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After 2 years:

All were in the hospital. Armaan was roaming from one corner to the other and all were seeing him. They could hear Riddhima’s groaning sound in pain which was making Armaan’s heart wrench in pain. 
Aryan: Armaan baith jaa Riddhima will be fine yaarPrem: haan yaar.Armaan: use bohot pain ho raha haiTaani: Armaan jab Ridhaan hua tha tab bhi toh pain hua tha na…Soon Keerti comes out of the operation theatre and smilingly gives the baby in Armaan’s hands.
Keerti: congrats Armaan! This time it’s a baby girl.Armaan took the baby in his arms and smiled seeing her. He pecked her forehead lightly.Armaan: Dr. Keerti Riddhima kaisi hai?Keerti: she is fine Armaan. Just thodi weak hain. Aap log mill sakte hain usse.
Armaan: thanks and he moves in.Riddhima saw him and smiled lightly. He smiled back and went close to her and sat besides her on the bed.
Armaan: thanks Riddhima! Mujhe meri ‘Arima’ dene ke liye.Riddhima smiled and caressed Arima’s head.

All others enter and say ‘Congrats’
Ridzi: thanks! (Smiles)Ahaana: Riddhima Armaan bechaara ro raha tha baahar.
Ridzi: kyun?Taani: tujhe pain ho raha tha isiliye.
Ridzi: (Blushes) mera betu hai?
Aryan: ghar par hai
Ridzi: Armaan meri baat karwaaiye na usse please…Armaan puts Arima on the bed near Riddhima and took out his phone from his pocket.Armaan: hello Ash…
Ash: haan bhaiyya… bhabhi kaisi hain?
Armaan: congrats tu ‘Arima’ ki bua ban chuki haiAsh: (Happily) wow! Congrats to you too! Bhabhi theek hai na?
Armaan: haan Ridhaan kahaan hai?
Ash: jee yahin hai baat karni hai usse? Vo uski mummy ko bohot miss kar raha hai.Armaan: haan phone de use.Ash gives the phone to Ridhaan.
Ridhaan: papa mumma kahaan hai? (Crying)
Armaan: hey shonu ro kyun raha hai? Mumma yahin hai aapki. Lo baat karlo.He gives the phone to Riddhima.
Ridhaan: mumma! (Cries)Ridzi: (Her eyes gets filled listening to Ridhaan’s crying sound) kya hua mere betu ko?
Ridhaan: mumma aapki yaad aa rahi hai.Ridzi: mumma ko bhi aapki yaad aa rahi hai betu aur mumma jald hi aapke paas aa jaayengiRidhaan: pakka na?
Ridzi: hmmm come on smile now…
Ridhaan: (Smiles) mumma aap bhi smile karo maine smile kar diya. Ridzi smiled and said: good boy. Ok bye abhi aap Ash bua ke saath so jao ok?
Ridhaan: ok mumma… love you
Ridzi: love you too mera baccha…. (Ends the call)Aryan: I think kal ya parson tak leave mill jaayegi Ridzi ko…
Keerti: (Entering) kal morning mein Riddhima ghar jaa sakti hai
Ridzi: thank you Dr. Keerti.Keerti smiles and leaves.

After 2 years: (Again :p)

Riddhima: wait…. (And she runs behind two kids)Armaan entered the house to see the cat and mouse race. Riddhima gets banged into him and falls on the floor with Armaan on top of her.
Armaan: oyye hoyye!
Ridzi: (Blushes) hatiye mere upar se.
Armaan: kyun?Ridzi: dekhiye aapke bacche dekh rahe hain.
Armaan: so what?Ridzi: kuch toh sharam kijiye….
Ridhaan: haan kuch toh sharam kijiyeArmaan got up listening to his voice.Armaan: bacchu tu bohot bolne laga hai.
Ridzi: bilkul aapki tarah badmaash ho gayye hai dono. Kab se milk lekar peeche ghum rahi hun lekin pee hi nahi rahe hai dono.
Armaan: kyun nahi pee rahe ho?
Arima: papa milk accha nahi lagta.Armaan: toh kya accha kagta hai?Arima/Ridhaan: chocolate!Armaan: ok fine aap dono ko chocolate milegi only if aap dono milk peeyoge abhi.
Ridhaan: okay…Both the kids drank the milkArima: papa ab chocolate.Armaan: haan chalo…
Ridzi: arre Armaan rukiye abhi saath mein nikalte hain Ridhaan ka result lene jaana hai na.Armaan: haan. Riddhima comes outside after five minutes with her clutch and sat in the car. Armaan sped the car towards Ridhaan’s school.In the car

Ridzi: Ridhaan darr toh nahi lag raha na result ke liye?Ridhaan: no mumma I know mujhe acche marks milenge.
Armaan: (Kisses his cheek) that’s like my son.
Ridhaan: what will be my gift?
Ridzi: aww shonu ko gift bhi chahiye. Ridhaan nods and looks at Armaan.
Armaan: hmmm fine hum log kahin baahar chalenge. I mean out of town. What say Riddhima?
Ridzi: haan good idea lekin kahaan?
Armaan: jahaan hamaara Ridhaan jaana chahe.
Ridhaan: mujhe UK jaana hai.
Armaan: (Smiles) okay sweetheart we will go to UK.

Soon they reach school and took Ridhaan’s result. AR were very happy to see his result. He was the topper of his class. The teacher also complimented him. AR were very proud and very very happy. They came outside.Armaan picked Ridhaan up in his arms and kissed his cheeks.
Armaan: I am proud of you baby.
Ridhaan: thank you papa. [Smiles revealing his cute dimples just like his dad wink emoticon
Ridzi: congrats mera betu mumma loves you.
Ridhaan: I love you too mumma.Armaan’s cell buzzed. He puts Ridhaan down and answered the call.
Armaan: (On phone) ya… jee main aa raha hun… yes meeting aaj hi hogi…. Ya just ten minutes mein pahunch raha hun… (Call ends)

Armaan: mujhe jaana hoga abhi I m having meeting now.
Ridzi: mch! Kya Armaan aaj bhi time nahi hai aapke paas.
Armaan: baby workload bohot hai I m sorry…
Ridzi: kitne din se aapne mere saath quality time bhi spend nahi kiye. (Looks away angrily)
Armaan moves towards and cupping her face in his palms he says : don’t be angry jaan abhi hum log UK jaa rahe hai na. I promise tumhaare saath pura time spend karunga. Ok?
Ridzi looks in his eyes and sees the love.Ridzi: pakka na? (Armaan nods) then okay.
Armaan: (Smiles) bye now. Tum dono car se ghar jao I will take a cab.
Ridzi: bye (She pecks his lips lightly)Ridhaan: (His hands on his eyes) bas ho gaya mum-dad.AR looks at him and Riddhima just blushes while Armaan smirks. Riddhima completely forgot that Ridhaan is with them. Armaan bends down towards Ridhaan.
Armaan: (Removing his hands from his eyes) see how your mumma is. Always ready to kiss me. Riddhima blushes more and smacks his arm.
Ridhaan: because she loves you na papa.Armaan: ya and what about you? You don’t love your dad you just love your mom?
Ridhaan: no I love you more than mumma.Riddhima: (Her mouth opens in an ‘O’ shape) Ridhaan!Both Armaan and Ridhaan laugh and hi-5 each other.Armaan’s cell buzzed again.
Armaan: (Looks at the caller) oh again office se hai. I have to go now. Bye Ridhaan.
Ridhaan: bye papa

Armaan: bye Riddhima.Ridzi: byeAnd Armaan leaves and Ridzi and Ridhaan too leave from there.

At Mallik Mansion all were very happy coz of Ridhaan’s result. They congratulated him as well as Ridzi. Riddhima said them about their plan of going to UK and all were happy and they teased Riddhima.

Aryan: oh toh finally you will get some time with your beloved husband.
Ash: haan yaar kitne din se both didn’t get time to spend.
Prem: ya Armaan ka kaam itna hota hai.Ahaana: its good that you guys are going on leave. Enjoy karna Ridzi (Winks)
Ridzi: (Blushes) bas hua guys…. Mat satao na.

Taani: hum thodi na sata rahe hai ab toh Armaan sataayega tumhe.All laugh loudly while Ridzi just gets up to leave when she saw Armaan entering. She thought its better to leave now otherwise they will tease her more and make her embarrass in front of Armaan. She starts to leave but Taani saw Armaan and held Ridzi’s hand.
Taani: lijiye hero bhi aa gayye.Armaan reached towards them and sat on the couch completely exhausted.
Armaan: kya chal raha hai guys?
Ridzi: Taani ek minute chodo main juice laati hun inke liye.
All: ohhhhh! Inke liye….. (And all laugh again while Armaan smiles)Riddhima runs from there.
Aryan: sach mein yaar she is very sweet.
Ahaana: haan and its good ki tum dono bahar jaa rahe ho.
Armaan: hmmm Aryan bhai and Prem you guys have to manage much more things till I m back.Ridzi comes with his juice and handles that to him. she was about to leave when Ahaana pushed her in Armaan’s lap.
Ahaana: baitho yaar Ridzi. Tumhaara hi hubby hai.
Aryan: ya Armaan don’t worry we will handle till that time.
Armaan: (Smiles) mere bacche kahaan hai?
Ridzi: upar room mein TV dekh rahe hai.She again starts to get up from his lap when Ahaana again made her sit.
Ahaana: problem kya hai Ridzi? Baith na chup chaap.

Ridzi: umm.. mujhe upar room mein jaana hai…. Kids ke paas.
Armaan: haan main bhi jaa raha hun room mein bohot thak gaya hun.Ridzi gets up from his lap.
Armaan: kal morning ki flight hai guys.
All: ok 
Armaan: chalo fine good night.And AR move towards their room. As soon as they enter their room both the kids starts jumping seeing Armaan. Armaan smiled and hugged them. Ridzi too smiled and went towards the cupboard to start their packing.
Ridhaan: papa hum UK kab jaa rahe hain?
Armaan: kal (He says while removing his tie and shirt)
Arima: dekho papa ki body! (She says while caressing his arms)Ridzi looked at them and grinned.

Armaan: kya hua meri body ko?
Ridhaan: awesome hai!Armaan laughs and kisses both his kids. He moved towards cupboard and puts his hands around Ridzi’s waist.

Ridzi: (Shivers lightly) Armaan baad mein. Bacche dekh rahe hai.Armaan: maine kuch kiya hi nahi ab tak. Mujhe toh towel chahiye tha. Ridzi smiled and gave him towel. Armaan winks at her and goes to the washroom.
Ridzi: come on kids! So jao aap dono warna kal uthoge nahi morning mein.Ridhaan/Arima: yes mumma.She moved towards them and changed their dresses. Till that time Armaan came out. He lies down on his side and closed his eyes. Riddhima looks at him and knows he is too tired. Both the kids jump on his stomach. Armaan opens his eyes and smiled.
Ridzi: yahaan aao aap dono. Papa ko sone do and aap dono bhi so jao. Ridhaan kisses Armaan’s cheek and wishing him good night he gets up from him and goes and sits in Ridzi’s lap.
Ridzi: mera pyaara betu (Kissing him) come on Arima aap bhi aao.
Arima: papa ke saath soyenge.
Ridzi: princess papa thak gayye hain abhi aap apne room mein so jao kal papa ke saath sona.
Arima: no.
Ridzi: Arima! Kaha na papa thak gayye hain hato un par se (Sternly)Arima starts crying.
Armaan: arre Riddhima yaar dekho rula diya na usse.

Ridzi: Armaan kya aap bhi… Ridhaan se zyaada badmaash hai aapki beti.
Armaan: toh kya hua? Main sambhal raha hun na (He takes Arima in his arms and tries to calm her down)
Ridzi: theek hai aap hi sambhaliye ab. (She picks Ridhaan in her arms and moves towards the kids room)
Armaan: baby chup ho jao… ok aap papa ke saath hi sona.(He placed her on his chest and she calmed down. Arima started narrating something to Armaan and after some time both were asleep in the same position)On the other hand Ridzi made Ridhaan sleep and came back to her room. She saw both of them asleep. Smiling, she slowly picked Arima from him and made her lie on their bed. Armaan woke up and saw Ridzi with sleepy eyes. He kept his head in her lap and Ridzi started caressing his hairs.
Ridzi: head-ache ho raha hai na?Armaan: hmmm. (Slowly)Ridzi started massaging his head. Armaan feels little bit better and goes to sleep in her lap. After some time Ridzi placed his head on the pillow and tucked him in the sheet properly

.Ridzi: (To herself) tabiyat kharaab ho jaayegi. Itni der se soye hain and morning mein jaldi uthna hai. She shakes her head and lies next to him by shifting Arima on the other side.



AR bid goodbye to everyone and moved inside. Arima was asleep while Ridhaan was awakened but he was in full sleep. And Armaan, his head was aching like hell and he too was feeling sleepy. Ridzi carried Arima.They settled in their flight on their respective seats.
Ridhaan: mumma neend aa rahi hai.
Ridzi: toh so jao na.. kya hua?
Ridhaan: mujhe iss par sone nahi ho raha hai . Armaan picked him up and makes him sit on his lap with Ridhaan’s face facing him. Ridhaan kept his head on his chest and putting his hands around his papa’s neck he goes to sleep.
Ridzi: Armaan so jaata woh waise hi. Aap na sach mein….
Armaan: usse neend nahi lag rahi thi na shona isiliye. I’m fine.
Ridzi: pata hai mujhe aap kitne fine hain.. Armaan smiles and closes his eyes. He too was in his dreamland after some time.

After some hours the family landed in UK. Now, both the kids were asleep so Armaan was having difficult time to manage everything. In one arm he was holding Ridhaan and from the other he was pulling the luggage wheel. Ridzi was carrying Arima. She knows Armaan is hell tired and she thought to give him a good massage once they reach their hotel.They entered the pan-pacific hotel. Armaan went to the receptionist.
Armaan: I have booked room here
Receptionist: your name sir?
Armaan: Mr. Armaan Mallik.

Receptionist: just a second sir.And she checks…Receptionist: (Handling him the room keys) room no. 304 and 305 sir.
Armaan: thank you (Smiles)They enter in their room and put Ridhaan and Arima on the bed in the attached room. Armaan comes in their room and just hits the bed. Riddhima was worried. She knows he is feeling unwell now. She moves to him and caresses his hairs.
Ridzi: Armaan suniye change kar lijiye.
Armaan: nahi Riddhima meri himmat nahi hai. My head is paining like anything and body bhi bohot pain ho rahi hai. Ridzi gets up from the bed and opening their bag she took out oil.After 5-10 minutes. Riddhima changed her saaree into a night gown and settled on the bed with oil. Armaan wasn’t asleep.
Ridzi: Armaan bas ek minute ke liye uth kar baithiye.
Armaan: nahi
Ridzi: bas ek minute (And she helps him to sit)Armaan holds his head in his hands. Ridzi looks at him and felt like crying.
Armaan: kya karna hai jaldi karo please
.Ridzi: haan…
And she starts unbuttoning his shirt. Armaan keeps his head on her shoulder. With great difficulty Ridzi removed his shirt. She made him lie back on the bed.
Armaan: Riddhima yaar bohot pain ho raha hai.
Ridzi: abhi aaraam ho jaayega Shweetu.She takes the oil and starts massaging his body. She massaged his shoulders, arms, and chest. He was feeling sleepy now.
Ridzi: Armaan just turn. Armaan turns and lies on his stomach. She massaged his back and neck. After an hour or so Armaan was asleep. He was feeling better. Riddhima called the receptionist and said to send hot water in their room. she wiped his body from hot water and tucked him properly in the sheets. After that she started massaging his head. She too was asleep in the sitting position.


Armaan woke up. He felt nice and looking around he saw Ridzi sleeping in an uncomfortable position. He made her lie properly on the bed and caressed her locks.
.Armaan: hmmm madam aap toh doctor ban gayyi. (Kisses her forehead)
Ridzi opens her eyes and saw Armaan smiling. Pulling him down towards her she kissed his lips. After few minutes Armaan felt breathless but Ridzi didn’t leave him. he pulled away.
Armaan: madam kuch ho gaya kya?
Ridzi: (Blushes) kuch nahi.At that time Ridhaan and Arima entered their room. Riddhima sighed in relief otherwise Armaan would have teased her like hell.
Ridhaan: good morning.
Armaan: good morning nahi baccha good night bolo.

Ridhaan: abhi toh so kar uthe hum log papa.Ridzi: shonu hum log evening mein soye the.
Ridhaan: oh toh matlab abhi phir se sona hai?Armaan: soyenge toh bas aap aur Arima. Aapki mom ko toh main sone nahi dunga aaj.Riddhima turns red listening to that and hits him.
Ridhaan: kya matlab?
Armaan: err…. Matlab Riddhima bataayegi. Ridhaan looks at his mumma.
Ridzi: umm… matlab woh… haan… papa ko kuch important kaam hai na isiliye I will help him (She said glaring at Armaan)
Ridhaan: okay..
Arima: mujhe bhook lag rahi hai.

Armaan: haan I will order something.He got up and called the manager and ordered their dinner. Ridzi got up and entered the washroom. Ridhaan and Arima watched TV. Armaan came back and sat on the bed.

Ridzi came out of the washroom in a white sleeveless night gown. The gown looked amazing on her perfect figure. She went near the mirror and started combing her hair. Armaan watched her intently. Her perfect curves and sexy figure. He wanted to hug her and kiss her then and there but both of his kids were there. Ridzi looked at him through the mirror and saw him gazing at her. She saw full passion, desire and love for herself in those blue oceans. She felt nervous and looked away. Armaan kept on looking at her. She came towards the kids and saw them busy in watching their cartoon. She settled next to them and tried to not to look at Armaan. She knew he was still gazing at her.

Armaan came towards them and Riddhima’s heartbeat increased. He settled next to her and started watching cartoon along with the kids. After few minutes he shifted more close to her and she shivered. She stood up and was about to leave when he pulled her hard towards himself. She came on his lap and her hands on his bare chest. Both the kids look at their parents; confused. Before Armaan could do anything more the door bell rang and he came back in his senses. he left Ridzi and went to open the door. Ridzi calmed herself and looked at her kids who were seeing her.
Ridzi: (Smiles) chalo kids lets have dinner. Armaan brought the dinner inside and kept it on the table. Ridzi came with kids and settled on the bed. She made a plate for Armaan and gave him while looking down not able to meet his gaze.

Later, she made Ridhaan and Arima eat their food properly. She looked at Armaan who was not eating his food.

Ridzi: kya hua Armaan? Khaana khaiyeArmaan: umm woh I’m not feeling hungry.
Ridzi: arre kuch toh kha lijiye.
Armaan: nahi its fine.Ridz shakes her head and moved close to him. She took his plate and made him eat with her hands. He smiled and ate the dinner. She too smiled at his childish behavior.

After some time:

Riddhima was trying to make both the kids sleep but they were not ready to do so. As they got up some time before only and Armaan was really getting pissed off by that
.Armaan: yaar ab so bhi jao.
Ridhaan: papa neend nahi aa rahi hai.Ridzi grinned and Armaan looked at her. She points her tongue out to him. he makes a face and goes in their own room.

Ridzi: ok ab sach mein so jao warna papa gussa karne lagenge.After some more time both the kids slept finally. Ridzi kissed them and came in their room. she didn’t find Armaan there. She was worried as to where he went at this time. She was about to open the door of their room when Armaan pulled her towards himself. She sighed in relief seeing him.

Ridzi: kahaan the?
Armaan: yahin room mein. Tum kahaan jaa rahi thi?Ridzi: baahar aapko dhund ne.Armaan: aise kapde pehan kar?
Ridzi: (Naughtily) kyun? Kya hua ise?

Armaan; baahar sab waiters and dusre gents’ honge.
Ridzi: toh? (She asked innocently)
Armaan: toh agar tumhe woh log aise dekhenge toh mujhe accha nahi lagega
.Ridzi: kyun accha nahi lagega? Sirf dekh hi toh rahe hai kuch kar thodi hi na rahe hai.

Armaan pulled her towards himself and she gasped.
Armaan: kyunki tumhe dekhne ka aur tumhaare saath kuch bhi karne ka haq sirf mera hai…. (With that he bites her earlobe)Ridzi hissed and held his arm.

Ridzi: aur agar woh log kuch kar dete toh aap kya karte? (Slowly)
Armaan: (Kissing her nape) toh main un mein se kisi ko zinda nahi chodta. Riddhima shivered and pushed Armaan. He looked at her.
Armaan: time nahi spend karna tumhe mere saath? (He asked huskily)
Ridzi: (Nervously) nahi…
Armaan: but mujhe karna hai.And he banged her on the nearby wall. He kept his hands on either side of her on the wall so that she can’t escape from him. Riddhima looked down feeling her cheeks turning red. He went near her lips but she kept her one hand on his mouth and the other on his chest to create distance between them. He forcefully took her hands and held them behind her back. With this action of his, her face came more close to his. Armaan kissed her closed eyelids and picked her up in his arms.He puts her on the bed carefully and settled on top of her. For a few minutes he gazed at her face and then he puts his face in the crook of her neck and starts placing wet kisses.

Ridzi shivered and her hands reached his shirt buttons. She tried to open them but couldn’t succeed as she felt weak due to Armaan’s kisses on her neck, shoulder and face. She sighed and Armaan looked at her. Her hands were still on his shirt buttons. He helped her in opening them and she removed his shirt and placed kisses on his chest. He lies on the bed on his back and Ridzi lies on top of him. She kissed his neck line and traced his perfect abs and muscles. Armaan was drawing imaginary patterns on her back. Suddenly she bites his earlobe and Armaan hissed. He turned her around and kissed her lips tightly. They didn’t leave each other for some time and Ridzi felt contented to be in his arms and to feel his love after long days. After some more minutes they break apart and Riddhima switches off the lights while Armaan pulled the sheets and covered both of them and their unconditional love.

Ridzi: Shweetu…. (Whispers)
Armaan: hmmm (Busy in his romance)
Ridzi: aap mujhe hamesha isi tarah pyaar karoge na?Armaan: haan tumhe main jaise ab chahta hun waise hi chahunga and marne ke baad bhi sirf tumhe hi chahunga.
Ridzi placed her fingers on his mouth and he bites them.
Ridzi: I love you Armaan….
Armaan: I love you too….

Next morning:

The whole family went to a mall and shopped a lot then they went to a beach and played there.
Ridzi: bas bohot hua paani se baahar aao aap teeno.
Armaan/Ridhaan/Arima: no.

Ridzi: sardi ho jaayegi. Armaan aap bhi na bacche hai bilkul
.Armaan: accha baba aa rahein hain. Come on baccho lets move out.
They came out and then they went to a fair and enjoyed there. After some more days of enjoyment the family was going back to India.
Ridzi: Armaan late ho jaayega chaliyeShe said to her romantic hubby who was busy kissing her.
Armaan: hmm bas do minute aur.
Ridzi: mch! Late ho jaayega… (She pushed him)
Ridhaan: papa kya kar rahe ho?
Both of them turned to see their kids standing.

Armaan: aapki mumma ko kiss karna hai but she is not allowing me to do so.
Ridhaan: mumma! Aaj hum jaa rahe hai na and ek kiss karna toh banta hi hai.
Armaan: exactly
He smirked while Ridzi blushed listening to his naughty child’s comments.
Arima: papa jaldi se lo mumma ki kissi hum late ho rahe hai.
Armaan: ok (Laughs and winks at Ridz who just blushes) ab aap dono eyes toh close karo.

They closed their eyes and he went near her lips and placed his lips on hers softly. She responded back. The kiss stated that they will be together forever and they will love each other the same way forever and ever.
Ridhaan: time over!
Both AR moved away and Ridzi blushes hard. Armaan takes her dupatta and wipes his lips. She blushed even more and hides herself in his chest. The kids too joined the hug. They shared a cute, sweet and adorable family hug promising to be together forever with happiness and love.

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