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AR os : Tere Bin Marjaawa

St. Xavier's college, Mumbai

A guy of age 17 is sitting at the end of library all alone which is all empty as no one comes to the end of the library.his eyes is puffed with some marks of dry tears on his cheeks and nose red.

A girl wearing pink top and blue kapri,age of 15,came running huffing and puffing and shouted on the guy,"ammy tu yaha baitha hai,aur waha ridzi ne bhi apne aap ko kamre me band kar liya hai..mai tum dono ko call kar kar ke pagal ho gai hu..dono hi mere call avoid kar rahe ho...guys what's wrong with you both...???"she then stopped seeing no reply from armaan.

Scanning his face,she was horrified and sat next to him,"armaannn...kya hua???"armaan looked at her as she only calls him armaan when she is serious and right now she is damn serious as her both best friends are angry-upset-annoyed with each other and she was totally oblivious to everything.

"Sanju..." Armaan hugged her as tight as he can and two fat tears dropped from his eyes on her shoulder. She was shocked to say or do anything but still she breaking the hug,cupped his face and asked,"ammy...kya hua tujhe???"she too had tears seeing her bestest friend having tears in his eyes.

"Basket left me sanju... She left me..." Sanju,for a second thought,maybe she is dreaming but hell was all real...each and every word of armaan was crystal clear to her ear but her mind was numb enough to take anything..the most famous-happening-beautiful-made for each other couple are apart the hell is this happening...???

"Come again ammy...??? you kidding right..??" She tried to laugh but his serious face and his tears made her fail to smile.she looked in his greyish-blue big expressive eyes and was sure he is not kidding but in her heart she still prayed so that in must be a prank of armaan as usual but damn it was true...a bitter truth...,"no sanju... Mai not kidding.. She left me..she broke up with me...she don't trust me sanju..."armaan in a very next second got up and shouted throwing his bag with some books,"SHE DON'T TRUST ME SANJU..."

Sanjula winget a beautiful cute innocent yet naughty and jolly-go-g
Happy tom boy-girl.she loves to see others happy.. Loves her best friend,ARMAAN a lot..but only as a best friend.. Nothing more,nothing less.

Armaan mallik handsome charming guy with dimples on his cheeks,dashing looks every girl die for.sanju is his best friend from class 4th.he loves to prank on anyone he meets and see but for sure knows his limits.fell in love with a girl,who is college ki Jaan..dream girl for all.

Riddhima Gupta,most beautiful and gorgeous girl of the college.. Each and every guy wants her to be his girlfriend but she lost her heart to the most happening guy of the college, college ki aan baan shaan,the armaan malik.

Nia shetty,a big bimbo,so called best friend of riddhima.riddhima trust her a lot but nia hates riddhima as she thinks coz of riddhima, armaan is not with him.she wants armaan by hook or by crook.
AR are the most happening and best couple of their batch.all adore them except nia...armaan is always there for her. Dropping her home,picking her from home.they every weekend they plan something and enjoy roaming, long drives,movies and many more.

The happiest person to see AR happy and together is sanju..she knows very well, what riddhima means to armaan.she being armaan's best friend,always helped him to meet riddhima.

"Ammy tujhe jarur koi galatfehmi hui hogi...ridzi trust u and loves u a lot.. She must be joking..." She tried to console herself more than him as she can't see her friend like this.

"Acha,toh ab tu bhi mujhpe trust nahi karti...thik hai.." He picked up his bag from floor and opening the zip,turned the bag upside down and a small teddy,finger ring,a bracelet, anklet greetings and many more things,"yeh dekh...basket yeh sab mere muh pe phek ke gai hai...yeh kehke ki mai kabhi apna chehra use naa dikhau...bol kya ab bhi lag raha hai ki mai mazak kar raha hu ya basket mazak kar rahi hai...bol na sanju...ab tu Chup q hai...??"he held sanju's arm,shaking her badly but she was too lost looking on the floor... All the gifts armaan has gifted riddhima was now shattered on floor as if it has no value but she knows what it meant to armaan.. He himself working in some concerts, has bought gifts for riddhima.

Armaan finally broke down on his knees and started crying remembering all the events from the starting.

All books on floor and AR lost in each other----armaan in knees in front of riddhima with flower in his one hand and ring in other---- AR hugging each other and all clapping for them----armaan sitting on bike and riddhima sitting behind him, hugging him tightly blushing a bit and armaan smiling sheepishly----armaan making riddhima wear ring----he bends to kiss her and she is with close eyes and parted lips waiting for him to claim her his.

Here sanju collected everything from floor and putting it in bag and went out leaving armaan alone as right now she needs to get some answers.

Armaan cried and remembered the day when armaan first met riddhima.


"No Sanju! This is not done yaar Sanju! Nahi sanju!" Armaan was walking through the College corridors while all the girls were ogling at him. He was talking to his bestfriend Sanju, who was a complete tom boy who was teasing her putting water on her but as armaan knows he can't retort as anyways he can't win from her. He bumped into a girl who was wearing a mini skirt and a crop top looking a perfect modern angel.perfect figure.. Round big eyes...perfect dress and beautiful features.

All her papers fell down. Her face was hidden by her long hair. She moved her hairs away and he got lost in her green emerald eyes. She bend down to pick her papers up when she felt his hand on hers. Both lost in eachother's eyes, slowly got up and were lost in eachother's eyes. "Riddhima gupta" the principle said from behind smiling making both come out of their trance. "Yes" she said. "Come in" she smiled and showed a hand towards the door of her room. "Thank you!" She whispered to Armaan and walked towards the principle. She turned around walking forward to see him lost in her. She blushed and walked in the room. "Ammy? Helllo?" He heard Sanju screaming on the other end. "Abe kya hai chilla kyu rahi hai?" Armaend said annoyingly and walked forward talking to her.

Flashback end

He got up and thinking to go to his favorite place to get some peace.basket ball court but again saw riddhima there playing basketball.. He went near her but she was not there as he tried to touch her.he was again lost in his memory lane.


Armaan came to basketball court in evening as whole day he was busy drooling over riddhima. She was her classmate and he felt lucky to see her again in the same day but he was having hard time controlling himself from not talking to her and by the end of the day, he was going through lots of emotions together and here sanju, who was observing him since morning, being his best friend was of no use as she was teasing him from morning.

He took the ball and started bouncing it when he heard his sir calling him,"armaan mallik..."

He turned and was again lost as riddhima was standing with his sir.

"Armaan???" He came out of trance and saw her blushing. She is so cute and naive he thought and smiled.

"Yes sir"

"Armaan, she is riddhima Gupta...she is her interschool basketball player.. I heard you need more players for your team and she is very eager to join the team..." Armaan was staring her when his sir was blabbering something which was out of his reach.She was blushing feeling his instance gaze on her.

"So hope you don't mind...armaan...armaan are u listening???"," huh...??ye...yeah...sir...sirrr"he stammered and someone giggled behind him.he turn and saw sanju looking at him smirkingly and angrily glared him.

"Yes sir..hum riddhima ko jarur apne team me lege...lege na armaaaaaannnn???" Sanju smirked answering.riddhima smiled as sanju pulled riddhima with her seeing her sir going back and teased armaan saying, "hey dear...wait...let me give u nick name...hmm...hmm... hmm....ridzi...
yeah Aj se tera naam ridzi for me...aur ammy...tu Kya naam dega ridzi ko???"

Armaan smiled and again started bouncing the ball and then passed it to riddhima and winked at her,"pehle Dekhe toh ki yeh khelti hai...naam toh bad me bhi decide ho hi jaega..."

Riddhima caught the ball blushing seeing him winking and then started bouncing the ball.armaan was just lost in her when she was busy Playing.

"Basket..." Both riddhima and sanju looked at him with questioning eyes,"Aj se tumhara naam basket... "," BASKETTTTTT..."ridzi and sanju shouted together

"Haa basket...she is my basket from today..." He said looking in her eyes and she smiled...

"Whatever...ammy...tu pagal ho gaya hai...i mean who calls a girl,basket...Wo bhi too such a beautiful girl..."sanju smacked her head and armaan was just busy staring riddhima who was looking down feeling his gaze.

He came to her and forwarding his hand said," hey basket...will u be my friend...???"she blushing took his hand for shaking but he bent and kissed it lightly making riddhima blush more and sanju shock.

Riddhima ran from there as sanju coughed hard.armaan glared sanju but then smiled as she sang the song," haa tujhe pyaar hua pyaar hua Allah miya..."

A few weeks passed by, armaan and Riddhima had become good friends. Both had developed feeling for each other and now were waiting for the right time to tell each other. It was valentines day today. Riddhima was wearing a red knee length dress. There was a party in college. Music bands were playing while riddhima was talking to her friends. Soon the music stopped and everyone saw Armaan on stage. "Aaj valentines day hai! And we all know its a very special day! Aaj ke dinn 2 pyaar karne wale ekk durse se apne pyaar ka izhaar karte hain! To dosto Main bhi aaj wohi karne jaa raha hun!" Armaan said as spotlight was shining on him, as he walked towards riddhima. "Riddhima Gupta I love u since the first time I saw you!!! U make my heartbeat faster, whenever u r infront me I loose my self in u! I conclude it Love! I LOVE U! Will you be my valentine for humesha and forever!" Armaan spoke looking at riddhima kneeling on his knees forwarding his hand. "I love u too" she whispered and put her hand in his. Girls were jealous and boys were feeling punch-him-in-the-face as they wanted to be riddhima's boyfriend. Getting up armaan kissed riddhima as the crown hooted.


Here in her room riddhima was sitting with messed hair, and her room messed too.She was crying and hiscupping.

"Maine kabhi nahi socha tha ki tum mujhe is tarah cheat karoge armaan..bhot acha game khelte ho armaan... Ek pal bhi nahi lagaya na mere dil tukde karne me???" She cried thinking about the time they spend together when someone knocked the door.riddhima without looking wiped her tears,"mom aa jaeye.."

But as she saw sanju,her face turned hard and eyes turned red in anger,"yaha q aai hai tu...ohh haa tere us so called Best friend ne bheja hoga na...par ms sanjula...mujhe uski koi waqalat nahi sunni...chali jaa yaha se..."she barked on her.sanju was shocked to see her reaction but still manage to speak,"ridzi..kya hua hai batana...tune aise achanak break up nahi karna chahiye tha...armaan tut gaya hai ridzi.. "

"Acha toh Wo tut gaya hai??? Kya bat hai sanju...q tera pyaar kam pad gaya kya Jo Wo mere chale Jane se tut gaya..." Riddhima gritted her teeth and pushed sanju out..

"Ridzi yeh tu kya kar rahi hai...aur kya bol rh hai ridzi..." Sanju was shocked to say or anything...

"Chali jaa yaha se..aur wapas mat aana...keh de apne us ammy se ki mar gai uski basket... Ab jaa yaha se..." Pushing her out of her house,she closed the door.

Running to her room she closing the door,she slid down cried her heart out remembering the day when everything just went upside down.


Riddhima was sitting with nia having coffee in college canteen when armaan came with sanju with his hand around her shoulder and sanju playing with his key chain. Riddhima smiled seeing them and here nia cursed sanju as she was not able to tolerate sanju next to armaan.

Armaan stopped on his way and passed a flying kiss to riddhima and started tickling sanju as she was teasing him saying something about riddhima.

"Iss sanjula ke paas shayad koi aur kaam nahi hai...jab bhi dekho bas armaan se chipakti rehti hai...mujhe toh lagta hai in dono ke bich jarur kuch chal raha hai..." She was enough smart to let riddhima hear her.

"Nia yeh tu kya keh rahi hai..??...pagal ho gai hai kya...they are best friends..." Riddhima angrily retorted,"ohh please riddhima... Isse kaun friendship kahega???"she questioned pointing towards the friends who were busy laughing.armaan has his hand around sanju's shoulder and she was holding him by waist.

Riddhima looked at them and for a second was confused but then chuckle the thought smiling, "are nia...don't worry...I trust armaan... He will never ever cheat tu tension mat Le..."

Flashback end

"Maine toh kitna bharosa kiya tha tumpe armaan... Aur tumhe ek second bhi nahi laga mera pyaar,mera bharosa,mera sab kuch khatam karte hue..." She cried and again got lost..

After some days of all that nia's bakwas,riddhima was in basketball court waiting for armaan and sanju.both didn't came.other their teammates were too there waiting for them.

"Are Yaar ridzi...plzz tere boyfriend ko bula na...kaha hai Wo..." Rahul shouted.

"Hmm haa ruk...ruk jaa Rahul bulati hu.."she tried calling armaan but his phone was out of reach and just when she was again going to call armaan, nia from nowhere came and snatched her phone," kise phone kar rh hai riddhima... Armaan ko...","nia yeh kya tarika can u snatch my phone??? "Riddhima was really angry on nia," tch tch tch riddhima... Tu kitni bholi hai..koi bhi tujhe uhi bewkoof bana de..."

"Nia...what bullshit are you speaking... Give my phone back and go away..." Riddhima literally snatched back her phone.

"Yeh phone Le lene se sacchai badal nahi jaegi...naa armaan tera phone uthaega..aur naa hi Wo sanjula.."," q..q phone nahi uthaege Wo dono...tum kehna kya chahti ho nia...make it straight..."riddhima angrily asked her.

"Ohh so to make it very straight and clear,let me tell u ki tumhara Wo bf hai na Wo abhi apni so called best friend ke sath Romance karne me busy hoga..." She blurt out..


Riddhima slapped her hard and said,"tum samjhti kya ho khud ko...meri friend ho iska matlab yeh nahi ki kuch bhi bakti rahogi..."she angrily tried to walk away but nia smehow controlling her anger held riddhima's wrist and walked,"tumhe vishwas nahi hai na...tomai dikhati hu ki kya sach hai aur kya jhut..."

She gave her mobile to riddhima and played a video in which both armaan and sanju were hugging each other and sanju saying, "I sooooo love you armaan... Mai Aj bhot khush hu...soch jab ridzi ko pata chalega ki humne uske sath game khela hai toh Wo tera kya haal karegi soch...hahaha" she laughed and armaan said," haa baat to sach keh rahi hai tu sanju..usko pata chala toh maar dalegi meko...but you know I have my own tricks to make her...I love you too...."

"Ab bol kya ab bhi vishwas nahi karegi tu mujhpe...Wo toh mai waha se jaa rahi thi aur unki bate sun Lee isliye record kar ki...nahi toh naa Jane kya hota tera..." She said showing sympathy but riddhima ran from there with tears in her eyes.

"Mujhe armaan se baat karni hogi...tabhi mai kisi bhi baat pe yakin karugi..." Saying she ran to her room where no one was there.she searched each and every room and at last found armaan in garden.but she stopped then and there as armaan was with sanju hugging her from behind and sanju was smiling...

The very next day,she gave back all the gifts given by armaan breaking the relationship without giving a single chance to armaan to speak.

Flashback end

Armaan was all alone as riddhima left him..her phone was switched off and he can't go to her place,as it will coz more problems and sanju was out of Town.

Days were difficult for both AR.they both missed each other like hell but riddhima was tied up with a big misunderstanding and Armaan was in no sense to do or think anything.
Here sanju was thinking what she can do to make AR as both her friends were pushing themselves in shells going away.

Days passed and nothing was turning good. A day Sanju was in the ladies bathroom. She was getting out of stall when she saw Nia coming in with her friend laughing. She quickly hid inside a stall. "Omg Tina! Tujhe pata hai mujhe kitniii khushi mill rahi hai! Armaan aur Riddhima ka breakup hogaya! Abh sirf aur sirf Armaan mera haib sirf mera tu nahi janti Maine kitne papad bele hai...Wo video ko edit karna kitna Mushki tha...armaan and WO sanju to bas mastikar rh the... As armaan was planning to gift something to riddhima and I used the opportunity!" Nia laughed evilly. Sanju stood shocked inside the stall.

"Hmmmm... To se saara kiya dhara tumhara hai Ms Nia Shetty!!! Abh tum dhekna, main tumhara kya haal karti hu! Mere Best Friend ki life barbaad kardi! Usse se uska pyaar cheen liya! Just wait and watch What I'm gonna do to you! Armaan khud tumhein tukrahega!" Sanju gritted her teeth and smiled evilly.

She called Armaan and told him all about Nia. She told him her plan and told him to call Nia. Armaan took his phone out and called her "Nia! Mujhe tumse ekk bohot important baat karni hai!" He told her to come at college and she agreed.

Sanju left for Riddhima's place. "Namaste aunty! Ridzi kaha hai?" She asked Padma Gupta her mom. "Beti patani usse kya hoa hai? Kab se aapne kamre mein locked hai! Maine poocha bhi parr ussne kaha uski tabiyat kharab hai aur woh college nhi ayegi!" Padma told her looking towards Riddhima's room. Sanju ran to her room and tried opening it but it was locked. Padma gave her the spare key and She opened the door and went inside followed by Padma. Everything was messed up. Sanju went and held her hand making get up. "Chal mere saath!" Sanju said pulling her but riddhima didn't get up. "Mujhe tere saat kahi nahi jaana!!" Riddhima gripped her hand back. "Riddhi ekk baar chali jaa uske saath!" Padma said while Sanju looked at Riddhima with some hope.

"Ok!!" Riddhima doubted her but saw something in her eyes and decided to go with her. She went and quickly changed in to a Grey skirt and a pink tank top. Both girls left to college. Reaching college, Sanju dragged Riddhima in an isolated old classroom, and hid behind a book shelf. Riddhima was confused but Sanju put a hand on her mouth as she saw Armaan and Nia entering. Armaan hugged Nia making her confused. "It was u all along Nia! Abh mujhe realize hoa hai that I only love you" armaan said as nia had tears and a smile on her face. "Really Armaan! Omg I always knew that! Isiliye maine tumhara aur Riddhima ka breakup karaya!" Sje said screaming in happiness. Riddhima stood there shocked as tears dropped from her eyes. "Haan dheko na! Maine usse sacha pyaar kiya aur ussne mujhpe shakk kiya!" Armaan pouted. "Haan ur right! Warna agar woh tumse pyaar karti to woh mere pe yakeen na karr leti!" Nia said excitedly. "Kya?" Armaan asked trying to control his anger. "Maine riddhima ko kaha that You and Sanju r involved in a affair aur uss reatard ne believer karr liya! Omg!" She said laughing.

Riddhima covered her mouth to not let out a sound as tears rolled down. Sanju smirked as she saw the plan working. The next moment every one was shocked. Armaan slapped Nia hard on her cheeks. "Thank u soooo much ms Nia Shetty! Sab kuch sach kehne keliye!" Armaan said. Riddhima and Sanju came next to armaan. "Tumne mujhe thapad mara! How dare u a*******?" Nia screamed holding her cheek. "How dare YOU? Maine tumhe apna friend manaa aur tumne? Tumne kya kiya?" Riddhima said disgustingly looking at Nia. "Tum parr to koi thookna bhi pasand nhi karega!" Riddhima said as she looked at Nia who was burning in anger and jealousy. Nia stomped her foot and left.

Riddhima looked down as tears fell out of her eyes. "I'm sorry Armaan! I should've trusted you!" Riddhima said not meeting his eyes as she was guilty. "Heyy! Don't we sorry! It wasn't ur fault! Its all that Nia's fault! Always remember that I love u!! Armaan said lovingly wiping her tears. "I love u too" riddhima whispered smiling. Armaan moved forward to kiss her when sanju screamed "guysss! Im still here! Mujhe tum logo ka make out thekne ka koi shauk nhi hai!". "Haan to kyu bani hai kabab mein haddi? Jaa na! No one stopped u!" Armaan said. "Hawwww how mean! Jaa rhi hun!" Sanju whined and left the class. Armaan looked and riddhima and smacked his lips on her soft petals and took her in a passionate kiss.

The End!!!

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