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AR os: Pyar se Jude Do Dill

Armaan aur riddhima...these are two names which can not be separated from each other. In this story too something like this happens in my this story armaan n riddhima are two individuals who meet by destiny and falls in love in with each other...but by the time they realise and confess each other..something happens that led to them separation with each other. Armaan mallik the only son of mr. anurag and mrs. Prerna a 25 year old guy with charming face.. has very expressive blue grey eyes.. dimpled smile...which kills girls with his looks..he although belongs to a royal family in Jodhpur where his grandparents live...they own a palace in jodhpur since the time of Armaan's parents grandparents. Armaan had done his MBA from haward...and now handels the business with his father in Mumbai... THE MALLIK EMPIRES. Armaan although belongs to a very rich family..but he was never arrogant or a show off guy..he is a very down to earth person...who never had any girlfriend in his life...but yaa girls are mad for him..but he never cares for them . he always since childhood use too go to his grandparents palace to spent all his holodays there...with his three chuddy buddies..Rahul, +he too was very fond of his grandparents and always look forward to spent time with them. As time passed armaan joined the family in Mumbai with his father and got buzy in that. But still in very two months taking out time specially for his grandparents armaan visit them for whole two weeks..and the time he spent he there is the best time of his life away from all the office work and all. But from few days he was not getting time to visit his grandparents and was huzt looking foor an opportunity to go and meet the..but little did he know why destiny is making his meet late with his grandparents. 

wink emoticonRiddhima gupta is 25year old daughter of famous sergeon of India dr. Shashank gupta and also the dean of Mumbai sanjeevani Hospital. Ridddhima's mom is also a famous gaynacologist in sanjeevani dr. smriti gupta. Riddhima was the younger daughter of gupta's ..she has an elder Anjilie gupta..who is more then a friend to riddhima..riddhima is 2 minutes younger than anjilie as they were twins. Riddhima is resident doctor in sanjeevani practicing her career in Orthopadics in sanjeevani..after completing her intership..she is also the disciplinarian of the hospital.Riddhima by nature is very sweet and a caring person..she has a charm in her eyes and voice which can make any guy fall for her in seconds. She has perfect body with perfect curves..loves her family to the core. She is shy by nature and doesn't open up with people soon...but the person meets her for the first timewill fall for her for sure... she usually likes to wear suits especially chudhidaar..


It was pleasant morning when the sunrays coming from the window in the big room of the mallik mansion..lightening the room. The room was big enough and very spacious enough.. with French windows in the centere there's bed with a male figure lying n it on his stomach...duvet until his lower back and his upper body naked as he hadn't wore any t-shirt on it. The room was coloured in white and brown combination..with a big photoframe of the guy hanging above the bed. The room had stairs which led upstairs to the living room. It had a big washroom with a big bath tub and Jacuzzi shower in it.

The room was very messy as every where files..books and laptop was spreaded. The laptp and a file was left open as it seems like the guy had slept working late at night. The male body stirred a little and his face under duvet as the sunrays coming from the window in the room hititing directly his face. As he he hid his face..the alarm in his phone started ringing..disturbing his sleep..he sleepily opened his eyes for few seconds and after closing his alarm..he went back to sleep.
As he did that a female figure of around in her late fourtiess enter the room and after seeing the room's condition..and then seeing the figure sleeping on bed with a cute pout on his face..she smiled and start cleaning the room..after cleaning and putting things in order..he went to the figure and shaked hiom saying 'armaan..beta..uth..dekh tujhe office ke liye der ho jayegi...jaldi uth beta..'

Yes the guy is none other than our very own Armaan Mallik..the most eligible bachelor of india...and the lady is armaan's mom. Mrs. Prerna mallik... prerna mallik although belongs to rich family but is never like to socialize or show off her husband's hard earned money. She is a simple housewife who love to take care of her family which includes her sweet husband Anuraag Mallik and her darling son Armaan Mallik.
Armaan moved a little in his sleep and put his head in his mom's lap and said 'maa...5 minutes aur please...' prerna smiled and ruffled his hair and kissed his forehead and said 'armaan tu roz aisa hi karta haina...roz der raat tak tu kaam karta hai...pura room faila deta hai...aur mujhe set karna padhta hai...' Prerna said scolding him and cleaning the room... and then taking out his clothes for today prerna said 'armaan bas ab uth...dekh 8 bajj gaye hain...jaldi uth ke liye tujhe der ho jayegi...'
Hearing prerna saying its 8am..he woke up with a jerk as he has a meeting at 10 am with his clients..he got up and kissed his mom on his cheek and saying 'good morning maa...main bas 10 minute mein bath leke aata hun..please aap mera breakfast ready kardo...meri 10 baje meeting hai...main late hio jaunga...' saying so he went inside bathroom to freshenup..
Prerna smiled shaking her head at his careless son went down the dining hall to see his husband sitting there and reading newspaper and was waiting foor his buddy his son and his lovely wife.

The hall was fully white in has glass stairs...on the right side of the stairs is kept artificial trees..while on the lefty there is dining set of eight chairs wihich are brown in colour..perfectly maching to white. Dishes are kept on table and Anuraag is sitting there..while there is a kitchen in front of Anurag from where servents coming and keeping food on table.

Prerna came and sit beside Anuraag...he feeling someone near him..looked up to see his lovely wife sitting over there and serving him breakfast.. he smiled and taking breakfast he asked 'armaan kahan hai...abhi tak aaya nhai..' prerna smiled and said 'jab main uske room mein gayi jodhpur ke rajkumaar so rahe the...aur pura room messy tha...I wonder jab uski wife aayegi...bechaari pura din room saaf karti rahegi...because her going to be hubby is very messy.,.' prerna finidshed it with a chuckle.
Anuraag smilled and said 'waise yeh baat toh hai..aur ab mujhe lagta hai...iski shaadi kara deni chahiye..' before prerna could eply armaan came with the tie in his hand and asked 'kiski shaadi karani hai mom...good morning dad..' anuraag wished him back saying 'good morning son..' while prerna taking tie and tying around armaan's neck said 'teri shaadi ki baat kar rahen hain..ab main tujhse pareshaan ho chuki hun...roz tera room main saaf nahi kar sakti...aur teri tie bhi main nahi tie kar sakti ab...jaldi se tu shaadi karle..taaki tere in chote chote kaamon se se chhutti mile...' prerna said while tying the tie.
Armaan make a face and sat on his chair and said 'mom jab meri shaadi honi hogi...aur jab tak nahi hoati...aap hi mere kaam karogi..' prerna smiledhearing it and wonderd how his wife gonna handel his naughty son.
After having breakfast both anuraag and armaan went to office bidding bye to prerna.

On the other side of the city there was another bunglow of white and brown colour...with a hut like shape given to the bunglow..its a two storey bunglow with small garden in front. As we enter inside..we see a lady inher mid fourties working in kitchen...makling breakfast..while a man in his early fifeties is sitting on the dining table and reading newspaper...and waiting for the breakfast to be served...while a lady in her late sixeties is doing pooja in her pooja room.
After few minutes a young girl in her mid twenties came down the stairs fully ready wearing simple red colour suit which had slit from the centere in her kurta..she had not done any make up juzt simple eye kajal and lip gloss and had left her hairs open and let them fly in air.. she came down and went to the kitchen and hugged the lady saying 'good morning mumma..' the lady turn around and wished her darling daughter 'good morning riddhima beta..' and the she asked 'arre riddhima anjilie nahi soke uthi...tum dono ko der ho jayegi hospital jaane mein..'
Yes, the girl is none other than Riddhima Gupta..she is the darling daughter of her father and mother...and her mother ppadma gupta is the home made to all of them.
Riddhima smiled at her mom and said 'mumma di uth gayi hain..aur voh bhi bas aati hongi...' saying so she went outside to the dining table and finding her dad there..she wished him 'good morning papa..' shashank smiled and wished her 'good morning bachha..' Only then shashank got up saying 'padma main chalta hun..' saying so shashank moved out going to hospital..
After sometimes anjilie came down and wished her mom and nani 'good morning kahan hai..' padma smiled and said 'voh bas abhie thodi der pahle hi nikle hain..' soon both anjilie and riddhima had their breakfast..and went to hospital to their duties.
While going to hospital riddhima had some feeling that something gonna happen today that is goingto change her life forever..where as armaan who was driving the car was also lost in his thoughts thinking on same lines. But little both they know that there thinking is going to be get true in few hours.


Riddhima and Anjilie both rd hospital on time and went to locker room to collect her stuff and reached nurse station to give away duties to riddhima was walking along anjilie..two other girls joined girl was having slim body with her long hairs kleft open and she wore a blue kurti with white yights while other had curly hairs and was wearing a kurti and a jeans...both girls were beautiful..the girl with curly hairs said 'hi ridhzi...hie anje..' riddhima and anjie smiled and said 'hie muski..'
Yes the girl is muskaan chaddha... muskaan's bubbly nature and unique way of laughing made her different from all other girls..she was always ready to pounce on other who ever take panga with her or her friends. Currently she is working in sanjeevani as gynecologist and resident doctor.
Other girl was nikita malhotra..she was with muskaan anje and riddhima with thir childhood and all four were best friends. Nikita was in short in height but was bubbly by nature..she loves to play pranks on people...she was sweet and cute and had childish nature in her..which attracted all people towards her.
All four nikki , muki, anjie and ridhzi reached nurse station and riddhima gave away all the duties to her fellow doctors and her interns...and after giving duties riddhima went on her rounds and then back to her duty in general ward to check upon her patients.. as she was going there..there was an announcement for riddhima 'dr. riddhima please come to dr. shashank's cabin soon..' listening to this she make her way towards his father's cabin...not knowing that his one order will make her meet her soul mate soon.


The meeting was successful and the malliks got the contract..everyone praised Armaan's way of presenting his point of view in the meeting and letting them know what they wanted to give and take in return. Armaan's way of presenting his points was so impressive that the lients could not say no to them for giving the contract. Hence, the meeting was very successfull.
After attending meeting for continuous 2 hours both Armaan n Anuraag came out of the conference room..after cients left anuraag turned to armaan and said 'am proud of you did great job as always...keep it up my boy..' saying this he hugged armaan and armaan too hugged back with his mllion dollar smile and said 'thanx dad..' after breaking the hug arrmaana went back to his cabin and was doing his some work on his laptop when his phone rang..he looked at the caller ID...seeing it he had a million dollar smile on his face which was directlyreaching his eyes. He picked uo the the call and said 'hello...'


Riddhima entered her father's cabin after knocking..she came in said 'sir..apne bulaya..' shashank noded and said 'yes..please sit down..' riddhima sat and shashank continues 'dr. riddhima you have to go to jodhpur..' riddhima looked confused and asked 'why sir..'
shasahnk noded and said 'yes..there's an case there for you...the maharaja bhanu singh mallikji ka kuch saal pehle ek accident hua tha...toh after his operation he was fine but his legs were paralysed..they called many doctors but kisi se kuch ho nahi paya...toh they contacted our hospital is most famous and on they requested to send our best orthopadics and physician to you know that your senior dr. khanna is out for conference for a week..and mr. mallik requested to send our best orthopadics you have to leave for jodhpur tomorrow in evening so that you can reach there by day after tomorrow in morning..'
riddhima smiled and said 'thank you glad you chose me as one of your best orthopadics and physician of hospital..and I'll be glad to work there..and hope I'll will give you +ve result when I return back..' shaahank smiled and said 'riddhima very happy that you are so needable by people around you..and dekhna..yeh experience tumhaara life time tak yaad rahega...' riddhima smiled fully and hugged her dad saying 'thanx papa..' after getting some more information about her patient and flight tinmings she left for her duty with the unknown happiness bubbling inside her.


Armaan picked up the phone with a million dollar smile and said 'hello..' from other side the female voice replied 'hello armaan beta...kaise ho..' hearing that voice armaan's voice only grew more wide as he replied 'main toh theek hun meri beautiful dadi..aap kaisi ahin..aur dadu kaise hain..aur voh apni medicines toh time pe lete hain na...'
Yes the lady is none other than maharani of jodhpur GAYATRI DEVI and her husband maharaja BHANU SINGH MALLIK...they bothare Armaan's Dadu n Dadi... lived in their jodhpur palace since starting only as both din't want to live that place and want to die there only.. it was only when armaan's dadu came to Mumbai years back to establish there company in time armaan's dad joined has come in world's top 20 companies and with anuraag's hard work in few years it had come in top 10 companies of the world and now as since few years armaan had joined it it has become close to no.1 company of the world.. armaan's dadu is still the chairman of the company whereas armaan's dad Anuraag is MD of the company and Armaan is C.E.O. of the company...
So after settling the company and when anuraag totally took over it and when Bhanu Singh was returning back to he boarded the flight and landed in Jodhpur and was going back to palace..he met with and road accident where he lost his both legs...many doctors were called but no improvement was ssen..but then on Anuraag's insistence few days back a doctor is been sent to Jodhpur from Mumbai sanjeevani hospital to cure Armaan's dadu.
Gayatri Devi smiled and said 'haan main theek hun..aur tere dadu bhi...aur voh dawai(medicine) bhi time se leta hai...' hearing it armaan smiled as his dadi continues saying 'tu yeh bata..tu ka baa raah hai..humse milne..tere dadu aur main tujhe bohot yaad karte hain...pata hai ek saal ho gaya tujhe aaye hue..' armaan smiled and replied 'kya karun dadi..apke bte ne mere uppar office ka itna saara kaam daal diya hai ke time hi nahi milta...vahan aane ka..main bhi aap dono ko bohot miss kar raha hun..but..' but his dadi din't let her complete and said in between 'tu uski chinta mat kar...main usse kah kar tujhe pure ek mahine ke liye office ke kaam se free karwa dungi..taaki tu yahaan aa sake rahne humaare saath..' armaan smiled and 'okay dadi jaisa aap kahen...'
After that he talked to his dadu a little but bid bye soon as someone was there in his cabin for work ppurpose.


Riddhima came home early today as she had to her she had to leave next day at evening...also padma had invited nikki and muski on dinner so she thought to help her mom in making dinner. She entered her home only to see her nani as usual reading some relioug book while her mom was working in kitchen preparing dinner for the night. She after keeping her bag on the dining table and without disturbing her nani she went inside the padma felt someone else in the kitchen she turned around and saw riddhima drinking water she smiled at her daughter and said 'riddhi tu kab aayi beta..' riddhima smiled and replied 'bas abhi 5 minute pehle hi aayi maa..' Riddhima after drinking water move towards her mom asking 'mom kya kya ban rahe ho..' padma said 'aaj sab meri beti ke pasand ka banega...kyunki phir toh kal se humaare saath nahi hogi naa..' riddhima smiled seeing her mom and said 'maa aapko kaise pata ke mujhe kal Jodhpur jaana hai...' padma smiled and answered and 'tere papa ka dopeher mein tujhse baat karne ke baad mere pass phone aaya thabatane ke liye ke humaari princess ko ek mahine ke liye Jodhpur jaana hai..' riddhima smiled and said 'papa ne aapko bata diya..' padma nodded in yes..and turned back to her work... Riddhima hugged her from behind and said 'mamma don't be sad na...dekhna yeh ek mahina aise beet jayega aur aapko pata bhi nahi chalega...aur wese bhi main vahaan apne kaam ke liye jaa rahi hun...masti karne nahi...' padma smiled and said 'jaanti hun meri bachhi kitni dedicated hai kaam ko lekar...but ab jaldi room mein jaa fresh ho jaa...aur apni packing karle...phir ikki aur muskaan bhi aate honge...' Riddhima nodded and went back to her room..afetr getting fresh she went to do her packing...while packing she was unknowingly very happy..loke after going there she will get one her life there..but she brushed it off thinking she has gone mad..

Riddhima's Room


Armaan and Anuraag both came home around 8 at night..and saw prerna buzy talking to someone on the phone in the living room..both anuraag n armaan sat on the sofa very tired due to hectic day at office...a servent came and offerd water to Armaan n Anuraag...after drinking water...prerna who was talking on phone with armaan's dadu n dadi put the phone after talking to them..prerna looked them and said 'aa gaye aap dono...kaafi thake hue lag rahe ho...dono jaake fresh ho jao...main dinner lagwati hun..' both nodded and left for their respective rooms.
About half n hour latter armaan came down to see anuraag coming out of his room and prerna sitting on the dining table waiting for them. Armaan went down and asked his mom 'mom aaj dinner mein kya hai..' prerna smiled and said 'tere favvourite rajma rice..' armaan smiled and filled his plate and start gobbing at food like a hungry tiger..
Prerna and anuraag smiled seeing his son's childishness..while eating anuraag said to prerna 'prerna aaj meri maasa aur baba sa se baat hui...thode dino pehle bhi hui thi tab maine unhe bola ke Sanjeevani hospital se ek physician ko bula lejo unke paron ka illaj kar saken..' prerna said 'but anuraag itne saare doctors ko dikhaya kuch bhi toh improvement nahi hui hai...baba sa ke pairon mein..' anuraag said 'I know prerna but sanjeevani se doctor jaa rahi hai...she is only 25 but itni si age mein..she has solved many cases jo bade bade doctors nahi kar paye..' prerna nodded and said 'haan abhi jab main maasa se baat kar rahi thi toh voh bata rahi koi doctr aa rahi hai bababsa ke liye..aur voh yeh bhi kahe rahi thi ke armaan ko kuch dino bhej dun..' armaan who was lost after hearing about that female doctor who is going to cure is dadu...some how he was rewally impressed by her without meeting on face.
He came out of his thoughts when he heard his name being taken..he looked at his mom and said 'mere pass bhi din mein dadi ka phoneaaya tha..she was calling me...toh dad main soch raha hun ke humaara pehle wala project is on end aur jo aaj milla hai...usko shuru karne mein atleast ek mahina toh lag hi jayega...toh kya main next week ek month ke liye..Jodhpur chala jaun dadu dadi ke pass...' anuraag smiled and said 'ofcourse son you can go...after all aaj itni presentation di hia...holoday toh banta hai tumhare liye..' armaan smiled and thanked his dad and then trio went back to their dinner.
After having dinner armaan went back to his room as he had to do some work..he opened his laptop but couldn't concentrate on his work as his mind keep drifting off to that female doctor who was also coming to jodhpur..he really wanna meet her face to face soon...thinking this he drifted to sleep as he knew he can't work now as his mind and heart is buzy thinking of that unknown girl.


Riddhima reached jodhpur today morning around 10 she reached on jodhpur airport..she moved towards the departure area..and saw a man wearing white dhoti kurta and a red turbun on his head..and he was holding riddhima's name plate..she went to him and said 'excuse me...aap mr. banu singh mallik ji ke yahaan se aaye hain..' the man turned and said 'haan aap dactar memsahib ahi na...khmaa ghani saa..' riddhima smiled and nodded and said 'haan main hi dr. riddhima hun..' the man said 'laayie dactar saa main aapka bag thalun sunn..' riddhima smiled hearing his language and nodded and followed him out.

About 15 minutes latter riddhima reached the mallik palace...the palce was very had a huge garden in front with a canopy made on one side where sitting arrangement was been made as there were chairs and table setup. The palace was beautiful with atleast 50 rooms in it.

Riddhima was left in awe seeing the beautiful palace in front of her..she was lost in admiring the beauty and walking following the she was walking she colloided with an elderly lady..riddhima came out of her admiring session and looked at the lady who was exactly like her nani back in Mumbai..she smiled and said 'namaste main Dr. Riddhima Gupta Mumbai se..' saying so she was bending down to touch her feets when the elderly lady said 'namaste beta..hum maharani gayatri devi hain..aur betiyaan pair nahi chhuti humaare yahaan..'
Riddhima smiled at her fullest and hugged her and gayatri devi also resprocated her hu..riddhima at an instant liked this lady a lot and gayatri too loved her.on seeing her so down to earth person same like her armaan she instantly had made her place in gayatri's heart forever.
Gayatri said 'beta tum safarse aayi thak gayi hogi...thoda araam karlo and phir lunch pe milte hain...aur mharajaji se bhi vahin mil lijiyega..' riddhima smiled and nodded and replied 'ji maharaniji..' Gayatri smiled and said 'aapko pata hai aap bilkul mere pote ki tarah hain..aur agar main aapko beta bula rahi hun..toh aap bhi mujhe dadi bula sakti hain..right..' riddhima was touched by her such a loving gesture and said 'ji dadiji..' gayatri smiled and ordered her servernt 'raamdin jao..inka room tak pohocha do and show her her room too..' 'make yourself comfortable beta..' gayatri said caressing riddhima's head.
Riddhima followed ramdin as he took her to her room where she gonna stay for whole one month. As she enterd the room...she was left in awe to see the beauty of the room. The room was bg with the combination of yellowish red and red. Room had a big bed with pillows and cusions arranged nicely...on right side of her bed there was a table kept with a lamp and a comfortable chair to work on it..and on left side side it had had bed side lamp. The room had windows with French style and had an balcony there from where the whole garden area can be seen clearly.

Riddhima after admiring the room went to get freshenup and took some sleep so that she could wake up on time and go for lunch.


Riddhima got up from her two three hours nap..and now she was feeling good and fresh..and quickly changing into her yellow colour suit..she went down and met with a servent and asked 'uumm...suniye..mharaniji aur maharajaji...lunch ke liye aa gaye kya..' the servent replied 'haan memsaabsaa..' riddhima then asked 'kya aap mujhe dining area bata sakte hain kahan hai.'' the servent nodded and lead her towards the dining area..
Riddhima entered the dining room and was admiring it...the room was big with big wooden table kept and eight chairs were arranged very nicely..the food was set on the table.

She sat on one of the chair beside gayatri and greeted her 'good afternoon dadi ji..good afternoon maharaja ji..' maharaj bhanu singh smiled and said 'good afternoon beti...kaisa raha safar..ummed hai...koi problem nahi hui yahaan settle hone mein..' riddhima smiled and replied 'ji bilkul nahi..maharaja ji..yeh palace such mein bohot sunder hai...I liked this place..' bhanu singh smiled and said 'thank you beta..but ek request hai..' riddhima said 'please aap boliye na..' bhanu singh said 'agar aap humaari biwi ko dadi bula sakti hain..toh hume dadaji..kyun nahi..hume bohot achha lagega..' riddhima smiled and replied ji dadaji..'
After that on lunch riddhima asked bhanu singh and gayaytri devi about bhanu singh's problem and asked to see all the reports of his previous doctors which she could study and perform accordingly as she had to decide from where she had to start her treatment. And after lunch..she went with gayatri devi to their study room where all the doctor's files were kept.
The study room was big enough with hundereds of books kept for reading ..from historical books to geographivcal to medical books. Every subject book was available there... anot only subject books but all religious books and all story books for kids too adult were kept to read. And in the enterance there was a showpiece kept and on one side corner there was a grandfather cklock kept..
As riddhima and gaytri devi entered the study room gayatri devi said to riddhima 'beta yhaan saari books hain..and your medical books are also if u want you can use them any time..' riddhima smiled and thanked her..then gayatri devi gave away all the reports of bhanu singh to riddhima and said 'yeh hain saari reports,...dekhlo tumhe kahan se treatment shuru karna hai..and make yourself comfortable okay..' saying so she left riddhima there..and riddhima sat on one of the chairs and start reading reports and using few books from the study room she made notes so that it would be easy for her to start treatment from tomorrow.


After reading reports she went to her room back to take some sleep as she decided to do a checkup of Bhanu singh's whole body so that she can use her treatment accordingly. In evening she got up and went down to see booth bhanu singh and gayatri devi sitting in garden canopy and drinking the tea..she went to them and wished them.. bahnu siingh smiled and said 'beta kya loge..tea yaa coffee...' riddhima smiled and said 'ji coffee would be fine..' bhanu singh smiled and the servent soon served her coffee..
While sipping she said to them both 'uumm..dadiji..dadaji..main soch rahi thi ke treatment shuru kar dun..but mujhe treatment se pahle dadaji ka full body checkup karna ahi..toh...if you don't mind kya hum abhie kar sakte hain..' both bhanu singh and gayatri devi smiled whole heartidely to see the dedication of riddhioma towards her earlier whichever doctor start they used to spend days roaming around palace and wasting time and use to treat bhanu singh less as they were more attracted to the beauty of palace here instead of there work.
But riddhima who came juzt today morning and wanted to start treatment they hope ke bhanu singh will be fit n fine soon...and will be able to stand on his feet very soon..
Gayatri devi smiled and said 'sure beta..jutz tell me what all you will be needing..main sab arrange kara dungi..okay..' riddhima nodded and tell what all she will be needing and soon she did the whole body check-up and started her her treatmrent from next day.


Riddhima was now completely settled in jodhpur ...since one week she is living here ..and she never felt for once that she is living away from her family or is at anywhere at unknown place where she don't know people. She enjoys her everyday with both gayatri devi and bhanu singh..she feels like she found her long lost grandparents in them...and same was with them..they also found a daughter in Riddhima who was exactly same like their grandson Armaan..
Riddhima had also developed a habbit of roaming at terrace of the palace at night before going to sleep at night..she liked the calmness of night which was followed by soothing air blowing around. In this whole week riddhima had also started the treatment of Bhanu singh..after reading all reports and consulting her senior back in sanjeevani dr. khanna through vedio chat..she came to conclusion that through regular exercises twice a day for atleast two hours will help him a lot to improve and will bring him to stand on his legs once again..although bhanu singh do feel little sensations in his legs and it was the biggest sign that can help riddhima a lot in helping bhanu singh in walking...
Riddhima also now controls all the food of bhanu singh..which should be given to him and which should not...all in all she had very easily made her place in the hearts of both bhanu singh and gayatri devi.. in this one week riddhima heard a lot about Armaan from was like armaan was a gem of a preson..she came to know about him that although he belongs to rich family and is the prince of Jodhpur and had studied out in foreign but still is very..very down to earth person...and ghad never disrespected his mom dad or his dadi and dadu..she was already fond of hima and wanted to meet him face to face...
But one thing she din't understand is that everytime when she thimks about armaan or hears anything about him..she feels butterflies in her stomach...don't know why...
It was one such day riddhima after bhanu singh's evening exercises she was roamng in garden and was admiring the view looking here and there..she din't look in front whom was coming and she collided with the man who was coming..and she lost her balance and was abot to fall...she closed her eyes tightly thinking now she will directly hit the land but after few seconds when she din't met the land and feel someone holding her close..she opened her eyes to only lost in those blue orbs..
On the other hand after getting permission from his parents armaan booked his tickets to Jodhpur and waited eagerly to meet his grandparents after whole one week. Soon the whole week passed and Armaan borded the paln and reached Jodhppur and next day in he din't tell anyone about his arrival there as he wanted to give surprise to his grandparents.
He after reaching jodhpur hired a taxi and went towards the he was coming near the palace he was getting more excited and for a change he was feeling butterflies in his stomach as if someone was waiting for him...he had an adorable smile on his face showing his deep dimples...
Soon he reached the palace and after paying the taxi driver he entered the he was also admiring the palace he din't saw who was walking in front..and he collided with the to avoid losing balance he hold the girl close to him through her face..he saw the girl haad closed her eyes due to if she is going to hit the floor soon.. armaan was admiring the beauty of the girl in whom he was lost..soon he saw her opening her eyes and got lost in her green orbs soon.

Both Armaan n Riddhima were lost in each other's eyes when bhanu singh and gayatri devi came and saw them in that position the smiled and fake cough to bring them back to reality.. both Armaan n Riddhima hearing cough around them came back to reality and armaan helped her to stand properly on her feet and both muttered a sorry to each other as both turned red in embarresment. Gayatri devi came forward and hugged armaan and said 'armaan tu kab aaya..tune bataya bhi nahi...tujhe lene car bhej dete airport..' armaan smiled and hugged her back and then touched feets of both his grandparents and said 'dadu..dadi..agar main aapko main bata main aa raha haun...toh aap dono face pe vohsurprise happiness kaise dekhne ko milti..haan..' saying so he hugged her again and kissed her forehead..
Gayatri smiled and said 'achha armaan tum riddhima se toh mill hi chuke ho...abhi abhi dekha humne kyun ji..' bahunu singh smiled and nodded and boot Armaan Riddhima turned red in embaressment.. gayatri anyways officially introduced them saying 'riddhima yeh armaan hai mera pota...aur armaan yeh riddhima hai..tumhaare dadu ki doctor and humaari beti..' armaan smiled and said 'hie riddhima nice to meet you..' he said forwarding his hand for hadshake..while riddhima smiled a shy smile andwhile shaking hands she replied 'hie Armaan..same here..'
Both when shaked hands..left like current ran through there body and was again lost in each other's eyes...but soon riddhim break the eye lock and took her hand a shy smile to him which din't go unnoticed by ARmaan andf he smiled fully showing his dimples seeing the effect he had on her.


As when armaan reached here it was almost dinner time and so gayatri devi had come to call her for that only when she saw armaan there. Latter she introduced both armaan n riddhima to each other and after that armaan went to his room to get freshenup and come for armaan n riddhima's room was just next to each other without there knowledge. Riddhima after freshniing uo and changing her clothes she came to dining room only to find it completely empty..she as usual took her seat and checked on the food of bhanu singh if it was according to her which she had especially orderd the Khaan-saama(cook) for him.
After she was satisfied that it was according to her...she looked up to see bhanu singh and gayatri devi entering she smiled at them and after making bhanu singh sit on head of the family sit..gayatri devi took her seat on the left side of bhanu singh while riddhima was sitted on bhanu singh's left side next to gayatri..riddhima stood up and served dinner to bhanu singh...and seeing the food as usual he made a face and said 'main yeh nahi khaunga...tum sab log itna achha spicy khaana khaate ho..aur main yeh tasteless..' riddhima smiled and said 'aap roz same baat kyun bolte ahin..jab aapko pata main aapki baat nahi maanungi aur vahi aapki health ke liye acchha hai and no more arguments..chaliye aaj main aapko apne haathon se toh khayenge naa aap..' bhanu singh smiled and said 'jab meri beti mujhe itne pyaar se khilaa rahi ahi toh main mana kaise kar sakta hun..' riddhima smiled and start feeding him.
Gayatri devi was admiring the bond riddhima had created with both of juzt a span of one week..she was not the only one who was admiring the bond but Armaan who was standing at the enterance was also admiring the new formed bond between his grand parents and this new found doctor.
Gayatri Devi on seeing armaan standing ayt the door said 'arre armaan beta tum vahaan kya kar rahe ho...aao ander aao...khana khao..yeh toh roz ka scene hai..' armaan smiled at riddhima which she returned whole heartidly..and came and sat on right side of bhanu singh and said 'dadu mujhe nahi pata aap chhote bacche khud khana bhi nahi kha sakta..' bhanu singgh smiled and said 'jab meri beti mujhe khud khila rahi hai toh tujhe kyun jalan ho rahi ahi..itna hi hai toh shaddi karle..phir tu apni biwi ke haathonn se kahiyo jitna khaana hai..samjha..' armaan smiled and replied 'mujhe khana kahne ke liye shaadi karne ki zarurat nahi hai..i have my beautiful dadi to feed me..hai na dadi...' gayatri smiled and said 'haan kyun nahi...aap khao apni beti se..aaja armaan tujhe main khilaun...' armaan moved to his dadi..and she feed him lovingly and he did the same while riddhima and bhanu singh did the same.
Riddhima for once liked armaan's nature he was sometimes a baby...sometimes a grown up kid who know what is right and wrong..


Riddhima after having dinner and then latter giving medicines of BP to gayatri devi and giving leg massage to bhanu singh as it helped him a lot in his exercises and feeling sensations..she came to her room back wishing both of them good night..and changed into her night clothes and takking a shawl putting around it..she went to terrace to roam around until she felt sleepy..
She was roaming on the terrace and thinking about her last one week she spend here...she never felt like she was away from her house or anywhwere..she also remembered her small encounter with Armaan..she remembered how she fell onto armaan's arms..she felt when she was in armaan's arms that was the safest place on the earth for her..she was sure that till she was in armaan's arms..nothing can happen to her..she unknowingly felt as if those arms were made only to held her forever...she blushed and smile thinking of her thoughts regarding Armaan. She was buzy smilng and blushing when she felt someone was behind her..she turned to see the most beautifull and paasionate blue orbs in which she could got lost all her life.
On the other hand Armaan who was going to his room after talking on phone with his parents..saw that Riddhima was roaming on the terrace and smiling remembering something..he was sure that she was remembering the little moment they shared in the evening..don't know why but Armaan had the urge to go n talk to her and be friends with her...but his mmind refused him to do so..but soon his heart took over his mind and he went upstairs to the terrace and went and stood behind her.
Riddhima turned around to see armaan standing to close to her..she soon was lost in his blue eyes and Armaan was also lost in her green eyes..both were sharing eye- lock when the wind blew fast making both of them come back to reality. Both were embarrassed wand were feeling awkward don't know how to start talking. So in order to break this awkwardness armaan said 'hie..' riddhima smiled and replied 'hie..' after this both were again silent..
But this riddhima brke the silence saying 'waise hum..pahle dhang se mille hie.. I am Dr. Riddhima Gupta..and you are..' Armaan laugh listening to her and replied 'hie... I am Armaan Mallik... C.E.O of Mallik Empires..' both of them laugh as they introduced each other..later riddhima told him 'waise you know am very glad ke mujhe yahaan aakar kaam akrne ka mauka milla...aapke dadu n dadi are this whole one wek unhone mujhe ek baar bhi aisa feel nahi hone diya ke main kahin dur se aayi hun...they had made me feel like a family to me..' armaan smiled and felt proud of listening praises about his Grand parents and replied 'waise voh log jab bhi Mumbai phone karte the...aapke bare mein bohot baat karte the...m sure you must have some charm or something ke voh log aapki bhi praise karte nahi thakte..especially my Dadu..aur maine aaj dekha how you take care of them as if they are your dear ones..' Riddhima smiled and said 'of course they are my dear ones..'
they smled at each other and after few minutes of silence riddhima said 'okay ab main chalti hun..gud night..' armaan don't wanna let go of him so he called her 'uumm..riddhima..' riddhima turned around as she heard her name as somewhere down her heart she also din't wanna go so she turned and replied 'yes Armaan..' armaan hesitated a little before saying further as he had not to talk to any girl since ages except his mom nad dadi. he hestated but said 'uumm..kya tum meri friend banogi..' riddhima smiled at his cute proposal and replied ' friend..' armaan n riddhima both smiled and armaan said 'toh kya yeh meri new friend mujhe kuch time de sakti ahi...taaki main apni is friend aur jaan sakun..pehchaan sakun..' riddhima laughed and said 'of course..after all main bhi aone is new friend ke mein janna chaungi..'
after this both talked to each other till late at night telling each other about their and much more..


After talking to riddhima till late..both came back to their room together and found that there room was juzt next to each other..booth smiled and wishing each other good night went back to their rooms..
Armaan entered his room and looked around it..the rooms brown n cream in colour with bed in centere...with lamps kept on either side of his had a small dressing table on right side of bed.. with a couch in front...

Armaan lay on his bed thinking about riddhima...he was thnking how taey met when riddhima and he bumped into each other and to balance themselves how he caught her in his arms..he felt a shiver run down his spine..feeling her so close to him..this was happening with him for the first time in life..that she met a girl and felt like this..
Although he had many female friends but no girlfriend..whom he held so close to him...riddhima was the first the girl for whom he felt something like this and she was the first who came so cose to him in juzt one day that he can share anything and everything with her...armaan had an inclining feeling that someday they wiould surely be more than he had already started liking her..aur may have started developing feelings for her...armaan thought riddhima had some charma or was t her loving nature that was attracting him towards her..he din't know ..but he was sure that he was attracted towards her very badly..
Thinking about her..and with and adorable smile on his face...he went to sleep only to meet his dream girl in his dreams..but little did he know that his dream girl is now in front of him and he has only to recognize her.


Its been 3 weeks since when armaan came to jodhpur and the talk between Armaan n Riddhima...since then both use to meet at the terrace every night and talk too each other till late hours...they use to talk about everything and nothing...armaan had found out that irriitaitig riddhima is the most enjoyable part of his. Armaan knew that he was falling for riddhima every day and night very badly and he use to look forward to their night talks very impatiently...when riddhima use to to talk or laugh on any of their talks...he use to get lost in her melodious laugh..and use to satre at her with a dreamy smile on his face.
Armaan knew that Riddhima also has feelings for whenever they are so close and when unintentionally their hands touch each other..he had noticed that his mare touch send shiver s down her spine juzt like he felt... he had noticed that whenever they share an eye-lock with each other..she had that love and passion in her eyes for him..the same which he held for her..
As within three days it was riddhima's b, it was her first that she was going to spend away from her family...and Armaan knew how sad she was feeling that she was going to spend her most cherished day away from her in order to cheer her up..he planned a small surprise for her with his grandparents. He also knew had to prupose her soon before its time for her to go back to Mumbai.
On the other hand bhanu singh was improving day by day...he had left his wheel chair and was now able to walk with athe help of walking stick..but still feels little pain in his legs if he walks for too long..and bhanu singh and Gayratri devi gave all credity of it to Riddhima as it was only her hard work because of which Bhanu Singh was able to bring so much improvement in his health..but Riddhima brush tehem off saying that it her Dadu's will power and determination to stand up on his legs that he;ped him to leave his wheel soon..but armaan and his Grandparents din't agree to it..and give all credit to her. It was now only left that riddhima make him leave his walking stick that he can be exactly like he wasbefore accident.
Riddhima was more than happy to get love from the malliks..she also like armaan look forwardto their night meets very eagerly..she knew that in a short span of time Armaan had become more than a friend to her..she was still not sure about her feelings whether it is attraction or infatuation or maybe Love...she was still not sure...but sheknew it was definitely not attraction...
She sometime when thay talk in nights...when armaan is telling her something wit a smile on his face..she aways admire his smile..which has deep dimpoples in them..sometimes she has such an urge to poke them and make them more deep. Whenever they shared an eye-lock she noticed he had an deep bkue ocean coloured eyes..which depicts sommeythng so passionate feeling that it send shivers down her spine arising goosebumps all over her body.. she never felt like this for any boy so far..for what she feels for armaan..maybe it was love or something she hadn't still figured out..
It was her within 3 days..ans she was little sad that she is not going to celebrate her with her family as it will be her first away from them..but still she had a nagging feeling that this she'll never gonan forget all her life.

Night Before Riddhima's

After having dinner with Dadu n Dadi she helped bhanu singh to his room and after massaging his legs and giving medicines to both gayatri devi and bhanu singh..she went back to her change into her night clothes before going to meet armaan.
As she changed her clothes she was about to go to terrace when her phone rang..she saw it and found flashing armaan's name on it. She picked it up and said 'hello..armaan kya hau..main bas abhie aa rahi hun..terrace pe..' armaan smiled and replied 'I know riddhima isilie maine phone kiya tell you that aaj main nahi aa paunga tumse milne..' hearing this riddhima became sad and said 'its okay armaan ...kuch nahi hota..' armaan felt bad for lying to her..after cutting the call he said tto himself 'dekhna riddhima..yeh birthday tumhaari life ka sabse yaad gaar birthday hoga..' saying so he mmade his way to the terrace knowing that riddhima won't come up there as he was npot coming to meet her..
He decorated the whole terrace with ballons and candels..amaking it llok beautiful..he placed a table in centere and poput the cake on it..after doing all this he looked at his showed it has 20 minutes to 12am..
He went to his grandparents room and said 'dadu..dadi..ready..its only 15 minutes left...aap log 12 bajne se 5 minute pahle terrace pea a jayega...main riddhima ko thik 12 baje le aaunga..okay..'
Both nodded as they can see the love for riddhima in Armaan's eyes ns same with riddhima..both knew that Armaan n Riddhima love each other...only they have to realize it..soon..otherwise they have to play the role of being there dadu n make them unite soon.
Exactly before 5 minutes to 12 armaan entered riddhima's room and saw her sleeping peacefully..he admired her for few seconds..but then came out of his terrance ad shake her 'riddhima...riddhima..utho..chalo mere saath..' riddhima hearing armaan's voice opened her eyes and said 'kahan jana hai armaan..mujhe nind aa rahi hai..let me sleep..' armaan said 'riddhima dekho..please chalo sirf thodi der..' saying so he pulled riddhima oyut of her bed and tied a black cloth around her eyes..and took her to terrace without listening to any of her protests.
On reaching the terrace he opened the blind fold and disappeared in the darkness..leaving her there..she looked around and found the whole terrace decorated with candels and she went further..she saw the cake kept on the table.

It was a beautiful vanilla cake with flowers made on it and "HAAPY BIRTHDAY" written on it on top with chocolate. Riddhima turned Around and found Dadu..Dadi and Armaan coming near her and said in union "HAPPY BIRTHDAY RIDDHIMA.."
She was having tears in her eyes when gayatri devi came forward and hugged her saying 'haapy birthday beta..may god bless with all the happiness in the world..' saying so she cleard tears from riddhima's eyes..and hugged her again..riddhima also hugged her and then she hugged Dadu..andthen said to armaan 'thanx sure yeh tumhaara idea tah..' armaan smiled and replied 'I said na apne friends kei khushi ke liye kuch bhi karne ko tayyaar hun..' riddhima cut the cake and fed firstly to Dadu..then to dadi and then she came to armaan and was about to feed him when he all of a sudden smeared all the cake on riddhima's face.a.nd ran from there to save his life from her..

they ran after each other like crazies..and at last she got tired and he also came and fed her andf she too..all this while both dadu n dadi admired them seeing the love blossoming between them..and prayed silently to make them one soon.
Next day fo r riddhima was like...princes..she was being pampered vey much..all her favourite food was cooked and was cooked by her dadi Gayatri Devi...and ARmaan n Bhanu Singh pamperd and in't let do any work..she received call from her family back in Mumbai..and sje was glad and knew she was never going this ever in her life.


Bhanu Singh was improving very he was able to walk without walking stick..he was able to walk for long short he was now fine...and it was time for riddhima to go back to Mumbai soon within one week.. and armaan knowing this was very sad..
As since he had realized his feelings for Riddhima he always wanted to confess them..but as being never in relationship before..he din't knew how to do that and plus whenever he is with her...he always was lost in her...admiring her..he din't knew how to confess his feelings to her..and because of this he always was restless and doesn't know how to confess them...and with whom to share all these...
On the other hand Riddhima was still confuse with feelings regarding Armaan...she likes to be with him..likes to spend time with him...likes to talk to him...always wanted that Armaan should always 24/7 be with him...but don't know why she feels like th time of going back to Mumbai coming near...she was also feelling she din't wanna go back now leaving the dear Dadu n Dadi..who gaveher so much love and affection..and especially Armaan whoo had become the most important part of her life in juzt one month..she don't know what to do and what not.
Both armaan n Riddhima's restlessness was not hidden by Gayatri Devi..and decided to take the matter in her hands to make Armaan n Riddhima one soon..she went to her room and called someone.
it was 2 days left for riddhima to go back to Mumbai..and she was packing all her bags to get ready..when her phone buzzed..she picked up and saw it was her father calling her...she picked up and said 'hello..papa..' shashank replied from the other hand 'hello beta..kaise ho aap..' riddhima smiled and replied 'main achhi hun papa..aap kaise hain...aur ghar par sab..maa..nani..aur di..' shashank smiled and said 'sab thik hain...aur main bhi bohot achha hun..yeh batao riddhima tum kab wapas aa rahi ho..' riddhima replied 'papa voh meri kal afternoon 4 baje ki flight hai..toh main parson early morning pohonch jaungi Mumbai..' As she said that she don't know why she felt as if she is going to leave behind her life..some precious thing she is leaving...but don't know what..and thinking of it..tears automatically came into her eyes..but she cleared it off as she listened to her dad on othr side of the phone saying 'okay beta..main wait karunga..aur tumhaare liye ek surprise bhi hai..' riddhima who usually jumps on the name of surprises din't react this time and shashank found it strange but vrushed it off..thinking she must be buzy in packing..
she cut the call and looked at the clock indicating it time for dinner..she changed her clothes into night clothes and went to had her last dinner with gayatri and bahnu and especially Armaan..she made her the dining area to see all three malliks sitting and was going to start dinner..
she wished them as usual but sadness was there all around as riddhima was going the following day. Bhanu singh and Gayatri Devi going to missher daughter and Armaan going to miss his love who has now become his all these Armaan was the the mostsad person..he was having a feeling something wronmg is going to happen but doin't knew..


Armaan was already present there and was waiting for Riddhima as it was going to be there last meet today..after few minutes he felt air blowing and he knew she was near. Riddhima came to terrace and came and stand by armaan's side. Booth were silent din't know how to tal or start the conversation..both looked sad ..very sad.
Armaan was feeling sad because he still hadn't confessed his feelings to her..and din't knew what she took him as..whether as a mere friend or more than a friend or may love him..juzt the way he love her..
Riddhima on the other hand feeling same as armaan..she was also restless don't want to leave him and go...but wasnot able to figure out her feelings for him..he was the only guy who came so close to her ..and has otucjhed her heart..he was the one with whom she can share all those talks which she din't even shared with her..she was sure that it was definitely not attraction which feels towards was more than that,...maybe love or infatuation.
Armaan who couldn't hold the silence anymore said 'so saari packing ho gayi..' riddhima looked at him and nodded and replied 'haan ho gayi..bas thodi si last minute packing rahti hai..' armaan nodded and again silence erupted between them..armaan finally break the silence and to make atmosphere light he said 'achha hai..kal tum chali jaogi toh mujhe roz roz ab tumhaari bak bak nahi sunni know tum kitna mere kaan khaati thi...apni bak bak se..' armaan said with a little laugh..and riddhiam smiled and replied 'haan achha hai..ab kam se kam main vapas ajaungi toh koi mujhe irritate toh karne wala nahi hoga..varna tum toh koi mauka nahi chhodte mujhe irritate karne ka..aur gussa dilane ka..' both laughed remembering their meets on terrace and how Armaan use to irritate her and how Riddhima use to talk non-stop about everything and anything to him.
After few minutes riddhima decided to leave as she knew if she stayed any longer she would burst into tears..remembering the whole month time she spend with him. She turned to him and said 'so good night..kal jaldi uthna hai..packing bhi karni hai..' saying so she started walking towards the door when armaan called and said 'riddhima..' she turned and saw armaan walking towards her and held her hand saying 'ek dance karogi mere saath..'

Riddhima nodded and giving her hand in his..he brought her in the centre of the terrace and keeping his one hand on her waist pulled her close sending shivers down her spine..he kept his hand on her waist and pressed it lightly making her look in his eyes..she looked into his eyes to see some feeling which she couldn't decipher what was it..but she knew it was some deep and so passionate that send chills down her spine seeing that feeling in Armaan's eyes..she averted her eyes feeling her cheeks turned red...not able to look for long in his eyes as she feared she may lose her senses seeing his deep blue ocean eyes which for a change was holding some different feeling..making her burn in them.
On the other hand armaan seeing riddhima so close to him..couldn't help but gaze at her so deeply with passion and love which he held for her..he pulled her closer making her look into his eyes and to find if she feels the same for her or not..and he found his answers soon..that yes,,she also feels the same.. but he saw the confusion on her face and soon he found her shivering under his she averted her eyes from him..

Armaan smiled seeing her blushing he put his finger on her chin and lift it up to make her look in his she saw in his eyes she was soon lost in them..armaan looked into her eyes and then to her lips..seeing them parted and invited..he looked back to her eyes as if asking for permission to taste them once..riddhima understanding his silent words closed her eyes inviting him..armaan slowly placed his lips on hers and start kissing her he kissed her upper lips she kissed his lower lips..armaan's hands moved around her waist puulling her close deeping the kiss while Riddhima's hands moved in his hairs ruffling them..arousing him more..he start kissing her more he chewed her lips smootching them while riddhima did the same..latter armaan asked for enterance and as she parted her lipshe entered his tongue inside her mouth..tasting her sliva..while she did the same she eneterd her tongue inside his mouth exploring it and tasting his sliva..
Both were lst in the kiss when a "THUD" sound came making them come out of the moment..riddhima soon realised what they were doing..and she looked at he looked back at her flushed face and found love for him..she loked at him..blushing badly..not able to meet his eyes she ran away from there..leaving Armaan confused as to why she ran away as she also responded with equal passion..heck it was for both of them the first kiss they ever had.. he thought did she regretted what happened between them..but she responded him back than why she all of a sudden ran away from there..armaan went back to his room thinking of the moment he sahred with her and dozed off with so many thoughts running in his mind regarding her behavior.
On the other hand Riddhima also for some reason din't regreted the moment..she still can feel his lips moving on her lips..she touched them to feel his lips..she blushed remembering the moment as she entered her room..she was now sure that she was in love in with him..from the day she saw him in jodhpur..she went to bed and lay down..holding the pillow close to her she also dozed off with a beautifull smile on her face.


Riddhima since morning was avoiding Armaan as whenever he looked into his eyes she found that desirable look in which she was lost the last night and gave into the moment..and Armaan totally understanding why she was avoiding he remembered the last night moments..
As it was afternoon and time for riddhiam to leave..she bids sad adieu to Gayatri Devi and Bhanu singh who was very sad feeling to let go off her..but they knew one day she had to gayaytri devi telling her to take care of herself and riddhima again and again reminding bhanu singh to take his medicines on time and do come to Mumbai for his check-up.
After bidding them as armaan was going to leave her till airport..kept her bags in the car and riddhima followed him..he told the driver that he is going to drive the car..and told the driver to stay back.. armaan n riddhima both sat in the car..and make there way to the airport...
As the airport was coming near..both were feeling restless and plus last night moments were rolling in their mind thinking..what the other feels about him/her. As the car came to halt riddhima came out of her thoughts..while armaan helped her to take her bags inside..while she followed him silently.
As armaan was walking front..he was feeling his vision getting he could feel his eyes getting moistened..same was with riddhima went to the checking she turned around and said to armaan 'that is it...its time to say good bye Armaan Mallik..' armaan smiled with teary eyes and surprised her by taking her into a passionate hug and his words saying 'I LOVE YOU going to miss you so much..'

riddhima had tears in her eyes listening to him as by now she had also realized she loved him too..she loved him madly deeply...passionately..tightining her hold around his waist she replied 'I LOVE YOU TOO also gonna miss you so much..'
Armaan smiled hearing her confessing her love for him and broke the hug..he kissed her lightly on her lips and said 'don't worry main bhi do din mein wapas Mumbai aa raha main apne mom dad ko leke tumhaare ghar aaunga..aur humesha ke liye apna bana lunga..' riddhima smiled but said 'pata nahi armaan mujhe aisa kyun lag raha mere Mumbai jaate hi...hum alag ho jayenge..' armaan cleared her tears and said 'sshh..jaan aisa kuch nahi hoga..main aisa kuch hone hi nahi dunga..dekhna tum hum jald hi ek honge..' riddhiam smiled and was about to say something when her flight was announced and armaan said 'kaash humne pehle ek dusre ko apne dill ki baat batai hoti..toh aise alag nahi hona padhta..but kuch nahi hota..tum jao..main bhi tumhaare peeche peeche Mumbai aata hun..' saying so he hugged riddhima again and said 'I Love you Riddhima..i'll miss you..' riddhima nodded with teary smile and replied 'I Love You too and I'll miss you too..jaldi aana main tumhaara wait karungi..' saying so riddhima turned and went to to check in..


Do pal ruka khwabo ka karva
Aur phir chal diye tum kaha ham kaha

(Armaan looked at riddhima's retreating figure going into the checkin area..he seeing her going felt like his life is going away from him.)
Do pal ki thi ye dilo ki dasta
Aur phir chal diye tum kaha ham kaha - 2
(Riddhima turned to see Armaan staring at her..she looked at him with tears in hers..and instantly ran away and hugged him tightly..sobbing very badly..armaan cleared her tears and kissed her forehead.and ask her to go)

Tum the ke thi koyi ujli kiran
Tum the ya koyi kali muskayi thi

(Armaan after seeing her going away from checkin area to board her plane..he left from there..and went to the parking area too see riddhima's flight took off in the sky..)

Tum the ya tha sapno ka tha sawan
Tum the ke khushiyo ki ghata chhayi thi

(Riddhima after sitting in the palne on her seat put her head on the window as the flight took off..she cleaned her tears away remembering armaan nad his confession.)
Tum the ke tha koyi phul khila
(Armaan was driving back to the palace as he was remembering each and every moment he spent with her..the talks they shared at the terrace in nights.)

Tum the ya mila tha mujhe naya jaha
(Riddhima remembered how she met Armaan for the first she fell into his arms..their very first eye lock.).

Do pal ruka khwabo ka karva
Aur phir chal diye tum kaha ham kaha
Do pal ki thi ye dilo ki dasta
Aur phir chal diye tum kaha ham kaha - 2

(both armaan n riddhima remembered how their friendship started and how gradually they became comfortable with each other..and shared every small thing of their life to each other.)
Tum the aa khushbu hawao me thi
Tum the ya rang sari dishao me the

(Armaan remembered how he felt when he was near Ridddhima..he remembered her non-stop talking about everuything and anything..he remembered her laugh..when she use to laugh..the smile automatically came on his lips.)
Tum the ya roshni raho me thi
Tum the ya geet gunje fizao me the

(Riddhima remembered her birthday how he surprised her making paln with his dadi and dadaji..she rememebered how he pampered her the whole day..din't let her do any work..she smiled remembering that day..)

Tum the mile ya mili thi manzile
(Armaan smiled and remembered when he realized his love for desperate he was to tell her that he loves he felt when he saw her for the first time..he felt as if he got some lost piece of his heart..when he saw her)
Tum the ke tha jadu bhara koyi sama
(Riddhima remembered the last night events..their dance..their first ever kiss.which was too passionate..she then realized her love for she ran away from there as she was not able to meet her gaze with him.)
Do pal ruka khwabo ka karva
Aur phir chal diye tum kaha ham kaha
Do pal ki thi ye dilo ki dasta
Aur phir chal diye tum kaha ham kaha - 3

(both remembered their way to airport and their confession of love to each they craved to be in each others arms..after their confession..but fate has its way to make them separate immediately after their confession)

Riddhima smiled and took her phone out from her bag and opened the phto gallery and kissed Armaan's pic in it.and mumbled 'I Love You Armaan..i miss you..' saying so she closed her eyes..
while at the same time armaan after coming back went to riddhima's room instead of his room and found one of his dupatta lying their..he picked it up and said 'I Love you too Riddhima..i miss you too..' he picked the dupatta and went to her bed and lay down if feeling riddhima in his arms.


Riddhima reached Mumbai at around 7 in the morning..after coming out of the airport she switched on her phone and first thing she did was to call armaan and inform him that she had landed safely and was going home.
But before she could do this as if armaan had heard her heart..he called her..she picked up and said 'hello..' armaan from other side sighed and replied ' awaaz ko sunne ke liye..kitna bekraar tha main..finally tumhaari awaaz sunke..dill ko sukun milla..' riddhima blushed hard hearing him and said 'good morning armaan..kya kar rahe the..' armaan smiled and said 'kuch nahi..bas puri raat tumhe yaad karke..tumhaare room mein hi so gaya...' riddhima smiled and said 'I Love You Armaan..' Armaan smiled hearing it and said 'I love you too jaan..' riddhima blushed hard hearing her adderessing as jaan..she smiled and asked 'tum ka baa rahe ho wapas..' armaan smiled and replied 'aaj sham ki flight hai...and tomorrow morning I'll be in Mumbai and sham ko tumhare ghar...tumhe apna banana..' riddhima smiled hearing him and said 'jaldi aana jaan...main wait krungi..' armaan smiled and said 'main zada wait nahi karaunga jaan..main jald hi aaungaa..' saying so both bid bye and cut the call.
Riddhima went to her home and enterd and saw the usual scene in front of her..her dad was having tea while reading newspaper..and his mom buzy making breakfast..and her nani was doing pooja. She entered and said 'hie everyone..' shashank was the first one to see her and got up and hugged her and said 'kaise ho beta...mujhe phone kyun ni kiya,...main aa jata tumhe lene..' riddhima smiled hearing her father's caring voice..and said 'its okay papa...kuch ni hota..see I have reached home safe and sound..' after that riddhima met padma and nani..and then she went to her room to freshenup..
as she was not going to hospital for two she had been granted she went to her room...and got the time she came down she saw her di..papa..nani and mom all were having breakfast..she went to them and sat beside anjie..when anjie asked 'so ridzz how was your trip..and tere patient mr. Bhanu singh..vh kaise ahin..' riddhimasmiled and said 'di..ab voh bilkul thik hain...apne pairon pe bhi chal sakte hain..and I have ny life's best one month there..' remembering the days she spent there with gayaytri devi and bhanu singh..and especially armaan..the love of her life.
After that she told her family how lovely they..they treated her as the family person not an outsider..nad how they told her to call them dadu and dadi..and then she tel them about Armaan down to earth person he was ..such a lovely natured person..she told them about malliks and her stay with the malliks were wonderfull. Ofcourse sghe din't tell about her love for she knows it was a matter of one day then he'll be here..
After breakfast riddhima went to her room in the pretex of unpacking and then takking rest..while shashank and anjie left for sanjeevani but shahsank said he need to talk to riddhima in the evening regarding something very she should be free..
Riddhima went to her room and locked her room..and then called her armaan..they both talked till late hours..anad finally it was eveningand it was time for Armaan to board the flight..after bidding bye to them..armaan sat in the plane.a.nd messeged riddhima that he'll be with her soon..she smiled reading it..and went down to help her mom in making dinner.


Shashank entred home at around 8 in the anjie along with nikki and muskaan had already came all sat for dinner after shashank came..while nikki..muski wanted to know every detail what she did from anjie they came to know that Armaan Mallik was also there..for the whole one month to spent with his dadu and di..although they knew how down to earth person he was and was so lovable and had no girlfriend..but still they have only seen him on business magazine covers but their ridhzi had spent the whole one moth with alive armaan after dinner when all were having coffee..the girls took riddhiima to her room and asked about him..she told them everything..from their friendship to her birthday surprise to their confession of love at the aoirport..all other three girlzss were happy for riddhima and teased her a lot...
After a while muski and nikki went to their home while anjie went to her room..riddhima was preparing for going to bed when shashank and padma came tyo their room..riddhima saw them and said 'arre mamma...papa..aap log is time kuch kaam tha..toh mujhe bula lete..' padma smiled and went and sat beside her and caressed her head and said 'beta hume aapse kuch bohot zaruri baat karni hai..tumhaare bare mein..' riddhima looked confused and asked 'kya baat mamma..saaf saaf bataiye na..' padma looked at shashank and he nodded her through eyes and aked her to she said 'beta tumhaare liye ek rishta aaya hai..' riddhima looked shocked and said 'mamma mujhe shaadi anhi akrni abhie..' shashank said 'beta I know ke tum abhie shaadi nahji karna chahati..but voh mera college ka friend hai..aur humne ek dusre se wada kiya hum apne bachhon ki shaadi ek dusre se karayenge..ab tuimbadi ho chuki ho..u r a senior doctor in sanjeevani ...and humdono chahate hain ke tum yeh shaadi ke liye haan kardo..kal voh log sham ko dinner pe aa rahen hain..aur saath mein unka beta bhi..' saying so both padma and shashank left riddhiam in the pool of she came to know about the bitter truth of life..
she fell on the bed creied her heart out..she had no one to share her grief with..armaan was in the flight and her di was sleeping in her room..she lay on the bed and hugging armaan's photo in her phone she mumbled please armaan jaldi aa jao..main tumhaare bina nahi rahe sakti..i love you very very much..' saying so she remembers all the moments she spend with him..
on the other side in palne as if armaan felt riddhima's pain and hee had slight tears in his eyes as he was seeing riddhima's pics in his mobile..his vision blurrsss...and realizes he was having tears in his eyes..he cleaned them and kissed riddhima's pic and said main bas kuch ghanton mein tumhaare saamne honga jaan..i love you..'saying so hugging her photo he drifted to sleep to meet his jaan there.
Next morning for both armaan n riddhima was vey bad as she was since morning trying armaan's number but it was switched off...and since morning all preperations were going on for the dinner..sthat no one noticed riddhima was feeling so sad..
and here armaan after reaching to know the same news that his parents without his consent has fixed his relation with Anuraag's longlost friend as they had decided to tie their children in marriage relation as soon as they become big enough..and were going on dinner at their place tonight... armaan tried to talk to prerna and anuraag but they were so happy and buzy in preparing for the relation that to be tied tonight that they din't see armaan was trying to talking to them something really important. And also when in morning he was coming back home from airport in cab..he lost his phone outside the airport as there was chaos regarding something when the mobile fell from his hand he din't know..he came to know when he decided to call riddhima..and hence the result, he din't remember her it was saved in speed dial of his phonebook in phone.
But little they know that sometime pain of separation is going to give them lifetime happiness to both.
At aroung 6 in the evening nikki and muski to help rddhima in getting ready..thhey both for some reason were very happy..they came into the and saw riddhima crying sitting on the window sill..nikki went near her and kept her hand on her shoulder.
riddhima turn around and saw muskaan n nikki standing there...she looks at nillia nd hugged her tightly crying badly..nikki rubbed her back and calmed her down..when she calmed down nikki said 'dekh riddhima hume pata tu yeh rishtey se khush nahi hai...but don't worry voh ladka aa raha hai na..tere mom dad ke friend ke saath..' riddhima nodded and muskaan continued and said 'toh bas jab tum dono akele mein baat karo..toh usse sab sach bata tum kisi aur se pyaar karti ho..and am sure voh zarur samjhega..tumhe..hhmm..' riddhiam nodded and muskaan said 'ab rona band kar dekh ro..roke kya haal kar liya hai apne face ka..jaa take a shower and go n freshen up..okay..' riddhima nodded and went inside the bathroom while muskaan n Nikki both took a brethe in relief..they were damn scared seeing riddhima crying so badly..they were feeling bad to hide the truth from her..but they knew it was for sometime only.
On the other hand armaan was also in the same condition as riddhima but when rahul abhi n atul suggested samething which nikki and muskaan suggested to rddhima..he also agreed and he bought his new phone that he can go to the store next day and get his number stored in them.


In night in gupta mansion all were present there..nikki..muskaan..anjie..padma..nani..and was around 7.30 when the bell rang and shashank went to open the see a lady around mid- fourties and the man around early fifties was standing there..
Shashank hugged him and said 'welcome..welcome..please andar aayie..aapka beta nahi aaaya..' the man smiled and said 'voh dusri car mein apne friends ke saath aa raha hai..' shashank nodded and took them inside and made them sit in the living room..while lady was talking to padma and shashank to the man..when suddenly the lady asked 'arre padma humaari hone wali bahu ko toh bulao..jab tak humaara beta nahi aata hum usse baat karlen..' padma nodded and looked at nikki muski and anjie and told them to bring riddhima down.
All three went upstairs to bring riddhima down to the hall..they went up to see riddhima was wearing a simple red saree with golden border..and golden blouse which was has broad straps..she had wore a kada in her one hand while a delicate watch in other..she had worn a ring her forefinger..she had done no make-up accept eye-liner and lipgloss...and had put little bindi with earings in her ears..

They took her down when riddhima saw that a old couple of around her mom-dad age was sitting with four boys whom back was facing riddhima..seeing the boy who was wearing the black coat and jeans riddhima felt that it was armaan...but she thought how can that be possible..
On the other hand when all three girls went upstairs to bring riddhima down..the four boys of same age enter the house...the man n lady's boylook around to see the his parents sitting there..he went threre with his three friends..he ent and sat next to his dad and exchanged greetings with shahsank and other guptas..he was wearing a white shirt and black jeans n coat.
When she came down the lady stood up and said aao beta humaare pass aakar baitho..' riddhima nodding her head was about to go and sit with the lady when she saw the boy who was wearing black jeans n coat starring at her in shock..she looked at him and was left shocked to see the guy...and same was with the guy he was also left shocked..riddhima looked at him and still in shocked face she said 'armaan tu..tumm..' riddhima said while all other family mebers smiled at her..then anuraag said 'toh buddy surprise kaisa laga..' armaan came out of his trance and asked 'aap sabko kaise pata ke...main aur riddhima..' he left the sentence in complete..while shashank answered his question and said 'kuch din pahle tumhare mom dad ka phone aaaya mere pass..' and then shashank along with three elders told them how they made this plan.
Yes it was all planned by both guptas n malliks that they will surprise their kids by making them force into this marriage...and t was all planned by the head of the malliks Mr. bBanu singh Mallik and Mrs. Gayatri Devi Mallik.
It all started when gayatri saw the love blossoming between the two kids and were still not realizing their feelings for each other.. so gayatri devi with bahnu singh called Anuraag and Prerna and told everything to them ..and send the pic of riddhima to them..
Next day prerna called jodhpur and said she liked riddhima very much..and will talk to her parents today only. And when in evening anuraag came they both went to guptas with the marriage pruposal of armaan for riddhima..guptas were too happy with it..but thought of asking riddhima once.. it was when malliks told them about their love blossoming back in jodhpur but still their kids had not confessed both family fixed the relation and were happy with it..latter guptas told all these to muskaan.nikki and anjie..while malliks told all this to abhimanyu...rahul n atul.
Next day prerna n anurag invited guptas along with muskann.nikki..rahul..abhi..and atul on was when gaytri devi called them and told them that when armaan n riddhiam will return don't tell them that you all have fixed the relation of them..but tell them that both shashank n anuraag were college friends..and had decided long back that when their children will grow up they will tie them both in relation and they have to marry it was all planeed and when AR returned bomb was fell on both Armaan n Riddhiam about this.
Hearing it both AR were shocked that their elders could do something like this juzt only for their happiness..riddhima and armaan both were having smile on their face when padma asked 'toh riddhi shaadi karni hai ya cancel karde..' it was when nikki came and said 'haan..ridhizi tu toh mana karne wali thi is rishtey ke liye..toh kar na manan..' while rahul said to armaan 'haan..armaan tu b hi toh yahi karne wala tha na..kar..mana..'
Riddhima was blushing badly and ran away from their to her room with a smile on her face..while Armaan keep looking at her with a smile on his face..when anuraag came and said 'ab khada dekhta rahega yaa jayega..usse baat karne..' armaan smiled and looked at guptas who nodded and he make his way to her room.


Riddhima came to her room blushing badly when she came to know about the truth..that it was all Amaan's grandparents planning to make them they hahd found out that they were in love. She went and stand near the window looking at the moon as smile wasn't leaving her she was admiring the moon..she heard her phone ringing..she turned to see who it was and a huge smile came to her lips as she saw the name on it..
She picked up and before she cvould say anything..she heard a male voice from other side saying 'welcome to the family child..ab mujhe apni beti se zada din dur nahi rahna padega...' riddhima smiled hearing and said 'thank you daddu...butmain aapse aur dadi se naraz hun...' riddhima said pouting..gaystri from other side said 'kyun..kya hua..' riddhima said 'aap logo ne mujhe pehle kyun nahi aap logon ne yeh sab plan kiya hai..' gayatri smiled and said 'agar bata detetoh tere aur armaan ke face pe smile kaise dekhte..' riddhima smiled and was talking when she felt someone holding her from her waist..she turned to see it was armaan..she blushed seeing itas hshe felt armaan planting little kisses on her nape..
On the other hand when armaan entered her room he saw riddhima talking to someone..he thought who she was he wentinside and heard her talk and came to know that she was talking to his grandparents..he went near her and hold her from her waist inside her saree..making her shver under his hold..he looked at her when he turned to look at him and saw a slight blush on her cheeks..he planted few kisses on her nape..making her lost in his love.
Riddhima ended her talk soon and turned around Armaan's hold and looked at him..he looked at her and said 'I love you jaan..' riddhima smiled and blushed and replied 'I love you too baby..' armaan smiled hearing her calling him baby..and making her look into his eyes he asked 'tum khush ho na riddhima..' riddhima looked at him and smiled and said 'bohot khush hun armaan..thanx meri life mein aane ke liye..'
Armaan smiled hearing it..and make her look into his eyes and slowly brought his lips closer to her...and soon both were kissing each other..the kiss soon turned into passionate both were kissing each other hungrily..after a while armaan asked riddhima for enterance which she gave instantly...he moved his tongue inside her mouth..exploring her mouth fully..and tasting her sliva..she did the same with him..both broke the kiss after sometime as both were out of breathe..but armaan din't stop here and start kissing her on her neck..neckline..everyehere..he got space to kiss her..
Soon both came out of their making out session and mumbled I LOVE YOU to each other and armaan said 'jaan you looking too hawt in am I gonna a control myself seeing you wearing these sarees..' riddhima blushed hearing him and said 'bohot besharam ho tum armaan..' armaan smiled hearing it and hgged her while she reciprocated it.
After a while both went down to see that all were sitting on the dining table...and having dinner..both went to have dinner...after dinner prerna said that she will call their kul pandit and asked them to take out thje perfect muhurat for AR marriage..after this youngsters went outside in the lawn to enjoy themselves..and soon Armaan became friends with Nikki..Muskaan n Anjie..while Riddhima with Abhi..Rahul..and Atul..atul and anjie when saw each other firstsrtarted to like each other and same was with nikki and Abhie..while Rahul n Muskaan had start on a very bad note..and whenever thwy met they use to fight like tom n jerry.
Next day all guptas along with gang was invited by malliks on dinner as their pkul pandit was coming to take out the muhurat for AR marriage.. it was taken out after four months...armaan groaned inwardly as he had to wait for 4 months to make Riddhima his.. then latter riddhiam said that shewanted to get amarried in Jodhpur in their she don't want ke dadu n dadi came all the way here for their marriage..
Everyone smiled seeing her concern towards the elder it was decided that they would get married in jodhpur.
Armaan in pretex of showing Riddhima the house..took her away to his room..and soon both were making out in Armaan's room madly..without caring about anything else..


In all these four months Armaan n Riddhima had spenfd as much time as they could..they got to know each other more..they spend time with each other..going out on dates..movies..dinner..andsometimes juzt use to go to beach to spend some cozy moments with each other..
As Malliks and Guptas were big din't take much time for media to discover the relation that has been fixed between the press conference was called and it was officially announced in media that the marriage relation has been fixed between both guptas and malliks.
Soon time flew like wind..and it was time for AR wedding..Armaan n Riddhima had done all theirshopping of dresses together with each other choice and matching together..along with the now Abhi Nikki n Atul N Anjie were in relation but Rahul n Muskaan were same..always fighting with each other on every small thing..and it had become a entertainment package for all the gang and families.. and also boys to spend sometime with their use to come to hospital in lunch break so as to have lunch with them.
Arman n riddhima always found one palce or the other to romance with each other..armaan n riddhima whenever were alone or werejust cozily in each other's arms were always land up loosing their seneses and were soon found making out with each other.. armaan had develop the habbit of climbing riddhima's room at night and use to spend the half of the night their..kissing each other..making out and talking to each other about everything and nothing. It was getting difficult for both to control their hormones whenever they lose there senses but still controlled themselves reminding them soon they gonna be one ..
In no time four months passed and all Guptas and Malliks along with the gang were soon shifted to Jodhpur palce where the marriage going to take usual.. AR room were juzt next to each other..while the gang room was on the same floor where AR room was...everyone was allotted their own room..while elders were given the room on ground floor..where they had Gayatri and Bhanuu singh's room also..
Both Gaaytri Devi and Bhanu singh were happy to see so much happiness around their palace..and the gang were so lovely children juzt like their Armaan n Riddhima..
Soon all wedding preperations were done...and soon all rituals started to take place with full zest and jeast...
And our dear ARmaan n Riddhima...always meet at night even they were not allowed..armaan every night use to sneak into riddhima's room..and they spend the whole night in each others arms..getting cozy eith each other..


Today was mehendi ceremony of AR and tomorrow in morning will be Haldi rasam and then in evening marriage will take place..
It was evening when all girls were in riddhima's room..getting ready for the mehendi function.. riddhima had worn a purple colour dress..she was wearing no jewelery except her earings..her choli had broad straps..the choli comes upto her navel..and had strait skirt..which was straight ..she had tied her hairs in a pony tail and had little make-up with eye-liner..and lip-gloss with little blusher been used..all in all she was looking beautifull ..

Soon riddhima was made to sit in between lots of ladies..and were asked to apply heena on her hand..on the other side..armaan was standing in the corner wearing purple colour kurta pajma in patiala style and was looking at riddhima...who was putting heena of his name...riddhima feeling his eyes on her..blushed badly...
Soon mahendi ceremony ended and riddhima was sent to her room she entered and was sitting on her bed..she heard someone came into her room and looked upto see armaan came with food in his hand for both of them.
He smiled and went and sat with her on the bed and said 'tumne khana nahi khaaya hoga na..chalo main tumhe khila deta hun..' riddhima smiled and asked 'tumne khaya..' armaan noded in no nad said 'ab dono ek saath kahayenge na..okay..' riddhima smiled and both eat the food lovingly..
After having food armaan pulled riddhima in his arms and made her sit in his lap..and took her hands in his and start looking at her heena..she looked confudsed and asked 'kya dekh raho armaan..' armaan replied 'main apna name dhoond raha hun..' riddhima blushed but said 'abhi kyun dhoond raho..kal dhoondna..raat ko..' armaan smiled mischeviously and said 'kal ki raat main in sab faltu kaamo mein waste nahi karna chahata..kal raat toh mujhe aur bhi zaruri kaam know..' riddhima blushed hard understanding the underline meaning of his words but still to teas him she asked 'kya kaam hai tumhe kal raat..' armaan smiled naughtily and said 'bataun kya kaam hai..mujhe..' riddhima smiled and blushed hard but nodded her head asking to tell her...
So armaan slowly removed off her duptta..and started planting little kissing on her nape..making her gasp in pleasure..slowly kisses turned into wild and both were kissing each other wildly..but in all this armaan securely hold riddhima's hand so that her mehendi din't get spoiled because of their romance...soon after around mid-night armaan making riddhima sleep went back to his room..


In morning haldi rasam took place..for girls the setup was for haldi was done inside the palace while for bpoys it was done in the lawn..outside...the haldi ceremony was full of masti and dhamal...
In evening marriage took place in the the night..riddhima was wearing a white lahenga with red dupaata on it..she had wore two neck;aces with hands full of white and red bangles...whereas armaan was wearing white sherwani with red work done on it..with red dupatta with it..


Soon both ARmaan n Riddhima were announced as Husband n Wife...after lots of masti and fun..riddhima was escorted to the room..the room was decorated with white flowers and orchids..with fregnance candels put all over the bed..

Muskaan..nikki nad anjie made riddhima sit in the middle of the bed..with her lehenga spread all around her..after making her sit they sit for a while and teased her about their first night..and she was blushing very badly..realising it was the time when she and Armaan will fulfill all their desires tnight..
Soon after sometime al three girls left and after few minutes Armaan came into the see his life..his love who now has become his wife..
He move close to her..and sat in front of her..and removed her veil from her face..she was looking angelic with blush adoring her face..he looked at her and said 'jaan u looking very beautiful in this wedding dress of yours..itni sundar ki main jhud ko control nahi kar paa raha hun..aaj raat tumhe har tarah se apna banana ke liye...' riddhima blushed hard hearing his comment and as armaan was leaning on her to kisss her..she moves away from him blushing hard and went and stand near the window looking at the moon in the sky..


Baaho ke darmiya do pyar mil rahe hain - (2)
Jane kya bole mann,
dole sunke badan dhadkan banee juban

(Armaan went near Riddhima and slowly putting his hand on her waist pulled her that her back of hitting his front..he slowly removed her dupatta from her head..and turned her towards himself..)
Baaho ke darmiya do pyar mil rahe hain - (2)
Jane kya bole mann,
dole sunke badan dhadkan banee juban
Baaho ke darmiya...

(Riddhima looked at see his eyes feeled with passion..and love for her..she hugged him not able to see those desires which were making her tremble..while he opened her hairs removingall her hair jewelareis..and moving her hairs on one side..he removed all her necklaces..and start planting kisses on her nape..making groan with his every kiss...)
Khulte badan hote labon kee yeh ankahee - (2)
Mujhse keh rahee hai kee badhane de bekhudee
Mil yu kee daud jaye nas nas me bijliya

(Armaan then slowly removed all her by one planting kisses on her wrist, hands and he remove one bangle..making her tremble in pleasure..he looked at her face which has eyes closed feeling his love for her..)
Baaho ke darmiya do pyar mil rahe hain
(Riddhima opened her see..armaan looking at her..with so much passion..she put her arms around his neck while..he pulled her closer..through her waist..and moved his lips closer to her to kiss feel her petals on his manly ones..)
Jane kya bole mann, dole sunke
badan dhadkan banee juban
Baaho ke darmiya...

(Armaan was about to close the distance the between their lips..but riddhima again moved away from him..teasing him..and went and sat on the bed..armaan came near her..and put all her hairs to one side..revealinhg her bare it had only thin strap that was holding her choli and had dori on the top..armaan moved his finger sesuoslly on her back and opened the dori making it lose fromher shoulders..and start placing light sensuous kisses on her back till the end where the choli strap was there.. )
Aasman ko bhee yeh hasin raj hai pasand - (2)
Ulajhee ulajhee saanso kee aawaj hai pasand
Motee luta rahee hai sawan kee badliya

(Riddhima feeling his fingers moving sensuously on her back with his light sensuous kisses..she turned to face him..and armaan sawher turn and looked into her eyes to see the same passion which he had for her.. putting his hand on her back he make her lay on the bed..while he lay on top of her..)
Baaho ke darmiya do pyar mil rahe hain - (2)
Jane kya bole mann, dole sunke badan dhadkan banee juban
Baaho ke darmiya...

*_*_*_*_*_*_*ADULT PART AHEAD IN RED 18+ READ AT UR OWN RISK*_*_*_*_*_*_*

riddhima opened her eyes and looked into his blue ones and replied 'make me yours armaan...' armaan smiled hearing it and parted her thighs and moved his finger inside her core making her wet all the way and sealed her lips as cry fell out from her mouth as he entered his finger inside her. He then took out her finger when he felt that she was wet and ready to take the pain. he enterd his manhood inside her vagina breaking her virginity. he pushed himself hard inside her making her cry in pain of pleasure. He then moved slowly as he want to make her comfortable first..when he saw that she was comfortable and ready to reach the climaxe of their love making. he pushed hard his manhood inside her while sealing her lips and diverting her mind from pain and putting his hands on her breasts pressing them and riddhima's hands on his shoulders. he moved their body first slowly but as time passed he increased the speed and start moving faster taking both of them another world and marking their souls as one. both make love till booth were satisfied. Soon both were lost in their world where...only they both and their love exist for each other..both made wild love to each other..till early in the morning..after when both were exhausted completely with hours of making love..both drifted to each other's arms..

Soon both were lost in their world where...only they both and their love exist for each other..both made wild love to eac other..till early in the morning..after when both were exhausted completely with hours of making love..both drifted to each other's arms..
Riddhima got up at around 1o in the morning..she moved a little when she felt someone placing wet kisses on her shoulder..she turned around and saw her love of her life..her husband looking at her with lots of love in his eyes..she smiled at him and said 'good morning baby..' armaan smiled and pulled her closer through her waist..under duvet..riddhima gasped feeling..their naked body under the same armaan looked at her...he kissed directly on her lips...which soon turned into passionate one...after sometime both broke the kiss...and armaan wished her 'good morning jaan..mujhe kal ki raat humesha yaad rahegi..I Love You Jaan..' armaan said with lots of love in his eyes for her...riddhima smiled and replied 'meri bhi life ki kal ki raat best life..thi ... I Love You Too Armaan..with whole my heart..' armaan smiled and pulled her closer..and soon were lost making love to each other..
This was Armaan n Riddhima's life..full of love and happiness..which they had for each other..soon after a year they were blessed with the baby girl..whome they named ARADHYA..' which means WORSHIP...and she was the worship of her parents eternal love..she was the princess of of her parents..grandparents..and great grandparents..
Armaan n Riddhima..after their marriage..make it that they will spent atleast one month in Jodhpur every year..infact Riddhima wanted that she wanted to give birth to her first child in Jodhpur..where all the happiness came into her life..and also wanted that Bhanu Singh n Gayatri Devi to keep the name of Her's n Armaan's first kid...and hence giving into her desires..Armaan took her to Jodhpur in her sixth month along with his parents and Gayatri Devi n Bhanu Singh gave name to AR's first kid..

This was AR love..jisse Pyaar se indono ke Dillon ko joda...humesha ke liye...aur unhe itne kareeb le aaya ke koi unh eek dusre se alag na kar paaye..

hope u all will like it


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