Sunday, 31 January 2021

OS : couldn't help but fall for you

Everyone was busy in decorating the mansion as today is the engagement of the princess of the house..
As we go upstairs of the mansion we can see one girl was sitting all ready in a beautiful purple lehenga..looking like an angel..and 2 girls is helping her on her makeup and hair.. they were almost done when the door of the room opened and a middle aged lady entered.. aree anjali and muskan beti abhi tak tum log ready nhi huye.. yes the two girl who were helping the girl ready is anjali and muskan..
An: mom we are almost done..
Lady: ok beta do quick they are at downstairs. Mu: aunty ap fikar na karo hum abhi ridzy ko leke niche ate h.. yes the girl is Ridhima Gupta doughter of shashank and padma gupta..
Pa: going towards ridz beti u r looking so beautiful and put a black tilak on the behind of her. R: Mommm blusing and hugging her mom.. P: ok ab m niche jati hu.. tum log jaldi se aw.. and left..
M: so ridz ready for the commitement..?
R: dont know yar..its just happeng so fast..
A: dont worry ridz everything will be fine..and he really a good guy..
R: hmm sigh

Here downstairs two guys is standing at the hall and talking 1st guy: so sid ready for the engagement?? Yes the with is going to engaged is siddharth modi who is CEO of
MM enterprize.good looking and work ahowling..
S: yeah dude she is beutiful..
1st:oh now im eager to see the girl ;)
S: ofcourse arman look she is here.. well guys the 1st guy is arman mallik handsome and hot, he is full of masti..buddy of sid and also manager of MM enterprize.. sid and arman are half half partner but as sid is more serious about his work arman made him CEO.
Arman looks towards the girl who was coming with her di and frnd looking nervous yet beautiful and got lost in her.. he keeps admiring her without blinking..
S: shaking arman dude she is my would be fiance..
A: hmm oh yeah but she is beautiful..u r lucky that u met her before me.. ;)
Soon shashank called sid and zidz on stage and they exchange their ring..
And the marriage was after 2 month. ( i wanted to add a dance here but im not gd at song and dance thats why i ignore it)
After dinner all the guest left leaving sid, his family and arman.. here ridz was tired and was going to her room whn suddenly she got stuck by her heavy dress and about to fall frm the staircase whn two strong hand hold her by her waist..they looked at each other and got lost in their eyes...
S: ARMAN kaha h tu.. hume nikalna hoga..
A: help ridz for standing properly then umm mujhe jana h.. R: okk thnx :) arman was leaving but he stop and said ridhima.. R: hmm. A: wo u r looking beautiful.. R: thnx (blushing)
That night they both couldn't help but think about each other and their little encounter and fall asleep..
After some days sid decided to take zidz on a date and told arman to make all arrangement.. arman did it whole heartily as if it was his date..
sid and ridz come out of his car and sid took her to the veneu.. ridz got lost in the beauty of the place..
S: do u like it?
R: i love it..its amazing..
Sid leads ridz ti the dining table when suddenly his phn start to ringing..
S: hlw..... yes........... oh okk u wait im coming.. and ended the call.. to ridz sorry ridhima i've to go its urgent.. i've ordered the food.. u start and for ur company im calling arman vo ahi koi pe hoga..and called arman to come to the venue.... and left..
Ridz felt so bad and was about to go when someone hey beautiful..
R: arman itne jaldi agaye..
A: yeah m ahi pe tha..last minite organise check krne aya tha..
R: means u organised this all???
A: umm vo actually ha sid busy the na isliye..par usine mujhe sab details diya tha (lying)..
R: i got... btw its amazing :)
A: getting exited really?? U like it?? :-D
R: i love it..
A: dinner kare?
R: yeah :-)
And eat their dinner enjoying each other's company.. and become frnds..
Arman offered ridz a ride to her home and she happily accept.. in car they both were lost in their thoughts...
R: ye mujhe kya ho rahi..sid ke jane se mujhe itna bura kyu nhi lagi.. aur m arman ki taraf itna atracted kyu ho rahi..
A: yar ye kya ho raha m ridz se pyar kaise krne lag gaye..yes he now realised he was in love with ridz.. m ye kisiko nhi bata sakta after she is my buddy's fiance..
Soon they reach GM and ridz go inside biding arman gdbye

Some days later..
A: on phn sid kaha h tu mujhe jara airport jana h..
S: par arman aj to ak important meeting h na.. aur m b to bahar hu.. tu b chale gaye to meeting kaise chalega?
A: par mere jana b jaruri h aj 10 sal bad mere behen a raha h london se..
S: u mean tamanna..?
A: yeah dude..
S: ok im near the airport m use receive kar lungi aur tu meeting sambal aur mujhe uski ak pic send kar dena ta ki m use pehchan saku..
A: okk

Sid was waiting for tamanna whn suddenly he saw a beautiful girl and got lost on her..his trance break whn his phn beeped and he saw a mms frm arman and opened it.. it was the same girl pic he saw few moments before..and the girl was tamanna.. he goes towards tamana and
S: hi tamanna
T:how do u know me?
S: im siddharth modi and arman send me to receipt u..
T: oh ap sid ho vai ki partner.. par vai asa kaise kar sakti h.. unke liye mujhse jaida kam important h.. :-( i hate him :-(
S: are nhi nhi uski koi galti nhi m hi use kaha ki m tumhe receipt kar lungi..
T: okk chalo..
In car tam talked nonstoply.. and strangely sid liked her this side.. and they become frnds..
Frm then ST and AR frequently used to meet (ofcourse alag alag) and chat randomly..

1 week before marriage..
S: hlw ridz bolo..
R: sid wo 1week m shadi h aur kuch shopping baki h to mumma keh rahi thi kya tum mere sath chalogi..
S: mere ak bahut imp meeting h. M nhi ja payunga tum arman ko bolo wo chale jayegi..
This time she didnt felt bad but become happy thinking she could get some time to spend with arman..

After some minute sid phn again start ringing...
S: hi tamanna
T: hi sid. M bahut bore ho mujhe movie dekhne jana h..kya tum mujhe company dogi??
S:ummm.... okk wait im coming.. ( in mind m use na kyu nhi kar paye ridz ko to kitne ahsani se na kardi..) while dissmising the thought he called his PA and told him to canceled all the meetings for today and left the office..

Sid and tam spend a gd time with each other enjoying movie and then lunch..

Here at shopping mall
AR were at juwelarry shop chosing some juwelers when ridz eyes fell on a ring that was a simple diamond ring.. Armand immediately knew she liked the ring by her expression but didn't say anything.. soon they finished their shoping and they decided to go to restaurant for lunch..
A: riddima tum jaw m ak call krke ati hu.
R: okk and left.. here arman goes towards the juwelers shop and buy the ring ridz liked..
At resturant AR have their lunch left for GM.. while driving they both were so much lost in each others thought that didnt noticed a truck coming towards their car. Then ridz noticed this and shout ARMAAAN TRUCK
Arman quickly turn right and his car hit with a tree.. ridz head hit with car caused a lil cut in her head..on the other hand arman got few cut on his forehead and arms..
But he cared less about himself and panicked to see ridz cut..
A: ridhima.. ridhima r u okk? (Worried line was clearly visible on his face) and taking out first aid box start treating her cut very carefuly..while tears were continiously flowing frm his eyes..
R: (was shocked to see the care of arman for her and in heart she was so happy ) arman m thik hu bas choti se chot h..
A: im sorry ridhima mere wajah se ye sab huya..agar tumhe kuch ho jate to m mar... i mean m sid ko kya jawab deti..(while crying)
R: arman im alright..holding his hand and looking directy on his eyes.. aur ye mujhe do (taking the first aid kit box) mujhse jaida tumhe iski jarurat h and stop crying idiot.. (weeping his tears) she start cleaning his wound and he hissed in pain (now seeing him this much pain tears start coming down frm her eyes)
A:noting her crying weep the tears away with his thumb.. ridz looks at him and both got lost in each others eyes..
After few ridz trance break and she aplied antiseptic on his cuts.. and soon both head towards GM by a texi..

Marriage Day
All the preparation were done..all were happy leaving 4 persons arman tamanna and going to be married couple.. rituals of shaadi was going on.. arman and tamanna was standing far away heartbroking.. yes by now tamanna also realised that she love sid..
Here sid and ridz both were feeling restless as if their heart was leaving them as process of shaadi was going on.. and both scream together STOOOPPPPPPPPPP
everyone shoked by the scream..
Sh: kya huya tum dono chillaye kyu...?
R/S: i cant marry sid/ridhima.. and both looked at each other.
S: ridima m kisi aur se pyar krti hu m wo kabhi tumhare liye nhi ki jo uske liye krti hu. Aur nahi m tumhare liye wo feel krte hu jo uske liye krti hu ..m ye shaadi nhi kar sakti..
R: same here. (They both smiled) btw who is she?
S: tamanna. And who is he?? Well i think i already guessed ;-)
R: :-)
Here arman and tam were still standing in shock.. sid goes towards tam S: holding her hand yes tamanna i love u frm the time i saw u at airport.. i was so stupid to realise it..(chuckling) and i know u also have feelings for me.. so will u marry me??
T:with tears while smiling yes yes yes and hugged sid..
R: SID and throw her engegement ring towards sid.. sid cought it and slipped it into tamanna's finger..
Everyone clapped for them..

Sid signalled something to arman.. and getting the hint arman goes towards toward ridz and kneeled down in front of her looking directly in her eyes..
A:m bas tumhe itna kahunga ki when 1st time i saw u i got lost in u..kwoning that u r going to be someone's else.. i couldn't help but fall for u.. i love u..and wants to spend my whole life loving u..pampering u..having child with u.. growing old with u..will u give me the honour by marrying me??
R:(seeing nothing but true love in his eyes) nodding with teary eyes and hugging him YES I"LL. I LOVE U AND I ALSO COULDN'T HELP BUT FALL FOR YOU..
aparting frm the hug arman takeout a ring from his picket and slipped it to her finger..
R: gashping arman ye to vohi ring jo mene us din shoping hall m dekhi thi..
A: aur i knew it tumhe ye bahat pasand aye i couldn't help buying it :-)
R: :-) i love u arman (hugging)
A: i love u too (hugging back)
Their trance break hearing clapped by all.. and felt embrassed..
Sh: laughing pandit ji ab yaha ak nhi do shaadi honge.. ap suru kijiye.. padma dono betiya ko mandap pe le aw.. and like this both the couple got married on the same day and lived happily :-)

With love

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