Friday, 7 May 2021

os : A Death Kiss

We often heard that realtions are being killed by our actions.
There is always some naturally occuring rule to hold any relation firmly if we just maintained that particular thing in between us but unfortunately some time it would be next to impossible to stay in relation. When ur heart broke , when u got hurt by the person who is everything to u.
In that circumtances we found it better to sccummed that relation and just seprated our paths to live nd to let our beloved one live in peace

But as I always said destiny has always a different plan than ur vision.
Its put ur life upside down with in a flick and u just dont get what stormed had just gone through ur life and when u realised it till then u may lost something or u may gain something priceless or something better..

I am taking u to the same journey of two friends who suffered alot..


A guy around 29 was standing near the window and gazing at the world outside and engrossed in deep thoughts. Dry tears can be seen on the side of his eyes , he was terribly missing someone , some one really special who can consoled him right now , to whom he shared his solace and the one who embrace him nd provide comfort to his torn nd tired body and soul..

He was looking at the sky as if asking the questions from the God , why he did this to him or why he just snatched all the happiness nd blossoms of his life , what crime he did for which he had to pay so much. But as always he didnt get answers to his question , he remained there and silently gazing outside , when there was a knocked on the door..

" come in " he said in stern voice.

" sir " his p.a came and called him in low voice.

" what happened did u get any information about it " he asked impatiently.

His p.a gave him and apologetic yet disappointed look and seeing his expression his face fell all the excitement which bubbled in him just vanished.

" hmm! " he sighed.

" i think you should fired that bloody ba***** detective who cant even do any thing and hired the best one for this job " he ordered.

" sir we already hired 10 best detectives of the town uptill now and paid them really high then usual , I think its not good to splurge so much on detectives if may face hard time sir" being a honest employee and his loyal advisor nd p.a he suggested what he found appriopriate from buisness perspective.

" I dont need ur suggestion damn it , I said hired a new talented and a best detective right now " he yellled at him.

He cant do any thing rather to obey his command , he is not getting why he is so desperate to find the person he has lost long ago.
He dont even carried any contact detail n anything rather just some pics and long lost memories and an old address which didnt provide any help to them but the poor soul cant do any thing before his master's command,who is a famous buisnes tycoon ,a well known bachelor of the city and got many awards in very young age nd now a brand he strieved hard to achieve all the successes nd to take this company to higher level,he followed his orders nd fired the detective called to new agency to hire new talented one.


He reached at his door step as he open the door of his big size luxury appartment, the yelling nd shouting of persons took over his senses nd he sighed in anger yet in disbliefe that both of his sister again must b fighting and maria their maid just playing a role of refrey between the duo.

He followed the voices and as he entered in the room , a jar came in to his direction threw by his sister which he catched it before it hit him.

He angrily marched towards them..

" dont you girls have manner, everytime i found u both bickering nd fighting on something or other, come on girl cant you live with peace nd let me live too " he barked..

They both got scared and the girl around 18 open her mouth to speak.

" bhai... She started as always i didnt do anything" she build courage to speak..

While the other one who is around 15 narrowed her eyes to her elder sister nd said " no bhai i just asked for his brand new watch to wear at party tonight n she just... Huuhhh "

" shut up you both of u , i m seriously not intrested in ur explainations , i am warning u last time girls , if you dont get manners nd continued ur misbehaving then i will sealed all ur credit cards , sents both of you to hostle nd all your freedom nd luxury would snatched away from u" he yelled nd then gaze towards messy room , he looked towards maria..

" maria just clean it up immediately , u know na i hate mess" he ordered.
Maria nobbed n follow his command while he already stromed out of the room..

Both sister were shooting daggers to each other and was confused by the behaviour of their bro, they both shook hand to over their fight as none of them wants to live with out having all these luxuries..

" hey niks dont u found bhai's behaviour a bit weird " other girl name minnie (15 year old ) spoke

" yeaaahhh u r right donno what happened to him , he has changed alot in all these years nd from past few months , he became an angry bird " niks spoke.

" i think bhai had a fight with her gf over something " minnie guessed.

"what minn seriously i mean bhai nd gf no way , he has no connection with girls n love ,he is far beyond all this babe" niki briskly spoke nd brushed away her thoughts.

" ohh niks plz i m serious , dont u looked at his face is just like somethig irritating him to no extent , i think its just because of the girl whom pic i found in his almirah.." minnie spoke.

" whom pic u r talking about minn look dont assumed at ur own bhai have no connectiom with all this yar and may the pic u found was of his some client or employee or some old friend , y r u thinking too fast babe , come on! Just let it be lets get ready for party" niki assured her nd tried to divert her little sister's mind but remained unsucceful as her mind is still trying to fimd out the reasons behind all this...

They appologised to their bro nd they left the house for party..


He was sitting on his bed just in his shorts, his perfect toned body is visible and thinking about his life , a call that changes his life..


He was in London studying there in buisness school nd was living in near by appartment , he has a best friend who live at some distance to his house nd was studies in same college but in different school that is of law school in kingston college.. Both became friends while going to same college thru train nd often meet at cafe. Both shared a really strong bond.. He is the son of great buisnessman of England who is an indian before but now get the nationality of British named Mr Balwinder Malik , he has great reputation in society ,he wanted his son to take over his buisness after completing his studies and take it to the next level ,he along with his beloved wife "Ananya Malik " who is the mother of his 3 children , Armaan Malik , NIkita Malik nd Monika Malik but used to called as minnie all live in Manchester where else his son armaan is studying in london so he stays there nd only came to meet them one in a week on weekend mostly.

" hey armaan how r u? " a girl in light blue skirt with white top along with a multi colored stole wrapped around her neck looking tremendiously hot sexy nd beautiful..

Armaan didnt replied nd turned his face to other side ,she knew he must be angry after all he asked her to meet yesterday at cafe but she didnt shown up.. Its really pissed him off..

" ohooo armaan i know u waited for me so long but what can i do , i really got some urgency , that i cant avoid" she said.

" ohhhoooo ridhima , now may i know what urgent work came up that u dont even care to inform me " he demanded with full right.

( yes her name is riddhima a 22 year girl while armaan was 24 at that time she is his bestie , his consoler, supporter nd secret keeper ,,he shared everything with her nd she gave the comfort to him that no one can , he enjoyed her company and take her as his reallly close friend , may there is some thing more to it but armaan is totaly unaware of the feeling erupting inside him for ridhima , his behavious shows everything , his posessiveness towards her nd his madness nd all their cute bickering but armaan just not able to figured it out till yet but the case is entirely different on the other side , here riddhima has already fallen for him, she took him more than her friend nd wants to spent her whole life with him if he wants the same if not then she certainly have no problem as its his decision but she just spent her life just alone with all the memories but she really wished that armaan too have the same feelings towards her nd waited for the right moment he confessed...
Ridhima has no family she is an orphan , now armaan is everything to her , she did a part time job in near by macdonald to earn money for her study n other expanses , armaan tried to help her financial specialy for his studies but she refused to take a penny from him nd armaan respected her self esteem nd never tried again.)

" actually sid got stuck in some problem nd only i can save him so i had to go. "

Armaan 's anger anger was now on cloud ninth with the mention of sid's name , he clenched his fist n flared his nostrils...

" now i get it , he is important to u more than me " he said is if she was his property nd no one has right to came close to her..

" ufffhhhh o no baba! U r more important to me seriously " she put her around his shoulder, he shoved it of in anger..

" ohoooo armaan now stop it , u r behaving like an immature kid" she spoke annoyingly..

" ohhh so now i m an immature kid , woow great so just then go to ur mature adult man , i think he is really special to u " he blurted out in anger

" fine i m going , to hell with u , now dont come to me , dont even tried to contact me got that " she snapped her finger in front of him in a warning way nd stormed out of there..

He sat down on the floor nd hit his forhead as after few minutes,he realised what blunder he made.

" shiittt , i m such a jerk , i hurt her alot , its all because of that stupid soul sid, uuurrrggghjhhh cant he just stayed away from her , why dont he get that , SHE IS MINE.. He said to himself but the last phrase put him in to confusion but he put all his thoughts aside.


Armaan reached at her door step with a bouqet of orchids as riddhima love it.. He was ringing bell since 15 mins nd banging on door but she didnt ans..

" ridhima i m sory , i promise it never happened again baby , plz open the door plx. He plea to her.

" armaan just go away ok i m really in bad mood , i just dont want to see ur face leave me alone" she shouted from inside..

" riddhima i cant leave u alone , u r my best friend na i just cant live with out u , plz have some pity on me plz , u r my everything na baby , if u leave me then may b i would die because since childhood i have no one to share my feelings , mom dad both busy in their work , they love me , provide me everything but sometimes when i need to share something they were not beside me , i felt really lonely nd since i came to london all my lonliness vanished just because of u " plz he plead again

Her melt hearing his words as its came from deep inside his heart nd she cant resist , she cant refrained her heart to love him even though she knew he cant love her back as she is certainly not his type.. He is the most popular guy of the college but he never ever get in to any relationship with anyone as he need some one really modern , bold , stylish , sexy , hot , caring all these qualities she possesed but he said he once he cant love or marry her as she is not that sexy n modern that he wants.. but yeeaahhh he did flirt with many of the college chicks πŸ˜‰

Finally she opened the door nd let him entered , he forwarded the flowers to her , she accepted it nd a wide smile spread across her lips..

" what would u like to have" she asked..

" just one cup coffee its really chilling outside u see" he winked

" yeahh yeeaahhh ok " she went to make coffee for both..

" hey in which problem ur lover got stuck " he exagerate the word lover.

She gazed at him with narrow eyes.
" oh hello he is not my lover get that ohk he is just my friend... "

Armaan unknowngily spoke " just like me "
She became numb dont know what to anwer , how can she tell him that he is more than friend to her.. But she refrained her heart to say anything like which she regret later as she cant loose this friendship at any cost.

" hmmm , here is ur coffee she offered.

He took it nd had a sip of it , " u didnt answer my question ,tell me, what happened last night..

" oh actually he went out with his friends nd then one of his girl friend got drunk , he helped her to get back to her place , he dont have car nd taxi is not available one of the cop stopped him nd asked question he took him wrong he called me , when i was about to leave to meet u at resturant but hearing him , i went there nd assured the cop ,he is just helping her nd not that type of person , till than i thought u went back , i forgot my cell at home , so thought to call u after reached back to home but when i returned due to some problem there was no electricity nd my cell battery was died so could make a call to u , this all happened last night , i m sorry she held her ears nd make a innocent puppy face "

Armaan couldnt resist her innocence nd smile both shared a hug nd armaan asked her to get ready as they are going for dinner today as its a last holiday of ridz from his work so...
Ridz quickly take a bath nd get ready meanwhile armaan was busy flipping channels sitting in front of tv in hall.

Ridz came out wearing a dark green coloured skin fitted, sleveless top which landed till her upper thight , showing her perfect curves ,it has a deep neck so her upper chest is visible. She dont like jewelry much she just used to wear watch which her mom gifted her before her death n love to wear braclets nothng else. So she wear a diamond artificial bracelet which armaan gave her on friend ship day. She applied light make up a little kajal , pink gloss ,mascara nd light blush on all set to go..

As soon as armaan gaze fell on riddhima ,he was blown of with her beauty. He just cant able to aver her gaze from her, he was so lost in her.
Riddhima felt hot under his gaze , her hormones level changes nd she is experiencing a new sensation of womanhood erupting inside her..
Blush was crept all over her face as she sensed armaan 's fix gaze on her.
This makes her go weak on her knees.
Armaan dreamingly spoke
" gorgeouss" nd got busy in staring at her..
After good 5 mins armaan came out of his lala land nd came near her.

" hey u look beautiful today , atleast looks like a hot chick babe not that typical mod girl , he winked at her..

Ridhima blush she turned deep red
" shut up , we r getting late, lets go"
Armaan nodded nd offered his hand to to her nd he readily accept it with happiness.

Both reached to hotle , armaan ordered for both of them nd got busy in chatting with her till food arrived.
They had dinner while talking n joking with eachother.. When armaan asked ridz for dance nd ridz agreeed nd both moved to dance floor..
Armaan held her from waist nd she bumped in to his well build chest , this sending current up nd down in her spin. Both were dancing so close that feeling eachother's breath across their skins, riddhima just cant take it anymore , she squirmed with new sensation that is building inside her , she is so attached to her , physically , mentally nd now sexually too...

After spending a blissful time with him , they returned to their appartments , ridhima changes in to her tee n loose pj nd laid on her bed, she was thinking about armaan , thinking about their close proximity.

" i love u , love u alot armaan ,i cant live without u ,i wished i could tell u someday nd i wished u have the same feeling for me.. She said to herself nd soon sleep took over her senses..


Next day,

Armaan removed the flicked from her face nd kissed her eye lids nd his mouth trailed to her throat leaving wet kissess nd love bites there simultaneously. She opened her eyes nd clenched his hairs into her fist , aroused him more, he removed her tee from her shoulder nd kissed her their , rubbed his hand on her arms from up till down , creating havoc in her body , she quivered to give him full access to her neck , he cupped her face nd was about to captured her lips.................




Alarmed bell ring , and she opened her eyes with shocked nd than realisation down to her that it was just dream but she wished it became reality some day..

She quickly got ready nd leave for college. As she entered armaan was stucked with some of the girls , who didnt let him breathe as its their last year so there will be a farewell following week before exams.

Ridhima burst out in laughter seeing the girls didnt let him in peace nd was fight for him among each other , armaan plead her through eyes to save her , she blinked her eyes nd stepped in between them..

" hey girls armaan is my best friend as u all know armaan is not in relationship with anyone neither I so ofcourse we both will come together at farewel so sorry girls better luck next time " she smirked with a victory smile..

Everything is going smooth , days were passing nd their relationship got stronger with each passing day. Ridhima's feeling getting stronger nd stornger towards armaan where else armaan didnt even know anything about his inside feeling nd her feelings too.

On farewell day...

Ridz wear a white trail gown with a little pearl emblishment on it with a pearl braclet in her hand complimenting it with light make up nd a stylish hair style.

Armaan gazed fixed on her , he is looking like an angle on earth , he moved towards her nd hugged her greet her both enjoyed their party they danced , armaan riddhima got best couple dance of the evening award..

Someone dissolved some thing in armaan's drink nd he lost his senses ,he is in sub concious state ridz help him to get back to his place , reaching at his home, ridhima put his head on her shoulder n took out the key from his pocket he twisted inside the lock nd open the door , they entered n he locked the door behind her.
She put armaan on the bed Nd covered him with quilt , she was about to go when armaan held her wrist nd pushed her towards himslef nd she landed on his chest in no time.

Armaan stared deep in his eyes nd caressed her cheeks , " beautiful angel" he spoke nd rubbed his thumb on her lips which is really temptating , he pushed her down to his level n captured her lips , ridhima tried to stop as she knew , he is doing this in his unconcious nd secondly he dont love her but her heart didnt allow her to stop him , the kiss was became passionate with each passing second riddhima too lost in the moment , she is shaken on her knees.. Armaan's tongued make his way to her mouth.

Soon they both free themselves from clothes , riddhima helped her to do nd he too , he is kissing her wildly on her neck trailed his mouth to her chest nd nibbled on her b***** one by one nd he rubbed her back pushed her towards himself from her hips , ridz too kissed her nd leave a marked on his chest.. The chilling breeze coming from window , igniting the fire to their passion , both were so lost that they dont know what they are doing , both just listening to their heart which yelled from deep inside that they love each other nd made for each other... Finally armaan marked her as HIS both spent a blissful life of their lives , ridhima was so happy to be as his her dream come true , but thinking about tomorrow her heart ached but she just thought that its ok , this night is enough to cherish whole life.. Both snuggled in to each other nd slept.

Next day,

Ridz woke up early , she gazed at armaan with love nd affection nd slipped in to her last night gown after taking shower as she didnt carry her dress ,she made breakfast for both of them nd set the table nd make limo pani for armaan , in no time armaan woke up nd was sitting on bed while holding his head as it still spining.
Armaan found ridz here nd got shocked to see her..

" what r u doing here " he asked in utter confusion.

Ridz thought to told him but she refrained nd thought to tell him afterward..

" nothing just a little hang over , here take it you will feel better " she offered glass..

Armaan nobbed nd drink it in one go.

" i dont know , how does it happened thank u r here to help me out , u r such a sweetheart riddhima , i didnt even remember what happened last night i just had a juice nd then when opened my eyes found my body lying here.. " he said

Ridhima heart ached to learned that he didnt remember their actually only hers beautifull night.
Tears briming inside her eyes but she quickly wiped it off before armaan noticed as she cant lie to him when he questioned..
Armaan take a shower to calm his nerves nd muscles nd had a break fast with ridz , ridz went to macdonald.

Armaan remained at home nd take rest days pass like this..

Ridhima told everything to one of her class mate muskan everything n she suggested her to tell armaan tomorrow about it. Ridhima is excited she cant wait for night to passed sleep was mile away from her , as she is going to confess her feeling to her love tomorrow nd telling him about the night they spent.
Dont know when she driffted to sleep.

Ridhima reached to his appartment , she found door wide open , she went inside , looked around but didnt find him , she went towards room nd over heard the conversation which armaan doing over phone.. Tears trickled down her cheeks but she wiped it off armaan turned to her nd cut the call , asked her why she came here is everything ok , she nodded nd said just came to check upon , she really wanted to tell him the truth , wanted to broke in his arms , wanted to questioned him , but she cant , she cant, armaan's phone rang , attended n the new came from other end shaken him.

Tears start flowing from his eyes , ridz consoled armaan nd asked what happened nd armaan told her while hiccups that his father is no more..
Ridz heart wrenched seeing him pain , ridz helped him to packed nd consoled him he immadiately left for manchester...


"ridz think about it once again , r u sure u want to leave.. " muskan said to her.

" yes , i m going muski , there is nothing to live here, no one know whether he returned or not , he didnt even informed me that he had reached safely neither attend my calls its being a week he had left.. I think he forget me nd i want to promise if ever in life u meet to him , u never ever informed about me that y i left nd where. I am , just swear on me..

Ridz left no choice for muskan rather to follow what she wants , she nodded nd this is how ridz bound muskan to her swear nd left london forever..

Two days later,

Armaan returned to london , he first went to her appartment he was so broken that only one person can give comfort to him.
On reaching there he learned from new tenant that she had left this house two days ago..
Armaan rushed to college nd from where he get to know that she had transfered her to some other place nd refused to provide any confidential info to him.

Armaan broke down , he run his hand thru his hair with frustration ,he dont know what to do now , his heart wrenched , he cant hold back his tears nd broke down , cried alot

" y u left me ridhima , yyyyy " he shouted.

" i was so broken , i really need u , u didnt even inform me before leaving what had happened ridhima that makes u to leave ur best friend , u promised to be my side in every step of my life , to support me,to encourage me , to console me nd to....
But u too left me riddhima y"
Something strucked to his mind he rushed to muskan nd she simply lied to him that she suddenly disappear without informing any one.

2 years later
After his exams he had returne back to manchester nd handled his father's buisness he became work holic to run away from the thoughts of her , his mother to left them a year ago nd now he has a reponsiblity to look after his sisters who were too young..
Something is really missing in his life ,he didnt able to recognised it when one day while watching some love type show , where actors portrait them he realised that the missing thing in his life was just HIS RIDHIMA who is not only his friend but more to it yeaahhh after ages he finally get to know about his heart's feelings , now he know why he felt so bad when he saw ridhima with some other guy, y he is so possesive for her , y his heart pained when she got hurt nd y he cried day nd night for her.
This is nothing but LOVE.

" yesss i love her , i love her , nd i will find her.." said with determination.

Flash back ends.

"Since then till date its being 3 years i am searching for u ridhima , total of 5 yrs when u left me all alone to face everything, plz come to me , i m carving for ur love, care nd affection , my home needs u , my soul needs u , my spoilt sisters need, i cant handled everything properly afterall u r my best motivation , i cant manage anything without u plz come back" he said while looking at her pic which they captured on farewell that was there last pic. A lone tear escaped from his eyes nd fell on the pic.


At night
Somewhere in europe.

A girl of around 27 years , in her nighty was sitting on the edge of the bed stroking the hairs of a little girl around 5 years ,tucking her to sleep.
She was thinking over how her life has changed with in a blink of an eye.
Tears trickled down her cheeks , she covered her self nd the girl with quilt , switched of the lamp nd drift to sleep.


" hey my little princess happy birthday finally its ur fifth birthday. "
She said with excitement..

" yess mom nd you know about ur promise na " she demanded , folding her hands across her chest with smirk on her face..

" yesss dadi aamma i know , u want me to gifted u a new playstation nd dvd i will buy okk dont worry angel " her mother replied...

" Grannnyyy! Where r u " she shouted

" yes mam ,opss i mean ridhima dear , what happened " a lady around 40 asked she is her maid nd look after her daughter nd her house nd some other servants , she is just like a mother to ridhima when ever she broke down , she shared her solace to her nd felt relieved , riddhima hate to be called mam from her so she strickly ordered her to take her name.

" granny i m going out for my hearing please make sure about all the arrangements of evening's party as all her friends are going to come nd i dont want any sort of lacking in it " she spoke in soft tone not in the tone she used for others..

" ohk dear no problem , u just go nd do ur work i m here to handle all these " she assured her.

Ridhima nobbed ,kissed her little angel nd then went for court.

Ridhima is one of the top lawyers of the country, she has the best record of not losssing any case in criminal nd corperate world..
She has owned a famous AR law firm in such a young age , she has attained so much , many lawyers work under her as her junior counsels.
Today she is going to get a decree on one of the famous case of whole europe that is of state vs IM FOOD ND BEVERAGES , the company was such a cheat nd are involved in many illegal activities , riddhima take this case from prosecution side , as owner of the company look really innocet by face nd submit many fake documents to proved themselves innocent so its really a problem as they were found to supplying drugs along with their products nd its a complaint about them that they supply contiminated product to market nd didnt use apprioprite ingredients to manufactured their preserved food so state hire ridhima for this case , ridhima didnt use her really name in profession nd was known as RAM , all knew her by this signature name, she is famous as RAM.

Riddhima reached to court her., junior counsel joined her at entrance.

" mam i m damn sure court will give decree in favour of us , after all u did a wonderful job " one of her junior blurted out..

She gazed at her with narrow eyes.
" dont u dare to flatter me ever again ,i hate this got it , now come fast" she spoke with stern face..

All were settled down soon the Lord came nd he gave decree in favour of ridz nd finally another victory.

She came out of room n checked time it was a lunch time , she thought to have it with her daughter. She sat in her car nd drove away.. She has come so far as her own , with hwe determination to fulfil her dream nd to fullfil his too as he always wanted her to be a top lawyer , being a single mother its not easy for her to get what she want while raising her only child , the only sign of his love , the life time gift of his , who always reminded her their blissful night ,when she melted in his arms nd submitted her soul nd body to him.. She love her daughter TAMANNA MALIK alot nd wants to give her everything , she dont want to see her suffering for her wishes just like her , this also boosted her nd she put so much effort to get a luxurious yet happy life for her daughter.

Just like her father would give her , if he would be with them so , she remembered how much armaan love kids nd wanted to have so many kids nd both chuckled at his thought of having dozens of children. Its so funny , well riddhima gave everything to her daughter after so much sufferings , when she came here granny helped her to settle , she was running a pastery shop nd on top of that shop , she has a small cottage to live , riddhima live with her nd when she stood on her feets , she just took her to their new house , ridhima never take her as a servant ,though she paid her as she is not ready to be a burden on ridhima besides this riddhima did everything for her just like her mother. They all were living happily from past 5 years.. She is happy in her life but the shadow of her past never leave her nd haunted her even in the middle of the day.

She remembered when she went to his house a very next day of their romantic night.


As riddhima reached near the room , she found him talking to some one over phone ,his back was towards her.

" noo yar i dont love ridhima she is just my best friend"

" ................"

" ohhhoooo no no u know na i cant even love her because since childhood , i used to adore tia nd loved her , i wanted to confess my love to her as soon as my studies are over i gonna propose her , i dont love her she is just my friend nd last night she was here just to look after me as i was drunk nd nothing else happened between us , i dont even think to do anything with her."

" ................."

" i will talk to later bye " he hanged up as he turned and saw ridhima.
On the other hand riddhima was rooted their woth hurt face , she was so broken inside but she hold back her tears..
Then armaan mother call him nd informed about his father's death nd he left...

Flash back ends

A lone tear escaped from her eyes while she shut her eyes to hold back the tears forming in her eyes.

" i wish armaan , u r living a happy life with ur love beside u , i never came in between u duo.. I promise I will take all my secrets to my grave nd never let u know about it at any cost " she promised herself..

She asked her driver to stopped the car , as her gaze fell on some mall , the car halted , she stepped out of it nd moved towards one of the kids shop , she purchased a beautiful ,fairy dress for her daughter nd bought somw toys , she moved towards electronic shop nd purchased the playstation ,dvd player nd then some cds for her daughter 's birthday..

She had already order the large sixe princess cake for her..
She move back to car nd it drove away..
She talk over phone with muski , she is happily married to RAHUL GAREWAL who is the son of her father's friend , she has 3 years old son named ROHAN GAREWA.. She is still in london nd coming to her place today to attend tamana's birthday as rohan nd tamanna both r very good friend.. So ridz called her to asked about her arrival nd she said she will be there till evening..

Ridhima reached to her place nd greeted everyone , she checked everything , tamanna was sleeping so she kept all his surprises in her room..


Armaan reached to his office,got settled in his cabin just then atul
(his pa ) knocked on his door , he gave perimision to come in..

" sir , here is a new detective , mr sharma , he is a well known detective of manchester , i already explained everything to him" atul introduced the detective to him..

" hey mr malik , i had already read ur case nd i assured u that i will definetly find her " sharma said with determination..

" i dont need any excuse mr sharma get that , i hate excuses , just find her with in two days at any cost , i dont have much information about her , rather than college, her friend muskan i dont even where muskan is and the address of her old appartment where ridhima live 5 years ago. Thats it nothing else nd this picture.. " he showed him.

Atul didnt showed mr sharma , ridhima's pic but when armaan showed it to him , he get the shock of his life as he saw the girl in that pic..

" RAM " only this word escaped from his mouth..

" huh ????" armaan gazed at him with confusion

He is staring at the pic nd armaan nd atul exchanged a look, armaan gestured atul what happend , he just shrugged his shoulder gesturing that he dont know anything.

" mr sharma , what happened, would u care to tell us " armaan asked in stern voice , it brings mr sharm back to the reality..

" sir , i know her , she is a famous corporate nd criminal attorney of scotland, i dont know her real name but people knows her by RAM " he said..

" that famous lawyer who just won the case against that cheaters mr khana nd crew , IM Food nd brevages that cheater, who were playing with the lives of innocent people since long nd was punished by court today , i heard it in news " atul interrupted..

Mr sharma nodded , " yes she is really a talent, smart nd famous lawyer ,u see she took limited cases nd when ever she make a commitment she is more in to it nd put all the efforts to win it , she is reallly devoted u know " mr sharma praised her.

" yeaaahhh i heard about her alot through , news nd social media nd i also read many of her interviews nd cases she fought uptill now , i really impressed by her way to turned the game upside down with in flick " atul said with impressed nd happy look on his face

Armaan who was quietly listening their convos nd her praises a wide smile spread on armaan 's face following with the tears in his eyes , finally he got a ray of hope , a sheer happiness is erupting inside him, his heart paced..

" mr sharma , where she lived in scotlant did u know " he asked

" sir she lived in city glasgow "
( Glasgow is a port city on the River Clyde in Scotland's western Lowlands. It's famed for its Victorian and art nouveau architecture, a rich legacy of the city's 18th-20th-century prosperity due to trade and shipbuilding. Today it's a national cultural hub, home to institutions including the Scottish Opera, Scottish Ballet and National Theatre of Scotland, acclaimed museums and a thriving music scene.)

" do u know her address" asked impatiently..

" not really sir ! actually few month ago i went there for my some official work but got stuck in some problem , she was passing from there nd helped me out , she gave her card to me nd by this i get to know her proffesional name nd then one of my friend who lived there , with whom i m staying told me about her , that she is a really famous lawyer nd talented one , she is became a youth inspiration as in such a young age she achieved alot , many were die to meet her nd fresh lawyers wants to be the part of her junior council at her firm.. Thats all i know about her" He told him..

" okk now we are going there nd will find her there " he declared

" sure sir as i already have the address of her firm , from where we get her" sharma exclaimed..

" atul i want 5 tickets to be booked for glasgow , u me , mr sharma nd my 2 sisters as i cant leave them here all alone so make it sooner nd plz make all the arrangement for our stay " armaan ordered..

Atul nodded nd left to carry out his command , armaan's happiness has no boundries.

" hey man thank u , u dont know what u have done for me , thanks alot , i m really grateful to u " he hugged him nd patted his back..

" no problem sir its my duty , i wish u will find her soon " mr sharma spoke..

Armaan smiled nd nodded.



Ridhima hugged muskan " ohh muski i m so happy to see u after so long , muaah luv u " she kissed her nd take her inside..

" heeyy rohan " tamana rushed to him nd hugged him..

" ridz r u ok na " muski asked with concern.

" yeahhh muski i m fine , just some memories cant leave me but i just learned to live with all these dont worry , i have tamanna , my career , granny , u nd some memories to live my life, i dont need anyone or anything other than... " she said firmly..

" hmmm he never came back after that but i must say that day , he was completely broken to learned that u left her all alone.." muskan told her.

" thats good for him , i only want his happines nd i m sure he must be happy in his life that why he never returned not even on convoction day as u told " she said but with the mention of words happy in his life , an unknown feeling pung in to her heart nd her heart ached..

The whole house was decorated like a disney world nd tamanna wore her white frok with pearls embelishment on it nd a crown on her head.. While ridhima wore a ketchup red saree with black beads work on it complimenting with black borders nd black sleveless blouse , as always she wore a watch in one hand nd a braclet in other with light make up , smoky eyes nd open hairs..

" happy birthday my princesss come cut the cake " ridhima wished her nd hugged her..

She cut the cake nd offered first piece to her mother both gave bite to each other nd than other.
Tamana unwrapped her gifts nd got really happy seeing her mother fulfilled her wish..

" i love u mama thank u so much " she jumped in sheer excitement..

" i love u too baby nd i always want to see u happy my princess " she said.

At night ,

Both mother nd daughter was in their room while other went to sleep , ridhima was reading a book nd tamana was busy playing game.. When she tired she switched it off nd come to riddhima nd put her head on her lap..

Ridhima smiled nd caressed her hairs.

" what happened princess hmm feeling tired ?? " ridhma asked

" no mama i was just thinking about my father " she replied innocently.

Ridhima didnt got shocked as some or other day she has to face it nd she knew this would come up as she is growing nd her friends came to functions along with her mother nd father nd she missed him at the very moment..

" mama where u lost , tell me about my father na , where he is , why didnt he live with us , wouldnt he love us " her innocent eyes demanded from ridz..

" just wait i will just come " ridhima move from there nd came back with an album in her hand..

" look angel , he love us alot but due to some reasons , he cant come to live with us , but yeahh he love us nd he pray for our well being every second. I know u have not seen him so today i will show his face.. " she said forwarding the album..

Ridhima introduced her daughter to her father, told her about how both of them were crazy nd mad at same time , how they love each other nd told her all the stories of her nd armaan , she told her his name nd some how manage to spread smile on her face but she really wished to be with him in his arms , wished to see her daughter get father's love nd affection but its next to impossible.. Both drift to sleep .


" hey girls , u r still awake, " armaan said coming to back to home nd entering in their room..

They both got startled seeing him nd crossed their fingers to prepared themselves for the lecture coming in their way..

" that good so just lets pack we r leaving for scotland , glasgow early morning to get ur bhabi , u see " he said cheekily nd winked to them then stormed out of the room..

Where else both rooted at the spot with shock written on their faces , both exchanged looks..

" seee i told u " minnie spoke regaining her senses

" i just dont believe this , bhai nd love , ewwww its really a weird combo " niki said..

" ohoo niks , he is not a gay ok , he is a guy nd he too have some feelings after all , i m so happy finally i got my bhabi lets start packing " minnie jumped with joy.

" yeaahhh , i m excited too to meet her after all i want to see who make him so crazy in her love " niki said.

" yeaahhh atleast not that tia bitch " minnie gritted her teeth..

" yeaahhh bhai has feelings for her at that time v were shocked too to learned it but that was just a attraction but she did really wrong with bhai i wanted to kill that bitch wh***.. " she too spoke in anger while grinding her teeth.

" leave that topic , lets start we have to leave , ohhhh God i cant wait to meet her." minnie again jumped im excitement.

" ohhhh babe control ur hormones plz" niki said giving her dont-b -so -crazy -look.

Both packed their stuff nd early morning they left for glasgow..

" ridhima i m coming to u finally , now when i meet u will never let u go anywhere leaving me , i love u riddhima , u dont know how i spent all these years with out u , i m coming" he is happy , nervous at same time , he closed his eyes to calm him down..
After good one hour 10 minutes , they landed at glasgow.

They dropped their luggage at hotel where atul made a booking nd got freshen up..

" bhai when we r going to meet bhabi" minnie asked impatiently..

" we need to search her first" he said.

" ohhh bhai " her face fell..

" hey little girl i promise , i will get her." armaan assured she nodded nd then he asked them to stay there nd along woth atul nd sharma went to search for her.

They reached at her firm nd as armaan read the name AR FIRM a smile crept on his lips , they entered nd asked for ridz but her assitance informed them that she went out for some work.

" hey ria where is mama " tamana just entered in the senario md asked..

Armaan got astonished to that her mother is working here , armaan found some connetion with her , his heart is feeling some attraction towards her , she has a eyes just like him the blue one nd a dimple smile nd all the features , armaan cant refrained him nd he caressed her head..
She turned to him and stared at him thoughtfully.

" hey little princess , ur mother is working here "

" yeaaahhh , she is best lawyer , but.... She make a face like thinking seriously about something. "

" what happened" armaan asked astonishingly..

" i have seen u some where but i didnt remember.... " she spoke with some irritation.

Armaan again got astonished but smiled at her innocence nd kissed her on both cheeks..

" well forget it , nice to meet u uncle , i know u must b here with ur problem ,dont worry u meet my mom she will help u out 😊"

Armaan smiled nd asked "who is ur mother ??? " tamanna looked towards ria.

" oh tamanna i just called ur mother she asked u to go home nd she will meet u at home.. "

Tamanna smiled nd bid bye to armaan nd went away.. But his heart pained as she move away from him..

Ria turned to them nd spoke " sorry sir mam didnt make to turned up here i will fixed ur appointment with her for tomorrow.
Armaan nodded ,ria gave them time , atul mentioned his name nd they move out..

On the other hand ridhima was buying a pastery from a hotle pastery shop for tamanna where she came for a meeting, when a young little girl around 15 buying pastery too , but when shopkeeper asked for money , se start searching her pockets for money but didnt found a penny , she felt embarrass.. When ridhims gaze at her nd asked " keep this money nd give her whatever she wants to buy" ridhima paid her nd girl's money to shopkeeper.

" hey thanks to help me out " she thanked her..

" its ok but whats ur name nd with whom u r here"

" oh i m monika but u can call me minnie nd i m here with my bro " she replied..
Ridhima found something strange nd connected but she didnt know what it is..

" ohhh ok so enjoy ur trip bye bye " ridhima moved from there..

" i have seen her somewhere but..... Urgghh forget it ! Well she is so sweet , now lets enjoy pastery " her mouth start watering nd she put all the thoughts aside nd start eating it.


Armaan returned back to hotel nd meet her sister , minnie looked here and there but found no one..

" hey bhai where is bhabi u didnt take her along with u " minnie asked..

" actually we cant able to meet her today. She was busy with some work "
Minnie got disappointed while niki patted her back to console her.

" girls i know u really want someone to love u rather than me nd i promised i will get her back "

Armaan moved outside , he was in the lobby when he bumped with some one , both stared each other nd didnt said a word.. She was about to go when he called..
" muskan "

She turned back nd lookes at her..

" hey armaan how r u " muskan asked with a weak smile.

" i m fine muskan , plz tell me about ridhima, i pretty sure u know everything about her , nd u r such a bad liar , u lied to me years ago , plz muskan i beg u , i m dying to meet her, all these i spent without her is like a hell , i realised , i love her , love her alot plz muskan ,now tell me , i want to manofy everything." he make a plea.

Ridz crying face , sufferings of all these her , her carving for armaan 's love , tamanna's innocent face , her innocent question she asked last night to her mother , she over heard it nd her friend's silent cries at dark nights all start flashing in her mind nd she decided to tell every thing to her , she just cant take it any longer..

She took a sigh " i m sorry ridz but for ur happiness , i have to break promised i made to u years ago.

Muskan took her to the hotle cafe , both settled down nd she blurted out eveything , how she helped him nd both spent night , how she overheard him talking over phone , y she left for sake of his happines nd about his daughter , he asked to show him , his daughter's pics , muskan retrieved her cell nd showed last night's pic to him , he got shocked now he realised y he was feeling so connected to her.

Muskan asked her to take him to her, she nodded , minnie nd niki both came there nd asked him that they joined him.. He nobbed nd all left for her place...


(from here i used hindi as well to express feelings in full emotions 😊😊😊.. )

They ring the bell nd granny attended the door , she got shocked to see arman standing in front of her looking devastatinglu handsome in white shirt with jeans pant nd navy blue blazzer..

She looked towards muskan anxiously nd she gestured her to dont worry..

" anty i want to meet riddhima plz " armaan spoke in low voice

" yeaahhh she is in her room" she replied.

He thanked her nd marched towards her room , he knocked the door nd heard a melodious voice behind tha door after ages , "come in " she allowed.

He stepped in nd found her lying on her stomach nd reading book while wearing glasses she looks to cute ,even after being a mother ,after so long she is still the same ,cute naive nd beautiful actually more beautiful than before. She lost , she looks cutes nd sexy in her tee nd pj

" hey. Granny whose on the door " she said nd moved her gaze , she found her standing right in front of her..
She haphazdrily stood up from bed.

" tum" she said tears start forming in her eyes..

" riddhima " he said with smile nd tears are flowing from his eyes , his legs are shaken , he cant believe she is in front of her ,he took slow step towards her nd she just move back.

" ridhima " his voice chocked.

" armaan tum yahn kya kar rhe ho chale jao yahn se " she said with stern face tried to control her emotions.

" ridhima nahi jaoga, i love u ridhima , mujhe muskan se sab batdya , tum mujhe aur khud se nd meri beti se dur nahi rak sakti ho ridhima , i love u alot main bhot idiot hn ,mujhe kabi ye ahsas hi nahi hoa k tumhare lye me itna posessive q hn akhir aur tumhi wo ho jiski mijhe talash hai , jo tumne us dn suna han wo sach tha main ak attraction ko pyar samjhta tha aur usne mujhe dhoka dya ridhima mera use kia mujjse pese lye aur kisi aur k sath bhag gae she ditch me ,ridhima tum b chorgae , mom b mje dad ki mout k ak sal bad chor gae ,dill mei tabse dard chupake rakha tha ridhima koi nahi tha js se share karta men paglo ki tarha tumhe dhonda jab ahsas hoa k tumse kitna pyar hai sukn ni tumhre bager tab se aj tak 3 sal ae dhundrha hn shayd bhagwan b mere sath tha phle sharma tumhe janta tha. Aur phr muski mlgae plz chalo " he begged

She stood firm nd control her. She cant broke down..

" armaan wapes apni dunya mei lout jao main bhot khush hn apni dunya mein ,sab badlgya h main new start lechuki hn tum b lelo , settle hjao main bhulgyi tumhe aur sab kch "

" acha ridhima tum mujhe bhul gae " he harshly pushed her to the wall

" armaan kya,kar rhe ho mujhe dard horha hai " she winced in pain
" mujhe b horha hai ridhima bhot pain horha hao tum soch nahi sakti tumhre liye kitna tarpa hun main , agar tum bhol gae to q apni firm ka nam AR rakaha armaan ridhima , kyun apna signature name RAM rkha ridhima jiska matlb main samjhta hun RIDHIMA ARMAAN MALIK q kiya ye sab ridhima tumne blo kyun is bache ko humri us rat ki nishani ko janam jis k bare mei mje yad b ni hai ridhima blo q kia tumne aesa " he angrily demanded

Ridz stared deep in to his blood shot red eyes , with clearly evident his frustration , irritation ns love, tears start flowing from her eyes.

" armaan tum chale jao q meri zindagi mein tofan larhe ho sab barbad hjaega." she said

He stepped back nd just then niki minnie nd tamana entered.

" mama plz ye hi mere papa hai aj apke office mei b main mili thi mama plz papa ko maf kardo mein b sab bacho ki tarha ap dunu k sath rehna chahti hun mama plz " she cried

" han bhabi hum sab ko apki zarort hai ma k bad bhai ne hume sab diya bhabi koi kami ni ane di lekin hume tabse ab tk ak ma ki kami mehsos hoti hai ak dost ki kami mehsos hoti hai jab bhai ne kaha wo humri bhabi lane jarhe hain to hum khush hogae k ab hume motherly affection dene wala koi hoga humra dost hga jis se hum wo bate share kare jo ak beti ma se karti hai plz bhabi v love u " niki spoke.
Minnie russhed to her nd hugged her tight.. " u helped me in morning , i love u , love u alot , many times i saw bhai talking with ur pics nd crying , mujhe subha yad nahi aya but ab agya ap hi wo ridzi ho jis ki bhai har waqt ma se n humse bat krte the ab b chutti p ate the bhabi plz chal li bhai ki har galti k lye hum mafi mangte hain " both folded theri hands but she stopped..

" ridzi i m sorry but u carve for him nd for family love since long plz accep it, aj tujhe bhagwan moqa derha hai har ak ko ye moqa ni milta hai " muskan said

" han my child , armaan ki ankhin mei tumhre lye bhot pyar dekha hai bechre ko aur na tarpa plx manja " granny to tried to convinced.

" mam apko dhundne k lye mene bhot dant khae hain aur bhot sare detectives ka bank balnce barhaya hai sir ne , main janta hun inka wo dejected face wo irritation wo angry looks plz mam ap manjae , main aur angry look ni sehskata " atul too put some efforts to convinced her.

Riddhima nodded , " armaan i love u , i forgive u, but phir se mujhe kabi aese mat chorna bhot tarpi hun main bhot ziada plz " she broke down armaan hugged her to shushed her.

" kabi nahi , u r my world , my life nd i will nevet let u go "

" papa " tamanna spoke.

Armaan looked at her nd take her in his arms , " my baby , my princess " he kissed her.

" papa ab ap mujhe chorke nahi jaogy na ab koi mera mazak ni bnaega na k mere papa nahi hain " she asked

" bilkul b nahi " he kissed her n then riddhima.

" i love u papa "

" love u too beta.."

" v too love our niece , bro n bhabi"

All shared a family hug.

One month later,

Armaan nd ridhima both transferesctheir everything to london nd they bought a house here , start living in the city , that witness their blossomed love.. They r happy to b back to those old days..
Ridhima shared a strong, loving bond with niks minnie ,she is their mother, friend nd sister as well , they noth love tamanna alot.

Armaan ridhima is back to their previous versions πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ they are foughting , bickering , support nd love each other in same way they used to do , granny to live with them.
Ridhima took charge of all the legal affairs of armaan's company.
Armaan showered all his love nd care to his daughter nd she is happy to get her father , he pampered her alot nd ridhima always scolded him for this but he said " meri beti hai main sab dunga tum jalo mat samjhi " they always fought over this issue.

At night,

Ridhima was standing near window, armaan tip toed to her nd grabbed her from behind , she startled but sensing a known touch ,she get relaxed nd put her head against her chest.

Both were enjoying hearing each other's heart beats in the silence of night..
Armaan move her hands inside her shirt nd caressed her belly , riddhima quievered under his hold.

Armaan nibbled her ear lobe.

"armaan hato kya kar rhe ho " she moved away.

He held her wrist nd pushed her towards hum ,,she landed on his toned chest
" wo kya hai na us rat jo hoa tha wo mujhe yad nahi to us rat ko wapes jena chahta hun is ak month mei hum itne busy rahe sab settle karne mei k ak dusre ko time nahi de pae plz ridhima mera sath dogi , wese b tamanna ab akele bore hoti hai lets bring some one for her " he winked

Ridhima blush profusely nd hide her face in his chest.
Armaan rubbed her back nd start leaving wet kisses on her neck , throat , he took bites nd then roam his tongue over it to sooth her pain.

Armaan took her to the bed nd came on top of her , he captured her lips nd smooch it , ridhima too repsond clenching his hairs , both were kissimg wildly , passionately ,he moved his tongue inside her mouth... He rubbed his body with her nd the fire of passion was ignitimg with each passing second soon they both were naked armaan said " u r so beautiful"
Both lost in their heaven nd room was captured with all the moans nd groan both make a wild love to each other whole night..

9 months later..

Ridhima was wincing in pain from the labour room nd all were sitting outside , armaan was feeling some one stabbed in to his heart seeing her in such a pain.

After few minutes doctor came nd give another little bundle of joy in his hand.

" congrats , its baby boy " doctor said

All jumped with joy armaan moved to ridhima nd thanks her
" u suffered alot of pains all those years , us waqt h tum is dard se akele guzri thi im sorry "

" armaam guzre lamho ko bhul jao , hum ab sath hain thats only matters." ridhima said n both hugged nd stared to new member of their family nd to each other with all the love

" mera bhai agaya ab main iske sath kehlungi " tamanna said

Both smiled , niki , minnie nd other joined them, niks clicked a family pic nd then they clicked selfie imcluding niks , minnie , granny, love birds their kids nd muski..
Niks nd minnie gave name AAYAN MALIK to their nephew

Alll went away only love birds are their they were talking..

" u know ridhima i m lucky to have u baby nd i m grateful that person who put something in my drink that night just because of him , we came so close i kissed u , a wild kiss , a death kiss which awaken our demons nd we became one nd our relationship broken , suffered alot, gone through with many tests but ultimately it transformed in to really strong relation than before.

Riddhima smile nd nodded both hugged nd he rubbed his back

" yeah girl nd i surely will kiss u till death " he winked nd with out wasting any second ,he took her into the passionate , wild kiss , as said a kiss to deathπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

The end.



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