Friday, 14 May 2021

AR Os: Tumhe Meri Zaroorat Hai

Girl(frustratingly) - Yeh aap kya keh rahe hai Doctor...mei yeh sab nahi kar sakti..

Doctor(annoyed) - Dekhiye Mrs Mallik,aapko aisa karna hi hoga..humaare paas aur koi option nahi hai..

Girl - Aap samajh kyun nahi rahe...meri shaadi hai next week aur aap bolre hai ki mei apne Ex-husband ke saath pehle jaise rahu...i mean this

Doctor - Dekhiye Riddhimaji,technically woh aapke Ex-husband nahi aap dono ka ab tak divorce nahi hua hai..

Riddhima(angrily) - Divorce ka process chal raha hai..Court ne kal ki tareek di thi..mujhe aur Armaan ko kal Finally paper par sign karna tha...Kal hamaara officially Divorce ho jaaega..

Doctor - Aapka aur Mr Mallik ka Divorce tab hi hoga na jab woh Divorce papers Sound mind mei sign karinge..Mr mallik ke Accident ke time,unke brain par bahut effect pada hai..jiske wajeh se unki memory chale gayi hai...Aur unhe lagta hai ki woh ek 13 saal ke bacche hai...Aapko ,as a wife,unki zimedaari uthani padegi...jab woh theek ho jaaenge tab aapko jo sahi lage woh kariye..

Riddhima(stubbornly) - Aapko samajh kyun nahi aata?..Meri next week shaadi hai Sid se..aur aap mujhe yaha Armaan ko sambhaal ne ko bolre ho...jaa kar aap iski girlfriend ko boliye na...woh Armaan ka acche se khayaal rakhengi..

Doctor - Nahi Mrs mallik..aap Mr Armaan ki family aapko hi unki zimmedati meni ho gi...aur jaha tak baaat aapki shaadi ki hai...sorry to say but without divorce dusri shaadi karna legal nahi hai...So ab aapke paas koi choice nahi hai...yeh lee jiye Mr Armaan Mallik ki reports aur mene unhe discharge kar diya hai..aap jaakar reception mei formalities poori kar sakti hai..

Doctor went away leaving Riddhima alone in his office.She dont know what to do.She cant tolerate Armaan for a second.She thought finally tomorrow she will get divorced with Armaan.But destiny has its own set of plans.Armaan met with an accident two days ago.He was unconscious for two days.Finally when he got consciousness today in morning.He was talking like some kid with innocense dripping in his words.And then Doctor informed her about Armaan's memory loss.

She dont know what to do.Here,She was planning for her marriage with Sid and now She is back to square one.Her trance broke by Sid's concerned voice.

"Riddhima ab toh Armaan discharge bhi ho raha hai..chalo ab humme bhi yaha se jaana chahiye...Waise bhi mene Tina ko call kar diya hai..bahut tym ho gaya...woh aa jaegi..humme phir shopping pe bhi jaana hai..chalo".Sid was about to hold Riddhima's hand when there convo was diturbed by some irritated voice.
"Mera Armaan kaha hai..Tumhe kya laga riddhima ki tum mere Armaan ki dekhbaal karogi uske accident ke baad..toh woh tumhaare paas waapas aajaega..nahi Armaan Sirf tina ka hai..Sirf tina ka".Tina came and was standing exactly opposite riddhima in a short skirt and sleevless top with her sun glasses on.Riddhima's head was already bursting listening about Armaan's condition.And on top of that,this Sid was insisting her to go with him on one side and this Tina was blabbering some nonsense on other side.She was feeling like slapping both of them.Here Sid ,unaware about Riddhima's inner turmoil,again started insisting Riddhima -"Ab toh Tina bhi aa gayi...ab humme chalna chahiye riddhima...Mom ka 3 baar phone aa chuka hai...humme yaha se... ".He was cut short by Riddhima's loud voice -"Bassssssss....chup beitho dono ke dono....mei yaha se Armaan ko liye bina nahi jaa sakti".Before they can start again,riddhima heaved a sigh and again started calmly seeing people staring at her wierdly -"Armaan ki memory loss ho chuki hai...woh khudhko 13yrs ka baccha samjta hai..toh iss halat mei Armaan aur mera kal divorce nahi ho sakta..jab tak Armaan theek nahi ho jaata naahi hum dono ka divorce ho sakta aur naahi meri aur Sid ki shaadi..So mei Armaan ko yaha se lekar jaa rahi hoon..nahi..ek word bhi nahi bolna tum log".Then She just left Doctor's cabin and went away towards Armaan's ward leaving crying siddhant and angry Tina.

Riddhima entered Armaan's ward but dint find anyone.She was about to turn when she felt someone's familiar palm on her eyes.That someone whispered in Riddhima's ears-"kidhar jaa rahi ho aap mujhe chodkar?".Riddhima got shocked and for once thought Armaan Regained his memory.But then Armaan jumped in front of her and started excitedly-"Arrey dost,kaha jaa rahi ho mujhe chod kar?..Doctor uncle ne kaha ki aap meri best friend ho aaj se aur aap mere saath hi rahegi...ab chalo na dost".Armaan started dragging riddhima by holding her wrist whereas Riddhima was trying to stop him.This was intterupted by Doctor who came and gave necessary medicines for Armaaan and gave few instructions about Armaan's diet plan.Armaan was just holding riddhima's wrist with his one hand and playing with her dupatta with other.Riddhima dint protested as she was too involved with doctor.She then bid doctor bye and took Armaan to her small apartment where she was living since two months.

She entered her apartment with confused Armaan at her side.She got inside and locked Main door from inside.She was very exhausted after all this and was just wishing to sleep on her heavenly bed.She just got in her room and changed her dress into cute black shorts and white Tank top.She lied down on her bed.She was thinking that she forgot something but then dismissed her thoughts.She closed her eyes and was about to drift in her freams when she felt someone's strong palm on her waist from her backside and next moment she also felt that someone hugging her from backside.She shivered remembering the touch and tried to get up but that someone now also kept his right leg on riddhima's legs.

Riddhima was now perfectly cocooned within Armaan's arm.She was about to protest but her eyes felt heavy and she closed her eyes as all the exhaustion was effecting her now and she Finally drifted in deep sleep within Armaan's strong arms.

Next Morning

Riddhima opens her eyes and what she saw first in the morning is totally unexpected.Riddhima Saw Armaan's face lieing very close to her.She got lost in Armaan's face.But she comes in reality when she hear her phone ringing continuously.She gets up with lots of difficulty and take a look at the 20 missed calls by Sid.She was about to redial when she saw Armaan waking up and Smiling sweetly at her.Armaan gets up and come to Riddhima's side and hugs her innocently mumbling -"Good morning dost smile emoticon ...kya tum meri bestie banogi?".Riddhima does'nt feel uncomfortable as Armaan was hugging her just like a lil child.She then raises her hand and also hugs him back making him smile wider.She also mumbled -"Good morning Armaan..n offcourse mei tumhaari bestie banungi".Armaan jumped up hearing this and pouted innocently -"Sachi..matlab ab se tum sirf meri bestie ho aur kisi ki nahi?".Riddhima just nodded her head in a yes and then asked him politely -"Ab hum best friends hai na..toh aap meri baat manoge..right?".Armaan just nodded in a yes in reply.Riddhima cotinued -"So aap jao aur jaakar brush karo..mei aapko milk banaati hoon..mera best friend toh good boy hai na?".Armaan again nodded in a yes enthusiastically and goes to washroom after taking directions from riddhima for brushing his tooth.Riddhima then took her mobile and speed dialed Sid -"kya hua Sid?tum itni baar call kyun kiya?".Sid replied Angrily -"Tum armaan ke saath usse theek karne gae ho ya uske saath honeymoon banane?" Riddhima gets shocked hearing Sid's tone and now she is fully waked up.She too replied angrily -"
Yeh tum kya keh rahe ho sid...r u drunk?..yeh kaisa sawaal karre ho?".Sid shouted -"mene tumhe jo video bheja hai,woh ek baar dekhlo..phir mei tumse baat karunga".She can then only hear beeep on the other line.Riddhima saw one new video in watsapp sent by sid.She clicked play and saw something which shocked her out of wits.She saw herself with Armaan in the video where they both were sleeping cozily hugging each other.She know this is previous night's vide but what shocked her was that somebody shooted it and sent it to Sid.She then called Sid in daze -"Dekho sid...yeh video sahi hai...par tum jaisa sochre ho waise kuch nahi hai..".Sid just replied Sarcastically -"Accha toh meri fiance kisi aur aadmi ke saath soye aur mujhe galat samjhna nahi chahiye....U know what agar tum sachme mujhse pyaar karti ho toh chod do Armaan ko uske haal par aur kal hi mujhse shaadi kar lo...bolo kya tum tayar ho iske liye?".Riddhima was literally taken aback by his inhuman offer.How can she live Armaan in such condition.She told him irritatingly -"Tum pagal ho gae ho....mei Armaan ko aise kaise chod sakti hoon...uska mere alaava hai hi kaun?..mei usse nahi chod sakti".Sid muttered disappointingly -"Mene tumse yeh expect nahi kiya tha..i thought tum mujhse pyaar karti ho...u know wat mei yeh engagement todra hoon tumse..Sach toh yeh hai ki tum abhi bhi uss Armaan mallik se pyaar karti ho...Good bye RIDDHIMA ARMAAN MALLIk..mei hamesha hamesha ke liye london jaa raha hooon".

Before Riddhima could reply,Sid cut the phone and Riddhima was left in daze thinking ~"Kya mei sachme Armaan mallik se pyaar karti hoon?..nahi aisa nahi ho sakta...usne jo mere saath kiya wske baad toh hargiz nahi".Her trance broke when Armaan came and asked her lazily -"Mujhe bhook lagri hai bestie...see mene toh naha bhi liya hai..Waise bestie Mei itna bada aur handsome kaise ho gaya?".To make Armaan forget his last question,Riddhima asked him -"Tumhe aloo ke paraanthe khaana hai?".Armaan replied happily -"Haa..mujhe aloo ke paraanthe bahut pasand..u r the best bestie".Riddhima then feeded him paraantha after his insistence.Then whole day either they were watching cartoons or playing ludo with each other.Riddhima unknowingly was loving all this.But still she was'nt ready to accept it.

Then came night and Armaan was now lieing on the bed with his head in Riddhima's laps.Riddhima was tracing her hand on Armaan's head and Armaan drifted in a sound sleep.

Riddhima was thinking about her past.How Armaan ans she met as a collegue and then fallen for each other badly.Then they were in relationship for about two years.Finally Armaan proposed her and they got happily married.Everything was bliss for two eyers after marriage.But after that,Armaan lost his job and was not getting any other job.He became frustrated and would take out his frustration on Riddhima.This changed everything.From a "made in heaven couple",they changed into "Cant tolerate even each other sight couple".They always used to fight for a silly reason and would end up not talking to each other for weeks.This led Armaan drawn to a Hot rich girl -TINA MEHTA.She was there neighbour.As riddhima would go for job,Armaan would chat endlessly with Tina.Tina was a cunning rich spoit brat who fallen in love with Armaan and now wants him badly.So she started manipulating Armaan about Riddhima.She started showing him dreams of becoming her dad's company's CEO.She slowly started taking riddhima's place in Armaan's life by getting him lunch and making him wear her favourite colour clothes.Armaan too started liking her.One day,riddhima came exhausted little early from her work and she just wanted to hug Armaan as she was feeling restless since few days.Just when she entered her room,She saw tina in her clothes and was about to kiss Armaan.Her feet seems paralysed.vase broke breaking Armaan's trance.He was shocked seeing her over here.He tried to run after her but Tina manged to caught his wrist.But Armaan just shrugged her hand and ran behind riddhima."Riddhima meri baat toh suno".Riddhima just went away from him and found new apartment.Armaan was dazed and felt a part of him missing.He was ignoring Tina for a long time.Riddhima was shattered and became quiet.At that time,She met Sid who once proposed her in college.Sid was still mad about riddhima amd not seeing her with Armaan,he asked riddhima's hand to her parents who were delighted as they never liked Armaan

Riddhima had to agree for her parents sake who were getting humiliated and blamed for riddhima's unsuccessful love marriage.Whereas Armaan became Alone again and was missing Riddhima badly.He thought to finally apologize riddhima and tell her the truth.But before he could do that,he heard about her 2nd marriage and was extremely furious.In furiousness,he too proposed Tina.They both agreed for mutual divorce.But destiny has its own plan.Armaan met with an accident as he was driving car in drunk state.And now they are back to square one.Riddhima came out of her thoughts hearing a door bell.She was surprised as it was very late.who would have come that late.

Riddhima kept Armaan's head on a pillow and then walks towards door.After opening door,Riddhima's calm expression changed into irritated when she saw Tina at the door wearing some two piece black dress.

"mera Armaan kaha hai?..mei apne mangetar se milne aai will u excuse me".She told with attitude.

And moved riddhima at a side.Riddhima seems perplexed as she saw this woman in HER house that to at 11 pm.She was like "ab kaunsa drama karne aai yeh yaha par".Riddhima rolled her eyes when she saw Tina entering in HER house and then sitting on the sofa with god knows how much attitude.Riddhima was about to ask her when she started in her annoying voice -"Jao aur jaa kar armaan
ko bulaake ke lao..kaho ki Tina usse milne aai hai".Riddhima for the second time rolled her eyes.Riddhima replied sarcastically-"haa haa..mei armaan ko bolungi ki uski TINA usse milne aai hai aur woh dauda dauda chale aaege".Before this girl again start asking stupid questions to her,Riddhima continued -"dekho tina..Armaan ki MEMORY loss ho gayi usse tum yaad nahi ho".

Tina stood up and also replied in sarcastic tone-"So Armaan ki yadaash chalee gayi hai..toh usse tum bhi yaad nahi ho...waise bhi Armaan aur meri shaadi hone waali hai..So tum fikar mat karo..mei Armaan ka dhyaan rakhungi...I DONT trust u..kahi tumne usse mere khilaaf bhadka diya toh..issliye mene decide kiya hai ki Armaan mere ghar par rahega...aur waise bhi tumhaara yeh chote se flat mei uss bichaare ko suffocation hora honga.."She completed with a Yuckkkk expression.Riddhima was about to tell her yes when she remembered Armaan's innocent eyes that display only TRUST.She know that he is already so confused because of his memory loss.She cant just push him away because of this Mindless Woman.So she finally came in Mrs Mallik mode which she nowadays avoid.So riddhima told her in a firm voice -"For your kind information,Armaan mera husband hai...aur abhi tak hum dono ka divorce nahi yeh fiance waala drama mere saamne mat karo..ek baar Armaan theek ho jaaega,toh tum usse jaha lejaana hai..waaha lejaana..but abhi Armaan meri Responsibilty hai..So u better stay out of this for now."

Riddhima's voice was so intimidated and firm that Tina for once moved back.But she regained her posture soon and was about to retort ,when they heard someone's drowsy and adorable voice
"Bestie yeh sab kya hora hai?.tum ab tak aai kyun nahi sone?..mujhe bahut neend aari hai..chalo na plzz" Said armaan cutely and was constantly dragging Riddhima.But they were interrupted by Tina's angry voice which screams JEALOUSY."Armaan tum mere saath chalo na baby..mei tumhe acche acche toys bhi dungi..ab cholo bhi sweetie..iss Ridhima ke paas reh kar kya karoge?".She tried to add extra sugar in her voice.But Armaan seems annoyed(Pehle toh beechare ko sone ko nahi milra..upar se usse yeh ajeeb si didi kahi par chalo bolre).So he angrily shrugged Tina's hand who was trying to hold Armaan's hand as if displaying riddhima that Armaan is only her.

Armaan then turned towards tina and said drowsily-"Didi mujhe aaapke saath kahi nahi jaana..mujhe besty ke saath hi rehna hai..ab mujhe bahut neend aari..aap bhi jaa kar so jao..Good night".Tina was taken aback when Armaan call Her DIDI.She was about to retort when Riddhima finally getting irritated said in a strict tone -"Dekho enough is enough tina..ab tumhe apna question ka jawaab mil gaya...tum subhaa tak yahaa rukh jao..phir chali jaana..abhi waise bhi bahut raat hori hai..So u can stay here till tomorrow morning..yaha par zyaada jagah nahi hai.
So tumhe yaha hall mei sona hoga sofe par..warna tum jaa sakti ho".

Tina agreed as she wanted a chance to stay with Armaan.So she quietly nodded.Riddhima seems shocked as she thought Tina would definitely REFUSE her offer(Arre ridz ko pata hai ki tina apne bahut MEHENGE ghar mei rehti usse laga shayad uska iss bimbo se peecha chud jaae).But its ok for her because she knows that she cannot deny the fact that TINA is Armaan's fiance.So she said tina to stay till morning in her.What would go more worse than it is already is.

Tina was finding a way to confront armaan alone.She saw riddhima coming with a bedsheet cover,pillow and some night dress in her hand.Riddhima came and placed bedsheet cover and a pillow on sofa.She told Tina uninterestedly -"yeh raha bedsheet..abhi yeh hi hsi mere paas..So jao..aur agar Kuch chahiye toh let me know".

Riddhima then go straight to some store room sort of room and then shut the door.Tina smirks thinking she finally had a chance to confront Armaan as riddhima is in some other room changing her clothes.Tina quietly go near that Store room and lock it from outside as she notices both lock and key beside the door.
She does'nt want anyone to disturb her and armaan.

Tina went towards Riddhima's room and enters cautiously.She find Armaan cutely sleeping on the bed.She went towards the bed and lie down near Armaan.She starts tracing her finger from armaan's forehead to his nose and when she was about to go further down.Armaan quickly open his eyes and poor soul gets confused seeing her so close to him.He just abruptly gets up and ask Tina with scared tone-"aap yaha kya karre ho?..aur meri dost kaha hai?mujhe meri bestie chahiye abhi".

He was making crying face.But Tina was'nt ready to give up.She caught hold of his shoulders and starts shouting -"Riddhima tumhaari kuch nahi lagti..tum abhi issi waqt yaha se chalre ho..did u get that?".She caught hold of his hand and about to drag Armaan with herself.When they heard a loud noice of something that is made of mirror has fallen on the floor.Armaan seems terrified and soon his expressions changed in scared one.He just shrugs off Tina's hold on his hand.He runs towards the Hall and now he can hear someone's loud thumping on either side of the door of the store room.

Armaan now understood the situation when he saw the store room door locked from outside.He was angry now.He just turned towards Tina who was also wagging behind Armaan.His blood was boiling now.By seeing the amount of anger on his face,Tina knows she is in big trouble.She just forwarded her hand and handed him keys scaredly and hesistantly.Armaan just snatches Key from her hand and starts unlocking the store room.Armaan gets in and saw riddhima sitting on the floor.Riddhima was covering her face and crying.He can also hears her mumbling-"plzz..gate kholo koi..mujhe suffocation hora hai...plzzz".Armaan's heart broke seeing her like that and also some old frame was shattered on the floor near her.He picks her up and walks carefully towards the hall.Then he put her down on sofa.He just keep hugging her and then he saw Tina.He now was really angry.He knows that Tina was very well aware about the fact that Riddhima is CLAUSTROPHOBIC.

He goes near Tina and Tina starts moving back.Tina knows that there is no escape now.Armaan raise his hands and slaps her so rudely that Tina nearly fell down.He just dangerously whispers-"GET OUT NOW....warna aaj tumhe mujhse koi nahi bacha sakta.Tina just keep holding her cheek in shock.

Armaan again goes towards Riddhima and gives her a glass of water.He again starts hugging her and starts mumbling -"its ok jaan...ab sab kuch theek hai..mei hoon na tumhaare saath".Riddhima also starts calming down when she hear Armaan's soothing voice.But then it clicked to her.

Tina was going towards the door.She was hell scared of Armaan's anger.Because she knows though Armaan dont get angry easily.but oh boy! When he gets angry,then no one could save the person who is the reason of his anger.She suddenly halted when she rewinded the situation."hey hang on..Armaan ki toh memory loss ho gayi thi na...matlab Armaan naatak karra tha...i so knew it".She again starts walking towards the couple.

Riddhima comes out of the hug.She keeps staring him for few seconds.and then she just stood up quietly.and walk few steps away from armaan who was confused by riddhima's behaviour.Armaan also stoods

"Armaan mujhe pata hai ki tum ab mujhse pyaar nahi karte...but yeh nahi pata tha ki tum meri feelings ko iss tarah hurt karoge..Mazaak bana ke rakh diya hai tumne meri feelings ka...Tum mujhse itna bada jhoot kyun bola?..kyun tumne jhooth kaha ki tumhaari memory loss ho gayi hai?".Riddhima was very hurt.She cant believe that Armaan could tell such a big lie to her.She thought that what can be more worse than the divorce thing.Now she got her answer right on her face.

She is not able to understand anything.Riddhima hold his collar and shouted-"Aakhir tum chahte kya ho mujhse?kyun karre ho aisa...kyun..kyun armaan".She just slumped down on her knees on the floor and starts weeping loudly.

Armaan is in shocked state.In all his anger,he forgot all about the memory loss thing.He does'nt want to loose riddhima at any cost.So he thought finally he will tell her the truth.He also kneels down beside riddhima and cups her face with both his hands."Riddhima tum jaanna chahti ho na ki mene yeh sab kyun kiya..toh suno Tumhe yaad hai mei kaise gusse mei rehta tha naukri hone ke baad...Riddhima mei issliye itna gusse mei tha kyunki mujhe nahi pata tha ki mere saath kya ho raha hai..mujhe toh yeh bhi nahi pata ki mujhe job se nikaal kyun gaya...aur mujhe yeh bhi nahi pata ki mujhe kahi aur job kyun nahi milri..toh in sabke 1 month baad mujhe ek call aaya aur uss caller ne kaha ki 'agar mujhe sach jaanna hai,toh mei usse personally NTR park mei miloo'..mei milne gaya tha usse riddhima.."


Armaan reaches park and get down from his car.He know that he should'nt have come here.He dont know why but he was not feeling good about the whole thing.But he cant bear it now.All his inlaws are insulting him and mocking him that he doen't go for a job.He is not eligible to be Riddhima's husband.So he have to find a way to stop it.Armaan sat on a bench and was waiting for that unknown person.Finally he saw a person walking towards the park with a certain poise that shows how rich he is.He was wearing this very expensive Grey suit.

Armaan,for a moment,keeps on looking the person in front of me.Then he recognizes him to be Tina's father.He hates Tina to the core because she always try to be close to him and insults riddhima.And he also knows that her father is a shrewd and damn selfish.He wonders why this man is here now and wats the truth.

"So Mr Armaan Malllik finally tum aa hi gaye yaha..dekho mujhe ghuma phira ke baat karna nahi i will come straight to the point..tum sochre honge ki achanak se tumhe kyun nikaal diya gaya job se aur kahi dusri company mei job kyun nahi milra....In sabka reason MEI hoon..mene tumhaari company khareedli hai aur mene hi tumhe jab pe nahi rakhne ke liye sabko kaha hai..." said Rakesh(Tina's dad) with a evil grin.

Armaan is shocked.He could'nt believe his ear.As far as he remembers,he have'nt done anything wrong with this Rakesh.he just mumbles-"par kyun?..kya bigaada hai mene aapka?

Rakesh smirks and continues-"Tumne mera kuch bigaada toh nahi hai...par woh kya hai na meri beti (Tina) ka dil tum par aa gaya hai...So tumhe line par laane ka yahi raasta bachaa tha...."

Before Armaan can interrupt him,Rakesh again started-"Dekho seedhi baat hai..mei tumhe tumhaari puraani job lautaa dunga..bass tumhe uss Riddhima ko divorce dena hoga aur Tina se shaadi karni hogi..Agar tumne meri baat maani toh mei tumhe apni company ka CEO bhi banane ko tayyar hoon..bass tumhe yeh baat maanlo".Armaan got startled listening all this.His head is spinning.

He was like How dare this person tell him to Divorce riddhima.Armaan was about to hold his collar,when Rakesh told him -"nahi nahi...aisa sochna bhi nahi...agar tumne mujhe haath bhi lagaaya toh uska anjaam bahut bura hoga..Meri baat dhyaan se suno..i know tum apni wife ko bahut pyaar karte ho...par yeh socho bina job ke tum usse khush kaise rakhoge?No job matlab No money aur agar money nahi hai toh tum usse khush kaise lage...kyunki trust me armaan,yeh sirf shuruwaat hai...aage aage toh bahut kuch hona baaki hai..abhi sirf tum jobless ho...baadme tumhari biwi ki bhi job chale jaaegi...socho bina paise ke,kaise guzaara hoga tum dono ka?...phir job ke baad ghar jaaega..phir tum itna doob jaoge loan mei ki tum aur tumhari riddhima..dono bhi road par aajaoge...chchchch...ab batao kya tum aisi zindagi jeena chahte ho?

Armaan was very Angry at first but then soon his face became expressionless.So he just told Rakesh robotically -"Mujhe thoda time chahiye sochne ke liye..bye"

Rakesh keep smirking when he heard this words from Armaan.He know it would'nt take too long to trap Armaan.He just nodded and gave his card to Armaan.

Armaan went away involved in deep thoughts.He was first so frustrated that this Rakesh and his daughter are reasons of his problem.But now when he thought about Rakesh.He know that he should be dam carefull.Rakesh is very powerful man and a billionaire.He can do anything.He reached home and heard riddhima shouting -"Armaan ghar mei sugar bhi khatam ho gaya...chalo na ab hum shopping ke liye jaate hai..i know tum acche mood mei nahi ho...but please armaan aaj mere ladne ka bilkul mood nahi hai..please chalo naaa".Armaan replied in a rude tone -"tumhe jaane hai toh jao..i am so not interested...ab mujhe neend aari hai...good night."

Riddhima was shocked hearing him.Armaan just go into his room and settles down on bed.He know what he is doing is wrong.But he dont have choice.He thought -"i know riddhima ki mene tumhe bahut hurt kiya hai..
Par ab jo mei karne jaa raha hoon..i know usse tum bahut hurt hogi..par ab yahi ek raasta hai..but i swear mei sab kuch theek kar dunga..mei tumhe kabhi divorce dene ke baare mei soch bhi nahi sakta..aur mei tumhe divorce dunga bhi nahi..bass kuch din ki baat hai baby..phir sab theek ho jaaega".

After this,he quietly called Rakesh and said yes to his deal.Rakesh was delighted but he told Armaan clearly that he will give his job only when he marry Tina.

For few days,Armaan started behaving rudely with riddhima.But he used to feel very guilty.So next moment,he used to apologize her profusely.And on top of that,he have to bear Tina also.He thought that if he said yes to Rakesh's deal,then Rakesh would spare him for sometime.He thought he will collect some proofs against Rakesh and Tina.Then he would lodge a police complaint against them and then everything will be back to normal.But this Rakesh seems very intelligent.He knows about all the moves of Armaan.He once caught Armaan investigating about him.Rakesh threatened him and said him that if he tries to play smart with him.Then he would harm Riddhima.Armaan got scared but smartly he made some excuse and made Rakesh believe that he is not planning anything.

Everything was turning out to be very dangerous.Armaan was not able to find any proofs against them.He know that Sending Rakesh behind bar is a tough job.There should be some very powerful proofs against him.So he started hanging out with Tina more offently.And reluctantly again started behaving rudely with riddhima.Everything was going according to the plan.Both Rakesh and Tina started trusting him blindly.Finally this way,two months passed.Now Armaan thought to make Tina confess about this blackmailing thing one night.and for that he hided few spy cameras and also spy recorder in his house.

Everything was going perfectly.Tina came that night and both started talking.Armaan knew Riddhima would get late that night.So he was not having any tension about riddhima finding him alone with Tina.Armaan then mixed some alcohol in Tina's drink which tina drank happily.She started getting tipsy.And armaan purposely started telling bad things about riddhima.This made tina absolutely happy and she demanded Armaan that everything in his house belongs to her.So she took Riddhima's saree from the cupboard and changed into it in the rest room.

Tina came tried kissing Armaan.But Armaan moved back and this angered Tina.She shouted in that drunk state -"Tumne kaha tha ki tum mujhse pyaar karte ho...toh proove me abhi...mei tumhe sab kuch bataungi..par pehle tum mujhe kiss karo.."

Armaan tried explaining her -"abhi nahi baby...tumhe pata hai na mujhe yeh sab nahi pasand..please yeh sab chodo..tum mujhe riddhima ke baare mei bataari thi na..woh batao".

But Tina dint listen to him and started walking out of the house.Armaan became alert.He know that this was the last chance to gather proofs against them.So he reluctantly obliged.He know this is wrong.But he dont have any option.So he stopped Tina and came close to her.Both were about to kiss.But then Riddhima came and found out about them.He felt like he died that day when he saw so much hurt in riddhima's eyes.He tried calling her several time but she dint pick his phone.

Armaan wanted to tell about the truth to riddhima but rakesh was keeping a close eye on him.So he could'nt do that.When he thought about finally confessing her,he got to know about riddhima's marriage talk.This surely infuriated him.But he knew riddhima was just misunderstanding whole situation.So he desperately wanted to talk with riddhima and also get out of this Tina mess.So he thought to propose tina and agree for divorce.Then he would do his memory loss stunt.This way he could stay close with riddhima and explain her everything calmly.

*******FLASHBACK ENDS *************

Armaan saw Riddhima's face.He tries to judge by looking at her face whether she have forgiven him or not.But riddhima's face screams only HURT.He know what he did is not completely right.But he dint had any option.He dont want their life to be finished.He dont want to spoil their future and he dont want to kill their beautiful dreams.He tries to hold riddhima's hand.But riddhima just move back and tries to maintain distance between them.Armaan was'nt liking this.

He have stayed 5 months away from his Riddhima.Now he cant bear this distance.He again tries to hold her hand and but this time Riddhima had ENOUGH.


Armaan was just holding his cheek.His cheeks were red.He cant believe that riddhima just slapped him ,even after telling her the truth.He opens his mouth to say something.But the moment he did that,he saw straight into Riddhima's eyes.He can See only DISAPPOINTED written all over there.His voice dint came out and he ended up lowering his eyes.After few minutes,Riddhima takes a deep breath and started -"Tumne yeh sab issliye kiya kyunki tum hamaara future banana chahte the..chaahe issme mujhe kitna bhi hurt kyun na ho...Tum ne ek baar bhi yeh nahi socha ki meri kya haalat hogi..Tum itne selfish kab se bangaye Armaan?..Tum woh Armaan nahi ho jisse mujhe pyaar hua tha...nahi ho tum woh Armaan".

Tears of disappointment,hurt and hopelessness were falling out of Riddhima's eyes.Armaan cant believe that he heard riddhima using words like SELFISH for him.Now Armaan gets frustrated and just holds riddhima's shoulder tightly and ask her angrily -"Tumhe lagta hai ki mei selfish hoon..mene yeh sirf apne liye kiya hai..seriously riddhima..i cant believe thia tum".But he was interrupted by riddhima -"Ha Armaan..tum selfish ban gaye ho..kya career ab tumhe mujhse zyaada important ban gaya....Tum ne yeh toh keh diya ki isse hamaara career ban jaaega..but kya tumne yeh socha hai ki iss CAREER ke liye tum kissi dusri ladki ko kiss karne waale the..i cant believe this...agar mei tab ghar nahi pahunchti toh tum usse kiss kar dete...aur tumhe lagra hai ki yeh sab sahi hai".

"Ohh cummon riddhima...mene yeh sab jaan mooch ke toh nahi kiya na..mene usse rokne ki bahut koshish ki..but woh nahi maan ri thi..aur agar mei usse zyaada kuch bolta toh usse shak ho jaata riddhima..aur waise bhi kiss toh hua nahi na..toh kyun baat ka batangad banaari ho tum?" Said Armaan with irritation.
Riddhima gaves "u r unbelievable" waala look.Then she said with tears still streaming down from her eyes -" tumhaara matlab yeh badi baat nahi hai? sirf kiss hi hota tha...tumhaara matlab yeh hi hai na...phir toh tum apne career ke liye kisi ladki ke saath so bhi sakte ho right?"

Armaan gets shocked and hurriedly replies -" yeh tum kya keh ri ho riddhima..mei kisi aur ke saathm.tum aisa soch bhi kaise sakti ho?".Armaan cant believe that ridz would think so low about him.

"Aise kyun dekhre ho armaan?sach hi toh bolri hoon mei..tumhe hosh bhi hai ki tum kya kar rahe the iss job ke chakkar mei?..yeh sabse ek hi baat proof hoti hai ki u dont trust me and u dont care if i am their in your life or not..tum divorce bhi mujhe dene ko ready Armaan" said riddhima with difficulty.

Armaan dont know what to say.he just dont wanna loose riddhima -"Riddhima tum galat samjhri ho..mei tumhe divorce nahi dene waale tha ...woh sab toh bass ek naatak tha..plzz mujhe maaf kardo aur bhool jao sab kuchm.plzz".

"Ek kaam karte hai..tum imagine karo ki mei tumse ek mahine tak baat baat par chillaati hoon...koi ladke ke saath affair karne ka natak karti hoon...uss ladke ko kiss karti hoon aur tumse itna rudely baat karti hoon ki tum yeh sochne par majboor ho jao ki tumne aisa kya kiya ki tumhaare saath mei itna bura behave karti hoon..phit tumhaare ghar divorce papers bhejti hoon..apne friends aur family ke taunts sunti hoon roz...unke pressure mei aakar tumhe zabardasti kisi aur se shaadi katne ko kaha jaata hai..aur phir accident ka naatak karti hoon aur memory loss ka bhi....but ek don mei tumse aakar kehti hoon ki yeh sab ek NATAK tha..bolo tum mujhe maaf karte phir?"

Armaan lowers his eyes as he understood what blunder he did for a job.His eyes get teary when he understood how much he hurted riddhima.One pearl drop from his eyes and then second.Now they keeps on dropping.He just mutters -"i am sorry...i am sorry..sorry...please riddhima".

"No Armaan,i am sorry...but ab sab kuch khatam ho gaya...i dont think we are made for each other....i cant trust u anymore..i am sorry and good bye..Hamaraa saath yahi tak tha...aur please agar tumne mujhse kabhi bhi saccha pyaar kiya...toh tum mere peeche nahi aaoge...iss divorce ko nahi rokonge tum...all the best for your life..aur ha kal subha tak ka time hai tumhaare paas...yaa toh tum chale jaaoge yaha se ya mei..choice is yours" says riddhima with finalty in her voice.

Before Armaan could tell her anything,Riddhima goes in the room and shuts the door.Armaan is now completely broken down.His riddhima is no more his now.He felt a hand on his shoulder.He thought its riddhima and with excitement he turned towards the person.His smile fades as he saw TINA in front of his.

"Dekho Armaan i know tum abhi bahut dukkhi ho..par jaanedo uss riddhima ko...she does not care about you..hum dono ek dusre ke liye bane ve hai..mei hamesha tumhaara khayaal rakhungi" says Tina sweetly.

"JUST SHUT UP and GET OUT RIGHT NOW" shouts Armaan.Tina seems terrified but she again tries - "Dekho tum bhool rahe ho ki mere dad ne kya kaha..woh tumhe tumhaari job nahi".Before she could complete,Armaan drags her and throw her out of house.He then just keeps on cursing himself to be so stupid.He just sits on sofa and closes his eyes for brief time.Meanwhile he fells into sleep.

Next Morning

Armaan was packing his bags when he heard the door bell.He goes and opens the door only to find his close friends Muskaan and Rahul.He plasters a fake smile and greets them inside.But they refuse to come and muskaan says hurriedly -"Dekh mujhe kuch nahi sunna...aaj shaam mei REUNION party hai college ki.. So tujhe aur riddhima ko kaise bhi aana hoga ..ok..chal hum ab chalte hai..bahut zyaada kaam hai..mei aur rahul organize kar rahe hai yeh bahut kaam hai...chal bye"

Rahul stops muskaan and says - Muski relax...aur armaan riddhima kaha hai..usse bhi bula zara".Before Armaan could go and fetch riddhima,riddhima comes and says -"Tu fikar mat kar muski..hum dono zarur aaenge..ok?".

Muskaan becomes happy and hugs riddhima.Then they bid Armaan Riddhima bye and went away.

"Dekho tum aaj party mei aaoge air mei bhi jaungi..kyunki muski pregnant hai aur usse tension dena theek nahi behave normal wahaa par..uske baad hum dono direct divorce ke liye hi milenge and haa tumhaare bags kaha hai..just because hum party mei jaa rahe hai..that does not mean ki tum meri kal ki baat bhool jao" tells riddhima seriously.Armaan nods and gets his bag.He was about to open main door.But he turns again only to find riddhima going towards kitchen.He felt sad and goes away.Here riddhima was trying to control her tears as soon as she heard the main door getting shut.


Everything was looking beautifully set.A stage sort of thing is made in between the party hall where a band was playing some beautiful music.Party theme seems to be Red for girls and black for boys.Everyone was looking so excited.Muskaan and rahul were greeting everyone.Everyone seems happy to meet each other after such a long time.People who used to hate each other back in college were hugging each other now.

Amidst of all this,we can see one couple sitting uncomfortably on a table.Where one was dressed in a cool black Tshirt & jeans and other was dressed in simple Red chudidaar.They were sitting so quietly when someone from the other table shouted -"Guess what guys,hamaara studious Armaan ne shaadi karli...woh bhi itni khubsurat ladki se..can u all believe it?..hehehehehe".Armaan feels embarassed.But he dint uttered anything.Riddhima keeps avoiding everyone and sees in some other direction.

Again another person shouts -"arre Armaan zara hamaari bhabi ke liye kuch gaa ke suna..arre sharma mat mere bhai..bhabhi ab tujhe chod bhi nahi sakti..shaadi jo ho gayi inki aapke saath...hehehehehehe".

Armaan was a very shy and studious kind of student back in college.Everyone used to make fun of him as he was very underconfident.They used to tease armaan alot.Looks like somethings never change.Armaan remembers how shy he was.Not was actually is.He remembers riddhima proposing him for marriage.He was not so romantic and does'nt like to display his love publicly.He became more confident when riddhima came in his life.But he still could'nt hug riddhima publicly.

Armaan was about to refuse when Rahul comes and tells armaan to sing .Armaan nods his head in no.Rahul then whispers in Armaan's year -"dekh mujhe pata hai ki tere aur bhabhi ke beech kuch theek nahi hai....bhabhi ne tujhe unhe rokne se mana kiya hai..tujhe gaane se dil mei hai woh bol daal armaan..plzzz ek baar try toh kar".Armaan looks towards riddhima who was giving bored look to everyone because she was sure that armaan will not sing for her.She can bet on that.

Riddhima was sitting quietly when she saw Armaan walking towards the stage.She was shocked.She cant believe her eyes.Armaan enters the stage and takes mike which was lieing on the chair.He was holding the mike and keep looking towards the audience who were looking like they saw some alien.The two guys who were making fun of Armaan was Vishal and karthik.Vishal dropped his drink in shock but not on the floor or table.He dropped it on his date who was literally planning ways to murder him(arre yaar wahi mere itne mehenge dress par tumne drink gira diya..hehe).And karthik's burger fell from his mouth down on his friend's hand who gave a tragic EWWWWW dialogue before running towards the rest room.

Armaan ignored everything and just adjusted the mike in mike stand.Musicians were giving "ab aarti utaaru kya teri" waala look.Armaan tries to sing but no voice was coming from his mouth.Riddhima sensed that and thought -'yeah right i knew it..yeh nahi gaa sakta..

Everybody now were giving bored look to Armaan as they can sense Armaan is NERVOUS asusual.Armaan felt his confidence go down in drain when he notices riddhima looking somewhere else.He was about to quit when he saw SID coming and sitting on the chair beside riddhima.His blood boils watching Sid holding Riddhima's hand on table.He can See Sid having some papers in his hand and Riddhima getting shocked reading the content in the paper.

Sid was telling riddhima -"I am sorry baby...i know i should'nt have talked to you like that...but woh video dekh kar mujhe gussa aagaya tha...but mujhe ab sab pata chal gaya..woh video mujhe uss Rahul aur muskaan ne bhejaa tha..taaki hum dono ki shaadi na ho..aur haa mujhe yeh bhi pata chal gaya hai ki Armaan ki koi yadaash nahi gayi..woh jhooth bolra tha tumhe...dekho mei tumhaare liye kya laaya hoon...yeh tumhaare aur Armaan ke divorce papers hai....mera ek dost hai jo lawyer hai..usne ek shortcut nikaala hai jisse tumhaara aur armaan ka divorce jaldi ho jaaega..aur itna hi nahi guess what..ab sirf mei london nahi jaara...ab hum dono london jaa rahe hai..tumhaare dad ne permission bhi dedi..abhi 1hr ke baad hamaari flight hai..tumhaare bags wagera sab packed hai..tumhaari mom ne sab kar liya..ab chalo na jaldi".

Riddhima was not able to understand what to do now.She know she cannot forget Armaan.But she also know that she is engaged to sid.She just dont feel that connection with Armaan anymore.But she knows that she cannot get that connection back with anyone else.Her dad is a heart patient and she cannot deny her dad now.She reluctantly caught Sid's hand and started going with sid.

Armaan was noticing them talking with each other.He also saw Riddhima getting up from her chair.His heart stopped when he saw Riddhima's hand entagled with Sid's hand.He felt like he was drowning and there was no one to save him.He dont know how to stop riddhima.He know he have to do something.He lost all his hopes when he saw Riddhima going with Sid.He then heard some guy pleading his girl friend(ab girl friend hi hogi na.
Dost ko kaun maska maarta..hehe wink emoticon ) That guy was telling -

"Please, please yaar
Phone to mat kaat
Maanta hoon ho gayi galti
Ab maan bhi jaa".

Armaan heard this.He is an awesome composer.But Noone knows about it.He compose songs when he is stressed.He felt his heart sink when he saw riddhima not even turning towards him and just keeps on going with sid.He rememberd the guy's pleading words to his love.He forgot that he was on some stage.So he just closed his eyes and sang with all his emotions for riddhima.But before that,
Armaan plays a beautiful tune on piano which brings everyone attention back to arnaan.

Ek Galti - Song by Shivai feat D-freaker

Haan ho gayi galti mujhse main jaanta hu
Par ab bhi tujhe main apni jaan maanta hu
(Riddhima stops in her track when she hears him singing.She cant believe her ear.She can recognize his voice.She immediately turns towards stage)

Ek aakhri mauka de mujhe
Aaj bhi main tujhe apni shaan manta hu..
(She can hear pain in his voice.She is still shocked the fact that Armaan Mallik is singing.
Everyone are hell shocked especially the band which was present at stage.Drummer then smiles and starts playind drums and also the guitarist is supporting him. And our casio fellow has already started playing casio.)

Sirf saanse hi to baaki hai
Jab teri yaad aati hai
Yaad me teri saath ye bhi chod jaati hai
(Armaan now opens his eyes and looks straight in riddhima's eyes while remembering how he used to spend days admiring riddhima's photos.He remember how he freaked out when the maid bymistake broke his and riddhima's marriage pic frame)

Galti to sabse hoti hai
Galti mujhse bhi ho gayi
Ab maaf bhi krde mujhe
Kyu dur itna ho gayi
(Riddhima remember how Armaan used to feel insecure about their relation before marriage.She remembers how she used to tell Armaan that Mistakes are done by every person.And she will always be their to correct his mistakes.His eyes just keeps on pleading her to forgive him)

Ek galti ke liye
Kyu sath chod gayi
Tu kyu muh mord gayi
Tu kyu be nishaan sa
Nishaan chod gayi tu
(Armaan remembers about how riddhima never listened him after she caught him with Tina and how she never turned back and asked any reasons to him.How due to her absence,he started hallucinating her anywhere but everywhere)

Haan ho gayi galti mujhse main jaanta hu
Par ab bhi tujhe main apni jaan manta hu
Jaan maanta hu..
(Armaan remembers how he confessed about his plans to get back his job to Riddhima and how riddhima says to him that he dont love her now and dont care about her feelings.He just want to tell her that she is everything in his life.He just cant express how important she is to him)

Ek aakhri mauka de mujhe
Aaj bhi main tujhe apni shaan maanta hu
Shaan manta hu..
(He just blinks his eyes and tries to tell riddhima that he just want this one last chance to prove her how he never intended to hurt her and can bring everything back to normal

Socha kuch pee kar tujhe bhula dunga
Par pee kar bhi yaad aayi tu
(He still feel surprised that he tried to get drunk in a bar on the night he comes to know about riddhima being engages with riddhima.He thought that by consuming alcohol he would forget about all his sorrows.But it became worse after drinking.As he found himself next day near Riddhima's almirah and he was holding one of the riddhima's dress.)

Itni si baat par chod gayi..
Jaana hi tha to aayi kyu
(He still cant believe that she just left because she thought he betrayed her.He thought if she dint love him,then why did she took care of him after knowing about his accident(which never happened in real).She could have just not come back.Atleast he would'nt have hoped that she would come back in his life)

Jeena mera asaan kar
Tu milke ye ehsaan kar
Yaad teri satati hai
Ab aaja baat maan kar..
(Riddhima just ignores Armaan when she saw Armaan blinking his eyes.She remembers how she never answered any of his calls after the Tina fiasco.How he used to wait hours outside her office but she always used to tell him to not follow her and go back to her house with Sid in his car.
Armaan remember how he used to do fake calls from difderent SIM just to hear riddhima's voice and how he wish her to come back to him)

(Armaan for a moment stops when he notices Sid trying to nudge riddhima and He can understand clearly that Sid is telling riddhima to come with him.Seeing him stopping,Drummer also stops and narrate few lines bringing Armaan in reality)

Jab jab tu chali jati hai
Aisi nami chha jaati hai
Jaise gir pade ho badal mujh par
Ek aanch dil pe aa jati hai..

(Armaan thanks him silently and again starts singing with lil more confidence.He gets down from the stage and goes near riddhima's chair while singing.But still there is a lot distance between them)

(Sid stopped what he was doing when he saw Armaan near them)

Jab aankhein band hoti hai
Bas tu sath hoti hai
Tere yaadon ke takiye pe
Bas raat meri soti hai, soti hai..
(He is still horrified about the fact that he is suffering from insomnia just because riddhima is not their with him.He remembered how he slept peacefully hugging her.He dont know how to tell her that he just cant sleep without her presence.He also wanted to sleep when Riddhima was not with him.Because he thought atleast he can be with her in his dreams.He feels really very close to her whenever he dreams about riddhima.But alas he was'nt able to sleep also without her.
Riddhima ,as if understanding what he is trying to convey,just lift her hand and placed it on Armaan's eyes.Armaan felt in piece but he came out of trance when sid rudely pulls off riddhima's hand)

Tu kyu door hai yun mujhse
Tujhe chahta hu pure dil se
Sun le meri aarzoo..
(He feels sad that riddhima dint protested aid when he pulled her hand .He is asking through his eyes that why the hell she is tolerating sid and why the hell she is so far from him.He just want her to come back and listen his heart out)

Tu hi meri jaan hai
Tu hi mera jahaan hai
Tu hi hai sab kuch mera
(Riddhima remembers how her family was against her marriage with riddhima,as she belongs to a reach family whereas Armaan was a simple middle class boy whose family does'nt exist.She remembers how they used to taunt and insult Armaan.Armaan never said anything to them because he loved her with all his heart.She now understand why Armaan so wanted to get a job)

Adhoora tere bin dil ye mera
Kyu tu samajhti nahi
Ye dil hai sirf tera..
(Armaan's eyes is pleading riddhima to understand him.And riddhima just try keep all pieces together.She can now understand that Armaan does'nt want her to suffer due to lack of money and he just wanted to prove her family that he can do anything for her.She knows he used wrong way and she dint want him to prove anything to anyone.But She too never said him that she is happy to have just his unconditional love)

Haan ho gayi galti mujhse main jaanta hu
Par ab bhi tujhe main apni jaan maanta hu
(She is now aware about the fact that it was not just his mistake.It was her mistake too.Only if she have told him clearly that no matter what happens,she will always stay with him.)

Ek aakhri mauka de mujhe
Aaj bhi main tujhe apni shaan manta hu..
(She cant believe she ignored his love only due to his one mistake.She feels horrible that instead of hearing him out,she just left him all alone)

(Armaan notices Riddhima's eyes leaking.His eyes were also teary.But he just cant see Riddhima crying.So he wipes off riddhima's tears.But before riddhima could react,Sid again holds riddhima's hand and this time drags her quickly away from Armaan)

Shaan maanta hu..
Shaan maanta hu..
Jaan maanta hu..
Jaan maanta hu..

(Armaan keeps singing and does not stop sid.He was waiting for riddhima to react.But riddhima was just standing lost in her thoughts.Armaan backs off when he saw Riddhima not protesting Sid.He turns around and starts weeping.He lost his riddhima today.He thought Riddhima forgave him.But now he doubt that)

Riddhima comes out of the spell and then understands what happened and shrugs off sids hand mumbling -"I am sorry sid".Sid saw riddhima and know she can never be his.She always loved Armaan.Riddhima can see only Armaan's back.She have to do something.So she just ran towards armaan and hugs him from back.One tear rolls down from Sid's eye.

Armaan felt like a looser.He lost his most precious possession today.But suddenly he feels some familiar arms around him.He knows who it was.But he thought maybe he is hallucinating again.He thought why would Riddhima hug him.He slowly turns dreading the outcome.But what he saw has raised his heart beats.He cant believe that riddhima hugged him in real.He raise his hands and touch her cheek softly.Riddhima giggles and say -' ya baby,i am in real..u r not hallucinating".He smiled despite the continous tears falling out of his eyes.Seeing him smile,riddhima also starts smiling and armaan can see this certain shine come back in ridddhima's eyes.But suddenly he saw Riddhima feeling GUILTY about something and heard riddhima saying hurriedly - 'Kuch mat kaho Armaan..bass plz mujhe maaf kardo..maine tumhaari ek baat bhi nahi suni..mene tumhe samjhne ki koshish nahi kari..i am sorry'.Armaan shushed her and hugged her tightly.Time seems to stop for them.They come out of hug when they heard everyone clapping.Even vishal and karthik were crying and clapping at the same time.Armaan and riddhima became red with embaressment.But Riddhima now remembers something and says cutely -"This is not fair jaan..tumne mujhe kabhi kyun nahi kaha ki tum itna accha gaana gaate ho?.Riddhima was pouting so cutely that armaan felt like pulling her cheeks.But they got interrupted by a voice -
"oyye kamino humme bhi thoda yaad karo...pata hai humne kitni mehnat kii hai..pehle uss sid ko tum dono ki video bheji..phir uss chudail TINA se sach ugalvaa kar,usse aur uske papa ke baare mei police complaint kii...ab pata nahi police unka kya haal karri hai?..aur dekh armaan tujhe teri job bhi mil gayi aur unn logo ne tujhe apology letter bhi bheja hai said Muskaan in her punjaban accent and rahul was standing beside her smiling.

Armaan said coolly - 'ha toh..issme badi baat kya hai?..tum dono hamaare dost ho it is obvious....ab hum ghar jaa rahe not disturb us".Riddhima blushed hearing his shameless reply.She felt Armaan holding her hand and leading her away from the hall towards his car.Whereas Rahul 's and muskaan's mouth was hanging open listening to Armaan's reply.But then rahul smiled and mumbled -"pagal hai dono..chod muski ab humme koi bhau nahi dene waale..inka jhagda jo khatam ho gaya hai..par accha hai yaar ki sab theek ho gaya...thank god Armaan mujhe sab batata hai..warna pata nahi yeh log kya karte the."Muskaan turnes towards him and replied -"oyye kya matlab ki yeh log kya karte the..hum nahi toh koi aur inki madad karta..itne pyaaar karne waale log kaise juda ho sakte hai ek dusre se..chal ab dance karte hai..babaji shukar hai sab theek ho gaya"

Armaan opens the passenger seat door for riddhima like a true gentleman.Riddhima giggles and settles on her seat.Armaan also settles down in his carHe was about to start the car but he suddenly remembers something and says -"Dont u think tum kuch bhool rahi ho?".Riddhima acts as if she dont know what Armaan is telling and replies -"Nahi toh...mei kya bhool rahi hoon.Armaan just mutters -"accha abhi batata hoon ki tum kya bhoolri ho".After saying that ,Armaan just pulls riddhima to himself and takes her in a loving kiss.After few minutes,Riddhima pulls back and tells sweetly -'I LOVE U SWEETHEART' and Armaan too replied back - LOVE U TOO BABY'.Then Armaan again takes riddhima in a loving kiss.Their journey has not end end,but began now truely.They now are able to understand each other completely.

Armaan understood that he should trust his love,then everything will be alright and riddhima understood that every coin has two should never judge a situation by looking at one side.She also understood that u should'nt consider person's bad things but also consider what good things they done for you.

Armaaan ko laga ki usse kisi ki zaroorat nahi aur woh sab khudh kar sakta hai.Aur riddhima ko laga ki usse bhi Armaan ki zaroorat nahi kyunki Armaan ko uski kadar nahi.Par inhe ab pata chal gaya ki inhe ek dusre ki zaroorat hai.Shayad iss incident ke baaad Armaan aur riddhima ek dusre se sirf yahi kahenge ki "TUMHE MERI ZAROORAT HAI"


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