Riddhima beti kaisi ho?
Ri: main theek hun Aunty aap Kaisi hai?
An: main bhi theek hun!
Bi: arre mujhe nahi millogi?
Ri: (hugging him) aww uncle u come first!!!
Bi: (pout) dheko mujhe yeh uncle wankal na kaha karo! Kitni dafa kaha hai ke I'm a smart handsome young man!

The ladies laughed. Riddhima glanced over the huge hall to find her best friend but he wasn't there. Ananya understood who she was finding for and smiled.

An: woh ooper apne kamre mein tiyaar horaha hai!

Riddhima smiled and ran upstairs to his room. She opened the door to see a guy checking himself out in the mirror. He was wearing jeans and a white shirt. He was giving a killer smile to himself in the mirror. Riddhima coughed but he didn't give any response, he was way too busy checking himself out. Riddhima got irritated and and idea popped up in her mind. She tried to speak in Ananya's voice.


He jerked and turned around to see Riddhima standing with her hands on her waist. He sighed, he thought Ananya was here. He went up to her and gave her a tight hug.

Ri: happy birthday!!!!!
Ar: to hell with this birthday! Mera twin bhai aaj London se araha hai!!!
Ri: (excited) Wow!! That's awesome!!!!
Ar: basket yaar tune Mujhe dara hi diya tha!
Ri: waise awaaz achi nikali thi na?
Ar: acha lets go down warna mom ajaeygi!

Riddhima nodded and they both went downstairs.

Armaan and Riddhima were best friends since grade 5. Riddhima wasn't a very rich girl, she belonged to a middle class family. Her dad worked in the factory and her mom was a school teacher. Their dream was that one day Riddhima becomes a doctor. Where as armaan was a rich spoil brat. Riddhima had lost her parents in a car crash at the age of 15. Since then she Consider mallik family as her family.


Armaan and Riddhima went downstairs to see Ananya and billy greeting a young handsome guy. He was wearing a three piece suit, with a baby pink tie. Armaan rolled his eyes and went towards him followed by Riddhima.

Ar: Basket yeh mera twin bhai hai, Karan!
Ri: (shaking hands) oh hi nice to meet u!
Ka: same here! Wow ur so beautiful!
Ri: thank you!
Ka: (still holding her hand) aap ka naam bohot pyaara hai!!

Karan was a clone of Armaan except he was more muscular and didn't have tatoos.
Riddhima was blushing and her hand was still in Karan's hand. Armaan's saw this and was a bit uncomfortable. He coughed and and both came out of their trance, who were lost in eachother's eyes.

Ar: abhay Oye meri bestfriend hai! Zara lihaaj karr!
Ka: best friend hai girlfriend nahi! Aur zara tameez karr bada hun tujhse!
Ar: sirf 2 minutes Sai!!

Riddhima was giggling when Ananya came. She said it was time to cut the cake so the youngsters went and cut the cake. After cutting the cake, billy took a spoon and touched it in his wine glass to grab some attention and everyone looked at him.

Bi: ladies and gentlemen! Mera beta karan bohot Acha gaya hai so Karan would u plz do the honour and sing a song for us!!

Everyone cheered for Karan and he nodded. Riddhima admired karan while Armaan was just making faces cuz billy gave more importance to karan than Armaan.

The light went off and a spotlight shines on Karan who was holding a guitar and he had taken his blazer off.

Ka; Chand aasmano se laapata ho gaya
Chal ke mere ghar mein aa gaya, aa gaya
Main khush-kismat hoon bakhuda iss tarah
Ho jaaye poori ik duaa jis tarah
  (Karan sang while looking at Riddhima who was lost in his eyes)

Ka: Tere bin meri jaana kabhi
Ik pal bhi guzaara nahi
Teri aarzoo ne khud se begana kar diya
Chaand aasmano se lapata ho gaya
Chal ke mere ghar mein aa gaya, aa gaya
 (He took out his guitar and put it aside. He started to walk towards Riddhima who's heart was beating fast.)

Ka: Maine tujhe tohfe mein ye dil diya
Tune mujhe badle mein ye jahaan diya
Main hi jaanu, tu hi jaane jo hai darmiyaan
Tujh se hai meri jaana ghar ye aashiyaan..
  (He held his hand forward and asking her for a dance and she put her hand in his, blushing and they started to dance)

Ka: Tere bin meri jaana kabhi
Ik pal bhi guzaara nahi
Teri aarzoo ne khud se begana kar diya
Chand aasmano se lapata ho gaya
Chalke mere ghar mein aa gaya, aa gaya
  (Karan and Riddhima danced, very closed to eachother while everybody was admiring them. Armaan somewhere felt jealous cuz his bestie was dancing with his twin)

Ka: Tune mere raaston ko manzil kiya
Tujhe paake zindagi ko haasil kiya
Tere liye hai ye saansein, tay kar liya
Tu hai toh hai ye kahaani, mere saathiya
  (They continued dancing while other couples joined them on the floor. Armaan just stood there in the corner.)

Ka: Tere bin meri jaana kabhi
Ik pal bhi guzaara nahi
Teri aarzoo ne khud se begana kar diya
Chand aasmano se lapata ho gaya
Chalke mere ghar mein aa gaya, aa gaya
   (The song ended and everybody clapped got Karan's performance)


Riddhima was laying down on her bed. She was on the stomech and her legs were swinging up and down. She had her face rested on her hand and she was lost in a deep thought. A girl came and threw the towel on riddhima's face. Riddhima jerked out of her thoughts and threw it back on her.

Ri: jenny yeh towel kyun phenka?
Jen; isiliye kyunke tu Aapne khwabon ki shedaze ke khwaab dhek rahi thi!
Ri: (throwing a pillow on her) Jenny! Shut up yaar!!
Jen: (sitting next to her and nudging her) Waise chakar kya hai?

Jennifer and Riddhima were friends since college. They shared a one bedroom apartment which their hospital gave to interns, if they needed one.

Ri: (excited) Jenny I met Armaan's twin! God he's sooo dashing yaar! Mujhe love at first sight hogaya!
Jen: yaar tujhe Armaan handsome nahi lagta to uska twin kaise lagega?
Ri: Armaan jaye bhad mein! Bus i know ke Karan is sooo dashing.

Jennifer rolled her eyes and went to her bed to sleep, while Riddhima kept reminiscing her dance with karan. She was brought out of her thought when her phone rang.

Ri: hello!
Ar: basket tuje kya zaroorat thi karan ke saath dance karne Ki?
Ri; Kyun tume Jalan horahi hai?
Ar: basket yaar bako matt!
Ri: waise armaan tumahari kasam, Karan bohot handsome hai!
Ar: mera hi twin hai par mujhe Kehti ho k mai handsome nahi hun?
Ri: armaan maan lo ke tume Jalan horahi hai!
Ar: basket shut up yaar!
Ri: waise guess what?
Ar: kya?
Ri: I'm in love with ur brother!!!!
Ar: KYA???? Abh tum meri bhabhi banogi?
Ri: bann sakti hun!
Ar: nahiii!!!!

He cut the call and both went to sleep.



Ar: sister lovely, Dr riddhima Gupta kahan milegi?
SL: oh jee Mr MALLIK jee aap Dr Jennifer Winget se poocho jee! Unhe pata hoga!

Armaan signed and searched for Jennifer.
Finally after searching for a few minutes he found her.

Ar: Oye Jenny idhar aao!
Jen: kya baat hai aaj office nahi gaye!
Ar: haan woh riddhima se milna tha!
Jen: kyun?
Ar: yaar bohot confuse horaha hun main usse kuch poochna hai! Woh conclusion bata degi!
Jen: Lekin woh to tumhare office gayi hai!
Ar: Kya?
Jen: Haan! Tum mujhe batao, main conclusion bata deti hun!
Ar: Woh kya haina jabse karan aaya haina, basket mujhe bhaav Nahi derahi!
Jen: Oye r u jealous?
Ar; m-main jealous Kyun honga?
Jen: kyunke Tum usse PYAAR karte ho!!!!
Ar: what nonsense? Main ur uss basket Se pyaar?
Jen: Haan tum aur woh bhi Riddhima se pyaar!
Ar: Yeh nahi hosakta hai!
Jen: Acha? To phir Itni maut kyu arahi thi jab riddhima hospital main nahi milli? Aur jab woh karan KO tumse Zada importance de Rahi thi? Jab woh uske saath close dance kari thi!

Armaan got lost in his thought. Jennifer came and placed her palm on his shoulder.

Jen: Ekk baar AAPNI ankhein band karo aur agar uska chehra nazar aya to that means u like her!

Armaan closed his eyes and he saw a blur girl. After a few seconds the blurriness was cleared and he saw riddhima's face. Now he was she he loved her. He opened his eyes and had a huge grin on his face.

Jen: bolo Armaan kya Kehti hai dill ki darhkan?
Ar; Thx so much Jen!
Jen: abh jaa apne office!
Ar: SHIT!!!
Jen: kya hoa?
Ar: office me karan hai aur riddhima waha gayi hai!
Jen: oh haan riddhima Mujhe last week Raat me keh rahi thi ke usse love at first sight hogaya hai karan ke saath!!!
Ar: ohhh shiiittt!!! I thought she was joking!!!

He ran to his office. While jennifer laughed at him and sighed. She returned back to her work.


Karan was instructing one of the employees something when he saw riddhima standing at the reception asking something.

She was looking beautiful in a bottle green salwar suit which had net tight sleeves. She was wearing a ""R"" pendant with a simple bracelet. Her hair were open as always.

Karan got lost in her and air was blowing around her. His employee was confused seeing him like this. Karan came out of his thoughts when he heard his employee cough.

Ka: main Baad MEIN baat Karta hun! Ur dismissed.

He walked towards her and tapped her shoulder. She turned around and got lost in him. He was looking dashing wearing a three piece suit. She suddenly came out of her trance and put A bit hair behind her ear. 

Ri: woh aapne Armaan ko Kahin dheka?
Ka: woh to Kahin gaya hai! Tum mujhe batao koi kaam hai!
Ri: nahi bas hospital mein bore horahi thi to socha yaha aajoan! Half day liya tha par-
Ka: to main company de sakta hun! If u don't mind?
Ri: sure!!

Karan have his dimpled smile and they both went downstairs to a coffee shop. They sat down and Karan order a black coffee for him and riddhima ordered herself a cappuccino. They talked to eachother and shared their likes and dislikes.

Ka: humare beech mei to itna kuch common hai!
Ri; I know! Itna to mere aur Armaan ke beech mein bhi nahi hai!

Karan thought something and finally managed to say something.

Ka: riddhima main kuch kehna chahta tha!
Ri: (sipping her cappuccino) Hmm boliye na!
Ka: woh riddhima I really like u! I mean we have soo much in common! I want get married with u!

Riddhima just stared at him blankly and Karan thought it was a no. So he held back his hand when she grabbed it. He got confused and riddhima smiled.

Ri: agar main kahun haan to?
Ka: really!!! YESSS!!! I'm sorry main itna romantic nahi hun isiliye confession thoda awkward tha.
Ri: (laughing) aap Aise hi theek hai!!
Ka: main soch Raha tha ke hum aaj hi mom dad jo aaj hi bata de!

Riddhima blushed and looked somewhere while karan had a huge grin. Riddhima nodded shyly. He took her hand and kissed it. Karan went back to his office and told the secretary he was going home. Riddhima and Karan sat in the car and drove towards Mallik mansion.

They entered the mansion and saw billy and Ananya sitting on the sofa. Billy saw them coming and went up and greeted them. Soon both broke the news of them wanted to get married. Ananya and billy were super happy and blessed both of them. Ananya gave Riddhima the khaandanii (family's) kada.

They were all talking when Armaan came home. He was surprised to see Riddhima there.

Bi: aao Armaan aao!
Ar: Riddhima tum yaha?
An: Riddhima nahi bhabhi kaho!
Ar: bhabhi? Kya Matlab main samjha nahi!
An: humne Karan aur Riddhima KI shaadi teh kardi hai!
Ar: (shocked) Kya? Riddhima tum aur shaadi?
Ri: shocked hona? Tume to khush hona chaiye ke tumhari best friend abh Tumhari bhabhi banegi!
Ka: kya hoa Armaan? Tu khush nahi hai kya?
Ar: (disturbed) nahi Karan! Aisi baat nahi hai! Congratz man!
Ar: umm mom main zara apne room mein jaa Raha hun! Thoda thaka hun!

Ananya nodded and Armaan ran to his room.
She then turned towards Riddhima and Karan.

An: tum dono Ki sagai kal evening mein hogi aur main kal pandit jee se Shaadi Ka muhrat bhi nikalva lungi!!

Karan have a huge smile while Riddhima blushed.

(At night)

Jen: I can't believe it! Itna Sab kuch hogaya aur tu ne mujhe bata bhi nahi!
Ri: Sab kuch itna jaldi hoa ke main kya batao! Dheko tum naraaz matt ho!!
Jen: (mind) abh Armaan Ka kya hoga?
Ri: oye kahan kho gayi?
Jen; huh? Tu bata?
Ri: OMG Armaan Ki shakal dhekne wali thi! He was soo shocked!
Jen: engagement kab hai?
Ri: kal!!
Jen: what itni jaldi!!!
Ri: haan aur kal Ananya Aunty ne pandit jee ko bulaya hai aur shaam mein engagement! Zada log nahi ayengi! Btw tu arahi hai na?
Jen: nahi!
Ri: hawww!!! Kyunnn???
Jen: isiliye kyunke tune mujhe sabse pehle nahi bataya aur main shaadi pe aajaonhi bus!!!

She stood up and went in the balcony leaving Riddhima in the room. Riddhima went and started selecting a dress for her engagement.


Armaan was sitting infront of his bed on the floor. Tears were flowing out of his eyes. From childhood, he and Karan got everything same.  They both liked the same thing. But today the matter was different, they both were in love with the same girl.

Ar: God agar Aapne mere saath Aisa hi karna tha to mujhe pyaar ke khel mein phasaya hi kyun?


Teri meri, meri teri prem kahani hai mushqil
Do lafzoon mein yeh bayaan na ho paaye
Ik ladka ik ladki ki yeh kahani hai nayi
Do lafzoon mein yeh bayaan na ho paaye
 (Armaan reminisced his moments with Riddhima)

Teri meri, meri teri prem kahani hai mushqil
Do lafzon mein yeh bayaan na ho paaye
Ik dooje se huey juda Jab ik dooje ke liye bane
 (He looked at their pictures from college)

Teri meri, meri teri Prem kahani hai mushqil
Do lafzon mein yeh bayaan na ho paaye


Tumse dil jo lagaya toh jahaan maine paaya
Kabhi socha na tha yun meelon door hoga saaya
Kyun khuda tune mujhe aisa khwaab dikhaya
Jab haqiqat mein usey todna tha


Ik dooje se huye judaa, jab ik dooje ke liye bane
Teri meri, meri teri prem kahani hai mushqil
Do lafzon mein yeh Bayaan na ho paaye


Everyone was sitting infront do the pandit jee who was finding dates for karan and Riddhima marriage. After a few min, pandit lifted his head and smiled.

Pandit.jee: bohot hi shubh muhaurat hai!
An: bataye na pandit jee?
Pandit: betiya Acha muhaurat 1 week baad Ka hai!
Bi: chalo Yeh to bohot hi Acha hoa!

Ananya fed sweets to karan and Riddhima who were blushing. Armaan went away from there while Riddhima excused herself to call jennifer. Jennifer told her she couldn't come this evening for engagement because she had duty.

She came back and Ananya lead her to the guest from where she called some beautician to make Riddhima ready. The beauticians told Riddhima to wear her lehnga choli first so then the hair and make up could easily be done.

After a few minutes, Riddhima came out of the bathroom in a beautiful green lehnga and a dark pink-purplish choli. Her waist was was visible because the choli was a bit short.

She requested the beautician not to do too much make up so they just put a light lip stick and light blusher. She didn't needed skin base cream because she was already very fair.

They curled her hair abit and she was ready. Ananya came and got her. They didn't really call a lot of people, just a few close family and friends. Jennifer couldn't make it cuz she had duty.

Ananya and Riddhima descended the stairs and all eyes were on them. Karan was wearing a dark blue kurta. Armaan was wearing a black kurta and had his first 3 buttons open. Ananya made Riddhima stand infront of karan while Armaan stood abit far looking at them. Riddhima was blushing all the time while karan was admiring her. Armaan closed his eyes and turned around. Everybody was admiring the couple. Ananya gave the rings to them. First riddhima slipped the ring then Karan.


It had been days to engagement. Armaan was maintaining distance from riddhima making her confuse. Now a days she was spending more time with karan than armaan, and armaan used to keep himself busy in office making billy surprise as he wasn't that workaholic before.

Karan and riddhima were walking on the beach when riddhima got armaan's call. Karan said he will be back with ice cream excusing her.

Ri: armaan yaar kidhar gayab ho tum?
Ar: kaisi ho?
Ri: main to theek hu parr tumhe kya hoa hai?
Ar: (ignoring her questions) tum kaha ho?
Ri: (blushing) main karan ke saath hu!
Ar: (frustrated) riddhima u dont him even that well and ur spending time with him, aur mujhe ignore kari ho!!!
Ri: armaan he is my first priority! Tum baad mein aate ho! He's my fianc!
Ar: (hurt) baad mein? What dyu mean baad mein? Im ur best friend!
Ri: (confused) armaan but he is my fianc and would be husband!! Aur tum itna over react kyu kare ho?
Ar: u know what riddhima? Forget it! Mujhe kaam hai!!!

He cut the call making riddhima confuse. Riddhima got tears in her eyes but she didnt know why.


Today all the rasams were going to start since two days later was the wedding. Today was the haldi rasm. Karan's haldi was done and now it was riddhima's turn.

A lady was bringing haldi when a kid bumped into her and she dropped the thali.

Lady 1: arre yeh to apshagun hogaya!
Lady 3: haan karan ke ootri hoyi haldi to neeche gir gayi!
An: koi baat nahi hum doosri haldi laga dete hai!

The ladies made faces but they nodded. Riddhima who was sitiing in a yellow saree, was searching for someone, but who? Karan or armaan?

They started putting haldi on her and ananya asked her.

An: beta Jennifer beti nahi aayi?
Ri: mom woh uska medicak camp hai! Shaadi ki dinn ajaygi!
An: parr uske kapde?
Ri: woh aapne saath hi leygayi hai! 

Soon her haldi was done and ananya instructed a few girls to take her to a room. Riddhima was going in when she bumped into armaan. Armaan's cheek and kurta got covered riddhima's haldi. She was about to fall but he held by the waist. Both got lost in eachother's eyes. They came out of their trance when they heard ppl talk.

Lady 2: arre riddhima ki haldi uske devar ko lagg gayi!
Lady 3: haan! Dulhe ke haldi lagi nahi lekin devar ki lagg gayi!!

Riddhima rushed to the guest room, embarrassed while armaan went of to his room. Karan also saw this and went behind him.


He was standing infront of the mirror looking at himself.  He was about to wipe off the haldi but his hand stopped midway.

Ar: (mind) riddhima tumhari haldi lagi hai mujhe,  tumhe meri haldi lagi hai, karan ki nahi! Baghwan yeh kaisa imtehaan hai?

He was unaware of karan's presence who was standing at the door. He was shocked to see tears coming out of armaan's eyes. Armaan threw his stuff on the dressing table on the floor.

Ar: kyu baghwan? Kyu? Mere saat hi aisa kyu hota hai? Humesha se dad ne karan ko zada importance di hai! Mere se zada!! Humesha mujhe aur usse same cheez mile hai! Main tabh bhi kuch nahi kaha! Lekin aaj jab mujhe ussi larki se pyaar hai jisse uski shaadi horahi hai to mujhe hi kyu suffer karna padh rah hai?

Armaan sank on the floor shedding tears while karan went to his room.

He took out his phone and called someone. He ended a call after a few minutes after instructing something to some ppl.

Ka: (mind) nahi main armaan ke saath aisa nahi karr sakta! Riddhima bhi armaan se pyaar karti hai! Aur mujhe hi kuch karna hoga! Abh i hope main jo karne jaraha hu usme kamyaab hojaon!


Mehndi ceremony

Girls were dancing while riddhima was made sit on the long couch covered with white cloth and yellow cylinder shaped pillows. Armaan and karan were standing abit away with Billy and his friends. Karan was busy in talks while armaan had his eyes laid on riddhima.

Riddhima was looking beautiful in a dark green saree with golden beaded border. Her blouse was golden and had a deep neck. Her hair were tied into a lose side fish braid. She was wearing a small green emerald pendant given by ananya.

The mehndi lady was putting mehndi on her feet and arms. She was done with the feet and moved towards arms and hands. Riddhima was lost in a deep thought.

Mehndhi lady; betiya dulhe ka naam ka pehla letter kya hai?
Ri: (lost) A!!!

The lady started to put mehndi on when ananya came and saw her writing ""A"" instead of ""K"".

An: arre aree yeh kya kardia? Dulhe ka naam A se nahi K se shuru hota hai!
Mehndi lady: lekin betiya ne to A bataya!
An: chalo aap saaf kardo!
Mehndi lady: lekin agar saaf ki to saari design kharaab hojayega!
An: hmm acha? To phir app dusre haat pe likhdo!!


Riddhima was looking at her mehndi. The hand where ""A"" was written was darken then where it was written ""K"".

Dont know why, but she was feeling restless. As if she has to confess something. But what?



Both were sitting in the mandap and the pandit was chanting mantras. The venue was outside in the hugee garden of the mansion.

Riddhima was looking beautiful in a red and golden lehnga. Karan was wearing a red sherwaani.

The mandap was beautifull decorated with red roses and white lillies.

Suddenly they heard a gun shot and saw a gang of men and some girls dressed in black with guns. Everybody started to run here and there. Riddhima sat there confused of the where abouts. Karan got up and went to the pandit.

Ka: dheke jo kuch bhi ho! Aap mantr padhna band mach kiye! Yeh aap ser pe helmet pehen lein!

Karan gave him a helmet. He then went up to armaan.

Ka: ammy tu jaake riddhima ko bacha aur main inn se larta hu!

Armaan ran into the mandap and made riddhima stand. A few goons came and started fighting with him. He held riddhima's hand and unknowingly went around the holy fire, 7 times. Soon the pandit finished saying the mantras and he took off the helmet.

Pandit: bidhai ho! Aapke phere sampat hoye! Aaje se aap pati patni!!

Everyone stopped running shouting and just stared at armaan and riddhima. Riddhima's hand still in armaan's. He took it out the grip immediately and stared at riddhima who gave a emotionless look.

Ar: riddh- riddhima i can explain!! Dheko maine she intentionally nahi kiya! Mujhe to kuch nahi pata yeh kaise hoya! Main to bas goondo se lara tha!

While armaan was doing his backwas riddhima had a small smile playing on her lips.

Ri: armaan tum bohot bure ho!
Ar: haan main bohot bura hu!
Ri: tumne duniya meina hazaar galat kaam kiye hai!
Ar: haan bohot galat kaam kiye hai!
Ri: jitne bhi kiye ho lekin aaj tumne jaane anjaane mein duniya ka sabse acha kaam kiya hai!
Ar: haan main jitne bhi...WAIT a sec!!! Kya kaha?
Ri: I love you!
Ar: what?
Billy: oye armaan larki maan gayi hai!!

Both AR smiled and before they could hug eachother billy came in between.

Bi: lekin ekk baat samj mein nahi aayi? Yeh goons ko kisne bulaya!
Ka: maine bulaya! Mujhe pata chal gaya tha ke armaan riddhima se pyaar karta hai aur riddhima bhi usse puar karti hai!
Ar: matlab yeh sab pre planned tha?
Ka: haan!
Ar: saale kamine! Tujh jaise kamina aur acha bhai koi nahi hodsakta!!!

They were talking when a girl came running towards them. She was wearing a red choli and dark green lehnga. She was wearing minumum jewelry and makeup. She bumped into karan and lost balace.

Girl: dhek ke nahi chal sakte kya?
Ka: im sorry! Miss lekin dhek ke app nahi chal rahi thi!!

That girl lifted her head and karan was blown away with her beauty. Yes it was jennifer.

Ar: hi jenny!
Jen: armaan tu mandap mein kya kara hai?
Bi: jenny beta riddhima ki shaadi karan se nahi armaan se horahi hai!
Jen: to phir karan kaha hai??
All: yeh!!!!

All pointed towards karan who was lost in Jennifer's beauty. She git lost in him too.

Ar: yeh dono to aisi hi rahenge! Dad main maang mei sindoor bhar sakta hu abh?

Billy nodded and armaan took the sindoor and filled riddhima's maang. He then tied the manglsutra around her neck. And now they were HUSBAND WIFE from BEST FRIENDS.

Armaan and riddhima looked towards karan and jenny who were still lost in eachother.

Ri: lagta hai mujhe meri devrani mill gayi hai
Ar: aur mujhe meri bhabhi!

- Humaira

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