Friday, 1 May 2020


"A lot of people ask me about mine and karan's relationship...and most of the time, i just don't have an answer! But the better part is, i like it this way! Some things i think, are beautiful unsaid, and unanswered. Our relationship is kinda same. Believe me, we are not the most romantic of couples. I mean, with angel around, romance is like the last thing on our minds! But that in no way means we don't love each other...we do, i love him the most in the world and so does he! We don't need to tell it hundred times a day. In fact its not just now, you'll think shaadi ke saat saal baad romance vaise bhi udd jata h...but even from the start..i don't know, we've been quite a weird couple! See, my idea of love has always been plain and simple. I think if a person loves you, and you know it, no amount of fancy things can ever equate the relationship you share... we do go out on dinners, but he never blindfolds me like films! I know he might forget our aniversary or birthdays or know like any romantic hero, but then i start reminding him a month before! Infact you know,Last year, almost a week before our anniversary, i have this man on my door from some jewellery shop, yeah! And he had this big box with a necklace and earpiece and ring and bracelet and i didn't know anything about i called up karan and he's all 'yeah i ordered them for you, agle hafte anniversary hai for them, i'm busy shoot pe, take care and eat on time' and before i could say anything he put the phone down! Imagine how would i have felt! I mean, i didn't know how to react! Maine sabse pehle
bill pay kiya, which i scolded him later for k yaar agar gift khareeda tha toh atleast pay kar dena chahiye tha pehle...and he's like 'arre mera paisa tumhara paisa same hai na...ek hi baat hai!' so know sometimes you just sit to wonder how much does the gesture matter, the feelings matter... you can imagine how less time we get to spend with each other, but that doesn't mean we start fighting over it or something! You gotta understand your partner...and if you do that well, there can't be any problem at all. In fact, i think you shouldn't try at all. I know a lot of people say you should put conscious efforts into something if you really want it to work, and i maybe wrong but i strongly disagree. I mean come on, me and my husband started dating 'after' seven-eight years of meeting. I wasn't very fond of him earlier and same was for him. But then, what is supposed to happen will happen eventually. And especially in things like love relationships, there just can't be any zabardasti..if you really are meant to be, it will come naturally. You don't have to do anything. At least that's what i feel. Things wouldn't have been the same if i started seeing karan in 2007...things would've been opposite! But whatever happens is for a reason, and to see now, i love my life...i love the way things shaped up for us. And that is why i think i took all the right decisions according to time.."

"oh yeah, on that, in your joint interviews many a time, or even otherwise, karan has gone on record saying he 'wasted' a lot of time before realising his love for you...what do you have to say on that?"

"well i don't know, i uhm...i don't think the same. I think we needed all that time to realize what we really feel. I mean if he would have asked me out earlier, i don't think i'd have accepted that. All right things happen at the right time. I do tell him the same, but again, we don't really discuss these things.."

"what do you discuss then? I mean normally at home, do you discuss work? Angel?"

"uhm...yeah we do discuss work a lot. He tells me almost everything about it. What script has he been offered, what does he think, why does he think so...we do talk about that a lot and angel...yes of course! Actually it'll be better to say we can't talk when she's around! Now i understand why did couples with children say they can't romance until the children are asleep! She is the centre of attraction all the time. Even when karan comes home and i greet him or kiss him or something she starts whining.. and not just for karan she gets jealous if he does something for me too, say some day i'm too tired with angel all day and i'll tell him to feed her, ek bite bhi galti se vo mujhe nahi khila sakta, she'll make crying faces you know, and there's no one drop of tear! But its good too...having all three of us at the end of a super tiring day i think is worth all the tedious activities.."

"okay, time for some rapid fir now! Brace yourself! So here we start!

one that keeps you on toes all day"

"obviously angel"

"you never get tired of..."

" i think.."

"one habit of karan that bugs you the most"

"i think his habit of making decisions so fast, irrationally"

"okay, one habit of yours you think bugs karan the most"

"when i don't angry where i really iritates him, he says he feels even more guilty.."

"one thing that misses in your life even now"

"my father, he should've been here."

"the best thing karan has ever done for you"

"marrying me.."

"what would be his answer if i ask him the same?"

"angel i think! He does say our baby is the best gift i've ever given him.."

"one  message for your fans.."

"thank you!"

"okay, that was lovely, and before we go any further, we'll be back after a short break, stay tuned!"


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