Sunday, 9 May 2021


After one hour

"AAAHHH..." she screamed and covered her face with her hands in shock as Armaan stood behind covering his ears with the fingers.

"Where's the cruise and.. and..Armaaan...where's the ship...?" she asked looking around as he gulped knowing the answer to this question.

"yehi..hoga..dekho..Maybe it is playing hide and seek with us.." he said cracking a lame joke.

"Hahahahaha...hogaya.." she stopped as she narrowed her eyes at him.. "YOU.." she pointed her finger at him taking steps towards him. "it's all your fault...our left without even waiting for us..and now... ab hum wapis kaise jayenge...HOW" she said, murder in her eyes as he took steps back to maintain some distance.

"Riddhima..ab mujhe thodi na pata tha ki itna late ho jayega and don't you think you are at fault too.."

"me at fault?" her jaw dropped hearing his words.. "How come I am at fault.." she asked keeping her hands on waist.

"when I had clearly and loudly told you to just stand there then why, Jungle mein kyun gayi...I never forced you to go in the who is at or you..." he rolled his eyes accusing her as she narrowed her eyes at his false accusation.

"Really.. aur jab mein chup hokar khadi thi then who was the one taking out lion's voice ...Me aur you..." she replied.

"you knew it was me..." he asked surprised to know that she knew.

"not in the starting but when your lion's voice started coming out as dog's voice aur uske baad jab donkey ki awaaz ayi to mujhe pata chal gaya ki except you no one can come up with something like this... Seriously Armaan, lion se direct donkey...awaaz to thik se nikalte..."

"Sh**.." he muttered under his breath.

He never thought that a small prank can go wrong just coz of their senti-mental nature. Riddhima , on hearing the lion's voice started crying and went deep into the forest. Even when she knew that it was him she walked deeper in the forest, so she is at fault too, maybe on a smaller scale and him- "main to sirf time pass kar raha tha" he was telling himself just to avoid the guilty feeling that was slowly coming inside his heart telling him that it was his entire fault.  And now they can't do anything coz the ship left and they were alone.

"Don't use bad words and tell me ab hum wapis kaise jayenge... ship to chala gaya aur mujhe to swimming aati nahin, so now you need to become a dolphin, I'll ride on your back and we can look for the cruise..." she said sounding genuine and serious.

"WHAT?..Riddhima do you have even idea what you just said.." he asked as she nodded.

"I have idea Armaan ji...and I know ki jo idea maine diya it's one in a million, chalo now become a dolphin or tortoise..mujhe voh bhi chalega..we have to find the cruise before it's too late.."

"Did someone attack you in the jungle?" he asked touching her forehead. He was well experienced with her senti side but what she said just now was beyond his expectation.  "What is wrong with my senti wife?" the question was going in his mind.

"No and stop touching my forehead. I am in shock state so I talk nonsense" she replied to his question. He sighed in relief knowing that this is just a temporary phrase and his wife will be back when she is normal.

"Oh...for a minute main to darr hi gaya tha but now that you have told me I am relieved. Btw for how long you'll be in this shock state" he asked, taking keen interest in her shock state.

"I don't know, last time jab shock main gayi thi, it lasted for whole one day and before that  it was just for one hour so I can't really tell you the exact time.." he nodded at her honest reply.

"so you just talk nonsense in shock state or there is more that I need to be aware off.."

"Sometimes I beat people who asks too many question about my shock state.." she replied keeping a straight face and he knew the answer was directed was him as he saw her forming a fist.

"ohhh..okay.." he said looking around, trying to change the subject.

"So what now?" he asked after a moment looking around. They were alone on the island, having no medium to contact others, no clothes, no food and just in few moments Riddhima was about to go into her senti- state as he saw that sniffing has started. It was about to turn into snobs followed by the last stage of senti, i.e. the crying stage.

And was he wrong? No... as Riddhima came out of the shock state with this question..

"hey bhagwanji, why me? Why only this mental?" frustrated at the turn of events that happened today, she looked up at the heaven looking for answers to her question as he stood beside her, imitating her actions.

"Hey bhagwanji,  why me? Why only this senti?" he imitated her voice, looking up at the sky as she slowly turned and looked at him in anger.

He was cracking jokes just to drift her mind off but the more he tried, the more she was getting pissed off.  She moved and sat few distance away looking at the sea as his eyes were fixed on her.

"I guess maine zyada bol diya?" he told himself as he saw her wiping the face with the back of her hand.

They were sitting on the shore with nothing to do. Afternoon turned into evening and evening turned into night but there was no talks from either sides. Armaan wanted to talk to her but had to change his mind after seeing her cry. He had no intentions of making her mad and Riddhima- her ego was stopping to go and talk to him.

"It was entirely his fault.." the line kept playing in her mind. Not even for once she turned and looked at him but knew he was watching her.

 Armaan couldn't take this silence anymore. He had to hear her voice even if it means – crying. Yes, it was better than the silence.  He walked towards her and sat beside her.

"Riddhima I am getting bored.." he said in almost  a whisper but audible enough for her to hear. She looked at him, not surprised at his words coz it was not the first time she was hearing these words.

"Riddhima...let's do something" he said a bit louder this time, nudging her by his elbow.

"I have a better idea- STAY AWAY FROM ME..." she said as the big grin was back on his face. Oh how he loved to see the annoying expression on her face.





"Last time..." he pleaded.

"Last time?" she asked not getting meaning of his words.

"Duh...yeah this is our last night, ab raat ho rahi hai and just in few hours the jungle animals will come out of their hiding place for food and they will attack us so technically this is our last night. Ab mujhe to swimming aati hai so I am gonna jump in the sea par can understand what I am trying to say.." he said as she gulped.  Her scared expression was priceless as he was trying his best to keep a straight face and not laugh.

"Really iss island par animals hai...Are you sure about the wild animals.." she whispered looking around moving closer to him. He nodded not wanting her to know about him pulling her leg.

"and they will kill us..." she asked. 

She moved closer to him and the smile on his face vanished at the close proximity.  He was getting turned on at her simple gestures and she had no idea as she shifted more close.

"" he shuttered. With her back touching his chest, it was getting difficult for him to even speak properly.  He slowly brought his hand and wrapped it around her waist bringing her more close than she already was, making it impossible for air to pass between them.  They were on their honeymoon and it was the first time they were alone.

"And you will leave me alone..." she whispered, her eyes fixed at the surroundings. 

"Huh..." he whispered not even caring to hear her out as his mind was fixed to somewhere else. Exposing her neck to him he removed her hair. Bringing his lips to her exposed skin, he pressed his lips ever so lightly tracing her neck as his nose touched the sweet spot below her ear.

"Armaan..say something.." she asked, not getting  his usual response.

"Huh..." he repeated, still now getting out of the moment as he moved to her other side.  She elbowed him this time, finally bringing him out of the trance.

"Ouch.." he said rubbing at the side of his waist as she turned her face to look at him. "Riddhima you want to kill me or what?" he asked, still rubbing.

"main kab se kucch pucch rahi hoon and you aren't replying. Main kya karti?" she asked making a child-like face, pouting.

 He kissed her pouted lips and showed his dimpled smile.

"Armaan..." she said looking around. "stop playing romance- romance. Koi dekh lega?"

"No one's gonna see us except the wild animals. And don't worry they won't tell this is anyone...I'll make sure of it.."  he said proudly as he wrapped his hand around her.

"Armaan ... I..." she was about to say something but got interrupted by a loud noise.  She looked around but saw no one. Another loud noise erupted and she looked above to see fireworks in the air.

"Look they came back for us..." She said pointing at the sky and got up, the smile back on her face.

"it's already 8:00" he muttered cursing the time as he got up behind her.

"Armaan aren't you excited, we'll be back on the cruise..." she was too excited to notice the opposite reaction on his face.

"I am Riddhima..totally excited..." he stood beside her as they saw the speed boat coming towards them.

"Sir I told you I'll be on time and see exactly at 8:00" the man showed the watch to him and he forced a smile on his face.

"thoda aur der nahin ruk sakta tha..idiot.." he muttered under his breath but too late as it was clearly heard by her.

She slowly turned and looked at him with anger in his eyes. "So it was all your plan..sending me in the jungle then following me and... why...kyun kiya aisa?" she asked as he took steps back, shaking and nodding his head at the same time.

"I .. I just wanted to have some fun and spend some time alone with my wife..that's why" he replied moving back as she continued to walk towards him.

"and for that you made me go through hell...Do you have any idea what all was going on in my mind.. I was so scared aur tumhe fun chaiye tha. Mill gaya fun or you need some more..."

"kahan mila...your Senti nature spoiled..." he stopped in between, realizing no one can save him from what is about to happen. "Riddhima why don't we continue this fight of ours back on the cruise, it's already so dark and I am sure you don't want to miss my face when you hit me so..."

Riddhima thought for a moment and the truth- yes Armaan was in deep Sh** and she was dying to get a hold on him for playing such a stupid joke.

She nodded and they went back to the cruise which was on the opposite side of the island. Without even caring about anyone, she grabbed his hand and forced him to walk behind her as they got looks from people all the way to their room. They entered the room and he was about to run in the loo to save himself, when "Not so fast ..." she said coming and standing between the loo and him.

Crossing her hands and tapping her feet, she slowly moved towards him as he took steps back.

"So where were we?" she asked as he gave a nervous smile.

"We were at the island and now we are in our room.." he replied but no change in her expression. "Riddhima I am sorry na, main to know I just wanted to spend some time alone with you, ghar par bhi time nahin milla tha, every time I tried coming closer kabhi koi aa jaata ya phir koi problem ho jaati thi and on cruise you were so excited that you didn't even looked at me once to main aur kya karta...I did what my brain told me and that's the whole truth..." he said looking in her eyes directly as he stopped moving.

She knew he was telling the truth and her anger was slowly melting at his cute expression.  They never got time, something she wanted too but playing such a joke. It's not something she can ignore.

"Still what you did was wrong?" she said and a small smile came on his lips. He knew she wasn't angry anymore as she was trying her best to make herself look angry.

"I know, plan bata deta to at least mujhe tumhara senti side to nahin dikhta and we would have enjoyed too.." he said bringing her closer and holding her tightly at her waist.

"accha.." she said raising an eyebrow as he nodded at her cute expression.

"you senti and me mental, I think we make an excellent senti- mental pair...don't you think" he asked as she bit her lips trying to suppress her smile.

Bringing his face closer he kissed her, his lips touching hers and she responded back with equal fervour. Coming out of the kiss he looked at her as she moved closer to him and whispered in his ears "I don't mind continuing what we left on the island..." she winked and pushed him on the bed.

Standing at the door, she teased him and ran out of the room before he could catch her. As the words registered in his mind, he saw her showing his thumb to her and smiled. Getting up from the bed he followed her out. "This is going to be a long night..." he told himself as a devilish smile appeared on his lips.


Loads of love..


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