Friday, 8 January 2021

OS : Happy Birthday

mallik mansion

The house was beautifully decorated as if a big function was going we go ahead we can see some ppl r running here and there and some guest start coming. As we go upstairs a couple was gettin ready.
the guy: basket jaldi karo.sab guest ate honge. R:i'm almost done arman.just 5 mnt more. Btw where is our princess muskan. Its her bd today(for a chng muskan is ar lil doughter). A:wait i'm calling nikki to knw where r they(nikki is armans sis and ridz best frnd).. Hlw nikki where r u both? ... Yeah almost done. ... Ok. To ridz they r coming in 30 mnts
R:ok i am done. I'll go and check the arrangement she was about to go when ar pulled her towards himself. Don't worry everything is perfectly let me wish my lovely wife after all it's her bd too. R: arman how many times u'll wish me..? A: meri wife ki bd h m jitna chahe wish tumhe isse kya? While hugging her

R:armaaan.. A: come and sit with ur handsome husband till our princess come. R:ok ar sit on bed and make rid sit on her lap. R: this day is so special for us hain na?
A:haan kyuki issi din mujhe apne life k sabse important do insan mila..i can nt forget that day when nikki forcefully dragged me in ur bd party.. I got lost in u.. R: m b to apne najar hata nhi pa rahi thi tumse.. A: then we became frnd and come close to each other. R: and on my nxt bd u proposed me..i was feeling like the happiest person of the world that moment (smiling)
i was feeling the same whn u accept my proposal.. Kissing her on checks.and u became mrs ridhima arman mallik. R: yes mr. A: and our love bundle muskan come to the world..i can nt describe how much happy i was that day (smilling). R: and i got the biggest gift of my life on that bd of mine. Thnk u so much arman for coming in my life.hugging him A:thnk u too for completing my life huggin her back. They were on their own land whn suddenly someone opened the door and
opps sry we did nt see anything covering her eyes with her hand as the lil girls eyes were already tied with some cloth. A:oye niks stop ur noutanki and come in. Lil girl: papa tell bua to open my eyes na why did she tied my eyes? A: are nikki tune meri princess ki akhe kyu bande khol ise.. R: taking muskan in her lap and opening the cloth. Nikki u go and get ready quicly. I'll make muskan ready. Ni: ok and goes frm there
mu: mumma hume ready kyu hona h? R:aj ak special day h isiliye while getting her dressed. Mu: kya special day h mumma? R: u'll get to knw after getting ready. Making muskan ready the trio goes to downstairs and everyone start singing
Happy Birthday to u.. Happy birthday to u.. Happy birthday to u dear MUSKAAN.. Happy birthday to u. Muskan become so happy and she kissed her mom and dad and said thnx. They go near the cake and told muskan to cut the cake. She held her parents hand and they cut the cake.again everyone sang the bd song. Ar fed muskan some cake she also fed her parents and nikki bua. And wished her mom happy birthday.
Arman take a piece of cake and fed ridz and wishpered her again "Happy Birthday"

With love

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