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os: Distance Means So Little When Someone Means So Much

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Rubbing her hands together, she pulled her arms together, to hug herself, as the cold chilly windy hit her. It was December 24rd, eve before Christmas, and though it wasn’t snowing in London, it was still cold. As she waited for her bus, under the bus stand. Earphones in her ears, she hummed to the tuned of ‘A Thousand Years’ by Christina Perri.
“I have died every day waiting for you
Darling, don't be afraid
I have loved you for a thousand years
I'll love you for a thousand more”
Hearing the favourite verse of the song, she fished her phone out of her coat’s pocket thinking about a certain someone. She checked her messages to see if she got any notifications from him. A sad smile played on her face as she checked her other social media platforms to see any, but none were to be found.

It had been a week since it they had interacted. Didn’t he miss her? She knew he was busy with work, and her, with university. However, they still managed to find time for each other. They always coped up for the distance through hourly facetime calls and late-night texting. The time difference was another obstacle other than distance considering she was studying law in one of the most prestigious universities in London, whereas he was working for one of the biggest companies in New York as an aeronautical engineer.
Her thoughts were broken as she saw the bus stop in front of her. Sighing, she got on the bus, scanning her pass and smiling at the old bus driver who she regularly saw during her class days. Nowadays, she had Christmas holidays however, right after the break, she had exams leaving her two more semesters of law school.
Staring at the diamond brightly shining on her left ring finger, she thought about the blissful moments spent with him, her fiancé. Oh, those golden days. She sighed. They had gotten engaged a year ago, and in two months, it would be two years. Both of them had decided for Riddhima to complete her law degree and then get married. Thus, she was here now obtaining her LLM whereas he continued his work in New York.
“Rough day at work?” She sighed hearing her friend/roommate, Jen. Placing her keys on the kitchen island, she went out and sat on the sofa. It was a small studio apartment, so the kitchen was within the living room.
“I miss him!” Riddhima sadly exclaimed playing with her ring. “Another Christmas without him!” She sighed pinching the bridge of her nose.
“Hey!” Jen sat next to her throwing an arm around her shoulders. “It okay!” She whispered rubbing her arm soothingly, as Riddhima let put a light sob hiding in her embrace. “Only a few more months, as soon as you get your degree, you’ll be with him hun! You’re going to achieve a powerful degree and an amazing guy. Two good outcomes of your patience.” Jen reasoned out.
“Ugh! I just wanna give up on this so-called degree! I don’t wanna become a lawyer anymore! I’m happy with becoming a housewife and looking after our children. Hell! I’m even ready to bear his children right now!” She cried exaggerating how she felt making Jen widen her eyes hearing her speak so boldly about him.
“Woahhhh Ridz! You okay?” Jen asked putting the back of her palm on Riddhima’s forehead, check to see if she had fever. “You turn beetroot just when the guy kisses you or touches you, and here you wanna make children with him?” Jen chuckled wiggling her eyebrows at Riddhima who flushed.
“I’m PMSing.” Riddhima whispered, looking down, embarrassed.
“Ohhhhhh! Now I get it! That’s why you’re so high on emotions right now! Otherwise you’re so good at keeping them in check!” Jen chuckled making Riddhima groan in frustration. “Anyways, let go pubbing tonight? It’ll boost up your mood!”
“No Jen! You know we have exams after new years! I haven’t even finished making my revision notes!” Riddhima whined going up to the kitchen and grabbing a snack from the mini pantry they had in their cosy little kitchen.
“Oh god Ridz! I’m studying the same thing and I haven’t even looked at the books! So shut up! Get up, and go get ready! And also, its Christmas eve! We’re gonna go partayyyy!” She singed the last part excitingly.
“ughhh! But I don’t feel like it!” Riddhima whined falling back on the couch lazily, frowning. “Ouch!” She groaned holding her abdomen.
“aww..its okay! I’ll make you your famous ginger tea” Jen said roll her eyes, “Or what do u call it ..errr..Add-rack chai?” Jen scrunched her nose trying to say the hindi version of ginger tea. This only made Riddhima giggle and cry in pain – holding her stomach.
There was a funny story behind this actually. When they had recently moved in together, Jen was having really bad menstrual cramps and Riddhima couldn’t find anything other than ginger tea. As she explained the benefits of it – because Jen never had it – in the heat of the moment Riddhima blurted out ‘adrak wali chai’ instead of ginger tea. Jen found that the words sounded hilarious, so ever since that incident, she always used the hindi term rather then the English one.
The afternoon passed like this and Riddhima eventually felt better. She was now standing in front of the mirror, getting ready. She looked at herself in the mirror and sighed. She was wearing a beautiful plane maroon dress with a sweetheart neckline, reaching till her knees. Picking up, she tried calling him, hoping he would pick up. She was missing him terribly and also her hormones were taking a toll on her.
“Ugh! Go to hell! I don’t care! I’m gonna enjoy!” She muttered gritting her teeth. Throwing her phone in her beige clutch, and wearing her heels, she joined Jen outside, and they left in Jen’s car.
Watching Jen flirt with other guys, she sipped her martini, boringly. Seeing people here, dancing with their significant others, made her miss her man even more. She kept thinking about the times spent with her boy. Her thoughts drifted towards the last time they were together. She had flown to the US for his birthday to surprise him a few months ago, a little after new years.
She knew he kept a spare key, under the mat in front of his porch. She smiled happily, parking her suitcase beside the door. Take out some change, she ran down the porch stairs to pay the cab driver. Armaan had no clue about her arrival and nor did she wanted him to have one. Thus, she took a taxi.
It was 7 am in the morning and she was really glad she had made it. It was the morning of his birthday and as she had sat in the plane, from then she had been praying that her flight does land with a delay since it was winter and weather conditions were always bad in New York this time of the year. She knew he only woke up at 8 for work and today being a Sunday was a plus point for her because on the weekends, he would wake up around 10 or 11.
Grabbing the key from under the porch, she unlocked the door and entered inside, dragging her suitcase with her. She smiled satisfyingly sighing and looking around. Dropping her suitcase near the stairs. She went to the kitchen to grab a few things. She looked around in some cabinets to find candles for the muffin she had grabbed from his cupcake tray. After shuffling around a few cabinets, she finally found the candles.
Smiling to herself, she made her way to her fiancé’s room. Peeking into the room, she giggled to herself looking at the sight in front of her. He was sleeping shirtless – as usual, she rolled her eyes – on his stomach with his arms under his head, mouth wide open. Without further ado, she tiptoed into his room after closing the door just as quietly, and sat down next to him.
Taking his features into account, she smiled satisfyingly. Running her fingers into his soft silky hair, she mumbled “Armaan” to wake him up which only resulted in him hmm-ing her and moving his head onto her lap. She smiled blissfully massaging his scalped with her experienced fingers, running her hand in his hair. She did that for a while but as she saw the clock turn 8:40 am, she decided to bring him out of his dreamland, as her legs also started to cramp up.
She thought of ways to wake him out as the hair ruffling technique only put him in a much deeper sleep. He was a very deep sleeper and calling his name would not do anything. If it was any other day, she would have thrown a bucket full of cold water to wake him up however she didn’t want to. It was his birthday and she didn’t want to piss him off. He was a clean freak and he would absolutely hate if not only his bed, but also his clothes got wet.
After thinking hard, she smiled shyly thinking about one idea that could work. Though it would take a lot of courage to do that, but she knew it would be his favourite of waking up. Tugging a hair strand behind her ear, she took a deep breath before executing her plan.
Bending down to his level, she kissed his left eye lightly moving on to his right eye. The blissful feeling of her soft petals on his eyelids brought him out of his sleep. Truth to be told, he had woken up the very moment she had lovingly called his name but he wasn’t sure whether it was a dream or reality. When she had starting kissing his eyes, he knew she was here and he honestly couldn’t contain his happiness. However, he decided to keep mum and enjoy her touch since she was never one to take initiative.
Riddhima moved down and kissed the tip of his nose – her favourite feature on his face – giggling to herself. She moved down and was about to kiss his lips but, she saw his eyelids flicker and his breath uneven. Smirking to herself, instead of kissing his lips, she decided to go for the corner of his mouth.
Armaan, who was smiling internally and enjoying her love till now, felt like she had splashed a bucket full of cold water on top of him. He was waiting for this kiss for months and she had crushed his dreams. At first, he thought he was dreaming. But when he felt her touch, his doubts were confirmed and his happiness had no bounds. Though he wanted to engulf her in his arms and showers her with his sensuous kisses, he decided to keep mum and enjoy what she was offering without him begging for it.
His eyes opened on their own and widened, right after adjusting to the bright light coming from the window. His mouth was wide open making Riddhima giggle and cover her mouth with her hand. “Happy Birthday Armooo” He further cringed hearing his most detested nickname given by her. She always called him that to annoy him and it always worked.
Riddhima held the muffin with the lit candle in front of him as she wished him birthday giggling. As his shocked expressions turned into a scowl she chuckled and pulled his cheeks. “Ugh don’t call me that!” He groaned grabbing the muffin from her and keeping it on the nightstand without blowing the candle.
What he did next was highly unexpected and made her heart summersault at least ten times in a minute. As soon as he kept the muffin aside, she threw and arm around her waist, making her collide into him, and in a second flipped them over so she was under him and smashed his lips on hers. The way he kissed her was indescribable; with so much passion, with so much hunger, but mostly, with so much love. He devoured her lips like they were his guilty pleasure. They were soft petals meant for him and him only.
Riddhima’s heart had stopped and her mind clouded. She could feel nothing but his lips move on hers ferociously. She could hear nothing but her racing heartbeat drumming in hers, and she wondered whether he could hear it too? The fact that she was experiencing this blissful moment after so many months had left her craving for more.
“Woah! That was one hell of a kiss!” He broke the intense kiss and mumbled over her now chapped lips. He wiped the blood off that was oozing from a subtle cut – in consequence of his bites during the kiss. “Now that is how you wish your fiancé birthday Ridhooooo!” He copied her and gave her, her most detested nickname making her groan and push him off of her.
“ugh! Anyways! I got you so many gifts, and your Christmas gift too!”
“Christmas? Riddhima its February!” Armaan chuckled patting her head lightly making her rolled her eyes. “Sorry sorry! I know Christmas is your favourite holiday!” He pecked her cheek. “Lemme just go and freshen up and then we’ll look at your gifts!” He said and got up to go to the bathroom but was held back by Riddhima.
“Arre blow the candle first and make a wish!” She said grabbing the muffin again, forwarding it towards him. He smiled and looked at her for a second, before closing his eyes and making a wish.
Riddhima jumped out of her train of thoughts when she felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned around and saw a man smiling at her. “May I sit here?” He asked politely pointing at the empty bar stool next to her. Riddhima eyed him, from head to toe, taking his beautiful features into account.
“I’m engaged!” She muttered showing him her diamond shining on her left ring finger. Chastising herself for shamelessly eyeing the guy she turned around as she grew aware of her sudden surroundings. Gulping her drink, she tried to calm her nerves as she saw the hot guy slip on the stool beside her.
“Aww that’s such a shame! I thought I had my luck with a gorgeous girl like you!” He pitied his bad luck, “One Old fashioned!” He ordered the bartender who nodded and starting making his drink right away. Turning back to Riddhima he leaned closer but she immediately leaned back. “Come on! Its Christmas eve! Everybody’s dancing!” he pleaded, with his most persuadable puppy eyes.
Riddhima’s heart melted and with a guilty feeling she put her palm in his outstretched one and as soon as her palm met his, sparks flew. He stashed a few euros on the counter as the bartender made his drink. They fit perfectly in his, as if they were just made for his hands. He pulled her on the dance floor, and as if the timing was perfect, Senorita by Shawn Mendes played and she swayed in his arms as he sang along the lyrics.
Just then her eyes fell on his hand and she smiled knowingly. “So you’re engaged too? Don’t you feel guilty?” She asked him earning a chuckle from him.
“Koi baat nahi senorita! Aise bade bade deshon mein, aisi choti choti baatein hoti hi rehti hain!” He spoke dramatically making her cringe.
“Oh god! You’re awful!” She chuckled after scrunching her nose in disgust. Just then the song changed into a slow romantic one and they moved closer to each other. His hands went around her waist and hers went around his neck. “Let’s take this somewhere else!” She whispered seductively over his lips and he grinned approvingly.
15 minutes later, they were in her living room huffing as they fell back on the large L-shape leather sofa. Sweat beans were glistening on their foreheads. Their faces were red as if they had run a marathon. Their hearts were racing and they looked at each other before looking away. Riddhima kept her hand on her racing heart and chuckled.
“Who decorates their Christmas tree on the eve of Christmas? That too for someone who loves Christmas this much!” He huffed pointing at the Large tree and five boxes full of expensive Christmas decorations. Riddhima had made the guy carry the large from the storage room of the building with the boxes back and forth and to their unfortunate luck, the elevator wasn’t working hence all the huffing and puffing.
(Kya? Kya socha! Heheheheheh! Kuch aur socha aur yahan to kuch aur hi ho gaya! Tsk tsk tsk!)
“I didn’t feel like decorating since my Fiance’s not with me but now that you’re, I might as well decorate it!” She got up and walked in the kitchen as he followed her.
“Won’t your fiancé get jealous?” He asked and she turned around immediately. She threw her arms around his neck carelessly and instantly his arms wrapped around her petite waist protectively.
“Why would he get jealous, when he’s here in my arms?” Riddhima winked at him. He smiled at her amusingly, holding her tighter.
“Hmm…so no more role-play madam Riddhoooo?” He teased her rubbing his nose with hers knowing very well if he hated the name armoo, she hated Ridhoo more even more.
“Shut up Armaan I hate that name!” She groaned throwing her head on his shoulder, hugging him. She had missed him so much and when she saw him in the pub, she literally was frozen on her spot. The way he was smirking at her, she got so confused for a second but then she thought to mess around with him for a second and it worked. “I missed you soooo much!” His heart swelled up with pain hearing her tired voice.
He hugged her tighter and kissed the top of her head lovingly. They stayed in each other’s arms comfortably, listening to each other’s heartbeats for a while. Enjoying each other’s comfort, they savoured the beautiful moment they were sharing after a long time. Relishing each other’s scent.
Riddhima smiled blissfully, feeling giddy at the same time as she felt him bend his neck, and peck her neck. It felt ticklish but it felt good. It was like it had now hit her what she was missing out on from months. His lips felt like heaven on her neck and she couldn’t help but crave for more. She arched up her neck and gave him more space.
His throat bobbled up seeing all the access to her neck since she was wearing a dress with a sweetheart neckline. He was high on hormones seeing her dressed so hot after so many months and he knew if they continued like this, he would end up losing control so he cleared his throat and spoke “You want some coffee?”
Riddhima groaned hearing him but nodded as coffee made my him was the best and now, she finally had the chance to have it, she definitely wouldn’t turn down the offer. They both got busy in filling in on their lives, as he made coffee. The told each other about all the small details about their respective lives.
“Mmm this is sooooooooooooo good!” Riddhima sighed in pleasure after taking a sip. Her eyes were closed and she enjoyed as the rich taste of her favourite coffee savoured on her tongue.
“Really? Lemme taste!” He asked as he made only one mug, for her. She nodded and forwarded her mug but as usual he did something unexpected. He bent down towards the mug to drink it, but instead of that, he placed his lips on her.
Running the tip of his tongue on her lower lip, he tasted the rich coffee’s taste savoring on her lips mixed with her go-to strawberry lip gloss. Riddhima’s heart jumped feeling the sudden contact between their soft lips. His cold fingers running down her arms sent shivers to her spin. The way his dry and rough lips worked on her soft and smooth ones.
From one hand, he grabbed the mug from her and kept it aside, and from the other, he pulled her closer banging her into his body. Riddhima gasped and in an instant, he slipped his tongue into her mouth. As he occasionally switches from her upper lips to her lower ones, his fingers gently brushed her spine in circular motion making her knees go into jelly.
She responded with equal passion. His cologne intoxicated her alongside his touch churning her insides. She was running short of breath so she broke off the kissed and gasped for air. Her cheeks flushed red and she held his shoulder tightly for support.
Licking his chapped lips, he smirked and spoke “The coffee tastes amazing!” His signature smirk made her go weak on her knees all over again and she smiled shyly smacking his shoulder, playfully.
“By the way, how did you know you were gonna find me there?” She asked him curiously, referring to the pub she was at before.
“Jen!” He muttered, taking a sip from her now cold coffee.
“What?” Riddhima gasped shockingly, “So, she knew you were coming? And she didn’t tell me?” Armaan just shrugged and gave her a cute boyish smile. “What a bi–”
“Uhh! No swearing lawyer madam!” He cut her off, keeping a hand on her mouth earning a glare from her. “Also, I had more fun this way! You know, got to dance with a beautiful stranger today!” He winked at her and she rolled her eyes chuckling. “And once you guys left, I came here and dropped my luggage.”
“So you had been planning this for so long huh!” She glared at him and he chuckled. “I’m gonna go change!” She muttered pushing him away and walking off to the bathroom after grabbing her Christmas pyjamas from her room.
She smiled looking at herself in the mirror and blushed seeing her chapped lips which were soft before her Fiance decided to bite the hell out of them. Changing into a red pair of pyjamas with christmass trees on it, she came out of the bathroom and saw him already snuggled into her bed, under the covers, with obviously his shirt off.
She slipped into the bed and hugged him putting her head on his chest, listen to his heartbeat. “Hey, how long are for?” She aske him, making circles with the tip of her fingers on his perfect six pack abs.
“I’m leaving on the 26th!” Armaan replied remorsefully, and felt terrible when he felt a tear drop from her eyes onto his chest. “Sorry baby girl I could only get these 3 days off!”
“It’s alright! Distance doesn’t mean so much when you mean so much to me!” She whispered wiping her tear and pecking his chest.
“Ahhh I see, getting poetic huh! When did you leave law to become a poet?” He joked trying to make her feel better.
“Shut up Armaan!” She slapped his chest, right where she had just kissed him, making him chuckle and wince in pain at the same time.
“Acha you remember, when you visited me in February on my birthday?”
“Hmm” Riddhima muttered, tiringly.
“When I blew the candle do you know what I wish for?” He asked playing with her hair, as she propped up her head on her elbow and looked at him curiously. “I wished for us to be together this Christmas!”
His words left her in awe. He knew how special Christmas was for her and he made sure he could make it to be with her at this time of the year. She smiled tearfully and leaned up. “Merry Christmas!” She mumbled before pecking his lips lovingly for a minute.
“I love you!” She mumbled after breaking of the kiss as he smiled and she traced his lower lip with her fingers.
“I love you too, and Merry Christmas!” He muttered kissing her forehead before the two finally decided to call it a night and sleep in others’ arms. They were always miles apart, but they meant so much to each other and the distance never weakened their bond, no matter after how long they see each other.
So guys, the moral of this one shot is that your love is strong enough, it will sustain all the problems, the hurdles, but most of all, the distance!

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