Sunday, 9 May 2021


"How could you do this to us.." said a woman holding the other woman as they were crying bitterly while their husbands were consoling them… duh.. they are blowing this way out of proportion then they normally do..

Don't get them wrong but the two ladies are my two step-mom and their husbands are obviously my step- dad's..confused..well my family history is not that confusing how much it is shown or made by the media…when I was born my mom died and my dad married my first step-mom and I got my first step-mom.... after some time as in 2 years my dad died so my step-mom married my first step- dad…but then again after few this time no one died..actually exactly after 6 months of their marriage they started having troubles in their marriage, it was getting impossible for them to stand each other, so they married again and I got one more step-dad and more step mom…

Although I have two mom's and two dad's still I am alone…I don't even have a single siblings ..but I never complained coz even if I had, I'll still be living the life that I am living since the past 20 years…I am 25 now but even now my every morning starts with them shouting on me and ends exactly the same way…it's like a routine for everyone…even I feel quite weird when they don't shout or scream or say bad –words on my face… it's not like they make me do the household work ..My story is not like the Cinderella types where the protagonist is shown as the weak, shy, kind hearted soul..i am just the opposite of Cinderella..the rebel one, living life on my own terms, but now I wish my story to be Cinderella one coz last night I saw my prince charming..i never really believed in love at first sight till I saw him… he came to my room to kill me and the moment I saw him..i knew he is the one for me..the one with whom I want to spend the rest of my life with..but destiny had planned something else for me ..everyone has to die one day or the other and yesterday it was my day…it is told to everyone that I killed myself as I am a drug addict but the reality is I was murdered ..but if you ask me I'll say that I wasn't actually murdered, I sacrificed my life for him as I knew if I hadn't let him kill me then they would have killed him.. they consist of the ones crying above over my dead body.…Yes today is my funeral and right now I am standing next to my body, looking at myself and watching everyone coming and giving condolence to my's looking so funny seeing my family act so well even the actors should start taking classes from one can say that all this is actually fake and just a cheap publicity stunt to gain sympathies from everyone and I know with the kind of image I had in the media it's very easy for them to do this..but I have no complains as this is much better then living in a hell..what else you call a house where there is no one to listen to you, no one to love you and where everyone makes conspiracy behind your back to kill you…this isn't the first time..many came to kill me but you can call it their bad luck and my good luck but last night when I saw him I couldn't do anything except look at him as he shot the bullet at me..and today he is sitting in the last row holding his head in his hand and crying since the past 2 hours..if you think he is feeling guilty then you are wrong ..he is crying coz he just came back from funeral where he saw his dead body…

Love is all about giving and I made him sacrifice his life as I told you I am more of a rebel kind…Wink..


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